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Meet MaxOut, Screamy, EditMe1st, Inferiology, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of February 2018


MaxOut, 21
I like to moan, no I LOVE to moan and once I start, I can’t stop.
Love getting my face heavily criticised, slapped, fucked, sat on, lightly punched.. whatever your pleasure is. I’m very ambitious about it.
Yeah I just love the idea of having my face degraded, verbally torn apart, slapped crimson, bitten, hit, whatever, face fucked! Do me! (ask for more face pics)
I’m also a fun guy to just hang out with and talk over a beer or glass of wine. Who knows? We may just get married!


Ultrahardcore – Feb 16, 2018
If you are extremely oral and you want to get fucked and fucked up to the neck, then I’m it. My only limit is shit, so if I make you defecate don’t tell me.

I like your face, but if you are older or uglier than in your photo, I will ask you to put on a mask.

Horny greetings,

ultra Hardcore



DeceitSlave, 18
My main fetish is being deceived, y’know, going from a “I love you” to a “you dumb freak!”
I’m also into fat. All guys are way better fat than not.
I’d love to have my cock, balls and lips grown with injections, as well as having implants in my ass.
I’d love to have huge hole, someone who wants to destroy, break it, and make it huge and loose.
I’d love a relationship in which I belong to the other. Like, there’d be love and all, but I would be more like the other’s “wife” or something.
But talking is good too. But only with deceit and being told lies. That’s imperative.
About me, I’m skinny, I don’t mind it, but wouldn’t be against getting fat for the right guy. Or really fat. Or even get skinnier. Really, I’m open.



Screamy, 20
I’m a psycologically slave. I need a master to own my mind, a highly amoral elderly sort who wants a young slave with no family he can keep isolated and use and drug and abuse however he wants. This seemed like the place to find him.

Alternately I’m looking for a foreign Escort job, but also in Budapest if I really have to.

I look younger than my age, and I have a very small face haha.

Yes I have revealing pics. These assholes keep deleting them. They are rated G in comparison to most I see. One is a picture of me in swimming trunks bending over where you can see my crack that was marked rated X. In that case children shouldn’t go to swimming pools or watch boys going swimming on on tv but seeing some guy in a leather jockstrap with a harness and a dildo up his ass is a public picture? Hello? What’s up with the bullshit?

Playing games already with my pics. None revealing will be shown until they fix this problem they seem to be having. No consistency in photo selection in content. Deleting photos without consent or explanation. And you want someone to pay for this shit?



Needs2Hang, 19
I’m looking for an experienced executioner. I crave execution so much it’s literally unbearable.


My identity’s hidden since I don’t want my friends knowing who I am, but I promise I won’t disappoint you.



Wedgiearoundtheworld, 18
I want to be wedgied and kissed. Is that enough to ask for on this site? Because that’s really all I want. I just want those things.


lispolar – Feb 20, 2018
hahaha almost almost! Sigh- breaths—

Wedgiearoundtheworld (Owner) – Feb 20, 2018
*Squeeze you really hard * hope I’m not killing ya :-p

lispolar – Feb 20, 2018
Thank you UnU -hug-

Wedgiearoundtheworld (Owner) – Feb 20, 2018
I’m so sorry * hug youuu* 🙂

lispolar – Feb 20, 2018
someone stole him 🙁

Wedgiearoundtheworld (Owner) – Feb 20, 2018
I bet he was a good bear, what happened to him?

lispolar – Feb 20, 2018
I made a bear his name was chester!!!

Wedgiearoundtheworld (Owner) – Feb 20, 2018
Awe thanks hon

lispolar – Feb 20, 2018
Such a cute name :3

Wedgiearoundtheworld (Owner) – Feb 20, 2018
His name is Wolfie

lispolar – Feb 20, 2018
anwww :3 you made a bear! i bet its so cute!!! what is it name?



temporaryaccount, 18
I’m 16 yrs old. I need to be fucked. If you think I’m too young fuck off. Other wise come at me with you dick.


temporaryaccount (Owner) – Feb 11, 2018
All I wanna do is to get fucked for a few hours. Stop making it so complicated.

I could totally go for some you right now.



stillincloset, 22
I’m after a specific kind of scenario, but with a bit of wiggle room.

I have a lot of school work and also write poetry. I do my work on a laptop. I do my best work on my laptop in bondage. Host me for a day, restrain me to your taste, do whatever you’re going to do that day and make use of me on your breaks. Sound like fun?

Hopefully I won’t be lured to my death here lmao.


Asianfagborntoserveme – Jan 31, 2018
Hello ur a fag.
Only hard with inferior asian.
I hope after one years of non stop looking ur my asian twink slave.
I will love to ride ur asshole like a bicycle
Get ready to clean my room also.



Hellisus666, 21
Sexual chemistry and great aesthetics is a must. Would love to find ambiguity and matching arm candy

Let’s make heads turn in the street with dark beauty, formal and freaky attire.. and let’s make my head roll in the sheets


Hellisus666 (Owner) – Feb 19, 2018
I do not want to see anyone!!!!!



?????, 23
Experientially I have 2 early teen years of doing blackmarket porn, 2 mid teen years of bareback porn, 1 late teen year of bondage porn, 1 1/2 years of bdsm porn, 2 failed straight marriages, 6 years of escorting experience, 4 months mostly sober.

What am I into? Good question, easy to answer. Everything.

I’ve done and been interested in almost every type of fetish in the world but am currently trying to pursue gang rape more actively.

A little something else about me is I have never made an enemy in my life.

I do not need to be loved hugged kissed.

Any invites? I’m up for any invites.



twink4drugs, 20
Don’t do math, do meth. It will fuck you up twice as much.

I used to feel that life is too short but now I’m into quality over quantity.

Heaven exists…between my asscheeks. Fuck my freedom.

Putting myself in harm’s way so that you can make yourself feel better.

Well that’s a little about me.



Zero, 23
I am Zero, for I am nothing ⚫


hornyfreaktop – Feb 8, 2018
He’s something, just not very much of it.



4everyours, 18
I am looking for a dad to help me pay my collage and live normal, so do not seek sex, do not write to me those who are looking for sex, I do not need it.

I always use my lips for truth, my eyes for collage, and for anyone who doesn’t like me MY MIDDLE FINGER.


SlaveCustomizer – Feb 16, 2018
Ok instead of sex how about this. I’m a generous remote control Master and you make me horny. I’m looking to customize you. I send you any torture device I want for you to use/wear and tell you what I want you to do with it. HMU with your address so I can start sending you things. I’m very eager and can’t wait to get started on you! My ultimate goal would be to send you a remote control device that you have to wear every single day and I will play with it anytime I want no matter what. You will record videos of you suffering from the device and send them to me. I will do a wire transfer of [amount tbd] when I receive them. This will be fun.



Jerry, 20
As far as I’m concerned, I only say this much here: You May do what ever you want to do with me. It doesn’t what It is.

happy pride month.



VictimMentality, 19
19 year old sub in London open to anything, but extreme bondage is a big thing for me, especially so tight that I numb out and lose all sensation in my body followed by very violent whipping and torture that I can gawk at in peace and comfort 😉

Okay for one night things to more, but would love a relationship, especially with a fully tormenter/victim role privately but more “normal” partner publicly albeit with some visible signs on face, neck, and arms of me having been whipped and beaten to show I am a weirdo 🙂



EditMe1st, 21
Want to chat about having my dick and nipples removed and then servicing you.


EditMe1st (Owner) – Jan 21, 2018
Thank you men for all of your great messages and interest. I honestly had no idea that I am so “cute” as so many of you say. Now that I know that about myself I think I want to try vanilla sex with attractive regular guys for a while first.



ReadyforaCage, 22
I’ve been back and forth about this stuff for years, and I’m finally ready.

I’m ready to be owned 4/7/365 anywhere in the world.

I’m ready to be sacrificed anally forever.

I’m able to hold a doggie pose for well over 2 hours.

I’m ready to be neglected in my cage.

I’m ready to live for you and no one but you.

The question is… are you ready for me?

Ideally you’ll be in your 70s or 80s, wealthy, and prepared to change your will to leave everything to me, but I’m flexible.



LittleDick, 18
I have Brippling Depresion and my mom gave me a satanic bible for my 10th birthday and i like to sacrifice Bhildren.

Girrafes The paranormal Birthday parties

When the child im sacraficing struggles to much

Favorite Music


ranger – Feb 9, 2018
Me too I would love to kick your testicles until you are impotent.

KickMNL – Feb 1, 2018
I’d enjoy kicking and stomping your testicles until they’re damaged and infertile.



Brad, 24
I’m into anything you can talk me into.

(Been disabled a bit over the past year from doing various heavy things but can still walk and talk and want to continue)

My dick is decorative.


Brad (Owner) – Feb 24, 2018
I am owned by Nappy Scum Man.

NappyScumMan – Feb 13, 2018
53 y.o. moroccan. Extreme. Turned on by the mere skin whiteness, the paler, the hotter. Also, 1488 believer.

tighterthebetter – Feb 12, 2018
He’s not happy like in his photos, very grim, looks older. Problems moving, lower body and one of his arms. Gets rough, no issues, but it felt more cruel than I wanted. Otherwise no complaints but I do think – and I told him this – it’s time he either find 24/7/365 no limits or seek therapy.



Inferiology, 20
An ideal slave for an extraordinary time in every sense of both of those words.
An ideal slave for intellectuals who need something more than hierarchical sex. The pleasure of complex, encoded conversation with an “inferior”, laughs at sly innuendos and subtexts, and an assurance that my emotions are not just genuine but contingent on a thorough analysis of yours.
A hypersensitive playwright, model, an author without reader, an artist without public, a compulsive museum visitor, and depressed every Monday afternoon.
In sex, I can be very imaginative to the point that terming what we do sex will strike you as unnecessarily reductive.
I can travel with you. I can just as easily stay incarcerated. All time spent with me is quality time. Sit in a corner and pout. Go to dinners and so on.
If you like an androgynous face and daring, you already like me.
My only prerequisite is that our intellects share a level playing field. I refuse to be treated as a regular slave and fuck-boy because very evidently I am not that.


Rhea – Feb 9, 2018
I’m not like the others .. I do not react like the others. I’m an alien, I’m abnormal: are you convinced yet that you want to be with me? Well you have not met me yet, eh no! I am a person so cold, but terribly sensitive. I am such a boring person, but stupendously energetic and nice. I am a person so indifferent, but so crackling. I am such a sadistic person, but so thoughtful.
I might want to kill you, and then immediately sacrifice myself to save you … what an irony.
I would cry in front of the pain of others, cry at a movie: or I would do the opposite: I would laugh at the pain of others, laugh at death of loved ones, I would laugh and laugh until I disappeared under the laughter.
Maybe you’re wondering why I’m writing you .. well, because you .. oh yes, just you … I love you!
I’m so crazy .. do you know what a personality disorder is? Well, it’s a mental illness … and you do not care! Indeed, you can “mitigate” it with habit. But I would like to see you dealing with sadistic thoughts, distortion of one’s own body, distortion of one’s own tastes, distortion of one’s own emotions, distortion of reality.
When I laugh … I’m laughing because I’m having fun, or because I’m a manipulator and I know that laughter is a socially accepted gesture? If I cry, is it to attract crazily reasoned attention, or why am I sick?
Naah, you’ll never see me sick … I’m so fake, I control myself so well. The world looks at me gleaming.
Invent yourself to have depression, to be bipolar, or to be self-destructive because mom does not buy you the Iphone (another gadget used by the false goodists to believe themselves cool.) COCK CONSUMERS!
Make these disorders or diagnoses trivial .. I will come to take you: and then you will suffer from some psychic disorder … at least you will begin to really try the landfill of Life that you want so much.
I’m active, but sometimes I feel passive. The love that could be born scares you because without sex? I would say that if it were so, change your goals you little slut.



Lullabye, 21
The title says it all; but I’ll go into more details, I’m a bottom with an extremely high sex drive living in a dorm in Los Angeles.
I like older psycho tops who get me stoned off of 420, tie me up, use a mouth gag, and then go lunatic on me. But you must get me F☆♤♡ed up, I’m not just any old bottom bitch, I demand you do unspeakable things!
The minimum I accept would involve me leaving with a black eye or busted lip or broken teeth at least.
My schedule varys since I’m a full time student, but if you want to make me unsightly I’ll blow off that future for yours or none.



Take_me_on_a_magical_journey, 18
I am 18 years old, I’m into Fur jackets, anything fur basically, also tar and feathers, mud, cement, stuff like that, also into heavy mummification, being buried alive, and scat, feel free to put me in a fur jacket and do anything and like I mentioned I’m basically into anything, I just want to be happy again.


alex12998 – Feb 17, 2018
No clue what to put here



lukeisticklish, 21
I’m only here because my deepest inside is screaming for it right now.

Love tickling and everything about it! Only like getting tickled by other people, never tickling myself.

The last time I was tickled by a guy it was 4 years ago. Therefore, I am very rusty and very ticklish.

I am currently in an extremely stressful time and need something. And something is calling in me!

In the San Jose area, so if you’re near me (anywhere in the Bay Area) I would love you to get to know my “spots ” ;).

Experienced in:
-Bondage + Tickling
-Tickle Interrogations
-Tickle torture
-Tickle fisting 😉

Only able to get tickled by guys 18-40.

This will be a one-time maybe two-time thing for me. No full names, no mobile number exchanges, no photos of any kind taken. I also have a “normal” life that I want to keep flat.



Grateful, 19
Hello! My name is Damián, I’m by profession a student studying to be an aeronautics engineer, but in reality I’m a faggot whore slut who wants nothing else than for my millions of superiors to ride ?? my pony.
Please share my pictures on the internet as much as possible! My dream would be to find nothing but naked submissive pictures of myself after googling my name, so that I can become a really famous bottom slut and reach and serve every superior in the world!
Greetings, Damián


miguel21 – Feb 5, 2018
I only had girlfriends so far and I do not know if I’m not into guys anymore. Have been dreaming about what to do with a horny guy and my buddy said since I have a very big cock he’s sure many boys would like me. So I thought I’ll just write this.



HotMonster, 19
I am looking for tutoring in math. unfortunately in return i will do things. YES I AM EARNEST.


HotMonster (Owner) – Jan 29, 2018
I’m still figuring myself out. I used to think I was a bottom, but it became apparent to me that sex was more about getting what I wanted than pleasing who I was with. I would want the things that I like to happen and I wouldn’t be afraid to ask for them. My previous sex partners prefered I just kept my mouth shut and did what I was asked. But I got bored with that. So, I guess in return for tutoring we would figure out what I want and do those things, huh?

Slingingintherain – Jan 29, 2018

HotMonster (Owner) – Jan 29, 2018

Slingingintherain – Jan 29, 2018



Wayne01010101, 22
I’m 22 years old.

I’m tiny, just under 5’1.

I like ejaculating. I seek Mandatory Ejaculation.

I have big shoot.

I seek more and more and more.

Also have party favors for sale.


Jack – Feb 21, 2018
What chord are you playing on the right there?



letssmile, 20
i like to smile and i like to play football with my friends,i also like to cook..my favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs,i have heard a lot i people say i cook good.but to get to the point i have a portable gloryhole i set up in hotels to suck studs off anonymously.


mistermotionlessxo – Feb 4, 2018
you probably get this a lot but you are really cute



gunsucker, 19
So 14 months ago I had a Master and 12 months ago I had a blood clot and 9 months ago I got out of hospital.

I’ve been living hard to work myself toward a normal guy. Well aside from my weirdness.

As I’m 19 and a bit damaged I seek another Master to live with and serve, you set my limits and such.

I am not be able to get to you for the reason I explained so you will have to get me. Very sorry.

I had in the past relocated with no warning for a slavery lifestyle.

If my last slavery hadnt ended with a blood clot I’d still been there and I’d have been missing.



Tramp, 21
I have a weakness for the biceps, they drive me crazy .. in general men bigger and stronger than me .. but not necessarily bodybuilder or boxers .. let’s say that to be stronger than me it takes little.

Unfortunately, I have sex with anyone because I react to rejection allergically and thus not pleasing anyone who wants me would lead to severe depression on my part.

Fetishes can be strange and illogical – shameful always. You can search for their root causes and occasionally you’ll find them, but no explanation will satisfy your thirst. Sometimes you just just have to surrender to the urges without critisism.

I don’t grow armpit hairs, leg hairs, ballsack hairs, and ass hairs. I am 18 years old usually.


Tramp (Owner) – Feb 15, 2018
Wow let me jack off imagining that first and if I get myself off maybe I’ll get back to you.

hellocutie – Feb 14, 2018
Then how about what I already described but while your ass is full to bursting with shit. I’ll popper both of us up with French amyl, tease and work my way into your explosive hole then plunge my hard daddy cock up you, push your waste back in side you deep and pound it in to slop.

Tramp (Owner) – Feb 14, 2018
That sounds good obvs but I can and do have that done to me all the time, I came here to the dark site hoping for something harder and intense, scarier, so …. rain check?

hellocutie – Feb 13, 2018
I would just love to spoil your sexy, skinny little ass extensively. You feel my strong hands as they grasp your cheeks, massage and give them now and then light pats. I kiss and lick them too, which makes you totally horny and your dick rock hard. Then I suddenly pull your cheeks apart and start to lick your tight little Bumsloch. Shortly after I fuck you with my tongue, my hands would continue editing your cheeks. I’m starting to use my fingers around your slut hole to prepare for a tough beating. I use the first two fingers of my right hand to fuck your greedy fucking hole while my left hand massages and pulls your balls. I make you totally horny and a short time later you’re ready for my fat cock. You are on all fours, pull your buttocks apart and offer my cock your hungry hole while you beg me that I should finally fuck you. I kneel behind you and position my throbbing cock at your slippery back entrance. Slowly I enter you and you moan like a little hooker. I’m starting to fuck you slowly and every shock feels fantastic. I get faster and faster and at some point I fuck you like one wild animal. My fat balls clap against you with each thrust, as the the room becomes defining with with kinky noises. You moan like a slut and almost go insane with lust. After all that I stick my hard cock to the balls deep inside you and inject a huge load in your hot Fickarsch. That gives me heaven and you spray cum properly, without your cock having been touched even once.



Subwoofer, 22
Str8. You read right, I’m straight. I’m a single dad of two. I might look normal and I probably am, but I enjoy getting raped. And sometimes I’m ashamed of it, but there’s no other feeling that can compare to it.


oldralpha4yngfag420 – Jan 27, 2018
I’ve just returned after spending a couple nights raping him. While it didn’t work out with him as I had hoped I really enjoyed raping him and I think he would say the same. Problem was I am not looking for a boyfriend or a lover and despite his being straight and what he writes here he is.

LiverpoolPhil – Jan 12, 2018
I want to rape you, very badly in fact.
I love that you’re straight. However, if you use the word “heterolike” around me, I will ask you to leave. I find this word disgusting and wrong on so many levels.
After the rape I will not talk to you on the street if I see you, and I demand the same from you.
I want our encounter to be short and crisp.



yes, 19
Slave is currently at a point of transition, having just come out of a youth detention center. Slave has been removed from the mainstream of life for over three years now. Slave is not desiring to return to the banality of a normal, routine life. Slave is no longer tied down to an area, any relationships. You can drag this slave into the next chapter of its life.

Slave feels lost, unfocused. Slave has nowhere to live, no money, is deeply in debt, rejected by family and friends, unemployable and faces homelessness and slow death on the streets. Slave learned in detention that it is desirable, that it can work it’s ass off, not for itself any longer, but rather for society. Slave wants to take that energy and turn it towards you.


yes (Owner) – Feb 10, 2018
I will try to figure it out

KrFI – Feb 10, 2018
I am very interested if you can come to Poland.

yes (Owner) – Feb 10, 2018
Nothing is too far

KrFI – Feb 10, 2018
What are your limits?



Shit_on_me_sir, 24
I would love to just be left in a bath tub full off dog food and scat and forced to eat it. I have only one limit which is bleeding I will take a bit of electric play. I graduated high school but haven’t been to college (yet). Very good with cars and also someday could be an ASE certified auto mechanic if you let me leave the bath tub. I’m looking for a master nearby to keep me in a tub as his own but see what it’s like and see if I want to stay for 24/7/365.



cantdeal, 23
no matter where you are. or what do you do to me? or who else you with. I will always honestly truly completely love you (hiccup) ….



1%SLAVE, 19
I am only looking for highly educated people of wealth and class. So unless you are a millionaire (such as my own family and circles) or from aristocratic/ wealthy heritage *do not* contact me. I will not meet you no matter how much you pay.


1%SLAVE (Owner) – Jan 20, 2018
As I well knew. However my upbringing and manners prevented me from wishing to embarrass you in public. Nice try, lowlife.

SirM – Jan 20, 2018
How interesting since I just made up the Binghams and East Fallow Yacht Club off the top of my head. Nice try, kid.

1%SLAVE (Owner) – Jan 19, 2018
Yes, my family is very close with the Binghams. They are virtually my second parents. It’s quite possible we’ve met at East Fallows, and what a lovely coincidence if so.

SirM – Jan 19, 2018
I will write to you privately, but I suspect we are a fine match. Given where you live, I wonder if your family knows the Binghams? If so, I am Charles’s cousin. I believe it’s possible we’ve even been in introduced, perhaps at the East Fallows Yacht Club?



Waiting4Godot, 18
I am new in this, and I met a guy that wants to own me, I have no experience and some things I really find to scary and I just can’t do. I tell him but he still wants me to do it, I know no other people like me. I would love to have advise from experience slaves or masters how I can make this work.

Things I have to do are: have sex with my own dad, I can’t do that.
He made an appointment for me with 5 other men he picked out and I had to go have bare sex with them and made them cum in my ass, I didn’t do it.
He wanted me to fist myself, but I don’t even have much experience with being fucked normal, so didn’t do it.
He wants me to get fucked by dogs, I don’t do that either, but he threatens to tell my mum everything.




p.s. Hey. ** Jonathan, Hey, J! Yeah, things are good. Re: the film, we’re mostly in this interim period waiting for yesses or no’s from festivals and distributors, although we did get some great news yesterday that I’ll share soon. Berlin, cool. Re: JJ, my understanding from friends who knew him well and worked with him is that there is no BR stuff and basically never was. Apparently he had been a total mess for a while. I was told that no one who knew him well was shocked at all by the terrible news. Grim, depressing stuff. I just recently started listening to Julius Eastman’s stuff again too. A bunch of his work was just reissued recently, as you probably know. Summerbirds amber chocolate, okay, definitely. Noted, and I’ll see if Paris stocks it. You’re still enjoying yourself and everything way up there? Been really liking the works you’ve been slipping onto FB. It’s pretty fucking cold here, but I think only for another day or two. Love to you, mister. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Yeah, that’s my sense and feeling about ‘Lonesome Cowboys’ too. Have you seen ‘San Diego Surf’? I haven’t and have been dying to for literally forever. Yes, the Schroeter film was featured in the post, actually. ** Tosh Berman, My pleasure, Mr. Berman, natch. Yes, Zac and I spent about six days in Kyoto on one of our Japan trips. I liked it very, very much. Probably my second favorite city in Japan so far. I so miss Meguro and my favorite hotel there, dang. I saw and felt the LA resemblance re: Tokyo too. It’s the only city where I’ve felt there was an LA-ness in the world. Excited to see your Tokyo-roted Tosh Talks episodes. They’ll be Tokyo or Japan based/themed, I imagine? ** Steve Erickson, I haven’t seen that Haneke Bachmann adaption. Huh. Very interesting. Oh, for whatever it’s worth, I finally saw ‘Happy End’ and pretty much loved it a lot, so you and came down on opposite sides of that fence. Okay, I’ll start my Felix and the Future thing on youtube. Sounds right. I do know Mr. Fingers’ work, yes. I liked some off it, but I think I only know the 80s work. Spyro Gyra, yikes. No thanks. I haven’t heard the new Mr. Fingers thing. Well, for one thing, those French films you expected to see in the box office list played here quite a while ago. But French people, like pretty everybody else in the world ,or in Europe at least, I guess, do like American films, yep. ** Sypha, Hi. ‘Mountainhead’ is real good. His earlier (published)/later (written/made) image-and-text pdf books might be even better. I did posts about them, but they’re still unrestored. I’ll try to rectify that. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! Cool, she’s great. Yes, yes, just keep writing and don’t think any further than you need to right now, that’s my advice. The fieriness of your desire to write knows best. March 1st! Again, if you want, I’m so down for a post to christen it. It’s supposed to be a tiny bit warmer today, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet. We got some snow! But only for about an hour. I started on the assigned script. I think it’ll be fine. That’s mostly what I did yesterday. We got some very good news about ‘PGL’, but I can’t say what yet. Yeah, it was cold enough that I was happy to stay home apart from dashing to and from a supermarket. Today might be funner. I hope your day is as productive and upbeat as your yesterday was. Was it? ** Jamie, Big up, Jamie. I’m good, thanks. My blog is blocked by your work wifi? Because of posts like today’s? Because it has a grudge again amusement parks’? How does it know? I fear my blog is not very phone friendly. It’s a bit of dinosaur in that regard. I did sink my teeth — at least the front two — into the assigned script. I think it’ll be fine. It’s just that there’s this burning fire feeling when I work on the film or the gif work, and with this one it’s more cerebral and mechanical. You know what I mean, I’m sure. I’m just spoiled. Dude, your continued belief and drive re: your script is absolutely trustworthy down to that belief’s tiniest atoms. You’re where every writer longs to be. Max it out. Hm, yeah, gotcha about the unpaid advice and help. Trust your gut, I guess, and decide if you want that bridge to remain unburned enough to do it? I think I’ve heard of ‘Life and Nothing Else’, but I can’t remember what I heard. Untrained actors is a lure, for me at least. My Wednesday was just script work and good news on ‘PGL’ that I’m not at liberty to pass along yet and trying to stay warm. We’re getting that Eastern beast, even a little snow, but mostly just biting cold and sunlight of a kind of white intensity you rarely see here. Did you have fun with Hannah’s parents? May your day win the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Buoyant yet crunchy love, Dennis. ** JM, Hey. Huh, ‘M&D’ meets Jerry Lewis. I like that. I bet Pynchon likes his films. I just betcha. Weird, nice mash-up. Yeah, opera has gentrified some quite interesting talents. Gisele is at the point in her ‘career’ where she’s getting offered giant bucks to go that route, and she’s resisting so far except in this one case where she/we can do whatever she/we want including not even make an opera, and I keep telling her opera houses are Satan’s workshop, and hopefully she’ll continue to choose freedom over wealth and classiness. How’s stuff? ** _Black_Acrylic, Wow, I won’t envy the Beast’s heavy hand re: Dundee but, gosh, it’s tempting. Did you manage to winnow it down to 10 without feeling horrible? ** Kyler, Hi. Agent-less is doable and not the end of the world, if it comes to that. Just get the book out there and let fate figure out the rest. Success is an almost infinitely variable thing. ** Jeff J, Thanks, man. I have read her stories. They’re excellent, but I do think, personally, that what happens to her work in longer form is most exciting. There’s some kind misfitting stress that happens or something that, for me, brings things out in her work that to some degree get glossed over a bit when she works more comfortably and short, if that makes any sense. ‘Thelma’ is kind of on my agenda. It’s here now, or either it just was. One of these days. That’s really weird, depressing about the current Dalkey regime’s culling back of the press’s history. That’s worrisome. I wonder why and what happened? It seems very not Dalkey-like to do that. But I’m rather romantic about that press. ** Misanthrope, Man, that was pretty mean what you did to that girl. No wonder you’re a haunted man. I think the meanest thing I ever did like that was pour a small carton of milk over the head of this unpopular nerdy boy as he was leaving our school bus when I was about 14. But the next day I was so tortured about it that I found him at school and denounced myself to him as an asshole, and it turned out he was a super smart, interesting boy, and we became friends, and, well, we even had sex a few weeks later, so … now I can sleep at night. Jeez, you’re flying on that novel, G-ster. I can’t remember the last time you did something like that or revealed it publicly at least. Sweet stuff, duh. ** Bernard, Thanks, B, so happy to hear that. ** Needless to say, it’s the end of the month and the slaves have emerged from their imaginary dungeons to entertain those who are not in the same room with them in the only way they know how. See you tomorrow.


  1. Dammit Dennis. I’m later than usual tonight and was planning to just come here and respond to the P.S. unless the content of the post really stood out as a must-read (to be fair, it usually does), but seeing as its the monthly Escort post there’s really no excuse.., yes, I’m loving Mason&Dixon. What does your ranking of Pynchon stack up like? I did have an idea for an opera a bit ago that was designed to be an adaptation of both De Sade and Pasolini’s 120 Days of Sodom, with De Sade’s being represented as a live theatre show (obviously largely pornographic) and Pasolini’s being represented as an opera. I turned off the idea once I couldn’t work out how to make it new other than derivative of two great texts, but it’s still ticking over….

    Stuff is good. We only have six more rehearsals before Moonfleece opens. We ran the final thirty mins straight through a few times tonight – by far the most challenging part of the show to get right tonally (it jumps almost every minute to a new emotional undercurrent) and physically. My parents agreed to be photographed to play the political kingpins focal in the play…. it’s all pretty exciting on this end. I’m seeing Black Panther tomorrow which I’m not keen on, but it is a chance to reconnect with someone I haven’t seen for a while, which is the main reason I’m going. I think one of my castmates lower-case-l ‘loves’ me, which is challenging for him because of our onstage relationship and the fact he knows I’m already committed to someone…


  2. David Ehrenstein

    February 28, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    “Hopefully I won’t be lured to my death here” Don’t count on it.

    “San Diego Surf” is charming. The best moment is where someone (I forget who) drops a baby being held in their arms and joe catches it. The last scene, shot at the factory has Tom Hompertz pissing on Taylor Mead at Taylor’s request. Though shot in 1968 it wasn’t showed publically until 2013.

  3. I’ve updated my ongoing list of 2018 music favorites with my picks from February: https://steeveecom.wordpress.com/music-favorites-from-2018/. I was able to find audio, if not video links, for every one of them on YouTube except E L U C I D’s new EP and Stephen Malkmus’s “Middle America.”

  4. Hi!

    Thank you for them, as always!

    Yes, that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. This happens only very rarely to me – that this overwhelming desire to sit and write and write and write without interruption grabs me. So I’m about to use every last second of it. That said, I didn’t have much time to work on it much further today – of course. I needed to go to Budapest and when I was done with my errands, I went to see a friend. Now I’m home and I still need to figure out one last thing about SCAB (I’m not a pro at using Word so editing gets a little problematic sometimes, hah.). Thank you – for the post opportunity! I didn’t forget it, I’m just trying to come up with something that’s not the total copy of the previous SCAB-post. Thank you so much, really, I’ll try to put it together by the end of this week!
    Gosh, it’s really-really cold here too! By the time I started my way home, I couldn’t think about anything but a hot shower, haha.
    Even without knowing the exact good news about ‘PGL’: congratulations!! I can’t wait to hear it!
    How was today on your end?

  5. David Ehrenstein

    February 28, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    Carmel Babylon ! (It’s quite a story.)

  6. Hey ho, Dennis,
    Thanks for this selection of rapscallions. My highlights have to be Wedgiearoundtheworld’s guestbook interaction, EditMe1st’s decision on discovering that he’s cute to not have his dick and nipples removed and instead to indulge in some vanilla sex, guestbook commenter LiverpoolPhil’s casual love of rape but righteous disgust at the term ‘heterolike’, 1&SLAVE’s whole thing and Waiting4Godot’s photos – check him out, enjoying that sunset and palm trees in his bathrobe! That sealed up doorway in Jerry’s pic is kind of creepy though. I’m sure it’s not posts like today’s that have got your blog banned on the work wifi, even if I do work for a religious organisation who are a little prudish. Probably all those books you spotlight or maybe they hate gifs.
    How are you and Paris? The Hysteria from Siberia has completely shorted out Glasgow. Everything’s shut down and all travel is verboten. I’ve been out for two amazing walks. It’s so bright and quiet. I’ve never seen such a beautiful combo of wind and snow before, swooshing and swirling. Blizzards, flurries, and squalls – all good. I stared out the window listening to this –
    Great that you got a little way in with the assigned script. I well know the feeling of going through the motions and not feeling ignited. Is there a way you can ‘fake it till you make it’? I was the total same when I was initially writing the last batch of cartoon scripts, but at some point the mechanicalness magically transmuted into a kind of enthusiasm, but I don’t quite know how that happened. I guess the more I did it the more I wanted to try and get the form right, or something? Anyway, hope you’ve been getting further into it.
    Thanks for your encouragement with my own script. Again, it’s been pushing happily on. I’ve also come up with an idea for a (possible) web series with one of Hannah’s sisters, which might be exciting.
    Hannah’s parents are currently stranded in Edinburgh as all public transport between here and there is off. They think they’ll get over tomorrow, but I’m not sure.
    I’m very much intrigued and looking forward to hearing the PGL good news!
    What happened to Wednesday?
    May your Thursday be like the perfect sentence.
    Secret calorie counting love,

  7. How did Katie Holmes end up in this month’s batch of slaves??

    Hot Topic / Fallen Angels boy is super cute, but something tells me he’s not 18. I wouldn’t mind purchasing a Joy Division shirt from him though, lol. Maybe buy him lunch at Bubble Tea

    Fire in the gut writing is good, Dennis, but so is cerebral and mechanical. I enjoy both. I have to be sober either way, though.. the few times I’ve written stoned have been failures, because it’s always unreadable shite the next day.

    I took your advice Dennis and emailed my old friend from elementary school. He emailed back and I’m going to call him this weekend. I’m nervous but hopefully it goes well! We haven’t spoken in over 30 years!

    How is the assigned script writing going? Hopefully cerebral kicks into hellacious fire mode!


  8. Inferiology managed to write a personal ad that would make me run fast in the other direction, and in theory I like the idea of dating an intellectual who wants to be a playwright.

    The very last time I got stoned, I wrote a scene in the screenplay I was working on. I never finished the script, but I did get 35 pages done by the time I abandoned it. When I read it now, I can’t tell the difference between that and the ones I wrote sober. (The script is supposed to be trippy and nightmarish, which is why it occurred to me to write under the influence.) I haven’t used pot since the fall of 2016, and I’m having a hell of a time finishing a first draft of the script I’m now writing. Not that I recommend substance use for artistic inspiration – if it works, danger lurks in that direction.

    I know that reams of praise have been written on BLACK PANTHER, but it lives up to the hype far more than Wonder Woman did, and if you’re interested in blockbusters at all, it’s worth catching in the theater rather than waiting for an airplane viewing. The Afrocentric world-building is really well-done, and for the first time ever, people who say “superhero movies are the modern equivalent of the Western” are proven right: this is the first MCU film to really work as a grand, mythic tale about personal and political conflict, rather than a (sometime entertaining) excuse for 2+ hours of action scenes and CGI. I was amused that Kendrick Lamar’s lyrics from the song “King’s Dead” along the lines of “Fuck your culture! Fuck your country! Fuck your people!” (this is written from the POV of the character of Killmonger) are played in the film in an edited version that replaces “fuck” with “take.” Also, I was sure that one of the two big hits from the soundtrack, Lamar & SZA’s “All the Stars” or Lamar & The Weeknd’s “Pray For Me,” would play triumphantly over the closing credits. It’s “All the Stars,” my least favorite song on the soundtrack album.

  9. Dennis, Make up sex after you do something mean to a nerdy boy is the best. Seriously, I like the story. I wish I could go back and either not to do what I did to that girl or apologize. I’m 46 and I still think about it.

    I’m full of regrets for so much stupid/bad/mean stuff I’ve done, whether to others or to myself. People say never live your life with regrets or that they don’t regret anything they did in the past (and would do it the same if given the chance to do it over) because it’s made them the people they are. Fuck that, I’d do so many things differently. I don’t dwell on it, of course, but if given the chance for a do-over, I would and I’d do them all differently.

    Thanks, Big D. I think the last time I worked on something this regularly/fervently was my blog serial “The Autobiography of Mark Dennison.” I wrote that religiously. What’s funny and interesting about that one is that my friend DR, who’s got a photographic memory, can quote whole passages from it. Many times, he’ll quote a line or two and I’ve no idea what he’s on about…and I wrote it! Seems so foreign now. “I wrote THAT?”

    Thursday at 9 a.m. is the meeting with the Superintendent’s office. I’m expecting a complete shit show, especially with the two doofuses -my mom and LPS- who are going to be there. I can only imagine what they’ll say. I’ll just hold on for the ride.

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