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DC’s is on summer vacation until the 3rd week of July. Until then, why not use this post to investigate the blog’s rich history of Days about non-standard movies and their makers and stars?

Frederick Wiseman Day

Johnnie To Day

Peggy Ahwesh Day

Béatrice Dalle Day

Peter Tscherkassky Day

Anita Pallenberg Day

New Queer Cinema (1985 – 1998) Day

Steve Buscemi Day

Jerzy Skolimowski Day

Performance Cinema Day

Alan Clarke Day

Lionel Soukaz Day

Delphine Seyrig Day

Acid Westerns Day

Susannah York Day

Robert Bresson Day

Natural Disaster Movie Day

José Val del Omar Day

Vincent Price Day

Valeska Gert Day

Arthur Lipsett Day

Léos Carax Day

Werner Nekes Day

Pam Grier Day

Joe Dallesandro Day

Jon Rafman Day

Paul Sharits Day

Eric Rohmer Day

Steve Reinke Day

Hollis Frampton Day

Mary Woronov Day

Ulrike Ottinger Day

Chantal Akerman Day

Bud Cort Day

Isaac Julien Day

The ‘Friday the 13th’ Franchise Day

Jacques Rivette Day

Peter Campus Day

Ken Russell Day

Kim Ki-duk Day

Pierre Clémenti Day

Frank Perry Day

Pedro Costa Day

Matt Dillon Day

Carol Kane Day

James Benning Day

Udo Kier Day

Todd Solondz Day

Yasujirō Ozu Day

Early Keanu Reeves Day

Mario Bava Day

Lucrecia Martel Day

Robert Altman Day

Abbas Kiarostami Day

Leslie Thornton Day

Alain Resnais Day

Crispin Glover Day

Straub-Huillet Day

Guy Maddin Day

Philippe Grandrieux Day

Hirokazu Kore-eda Day

Herschell Gordon Lewis Day

Lucio Fulci Day

Michelangelo Antonioni Day

Jason Schwartzman Day

Marguerite Duras Day

Marie Menken Day

Edward Furlong Day

Isabelle Adjani Day

Jean Rouch Day

Paul Clipson Day

James Duval Day

Lotte Reiniger Day

Jean-Gabriel Albicocco Day

Janie Geiser Day

Mark Rappaport Day

Karen Black Day

Later Luis Buñuel Day

Catherine Breillat Day

John Waters Day

Sam Peckinpah Day

Peter Kubelka Day

Guy Gilles Day

Satoshi Kon Day

Angela Schanelec Day

Brad Dourif Day

Holly Woodlawn Day

Maurice Le Maitre

Scott Barley Day

Craig Baldwin Day

Luc Moullet Day

George Kuchar Day

Jon Jost Day

Donald Cammell Day

Aki Kaurismäki Day

Kôji Wakamatsu Day

Dominique Sanda Day

Bertrand Bonello Day

Curtis Harrington Day

Jem Cohen Day

Bruce Baillie Day

Brad Renfro Day

Barbara Hammer Day

Alexander Kluge Day

Harun Farocki Day

Philippe Garrel Day

Luther Price Day

Malcolm McDowell Day

Geraldine Chaplin Day

Laura Dern Day

Jacques Perconte Day

Aldo Tambellini Day

Gérard Blain Day

Parker Posey Day

Viva Day

Thom Andersen Day

Doris Wishman Day

Denis Lavant Day

Bruno Dumont Day

Stan VanDerBeek Day

Patrice Énard Day

Johnny Dickie Day

John Carpenter Day

Chick Strand Day

Boris Karloff Day

Lewis Klahr Day

Tzuan Wu Day

Michael Lonsdale Day

Ulrich Seidl Day

Vivian Ostrovsky Day

Sissy Spacek Day

Rouzbeh Rashidi Day

Chris Marker Day

Jean-Paul Belmondo Day

Jean-Louis Trintignant Day

Mimsy Farmer Day

Donald Sutherland Day

Terence Davies Day

Lukas Haas Day

Les Blank Day

Monika Treut Day

Ken Jacobs Day

Barbet Schroeder Day

Gordon Hessler Day

Jud Yalkut Day

Jean Eustache Day

Šarūnas Bartas Day

Michael J. Pollard Day

Nastassja Kinski Day

James Coburn Day

Lech Majewski Day

Jean Rollin Day

Louis Malle Day

Robert Kramer Day

Martin Arnold Day

Bernardo Bertolucci Day

Jeff Keen Day

Anna Karina Day

Mohsen Makhmalbaf Day

Gregory J. Markopoulos Day

Andy Milligan Day

Don Knotts Day

Walerian Borowczyk Day

Holly Fisher Day

Tina Aumont Day

Early Werner Herzog Day

Phil Solomon Day

Abigail Child Day

Jack Arnold Day

Peter Whitehead Day

Wheeler Winston Dixon Day

Bill Brand Day

Susan Tyrrell Day

Al Adamson Day

Alain Tanner Day

Bruce Conner Day

Wong Kar-wai Day

Jean-Luc Godard Day

Lynne Sachs Day

Peter Sellers Day

Slim Pickens Day

Su Friedrich Day

Gariné Torossian Day

Candy Clark Day

Robert Breer Day

Maurice Ronet Day

The Horror Films of Terence Fisher Day

Peter Greenaway Day

Takashi Makino Day

Dennis Hopper Day

Murray Melvin Day

Damon Packard Day

Carmelo Bene Day

Jacques Tati Day

Jan Švankmajer Day

Grégoire Colin Day

Nathaniel Dorsky Day

Gunvor Nelson Day

Sandy Dennis Day

Luchino Visconti Day

Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt Day

Shozin Fukui Day

Vera Chytilová Day

Malcolm Le Grice Day

Jodie Mack Day

Ivan Zulueta Day

Storm de Hirsch Day

Joyce Wieland Day

Jan Němec Day

Werner Schroeter Day

Dušan Makavejev Day

Owen Land Day

Shelley Duvall Day

Bruno Mattei Day

The Tuesday Weld Shebang

Takahiko Iimura Day

Frans Zwartjes Day

Harmony Korine Day

Patrick Dewaere Day

Marie Losier Day

Bill Hsu presents … Tsai Ming-Liang Day

Vivienne Dick Day

Ellen Burstyn Day

Richard Kern Day

Yoshihiro Nishimura Day

River Phoenix Day

Jack Hill Day

Agnes Varda Day

Jean-Pierre Léaud Day

Joe Sarno Day

Anne Wiazemsky Day

Germaine Dulac Day

Michael Snow Day

Hanna Schygulla Day

Ed Emshwiller Day

Gordon Parks Day

Bette Gordon Day

Hans-Jürgen Syberberg Day

Sergei Parajanov Day

Daniel Schmid Day

Julie Dash Day

Mary Ellen Bute Day

Pat O’Neill Day

Seijun Suzuki Day

Penelope Spheeris Day

Michael Haneke Day

Jörg Buttgereit Day

Jean-Pierre Melville Day

Nikos Koundouros Day

Ishirô Honda Day

Harry Smith, Filmmaker Day

Shirley Clarke Day

Harry Dean Stanton Day

Andy Warhol, Filmmaker Day

Krzysztof Kieslowski Day

Steina and Woody Vasulka Day

Sadie Benning Day

Macaulay Culkin Day

Crop Encircled Boy presents … Alejandro Jodorowsky Day

Jonas Mekas Day

Rosa von Praunheim Day

Christophe Honoré Day

Kurt Kren Day

Errol Morris Day

Bert I. Gordon Day

Amy Greenfield Day

Jim Jarmusch Day

Sidney Peterson Day

Ron Rice Day

Jordan Belson Day

Pier Paolo Pasolini Day

Paul Morrissey Day

Ralph Bakshi Day

Piper Laurie Day

Dimitri Kirsanoff Day

Christina Ricci Day

Lindsay Anderson Day

Hiroshi Teshigahara Day

Coleen Fitzgibbon Day

Hans Richter Day

Sion Sono Day

Dave Markey Day

Stuart Gordon Day

Melvin Van Peebles Day




p.s. Hey. So, this is the last, lingering post for the duration of the blog’s and my little summer vacation. The blog’s exact return date is uncertain at the moment, but it will be sometime in the 20s of July, and I’ll give you an advance notice of the return date when I know it. In the meantime, there is a lot up there for you to theoretically explore with excellent results while I’m gone if you like. Feel free to leave any comments you want here, and I will interact with them/you immediately upon the blog’s and my return. ** G, Hi, G! Thanks, I’m ever if slowly improving. Thanks very much about ‘Jerk’. Hopefully you’ll get see the film Gisele Vienne and I made of the theater piece incarnation at some point. It’ll be ‘released’ this fall. Gladman is wonderful, highly recommended. Take good care ion yourself. xo. ** Dominik, Hi!!! My pleasure, of course. Thanks about my mouth. It’s at a seemingly tolerable point now, and hopefully riding roller coasters, etc. for three days will speed that up (or, I guess, send me to the hospital, ha ha). Thank you for the intense love. Greatly appreciated, and I’ll count on it. Love transforming Budapest into a giant amusement park and giving you a Fast Pass for every store/ride, G. And have a lovely net couple of weeks, my dear pal. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. I highly recommend a delivery into her books. And her art. Thank you about my trip, and, especially, m about my gums, which appear to be accepting thatchy must behave. Have a lovely next days, and I will look forward to pumping up my vacation’s jam with Play Therapy’s help. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. Thanks. I’m just about ready to split, I think. I would, if you can, start with the first Ravicka book and then read the in order. Bu you can start with the spotlit one if need be. Glad you got some sleep. I hope your life is eventful and not too TL;DR until I get to see you next. xo. ** Misanthrope, Thanks, G. I’ll start getting ready now. And I’ll alert my fellow Parisians. Well, as best I can on my way to the airport. Get that tooth looked at, man. Seriously, take it from me. One’s mouth doesn’t mess around when it feels like hurting one. Take care, bud. ** Dalton, Hi, Dalton. Thank you, kind sir. Will do. And you make more than the best of your next couple of weeks whatever they entail, okay? ** Right. Off I go. See you guys soon. Enjoy everything. Tell me anything you want to tell me. And I’ll see you and catch up with you ere long.


  1. Dominik


    Have the loveliest trip, Dennis!! I hope the new rides will meet and maybe even surpass your wildest expectations and the rest of your vacation will be just what you’ve planned, too! And, of course, I hope your tooth won’t give you any more trouble!

    I’ll definitely spend some time here these next couple of weeks because today’s post is RICH. Thank you!

    Love simply wishing you the very, very best of times, Od.

  2. Misanthrope

    Safe and fun travels to and fro, Big D! See you on the other side.

  3. Bill

    Hope the holiday is off to a festive start, Dennis. This is a great post to start the blog’s vacation.

    Not surprisingly, I decided to first click on the James Duval day. I hadn’t seen Nowhere on the post’s first appearance. I finally found a copy last year; it’s my favorite Araki film after Mysterious Skin.


  4. _Black_Acrylic

    The new episode of Play Therapy is online here at Tak Tent Radio! Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson brings you Italo, Synth Wave, EBM grit and some Murder Balladry on a lo-fi Casio drum machine too.

    • _Black_Acrylic

      As you may have heard, England were beaten in the final of the Euros by a marvellously hard bitten and savvy Italy side. The defender Chiellini staged the most outrageous foul on England’s Saka during extra time and this is my favourite meme of the night.

  5. Billy

    Hey Dennis don’t know where you’re going but hope it’s fun after long confinement. I’ve got a few days off and am going to try and catch a Bresson movie if I can because I really liked your piece on him in Smothered on Hugs. There’s something you said about him – I think that his work was ‘unimpeachably fair, so lacking in ulterior motivation’ that reminded me of something that occurred to me reading Frsik; that morality results from a failure of irony. Perhaps I will figure out if there’s a there there, or if it was just a freak of memory.
    Wishing you well

  6. Licila Lanza

    Buen Día Señor Dennis, es primera vez que me dirijo a usted, nunca había escuchado de su persona. Hasta hoy de una forma inusual. En un sueño que tuve esta mañana. A continuación relato mi sueño. Estaba soñando que yo viaje a Tegucigalpa capital de mi país Honduras junto con una tía mía. Estando en la capital mi tía se quedo en su casa y Yo me dirigí a un lugar donde iban a impartir un seminario, relacionado con las vivencias de cada participante, donde nosotros compartiriamos sobre cada situación vivida y como lo superamos. Antes de comenzar el seminario el moderador expresaba que nuestra participación seria atendido personalmente por cada miembro de la delegación que nos visitava y en ese momento entraron todos los miembros de la delegación, dentro de los cuales usted era uno de los miembros. Una vez que dieron todos los parámetros nos pidieron a cada invitado que nos sentaramos en unas bancas tipo estudiantil en una línea horizontal y frente a nosotros sillas similares se sentaron los delegados que escucharían nuestras historias. Usted tomo una silla y se sentó enfrente del invitado que estaba a mi lado. Y Con mi persona se sentó otro miembro de la delegación. Cada uno de los invitados y delegados en su tiempo asignado empezaron hablar, quienes eran, su procedencia y que es lo mas impactante que habían vivido que cambio sus vidas . Y cuando llego su tiempo usted se expreso de una forma confiada que transmitió un mensaje corporal que se sentía agusto en lo que estaba haciendo y se dirigió a todos pero su vista a mi persona y dijo me llamo Dennis Cooper, soy Norte Americano, he vivido cosas que nadie se las imagina que un ser humano puede vivir. Pero estoy aquí para que mis vivencias restauren vidas, siéntanse en confianza de hablar. Después de su participación tuvimos un receso y usted se acercó a platicar con migo y yo comente que su participación había sido muy emotiva y le exprese que por su apariencia me había imaginado que era de Estados Unidos, porque era diferente a los demás delegados y usted me decía riendo muy alegre, mis ojos claros me delatan que no soy de aquí. En eso termino mi sueño y me desperté. Después de terminar los que ha seres de mi casa empecé a buscar en ínternet el nombre Dennis Cooper y sorprendentemente encontré una fotografía de un joven que tenia similitud a la persona que vi en mi sueño y era una fotografía suya de hace unos años atrás de usted. Razón por la cual me he dirigido a usted para contarle este sueño, que lo más seguro solo usted sabrá el significado.

    Atentamente, Lucila Lanza
    La Ceiba Honduras, Centro América

  7. G

    Hi Dennis, I hope your vacation was amazing. There is going to be a film based on JERK?! OMG I await it impatiently. I reread it this morning, and for some reason I found it even more riveting on the second read. I appreciated the structure a lot more this time. Oh, but the dialogue! Of course it’d make an incredible film! I did think of that the first time I read it. But I’m also really obsessed with the pictures. Will there be puppets/ marionettes in the film? Love, me.

  8. _Black_Acrylic

    RIP Peter Rehberg, intensely sad news there.

  9. K

    Hi Dennis, just dropped in to ask if there’s an address where I can mail something to you? Hope you’re having/had a great vacation!
    K x

  10. Bill

    Yikes, so sorry to hear Peter Rehberg is gone.

    Hope the vacation has gone well, Dennis.

    Just saw this, which you might also enjoy:

    You probably know these Fred Hasted films have been screening in various places. I saw them at a theater that would normally show things like Wes Anderson movies. Very disorienting to see them on a huge screen with a good sound system, sitting in a comfy seat that reclines.


  11. Brian

    Hey, Dennis,

    Just dropping in to say that I hope you’re having, or have had, a wonderful holiday; and also to thank you for this post, because otherwise I would never have heard of Lionel Soukaz, whose films are proving to hold an still-increasing fascination for me. “Le Sexe des Anges” was highly enjoyable and “Ixe” just totally took my breath away. (Now I just need to find a version of “Race d’Ep” with the first chapter intact.) Not much has been going on here personally in the interval. The main recent event was that, like Bill above, I too went to see those Halsted films, and can confirm that they’re pretty wild in a theater. And also I’m finally working my way through “2666”. Everything else is business, or lack thereof, as usual. A thousand happy returns to you and yours!

  12. DC

    Hi all, The blog will return to life on this coming Friday, July30th. See you then! xo

  13. Steve Erickson

    I hope your U.S. trip was both fun and fruitful for research. Are the effects of climate change more visible here than they were in Paris?

    I don’t think the Halsted program has played New York this year, but it screened at MOMA in very early 2020. Seeing those films in an actual theater was a great experience (and I never knew that so many gay men still dressed like 1979 Castro St. clones!)

  14. T

    Hey Dennis!

    Welcome back! I thought I’d sneak back in on the eve of your return and leave a note ready for tomorrow. Hope you had a gorgeous time away travelling. I would ask you how was it, but I realise that you will probably have typed out an answer to that question already, in all likelihood multiple times, so I will just ask whether there was any particularly notable detail or occurrence that has hidden itself at the limit of your recollections but then deciding to clarify itself at this point in the PS.

    In terms of what’s been happening at this end, the answer is not so much. I have moved back down to my parents’ for the summer, which on the upside is comfortable and restful and gives me time to do writing and music, but on the downside it means living with my family at close quarters which has been slightly…testing.

    Otherwise, this post is such an amazing resource… I will probably bookmark this day for reference in the future. It also provided me with the inciting kick to spend some more time with the work of Robert Bresson, Satoshi Kon, for which I’m very grateful. I would have liked to write more about the films I did watch, but I gotta dash now for work, speak tomorrow then I guess, xxT

  15. HR

    Hey Dennis! Hope your summer breaks going great. First time commenting. Just got back from the Huntington, managed to see the haunted house before it closed. So cool, seemed like a fun and creative era. Xo


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