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Meet FeeditBodyHair, TomnotofFinland, AgeProgressionFetish, godisabottom, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of November 2019


Stomponmyhead, 23
just your average 23 year old useless piece of shit working a bullshit job not saving money and spending it on smokes and beer. Slowly waiting to put a gun to my head and pull the trigger. Still living with my parents. Whats the point of living on anymore? I was a kid then a teen then an adult for technically 2 years. Life is over. Why am I waiting. What am I waiting for?


Buzzedbehr1 – Nov 21, 2019
I’m a Hair Cutter. I would really love to cut your hair, as short as possible, before you shuffle off. A mohawk or a horseshoe flat or ideally a shaved head.

Urfucked – Nov 19, 2019
I’m a genuine SCALLY I got airmax 95, tn’s, airmax 270, Adidas torsion
I got balaclava and full Nike and Adidas tracksuits.

I do the following situations:
*arranged robbery
*arranged House invasion (fatal or no)
*arranged attack on walk home (fatal or no)
*arranged sex attack (fatal or no)
*arranged assassination

All the above are are very real but the whole thing is pre arranged and I will require an email giving me permission as u know what old bill are like. And I ain’t getting stitched up

Anyway ima go bun a zoot
And look forward to hearing from u fucker

Lesterlonely1 – Nov 17, 2019
I hold on tightly to the hope that this blessing will be bestowed upon you.

Anonymous – Nov 17, 2019
I’ve known this guy for a long time, and he has wanted to die for an even longer time. There’s only so many hundreds of times you can try to talk him out of it. Send him a message and let’s make this happen!



FeeditBodyHair, 19
If you shave your body hair off, cut it off, whatever… feed it to the pig.



OutToPasture, 23
Why Hello There,
My name is “W”. Friends pronounce it Dubya. As I am makin it into my early 20’s I can’t help but be losing my lust for the party side of life and am reconnecting to my lust for self-destruction. I know I am rambling but I was really kinky in my teens and then subsided my cravings, my lust, my need for self-destruction… to fit in :'(…. Don’t feel bad for me ya’ll. Fitting in was fun. People are awesome. I must admit am VERY nervous about exploring my self-destructive side full on, so I sincerely apologize in advanced if I am apprehensive. I’m looking for a man that respects that I want to keep this fatalistic side of me 100% DL, meaning he will not take pics/vids of me, blackmail me, or do anything that makes the people in my life realise that the drastic changes he makes to my personality and looks are because I am being destroyed.


OutToPasture (Owner) – Nov 13, 2019
I am my Uncleโ€™s nephew.

Anonymous – Nov 13, 2019
I’m his uncle. He’s for real.



TomnotofFinland, 21
Iโ€™m really into veins



bestlayever, 21
Hi, I hope you’re good. I’m a young, muscular, drone pilot and pianist.

Im kind of new to this. Boys and the other stuff too. But I wanted to find someone here just to see.

Since I was younger I love being naked. And would get a thril from undressing where I could be caught.

Recently the thoughts have become stronger and I wondered if this is a thing? And if this is the place to learn?

I’m really fit and kinda shreaded. And know girls find me cute. I don’t know about guys though. I guess. I hope.


bestlayever (Owner) – Nov 16, 2019
I look forward to your firm and sadistic hands molding me.

ReallyYoungSchoolboy – Nov 16, 2019
Hi, you hot stud, I’m Really Young School Boy and I want to push you to the limit, not for the faint of heart !!!!

For you I give the full program that means I torture you to your limits with my violent games and sex toys and the whole thing is broadcast live on my Cam4 profile.

bestlayever (Owner) – Nov 10, 2019
Thank you, but I would prefer not going overboard if at all possible.

squatmann – Nov 10, 2019
i like squeezing the head of a fit guy (this can have a range of pressure levels according to my perception).
i would also like to stand on your head and stomp if you can handle it.
if we ended up with an ongoing thing with you then you would accept your mind becoming mush.



AgeProgressionFetish, 20
Envy older guys especially 73-84.
Fantasise about becoming one.
Lose skin tone -plenty of facial lines and well-creased neck, nips less pert.
Lose hair/ go grey.
Waist thick and flabby.
Deeper voice.
Low hanging balls.



AsianWildBaby, 20
What is a little boy?
….. me!

Iโ€™m a Young Adult Baby/Diaper Lover. ๐Ÿ™‚ itโ€™s epic, donโ€™t judge it!

As an adult Iโ€™m a professional code writer with lots of skills!

My name is Wan, I am a little. My real age is 20 but my little age is an immature 2 year old. Young enough to need a lot of help but old enough to be mischievous and make some very bad descisions my self.

Surely thereโ€™s a dad out there who wants a little Asian diapered son? I dare you!

//If you can read this code
//I will use your tongue as my pacifier

var your_drink;
var reverse=function(s){
return s.split(“”).reverse(),join(“”);
var barista = {
str1: “ess”,
str2: reverse (“ipe”),
str3: “cn”,
request: function(preference){
return preference+”Secret word:”
barista.request (your_drink);


dontwastemytime1 – Oct 27, 2019
I put up with his irksome cutie baby bullshit for as long as I could then fed him sleeping pills and NyQuil and fucked and choked him until he fell asleep then fucked him long after and sucked his mouth dry and filled his motionless butt with loads. And still my boner stay hard.



I am here for the sole purpose of turning you on with a detailed excerpt of how I find thick, gross, mucus-filled coughs delicious. Something about that sort of cough that reverberates deep within your throat and takes mucus with it- fills my hungriness up to the brim. The kind of cough that rattles your internal organs and leaves you with a slight wheeze. Yeah, that’s the one, more than a simple common cold symptom. Hello! I’m Darren. To tell you a bit about the dumb-ass that is me, I’m pretty darn short, like 4’11 and 1/2″ short. That turn you on quicker than my strange cough monologue? If not go find someone else to hock your loogies into.


bijou – Nov 14, 2019
Waiting …

lil_suffer – Nov 14, 2019
Not saying I don’t feel the same. Fuck this is intense!

lil_suffer – Nov 14, 2019
I just want a man to get all down in my mouth like I described.

bijou – Nov 14, 2019
So, here I am, a straight man my whole life. And the older I’ve gotten, the more these gay cravings for you have gotten louder in my head.

lil_suffer – Nov 14, 2019
Christ you are.

bjiou – Nov 14, 2019
I am in the livingroom.

lil_suffer – Nov 14, 2019
For real.

bjiou – Nov 14, 2019
I am your father.
I like young guys.



iSatan, 19
Iโ€™m all into scariness. Me being scared that is…I wanna be scared shitless and then go from there without ending up dead.


iSatan – Oct 26, 2019

HypnoTransformer – Oct 26, 2019
Have you ever truly tested whether your body could change through hypnosis? If you’re willing to let a mad scientist run experiments with you as my test subject, I want you to be transformed into a hairy beast. I want thick hair down your back, around your shoulders, on your knuckles and toes. I’d like to test out other physiological transformations too, like deepening your voice, darkening your skin, and giving you enlarged muscularity. If it works, I have a huge humiliation fetish so I would make fun of you as the big sub-human knuckle-dragging freak I’ve changed me into. It would be hot to parade you around seedy gay bars on a chain, mouth muzzled, walking on all fours, and charge patrons to whip you. Like a sexy freakshow exhibit. Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself.

iSatan – Oct 23, 2019

dominator_hot – Oct 23, 2019
I’d put you in rubber, bind you, bag your head, pull it tight and wait until you stop moving.

iSatan – Oct 23, 2019
Many people write to me, so I will only give priority to those who are really violent and able to get me screaming right away.



JY, 21
Got practically killed by a psycho top 5 weeks ago. It was consensual if you care. Living with this damage and the meds and headaches depresses the shit out of me but I’m back. Done with this random shit. If you really want me, you’ll take me anyway and forever or not at all.


JY (Owner) – Nov 21, 2019
Hey Marco. Heavy heavy drugs. Top wanted to eat my brain and I wanted him to. Stupid and ugly as that. Sober now, thought that’d change things, but I’m still me.

youreapieceofshit – Nov 20, 2019
xhrist, j, it’s marco, youve always been a gloriously heavy bottom but…wtf happened?!?!



lil_suffer, 21
I believe that doing extremes can lead people to the edge of their psyche, which is a territory most people do not explore or cannot handle. Only through this dark night of suffering can people really learn about themselves in my opinion. A quote by Sigmund Freud sums this thought up nicely: “No one, who like me, conjures up the most evil of those half-tamed demons that inhabit the human beast, and seeks to wrestle with them, can expect to come through the struggle unscathed.” I cost 4โ‚ฌ hour, 17โ‚ฌ overnight.


lil_suffer (Owner) – Nov 21, 2019
I hate other bottoms

lil_suffer (Owner) – Nov 5, 2019
was recently castrated as part of a ritual and am the better for it.

Magus – Oct 3, 2019
Asset-rich, income-poor skinny boy with a Goth outlay collects rare occult books and into shamanic and Ficinian fetishism in a relationship with some cult leader guy but outsources sex preceded lengthily by tarot reading, a few rituals, chanting, a sermon, etc. before he gets his butt out.



ImFreeForYouRightNow, 21
suffocation addict
love being handgagged until i pass out
bagged, strangled, head under water, hung with noose
smothered, no rules no safe word no anything
no sex until im unconscious
if you want to fist me add chloroform


Anonymous – Oct 19, 2019
I screwed up. I’m sorry!

heyitsnic – Sept 16, 2019
He loves it when you call him Seรฑorita.



seriouslywantit, 24
I am in the US Army on active duty in El Paso Tx. I am currently looking to possibly find someone that I can trust to kill me but not hurt me because they don’t know what they are doing. I can’t host it due to living in the Military Barack. No lies, we ALL KNOW WHY I AM HERE.


DaniBenz – Nov 13, 2019
Honestbutcher, are you done writing crap about people you don’t even know? You’ve become a joke now

Honestbutcher – Nov 10, 2019
Not particularly ..

Anonymous – Nov 10, 2019
taste good ?

seriouslywantit (Owner) – Nov 10, 2019
Since when?

Honestbutcher – Nov 10, 2019
Took his meat tied it up, shaved it, cooked it for dinner ..

Anonymous – Nov 7, 2019
want you to let me over and just let me do whatever the fuck I want

Hint: it includes something red and warm

seriouslywantit (Owner) – Nov 5, 2019
Take it private.

Honestbutcher – Nov 5, 2019
Honest butcher to have your meat get done ..



nicest_asshole_ever_, 18
Im better than the rest. You can expect everything from me. Tell me how you like and you will always get it. What ever happens use lots of lube.


nicest_asshole_ever_ (Owner) – Nov 27, 2019
Pig noises during sex turns me off.

kfbb – Nov 24, 2019
LOVED to see warm, gooey, strands of my SEED OOZING OUT of his hot, hungry HOLE! It gliding seamlessly down his small, perfectly circular balls into a puddle on the bed!!

He has a hot clean smooth hot hungry tight bare cunt to Breed hard and god, so deep. Also if you’re a toilet he’s a vegan and his shit is nuts!

billyen13 – Nov 16, 2019
beautiful buttocks to spread and trip and fall and die inside.

CrossRunner – Nov 10, 2019
I thought these reviewers were fake or insane. But they’re not! Best ass ever? I’d bet money on that!

lifesaparty – Nov 9, 2019
me & him. last night. eatin my 2nd load outta his hole. jealous much?

boyjunkie – Nov 3, 2019
He loved my dick penetrating his beautiful ass in every different positions by moaning every bang. He made me cum like I never came before. I thought I exploded.

ormiston – Nov 1, 2019
An absolutely great hole and was totally horny kneading his cute butt cheeks like a lumps of dough I could not take my cock out of him.

EDEGE – Oct 26, 2019
basically a cute grindr non-kink slut boy cruising the margins to get a wider range of cock but if you can settle for ass access he is beautiful to fuck

Anonymous – Oct 22, 2019
his username is not a joke. he’s just a fairly cute, thin twink who got very lucky in his hindquarters. but the thing itself is hot clean deep inexhaustible. i love it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ



Burn_Me, 18
I want to suck some old man cock cut or uncut tiny or enormous.
Iโ€™m ready to swallow old man cum.

I’m currently on lexapro and into Gaspar Noe films.


Anonymous – Nov 16, 2019
Hello, tell me if you’ve already met Burn_Me. I am one of his girlfriends and bi, so I don’t ask out of jealousy, I just want to know the truth.



SnuffBoy, 24
Know what Iโ€™ve wanted since I became sexually active at age 12 but so far I have only served as a submissive maso faggot for Alphaโ€™s.

Now looking to take things all the way to the source of what I’ve wanted since my cock first spurted.

I need a sadistic alpha, twisted, violent, dangerous male for my no return TPE.

I am happy to travel for the man who can guarantee he wants it bad enough.

This needs to start 21st-27th October. Trust me, it does.

No limits sex, abuse, violence, and how the snuff happens is your choice, I just want you to be happy. Use and destroy me as you see fit and then do what you need to do.

I have wanted this since I was 12 years old.


SnuffBoy (Owner) – Nov 25, 2019
Nude pics cost ยฃ20 a pop if you want them that bad.

SnuffBoy (Owner) – Nov 23, 2019
Nothing about me’s interesting.

SnuffBoy (Owner) – Nov 21, 2019
I might be, what of it?

Londonash25 – Nov 21, 2019
are you a porn star?

ohgosh – Nov 19, 2019
If u want to eat my cock wile I eat ur ass before u die msg me

SnuffBoy (Owner) – Nov 18, 2019
I think some people are a little too lost in the fantasy on here, so I prefer to talk to people to treat me like a regular person who just wants to die.

myxiaoxiaoxiao – Nov 17, 2019
looking for a dog slave who can fight with other dog slave just like dogfight
here some rules are:1.now train naked and send your training show for your owner everyweek; 2.i will find other slavedog to fight with you๏ผŒyou should keep aggressive and obey your owner whatever you fight in naked; 3.get rid of shame๏ผŒslave fighting in naked is glory and shame of losing the match which the owner arrange you; 4. when you losing the matches๏ผŒi will kill the dog ๏ผŒyou;5. cant shoot and have sex without my allowance; 6. learn to be a real dog and how to fight as a dog๏ผŒfor example๏ผŒdont allow to stand๏ผŒand stare at its fight and bark to other dog powerful and aggressive๏ผŒtake your compete fightdog down๏ผŒonly hard dick can attack dick๏ผŒuntil one dog give up the fight๏ผŒthe winner dog kill the losing dog and bark for victory.when you win๏ผŒyou can shoot as a reward; 7. although naked๏ผŒbut you should keep more aggressive๏ผŒevery attack should be more powerful and let the competer know he is weaker than a slave and shame of losing.



LookingforGod, 21
I am civilised and I have reached a stage of life where I would like to meet a real sadist to damage me. And with the right guy I’d consider having no safe words to make it more exciting. Wow so Iโ€™m really here doing this.


LookingforGod (Owner) – Nov 9, 2019
I found an American owner and have been moved to Palm Springs!!! I finally took my first fist this week. Bareback and cum play also turn out to be major turn ons for me. Almost no limits now, I used to say โ€œblood and scatโ€. Now itโ€™s just scat. I donโ€™t consider myself a Pup, but I’m told I make dog noises in bed, if Iโ€™m getting it good. Best part, I drive a truck to work.

LookingforGod (Owner) – Oct 30, 2019
I have tentatively agreed to permanent ownership by a master in Europe. He will relocate me in 8 days from now. But I am hoping someone closer by might step in and take ownership of me before then. I am willing to do whatever you say. At any time. I am living with a distant relative now so no coming over. Other than that I just want to serve you, please. Like seriously, PLEASE. I don’t want to go to Europe, I’m scared.

LookingforGod (Owner) – Oct 24, 2019
๐Ÿ–• MAGA! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Caboose – Oct 24, 2019
Somebody please fuck this cis shithead up.

LookingforGod (Owner) – Oct 23, 2019
I am extremely patriotic – don’t message me if you hate the USA.

YouNeedAbusiveBoyfriend – Oct 21, 2019
He has a sick mind (albeit not the sickest) and a big heart and a goofy dorky nerd side to him. If someone could tap into all 3 and help him find inner harmony amongst those fractured variables he would be the best thing on the planet!



nowineedsex19, 19
G’day! I’m a young fledgling from Down Under. Only recently have my eyes been opened to the darkness, though I have lived in shadows most of my life. I met and fell in love with a sadist who has unleashed a new side of me that I never knew, and I have never felt so ALIVE. I am very educated, you will never be ashamed to be with me.


HawtDogHallway – Nov 19, 2019
I am looking to make a film with you. Scenes that i would like to film with you are bb fuckin, creampies, jizzin shitloads, fun on soft, wrinkly leather sofas, outdoor scenes, and you smashing up and trashing abandoned, scrap cars and wud.

Anonymous – Nov 11, 2019
No, I donโ€™t have any pictures.
Yes, you will give me every picture ever taken of you.
You will never see me.
I will know everything about every molecule of you.
If you do not obey me one billion percent, everyone will know everything about you. Yes, even them.



4executionerxx, 20
I can hardly breathe



UtterTrash, 22
i come back here from time to time when i feel at my most sick, this is your time to get a chance to own me

i donโ€™t have a preference in guys except older and hornier than me

destroy my life or something else

especially craving to be rapefucked and destroyed by MASTER ADAM

i was heavily wounded by a man a few years ago but luckily I live in canada

that said i still have a unbending desire for destruction even with how fragile I have become

i have no redeemable qualities


Anonymous – Nov 13, 2019
It’s not just you.

Anonymous – Nov 13, 2019
Maybe it’s just me but i found very hard not to snuff this one.

jockstrappig34 – Nov 3, 2019
Adam, knowing what you’re into, I think you might want to make an exception for this one, HINT HINT.

MASTER_ADAM – Nov 2, 2019
Sorry I find you absolutely unerotic.



kissthispussy, 19
I am a VERY girly femboy. I have spent the last year working on my femmy look, demeanor, and valley gurl voice. I am barely a boy anymore and I am desperate to escape him.

Very girly features and snobby attitude ripe to suffer constant abuse. Long sexy legs with a wide bubble butt hungry for devastation. Slim dainty frame with pale white skin that is begging for bruises.

I am mostly looking to meet an EVIL, NO LIMITS, DESTRUCTIVE, NO MORALS daddy who wants to destroy me in VERY brutal videotaped gangbang scenes. I have always fantasized that I would be the star of a series of videos, maybe 12, and that my debut porn would be called “Destruction of the Virgin Boy Bride!” and the last one would be “Death of the Used Up Boy Garbage!” Can you stomach it?

BTW I love all the nice comments but I honestly prefer to be treated like the worthless whore I am. Brutality makes me melt!


kissthispussy (Owner) – Nov 15, 2019
Mariah Carey is my spirit guide.

ArianaGrandeNO1Stan – Nov 15, 2019
What can I say? I just love Ariana Grande



Sphinx, 18
Name: Daniel Jones

Goal: As a pledge Daniel must be humiliated and used sexually in the gayest way possible. Humiliate and sodomize and torture him and make him realize how he isnโ€™t as straight as he thinks.

We the frat guys have access to his phone and will cruise guys that we think will sexually humiliate him better than we can.

– written by head frat brothers at UCLA: Carl and Matt

Ways to contact the frat brothers:


p.s. Daniel says, “I’m a guy which everyone will like me,and I’m sure that can satisfy with my fucking hot body.”



YoungandDelicious, 18
I love shocking, full night sex a lot I can live without him.
I can be convinced that what you want is hot no matter what it is so donโ€™t hold back.
I am what you were.
Buy me a drink.


put96 – Nov 16, 2019
I need to f**k u!
I would like to repeat myself constantly!
U want ๐Ÿ’ฐ?
I own one condominium at Sathorn which is 15Million. When u go there, u gonna see.

Joey_the_good_boy – Nov 13, 2019
Poppers on rag or use a black rubber anaesthetic mask. Sucking. Hand and cloth knot gags. Camel Filters. DT100 Headphones to suck in rhythm. Microphone sound orgasm recording.

daddyBOYezra – Nov 5, 2019
Hippy, artist, gypsy, Jew, jester, lover, hermit, seer, magician, greenman, father, faerieโ€ฆthese are some facets of the kaleidoscope of my soulโ€ฆmy historyโ€ฆmy future. As i live into the ‘winter of my life’ i am becoming more simple…i am flesh and i need to touch the shimmering magenta membranes of a young man’s anal cavityโ€ฆyoursโ€ฆmy scrumptious boyโ€ฆto feel alive…



GenderFreeProperty, 19
It has a slave’s heart in a small, male body for now, but it has no gender. It is striving to eliminate the remnants of its failed, technically masculine birth characteristics, in favor of a new, neutral matrix, focused solely on what bodily configurations will please a Man most. If owned on a lifetime basis, its Owner would be able to dictate any/all body modifications to create something totally new in nature, designed and customized to please him.


looking for ๐Ÿ‚
Iโ€™m ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŒพ
I know its a long shot.. I live in Duncan, Oklahoma



godisabottom, 20
I had an account here for a long time when i was a very young teenager lying about my age who had a hard time connecting to people around me at school and in my neighbourhood which eventually led me here so long ago it brings back so many memories of the men i met the masters i fell in love with on this website so long ago i am returning for a final sweet cheers because soon i will be married and part of my teen years will forever be behind me once i am gone from here

i felt i needed to be here once more because of how much i learned about myself and sex and love from all the time i spent here the world hurt me alot when i was away from this place and like anyone else i made mistakes

i found new loves here from writing dear john letters and planning for the future only for 6 months later to be casted aside for another slave without a second thought after i thought we would be together forever its funny how young love feels like that

then i found another master but after he knew my real age i would hear from him less and less and over time i decided once more to leave again after a bad experience on here long story XD but basically a man came on super strongly

my heart searched again finding another master who i was with for a half year that i met on here until he to decided to fade from my life after i came clean about my age and i haven’t heard from him in 5 months i’ll always remember him because of the impact he had on me and gave me hope so i returned for the end the curtain call so to speak ill miss you all

and this is my final appreciation to all of you because in some way you helped me move forward in my life after feeling so low for so long. and i hope each of you is living a sexy life to the fullest after all this time



BucketList, 22



tinaslutboy, 24
Waiting nude, only with sneakers, in a cabine of
A public toilet.. waiting for the next to give me a Shot of T and breeded of my cumhungry hole .. use as a garbage can with AIDS and diseases .. never knowing what it will be… that makes me tick .. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


tinaslutboy (Owner) – Nov 9, 2019
No longer sure what i am..

Sparky – Nov 9, 2019
Hi remember me? I used to fuck you regularly at the F.I.R.E. club until it closed due to high rent and insurance. Miss that shit! Now i and my WONDERFUL slave , babyjay live in the closest to paradise in the continental US, Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
This message ain’t so much looking for sex , but for cummunication ( no i purposely spelled it that way). After a major heart attack and now a member of the zipper club, i am back in action and would love chatting about the good ol days with my favorite old FUCK!

tinaslutboy (Owner) – Oct 18, 2019
Okey Sir just slam me constantly .. only need i have is that i be kept medicated..

REjectNJ – Oct 18, 2019
Mainly looking for a piece of meat to pozbreed and beat down a couple times here and there. I prefer quantity over quality, so a pathetic, careless guy that gets passed around like a piece of trash like you is perfect for me.



FFagnificent, 21
I’ll try and explain why and what I’m looking for. Relatively normal young guy who ‘s life has started to fall apart. My life consists of watching all the Underworld movies and going on night walks with some kind of death metal going through my headphones. Depressed, unhappy but I’m brought alive gain by thoughts of me being basically lowered even lower than an animal. This is not a wank dream but a deep need in hope I might find one or more perverted MASTERS who have a dungeon facility and take me on full time for ever. Anyone know how to put in a catheter?


FFagnificent (Owner) – Nov 17, 2019
Why do most of the guys on this site look like this dude

TabooFreak – Nov 14, 2019
I am a complete freak that just wants to torture you, have your ass ruined, your nipples destroyed, keep you hooded 24/7, tattoo and brand every inch of your body, starve you, stretch your ass to take two fists elbow deep, whip and cane your body, cattle prod your balls, etc to the fullest. My fantasy has always been about torturing and destroying boys ever since I was a preteen. I have thought of nothing else. I know this is screwed up but I am tired of being afraid of arrest and prison. Let’s talk, ask me anything you want and then be mine.

FFagnificent (Owner) – Nov 11, 2019
My only real turn offs are being told I am cute, sexy or hot. I’m trained and conditioned to flourish sexually in a state of worthlessness and I can’t seem to change that.



Come_Fly_with_me, 21
Hi I am Luca and 21 years young. Exchange student from the Netherlands. I just registered because I want to poz become. I have to let me pozzen, but feel that I am not ready yet. Where are the POZ guys in toon. Invite me to roulette. I seek objective exchange.


Come_Fly_with_me (Owner) – Nov 10, 2019
Ok I am POZ now so recalibrating my expectations: I will think and get back to you.

breederZH – Nov 6, 2019
Here is what you need to know: I am a gentleman with a very twisted & dirty mind. I spend most nights on my bike looking for boys to overpower, rape, and poz. I’ll give you my babies if you want them. I fuck hard, deep, long & shoot in multiples.

Follow my adventures here.: twitter.com/breederZH

Come_Fly_with_me (Owner) – Nov 3, 2019
I should probably add I’m married to a woman and going through some kind of issue.

Come_Fly_with_me (Owner) – Nov 3, 2019
I need impregnation urgently.

Jackdaw53 – Oct 29, 2019
I’m a serious GIFTER looking for a serious CHASER!
๐Ÿฆ‚๐Ÿฆ‚๐Ÿฆ‚ โ˜ฃโ˜ฃโ˜ฃ
It’s all about SUBMISSION…to me…and my virus!



4SnuffMaster, 20
Can’t shake it, tried a few times. its cock cums only from the thought of offering it’s life to a Superior Man. its desire is directly connected to its desire to be killed. Please help it find completeness and purpose by allowing it to give everything to You SIRS. Please let it die for You and Your cock. Sane, just uncontrollable desire to sacrifice itself via the ultimate TPE. More pics available to those who seriously will murder it. Pics will not be sent to those who simply say “I would, but…” it will make a very good looking corpse SIRS.


daddyfor – Sept 7, 2019
I’ll fuck you hard, harder, hardest until you love life.

mexicain – Sept 6, 2019
Same with meth heads. A hot young tweaker guy stroked out in my apartment about 2 years ago and within 1 hour I swear he’d lost 15 pounds and was as green as Frankenstein.

Anonymous – Sept 6, 2019
“it will make a very good looking corpse SIRS.” warning to any tempted fellow necros out there. roided up muscle boys like him leave corpses that tend to decompose very rapidly. he’d be discoloured and stiff as a board and stinking to high heaven after a couple of hours maximum.



TranceJunkie, 20
Extremely Hypnotizable Straight Metalhead Seeks Adventure

I have experienced post-hypnotic suggestions from one listen of an mp3 file.
Have also experienced longterm amnesia from trance.

I am financially unstable and emotionally unavailable, I’ll probably be homeless someday.
My only endearing quality is not talking to anyone.

That’s what I’ve done.



abracadabra, 21
I’m a boy that’s been livin as a girl for years now but my lack of self has catched up to me. I am willing to do almst anythg for approval. There is no me anymore. Only you. 90% submissive. 10% I fight. Could be 100%. Youโ€™re looking for someone with self-respect. lol. Get over it. take me whenever you’d like or just drop me off at a nassty party or backroom and let the others take me. no means yes, screams mean yes, silence also means yes. Go to your dark side and rape and tortur me until I cant be ID ed anymore, then do what you think is unimaginable. That’s the girl I am.


abracadabra (Owner) _ Oct 25, 2019
If youโ€™re the insane guy with the jersey basement HMU again.

Anonymous – Oct 24, 2019
tried to hook up with him but he was all bruised and swollen and beat to shit already so i bailed

beatingnolimits – Oct 20, 2019
This whore peice off fucking shit is mine for weekend.
INVITATIONS FOR WEEKEND REAL BASHING THIS FAGGOT in south Jersey, big house with big basement.
Strict Admission Rule. Only real extreme violent men. Real Bashing faggot. (Not vainillia anykind or people who become afraid with blood or broken bones).
More info available.

abracadabra (Owner) – Oct 19, 2019
Getting choked and cut with knives are my favorites, but I’m young.

abracadabra (Owner) – Oct 15, 2019
I have roommates who are always complaneing about my screams and yelling, so if I could find a host, that would be great but if you canโ€™t host, my roommates will have to deal.



Subbbbbottom, 19
One of the picture of me is my shitty filled ass about to be fisted empty, can anyone do that to me again and post videos and pics on snapchat



Witter, 23
Not into anything start from now onwards.. been having sessions with some good and bad masters these year but end up still alone here. Yes I’m a very annoying slave, I text a lot because I was just hoping I could be their side and served them anytime if they need. However they thought I was demanding something from them. I did listen to their very deep inside story and swore to myself to serve them with all I can but maybe I’m not kind of slave who will jut sit quietly and wait for master instruction when they no need me, i hope at least to be pretend like friends with them outside the sex but it seems not possible for you heartless bastards.



Thejust-dog, 19
๐Ÿ”ฅ Caution !!! This is my sex profile. I am hopelessly messed up. Who really wants to use me makes me โ˜ ๏ธ Thejust-dog โ˜ ๏ธ right finished! Only there are answers !!! Who does not let go and stubborn and nastiest gets me ๐Ÿ”ฅ I like shit, piss, puke, spit and blood. ๐Ÿ”ฅ I love 50 mens waiting in an room and want rape me in 24 hours. You have an gun or knife i do all for you. ๐Ÿ”ฅ If you don’t like my cock and balls it’s ok if you cut them off. ๐Ÿ”ฅโœ… I stand on everything that goes in this direction !!!!!


TVproduction – Nov 23, 2019
I’m the assistant to a TV Producer working on a BBC documentary exploring sexuality in Canada in light of the Bruce McArthur case.

Iโ€™m 20, gay, very attractive and would like to speak with you about your experiences and views if you’re still alive. Get in touch here or email me at asher@wildforest.co.uk.

Thejust-dog – Oct 22, 2019
When you think I have taken enough rape and torture ๐Ÿ”ฅ I would (hate) love to be put in a stockage, and stabbed, sliced, shredded โ˜ ๏ธ ….. and I mean really carve all my meat and insides off my bones ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ – made to truly understand what you to NEED to cum โ˜ ๏ธ




p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Ah, yes, happy birthday a day late to the truly great Randy Newman, author/singer of my favorite song of all time! ** Sypha, Hi. It seems like Grant Morrison was your entrance to lots of things. Greeting card request? Oh, man, I don’t know. You always see to know how to hit my bullseye. Surprise me. Excited for it! ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. Hope the gym ship-shaped you. Whatever that entails. Wow, happy early birthday to your mom. She’s a toughy. Ace about the novel preoccupation. ‘Garden of Lights’: some sort of outdoors light show plus seasonal mixtape-like soundtrack of some sort, I suppose? There’s a ‘Krampus 2’? It must have gone straight to DVD? Huh. Any good? The first had its little charms. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hey. Your Cine Salon was a pretty series, man. Wow. Top to bottom. Oh, jeez, your election, so scary. Hard prayers that the polls are full of shit. ** liquoredgoat, Hi, buddy. Nice to see you! Oh yeah, ‘Sweet Movie’ is terrific. I think I did a post on Makavejev way back. I should restore it. You good? Happy holidays? ** Steve Erickson, I know ‘The Wolf House’ but haven’t seen it. I’ll see if it’s on MUBI International or not. I have no idea what the release situation is with ‘The Irishman’ here. I have seen posters now, so it’s imminent. Sure, the Fibonaccis. I saw them live a bunch times back when. Haven’t tried them in ages. All of my vinyl is in LA. Hopefully not too much Oingo Boingo — possibly my pick for all time worst band — in there. I’ll go hear something. Thanks! I hope you’re feeling better. ** Bill, Howdy. Poached pears! Is that a popular French dish? I’ll be on the look out. I love poached pears, oh, man. Pears are very underrated in general, if you ask me. Yum. Weekend loveliness of some variety, I hope? ** Okay. Yes, the month ends, and, yes, the slaves will see you out. And I, yes, will see you on Monday.


  1. “Since I was younger I love being naked. And would get a thrill

    <A HREF="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv3Xs6cjkSk
    from undressing where I could be caught." I used to be into that back in my high school days.

    "Old Man" is excruciatingly sad. the last line is pure Abraham Polonsky (It's the last line of "Body and Soul" that Garfield delivers to the mobsters threatening to kill him.)

    Here’s Randy’s song form “Performance”

  2. “Yes Iโ€™m a very annoying slave”? Heh. I’ve described myself as “very annoying” on occasion, but not when I’m trying to get a date.

    Will keep in mind your enthusiasm for poached pear, and see if we can figure out something on your next visit. It’s a bistro classic.

    It’s supposed to pour this weekend, so I’m planning to be home a lot. A friend invited me to play at a quirky little event next weekend, so I’ll probably prepare a quirky little piece for it. Enjoy yours, Dennis…


  3. Dennis, yeah, Grant Morrison is one of those gateway artists I think. Oh man, from his INVISIBLES comic alone I got into Gnosticism, Situationism, Discordianism, Robert Anton Wilson, Wilhelm Reich, and so on and so forth.

    Oh, so you’re making me work to come up with an idea for your card? (goes off to sulk). Nah, it’s cool, I got an idea this morning and drew it out this afternoon… a real blast from the past, I’ll only say that it was inspired by something you posted on the old blog wayyyy back in 2005 or so. Is your address still the same this year as it was last year?

  4. REally were they shit? I’m so embarrassed now. I used to see them almost every weekend sneaking into the Whiskey thru the backdoor. Oingo Boingo was the house band for awhile like the Doors. Elmer had Jim Morrison’s poetry but it burned when his whole house crisped the canyon fire. I guess you don’t like the G-Dead either?

  5. I love Thejust-dog’s ‘What I want to be for Halloween’ image at the end there. The boy’s got some rare artistic talent.

    In my opinion, and it is just my own opinion, the UK General Election is headed for another hung Parliament. The polls got it all wrong last time for Theresa May’s botched effort, and Boris is not having a good campaign for this one. I’ve got a feeling it will all end in more chaos but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

  6. I’m very glad THE WOLF HOUSE got picked up for theatrical distribution because I missed it on MUBI, and when its month-long run was up, I figured that was probably Americans’ last chance to see it.

    How many horny guys approach these slaves looking for more fantasy fodder with claims like “I’m a TV producer?”

    I picture Ariana Grande singing “God Is A Bottom” to the tune of “God Is A Woman,” with re-written lyrics on this subject. Surely, some drag queen must’ve done this!

    I used the heavy rain and temperatures which barely got above freezing in New York today to sit inside and make my top 10 list for the 2010s in cinema, as well as writing 350 words of commentary on the subject for Kinoscope. As challenging as that was, I think it came out OK for a first pass. The actor who’s working on my film will be sending me an MP3 of him reading the full voice-over next week. Judging from the excerpts he’s sent me, I think it will run about 7 minutes, and the first cut of images is less than 5 minutes long. So I’m gonna stay in tonight and prospect YouTube for more clips that I could add to the film.

  7. Dennis, Thanks, I’ll tell my mom you give her props for her bday.

    Yeah, it’s called Annmarie Garden in Lights. It’s some…garden down in southern Southern Maryland. Walk all along these paths and there are all these displays and shit. My friend DR put a bunch of pics up on my wall and tagged me in it. I got to hang with my friends here, which means I played with their kids the whole time and they got to be adults for a while. I’m known as Mr. George to the kids. Kind of funny. Their kids -6 and 4- just started calling me Uncle George awhile back, and I think they must’ve told them to call me something else so as not to alienate their real uncles, hahaha. I guess. I don’t know.

    There is a Krampus 2, but we couldn’t find it on Netflix or Amazon Prime this year. It was there last year. Instead, I just went home and fell out.

  8. Hey Dennis. I was celebrating the holiday and also had a little flu. Now Im in Los Angeles for however long. Jan Svankmajer is so cool. I liked what he said about dreams and fairy tales in the Electric Sheep interview ๐Ÿ™‚

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