The blog of author Dennis Cooper

“I’m a depressed, agoraphobic goth bitch LaVeyan Satanist what do you expect.”


LinkNotZelda, 21
…let me make you feel better, please!


LinkNotZelda (Owner) – March 21, 2021
I started making youtube content a week ago. 500 subscribers already!

IsItGonnaHurt – March 16, 2021
Nice car you got there. I would love to trash it! Stuff like leaving foot prints on the windows, grinding my feet into and stomping the dash, stomping/trampling food into the carpets and seats, stomping/kicking the interior panels, kicking out the windows, etc. If you’re looking for a guy to wreak havoc on your car – hit me up!

LinkNotZelda (Owner) – March 9, 2021
I have recently began a Patreon and hope to become popular!

Mattocaster – March 4, 2021
I have only one offer: I give you a handjob against some form of compensation. I am not going to do anything else!



Message me. 18yo twink, experienced. Looking for an extreme master to hold me prisoner and rapevictim indefinitely. You can be as brutal as you want from the first second you got me. I have naked pictures but will only show if you can tell me in great detail what will my future be like with you? (maybe I wanna see a pic of you, but I hardly think it necessary). Break me, psycho perv. My turn ons are everything extreme. All merciless pain. Getting my tight ass destroyed and having my hole ruined. Being beaten, slapped, punched, kicked, extreme. Breath control, strangulation & extreme choking, plastic bag over my head, strung up by my neck, held underwater. Etc etc.. Getting throatfucked so I’m sick or pass out (and you keep going regardless). Being burnt with lighters, cigs. Violet wand branding. Being caned and flogged hard. Being left bruised and bleeding while I cry and beg for mercy and for you to stop (but you keep going). Being made to pass out from pain. Having shit forced down my throat with a dildo so I vomit. Being starved except for cum and piss. Crush, bruise and destroy my balls and make them bleed; genital mutilation. Being fucked all day and all night long non-stop. Electric torture is super hot. Tabasco sauce on my cock and balls, down my urethra or emptied in my ass used as fisting lube. Anything else u can think of. If this is to work no one must know how brutal you are with me, since it will become illegal at some point. No witnesses or documentation is to be shared.


LIKEITNEVEREXISTED (Owner) – March 20, 2021
I love the chaos I create!

LuegnerRoman – March 18, 2021
He is a lying asshole, eats extasy like stupid, distributes it generously at sex parties and sells drugs and illegal plants and mushrooms as tea disguised as tea during sex as a ‘new body feeling’ as if he had invented drugs during sex.

He lies and betrays his friends and robs his 60 year old partner who pays for all his bills and lies to him too! He pulls his psycho shit off with everyone he meets. Motto: walk over my corpse. But be assured. It’s all just for show! Just like he learned in his Russian psycho university!

mike1721 – March 10, 2021

MasterJack – March 5, 2021
What an experience !!!
This boy knows exactly what he was put on earth to do and he is brilliant. I have had many slave boys on my travels, but this boy is the true slave – he is the real deal. He was a really friendly boy before the actual session and very crazed and insatiable during it – exactly what it should be like. He is absolutely gorgeous – slim body, soooo pretty. His body holes were really clean to the deepest levels. He encouraged me to do things to him I had never let my self think of trying out of fear of committing manslaughter and he survived them all and I enjoyed the lot. I spent forever doing everything physically possible to his arse – and it is a beautiful arse – and he suffers to such a huge degree that you just don’t want it to stop – superb. Great boy! Guys if you only try one slave or you have tried others, I can’t recommend this boy enough!

LIKEITNEVEREXISTED (Owner) – March 1, 2021
Mike, tell me my dad asked you to pick me up and then you decide where to go. Maybe something could go wrong at the meeting.

mike1721 – March 1, 2021
I work with your dad. Been jerking off to you for years. Now I need to live it.



Undertirelover, 24
It’s an odd kink and one I doubt many understand. Basically I love guys driving on my hands and fingers and parking on them. It can be anything from a moped to a truck, tractor etc.
Once parked on my hands you can get out and stomp on me wearing your trainers or boots. Or just wank in your vehicle listening to me moan outside.



Gods, 20
⚠️ If the person in my profile photo speaks to you know that his body IS NOT HIS, it is mine. Although flattering, he strategically reuses my headless body in his photo. He seems to be having a lot of fun to customize me as he pleases, because my face is no longer his even though the body looks authentic … Yes and I forgot he is a STALKER, it’s super creepy and he does not give a reason to stalk at any time … Anyway … I don’t know the intention behind, honestly I don’t care, I just want it to stop now because I intend on coming back here soon.



AV, 23
Hi my name is Roman I am from Prag and I am also Czech famous porn star if you want see some my videos my porn name is Ariel Varga
I am very happy when we meet and spend together sleazy boozy and hot raw time.
I want money.


emeraldbrigade – March 17, 2021
You used to be so freaking hot.

Fredguy – March 14, 2021
I’ve wound up fucking Roman drunk at the end of a long night several times. Most of the guys I know have. I had no idea he used to look like that and was a porn star. I can’t imagine choosing to fuck him unless you’re drunk and out of other options.

duncanmoreno – March 12, 2021
sad that all of us are going to die of old age dribbling, urine stained on the front of pants and poo in the back.

guyhairylove – March 12, 2021
If you ever wanted to fuck the shit out of Ariel Varga, you will, but be prepared because, holy crap, is he a haggy looking burn out now!



MakeMeCry, 18
Crying fetish. I like to fuss, scream and cry.


MakeMeCry (Owner) – March 7, 2021
I scare people that think they are kinky when I get worked up.

Willylewis101 – March 6, 2021
I’m willy Lewis. I want to make you wretch, spit up bile, spray snot, puke, and cry your eyes out. And in return I will help sort your bills.

MakeMeCry (Owner) – March 2, 2021
Got lots of scars if that’s your thing.



niceaxewound, 20
Hi Masters!

I have been self-isolating ALL YEAR, as was previously on this site *before* the pandemic; with nearly 100 usages, & many Rave Comments. I naturally ceased my account during the pandemic; but am now back. Happy to announce my ass is open for intrusion again!

If you have had me before, then I can’t wait to reacquaint myself with you, be great to see an “old-friend” walking through my door to assault me after this challenging year!

See you soon Masters!

Best wishes


niceaxewound (Owner) – March 20, 2021
To returning Masters please refrain from trying to kill me, I know you are excited but please control yourselves.



chokemewithyourmind, 22
interested to try really hardcore stuff now that I just turned 18 and looking for someone with 🍻🍹🍺🥃 and a consenting male dog or farm animal to penetrate me. for me it is a visual, sensual and sexual experience and not about slap stick.


chokemewithyourmind (Owner) – March 22, 2021
Also I just decided I’m a girl.

chokemewithyourmind (Owner) – March 19, 2021
… but I have high energy personality so I can have great conversations and laugh :p with you first, but I can also be shoved straight under your animal if this is not something you are interested in!

chokemewithyourmind (Owner) – March 19, 2021
Not doing sex with humans because I’ve had horrible experiences with it.



SlaveTraderTroy, 18
I know of an 18 year old no limit sub in my town that needs a forever home.

Weather that be with a daddy or a master or a cop or a criminal he will do anything. Treat him as family or be cruel and violent with him who cares?

He doesn’t know I’m acting on this but I do know of a way you can have him, get in contact.

He always fantasised about being bound up naked like a lil helpless animal and sold and taken to be locked away forever to the highest bidder.

Force him to do stuff he’ll be scared of or hate.

He lives fast, and he makes waves. Literally, trouble follows him around everywhere he goes.


Hit me up.


SlaveTraderTroy (Owner) – March 10, 2021

SlaveTraderTroy (Owner) – March 7, 2021
He has a leg disability. He can walk but he uses a cane. He also has to wear diapers for a medical issue. He loves getting fucked though.

SlaveTraderTroy (Owner) – March 4, 2021
He never completed my high school, his GPA was 1.5, his favorite classes were arts and he struggled in math.

He has had 2 previous jobs. He grew up with his grandma so he was never close to his mom or dad and he was grandma’s boy.

SlaveTraderTroy (Owner) – March 3, 2021
He doesn’t have a small cock and his ass will melt your synapses.



anythingcouldhappen, 20
I need to serve a beautiful man and I need to serve or I won’t be able to live. It is dependent on my survival.


SmokingBiker – March 21, 2021
Biker rides Honda Fireblade
Full Dainese race suit
Alpinestars boots and gloves
Smoker (Reds) and big ring Asylums cigars

anythingcouldhappen (Owner) – March 17, 2021
If I was straight I’d be married with kids by now. Instead I’m on this fucking site. God help me.



yourtrophyhead, 20
Rape it, beat it, torture it, have a very short term relationship with it, strangle it, fuck its limp body, it doesn’t give the slightest shit as long as it ends with … the ULTIMATE … Deliver it to A TAXIDERMIST (it knows a guy) …. It has done snuff role play 4 times now & found that to be really HOT but it wants the REAL MOTHERFUCKING TROPHY HEADED DEAL! It was also told it should list that it skates on here. Idk it guesses some guys find that hot.


marcooooooooooo – March 19, 2021
Don’t expect to have an interesting conversation about taxidermy, he’s not that deep.

yourtrophyhead (Owner) – March 15, 2021
Maybe if you completely fry my brains.

Duke31 – March 15, 2021
I know you want the taxidermy fast but what about escalating sexual violence over a 6-24 month period then ultimately kill you during chem fuelled prolonged, intense and brutal sex?



skinnyloserfaglegend, 22
total loser and failure faggot with no self esteem. fags are losers. we are weak, we are jokes to society. people laugh at us behind our backs. men take advantage of us and exploit us our entire lives and we have no choice but to enjoy it in a sick way.

I worship superior straight men.

I have no self esteem and would be honored to serve you in any way you see fit. Straight men are the gods that reproduce and fight and build. I am a pathetic faggot.

beat me, use me, rob me, make me cry then laugh at me with your friends, make me eat your superior straight shit, cook your meals, be furniture, anything this loser faggot can do to amuse you or improve your superior heterosexual life in any way shape or form, would be the absolute biggest honor in this world and in my sad fag life.

no other fags, only genetically superior sadistic straight men. fags would be much happier when they realize paying to eat superior straight men shit is much more romantic and fulfilling of a fags purpose then trying to have a relationship with another fag. serving straight men are every faggots eventual destiny.

I’m so happy I realized this sooner than later!


JustinD5 – March 19, 2021
I genuinely think you’re a straight guy who needs to own that reality.



Newlylegal1, 18
Hellooo you bunch of pervs! I’m “K”, which is what my friends call me. I just turned 18 the end of December. I am in my last year of high school. I live with my stepdad here, he’s in the AF. My mom live and works in Japan and I visit her there. I’m more of a quiet person, a follower, kind of naive I guess, trusting and loyal. I am a pridely femby, but I am having lots of trouble accepting being who I am, what I feel inside. So, I’m just out on here, not to my family and friends. I just finished a year of therapy to help me. My therapist told me to join here. I did a fetish test in therapy and it says I am very submissive, helpless and defenseless and want to be completely controlled plus lots of others stuff. There were a lot of questions. I don’t remember them all. I often think or trance-like about shocking things. I do have fantasies of being permanently damaged and maimed but only in a few years when I lose my looks in the natural way. My stepdad is very super conservative and keeps close watch on me, my mom is pretty cool and lets me go outside. I can tell you more about me if I didn’t say it all.


Newlylegal1 (Owner) – March 23, 2021
I am ready for almost all atrocities.

Newlylegal1 (Owner) – March 16, 2021
It’s starting to feel like what I’m into sexually doesn’t exist.

Newlylegal1 (Owner) – March 12, 2021
Having severe motivation issues combined with mental health problems. Not sure what to do or where to go next. Sorry.

Newlylegal1 (Owner) – March 8, 2021
So if someone knows you, who knows you?

Newlylegal1 (Owner) – March 3, 2021
Based on my experiences so far …
If you want to watch movies and TV shows I’ll give them a chance. It depends on if it’s written well and keeps my attention.
If you have your age down as 100 and your profile picture is an illustration I won’t respond to you.
I am silly both physically and morally. Big desire to find a man that will think with me and help morally. I will also reciprocate.



JustAnotherMormon, 18
I’ve been home from my mission a couple of months.
I am really only looking for other Mormons, and prefer that you are or have been married to a woman.
Move to the front of the line if you have ever been a bishop, stake president, or mission president.
Wedding rings are a huge turn-on for me.
I suppose the ideal situation would be a couple with a son on a mission that would let me move in and rent his room.
I am pretty nervous.


JustAnotherMormon (Owner) – March 14, 2021
And that’s something I should want?

Tony – March 14, 2021
Every man who is a good lover can fuck the body and bring pleasure, but only a real man like me can rape your soul and end up in your brain.



Legosi, 22
It’s been a while since I’ve slaved out as Legosi, I needed a break from him since Masters had gotten too into him 4 times in the span of 3 weeks back in May and he’s into many things, almost everything I could think of. It really drained me and when it started to feel like Masters only liked or wanted me around for just him, it made me remember of past times where I was put in that type of insolation with a single cosplay slave, how sad it made me feel and trapped. So I knew I just had to put him away for a while. But I’ve gotten back into him with a few little changes (nobody probably notices but I do 😅) and it’s fun, his cosplay still sucks all the energy out of me but it’s worth it. Hope you’ll welcome him back.


Haru – March 9, 2021
I love Legosi, I want to make him swallow every drop of my seed so that I remain inside of him forever, flowing through his muscle and veins.

Legosi (Owner) – March 7, 2021
If you want feels, this is my type.

whatsup_2000 – March 5, 2021
You’re an amazing slave as Legosiii with a shapely head omgg



Sufferforyou05, 18
My Interests include execution, snuff, medieval torture, 666, hanging, garrotting, bagging, strangulation, beheading, drawing & quartering, guns, fire, extreme raunch, extreme anal torture, impalement with red hot pokers, brutality, Islamic beheading, begging for my life with a sick twisted fuck who is 100% psychopath.

My ultimate goal is an extreme scene that ONLY YOU will always remember.

I’m a depressed, agoraphobic goth bitch LaVeyan Satanist what do you expect.


Sufferforyou05 (Owner) – March 22, 2021
Please be plausible because I do not write novels or read them.

DPPAlt12 – March 21, 2021
The more people move to onlyfans the more cramped the more difficult it is to stand out amongst the pack. Looking for a boy who realises that he could reach huge fame if he agreed to actually die for his fans and become the world’s first willing necro pornstar.

Sufferforyou05 (Owner) – March 21, 2021
This can happen anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection.



shush, 23
I’m a sports gear encapsulated pretty boy who’s fed up with my cock and looking for a sick fuck that will break and reprogram my cock or just ruin the damned thing so I can’t use it… I don’t care. 🔪


shush (Owner) – March 25, 2021
I’m learning my truth.

shush (Owner) – March 18, 2021
The only experience here is to be lied to and raped over and over and over and over and over and over again.

shush (Owner) – March 2, 2021
No anal!!!!!!!!!!



sourdough, 19
I’ve always found it amazing that we use almost every piece of the animals we butcher for food. From leather to highly sought after delicacies. Every part can not only be used, but eaten.

Which means that every part of MY SON can be eaten.

And that got me excited! So first I put out an ad on this site. Some of you might remember. Then I realised dark web is so much safer. Safe, in that for this reason, I wouldn’t deal with what I had to deal with here, fakes galore, fantasising liars, people who say yes and then chicken out.

“To whom it may concern, looking for someone to eat my son alive for a high but reasonable price. That’s him in the photos. Ideally bring a blowtorch or other equipment to cook him so the meat is tasty and digestible. It must be done at my location. You will be required to eat him, a piece at a time, from the toes up. While he’s alive.”

It took four days before someone with serious intentions contacted me. And another week before the money was wired into my account. And another week, more waiting, while he traveled to my location, until today, within a few hours, here, now, my son is going to be eaten.


Breaker1121 – March 10, 2021
You’re going to need therapy.

Anonymous – March 10, 2021
Presumably a little late for this, but I would suggest eating him by starting with the brain. Why? Because the brain doesn’t have nerves so he would only feel pain from the wounds in his skin and skullu as long as you avoided the “dorsal posterior insula” aka the pain center of the brain. If so, only the motor cortex would be exposed, so his fine motor (muscle) skills and sense of touch would slowly disappear. The visual cortex could still be protected, so unless the eyes themselves were attacked, vision would remain. Likewise, the Bromann and Wernike areas on the temporal lobes would still be covered, so speech and hearing would be relatively unaffected. The cerebellum is still well and truly protected, so no worries about breathing or heart failure. Finally, the frontal and prefrontal cortex is also protected, so consciousness and self awareness would be normal. He would see, hear, smell and taste everything for some time as he slowly lost feeling (like paralysis). Mind you, there are some major blood vessels in the fissure which would lead to massive haemorrhage and quick death if they were severed.



Omygodlol, 20
I am a very emotional person myself. I laugh and cry at every shit. Since I know that you need a lot of patience with me, I also have a lot of patience with others in return. Write to me, I’m annoying 🙂 (I can’t think of anything more, I’m absolutely dead hahahahaha).

I’ve recently gotten back into anorexia. I used to be about 90lbs. It’s coming back pretty quickly and it’s exciting but I’d love to have a Daddy who loves seeing me shrink for him and is sexually obsessed with my skeleton.

P.S. please do not text me with ‘may I fuck you?’. Bitch wtf embarrassing leave me alone ???

Why fuck and fly when you can drink and die ?

I am drunk.


Luftenwaffe – March 22, 2021
Suffocating someone with your penis is my favorite way to see someone go.

tattoowhitefreak – March 22, 2021
Depends how far down the throat the cock is. Mine is huge and would completely block his airways so he wouldn’t be able to breathe through his mouth or nose asshole.

Klowe69 – March 22, 2021
You’d have to pinch his nose shut too since he can still breathe through it dummy.

tattoowhitefreak – March 22, 2021
I would love to get you skeletal then suffocate you to death with my penis.



themagictwink, 18
I am beautiful, sophisticated, refined and well mannered.
I only seek a long term relationship with a preliminary period of platonic dating during which occasional stolen kisses are acceptable.
Age cap is a hard 50 unless you are Richard Branson.
Condition for every date: At the beginning a glass of wine is drunk.
When I drink I tend to giggle a lot. I mean a lot.


Shehzaada – March 10, 2021
I’m vision of your soul.

darkpunkanarchy – March 7, 2021
Connor you are such an insufferable prick.

whitebread – March 4, 2021
let me lick yo clean biiitch

Davidtopp – March 3, 2021
I want to beat your anus up, get weird with it and make it messy.



u/FemboyMay, 19
I’m not hooking up right now during Covid, but I want to hear about your most shameful, horrifying fantasies about me, ones that you are too shy too embarrassed to speak outloud.

Do my pix inspire a kink that you’re ashamed of? Something you can’t get out of your head?

Contact me by FaceTime, Zoom, any of those methods and just talk about them. You can be as rough and monstrous as you need and I promise no judgment, even if what you want isn’t exactly for me.

Your kinks are what matter but if you want to tie me down to a table, hack my arms off extremely slowly with a rusty saw, shove one of them up my ass, shove the other one of them down my throat, and then carve and slice my body into unrecognizeable gore for hours on end, that’s mine.

Can’t wait to chat!


u/FemboyMay (Owner) – March 9, 2021
This afternoon I was fucked on Zoom by a cock the size of a building and cummed in until I had enough mass to be classified as a planet and go into orbit!

Anonymous – March 7, 2021
I want to have sex with you!! I know you hahaha crush kita sa production floor mabenta ka dun. Dko alam binebenta mu pala talaga yan katawan mo. Pabili po!

u/FemboyMay (Owner) – March 5, 2021
Last night I was FaceTime fucked by a 4 foot long drill bit that churned my insides into gazpacho then I was stomped on until I was just a thin layer of blood and bone dust!



smutcounselor, 18
Do you find me attractive?


smutcounselor (Owner) – March 9, 2021
I identify as a solosexual.

idrisalba – March 9, 2021
Has anyone here gotten any further with him than writing to say, “yes, I find you attractive” in so many words, and him writing back to say “thank you” and then blocking you?

smutcounselor (Owner) – March 1, 2021
So nice to be complimented by gay peeps instead of the straiggots in my real life.



lastdoorboys, 20
This account was created to eliminate all problems between masters and potential slaves!

If you are the master and you want to own or spend your time with a slave from this site and you are not sure of the choice we can guide you to solve the meeting.

Everyone knows that on this page there are serious slaves and slaves who will take advantage of your good will, to avoid this experience all you have to do is send us a picture of the slave you want to own and we will answer you in the shorter time with all the information about the slave, in this case we can you avoid many unforeseen accidents!



Slaveblackmail00, 19
Blackmail me to be slave plz do this I am slave I know it got passport incriminating stuff and 100 saving to get any where willing take what you wants sir plz for the love of god I want this so bad

am Steven Clinton
am from Brooklyn

Be gay, do crime!


Slaveblackmail00 (Owner) – March 17, 2021
I am also a complete cuddle bug.

Slaveblackmail00 (Owner) – March 16, 2021
As a fistee I am quite talented and since I have studied biology I am quite knowledgeable about what goes in and which way to go.

Slaveblackmail00 (Owner) – March 13, 2021
Do not underestimate me for being young and a small skinny boy, I probably have one of the biggest and thickest shlongs you’ll ever seen and I already got some girls pregnant trust me.



melodrama, 19
I am a brat. Smoke me out. Wanna get stoned and kidnapped and tortured. Also into having my balls sucked. The one thing I won’t do is suck someone’s cock.


melodrama (Owner) – March 23, 2021
I am owned by owned by MasterVar from France. I am going to France in about two weeks to stay forever and live in my car. My Master is going to brand me and castrate me so I am only a nothing anymore. I’m going to leave my ideas behind and live under his total reign of terror.

melodrama (Owner) – March 16, 2021
Why do I literally have 2 braincells

HelloThere – March 4, 2021
This boy don’t talk much but his ass is LOUD. Never heard such a racket. It’s like he’s got whales and dolphins and gorillas and I don’t what in there.



dummer-loser, 22
I am worthless scum who can’t do anything. Are there people here who like to be angry?

I have
No morals
No limits
No Mind

I ain’t

Don’t care

We’re from
Got passport


LukeFox – March 16, 2021
Hippocrates would have said you are an owl.

dummer-loser (Owner) – March 13, 2021
If you care I’m into macrophilia it’s a giant fantasy fetish where I shrink down to a inch tall and get crushed by a unaware giant.

mystifyingmiasma – March 11, 2021
You are NOT a HUMAN. Never was and NEVER will be.



nobodys_son, 19
My father says that my “long fagot hair” has to be cut off, otherwise he’ll throw me out! 😭😭😭

To the many questions about whether I secretly want short hair or am doing this as a bet: no no no!

My father is forcing me to do this!! So ok I have to but please nothing too romantic or something!



todayiamjonah, 21
I’m here to be your best friend with all my body.


Nasher – March 20, 2021
Looks fade, but dumb is for life.

zeyanmalik4u – March 17, 2021
I loved to fuck this pig.

Boredinbed – March 12, 2021
he is very stupid but still aware of the social narratives that indoctrinate even the greatest of minds in to conformity.

jaspabsksvdjkzbz – March 8, 2021
no one could deny the sexual arousal of him being a piece of meat.

Tryit – March 2, 2021
I took my thick 11″ Dick and put it down his throat without too much trouble.



Now_Iam, 19
I’m passed out, unconscious, deeply asleep, and you worry you might wake me up as you rape me.

I’ve passed away, open mouth-eyes, and you find me, give me cpr with no luck, get turned on and … who will ever know?

I love sexual contact that has plausible deniability.

If that’s not how you roll, thanks for visiting and best wishes.

I also dress cool, and I don’t think you will be embrassed going to dinner out with me.



richboy, 19
How about a little fire Scarecrow?

Teen scarecrow seeks master no limits use.

Both beauty and terror i always keep going.


richboy (Owner) – March 8, 2021
Fuck you crybaby.

Dreamcatcher97 – March 8, 2021
He’d be a quality snuff. And also one that’d cut onions as well.

richboy (Owner) – March 8, 2021
You’ll have to call my secretary and she’ll give you an appointment.

Sexyfuck666 – March 8, 2021
I love to eat a white skateboarders butt while his brother and friend watch




p.s. Hey. ** Dominik, Hi!!! That was a great piece and pic too! I liked it a ton! SCAB is so fiery! I can’t even begin to say how much I miss live music shows, and even the most optimistic forecast of the reopening here doesn’t include them. Ugh. I’d say incomprehensible, yes. The US sucks in so many ways, but it does import/steal almost everything. Ha ha. Literally five minutes ago I was looking at an escort — online, of course — who was your love’s doppelgänger, at least on the plush tiger bikini front. Love setting out a plush ‘bowl of milk’ toy in view of your love’s plush tiger bikini and saying, ‘Here kitty kitty kitty’, G. ** David Ehrenstein, I didn’t watch his speech, but I can only imagine. ** Misanthrope, You did just type that, yes. Early onset alzheimers? Maybe get that checked out? As I’m sure I’ve said, Houellbecq is such a ubiquitous face/voice/whatever here in France on TV and in the media and everywhere that it’s very hard to take him seriously as much more than an attention whore, for me at least. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. Well, on the gallery front, I would think the reason is that dealers don’t think they can make enough money because that’s the usually their determining factor. As for museums, you got me. The British Museum did a big exhibition of manga art a couple of years ago. Wasn’t there supposed be a big show at JANM in Little Tokyo recently that was heavy on manga art that got cancelled because it was controversial or something? Anyway, I totally agree with you. I’d be curious to ask a curator at MoCA or LACMA about that. ** Bill, I fear if I got a bigger desk my mountain of stuff would just turn into a mountain range, but, yes, me too. ** Jamie, Hey, Jamie! Thank you! I was really taken with Yokoyama’s stuff the first I launched the post, but then I never ended up getting anything by him, but this time getting something is locked in. I might be heading over to near where the manga stores are in Paris today, and I might just wander in them and shop. I like how kind of chilly and semi-abstract or something his stuff looks. And I really like what he says in the q&a. WordPress are being okay, all in all, but the ‘taskmaster’ thing is a bit obnoxious. I will say that the deleting is making the blog more spry and faster to work with, so there’s that carrot. We’re still in lockdown, yeah. They just announced last night that cafes, restaurants (outdoors eating), galleries, museums, movie theatres, sports things, etc. will open with qualifications on May 19th, so that’s something tolive for, but we still have the obnoxious 7 pm curfew until then, and, even on the 19th, they’re just changing it to 9 pm, which sucks. But, yes, for now, we’re soft prisoners here. How’s your situation? I hope the next 24 hour portion of whatever situation you’re in proves bountiful. Love, me. ** Steve Erickson, I agree about Delta 5’s poor decision making. Iwould imagine whoever’s still around from them do too. They could have at least had a Bush Tetras kind of following now, if so. Really? I’m very grateful that the B52s didn’t continue in that direction. Not that the post-‘Whammy!’ direction is what I would have chosen for them. I’m getting the Pfizer. ** Billy, Hi, Billy. I get your issue with Chamberlain, yeah. I find his stuff beautiful, but I think it’s probably a situational thing. I.e., I grew up in LA where cars were the byword for freedom from your family/life, etc., since public transportation was garbagey there back then. And I grew upon the 60s when, especially in the Western US, cars were very romantic and kind of dreamy and had optimistic designs and things. No doubt that contributes to my ‘in’ with Chamberlain’s stuff. I think Nina Beier might be doing a Samson/Delilah thing in that piece now that you mention it, yes. Good eye. Paris is pretty cool and looks great in the springtime, even under the current circumstances. Paris is pretty great in any season except the summer, but I hate the summer anywhere, so I’m not a good judge. What happens to London in the spring? Does it, like, perk up or chill out or … ? ** Brian, Hi, Brian! I used to curate art exhibitions a fair amount. I always really enjoyed it. I co-curated a show at the Pompidou some years ago, and that was awesome. I’m hoping to one of these days get an ‘in’ with a museum here to curate a show. Of LA sculpture by young to young-ish artists. I’ve been thinking about it for years. Oh, very cool about the podcast! You’ll share the link, right? I haven’t watched ‘Cruising’ since it was released. I remember thinking it wasn’t so good, but not because it was homophobic or whatever. That just seemed like a knee-jerk group-think opinion to me. But I can imagine it looks better now with a period-vibe and look to it. Curious to hear what you think of it. Your comment was plenty pleasurable. Yeah, it’s Friday! I might go get some more of those American donuts maybe and … hm, I don’t know what else. If anything  fun or eventful happened, you’ll hear about it. How was yours, buddy? ** Okay. Note to any DC’s trivia buffs out there: Today’s slave post was actually supposed to be March’s slave post, but, as you probably don’t remember, the blog got suspended for a few days right on the cusp of March and April, so these slaves had to wait a month to greet you, and here they are at long last. See you tomorrow.


  1. NHS WiFi has been sporadic the last few days but I’ve somehow managed to claw my way in now. The big news here is that I’m set to be out of hospital Friday 7th May! I’ll be getting my 2nd Covid jab this weekend, followed by a visit to our family’s house on Tuesday, and then all being well on Friday I will be officially discharged.

    Not saying I’ll miss this place but the care has been excellent and even the food was pretty good. I’ll have lots of writing to do and look forward to seeing a bit of the outside world too.

  2. Hi!!

    I’m so glad you liked it! And here’s the third newborn: https://scabmag.files.wordpress.com/2021/04/john-sweet-litany-of-concentric-circles.pdf

    I know, yeah. I’m dreaming of all kinds of concerts, too. And though we seem to be fucking far away from those, our prime minister is a football fan and I’ve just heard today that he’s planning to open up all major football stadiums and allow them to host live games very soon. Without any intention of going into this extensively, I think this is nothing short of lethal ignorance and irresponsibility. Not that I’m surprised. It’s just absolutely fucking maddening and sad.

    Are you still working on the blog’s storage?

    Hahaha, no, I can’t believe this — another little connection! Your love made me laugh so hard. Its tactic will work, I’m sure! Love getting the slogan “be gay, do crime” tattooed across his forehead, Od.

  3. Dennis, The butt cheeks with the fork and knife…I thought they were cut-off legs at first. Oh, and “Hippocrates would have said you are an owl” is great poetry, imo. 😀

    Oh, man, as I get older, all those older people’s conditions or possible conditions bug the shit out of me. I’ve realized lately that I drop a lot of shit too. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff I drop. Like my hands just let loose or some shit. Not really enough to be a problem but it’s a thing. I’ve always been quite dexterous and have good hand-eye coordination, but man, stop dropping shit already, Georgie!

    I get that view of Houellebecq, yeah. I mean, wasn’t he in a movie where he played himself and got kidnapped? The attention-whore part doesn’t surprise me, but it does seem a lot of it is tongue in cheek. I imagine if we had someone similar here, I’d naturally rebel against that and never get into his stuff. Maybe Franzen or some such is our Houellebecq?

    But I ultimately think his stuff is pretty good. Submission is so far pretty funny and I like it.

    Going to my best friend’s this evening for her a cookout and her daughter’s birthday. If you remember, last time I was there, I had that “stroke” after drinking a little wine (and it mixed weirdly with my meds, which I’d just taken). No wine tonight! Otherwise, regular ol’ weekend here. I hope yours is good.

    Maryland’s pretty much taken off all the restrictions now, so that’s a good thing. Though I must say that things have been pretty normal here for months, with the exception of businesses requiring you to wear masks, which will continue on a business-by-business basis.

  4. Hi Dennis, there is no other way to say this: This slave post is stunning. I got so excited by it I ended up expanding my cut-up poem while consuming a bag of Smarties. The poem is much better now, and I feel wicked & hyper. Thank you so much for this prompt. I read somewhere that you taught at UCLA for a while. I’m very jealous of your ex students, if I ever had a teacher like you, I would be unstoppable now. Anyway, I had a bit of a weird vision/ fantasy while going through this stunning slave post: what if ‘melodrama’ becomes your neighbour after moving to France? Also, I’m pretty sure I have seen the second photo of ‘themagictwink,18’ on your blog before. He does look like a magic twink, but definitely older than 18. In my extremely humble opinion, he looks at least in his mid twenties.

  5. Quite an artful lot for this month, Dennis. I happen to be listening to early Psychic TV this morning, which is very appropriate.

    I’m sure you got the Infinity Land emails about the New Juche book. So much for keeping my library acquisitions under control. I’m salivating over that and Michael’s book, having reservations over the postage. I suppose I do need a bigger desk.

    Ben/Black Acrylic, good to hear your recovery is moving along!


  6. this is so fucking great ~ why I followed u to beyond baroque in the infinities & why I’m still lurking <3

  7. The edgelord energy is very strong with these slaves today.

    Meanwhile, NYC is supposed to totally open up July 1st – movie theaters at 100% capacity! Indoor dining goes back to 75% today, not that anyone was obeying the rules to begin with. But I have plans for my second film screening, at New Directors/New Films, on May 8th. It’ll be great to return to the Walter Reade’s huge screen.

  8. Dear Dennis,

    How are you, my friend? Please forgive me for this long absence. I think of you all the time, but never get to send you a message. Hope the lockdown is not wearing you down. We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of restrictions here. I think this might be the first time that I can’t wait for the summer to start and doing things outdoors. Also, I’m so looking forward to ‘I Wished’!

    Much love to you and Zac xxxxx


    • Newer reader here. The slaves are always super interesting. Any chance you’d be willing to part with the site where you find them? I can’t help but to want to hear more about them.

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