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Meet MeltingSnowman, TVC15, Sn0wFlak3, iamveryhungry, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of March 2019


PleaseMakeMe, 20
Help me escape please. I jerk off 2-3 times per day, sometimes more.

Hi I’m really new to this but I know what I want. No, sorry, I know what I need to know.

I’m coming to the North West UK for a month at the beginning of March and I need to know once and for all if I’m a fag and if what’s in my head is real or just fantasy.

(I had an account before but wiped it)


PleaseMakeMe (Owner) – March 14, 2019
I’ve gone completely crazy but I’m truly happy

PleaseMakeMe (Owner) – March 7, 2019
I wasn’t prepared to face this kind of burden from within.



Pigletmeat, 20
Piglet Meat for cooking
As it says on the tin.


Pigletmeat (Owner) – March 19, 2019
Lucky you.

firestarter – March 19, 2019
please tell me you’re the guy in the upper left hand corner.



StorageSlaveBoy, 18
Make me your storage slave



Jonny, 19
I’m only allowed to fuck people I like.
That means if you do not like me it’s nothing I don’t care.
Be 24 years old or younger. Older people don’t care, they won’t.
On drugs is no problem as long as your cock’s hard.
Groups hell yeah. Bondage hell yeah. Netflix and chill fuck yeah.
And yes Netflix means porn your place.


UNDEADSOLDIER666 – March 21, 2019

TBU – March 21, 2019
get a braincel, incel

Lizzardgizzard96 – March 21, 2019
Also you should stop spending so much time on fortnite I think it’s messed with what little braincels you had.

Jonny (Owner) – March 21, 2019
Does your father know you use his phone to look up gay boys on the internet ? does he know you suck him off once he’s ‘had 1 two many drinks’ ? stay in school kid , and at least better your grammar.

UNDEADSOLDIER666 – March 21, 2019
So you want to see how I got these scars?



iwanttoknowu, 19
My English is terrible,but I think you gays known what l means 🥴

I am a game designer
Working in Shanghai

I is big fan for bloody crush trample 🦵🏽👣

I always fantasy a taller and handsome muscle master use his sexy dig toe to tear my eyeball 👁

Then use hard heel chopped my beneath tongue 👅use sole shred my face!

Crush my head use my brain juices to wash your foot 🧠dance on my visceral🕺

Not joke ……I don’t love my life 😂I also like bloody crush video. …..😒 If you want sell or buy some bloody trample crush video,let me know 😘

Any way! Crush me,master 🤪



Sexy_Paul, 18
I am after the children’s home, I have nowhere to sleep. I need money for food, will someone help?

I am after child’s home I need money for food, will you help?

I am at home for children, I need money for food, do you help?


Hue-Hung – March 4, 2019
There are better ways to start a description, but I have to tell you that my writing style and personality are distinct. Do not take me for a cold person because I use capital letters and put points at the end of each sentence. It’s simply that I strive to write in a correct way out of respect for you.

My name is Hue-Hung, I am 58 years old, born in Hong Kong. At the age of 3 I came to Germany because my parents work here. I’m Gay, was outed at the age of 12. My parents rejected me and threw me out, but fortunately I managed to overcome the great problems this created for me to earn a great fortune.

Since I do this for the first time, I have no experience with knowing what I can offer you for what I want from you. So write and say what money you want me to give you and I will tell you what I want your body to give me. I must be honest, I want a lot, as no doubt do you.

Due to a very bad experience, it is not possible for the time being for me to give you passion and love. Pretending is possible. However, cold, objective, dispassionate sex is greatly preferable. I am ready to give/receive, and I do not want to chat too long back and forth.



Bambi, 19
I am 19 years old from Aldershot! If you will mummyfie me! I’ll come no questions asked ASAP ! I prefer long term ! but it’s whatever !


Seems3 – March 18, 2019
He has agreed to “mummification” by being heavily tattooed… he’s currently 72% covered and I am working toward a full hairline to toenails body suit. If you think he’s cute, you’ll hate me.

Hellwood – March 3, 2019
He’s very strange because he suffers from anxiety and aspergers syndrome which is a form of autism, although suffer isn’t the word he used since he said being autistic is just a part of who he is.

User-Name – March 1, 2019
not gay, incommunicative, very strange until mummified then very emotional and totally gay and even stranger.



yesisme, 21
Thy will be done.


yesisme (Owner) – March 21, 2019
Zero fucks given.

HOT____ – March 20, 2019
unbalanced and violent



All4you, 24
So this is a little unusual, but…

I’m slim, or everyone says so. I used to be skin and bones when I was doing drugs, and I want to get back to having that body but without the drugs.

I’ll give you full control of my cock and my holes for as long it takes for you to me get back there. I’ll be in chastity between weighings, and in weeks where I lose 1kg, you’ll let me cum. No weight loss, no cum.

Meanwhile, you get to fuck with me any way you like each week. Want to bring your friends round to share my holes at the same time? That’s fine. When I get scrawny, I get my freedom.

You get a horny fuck boy slave to use as you please for one hour every week. I get my body back. Deal?


All4you (Owner) – March 11, 2019

GarbageFire – March 11, 2019
Calm down, tweeker

YeahWhatever – March 11, 2019
So uh want to buy some Meth?

All4you (Owner) – March 11, 2019

YeahWhatever – March 11, 2019
That looks like some dirty Meth……. You should re crystallize I’m just saying

All4you (Owner) – March 11, 2019

tony0675 – March 11, 2019
Only homeless junkies go so far as to using light bulbs for their heroin.

-devil- – March 11, 2019
Just another junkie nod shame

All4you (Owner) – March 11, 2019
I will state this now, in this homemade pyrex pipe, is the original 4 LOKO. WHEN IT WAS LE GAL. The only law I am breaking in this photo is minor in possession of alcohol (I still drink) and under the influence of.

GothicSamurai – March 11, 2019
I thought you were smoking heroin or something

All4you (Owner) – March 11, 2019
Nope. I do not post my past illicit affairs online. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

GothicSamurai – March 11, 2019
Ya fucking tricked us. No one who was cleaned up of drugs would use that photo.



amira_roza, 18
la princesse est de retour apres une longue absences mes cheris kiss pour tous


amira_roza, 18 (Owner) – Feb 27, 2019
Je ne réponds pas si les images du visage ne montrent pas une personne à la peau bronzée



TVC15, 21
I’m a huge nerd, i love PC games, Star Wars, Pokemon, drunken monopoly, and Rubiks cubes. I also spend wayyy too much time ensuring my feet are as soft as possible for my next worshipper ;p My feet are a size 11 for people who are interested.

I just loved being restrained and having my perfect young feet kissed, licked, sucked, “eaten”, … each inch of them, every pore, from my ankles to my soles, you get the picture. I’m also open for drinks first, I can never turn down a drink ;P

If your not into worshipping feet but like the look of my mine, i do enjoy having my feet rubbed whilst casually watching TV or movie, but not nearly as much ;p

My ideal situation is being fully tied to a bed and mercilessly devoured below the ankles. Just a heads up though, i’m extremely loud when i’m being foot worshipped, like stupidly loud. I cant control this whatsoever, ive tried to be more quiet, but its just impossible. If your in an environment where we need to keep quiet, or if you don’t like me moaning and wailing ecstatically at the top of my lungs, then its probably best if we don’t meet.

Well … I do do hotel meets, however, i must 100% be gagged as ill definitely get us both kicked out and the police called if i’m not.



DannyBoy, 20
Twunk who loves underwear, buy me five or more pairs and I’ll do anything you want.

Also have a thing for dogs and horses, and I’m looking for someone with them.

Also love toys in any shape or size. If it fits, it fits. If not WE WILL MAKE IT FIT!!!

The end.



PieceofShit, 24
Worthless piece of shit. Just ask any gay man in Columbus, Ohio.


Southern-Stallion – March 12, 2019
Agree with my friend DannyJuice but would say he looks more like an inbred Nick Stahl.

DannyJuice – March 9, 2019
I’m from Columbus and he is a piece of shit, but he has this inbred Justin Bieber looking face that’s hot if you like that white trash sort of thing.



toast, 18
my names eli. i’m not 18 or even close. i probably dont belong on this site, im not really part of any particular subcultures or anything. im just a weird person. at least its not grindr. i mean, im a witch (secular, eclectic) which might count for something here. please dont try and have sex with with me, im not about that paedophile mess.



MindlessAbyss, 23
Private me : i’ll follow your rules, demands, desires, where ever they lead me.
Public me : my attitude is things are dire globally and the only way to prep for what’s ahead is to give up hope.


MindlessAbyss (Owner) – March 20, 2019
i don’t remember you. ideally a heavy set caucasian man over 58 who’ll pay the bills, keep the 420 flowing, supply me with hot girls, dictate shit and use the body whenever. i recently had surgery on both knees so kneeling is a problem.

tobias3332 – March 20, 2019
bout time you used up, skinny, ageing little bitch realised you mouth ain’t elixir and you big dick ain’t no goldmine no more. i had you lotsa times, still might if its a bargain. what you gaming for?

MindlessAbyss (Owner) – March 12, 2019
yeah 😢 being straight makes you stupid 😭

HoleHunterBerlin – March 12, 2019
You won’t remember but I offered you 800€ for your ass one time.

MindlessAbyss (Owner) – March 6, 2019
yeah it means that. i’m counting on that meaning something to be perfectly honest.

HoleHunterBerlin – March 6, 2019
Oxy! Does the mean your ass is finally available?

MindlessAbyss (Owner) – March 3, 2019
interest in my service dropped off, too low income to keep dealing with the shit of it (fucking grandpas).

Ditox13A – March 2, 2019
If that’s true, very surprised to find you here.

MindlessAbyss (Owner) – March 2, 2019
i was oxy_oxy

Ditox13A – March 2, 2019
Fake! Fotos are escort Oxy_Oxy.



iamveryhungry, 21
Hi there, guys! I’m new here, so go easy on me (at first at least *Grins*). First of all, I’m looking for something long-term, permanent. *Waits for the guys looking for one night things to move on to another profile.* Awesome, you’re still here!

Now that we’re alone, I have two burning questions for you.

1. Long term, permanent slavery is only what interests me, but that really is not attainable or practical, is it? We say forever but would you still want me as your slave when I’m in my 40s or 50s or 60s? Have you thought of that?

2. I don’t like pain at all but I’m only attracted to men who would crave and enjoy hurting me very badly. I’m stumped?



george, 18
Enjoy myself



giveittomenow, 23
I can make anyone happy. My heart is full of interesting things. I feel and act like new 10s. Young heart and refresh and positive outlook in life. Since inside being is renewing daily, it makes me look years younger than real age.


2BigBears – March 17, 2019
1 word: asssssssss!

Scandinavilicious – March 14, 2019
#juicyass bomb, 102 cm in circumference while all smooth, easy to learn, and moves a lot in the heaving

giveittomenow (Owner) – March 10, 2019
Thank you next.

-theo-d-xx- – March 10, 2019
Your ass needs it more hearty or after a party you want to hold only the pussy for a very dominant guy, I’ll get you the stars in your eyes and still have fun there.

Jercris – March 8, 2019
He is loyal,responsible,merciful,respectable,modest,open minded, mature,non judgmental and most importantly he has an Immaculate ass.



lone-ranger, 19
Any request for nudity or anything else, no need to waste your time.
Do not ask me what I’m looking for, I do not even know.


DomNeedsCumSlut – March 2, 2019
We booked a room. He told me all his many inhibitions and I promised him that I won’t make him do ANYTHING that he didn’t like or want. I undressed. He wouldn’t undress. I fiddled his nipples through his shirt. He moaned. I fiddled more. He moaned more. Sensing his weakness, I fiddled more. I went on till he begged me to fuck his MOUTH with a condom! At that psychological moment, I whipped out something from my jeans pocket, unscrewed the cap, brought to his nose, kept fiddling more; he moaned. I made him inhale it. He knew that it was poppers. He suspected. He inhaled it, nevertheless, as his nipples got so erotically firm, to the point of their having become like iron. Hence, He sniffed. I made him sniff more. He sniffed. He said, ‘Nice aroma’. He sniffed more. Sniffed for 20 secs, I think. … god!.. He was swimming. He saw heaven. He was swimming… He relaxed, cock sprung up rigid in his pants, he swam, face reddened, horny… damn horny. Just then, I spreadeagled, bringing my arse to his face. I said, “lick it bitch. Lick it. Now”. He licked.. licked. Licked… licked. . He begged me for more. He wanted more of my arse. He licked more. He wanted to lick my hole. I refused. I made him suck my cock instead. Without condom. He sucked. I made him sniff poppers. This time longer. Longer. He asked me for more sniffing. That’s it….. He sucked my cock…like a dog… pig… slut…. He begged me…. Then I stripped him down and raped him until 3 am. He is now a depraved and shameless slut.

Jimmy – Feb 22, 2019
Love to choke you
Don’t tolerate moaning
You do what I say
You breathe when I want it
If you puke you clean



subhumanobject, 19
Apologies to all with whom it was speaking. it ran away… Again.

it will get in contact and give You its email so it cannot run like this.

Owned straight boy slave. Mistress wants it turned into a pathetic cock-craving slave/object/garbage.

At present it is still highly reluctant and requiring of drugging and force, so preference goes to those with chloroform on hand, functional restraints and an interest in rape/gangrape.

All offers entertained.


alteregoinsane – March 26, 2019
There are boys who “hate” it, and boys who really do. He hates it. I loved his emotional shitstorm, but I’m a cold son of a bitch. Also, he has a very normalised handsomeness that works well on a teenager but will age into average looks in as little as a couple of years. I mention that because his Mistress seemed very hot and bothered to pass him off long term, but personally I wouldn’t bite.

JoaquinXXL – March 21, 2019
My plan with him was to go way out of my way to give him the hardest fuck ever, and I will need to check the instant replay to be certain, but I honestly think I did.



shyloser, 20
i want to go to the Odyssey tonight in Muskegon. take me there.

have a thing for sleepy, hypno, mind control, brainwashing, p*ppers, cloroform, drugged drink, drugged, kidnapped.


hkirba47 – March 13, 2019
he needed a true sadist who gets off to guys in real pain and thats me. i’m keeping him 24/7/265 drugged as a hard breeding bitch in kansas where no one who liked him will think to come looking.

shyloser (Owner) – Feb 28, 2019
idc who you are.

MegaBoss11 – Feb 28, 2019
I dominate faggots do whatever I say !!!!! because I am the master and you are the bitch 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 you nasty faggot disgusting faggot open your mouth so I could spit in it treat you like garbage that you are I humiliate faggots anyway I can nasty Faggot !!!!!



norespect, 20
I would like to feel my ego dissolve every time I get fucked.
Through sex I can attain an egoless state which is perfect bliss.
Give me the infinite energy of wind in a galaxy of dreams, and I will return the favor.


norespect (Owner) – March 25, 2019
I’m being myself. I swear to god i’m not trolling.

norespect (Owner) – March 25, 2019
Did I do something wrong?

Retro_Fucker – March 25, 2019
Nice try

khushi1 – March 24, 2019
You need someone stay with you lifetime 😘😘



CodytheMeek, 18
I am just 18 today and joining. I am Cody. I was born and raised in Utah and now in Japan with my stepdad who is in military. I am senior in high school. I met and was trained by an Asian Master in San Francisco for 3 months but he moved now to New York so I have no one now. I was trained by hypnosis and have no control of my mind. So now I must serve men. I take my shirt off, kneel, cross my ankles with hands behind my back whenever any man speaks to me. Even my dad. Who thinks I’ve lost my mind. I have phrases or words put in my mind for Masters to use to take over me, to totally own me. I want to give myself to men especially Asian men as they are most superior to me. I will tell anything more to anyone who wants me to. Just ask for the trigger word that will make me do that. Thanks a lot.


CodytheMeek (Owner) – March 20, 2019
I am a terrible, cruel person. I make fun of fat people all the time. I must be forced fed food to make me gain weight. Make me a fat pig. Feed me pizza, sushi, sandwich, chocolate cake, make me gain 45 pounds, sir. Get me tipsy.



scorpiobitch, 24
Looking to get my jaw displaced..


-1914- – March 15, 2019
someone is trying to be like Varg

scorpiobitch (Owner) – March 9, 2019
am trash and not explaining anything to u

Happathy – March 8, 2019
please elaborate on how proudly displaying an SS symbol doesn’t make you trash

scorpiobitch (Owner) – March 8, 2019

Happathy – March 8, 2019
nazi boys (et al) fuck off



MeltingSnowman, 23
Everything you desire when you look at my photos could become reality. With me, you can go to places you’ve never been and you can discover and explore everything of a human body you want.
Yep, I got weird at some point.
I drink lots of beer and you can be my beer buddy.
I love party surprises.
I am well experienced as a FF bottom, still can’t take a full forearm, but everything it’s possible, right?
This is all what I’m here for. No love story.


161 – Feb 26, 2019
If it’s a plus he’s very virile and sprays and sprays and sprays everywhere.

Corvus_Aurelius – Feb 11, 2019
I drink twink piss.
Top fister but I like to be pissed in mouth. If you’re a pisser, I’m here to empty your bladder. Also, I enjoy to fist twinks. But let’s put things clear: if you don’t piss in my mouth first I don’t go on.



Artist, 19
into anything goes fun 0 limits 0 fuck me up start off with a hi


Artist (Owner) – March 21, 2019
now owned my Master Asianmasterdom He order me to have more BIG cocks in my boy Cunt so help me”

i go woof woof atm by my master no limits just no perment damage love to be made to scream and pass out

i also have a bf who is ok for me being abused by my Master and others I love them both (my bf and my Master) very much

Asianmasterdom – March 12, 2019
Hi, I’m going through some shit at work and would like to use you to release some stress.



Toiletandextremepain, 22
I am looking for someone genuine who will agree to move in rent free and make sure I am forced to swallow as much human and animal waste of all types as much as possible and am forced to take as many hands deep in my arse as possible and punch fucked hard deep and fast often and I am given as much pain as I can get from you and anyone you say. After 3 months I would give complete ownership of me, my possessions and trust fund as long as we are both happy.


RedBlackFiend – March 10, 2019
10/03/19 05:32 **day 3**

RedBlackFiend – March 9, 2019
09/03/19 01:14 **day 2**

RedBlackFiend – March 8, 2019
08/03/19 16:43 **moving him in**



deathfaggot666, 24
Natural born satanic no limit far edge maso deathwish slave here. It comes naturaly to me.

Spiritual death: done

sex in every shape or form: done

degradation: done

mindfuck: done

final humilation: not done yet

life: still alive

destruction: if unique and wanted bad enough


deathfaggot666 (Owner) – March 18, 2019
Hail Satan ruler mine – My death in love – lucifer come to me

GothicGaymer – March 18, 2019
Your death comes on quiet soles in complete love we rapturously enjoy. This is how it should become true in ultimate extasy, deligthed you agree.



iwanttolose, 22
My names tommy
I’m super extremely gigantically kinky, just haven’t made up my mind about shit and kinda stubborn. 😈😈
Stuff I want and need is to be r a p e d!! Yup that’s is what I want but. I wanna be taken back to my car with ripped clothes my ass leaking cum and piss and have videos taken of me🙃 I live in Maywood Park, Oregon and my number is 5418139254 I wanna be raped on a continuous basis and left filled and spilling over when this happens tho please bring like 4 or 5 guys I love being knocked around and blindfolded and taken on a drive and raped and pissed in and maybe let a dog fuck me that would be a hot video 😅
I sure wouldn’t mind one fucking bit if they drove me to a remote cabin after and kept raping me and etc for weeks.

If ya hit up my number I’ll give u my live location forever till I get r a p e d and then we’ll go from there with all my info and what not.


iwanttolose (Owner) – March 27, 2019
There is.

TsukiHawke – March 27, 2019
i could swear there’s a photo of you in the current issue of vogue magazine.



Sn0wFlak3, 18
cum in my mouth


Sn0wFlak3 (Owner) – March 3, 2019
i am deleting this account because everyone here wants to imprison me

theokmpf – Feb 25, 2019
pas de 💬



livingmytruth, 22
Please for the love of God, SOMEONE come to my shithole Alabaman town and take me somewhere and fuck the life out of me… an insanely intense marathon session… make me tap out! Based on experience, I doubt there is anyone up to the task… but it is my life goal, the only one, I have realized… Can’t deny my truth!




p.s. RIP Agnes Varda ** David Ehrenstein, Yes, so very sad about Agnes Varda. She died of cancer, as I’m sure you know, but it must have taken her swiftly because she did a number of events at Cinematheque Francais just two weeks ago, and I’ve seen some video of the events, and she looked and seemed totally fine and as sharp and great as ever. So sad. ** _Black_Acrylic, Thank you for liking the show and thanking Carolyn. Wow, Brexit failure number 10,000 or something. What the fuck is going to happen next?! ** Dominik, Hi, Dominik! Oh, see, now that’s a great and perfect idea: sharing those pictures in the SCAB account. Perfect! Hooray! That should really work, I think. I’m not on Twitter, but I’ll go over there and check it out. Ideally, yes, PGL will help with getting funding for the new film, but I guess it will depend on how the release goes. I mean, it’s not the kind of film that’ll get much popular success, for sure, but if it gets good reviews and buzz and stuff, that should give us a leg up. We should hear about the +16 rating decision early next week. Scared. I heard about that Madeleine McCann doc. Hm. It certainly could have been fascinating, but I guess it’s not a big surprise that it isn’t. Your week sounds quite good actually. I’m glad you’re writing, and, yeah, don’t sweat figuring out if it’s great art for now. My week was, mm, not a lot. The TV script is the dominating force. It’s going okay, I think. Or it’s moving forward a bit more easily than I’d feared, although it’s still a drag to work on. But things are good. Sunn0))) is having a big listening event for their new album tomorrow, and that should be good. Might see a movie. And will have an otherwise work-y weekend. I hope your weekend treats you right. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Look forward to the new review. Everyone, Here’s Steve weighing in on ‘the recent French documentary JUST DON’T THINK I’LL SCREAM, which kicks off Art of the Real at Lincoln Center next month’. Here, I mean. I saw an excellent film last night that I highly recommend if it gets over there: Annette Dutertre’s ‘Journal d’un montage’. Dutertre is a film editor, and, in 1994, she exhaustively documented the editing process of a film she was working on, Christine Pascal’s ‘Adultère mode d’emploi’. The Pascal was released but was a huge failure, and the director, who is very heavily featured in Dutertre’s film, killed herself soon afterwards. Because of that, Dutertre put the footage aside and then began editing it over the course of twenty years, and it’s just been completed. It’s fantastic. Very interested to read your interview with Kamran Heidari. ** Bill, Really glad you liked the Carlsen work. Yes, right? Funny if you’ve never been in the same room with Bob, you guys being fellow edgy SF artists and cultural dudes. Yes, work on your stuff for the gig! The opposite of God commands you! ** Jeff J, Hi, Jeff. Thank you for the good words to Carolyn. Yes, a week of very cruel work on death’s part. Personally, yes, I would say start with ‘Jack the Modernist’. It’s great and my favorite of his fiction books. I’ll bet re: the scrambling. The Korine isn’t here yet, no. I saw your email. I’ll answer it very shortly, and, holy moly, see you lickety split! Have a swift, very safe trip. ** Misanthrope, Nice transition from the Carlsen photos to the slaves post, no? And absolutely a coincidence, I swear. Actually, I really need to redo my closet, and I think it’s boring of me not to just go ahead and do that. So fuck boringness. You have a good weekend too. ** Kyler, Glad you liked the art. Well, I’m only thrilled if Bresson is overtaking your tastes, of course. Ha ha, no, no relationship to what I said to you and ‘Star Trek’, which I barely know. That’s funny. ** Okay. Predictably, March ends and the slaves arrive to usher you out. See you on Monday.


  1. “Long term, permanent slavery is only what interests me, but that really is not attainable or practical, is it?” A Key Metaphysical Question of Our Time.

    That film about editing sounds fascinating. I vaguely recall the Christine Pascal suicide.

  2. Dennis, Thanks. I got up a touch early today after starting on my closet last night. I got a footlocker to keep my not-so-prized possessions in (porn DVDs, etc.; yeah, why do I still have those?…because I paid a fuck ton of money for them back in the day!), and today I need to put up some shelving for my clothes. The footlocker will go underneath those in the closet.

    Decluttering and cleaning can be…well, not fun but liberating.

    When I’m finally finished, I’ll do some painting and then I’ll be finished.

    Haha, but yes, Art is sometimes like that, no? Accidental strokes of genius that were just lying in wait. The duct-taped dude could fit in with yesterday’s post definitely. I think the comments really make a lot of these. Sometimes, there are more telling things in there -sometimes just by juxtaposition to the slave’s or escort’s profile- than in the actual profile. Sometimes, the “truth” comes out.

    So one guy’s name is Tommy. Here’s an eye-popping, kind of funny (weird) thing. There’s this guy at work who comes out to smoke whose name is Tommy. That’s his given name, not Thomas or whatever. Just Tommy. Probably 50s, not bad looking at all, gay. I found out he’s an executive. (I think I scare him a bit with the shit I say…he’ll look at me like, “Motherfucker, I can’t be hearing that at work!”) So we’re talking yesterday, and I’m like, “What’s on tap the rest of the day?” “Eh, I’m about to go into a meeting to discuss how to budget 3 billion dollars.” Three fucking billion-with-a-b dollars. Kind of gobsmacked was I, hahaha.

  3. Haha, I moved back into the exact same place. It’s like I never left but they rearranged the furniture and somebody killed a painting. My ex locked me in a box for about 8 years a long time ago, imagine my eyes when I went back out to Nikki Manaj and all that stuff. I’m still like I don’t know who these people are and I don’t care. I am a little thick back there, tho and I’m part Portugese. Its so crazy Im going wild smelling the Europe from my luggage mixing with the smell of my Florida collection. Exited to have a place I can get things done. The KeatonRapeChain will be turning them out. Talk more as soon as Im settled

  4. I read about Pascal’s suicide at the time, but I haven’t heard about JOURNAL D’UN MONTAGE. I hope it makes its way over here.

    I got the translation of Heidari’s questions last night, although it was so rough that I had to spend an hour rewriting it. It was challenging to write an introduction to the interview which didn’t just copy the text of my program notes. The interview will definitely go up tomorrow, and I’ll post a link then.

    I’m also working on a review of Billie Eilish’s album, which I will post on Medium next week. It’s better than I expected, but it suffers from an emphasis on creating a “dark” and “weird” vibe over memorable melodies and frequently cringe-inducing lyrics. (“Wish You Were Gay” has been accused of homophobia, but I was more bothered by the underlying entitlement, where she thinks the only legitimate reason a boy would have for not reciprocating her affection is not being attracted to girls.) The review goes into the debate over her – the album has been very well-received by the media, but she’s widely hated by people who think she’s a puppet of Interscope to sell an “edgeLorde” image to teenagers. The rise of poptimism altered debates about authenticity for a while, but they’ve come roaring back, thanks to YouTube-fueled paranoia about industry plants. But she’s far more talented than Baby Goth and co., and even the worst aspects of her aesthetic feel genuinely adolescent.

    Is deathfaggot666 a Satanic Temple member? He’d probably be disappointed that they’re just using Satanic imagery as a political gesture and find them too vanilla.

  5. It looks to me as though StorageSlaveBoy is the star of this particular show. That’s the thing about charisma, you’ve either got it or you ain’t and he has most definitely got it.

    I saw Us this morning with Alex at the DCA cinema, which does a Cine Sunday offer where you get a coffee and a roll with your ticket for just 8 quid which is a good deal whatever the film’s like. Anyway Us is pretty enjoyable and the first hour is even great. I always find horror films a lot scarier when I’m not really sure what’s going on. So it is here, that the scares were heightened by the ambiguity of the first act, plus the soundtrack is fairly killer too I reckon.

    The cheque for my zine funding has finally arrived so I’ll be paying that in at the bank tomorrow. Printing happens on Tuesday and Friday, while Alex will make a start on the website on Sunday next weekend. I imagine The Call will be a fully fledged entity in the next few weeks, and I’d be very much honoured to set up a “Welcome to the World…” post at the DC’s blog if that would be okay with yourself?

  6. Quite a few cryptic numbers in the lineup today, Dennis. I guess posting a profile can be kind of a self-discovery process.

    Saw Peter Strickland’s new film In Fabric. It’s pretty fun, but (ahem) rambles a bit and doesn’t seem to have the control of his earlier films. And I made decent progress on the piece too.

    Oops, should get back to work.


  7. iwanttolose has an ass I’d murder for… is that wrong?

    Dennis, I hope you are well! I sent you an email tonight..

    Been in an editing coma lately, cutting everything to the bone, not sleeping very well, 5am becomes noon and vice versa, a real walking corpse at work, people saying hello and me not registering basic subject/verb agreement, I could really use some rest. Dennis please let me know if 4/20 works for you…….

    Much love to you and all at DC’s 🙂


  8. Dennis, I need to see more Bertolucci. I’ve been meaning to see La Luna forever but just haven’t done so. I kind of love The Dreamers, partly because my old boss hated it, hahaha. But no, I do kind of love it. On a second viewing, I really liked it much more than the first time I saw it.

    Hahaha, I’ll tell Tommy that next time I see him (if I remember).

    I agree with the decluttering/cleaning thing. You’re right about that.

    Yeah, the comments just add this extra layer that I think makes the ads, for lack of a better word, “pop” a little more. I think, too, that I found it easier to dismiss a lot of the ads before, but now, I’m like, “Hold on a second…” 😀 It’s great because you don’t know who’s full of shit and who’s not or if anyone is or isn’t. Kind of like life in a lot of instances, you know.

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