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“Only searching for sex with Extraterrestrials ^-^ Dont tell me you like me humans, waste of time”


LoganWasThere, 21
I’m a super small and skinny twink (4’11 and 80lbs when I’m lucky). My biggest fantasy is for a big (6’0+) man to throw me on a bed, pin my hands and lay full weight on top of me, not caring one bit if I can breathe or if he breaks my bones or not. And he exposes my neck. He starts licking it slowly, teasing me, making me tremble. And then I feel his huge cock shredding my tiny hole, inch by inch, destroying every tissue in its path. Then when I least expect it, he starts sucking hard on my neck, leaving lots and lots of hickeys. Then, he starts biting. I try to move under him, but his heavy weight keeps me in place, and he chews and fucks, and there’s blood, on me, on him, all over, and then … I have no way of knowing. The only thing I ask is that he is emotionally available.


demonicmusclegod – Feb 23, 2021
He looked scared at first, but after a few minutes it was cool again.



wreckedtwinkslut, 19
I’m a depressed stoner and couch poateto who smokes tons of weed.

I’ll do whatever you want.

Make clear what you want, I’m not here to be a shrink.

Fuck up my appearance and make me ugly too.

Fuck lockdown!


wreckedtwinkslut (Owner) – Feb 9, 2021
Your silence is excruciating.

wreckedtwinkslut (Owner) – Feb 2, 2021
I’m open to any kind of compromise.

wreckedtwinkslut (Owner) – Feb 2, 2021
My limits are blood and death.



RodeoCalf, 23
I am asexual and I love being a calf in a rodeo. I love getting lassoed and hogtied by cowboys and country boys. I also love getting gagged with bandanas and muzzles and bit gags. If you are a cowboy and want to calf rope me or ask if I want to be in a rodeo, let me know. If you are two team ropers, I can do that too!


RodeoCalf (Owner) – Feb 11, 2021
To be clearer I am an unnaturally born calf in a human body who identifies as a calf and is one when I can and when possible. I think it’s time to finally find an owner who can help me achieve my goals of becoming completely a calf. Ideally would want to be owned 24/7 as a calf so I can put all my focus in on that new chapter of me. It does sound kind of intimidating but I know it’s something I would not regret in the long term.



chlorodrughypnometeen, 18
“Hello and thank you for ordering from Snuff Bunnies Inc. I am Henry, your personal Snuff Bunny and here are your free set of pliers. Please feel free to use them to torture and snuff me whichever way you like. I am yours for the rest of my life, which as you know must end within the next 24 hours. There are no limits to the amount and kinds of suffering you may inflict on me and I am eager to take them all for you. I am authorised to tell you that it takes an incredible amount of discipline not rage to take a pair of pliers to a boy’s body and leave nothing untouched. Please capitalize a random letter in your message so I know you read and know what I am talking about.”


AttackOfTheDeadMen – Feb 13, 2021
no real emo woUld wear a metallica t-shirt you lying fuckface

Kiesling – Feb 10, 2021
You’ll note his profile is in quotes. Where I come from, putting something in quotes denotes an affectless ironic tone. Sorry, irOnic tone.

Hallenbarry3 – Feb 10, 2021
I’m Hallen Barry from North Dakota am looking for serious relationship with young boy that can lead to mArriage.

itsHector – Feb 8, 2021
He’s completely serIous.



WhyEvenTry, 22
Recently left a 3 year abusive alcoholic during Thanksgiving, been roaming PDX/SEATAC homeless camps and couch surfing.
Long story short, I’m the reason for his drinking so I left him and all my belongings behind and told him he doesn’t have a reason anymore.
I have stable weekly income, looking for a SAFE/STABLE/NO DRAMA household to be a Service Body.
I am drug free/nicotine free/booze free.
Need LTR because of the intensity of my horniness.
I was choked out 3 times by the abusive ex, the last time was intentional the first two times were accidental. The intentional situation i passed out and came to with a loaded shotgun up my ass. I think he woulda pulled the trigger but his mother called.
I would be willing to repeat that. I think about it constantly.
Recovering from Hip/Thumb fractures.


Starintrovert – Feb 2, 2021
sorry for the rude side trip WhyEvenTry i would love to strangle you unconscious while my forearm is elbow deep in your whore ass you look like the sexy kind of trash i love to abuse high on my to-do list is to choke you out repeatedly and you wake up each time with a different arm pumping into your hole.

parvenu – Feb 2, 2021
have u ever choked out a total newbie faggot and then fisted him? i have. did he bleed? did u feel any mercy? mine was this skinny 18 year old and i loved how confused he looked when he woke up.

Starintrovert – Feb 2, 2021
i second doing LittleCumSewer i love it when he passes out and goes limp so i can shove my arm up his ass while he is unconscious and by the time he comes to some random stranger is fisting my load into his guts and i’m long gone.

TheWhiteRabbit – Feb 1, 2021
Guys, if you can’t get with this boy and if you’re ever in Toronto hit up LittleCumSewer That faggot is a total whore and loves getting strangled. I have used a rope, a belt, my hands and even a noose on that fuckboy and strangled his skinny neck so hard I left bruises.



lostcause, 24
I’m a lost cause but somebody recced me this app so I decided to try it.
My name is Buddy I’m a sissy slave loser from Australia.
I’m a golden shower toilet sissy slave loser.


Anonymous – Feb 14, 2021
It is what it is.

curtis58 – Feb 9, 2021
i’m the best thing that has happened to this cheap little whore in its whole life.

ailing077 – Feb 6, 2021
This slave was nothing, it was worthless, it wasn’t even worth as much as the cum smeared rag I used to wipe myself down when I was done with it.



castingcall, 24
Cast fetishist #1! Medical casts, fiberglass, plaster, etc.!


castingcall – Feb 25, 2021
I don’t know, man. How should I know? What a strange fucking question.

Rodinho – Feb 25, 2021
so what would i get out of it?



cold_heart420, 21
I am from United state America and I want to live with someone 24/7 so they can fist me, fuck me, and have their feet down my throat or in my ass all the time.


itsmeandyou – Feb 26, 2021
I own him! Every inch of his skin and every hair on his body! Being a brainless bimbo just comes so naturally to him. I’m so proud to own a cute bimbo… yay! Of course there are occasions when this type of relationship has to be less obvious in certain places and situations, like last night when we went to a football match to watch Northampton.

Anonymous – Feb 17, 2021
You looks grate fuck you so hard your face will pop like a balloon!

cold_heart420 (Owner) – Feb 16, 2021
I used to date a man who’s favorite thing was asking me to run on a treadmill for a hour, then he squeezed the sweat out of my sopping underwear into a glass added a few splashes of vodka and drank it!



Anyway, 21
State your intentions immediately.


Anyway (Owner) – Feb 15, 2021
Getting the feeling this isn’t a fetish site so much as a place where the falsely intelligent go to hold power in their small worlds.

Anyway (Owner) – Feb 2, 2021
Don’t let the beauty fool you.



SellMySoulToDemon, 18
Sell my soul to demonic ritual.
Use me for demonic rituals. Or anything like that.
Top when it comes to sex however I wish I don’t have to penetrate my dick into your ass hole.


SellMySoulToDemon (Owner) – Feb 4, 2021
My exactly trip is NOT GAY OR BUSEXUAL STRAIGHT GUY JUST HERE FOR SELLING‼️ Selling demons my whole body with face.

whothefuckisalice – Feb 4, 2021
You’re so hot but what exactly is your trip?



SpookyPig, 19

I’ve decided to kill myself, but I’d like someone to offer to help me “go out with a blast.” So you would arrive, with an assortment of tools, knives and whatnot. What you use is mostly up to you, though I personally would prefer knives over others. You’ll have a hold over my death, whether you let me bleed out by cutting my arteries or cut my throat, or shoot me, it’s all at your disposal. The only requirement is that I die, whether by the end or sometime along the trip. You could call me names, carve them into my skin, tie me up, burn me, anything you want.


BuildABoy – Feb 27, 2021
Before you get too excited this is a fake revenge profile put up by the jilted ex of the guy in the photos

SpookyPig (Owner) – Feb 20, 2021

JackBruce – Feb 20, 2021
No, that Jack Bruce is dead.

SpookyPig (Owner) – Feb 20, 2021
Thurmont Maryland
Are you Jack Bruce from the band Cream?

JackBruce – Feb 20, 2021
Where are you?



Extraterrestrial420, 19
Only searching for sex with Extraterrestrials ❤ Im not interrested in anything else, so please don´t be mad if i won´t respond to your message. ^-^ Dont tell me you like me humans, waste of time



theonewiththe, 18
Muscular hunks’ asses are the thing I worship 24/7 from afar since childhood and I’d like them to be the thing that destroys me. Let’s use one another & pursue peace. Write to me and tell me about your delightful needs.


theonewiththe (Owner) – Feb 6, 2021

theonewiththe (Owner) – Feb 3, 2021
🇫🇷/🇪🇸/🇲🇦(+🇱🇧)/🇺🇲/Cat./(+/-🇳🇱) Yes, I do speak that many languages but the most important is the language of rim.



pieceofshitsissy, 18
How old do you want me to be. I can be it. What I need is Europe.


Kyzungu – Feb 19, 2021
Berlin is the gay cherry, on the wealthy creme of Germany, on the cake first world castle Europe.

Onebigdude70 – Feb 17, 2021
i want you to be 65 years old

pieceofshitsissy (Owner) – Feb 11, 2021
I’m just scary about all that stuff, but I’m really interested in.

pieceofshitsissy (Owner) – Feb 11, 2021

BDSMSirMASTER – Feb 11, 2021
I want to tie you up, rough fuck your mouth and ass, stretch you wide open, take videos and pictures, have you gang banged, restrain you on fuck benches, in slings, make porn with you, kiss you, take you in my mouth and worship your beautiful cock, fuck you over and over, own you for the weekend or more, make you my houseboy, piss on you, consensual non-consensual, and a lot more. Are you interested?



KidnappingLivraison, 20
Hello I am a slave boy. my name is Erwan i escaped from my master. he finded out where i am hiding he orders me to be kidnapped & delivered back to my superior master!

just reply if you are able to do what the profile says

the trip
Departure from Paris
arrival Bourg-en-Bresse

I hope to find the one who wants to bring me back to my master


stardriver – Feb 24, 2021
I gave him the ride. I stopped en route, got us a hotel, turned him into an abyss and explored it for two days, happily I’ll add.



theaggressiveboy, 22
everyone’s so technically sound, comfortably suffering, more and more and more, everyone.


wavess – Feb 22, 2021
He loves scat washed down with stale urine.

Redletter – Feb 5, 2021
His asshole is geodesic.



TheWanker, 21
I try everyday to become a good guy. Sometimes I don’t what people enjoy in breaking other people’s heart and make them wanna commit suicide.
I don’t really drink a lot and I don’t really go out a lot but once a blue moon I might go out.
I am a chronic masturbator. Always have been and it’s been worse with covid.
I enjoy watching old movies such as an officer and a gentleman, terms and Endearment, and all my time favorite Smokey and bandit.
I love all kinds of music especially some classics. One favorite all time best song is Endless love.


M200 – Feb 22, 2021
MASTER and OWNER of slave Wanker (TheWanker); Proud Owner and Master of my slave TheWanker, SLRN 792-223-677; we have been Master and slave for three and a half days and we have been living together for three and a half days. I am very proud and happy to be the Master of the lovely, cute and sexy slave TheWanker.

TheWanker (Owner) – Feb 18, 2021
As of now (11/02/2021), I am owned by M200. If you want me, you would need to kidnap me from M200 which would be impossible. Thank you.

TotalPackage – Feb 3, 2021
Fucked him 8 Times at Mariott Hotel

ShadowSlaved – Feb 1, 2021
I am an average guy, being straight fags never really intrigued me but looking at your ass and how much better it is got my attention so here I am!



ChooseMe, 23
I am seeking someone who can accept me for being mentally ill and can make his face go red and blowing into a condom and hit water bottle once in a while as well as puffing his cheeks in and out and mastibating my penis for me. I like holding your biceps and hand and having my arm around you.



Tear_me_apart, 22
fucktoy with a death wish. Rape me, castrate me, amputate my limbs, bash my skull in…


jose_martinez – Feb 5, 2021
not really sure how i feel about confessing that on here as the site seems to be full of dodgy cunts but oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️

jose_martinez – Feb 5, 2021
died from gunshot wound to head while riding his bicycle 13/02/21

Tear_me_apart (Owner) – Jan 28, 2021
I don’t have a knife anymore, i promise.

Anonymous – Jan 28, 2021
Watch out for him! Drugged underpass-stealing jizz!

Anonymous – Jan 21, 2021
If you’re worried about getting away with it, he’s in Honduras. Boys there get assassinated by rival gang members all the time. Their dismembered bodies are found on dirt roads every day and no one even blinks at this point.



adamlt, 19
New in France from Algiers, passive faggot boy looking for a home. No sex dates. If you want my bod you have to house it. And in a nice city, not some shithole like Marseilles.


RickOwensOfficial – Feb 21, 2021
Interest here, but I need to see you nude obvs.

anonuser806 – Feb 18, 2021
His hair style is chic in Algiers he says. He’s deadset on becoming the “it” boy/ top model/ most coveted sugar baby/ Kardashian-alike celebrity of the high fashion world in Paris. Weirder things have happened but not many. I housed him for a few days in Lyon and if you’re into being made to feel insignificant, irrelevant, stupid and small by a prick teasing bimbo who screams bloody murder if you even vaguely suggest having sex, he’s your guy.

Anonymous – Feb 10, 2021
Miss Curls. What a horror.



Hi SIR, thank You for visiting “it’s” profile! “it” is grateful for Your visit, SIR! May “it” please YOU with some of the following, SIR?

BAGGING, plastic bag closed by Your hands, belt, a collar or a cord – Watch with pleasure – sub starts to run out of air SIR!
HOODS, a tight fitting BC hood secured with a padlock. You are in control of sub’s air!
CLING FILM or tape – enjoy watching sub squirm, convulse, … SIR!
STRANGULATION/strangling/choking with gloved hands, lifting “it” up on tip-toe! Thrilling SIR!
GAROTING with a cord pulling “it” backwards!
NOOSEPLAY with a rope, belt, collar, or chain, raising “it” up past the tip-toes! Exciting SIR!
METAL COLLAR with chain, fastened to a hook above and again raising “it” up past tip-toes as high as you want SIR!
DUNKING upside-down or horizontally in a tub or bound, knelt into a container
AIR-TIGHT CONTAINER – trunk or box, closing the padlock – knowing sub will run out of air!
OUTSIDE NAKED, hooded/bagged, bound and vulnerable in the cold! You look through the window with pleasure at “it” shivering, SIR!
AND EVENTUALLY IN TIME, fully in a bath, face down held under by Your boots or pulled under by sub’s ankles until “it’s” finally unreviveable SIR!

Every time SIR decides to bring “it” back to life with electro paddles or adrenaline shot or chest compression etc, “it” will hug SIR in gratitude and thanks!



TheBestYouHad, 20
When I was 13 a man made me undress. Took a choke hold on me and slapped me across my face. It made me cum, just like that.

I’m looking for a Master that doesn’t understand the words “No” or “limits”. Keep moving if those words don’t confuse you.

Ideally I’d love a trauma-informed leftist Master under 30 who’s high risk for COVID so he can’t go out, and if you do gtfo.


AstonMartin3 – Feb 7, 2021
luckier than him, that’s for fucking sure

Anonymous – Feb 7, 2021
you’re the luckiest motherfucker in the world!

AstonMartin3 – Feb 7, 2021

Anonymous – Feb 7, 2021
he doesn’t respond. did somebody already take him?



dontspeaktoomuch, 21
I am completely 100% straight. Trust me, I know.
I have intense fantasies of being raped that won’t leave me alone. It’s driving me crazy.
Men don’t turn me on at all, quite the opposite, and believe me I’ve imagined being romantic with every kind of male, young and old, even drag queens. Nothing.
But I’ve gotten off hundreds of times to the idea of being brutally raped. Whether is against a tree in the woods, on my childhood bed, or on a dirty motel floor by every pervert, crackhead, and unwashed socially awkward dude I notice on the street.
I don’t expect to get off or like it. In fact feeling permanent lifelong regret and having nightmares afterwards is the hottest thing about it.


dontspeaktoomuch (Owner) – Feb 21, 2021
been through hell

GiveHotGuysGifts – Feb 20, 2021
I genuinely fucked out his asshole to the extent that anyone who cares to look can tell he’s a bitch.



Tommy, 18
Please get drunk & high with me. Boo! I’ve been watching the most hardcore dark web porn lately & rock hard whilst doing so, I think I need a bit of that action. So I just let my boyfriend go, because from the inside, I am burning. Btw the tats are fake.


Ash – Feb 8, 2021
Hi Cheese, it’s Ash. (His friends call him Cheese.) Maybe this is the right occasion to tell you what I really think about you. I think you’re an insufferable phoney and I hate your guts. I have always wondered what it would feel like if you were dead. About 65% sure I’d like it. And you know there’s a time in life where you need to experience things.

Tommy (Owner) – Feb 4, 2021
I don’t know what “orifice fantasy” is so yes.

Real_Three_and_Group – Feb 4, 2021
do you accept orifice fantasy?

loveblowandfuck321 – Jan 25, 2021
this boy can drink let me tell you. i wouldn’t want to be his liver.



davidkovac&, 21
We are 2:
I am a crazed hung PNP act and my best friend is a delirium cute from the netherlands into architecture and design.
I want to slam my best friend and get everything from him at once but he’s tall and anti drug so I need a 2nd PNP act.
I am told his ass is like gold.
I want every fluid in him, cum, piss, and especially spit.
I prefer to think he has a pussy and not an ass hole, I hope you do the same.
I am only being this open because I know it won’t happen.
Go away if you are a fucking vanilla.


Dilix – Feb 20, 2021
I’d rate your profile a like, pig face and upward arrow.



trytrymaybe, 24
Straight loser for € 100 per night.

That means 12 hours of sex for only € 100.

I’m actually straight, but most women and couples want pocket money and that’s why I don’t get a wife.

Now I want to go buy it myself so I can pay women.

I would knead and lick your balls extensively, wank and suck your cock extensively, ride extensively on your cock and you can fuck me in all positions.

I also swallow your sperm and you can slap me and piss in my mouth.

Every time immediately after you cum, I’ll make him hard again and then it can go on.

We have 12 hours for 100 €.

If you fuck me brutally enough so that I get respect for you and I am a slave to you, you can buy me and rent me and we both get 50%.

But in order for me to have respect for someone, He would have to cause me great pain.

Would you also choke my throat until I turn red and start to fidget?

Or that you box and punch and kick me and then brutally rape me to make me feel like a piece of dirt.

Even if I am afraid of war and will bitterly regret it, because I would certainly be in great pain.

But in my opinion, losers deserve nothing else.

But you still have to pay for the first meeting.

Meet either at your place or your hotel room, in your car, or outdoors.

I don’t care about the cold, because when you fuck it gets warm.

And in theory you just need to get your cock out.

And that’s all the time, either in my hand, or in my mouth, or in my ass.



slavepuppyteen, 18
I’m a very young and thin puppy but I want to be a slave and I feel like it’s a huge part of me to be one so ideally 70% of the time as a slave and 30% pup.
I want to learn how to become ok and accept the fact that this is what I want and need for my life.
I’ve also had a small attraction to becoming a quad amputee so even if my being a slave/pup isn’t your cup of tea, you could replace that with a 90% quad amputee and 10% slave/pup. Anyways, yeah.


MasterxLogan – Feb 22, 2021
I am Master Logan, a Theistic Satanist and owner of slaves both Satanic and otherwise. I am the current Master of slaves LimitlessWhore4All and DegratedSlave16. I am constantly on the lookout for more slaves either to own or sell to fellow Masters. My slaves are available to serve any man in the area as long as they are used violently and raw, no exceptions. I suffered a stroke recently, so I apologize if I’m sending you a message again for I do not recall who I have owned and haven’t owned. If I’ve already owned you then remind me.




p.s. Hey. Just to follow up on yesterday, the blog has continued to be the target of a relentless, non-stop hacking attempt that is still ongoing since I posted here yesterday. I know zip about this stuff, but WordPress tells me it is what’s called a Brute Force Attack. Basically, someone(s) has trained a bot on the blog, and it is ceaselessly attempting to figure out my password, switching to a new IP every time one gets blocked by WP, in order to get inside the blog for unknown reasons. I have upgraded to the highest level of security, and that’s apparently all I can do until whoever/whatever either gets inside or gives up. WP says the blog should hold against the assault, but we’ll see. But I have been getting email notifications of the latest 15 – 25 attacks literally every 30 seconds since I last saw y’all, and it’s a stressful thing, let me tell you. I don’t recommend it, ha ha. Fingers crossed pleased. ** Tomk, Hi, Tom. Yeah, I can’t say that I find this particular hacker very romantic. Weird to wonder, Why me? I didn’t know you’re in the UK! Welcome back! Strange timing, yes, but I think you guys are easing open at least. Awesome, man. I’m at the same stage with my novel. Exciting, yes! ‘Seventh Mansion’ is wonderful, yes, get it when you can. ** Dominik, Hi!!!! My, of course, total pleasure. I’ll take that love you sent to the deepest part of my heart, thank you. Love turning whoever is attacking my blog into a cute Japanese anime figure and dumping it in the deepest, most horrifying depths of gurochan, G. Have a big fun weekend! ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. I like Jarmusch’s aesthetic consistency but I do find the results pretty inconsistent personally. But, hey, gimme him over the vast majority of other American filmmakers in a heartbeat. Great, high hopes and all fingers crossed about the possible agent! ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. ‘Ghost Dog’ is one of my very favorites of his too. And a great score by RZA. So curious to hear the workings of your colleague! Everyone, Ben ‘_Black_Acrylic’ Robinson’s great Play Therapy is temporarily out of commission but … here’s Ben: ‘My DJ colleague Il Discotto aka Paul Shark has a show here at Tak Tent Radio!. His mix is very different from the Play Therapy fare, more of a dystopian sound collage with Adam Curtis samples on top. I’m very much impressed with what he does here.’ Thank you, buddy. ** Bill, You would think someone would have a billion more interesting things to do than hack my blog, but since it seems to be a bot turned loose, I suppose whoever is doing this has all the time they need to do whatever else they want, fuckers! The zombie movie is probably his worst film IMO. I liked ‘Paterson’ quite a bit, and it uses the poetry of the very great Ron Padgett. I hope your weekend involves beaucoup de-busying. ** wolf, Wicked canine! Mm, my favourite Jarmusches are ‘Ghost Dog’ and ‘Dead Man’. I also quite like ‘Mystery Train’, ‘Broken Flowers, ‘Paterson’, ‘Limits of Control’, ‘Only Lovers …’. I fear that the ones I can’t stand might be ones you particularly like, oops, sorry: ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’, ‘Night on Earth’. And the awful zombie one. And his Stooges documentary was very disappointing. I even wanted to strangle Benigni in ‘Down by Law’. I’m hardcore. Thanks for the verbal assault on my wannabe hacker. It’s fucked. I feel like I’m hiding in a bomb shelter during a heavy bombing. Ugh. Superior weekend to you! ** Brendan, Hi, B. Here’s heavily hoping the slow reopening of LA is the beginning of the end, or the beginning of the beginning, I guess. Thanks, I’ll check my email, new photos, super! ** Conrad, Hi, Conrad! Great to see you, my crosstown friend. So happy that the recent posts gave your imagination such helpful fodder. Awesome! I haven’t been to the galleries in a few weeks, and I might just go today because I think the shows have changed by now. Boris Lumé’s pastry shop, no. I totally spaced out. Good, thank you, I think I might just head over there today since it’s lovely out. Ooh, yum. I did however go to ‘C’est mon Donuts in the 11th. You have to like American style donuts, but, if you do, they’re yummy and a sight for sore eyes. Have you seen any good gallery shows? Maybe we should go gallery hopping together? Have a sweet weekend. ** Steve Erickson, I saw your email, but my box is being packed with hundreds of hacking notification emails with a new one every 30 seconds, and I need to sort through those first. There’s no real way to track the hacker since his bots are switching IPs every minute or so. Ouch, I hope the muscle relaxants prove relatively godlike. Everyone, Steve Erickson reviews Julien Baker’s new album here. ** Jeestun, Hi, Jeestun! Top of the morning to you if that’s your blog visiting timeframe. It’s certainly true: his own man-ness and the valuable rarity of that. Wild, I didn’t know that about the Sara Driver film. Wow. I’ll hunt it down for all kinds of reasons. Thanks! Prayers that the blog is a sufficient toughie. Thanks! ** Jack Skelley, Mr. Skelley! Oh, whoa, that’s very cool: your Memphis jaunt and tour. Never been there. Weird. Close on a road trip a billion years ago, but no cigar. And I will see you so very happily tonight/this morning! ** Okay. Slaves will see February, the blog, and you guys to the exit door whether you like it not. Assuming my hacker doesn’t manage to destroy the blog this weekend, I will see you on Monday.

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  1. Thanks Dennis! I contacted you on facebook. Do you ever plan to write a sequel to your novel THE SLUTS?

    Re: Jim Jarmusch-I have enjoyed him since first seeing Stranger Than Paradise. Have an excellent weekend.


  2. Re: Cast Fetish-I met someone who was into mummification this way but he was a flake and was into unsafe bondage-he liked to do it while extremely intoxicated. I feel bad for anyone who actually met up with him for bondage.

  3. Hi!!

    “Fucktoy with a death wish” sounds like the perfect description of any boymuse ever. Also, the profile of “ChooseMe” is one of the most terrifying I’ve ever read; I’m not sure why.

    Do you have any plans for the weekend? Any… from-home plans, given the current circumstances, which make plans pretty difficult to execute otherwise? I’d just like to read and work on SCAB, but if some terribly fantastic work project pops up, I won’t say no to that either.

    Sounds about right. Your love. That’s what the hacker deserves. I keep my fingers ultracrossed for your blog over the weekend (and beyond too, though I really hope it won’t be necessary by then)! Love as romantic as the anonymous comment “You looks grate fuck you so hard your face will pop like a balloon!”, Od.

  4. Power Bottoms LOVE Extra-Terrestrial Anal Probes.

    I do hope this Blog_botherer ceases.

  5. cold_heart420 kind of has that “1980’s Depeche Mode fan” look going for him.

    Don’t like NIGHT ON EARTH Dennis? oddly enough that was the first Jarmusch I saw and, now that I think about it, one of the only films of his I’ve seen. I liked it (first saw it at film class in college). I even have a copy as part of my, uh, Winona Ryder collection, ha ha. Different strokes for different folks!

    I’m planning on starting a Gothic Horror novel soon but first I have to finish a short story for a friend’s anthology. It has to be kind of stylistically experimental and it’s KILLING me, ha ha. Luckily I can cope with this kind of writing in small doses but don’t think I could write an experimental novel (I should stress I have no trouble/problem READING experimental stuff, just don’t personally like WRITING IT).

  6. Geez, hope this bot attack goes away soon, Dennis.

    I do appreciate a no-nonsense aphoristic profile like “State your intentions immediately.”

    Was hoping for guestbook responses from extraterrestrials, hmm.

    Will put Paterson on my watchlist, thanks.


  7. Well I have just learned thatagent isn’t interested after all. it seems, according to him, my autobiographical writing stle doesn’t sell.

    So if yo have any ideas, Dennis. . .

    Do you think if translated nto French it might go?

  8. Dennis, I loved your novel THE SLUTS, as it reminded me of crazy and hedonistic late 1990s and early 2000s with people on the internet and in person who would use crystal methamphetamine, or other drugs and have lots of unsafe sex with strangers, and people who did not care if they were infected with HIV or anything else. Being bisexual, I was never into any of this with women or men as I have always known about HIV and how to have safer sex; but I remember telling my doctor at the time how I liked to spank and paddle people.

    I knew people from the bar and dance club scene in my early 20s who did get into this, with hard drugs such as coke, heroin/opiates, or even just alcohol and marijuana, and sadly they wound up HIV+ or with Hepatitis C. Heroin is pure evil as are the other hard drugs. I have had friends who ruined their lives, or who died from them.

    Were you ever on the early social media website Tribe dot net out of SF? I was on there and I helped co-moderate a safer sex discussion forum for LGBT people, and the website was basically akin to dropping a super high dose of LSD but almost anything sexual was permitted, including extreme body modification like the type that goes way beyond Fakir Musafar and the modern primitives. A gay friend who I met on tribe, who would go to the Mineshaft, and Anvil in NYC in the late 1970s and early 1980s until they were closed, would complain about people into this on tribe and other sites saying how he liked some kink and domination with men but removing limbs, teeth, or doing permanent damage or harm to someone was crazy and not his thing at all and too extreme. I met my first actual boyfriend/partner on the website, he is also bisexual and we used to love to watch old Japanese noir/crime films together like THE BAD SLEEP WELL.

  9. Yes, it’s me, Conrad from Cachan. Mmmh, donuts. Not really my thing. To tell you the truth, I used to be a great pâtisserie fan. I knew all the pastry shops in Paris. And with my last boyfriend visiting and testing pastry shops was one of our main and favorite activities. But since we broke up, all changed. I quit sugar. We’re still friends, but I barely eat any cakes. Sometimes with him. That’s the sunday boring story. Another adress : Sébastien Dégardin, which is more casual, it’s not as elaborate and elegant as Cédric Grolet, but it’s good and cheap. Galleries : I’ve seen the Jean-Luc Verna show at Air de Paris, which I liked. Well, apart from this… There’s a video by Bertrand Dezoteux at Galerie Bernard Jordan. I like Dezoteux very much. Gallery hopping with you, that’d be great. Whenever you want, whenever you can. I’m free most of the time at the moment, since the aquarium is closed (and I don’t miss it really). Have a super sunny sunday.

  10. The Black Prince

    February 28, 2021 at 3:11 pm

    Oh, DC, I’m so sorry about the hacking situation… that sounds awful! The hacker (s) need to eff off soon!

    I love the language in this slave post – surprisingly precise, candid, and on point? From the very first one to ‘straight loser’ ‘passive faggot boy looking for a home’ ‘use me for demonic rituals’ ‘state your intentions immediately’ ‘what I need is Europe’. My favourite one is: ‘sexual preference: girls, guys, death X’… but really so many good things. Is there a specific reason why you’ve eliminated the usual lists of ‘Orientation/ Position/ Price/ Safe sex/ etc/’ ? The post reads more smoothly without those lists.

    I recently read your short story TORN FROM SOMETHING, and it immediately became my favourite short story, I loved it even more than the ones in UGLY MAN. … in fact, it singlehandedly reignited my flare for the short story as an artform/ medium. That ending! Just going to put it out there: I’d love to have a new short story collection by you. Is there a possibility? No pressure! Haha. I wrote a new short story last week for a commission, and I realised contrary to what I thought I still have so much more to do with this form, and for once, I didn’t feel restricted by the short story format at all. Quite the opposite, I felt I was the one who could finally enslave it and use this medium to my advantage rather than be enslaved by it, if that makes any sense! TBH I’m a bit obsessed with my new story. And it might sound ambitious at this stage but I am planning to do a whole collection now.

    I do hope you’ve managed to have a relaxing weekend despite the nasty efforts of your sad hacker/ stalker (s). Sending you all my love xoxo

  11. Dennis, hey Coop’! The logic of those random hacking attacks baffles me. I don’t get what’s in it for anyone here — would they then ask for ransom? “It’s a nice blog you’ve got here, Mr cooper… be a shame if anything happened to it”? Seems like it’s one of those ill-thought anything-goes petty crime shit, something straight out of a Coen Bros movie, like the lady gaga doggies (which at least has an interesting ring to it). I can’t blame you for wanting to strangle Benigni. He’s also something that baffles me. My “things that baffle me” box is getting pretty packed let me tell you. I don’t know how I’ll make it to Old Age ™ without buying a storage extension. Interestingly those escorts aren’t actually that baffling. They are just an exercise in extreme humanism, feat. everything humans do from contradictory drives to confused grammar. It is interesting how much what they *want* is the feature here. I’d never really thought about this before. If you’re for sale, why would what you want be a thing? Isn’t what the buyer wants what seals the deal? The emotional economics of those boys is something else. What would Marx say!? Oh, hang on, they’re slaves, not ass-corts. It’s a fine line, you gotta admit. Well, anyway, I think Ian MacKaye said it best in Blueprint, the most quotable song of all time: “Nevermind what’s been selling, it’s what you’re buying… and receiving undefiled”. Bingo! “The only thing I ask is that he is emotionally available”… my poor sweet little LoganWasThere… I have some bad news for you, kid. “His asshole is geodesic.” Haha, I can practically imagine you taking this one down for your “list of phrases my next book MUST feature”. “Ideally I’d love a trauma-informed leftist Master under 30” hahahaha awwww lawd. Boyo wins the day.

  12. Here at the hospital their NHS WiFi blocks the slaves and I must log in with my own network in order to view their wares. Meanwhile I’m hoping tomorrow might bring news of my transfer to Chapel Allerton, otherwise I’ve another day in store sat in this same bedside seat just watching the world go by, sigh.

    Got some happy news this morning in that I’m now on the board of trustees at Dundee’s NEoN (an acronym for North East of North) festival. I’m glad of this as I want to stay connected with that little part of the art world in these strange, unprecedented times.

  13. Brian O’Connell

    March 1, 2021 at 12:28 am

    Why, March already, Dennis?

    The boys are in full swing this weekend. Happy to close February in their company. Quite a few standouts, but I chuckled at the gentleman who offers psychological therapy along with his ass. Also the entire exchange for TheBestYouHad spooks me.

    A hacker; that’s such shit. What motivates people to do these things? Crazy. Is there anything more WordPress can do? If not, then I’m hoping our sheer collective willpower will prevent any break-ins. Let’s form a prayer circle in the comments or something.

    My weekend was alright. Friday finished “Eustace Chisholm” (loved it, naturally), went out to dinner; saw friends on Saturday, showed them “Querelle”; mostly worked on Sunday, on stuff for school and a video editing mini-project for a local fundraiser, that was it. Wasn’t bad as weekends go. This week might prove to be a little heavier as it’s around the end of the first quarter of the semester, so some bigger assignments could crop up. We’ll see. How does your week ahead look? All my love and best vibes.

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