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77 planetariums

Zeiss Planetarium, Berlin


Galileo Galilei Planetarium, Buenos Aires


Armagh Planetarium, Armagh, Northern Island


Adler Planetarium, Chicago


Silesian Planetarium, Chorzow, Poland


Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan de Montréal


Alexandria Planetarium, Alexandria, Egypt


Bristol Planetarium, Bristol


Deep Sky Planetarium, Valencia, Spain


Bangkok Planetarium


Infoversum, Groningen, Netherlands


India Gandhi Planetarium, Lucknow


Dr Bheem Rao Ambedkar Planetarium, Rampur, India


Planetarium Jakarta


The McLaughlin Planetarium, Toronto


Hayden PLanetarium, New York City


Birla Planetarium, West Bengal, India


Centennial Planetarium, Calgary


APJ Abdul Kalam Planetarium, Odisha


Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium, Edmonton


Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, Jersey City


Moderna Planetarium, Lisbon


Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium, Brisbane


The Planetarium at UT Arlington


ESO Supernova Planetarium, Darmstadt


Planetarium Hamburg, Hamburg


The Flandrau Planetarium, Phoenix, AZ


Perlan Planetarium, Reykjavik


James S McDonnell Planetarium, St. Louis


College of San Mateo Planetarium, San Mateo, CA


Moscow Planetarium, Moscow


Esplora Planetarium, Malta


Charles W. Brown Planetarium, Muncie, Indiana


Fleischmann Planetarium, Reno, Nevada


Nagoya City Planetarium, Nagoya, Japan


The Patricia and Phillip Frost Planetarium, Miami


Brno Planetarium, Brno


RVCC Planetarium, Branchburg, NJ


Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Copenhagen


Gonbad Mina Planetarium, Tehran, Iran


Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai


Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi


Winchester Planetarium, Winchester, UK


Saunders Planetarium, Tampa, FL


Palomar College Planetarium, San Marcos, CA


El Planetario Municipal, Cuenca, Ecuador


Irene W. Pennington Planetarium, Louisiana


Delta College Planetarium, Bay City MI


Planétarium de Bretagne, Pleumeur-Bodou


Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium, Laredo, TX


Funabashi Planetarium, Funabashi, Japan


Planétarium de Bruxelles, Brussels


London Planetarium


Peter Harrison Planetarium, London


Planetarium of Omar Khayyam, Tehran


Old Sharjah Planetarium, Tehran


Sri Sathya Sai Planetarium, Puttaparthi, India


Planetarium No. 1. St. Petersburg, Russia


National Museum Planetarium, Manila


Tarleton Science Planetarium, Stephenville, TX


Buhl Planetarium, Allegheny


Naypyitaw Planetarium, Naypyitaw, Myanmar


Griffith Observatory Planetarium, Hollywood, CA


Temple of Vedic Planetarium, Mayapur, India


Fakieh Planetarium, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Zeiss Planetarium, Bochum, Germany


Tashkent Planetarium, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Richard Neutra Planetarium, Costa Mesa, CA


The Kuwait National Planetarium


Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium, Northridge, CA


Buehler Planetarium, Davie, FL


Melaka Planetarium, Malacca, Malaysia


Walter W. Cordes Planetarium, Cincinatti


Lausanne Planetarium, Lausanne


Akashi Municipal Planetarium, Kobe, Japan


Ghana Science Planetrium, Accra


Penza Planetarium, Penza, Russia


Scobee Planetarium, San Antonio College, Texas




p.s. Hey. ** Misanthrope, Pee is like pigeons, there’s more there than meets the eye. He won’t think chipmunk cheeks are so funny when he has them, I reckon. Good luck to him this morning. I haven’t heard the term ‘tea bagging’ in ages. They probably still use it in England. ** _Black_Acrylic, Okay, I’ll use your link as my entry point into the oeuvre of Aaliyah, but I will try not to judge it based on your extraordinary hype. Goodness. Oh, sure, ‘Romper Stomper’, that was a good one. Is Crowe’s band still called 30 Odd Foot of Grunts ? Such an unfortunate name. ** Tosh Berman, Hi. Yes, I think I remember you saying you replicated the Perec experiment conceptually. Perec’s a god, oui. ** Dev, French pronunciation is really tough if you’re an American. I honestly think one of the unconscious reasons I’ve never learned it is because whenever I hear Americans speak French, with certain exceptions, I feel really embarrassed. I studied Spanish in school, and I’m vaguely okay with it. When I lived in Amsterdam, I learned Dutch, took classes and everything. I got pretty good at it, but, after I moved back to the US, there was no one to practice it with, and I lost my ability. Although when I overhear, say, Dutch tourists talking on the metro, I basically understand what they’re saying. I like Dutch. It’s a very underrated language. Oh, wow, I mean congrats on that school’s offer, whatever you do. Dang. But you’re still magnetised by N.O. ? Trust your gut? ** Dominik, Hi!!! Yeah, it’s a great book. Nothing else like it. The meeting was okay all in all. It was a start, but only a start. We got some questions answered but many not. We did find out that ‘RT’ came very close to getting into Cannes. We were in the running until the last minute. They ultimately rejected us because, one, there were a lot of American submissions and few slots for American films, and, two, because they thought our film ‘didn’t sufficiently address larger world issues’. Which, of course, is the last thing we wanted to do. Anyway, at least they liked the film that much. Your love’s demand of yesterday was pretty demanding, at least in my case. The person I hate is pretty incredibly hateful. But okay, teeth gritted. Love disappearing Khloe Kardashian, G. ** Oscar 🌀, Howdy! Biomedical engineering: I can only try to guess at what that is, but it sounds serious, and, yes, like something someone would need to take a break from. Coffee in Paris … gosh, there are a million cafes here, all essentially the same. It’s about where you want to drink the coffee mostly. Books: After8, my favorite bookstore in Paris and a treasure trove. I always highly recommend to everybody who comes to Paris to go to Le Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (Museum of Hunting and Nature). I know the name doesn’t sound promising, but it’s an amazing artwork of a place. Otherwise, Palais de Tokyo is fun, an amazing building with hit or miss shows. Pinault Collection, ditto. Mm, I’ll have a think. If we meet up, and that would be great, I can fill you in more on local things then. You can email me ( when you know your schedule and stuff. It’s morning here, and an okay one so far, and I boomerang its okayness to your AM/PM. ** Steve, Yes, I remember that stress and frustration very well. Everyone, Steve’s new reviews for your delectation are ‘an April roundup, with claire rousay and the Pet Shop Boys’ here, and a review of Fat White Family’s FORGIVENESS IS YOURS here. I just listened to the new Pet Shop Boys yesterday. On first listen, I thought it was their most perked-up one on a long time. The new script is very early on. We’re not building it in a straightforward narrative way. Right now I’m working two possible through-lines. One is about a boy whose only friend is a hand puppet he wears all the time. The other is about some teenagers who steal a ventriloquist dummy and use it to try to invent the perfect being. Not sure if they’ll hold, but what’s where we are. Thank you for asking. ** Harper, Hi. Joe Brainard is much more respected and influential in France than in the US, strangely. Edouard Leve, one of the best French novelists of recent times, was also heavily influenced by Brainard. Interesting about the attempted habit breaking. I’m pretty routine-oriented, although they’re routines that just kind of fall into place without me consciously organising them. I don’t think I could do the blog if doing so wasn’t a routine for me. I’m not routine about writing though. I just do it when I want to, and luckily that’s what I like to do the most, so it just happens on its own. So, I’m pretty sold on habits, I guess, and I don’t seem to get stressed when I have to break them for some reason. But I understand the jitteriness. I guess I sort of convince myself that what I’m working on in a routine way is more important than, I don’t know, going out and doing something else? Are you a person who needs to organise writing time to get it done? Do you have a lot distractions? ** Catachrestic, Hey. I think Perec is someone one should read or at least attempt to read. His work’s pleasurableness is pretty one-of-a-kind. I don’t know Fernand Braudel, no. He/it sounds pretty interesting. I’ll see what I can find. Great, then let’s meet up in LA. Oh, I’m really a day person, so we can find a time, I’m sure. I’ll let you know when we’re coming. It’s blurry at the moment. Thanks a lot for reading ‘I Wished’. I remember Essra Mohawk, but I don’t know if I know that particular song. I’ll link myself up and find out. Thanks, man. xo. ** Corey Heiferman, I think I saw your email, but I was too unawake when I saw it to dare open and understand it, but I will in a minute. Well, I gave Oscar some tips, and I can try to tip you in person, I guess. Nice gig at Les Instants Chavirés! I love that place. That’s one of Paris’s treasures, that place. So I think I’ll see you ultra-soon, no? ** Justin D, Hey, J. I’m somewhat less stressed, yes, thank you. We’ll see how long that lasts. Someone just told me my new book might be out as soon as June, but I haven’t gotten confirmation. I used to get serious crushes on/obsessions with pop culture figures, yeah, and I certainly used that in my work. But, strangely or not, I can’t even remember the last time I had a pop culture crush. I don’t what happened there. What about you? Are you smitten with anyone(s) in the spotlight? ** Darbyyy🥛🥩🥩🤮, Your emoji sequence is highly relatable. I’d like to wake up like that. I’m just a dense cloud looking for coffee. Yeah, your mom is … well, I don’t want to be rude, but … an ignorant moron. There, I said it. She doesn’t understand shit. I’m sorry, but she obviously doesn’t. Having an authoritarian figure who’s dumber and less enlightened than yourself is the absolute worst. I grew up with one of those. No, wait, two. And Zac and I have been under the thumb of a piece of shit with our film for more than five years. So, I hear you, pal. I hope your time between now and Friday, if that’s when I see you next, is utterly empowering. ** Uday, Hi. Well, you know, I’m, like, old, ha ha. You’ll have a whole lexicon of interesting past people yourself one day. No, the Meher Baba stint was embarrassing, it was. So nice about the dedication! I dedicate my novels to people, and I mean it to be meaningful. Being the dedicatee of someone’s writing is a great gift, I think. That’s so nice. ** Okay. I really like planetarium buildings for some reason, and today you get to look at 77 of them. See you tomorrow.


  1. Charalampos

    I did not know that Leve was inspired by Brainard but makes complete sense. I think he would be one of my general inspirations too even though I would not think it right away for sure. These things are ingrained the things you read and love to what you produce after hopefully in original ways but the connections between artists are interesting to notice. I don’t know how you guys feel about the Cannes but I am sure the film will find its places and as usual send the best vibes. I do this endless scroll down on social media lately that is very bad for my psyche mental state and dreams etc all kinds of things unrelated to my interests show up. I should stop. Today I watched a video of Emma Roberts showing entire wardrobes of scary dolls she has in her house
    I saw in my dream a glass cone popping out of my skin and me getting it out leaving a naval shape in the end. As cinematic as that sounds I was looking for spiritual meaning on Google and was scared too. Oh I am personally big fan of Aaliyah and she kept me the best company in so lonely years of youth. Her last self titled album is just incredible. But I love them all the same but the last one is just beyond for me and eternal love. I did not bother with latest Pet shop boys releases but the last I remember doing it was Love etc. I always used to love the Domino Dancing song and video it is so hot. I miss chilling out in my couch and watching music videos, I just do the first part now I should find ways to get to it again

    Love from Crete

  2. Dominik


    I love the word planetarium. I’ve never been into space or planets, but we used to visit a planetarium when I was a kid, and I always found that fascinating.

    Oh, that’s really bittersweet about Cannes. On the one hand, it’s fantastic that they loved it so much and it came so close to being selected. On the other, it must be quite painful that they rejected it so close to the finish line. And their reasoning, at least its second part, takes us right back to our earlier conversation about what film festivals are really looking for today…

    I guess love’s actions didn’t seem too unbearable to me because I don’t think there’s anyone I truly hate. And I’d be interested in switching lives with someone I dislike for a day – just to see where they’re coming from.

    I honestly wouldn’t be able to pick Khloe Kardashian (or any of the Kardashians, for that matter) out of a lineup… Love making tampons and condoms free, Od.

  3. _Black_Acrylic

    There was me thinking that planetariums were not a UK thing, but I see there are a few here on this very list! Dundee has its own observatory on top of the central hill, which I always liked to visit. It’s a hidden gem!

    According to Russell Crowe’s Twitter, his band is now called The Gentlemen Barbers which is a definite improvement on 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. I’ve got no idea why he’s a Leeds United fan but he did the voiceover for our recent Amazon documentary, and I think he has an actual stake in the ownership too. Leeds are still 2nd with 2 games to go so it’s all to play for. On Monday, we won against Middlesbrough 4-3 and our Dutch striker Crysencio Summerville scored this wonderful goal.

  4. Dev

    I went on a field trip to the planetarium in Jackson, MS when I was about six years old. It was the coolest thing ever to me at the time.

    Thank you for the congrats! Yeah if it was just me I’d probably take the scholarship, but after a lot of reflection we think N.O. will be better for the family overall. We’re thinking of putting our daughter in French preschool there when she’s old enough. Similar to you with Dutch, I used to be a fairly advanced Japanese speaker but have forgotten most of it after 8 years of disuse. I studied a couple dead languages in school as well. Sadly languages are a lot of work to keep up with.

    Any thoughts on John Prine? Just happened to be thinking of him lately. Big fan of his songwriting.

  5. Steve

    A scammer called my parents today and tried to get the PIN # to their bank account. Fortunately, my dad didn’t give it to her, but until he talked to me, he didn’t realize this was an obvious con. I’m so fucking angry.

    Is animation a possibility for the new film? Your description makes me think of a strain of experimental stop-motion work.

    I’d return to a few songs on the new Pet Shop Boys album, but overall I was a bit disappointed.

    Aaliyah was awesome! Her last two albums and the singles she released at that time, like “Try Again” and “Are You That Somebody?,” are really worth a shot. Timbaland and Missy Elliott’s production was so creative.

  6. Justin D

    Hi, Dennis! I love planetariums. Here, in Portland, we have OMSI (The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) which is always fun to explore. The new book might be out as soon as June?!? That’s my birthday month, so that would be a neat trick. As far as personal crushes I can’t say that I do either. Maybe because we’re just bombarded with cute faces these days? Who knows? Cool that ‘RT’ was so close to getting in to Cannes. Shame that it sounds so political, though, but i guess, what isn’t these days?

  7. Jeff J

    Hey Dennis – Love the role call of Planetariums here. So many cool looking structures. Been lurking a bit on the site — going back a bit, I especially dug your list of favorite poetry collections. It made me wonder if you’ve ever done a post on Frederike Mayrocker?

    I’m finally seeing some progress from my elbow surgery, tho the doctor says it’s a year-long recovery. There was some misbegotten dental surgery too, which set me back almost a month. Less said about that, the better. I believe I’ve turned a corner health-wise, but I’ve said that before.

    Made it to the Big Ears festival, saw an incredible LaMonte Young piece that rearranged my molecules. Been working a lot on my trilogy — major edits to get the 3 books to function better in tandem. Band has been working w/ a great mixer who produced several Sonic Youth records.

    Been thinking about you and Zac and the film. Are there a number of festivals you’re waiting to hear from? Excited to read about the short fiction collection coming out soonish. Have the short stories spurred any itch toward a new novel?

    Love to catch up with you soon — Zoom maybe? xo

  8. Harper

    Hi Dennis! When I’m not doing anything else I put a few hours aside in the afternoon for writing, and I’ll typically write in the evening as well most days. I of course have distractions and they are mostly trivial like what music to play and getting stuck in internet rabbit holes. For that reason I want to start writing first drafts as shorthand in the future. The book I’m writing right now was purely electronic, but it was a bit of an unorthodox process due to how fragmentary it is. I had three or four word documents with different ‘streams’ or time periods in them and got around to assembling them a couple of months ago. I know it sounds a bit crazy but it makes sense, in my head at least. I’m finding the editing part a lot slower than the first drafts where I was kind of vomiting out everything in my head. It’s difficult to come to the conclusion that parts I really like might not fit or are just boring to a lot of the people. I’m quite stubborn in that respect, but I understand that it’s pretty long and that it probably needs to be cut back a bit. It feels good to be at this point though. I’ve been trying to write this book for at least five years now, and I finally found the right format about two years ago and properly began then. It’s a slow process but at least now I can see an end in sight, fingers crossed!

  9. Rafe 🌝

    Hello Dennis I’m currently in a tent ..feels like sort of a planetarium with its roundness /no ceilingness .. I like them ,. tho it’s ? to me why they have to simulate planet when aren’t they mostly movie theater?(maybe I’m wrong just my memories of it—. I haven’t been to one in a long time I think the last time my hair got stuck in leftover gum or maybe I made it up ..:):•
    Do you ever get tired of watching movies and reading books? Recently I’m having the problme of not being able to finish books. Suggestion from a real writer?

  10. Uday

    What a coincidence! It was my Dad’s birthday recently and a large part of my card for him discussed our stargazing experiences. I’m sure the people you dedicate your novels to are very happy. Or even the people who get to be little characters or get short stories. In part, of course, because you’re also a good writer. Was wondering if you knew where I could find Peter Hujar’s work that he did under the alias Jute Harper, especially his photographs of Wojnarowicz. Or even if you had these yourself and could send them if you so wished.

  11. Uday

    Also I was remember reading an interview of yours where you praised Flaubert, and recently came across a letter of his that goes “The sight of a naked woman makes me imagine her skeleton.” Was this behind your whole cool thing of seeing skulls behind faces or was that from something else.

  12. Darbyyy🥛

    Hello uh I still will be gone till Friday but wanted to say yeah sorry I complain about the same things. working on that. I guess its just my friends have been sucking small ephemeral balls lately, not knowing how to tell them I feel left out, consequently, isolation + the bad stuff. i’ll work on it. Make new friends who seem as they like me and probably preferably aren’t relapsing/ drug addicts. Also I guess I’m still at the precipe of being “overly moody teen” so maybe about a year i’ll give myself and this weirdness will succumb into the prevailing of….I guess Divine knowledge?
    Also! I wanted to send this;

    I found it in your brain. Do you want it in a jar?

  13. Catachrestic

    Planetariums are great. I have some fond childhood memories in the McDonnell Planetarium in St Louis there. More interesting, imo, was the Omnimax theater on the other side of the St Louis Science Center complex. It’s a very rare subtype of IMAX screen that takes the form of a dome. Though, since so few of them exist, only rarely do you see something that’s designed to really utilize their possibilities. The best would be the intro animation that they played before every movie, where for a few dizzying moments it really felt like you were free-floating in space. The seating in an Omnimax is sharply staggered, such that your feet are at about the level of the heads of the people in the next row, and as a kid I’d always cling to the armrests and get terrible vertigo during that one part. I guess it wasn’t fun per se but something kept me wanting to come back to that moment.

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