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Meet Tf-is-this, Iamboyvore, GamesofThroats, room_number_216, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of March 2018


ultimatesubfaggotghostnolimitsever, 23
i’m a fag who’s sub enough to scare most guys away that wants his body destroyed. into rape, being drugged, hurt, mutilated and everything else. i want a man who will never stop even when i beg or cry or even after it’s too late and stopping doesn’t matter. just make sure i don’t need this app anymore.

?: Caledonian Road
?: Kings Cross



Tf-is-this, 18
Hello I’m Caleb Nelson just moved to Las Vegas from St. George Utah. I’m 18 and a senior in high school. I live with my new stepdad, mom and stepbrother. I visit my dad, new stepmom and stepbrothers in North Hollywood in Cali every other weekend. Going to Europe and UK for spring break and Japan and China for class trip. I spent last 3 months in a straight boot camp in Utah cause my new stepdad won’t accept I feel gay. That’s why I joined here, just turned 18. I have lots of gay feelings and am attracted to guys. I feel it in me I can’t change me. I want to know guys or group of guys who want me to be gay be ok gay. I like guys wearing leather and boots and masks or hoods. I also think lots about being tied up and helpless like. I guess I want to give in and be weak to guys in control of me. I think about living in a cage too cause a guy is over you owns you kind of. I’m real open to anything I need to do or be. I hope that explains me.


Tf-is-this (Owner) – March 14, 2018

OnlyLiveinLeather – March 11, 2018
Should you accept me as your Master and Owner, in addition to your 24/7 availability as pliable sex object, you will like to go camping and kayaking on weekends, you will also dress up in a tux and go to a formal event (you will know which fork to use) but most of the time you’ll eat somewhere casual and chill. You will work in TV and you will get some cool perks, and you will find it fun to share those with me. You will not be much of a club guy, you will rather hit up a restaurant bar for appetizers and drinks. You will enjoy cooking and cookbooks and you will be very much a social drinker. You will like to bowl, go to art galleries, build stuff (furniture, DIY, refacing/paint), take long drives and explore inside and outside of abandoned buildings. If you’ve read this far, I hope your answer is a yes. If it is not, please be polite enough to answer. We might not be a match, but there is no reason to be a jerk face, right?

Brando – March 8, 2018
Loves being strangled with belt



pieceofshit666, 18
Not searching for anything. Please do me a favor, leave.



hi. looking for super cute guys with super cute hands to suffocate me with clingfilm plastic rubber gloves and suffocate me extreme and very bad then FUCKING ANNIHILATE my gaping dripping used worthless asshole


Patry46 – March 13, 2018
ok, but for future reference, unless you’re talking about liquid anal insertions, living asses don’t drip they self-moisturise, dead asses drip.

FISTMYROSEBUD (Owner) – March 13, 2018
that’s right. 🙂 i meant it to be a little ambiguous because that felt sexy, but i thought the word “dripping” gave away that it wasn’t a snuff thing.

Patry46 – March 13, 2018
a little confused by your use of the word “worthless asshole” in your profile relative to your wish to be suffocated “extreme and very bad.” you mean “worthless” because you’re into denigrating yourself and being denigrated, not because by that point it would just be a hole in a dead body right?



Sit-on-my-face-?, 21
Craving personally, I’m the androgynous extremely talented gorgeous freak twink with immense talent and I’m looking for fun. I am an eproctophilliac at heart and will eat any ass ?, I’m the best rimmer there is and I like when you are perverted and dirty ? hmu very soon cause I will be disappearing again and my mouth is the best there is. Raunch is my game and I know you are dying to let me taste you ?. I don’t know my height and weight in metric lmao 5’10 though.


MrShades – Feb 28, 2018
He gives the best rim job I’ve ever had by a long shot, but he doesn’t remove his make up so by the end of it my ass looked like an impressionist painting, not to mention his face! Unique.



MasterofMasters, 18

I had a lot of nudes before and not because of the attraction I feel to myself. I thought it could cause many erections and eventually offer me lots and lots of sex but it was not effective! So now I left none.

Speaking of delicious, I do not have preferences. It’s good to be at the mercy of people, good karma. Just be the kind of crap I want to meet right away. Lately it’s been the rapist type already.

I have a futon on the other side of the house that’s just a shout away that’s ruined from all the times I was fucked on it but it’s not always free tho.

I’m anonymous my friend, I waste my tight behind for unlucky guys. I am in the barracks, gangbangs, wives and husbands. I am not me. I am sex. Sex is life! Idk why I’m so cute lmao!

I was me before heartbreak lol.

Now I do not know if I’m a joke or fuckbuddy. I just woke up so much that I was destroyed when I was still in my heart. I’m so cute, loud, obvious, slim, popular with pornsites lol I love to video. Ps: fem crossdresser not FtM you stupid fool.

I need any and all sex yes, but avoid 7somes lol. I have a social anxiety, which is big deal really it’s worse than being an introvert. My life is huge on cyber space, with 20+ social media accounts including this.



Johnmethman – March 20, 2018
Tina and slamming plog in connect
Tina ice plog in connection supplies and slamming



helpmejordan, 18
Give me a massage or something and then slip a hypodermic needle in my arm with whatever u like in it.



feedmybum, 22
You want to know more about me, so lets. Let’s grab a drink first shall we? And after that, recite me beautiful poems, random facts about the human body, intellectual pieces that make me go ‘I feel stupid now’ and make me a delicious meal. Then mister, after dinner I’m yours. But please be over 50 years old as much as possible.


Beltguy – March 17, 2018
I’ve loved wearing belts since adolescence. Love the thought of you blowing me through my fly and seeing my buckled belt right before your eyes.

thrall2feet – March 16, 2018
You like the attention of someone on the floor, kissing and caressing your feet, demonstrating to you how unbelievably important they are to him? You want your feet worshiped, in every sense of the word?
You love an eager tongue on your soles? You never tire of having your toes in a warm, wet mouth?
You want him to know your feet better than you do, so you have him spend time staring at them, exploring and studying them with all of his senses?
You’re flattered by your foot slave sleeping at the foot of your bed, a pile of your dirty socks and underwear for his pillow, with his nose nuzzling your toes or his cheek resting lovingly in your arch?
Your foot slave is him.

Zeyd – March 3, 2018
He’s guy has a dignity and a guy of Intigrity.



Iamboyvore, 19
I like to get swallow by a fat guy and get digest alive painfully slow or fast in their fat stomach.

Ps: I suffer from paranoid hallucinatory schizophrenia and dysmorphophobia. Should not be a problem for you!



TickleTortureVictim, 21

Calling all sadistic ticklers!!! I am back after some time off and long overdue to be severely tickle tortured beyond all points of endurance. I am without question the most hyperticklish person alive on the planet.

I must warn that I truly require 100% immobilizing, inescapable bondage and I should never be allowed nor do I deserve a safeword as it would give me way too much control and I would utter it in seconds. Hold me captive and tickle me for hours or days or weeks!

I am also very much into psychodrama. Maybe I could be abducted but the victim of mistaken identity. I’m taken to a remote undisclosed, secure location to be tortured for information I simply don’t have because I’m the wrong person. I of course am subjected to brutal tickle torture with no way of stopping the torture because I truly don’t know anything!

If you agree to take me on, I will produce a “dossier” that will chronicle every piece of information about my ticklishness including a break down of every tickle spot on my body and the best ways to tickle them for maximum effect as well information about my worst fears when it comes to tickling to be used as psychodrama against me.

In closing I would just challenge you to take your tickle torture skills further than you’ve ever thought to do in any of the sessions you’ve done or fantasies you’ve had to date. In short, do you worst.



GameofThroats, 22
I’m looking to come over to someone’s house and have them just fuck my face hard and not stop for a while. Then maybe we could do it again. I’m not able to deepthroat so you will just have to jackhammer it in with no mercy.
I have only sucked once before and the guy got tired of me only getting it half way in so he just grabbed my hair and fucked my throat so hard that I thought he was going to kill me. I had tears running down my face and gagged a lot. It was very intense!
I want to do it again and feel that again. It would be great if I could find a couple of guys who were like 8 inches.
I want you to be as brutal as you can. Maybe have me lay on my back and you just mount my face and fuck it. And more than once in a while slam it all the way in and just hold it there for a while and watch me cry and make drowning sounds.
If you think you’ve seen me before that’s because I had to leave due to health issues.


GameofThroats (Owner) – March 21, 2018

callmebyMYname – March 20, 2018
His throat is like a fucking wishing well but if you mainly want him because of his pics, think twice. He’s quite bloated atm due to some medication he’s on for depression. I’d like to say he makes a cute chub but it’s bloat and he looks really unnatural.



touristwhore, 25
hey master
am half Egyptian half Italian pig boy interested in you i am a tourist in nj
piss spit cum shit on my face cover me in snot i will lick it
tattoo your name on my body
share me with your friends drag me naked into the woods put me on satan alter dance naked around my body then spill pig blood and donkey piss on my naked body dump maggots and worms on my body let a snake crawl on top of me gang rape me with your poz friends in the name of satan
have your k9 breed me or let me suck your stallion dick
turn me into a sissy fill me with hormones to alter my body
hang me choke me cook and eat me snuff me


Anonymous – March 21, 2018
at my home

want2snuffguys – March 8, 2018
I’m pretty clear what I’m looking at in my profile name. It’s not that I’m not looking for hello-goodbye but I think it’s like the final destination of a route so if you just look for a “quick” end then I’m not your person. I can not determine if you are an interesting type to snuff, I will judge it in our discussion. If I am interested in you, I’ll show I’m interested in you, all without pretending to be interested. As far as the snuff part is concerned I am 19 and I am not an expert I am sorry but I can not be. I want to get my feet wet on this issue. And to be completely honest, an experience with you will certainly be appreciated. So if you want to start a conversation then a relationship to end up somewhere dead then send a message.



loudlouderloudest, 20
Gay pizza delivery boy, loves fighting over the price of my pizza then getting raped. Shy unless drinking.


fiddler – March 15, 2018
POSITIVES: Good pizza. His ass opens very well and can host as many things as you can put in it.
NEGATIVE: At even the smallest, most innocent criticism he breaks down crying and blubbers like a baby.

Travistock – March 14, 2018



asianpaintwink, 24
Seeking ashtray or maid, get in touch! Tell me what you want with my sick maso boyfriend and we see what we can do =) Furthermore, I love to rip off you Pussies be it in the form of vouchers or in the form of cash that you can put between your toes while my pain twink lick your feet with his pathetic tongue. I like you with a grin on the face. Then you can breathe deeply and enjoy raping his hot and delicious face! Or do you want to let really kicking him? He’s like a worthless slug on the sidewalk when you just run over him, or put your full weight on his head! If you like, then use your teeth too! He is worn merciless and must serve me day by day! I’ll send him back to you, or you can pick him up at my place and inflict him live on your warm house! The same goes! How long I should register for you, you alone decide!


Anonymous – Feb 16, 2018
Inserted one of the electrical prong of an industrial strength cattle prod (10kV at least) deep into his pissslit so that its entire length was buried deep into the urethra along the entire cockhead, while the other conductive prong was pressed against the hyper-sensitive side of the glans. Zapped the cattle prod to fry the cock from deep inside the tender piss-passage, through the spongy tissue, right out to the nerve-packed outer corona! Rotated the outer prong a few degrees while keeping the first prong firmly embedded in the pissslit, then delivered another massive jolt to electrify this new cross-section of meat. Kept rotating the outer prong around the entire cockhead slowly, cruelly zapping the tormented cockmeat every two seconds, ignoring all screaming and shuddering and thrashing. Making a very slow orbit around the entire cockmeat, I was able to completely electrocute every single nerve cell packed within the entire cockhead! As the voltage was insanely high (cattle prods are made to penetrate cattle hide, but was now being used on the exposed cockhead), two seconds was not enough for the massive, throbbing pain to dissipate between each shock, so each blast stacked up with increasing pain, building up the agony to blinding levels after a few iterations! My other hand was holding the erect cock shaft steady while slowly jacking the cockshaft to maintain hardness and sensitivity throughout the entire ordeal.

First I made multiple paper cuts criss-crossing his entire cockhead — this itself was agonizing but was only on the first level of pain. Then cut a lemon in half, pulverized the fruity pulp till it was nice and juicy. Inserted the head of his cock into the half lemon, encasing the already painfully lacerated cockhead in the pulpy lemon concentrate, turning each throbbing cut into stinging rivers of pure agony! Grinded the lemon down on the throbbing cockhead and twisted it so those paper cuts opened up for maximum exposure to the burning, astringent acid!

Embeded two 2-inch long 18G thick steel needles into a flat wooden paddle around half an inch apart. Connected the base of each needle to an electro machine at high frequency & intensity setting, and left it on. Sterilized the needle, then flamed each needle with a blowtorch until it was glowing yellow and hot. Then without warning, slammed the wooden paddle with the burning needles hard into his cockhead. The first sensation was a sharp piercing pain as the cockheadmeat was double impaled, immediately followed by a incredible surge of agony as the electro circuit was completed and the cock was instantly electrocuted in high intensity electricity! The third layer of pain was completed by the scorching, burning needle as it seared & cooked the surrounding flesh — dialing up the pain levels to maximum in a cruel ensemble of agony, delivered by three separate vectors of torture. The glowing hot needle easily sliced through the flesh like butter, cauterizing the blood vessels to prevent bleeding. Experimented with different parts of the cock to find where to get the best agony response to this torment (experimentally, the greatest pain response was when the needles were slammed on the extremely sensitive globes of cockheadmeat just above each side of the frenulum at the rear base of the cockhead). This worked on the balls too, where a whopping fourth dimension of agony was achieved by also smashing the wooden paddle hard onto the nuts, crushing them. Multipled the pain quotient by increasing the needles to four or six!



LeatherJacketBoy2, 18
I want to be a leather jacket boy. I want to wear a leather jacket and leather pants. I’m looking for someone who would like to buy me a leather jacket and pants. Once I have a leather jacket I would like to be grabbed by my jacket and dragged by my jacket. And I would like someone to scratch up my leather jacket. I also would like to be tied up while wearing my leather jacket. And lastly I would like to be wrestled to the ground in my leather jacket.


Anonymous – Feb 23, 2018
His profile image is a photograph I took of my son in 1997.



ItsMeAndrew, 19
MasterSquishy owns me. Also owned by MasterTxCage and Master Hunter61.

I’m friendly. I just can’t share more pictures without permission from my Masters. They own my balls (and I might be castrated). They own my cock (which is also on the chopping block), my hole (fucked more times then Jesus had prayers). My mind (which is hypnotised) and body.

The tasks I’m requested to do is just a touch too gay for me. I didn’t realize I needed to be this gay.



PrincessCharming, 18
I don’t know whose idea of fun it might be to tie up a 15 year old boy, but there’s no harm in asking.

I didn’t put my face because I’m afraid maybe someone who knows me will figure out I’m crazy.

Into rope, gaffer tape, wraparound tape gags, hogties, chair ties, kidnap, black leather gloves, ski masks, trying to escape (but failing) etc. etc. but no sex. I hate pedos. If you want to tie me up because you’re a pedo, don’t tell me.

I am willing (and eager). No escape possible. No alerting the neighbours. You can keep me tied up as long as you want, but if I flunk out of school you’re stuck with me.

YOU And ME AgainsT THe WorLD


GeneralJames – March 25, 2018
I’m General James. I’m here looking for the one that owns my heart and I believe it is you. I will do all it takes to make you happy. I’m from United States of America. Right now I am stationed in Afghanistan but I will be getting my retirement very soon.

clammyandripe – March 17, 2018
I fart. Hard.

I’m mainly looking for a boy to worship my farts, but I’m also down to worship yours too. I’m nasty and looking to hook up and show you some nice rank videos from my collection. You won’t be sorry. 🙂

4schoolboys – Feb 21, 2018
you enter. sternly i instruct you to strip. i chastise you for being bad (you’re 15 so it will be easy to think of a reason) and announce the terms of my punishment. i fasten leg spreaders to your feet and your wrists to a pulley and raise you off the floor. i proceed to whip your bare back and ass brutally, until it is red and raw and bleeding and you are crying for mercy, which i of course do not show. i lower you, splash disinfectant on your wounds then you dress and leave. the only signs we ever met are your thrashed back and ass.



room_number_216, 18
My parents lost their house to Hurricane Harvey, and we are crashing on couches, but I can still get around. Making the best of it. Still I would do anything to have my old life back. When I say anything, I mean anything.

I’m new to and frankly feel more opportunistic than anything else about the kink community. Due to homelessness I’ve had to drop out of school and I feel the time is right to find a master to hand the keys to my life over to.

Although I am inexperienced as far as real sex goes, unless being with one girl where I couldn’t get hard counts, I look constantly at pornos with SM. There are hardly any SM pornos that I have not jacked off over and hosed.

I’m currently crashing in H-Town, just SW outside the loop. I’m skinny and cute as hell, regularly wax, shave, use lotion, and in general stay real hygienic.

Update: This will shock anyone who’s ever known me as much as it shocks me but I’m now owned (!) and being made available by MasterFreaky. We are on a world tour to give everyone a shot at me. Scary! ;-O


MasterFreaky – March 20, 2018
Guys I’m sharing boy for sex and more but above all we all know why we ate here. Boy accepct white dudes but if you are cute and you are asian he say you welcome too. Black can come but you need to be very respectful for he say he don’t have anything against them but if you rude he’s worst racist, keep that on mind everyone.

Currently in Brazil
Next stops:
Goa ??
Koh Phangan ??
Bali ??
Berlin ??
Barcelona ??
Ibiza ??
Idanha-a-nova ??
Slunj ??



HighCultureLowSleaze, 23
Scared of long-haired skinny twinks? go awei. Up for stuff? Make it quick. Reply immediately.

So many guys with fragile egos. they hit me up, I tell them I’m not interested then suddenly they go “Oh I’m not interested either, you’re not even that hot blah blah blah”. ??? Explains why you’re not getting enough hole, man.

Maybe something 24/7 this time? haha I was such a whore last year kinda sad.



youbitch – March 11, 2018
I’ll tear your arse to pieces, call me I want arse , and I do not inject in rubber – everything in the pussy, call me !!!!!!i love to spit on you choke you , you are a whore, don’t be scared call me, call lots!!!!!

Ral12 – Feb 26, 2018
you know that saying ” fuck me stupid ” ? im going to fuck you stupid . ill fuck you so hard the next time you see your friends youll be so dumb theyll think you had a stroke .

GODSSTEFF – Feb 13, 2018
I’m a fuckin dropdead gorgeous, horny, young, NAZI bull SStud SSatanic buffed up SSexGOD & xristfucker addicted to hard drugs and hard, raw, fuckin SEX and I’m ready to … : no fuckin bloody morals here!!

RapeYou4Evr – Jan 27, 2018
Lookin to rape the fuck out of you, choke you out then abduct, take you away from the world to enter a life with no meaning or purpose other that to be endlessly raped every day 4 the rest of your life by dom men who need to rape the fuck out of cute fags every day. like true rape….I dont give a fuck about you. choke, suffocate, rape your holes ruthlessly. Once your in my possession, there is no way out ever….U will spend the rest of your life being raped by me, my friends, or whoever I choose, drinking only piss forever



braceface, 19
Serious interest in getting braces. Weird kink, I know. I’m a 19 year old guy from California. Fairly aesthetic bod, borderline handsome. I created this profile to see if anyone out there would wanna give me braces. i have been thinking about braces for a few years and I think I’m ready to get them.

Very shy, but I’m really determined in getting them though. I’ve had enough time to make my decision.

I’m sure it doesn’t exist but a gay ortho would be a nice person to fall in love with, or someone with experience or connections with orthos.



WantsaBurlyBrute, 24
Seeking burly brutes, tatted thugs, SS officers, evil hulking goons.

So I have a pretty complicated relationship with the whole submission thing. On one hand, the idea of being tied up, controlled by another man, and told what to do and that he knows better than me really gets on my nerves. But as much as I hate and can’t stand the humiliation, the thought of it still gets me harder than almost anything.

A lot of the time I feel like I start to overthink things, get nervous, and have second thoughts. That’s why lately I feel like it might be better for a guy to sort of push me through all that and not go easy on me. Whether that means being drugged, inescapable bondage, a tight-fitting gag, being wrestled down and overpowered or chloroformed into submitting… it’s up to you, but I’ll struggle like a nincompoop so you gotta know what you’re doing seriously.

And yeah, if things go well, and you want to hang out and get to know me outside of all this, I’d be down for that too! Ultimately I’m looking for “the one.” But if you don’t want kids that’s a dealbreaker.


Brian – March 5, 2018
I’m Brian. I’m a giant bodybuilder, 38yrs, and I’m smooth all over. I wanna throw you on the bed, and crush you with my full weight, not caring if you can handle that or can’t breathe or get broken ribs or not. I want to bite you hard on your neck, not caring if my mouth gets filled with your blood. Ideally wanna slam my weight up and down on you, not caring if you care that you’ll pass out or or get busted up.



MrNudeTeenager, 19
Looking for men to buy stuff for sex.
This turns me on extremely hard to be given for sex and I’m totally off.
I am still very slim and very materialistic and money-hungry.
I have other advantages that you will find here.
I’m a fucking good lay too.
Don’t have a type, if we vibe, we vibe.
Otherwise I’m a cute dude enjoying living in LA.


Zaelkiff – March 22, 2018
meth slam hole not that im complaining

strassen_koeter_ – March 19, 2018
if you want to properly nibble chew suck on a young street kitten without comic stop words and so n shit then report you to him

RIPhumanity – March 1, 2018
I resent hustlers like him coming in here flashing their shit trying to milk us Masters or I did until fucked his soul out!



Hi straight guy just here cause interested in being kidnapped and humiliated by my kidnapper by recording himself using and abusing my hole from tight to gaping and sloppy and then making me watch it.

Curious about snuff, though scared it will hurt like crazy.



SkinnyUselessWorm, 19
I have been on and off of here so you may have seen me before. I have also fluctuated from sleazy bottom to battering ram to misbehaving pup.

What words would describe me:

Skinny, Useless, Cunt, Ugly, Small cocked good for nothing.

Still reading good I am a skinny small cocked aspiring Slave boy who knows I am ugly.

To most men I have no value and I don’t seek any. If you see me on the street I will be walking looking at the ground where I belong.

I would prefer my Master to be aged 30-65 and SINGLE and have a balanced life (unlike myself).


SkinnyUselessWorm (Owner) – March 19, 2018
ScorpioDragon sounds good, write me.

ScorpioDragon – March 19, 2018
I wanna take you from skinny and neurotic to very muscular and sculpted and robotic.

You are mindless putty around a VERY verbal and dominant man.
You want a man to workout your mind (drugs, hypnosis, isolation, extreme verbal abuse, sensory overload) and body.
You are too young to remember June Cleaver, but that is who you want to be in a nut shell.

You agree to go to bootcamp.
You agree to be inducted into the military.
You agree to do calisthenics.

Your mind and body are my slave up 2 or 3 times a week, anytime after 1pm.
You get the reward and the extreme satisfaction to being modelled up into my own customized sexy muscle/fit brainless slave to serve me.
When I decide you are muscled enough, I will be proud to show you to my male friends. Though, only if I want.

SkinnyUselessWorm (Owner) – March 16, 2018
straight-curious sounds good, write me.

straight-curious – March 16, 2018
Hi. I’m a decent looking man, 46 years, who has been totally gay since my first pube. But I’ve recently become obsessed with knowing what it would like to be a totally straight, homophobic asshole. My proposal to you is that we meet somewhere, “hit it off” until you reveal that you’re gay. This would fill me with “rage” which I would suppress until I lured you somewhere private where I would violently attack and verbally assault and fagbash you. I would probably rape you too if I can make that fit into my scenario because you remind me of a cute straight boy who was ruthlessly mean to me in high school.

SkinnyUselessWorm (Owner) – March 14, 2018
Icyburn sounds good, write me.

Icyburn – March 14, 2018
Im always looking for a boy to tie up… overload him with cialis, poppers, meth… and edge him for HOURS… till hes literally insane, and will do anything hes told, just on the CHANCE he might be allowed to cum. And when im feeling particularly mean… just keep on going. i mean… and you can be Damn sure ill be recording it.. and make him watch later ..so… ive got a BAD fascination with inflicting pain on boys. Bssically just blowing their minds.. their brains dont know WTF to think. Ive discovered that.. if that goes on long enough, theyre brainwashed into believing that pain IS THE ONLY pleasure… to the point when: i can only get them off using Just pain. I like messing with boys head, why not give it a try..? Say hi, hit me up. 9 times outve 10, im unable to say no… sooo… Heyy boy… hows it going today?



bottomsup, 22
Welcome to my profile, regardless of whether you visit me consciously or by chance.

Millions of words can not express the longing for the figure of my brother, when I need help, your burden to protect me is getting lighter and I trust someday God will find a lover who will love me. I have only one hand, which restricts me in the sense of not being able to masturbate with both hands. For the world you are only one but for one you are the world.

Help me enjoy my life by spraying your sperm deep inside me.

Stephanie Lotus Flower


TheTruthOne, 19
So this is what goes on in my fantasy land! I apologise if it’s a bit of a ‘brain dump’. I am always my younger self, at a more innocent age, 10 years old to be precise.

I get captured snooping around somewhere I shouldn’t be! Or alternatively I have been tricked or blackmailed or forced to present myself to an ill-intentioned man.

My preference is to be dressed in cut off jeans and sweater (I cant really explain it but that’s how I used to dress). I would want to keep my sweater on throughout – but the cut offs can be removed.

I’m in a ‘normal marriage’ – so avoiding too many marks that can’t be explained as my having tripped and fell is important to me.

I would want all of the following:
• I am taken by the scruff of the neck, the arms… pushed around… marched from place to place.
• My body is searched – airport security style – finding something incriminating for which I am punished.
• I am interrogated – why am I there snooping around, and revealing specific information – for as long as it takes.
• I am shouted at.
• I am locked up whilst I await my fate.
• I am tied up – all positions appealing – ropes, chains, handcuffs, cable ties… I know I’ll look like a Christmas tree, but that’s the fantasy.
• I have a hand placed over my mouth and nose, another around my neck, and I am suffocated to unconsciousness then woken up sometime later with smelling salts.
• I’m left a few times to ‘stew’ for a bit.
• I am anally abused or threatened with it. (I’m not really sure anything would actually fit up my 10 year old bottom!)

Wow – that was a lot of stuff – thanks for doing it in advance!



TheYudd, 20
I like the aesthetics of what has lived, if you follow me. I also like DIY, suddenly. I think it’s an important trait for me, even if you do not perceive it that way in general. I am deep and secretive but I like to play Volleyball, so I am quite enthusiastic. Music is me. I am about to making an album. That’s important too.


Gran-Maestro – March 21, 2018
I look like Lou Reed
Come to me pull you by the hair or the ears to me in the apartment
Then you get what you deserve ….. reap!

unspecified – March 18, 2018
Gonna put on the Take Care album, sip some wine, and reflect on how hot you are

Looking4LTR – March 3, 2018
I am Single but ready to Mingle. Wanna nake me fall in love to you?Make sure its true. Wanna be my LTR or FOREVER? Wanna meet at my place?Tell me two hours before so I can prepare.



BuymeForYourBenefit, 21
No face pics already got a master but he wants to sell me and do this but why does that matter
Limits to be talked about are children, permanent damage, vomit eating, snuff
500 for normal rape and abuse sex
Extra depending on what you want to do
+200 to break one of the limits
10000 to just walk in and take me away forever



NoThisIsPatrick, 21
I’m actually a pretty friendly, chill person. I’m just quite exhausted with the bullshit that comes with dating and sex as it’s subscribed by our corporate-saturated culture. I can be intense, but I can also be goofy. I am always in search of meaning. I might be considered a geek due to my interest in science fiction, gaming, and losing myself in wikipedia rabbit holes. I love get shitfaced at karaoke, dropped out of school, have anxiety, use chat acronyms excessively, lived in Japan for a year, and have been told that I have a soft voice.

Now as to what I’m looking for, tehe, and sorry to keep you waiting. I would love to have my ass worshipped, no limits, out of control, and ultimately collaterally decimated and even destroyed through that insatiable need to worship it. Hell, I’ve been known to do almost anything to get guys to just make out passionately with my butt. I would like to hook up with a guy, expose my ass, have it blow his mind then let him have his way with it until he loses sight of me entirely and past that point, until I am nothing but the life support that is keeping my ass warm and juicy.


sinnyos – March 12, 2018
loved his ass hated him

peaches – March 6, 2018
He LOVES Queen Elizabeth II (if you know what I mean).



whyyoumad, 19
Read “my own words” first please? ??????????????????????

Hi, It’s not my real pic.
If you want to see me,we can Skype or something, it’s for people who sincere and want to own me forever, its not for people who just want to suck my face and never be with me again

Actually I’m still 14:( ,but I’m look like 19?
Here I’m looking for maybe relationship with people who want to break the law ? or be my flirty owner until I am 18 ?

My type is muscles or athletic guy,
And I like hairy guy, cause it’s nice like lying in the grass?

If you not my type it’s ok, try, it’s just my crave? and I think it’s impossible for me find people like that?

Hope you enjoy my real face and want to own me?

Note: I never doing drugs until legal age?



yourfutureboyfriend, 19
My name is Dakota (I hate myself) so I call myself Leo (my zodiac sign). Death is constantly on my mind. I’m 19, I’m learning to be a tattooist, and I play guitar. ??


yourfutureboyfriend (Owner) – March 20, 2018
You are creepy and dishonest.

Anonymous – March 20, 2018
You say death is “constantly on my mind” but you also say you’re “learning” to be a tattooist, which would seem to indicate that you intend to become a tattooist. Am I incorrect in assuming therefore that death is something you’re more inclined to dwell upon as an idea or fantasy than something you’re interested in experiencing first hand to some degree?




p.s. Hey. First of all, I have be really quick this morning because I have to catch a plane to LA, so I apologise for this very rushed p.s. Beginning on Monday, the blog will be giving you restored posts and no p.s.es until everything returns to normal with the p.s. and me in tow on Wednesday, April 11th. Please feel very free to hang out here and leave comments for me or for each other while I’m away because I will catch up with every comment intended for me on the morning I return. ** Wolf, Wolfie! Thanks for the commiserating. Yeah, ugh, but apart from harassing her, there’s squat I can do. She’s promising ‘next week’ now, and I guess we’ll see. I mean she’s just a producer, not some hugely moneyed person, but she has known for forever that she was obligated to pay us on signing the contract, so there’s no excuse for not being ready. But I’m banging my head on a wall so, … fingers crossed.Hm, too late for today’s trip, but I’ll try to get some of those for my trip back at least. Thanks a lot, pal! ** David Ehrenstein, Howdy! I look forward to reading your piece as soon as I land and get some shut eye. Everyone, Here’s David Ehrenstein on ‘Lean On Pete’ and Andrew Haigh. Recommended reading. ** Steve Erickson, Hi, okay, I’ll see ‘Revenge’ when it hits here. Curious. I’ve never been interested in anything I’ve ever heard by The Weeknd. But the new Tyler: I’ll find that. Everyone, Steve Erickson interviews Jed Rothstein, director of the film ‘The China Hustle’, here. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! Thank you! About my books and about the ridiculous money thing. At least there are three of us and one of her, so hopefully we can drive her crazy enough with our begging and kvetching to pony up right away. The script is off to Gisele. We’re on our way. You had a pleasant day, nice. Mine was just getting ready and having the usual pre-flight — but more like pre-time change/jet lag — stress. Nothing exciting whatsoever. But I’m sure to have some fun while I’m away, and I’ll try to remember all the highlights and tell you when I get back. How did your day, or, alternately, days go? ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Thank you so, so much again! It was amazing! ** JM, Hi. I’ll definitely look into Eli Hayes’ films. Thanks very much for the tip. ** Jesse, Hey there. Oh, cool, thanks a lot. I look forward to it. ** Okay. I leave you with this month’s slaves. Have a great next 9 or 10 days, everyone! Enjoy the restored posts and leave comments along the way, if you like. I’ll be checking in and reading them, and I’ll get back to you about them directly on the 11th. Take care!


  1. Hi!

    Anita’s soon to arrive for a free-style day so I’m just quickly dropping in to say: have a safe and amazing trip, Dennis!!
    I hope your back will be nice to you and of course, I’m looking forward to hearing about your time in L.A.!!

  2. David Ehrenstein

    March 31, 2018 at 2:47 pm

    “I want to know guys or group of guys who want me to be gay be ok gay. I like guys wearing leather and boots and masks or hoods. I also think lots about being tied up and helpless like. I guess I want to give in and be weak to guys in control of me. I think about living in a cage too cause a guy is over you owns you kind of. I’m real open to anything I need to do or be. I hope that explains me.”

    Well it’s a start!

    Hope we can touch base while you’re here in L.A., Dennis. We’re at the same place with the same phone number.

  3. I’ve updated my list of music favorites from 2018 for March, with audio or video clips for all but two of them: https://steeveecom.wordpress.com/music-favorites-from-2018/

  4. Hey D. bon journee ami. just got back to the states. got robbed and mugged in Athens. some birds hit me with a lead pipe and stole everything, so i got to spend some extra time in Athens lol. hope you have a great trip. checking out this months selections now. xoxo

  5. I hope life works out for these folks. What’s your curation process on these like, or would you rather keep that to yourself?

    “His profile image is a photograph I took of my son in 1997.”

  6. Do you believe the comment with electricity, cutting and a lemon is true? It makes me feel a little sick.

  7. I don’t really understand this blog, do you write all the text an names and take some pictures from somewhere on the internet. I’m just interested because i found a guy on a planetromeo.com with pictures like “loudlouderloudest”. He has more pics and i googled all just to check if he’s fake and i only found result on this page or badoo.com (i couldn’t see his profile on badoo) and one pic is only on your page. So this is weird because he seemed legit otherwise, but having found pictures on this site i really would like to know where you got them from?

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