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DC’s ostensibly favorite haunted house attractions of Halloween 2021 (North America edition) *

* (Halloween countdown post #13)


Arx Mortis (Killen, AL)
‘Covington Clinic is the haunted house. It is a 40-50,000 square foot building. It is so scary they have built in 23 escape exits for those who can not complete the tour. The fright is based on darkness, claustrophobia, gore and horror. The theme is a clinic that has created zombies. The locals are tricked and experimented on while fighting a bio-hazard. The building has a funeral parlor, coffins, embalming area, morgue, experimentation labs and some of the best animatronics and movie quality sound and light experience you will find anywhere in the country. Expect long wait lines.’



The Dark House (Garrison, NY)
‘In the Dark House haunted attraction You will be enveloped in darkness right from the beginning and will have to depend on your other 4 senses as well as your own horrifying imagination to get you to the end. As the story goes, you and a team of your “friends” aim to disprove emphatically that there is no such thing as ghosts by spending the night in a long rumoured haunted house. The story is told to you through your audio headset as you navigate the space by following the “umbillicals.” You will hear, taste, smell and touch the world around you as your “guides” activate tactile elements at key inflection points in the audio to make it all come to horrifying life.’



The Slaughterhouse (Tuscon, AZ)
‘Are haunted houses real, or are they just meant to scare the living There’s one haunted house in Tucson that begs the question, and it’s the subject of this week’s Paranormal Pueblo — The Slaughterhouse. The Slaughterhouse is filled with murderous clowns, cannibal butchers and other creatures that go bump in the night — but they’re only actors in costumes. The real haunts begins when the lights go out. KGUN 9 went on a paranormal investigation with two members of The Tucson Ghost Company, using tools to hear and see what lurks in the dark. Becky and Will Gydesen have been to the Slaughterhouse a few times to hunt for ghosts, and they say they’ve had experiences every time. During business hours, several employees told us about their own experiences with the paranormal, including doors slamming, rotten smells and sounds of footsteps — something we experienced for ourselves. So is the Slaughterhouse the only truly haunted house in Tucson? Becky and the employees say yes.’



Nightterrors Haunted House (Little Rock, AK)
‘Take a journey through the dark, twisted, and demented mind of an insane funeral home owner who murders at night to bring more and more business to his family owned funeral parlor. Barely keeping the doors open he enlists the help of his psychotic family to help him. When you start your tour into the all new 2017

‘Night Terrors 13 Haunted Attractions, you will be engulfed in special Fx and props and sets never seen before . You will start down the long dark corridor of the funeral home and be trusted into an actual funeral that will leave you wondering is this real or just my imagination.

‘We will take you from the front of the funeral home and reception area to back into the embalming room. Then the morgue. Then the Mausoleum where maddening and evil spirits of the night will Torment your every turn. Embrace your loved one, You may never see them again if you are separated from your group. EXFearience the madness and macabre of this Extreme Haunted house that will challenge your senses and your bravery and be careful because YOUR SANITY MAY NOT SURVIVE!!!!’



Darkrose Manor (Aurora, CO)
‘For the fourth year in a row, Rose and her family have transformed their home for the Halloween holiday, turning their yard and house into a free haunted house for trick or treaters of any age. The Darkrose Manor is an eerie tableau that includes a meticulously constructed witch’s shack, a gallery of nightmarish creatures and a towering fence that surrounds the entire property.’



Haunted Hoochie (Pataskala, OH)
‘Haunted Hoochie is one of the world’s most controversial haunts. People come far and wide to experience its unique brand of extreme scares. It truly has a cult following and some of the largest lines of any haunt you’ll tour. Flames can be seen on top of silos as a demon guards the haunt.

‘Haunted Hoochie is a sensory overload taken to the next level. It’s a horror movie that develops right in front of your eyes. Watch a lunatic stick a shotgun in his mouth and then pull the trigger. Blood runs down the wall behind him as the crowd cheers for more. Haunted Hoochie is well known for its horrific scenes that are grotesque in nature and quite original.

‘Some haunts have tried to replicate these scenes, but Haunted Hoochie does them best. They’re the innovators of these graphic skits and they’re a big part of what makes Haunted Hoochie so badass. No subject matter is off limits. One scene features a mad doctor who hits the stomach of a pregnant woman with a sledgehammer to help free a demon baby. Watch the baby go air born as the crowd reacts in horror. The cursed church is full of scantily clad nuns with their breasts hanging out and there’s an evil priest with a handful of snakes. A pentagram bursts into flames as all hell breaks loose.

‘This is a highly detailed haunt with high startle props everywhere you turn. Some serious money has been invested into this place. I was amazed by the amount of animatronics in some of the rooms. You’ll see a Headless Horseman, 13 foot Impaler Monster, a roaring T-Rex, killer spiders and so much more. No corner is cut when it comes to scenes.’



Trail of Terror (Wallingford, CT)
‘Hiding in the woods at the end of a lonesome road is a world of fright and fantasy that will test one’s mettle, temper one’s cavalier courage, torment one’s sanity, and taint one’s soul. This vortex of dark entertainment is the Trail of Terror. The Trail resides on four appalling acres of forsaken forest. The haunt scenes take up fully half of that area. . After entering the front gate, guests walk along the outdoor trail through 30 different scenes. Unsuspecting patrons must venture through crawl spaces, squeeze walls, across a rope bridge, aboard a boat, under a spinning carousel, and through a vortex tunnel on their march of mayhem. Over the summer, the staff changes approximately 75% of the Trail’s scenes so customers are confronted with novel new frights each season.’



Murder House (Tampa, FL)
‘Murder House is located in the heart of “Thrill Kill” Tampa, FL. “Thrill Kill’s” streets are populated by criminals, killers, psychopaths, and the corrupted. This area of Tampa is isolated from the rest of the city and is known to be dangerous and uninhabitable. People unfortunate enough to cross into this wasteland end up mangled in one of the various killing grounds. There are no rules in this sector; it is total anarchy. In the center of the chaos, a vacant house boarded up and condemned, spawns pure evil. This evil dwelling has become known as: “Murder House“.

‘The “Thrill Kill“ zone is lost to the influence of criminal manslaughter. All authority has lost control and the killers have enslaved this world. The corrupted leaders have torched the constitution in flames instead favoring power, money, and sex. This is a perversion of society, where taboo and criminal justice has infested into all the establishments in the area. “America’s Greatest Killers“ stalk these killing fields in personal quests of villainous behavior. They are drenched with the blood of the “Helpless Victims” that were not able to get out before this area of the city fell under the murderous hand of the “Thrill Kill.”’



Paranoia (Canton, GA)
‘Quantum cryonics, or “Facility Q” as it’s employees referred to it, was a state of the art research facility which specialized in preserving human life. Under the guise of an abandoned supermarket in canton Georgia, it was a place one could have their body cryogenically frozen upon death to be reanimated in the future when technology allowed. It was also staffed with the most skilled scientists and researchers available, until it was discovered that one of their scientists, Dr. Tobias Warner was stealing medical supplies and organs from cadavers and secretly performing unspeakable experiments on them. One of his most damning creations was two human torsos sewn together inside of a makeshift incubator suspended between life and death. Dr. Warner was promptly fired and arrested. Five months later Dr. Warner supposedly died in prison; however, there was no corpse and no death certificate. It was almost as if he had just vanished. All those who dared to look further into the case either disappeared under mysterious circumstances or were found dead. As Facility Q resumed operations, more supplies, biological samples, and employees began to go missing. The company tried to cover it up as best they could, but what they couldn’t cover up was the smell. One day during some “routine maintenance” they found the truth. Deep below the building was a makeshift series of laboratories and tunnels using the facility’s vast sewer and septic systems. They found the missing employees. Some dead, some… not. The ones they found alive were highly volatile and extremely sensitive to light. They would try to bite and scratch with what little teeth and fingernails remained. Normal sedatives wouldn’t work, and only one was successfully apprehended. What they didn’t find was Dr. Warner, but they did find his notebook describing a “project Seraphim” with detailed drawings and diagrams of sewn together creatures similar to the ones found prior to his arrest, along with photographs from Evan Travers’ infamous “body farm” case from 2013. They also found stolen cryogenic pods. Some of them had human samples and some had what appeared to be extra terrestrial samples. Some of them, however, were broken as if something had escaped. The facility has been abandoned for several years now, but many claim to still hear noises coming from it. You and your team will crouch through a secret access door and descend into the bowels of the facility. Discover Dr. Warner’s handiwork as you trudge through human filth and remains. Take a shortcut through the rundown maintenance area and uncover the disgusting truth. Will you come out with your life and limbs intact? Or will the good doctor and his team of followers find better use for them? Find out this October as you descend into THE VOID.’



Haunted Plantation (Waipahu, HI)
‘For a couple of nights every year for Halloween, the Hawai‘i Plantation Village becomes a haunted house attraction called the Haunted Plantation. It’s not a typical haunted house. “I didn’t want to build sets to make it look scary,” says Noa Laporga, the Haunted Plantation creator. Instead, Laporga relies on the village’s creepiness at night. Throw in some fog, spooky music and at least 50 costumed actors hiding in the dark corners of the houses—BOOM—you’ve got yourself one of the scariest haunted houses in town.’



A Haunting in Hollis (Hollis, NY)
‘The ONLY official In-Home Haunt with (2) 40 ft exterior double mazes & live actors. A three level in-home walk through with two 40 foot pitch black outdoor mazes Scary scary scary! Real haunted house. The other places aren’t houses they are warehouses. This one gives you the creepiest feeling while walking thru it. They have 3 mazes and u even go in their basementttt! Creepy! And it’s unbelievably cheap.’



The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati, OH)
‘The Dent Schoolhouse takes place in a schoolhouse that was built back in 1896 and contains a gruesome legend… The Janitor of the school, Charlie McFree is said to have killed a large number of the student body over a period of 10-20 years. Hiding their bodies within the basement, the smell became to much and alerted the town of Dent… discovery of the hellish scene has made a permanent residence in the basement.’



The Basement (Pittsburgh, PA)
‘Since 2013 The Basement has featured a series of intense, intimate and R-rated horrors that challenge the limits of fear for anyone 18 years or older and willing to sign our waiver. While we encourage Pittsburgh fright fans to visit ScareHouse this year, The Basement will not return until 2022. Those of you who have experienced The Basement in previous seasons know that it is a highly tactile and intimate experience involving close physical encounters with intense performers and situations – none of which is advisable during this unprecedented and still ongoing pandemic.’



Dead Man’s Farm (Philadelphia, TN)
‘Experience a haunted attraction that has it all! Do you dare try our haunted house with the murderous Bludgeon Family, the haunted corn maze where you can actually get lost, a horror escape room for you and your friends to die in, a 2-person coffin simulation to get buried alive in, or a virtual reality world to face your deepest fears in! Experience the event that THOUSANDS have been SCREAMING about for 13 YEARS!’



Castle of Chaos (Midvale, UT)
‘This is the most extreme experience in Utah. Can you survive the night without chickening out or using the safe word? The Ghosts in the building will try their best to make you run away screaming. This is a very intense experience which will include portions of the haunt, “special” rooms, and is definitely an extreme horror experience. Must sign the Waiver and be 18 or older.’



Cutting Edge Haunted House (Fort Worth, TX)
‘Located in a 100-year-old abandoned meat packing plant in a section of Fort Worth historically dubbed as “Hell’s Half Acre,” the Cutting Edge Haunted House is built upon a foundation of fear. The meat packing equipment from the Old West is still in use, but now it is a two-story human processing area. Realistic looking human mannequins are hoisted up to the second level and brought through the entire meat packing process until the conveyor system brings the butchered corpses back to the first level. The old meat-packing plant in downtown Fort Worth is a great home for the fantastic special effects that our loyal customers have come to expect. It takes visitors an average 55 minutes to explore Cutting Edge Haunted House. This walk-through haunted house is frighteningly realistic.’



Terror Vault (San Francisco, CA)
‘A dark and stormy figure looms from the shadows — San Francisco drag queen Peaches Christ, dressed to kill with a raven-black wig tall enough to rival the Millennium Tower, but clearly built on a more solid foundation. We’re in a room full of medical mechanisms and rusty prison-cell doors, ancient and decaying, with a foreboding darkness pushing through the corroded bars. Someone’s pounding on a rear wall. What the devil did I just bump into, a body bag? OK, I’m officially creeped out, even with the house lights on, and I really want my mama.

‘This is Terror Vault, a new and delightfully haunted experience to spook the city this Halloween season, opening Wednesday and running through Nov. 3. We got a preview earlier this week, and while there are plenty of scares, spooks and startles, this is not your run-of-the-shopping-mall haunted-house maze with ghouls around every corner. No, this is a show. A 45-minute show to be exact, that gives you your 60 bucks worth. It’s immersive theater, performance art gone to the dark side, with local actors of evil, who had to pass scream tryouts to get the job.’



The 13th Gate (Baton Rouge, LA)
‘The 13th Gate, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the Ultimate Haunted House! Journey through 13 very frightening themed indoor and outdoor areas where your worst nightmares come true and anything can happen. From crawling though a crematory oven and an old hearse to being lost in dark underground tunnels or even finding yourself standing on a rickety bridge overlooking hundreds of live snakes, this 40,000 square foot haunted house is definitely not recommended for the faint of heart (nor is it recommended for anyone who is pregnant, has a pre-existing heart condition, is very young, or has a weak bladder)!’



The Freakling Bros: The Return (Las Vegas, NV)
‘Unveiled in 2011, the Gates of Hell is one of the most provocative, boundary-pushing, adult-oriented haunted attractions in the United States. The first and only R-rated haunted attraction in Nevada, the eternally-wicked Gates of Hell is an experiment in serious, unrelenting, interactive horror. Freakling Bros. Horror Shows will be even scarier for the 2021 Halloween season, with the addition of a haunting new experience inside the award-winning Gates of Hell, Nevada’s first and only R-rated haunt. The Men’s Room, a provocative, grotesque, and immersive new experience, will make its haunting debut Friday, Oct. 1, 2021. Located in the IKEA parking lot at 6555 S. Riley St. in Southwest Las Vegas, Freakling Bros. Horror Shows’ dates of operation will be Oct. 1 – 3, Oct. 7 – 10, and Oct. 14 – 31.’



Johnnie’s Car Wash: Tunnel of Terror (Long Island, NY)
‘Johnnie’s Car Wash on Oak is reprising its haunted car washes from last year, so get ready for a Nightmare on Oak Street!’



The Haunting Experience (Cottage Grove, MN)
‘I am new to haunted houses and I along with my girlfriend visited this place. As beginners, we were full of anxiety and very nervous. But, staff was very friendly and told us everything and clarified all our queries. It lasted for 45 minutes and it was full of terrors and threating acts performed by actors and actress. My girlfriend never stopped screaming.’



Psycho Path Dark Ride (Sperry, OK)
‘This homemade Dark Ride is a combination of elements of a theme park ride where you ride from scene to scene with the high-intensity scares of the more traditional haunted houses brought together to created a totally new outdoor haunted experience. Being outside gives us the advantage of real fog, real sounds, real smells, real moonlight, and real creatures lurking just out of range of the lights. We regularly hear coyotes and owls howling just over the fence. Knowing those sounds are real only enhances the experience and besides, who isn’t afraid of being in the woods at night? Those brave enough to venture into the Dark Ride will climb into their own Scareage, a custom vehicle, Owner, Victor Marquez designed specifically for Psycho Path. While most outdoor haunts rely on noisy tractors to pull a wagon, the Psycho Path Scareages are so quiet riders will hear leaves rustling or twigs snapping in the darkness. Some of the sounds are man-made, and some are not, but they all combine to enhance the 20 minute journey through the heavily-wooded land. Along the way, you will pass through scenes filled with custom props, buildings, and oh yeah, creatures that spring out when you least suspect it. We offer this final warning: “Once you climb aboard, there’s no turning back”. Riders are not permitted to leave the vehicle after the ride starts, so you’ve got to be up to the challenge of the Psycho Path. We like to say “it may be your only way home.”’



Haunt Overload (Lee, NH)
‘Haunted Overload is simply one of the most creative and unique haunted attractions in the world. Now located on the DeMeritt Hill Farm on Route 155 in Lee NH, the show has been voted one of the top 13 haunted attractions in the country multiple times. Focusing on quality, we are committed to giving the customer the ultimate Halloween experience at an affordable price. Nowhere else can you see huge monsters looming over the crowd, some as tall as 50 feet. The authentic farm location provides the perfect backdrop for the hundreds of lighted pumpkins and movie quality sets. Most of the one of a kind props are designed and created by founder Eric Lowther. The attention to detail has led to being ranked the #1 Scariest Haunted Attraction in America in 2015 by Additionally Haunted Overload is and has been consistently ranked as one of the top haunted attractions in the world. Haunted Overload was also voted #18 of the Top 20 Most Influential Haunted Attractions of ALL TIME by’



The Tent of Terror (Valle Vista, CA)
‘Took my son to his first haunted house here. He was terrified! Once they realized how sacred he was, they completely backed off and stood off to the side so we could walk through. The rest of our family enjoyed being sacred and walked through first. Overall, was a great haunted house with great staff. They waited at the end to high five my son for making it through. Thank you for a great night out!’




p.s. Hey. ** David, Hi. You travel heavy. You win the secret crying boy painting anecdote contest. Your prize is secret too. I don’t know who Jon Venables is unless he’s that guy in ‘Game of Thrones’ (?), but I laughed at what I imagined anyway. Your week ahead sounds like mine except without the dieting part. ** Dominik, Hi, D!!! I feel like I should see what Budapest is at least once. Hungary and that area of Europe is a total blank to me as I’ve never been that far east, which is weird really. Thanks, yeah, I’m pretty much a stress bunny and will be until Wednesday is history. Particular worries? That the haunt game will either (1) crash, (2) bewilder/bore the audience, (3) all that public speaking we have to do, (4) that some film people who might invest in Zac’s and my new film will be there judging us presumably, … I could go on and on. The mosquito was a nasty, evasive little monster of a thing whose death was warranted, I hate today it. I’m totally down with your sneaky, crying boy installing love. I can feel it. Love looking at himself in a mirror and thinking, ‘Seriously?’, G. ** Misanthrope, Do people still say, to people who are funny, ‘You’re a card.’? And why did they ever say that in the first place? I am definitely not the world expert on knowing the line between tough love and enabling. It’s one of those situations where you can’t even trust your gut. It’s tough. Oh, so, I guess you saw ‘Dune’? Verdict? ** Rafe, Hi, Rafe. Welcome! Thanks, and also for the cool words about my work. What’s going with you? Who are you? Please come back if you feel like it. ** Bernard, Hi, Bernard. You didn’t say hi to me, but I’ll say hi to you anyway. Hi. ** _Black_Acrylic, I really, really don’t think the curse is real, so no worries, but then … what do I know? Nah, your stuff is fine. ** David Ehrenstein, The new Wes Anderson opens here on Wednesday. Very psyched. ** Steve Erickson, I’m so sorry, Steve. That’s very shocking. Warmest hugs from me. ** T, I know, right? Awesome that you caught that. Totally understood about not being able to be there. Unless the project/event is a fiasco, we’ll do it again. My week is unfortunately stress central no matter what, but I hope that means I have successfully sucked out all the stress in Paris leaving your week dreamy. xo. ** Jeff J, Hey, Jeff. Thanks, man. Cool about the Zoom link. I forget the exact time, but you’ll tell me in the email. Zac and I will doing the Zoom from our respective pads, so he’ll need an invite too. If you don’t have his email, I’ll jet it back to you when I hear from you. No, I haven’t finished the Williams. Life is too Haunt-centric and frantic at the moment. The Wes Anderson opens here on Wednesday. Very excited. I saw ‘Memoria’ last night. I found it very disappointing. I appreciated that he was trying to do something slightly different, but I don’t think works, and Tilda Swinton is just an affect-enacting bore in it, and it feels endless. The VU doc is on my agenda. Pretty into everything I hear. Take care, pal. ** It’s Halloween week. It’s going to get very Halloween-y around here, starting with this survey of US haunted attractions. If anyone reading this is in proximity to any of the featured haunts, I strongly urge you to visit it both for your personal delectation and because I would love a review. See you tomorrow.


  1. David

    This is the best Halloween post so far!!! my fave is the wolf dog… I loves him!!!! that’s how I really look when I’m very upset… although I have deliberately used the ‘concertina’ method to put a little chiwawa dog in the mind’s eye.. to stop things getting out of hand….. and you know what Den? it worked…. sort of…..

    ‘Jon’ is known for such things as being in the back of a van aged 10 turning up for court whilst grown adults threw stones… and other missiles.. and vowed to kill him…. I wasn’t driving unfortunately else we would have sped…. …. 1993 I was a male prostitute appearing in magazines with ‘rent’ in block letters over my head… not much caring about anything other than the ‘mirror..’ have reimagined things as being very different at times… first I would need to get a driving licence…

    Do you know what Dennis… I feel fucking shit today… awoke with slight sinus probs and my bones are aching… someone needs to invent a pavement conveyer belt so I can just lie down and travel…. for 13 miles instead of having to run it….

    Will you be doing anything for Halloween? I’m going to the Folkstone coast again…

    Oh have you heard of that new cocktail??? it’s called the generous Baldwin…. one shot goes to someone else’s head!!!!


  2. _Black_Acrylic

    Dunno if I’ve mentioned living next door to a spooky house? At the top of Roseangle, the street in Dundee that was my home for many years, is this house that always stood there empty for as long as I’d known the place. It had been the site of a violent double murder in 1980 and no one has ever lived there since. A doctor and his wife were killed by a guy who fled to England where he remains locked up in Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital to this day. A shame as the house was in a prime location and I must have walked past its door many hundreds of times.

  3. Bill

    Hope things go smoothly through Wednesday, Dennis. Oddly enough, I don’t see Bernard’s crying boy post on your blog’s Facebook page, and didn’t see it till today.

    The gig prep is going ok. It’s in-person, but there’s a pretty good chance we’ll have a video to post later.

    For some reason, I’m not getting in my usual quota of horror movies this month. A few more days to remedy that, though the Velvet Underground doc and possibly French Dispatch will be distracting.


  4. Dominik


    Well, in that case especially, then. If you ever decide to make the trip, I’ll be more than happy to be your tour guide – a tour guide who’s a hermit, so we’ll mostly have to explore the city together, but it’ll be fun! Haha.

    I so wish I could say something to soothe your anxiety, but in my experience, there’s nothing more irritating than when someone starts pushing all the Coelho bullshit like “ah, I know everything’s gonna be alright”, so I’m not gonna go there. I just really, really wish you all the best and keep my fingers crossed like crazy! Does your anxiety usually stop once you’re in the middle of what causes it, or are you only able to relax once it’s over? Sadly, I’m usually the second type.

    Love and I both pose that question in front of the mirror quite often, haha. Thank you! Love moving “The Slaughterhouse” and “Trail of Terror” (never mind that it’s a bit hard to move) to the city I’m the mayor of and, now that you’re a respectable citizen there, offering you to bring along your favorites of the favorites too – which are? Od.

  5. Misanthrope

    Dennis, One of us (read: me) will have to research that “card” thing. I still say it, if that counts.

    Dune was good. Didn’t feel like 2 1/2 hours at all. For a big sci-fi epic on the big screen (IMAX!), it was everything it was supposed to be. Visually stunning, the soundtrack was good and appropriate. The only thing that bugged me is that I just didn’t care about any of these characters. The acting was good was there wasn’t much demanded of them. They’re playing these parts that don’t really allow for them to improv or add to the roles, which is where I think a lot of actors in this shine, particularly Timothee (who, btw, is much cuter in this than I thought he’d be after seeing the promos). Just something a little wanting there.

    But we all enjoyed it and didn’t at all feel like we wasted our money.

    Yeah, it looks like David has moved on to heroin. Snorting it, not shooting it. And was officially fired from his job today because he didn’t go in. He has two interviews with new jobs coming up. Oy vey.

  6. Jeff J

    Hey Dennis – Loved this haunted attractions survey. The schoolhouse, 13th Gate, and Freakling Bros. attraction in Vegas were the ones that immediately grabbed my attention for whatever reason.

    Sent the Zoom link to you and Zac (think I have his correct email) — sent from the college email in case that accidentally dumps it in your spam folder?

    That’s a shame and surprise about “Memoria.” Can you say anything more about what didn’t work for you? I saw it had a really long running time, which often isn’t a great sign.

    Hope everything is going well with the haunt project! xo

  7. Steve Erickson

    I’m making progress on the monologue, but it’s still torturous to try and write something substantial. Over the weekend, I talked with a friend who’s in the middle of directing a film, and we discussed how hard it is to find the mental space for creativity during such a difficult period, even if we have plenty of time on our hands.

    Thanks for your wishes re: my late friend.

    I’d like to see DUNE with my parents this weekend, but I know they’d refuse to see a 2 & 1/2 hour movie. THE FRENCH DISPATCH probably won’t be playing the area where they live. There are so few new wide releases in the US that I’m not sure what we could end up seeing.

    To suit the holiday mood, I watched Joshua Bonnetta’s THE TWO SIGHTS, a highly experimental documentary about the perception of the paranormal in the Hebrides, over the weekend. It’s a pretty optimistic take on the subject, but one can imagine the events of THE WICKER MAN taking place one island over.

  8. David Ehrenstein


  9. Rafe

    Hi Dennis! I’m a 19 year old kid studying art and creative writing in college trying to keep up “mon français.” Again, love your art and your blog. I see myself in your words…in a way I haven’t in those of other artists and writers. Best wishes for your day; hope it’s sunny or cloudy or rainy where you are—whatever you like, I wouldn’t know.

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