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Cal Graves presents … DINNER *

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p.s. Hey from NYC. ** David Ehrenstein, I will do my best to, thank you. Ah, yes, your chapter! Everyone, Please supplement what you know and think you know about Philippe Garrel by seeking out a copy of David Ehrenstein’s seminal book ‘Film: The Front Line 1984’, where Garrel is given a chapter, and you can start that seeking here. ** Nick Toti, Hi, N. Good about the goodness with you. Crazy juggling, I hear you. It’s good though. Really good. Even the crazy. Thanks about ‘Them’. I did my (not everyone else’s) first rehearsal last evening. It looks promising. Mostly new cast, very potential-filled, lots to do, but we have time to get it right, I think. Take care. ** Jamie, Whoa. I’ll take that, and hey, JAMaIEstro. Sorry, that was a stretch, I think. Yeah, nice to be paid, two months late but at least in the nick of time. Due to circumstances beyond control, our script meeting didn’t happen and will have to wait until gets Zac to NYC on the 15th. Cool how revved you sound about the play-in-progress, and those women sound muse-like, yeah. On the plane I saw … the last ‘Maze Runner’ movie, which is, you know, crap, ha ha, but I like those movies for some reason. It was better than the second one and not as good as the first one. And ‘Black Panther’ finally, which, yeah, is very good. And a documentary about Mick Ronson, which wasn’t much of a doc, but it was interesting re: him. May your Friday trick your Thursday into thinking it was Wednesday. Balloon pop love, Dennis. ** Andrew Gallix, Hi, Andrew! Good to see you! Yes, I’ll email you today. Thank you for thinking of me. ** James Nulick, Hi, James. Friends, not really. More like friendly. I’m going get that book and start reading it while I’m here. Cool and yes about Leve. With you all the way. Thank you re: the great time in NYC. I’ll try. I kind of hate where they’re putting me up, so the first thing is to find a way to like it, and then things can get funner. I hope to see H, yes. Love from you know where. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi. Thanks for noting the gig. That Galaxian sounds quite exciting. I’ll find and snatch it. And I’m glad the Garrel post was helpful. ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. I just saw the news about Anthony Bourdain, and I know you like him a lot, and I’m so sorry. If art isn’t challenging, to me at least, I have no use for it, but, yeah, lots of people like art to be a warm bath. Take care, bud. ** Bill, Thanks, Bill. I reckon it will go well, at least parts. Yes, Ben LaMar Gay was new to me until, like, a week ago or something. Right? You’re in Berlin! How long? Have big fun and take care of Europe for me. ** Jaime Fennelly, Hi. Wow, thank you for coming in here. I’m a massive fan. I’m honored. I only saw your comment this morning, shit, but I was doing rehearsals last night, so … Damn. Any chance you’ll play in Paris anytime soon? Thank you again, and great respect to you! ** Kyler, Hi, Kyler. You’re just across town. How strange and wonderful. I’ll get down there one way or another on a hopefully on a pleasant day so you’ll be likely to be present. ** Okay, off we go. I decided to restore Cal Graves’ unfairly murdered-by-Google post for reasons will surely seem obvious. See you tomorrow.


  1. Speaking of Dinner, Amthony Bourdain is dead! The great television figure whose “Parts Unknown” series on CNN took him all over the world to meet all sorts of people and “break bread” with them was/is the most civilized thing on the tube. He was found “unresponsive” in a Paris hotel room — a suicide. Bourdain had quite a life. A heroin addict in the 80’s he quit and reinvented himself as someone anyone would love to know. Alert, witty and simpatico in excelsis, he was in his last years going with Asia Argento. No word as yet on her reaction to this.

    We shall not see his like again.

  2. That Ben LaMar Gay album is really remarkable. I’m pretty sure it’s headed for my eventual music top 10 list, although it’s silly to say so when the year isn’t even half over yet. But his ability to combine so many disparate styles of music and make it work as a hybrid that makes sense in terms of his personal experience and taste rather than an academic indulgence in genre-hopping is truly impressive.

    Here’s a review pile from this week’s Gay City News: Snail Mail’s LUSH: http://gaycitynews.nyc/snail-mails-growth-trio/

    serpentwithfeet’s SOIL: http://gaycitynews.nyc/totally-new/ (David Ehrenstein liked the video for “Cherubim” when I posted it on Facebook.)

    The much-hyped new horror film HEREDITARY, which left me fairly cold: http://gaycitynews.nyc/death-door/

  3. Where I come from in Leeds we don’t call it dinner, we call it tea. But I think I get what Cal’s saying here.

    @ DC, I sent you an email just now.

  4. Hi!!

    How’s everything in New York? How are the rehearsals going? I hope the ‘PGL’ related meeting went/will go just as planned – I’m really excited to hear all about it and everything else that’s been happening! I hope you’re having a wonderful time!

    I have an okay week, nothing very special. We have a few more Palahniuk books at the shop so I started reading ‘Doomed’ but no, like… it feels like the work of a different person. I don’t know, I might join you in being a prose/style nazi but it feels so ordinary. We don’t have ‘Survivor’, I’ll definitely order it, though!
    I don’t even know what to share, really. Oh yes, but there’s one thing! I found a young, Hungarian drag queen online and I decided to contact her and ask if she might be interested in being photographed for SCAB. I’d really love that. Hungary’s drag scene is basically nonexistent which is both surprising and very sad so I’m all enthusiastic about this new discovery now, haha. I hope she’ll be into it! I’ll keep you posted!

    Okay. I’m really looking forward to hearing about your trip, Dennis! I’ll be back on Monday!

    Oh and this: I’m totally up for vegan lasagne so it’s a deal!!

  5. Hi Dennis!

    Welcome to nyc! Your past home for some years. I mean you visited afterwards. Still…

    I’ve sent you an email with my contact. Actually, I’ll be in East Village tomorrow in the afternoon. Probably Sunday too. So please let me know if you’d have the time. I want to show you around Brooklyn a bit even if I’m also still learning. I think you might enjoy Prospect Park? But Manhattan is also cool. Perhaps, bookstore visit? Perhaps, something else? Please feel free to contact sporadically as you’re a visitor.

    PS. Today post is very comforting. I should plan what to cook for dinner indeed. Thank you for the post.

  6. There is a journalist named David Leavitt who tweeted horribly insensitive and tasteless remarks about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide today. I saw all these angry responses to Leavitt and mentions of him, but did not understand the context and thought your old nemesis had chimed in with something offensive about Bourdain. I really hate that “context of no context” aspect of Twitter, where I’ve often seen remarks alluding to something there but no had idea what exactly it was and needed to ask people on the platform or try getting info via Google.

  7. Cal – really enjoyed this. Thanks.
    Dennis – what comes to mind is a quote from “My Fair Lady” of all things:
    “That any second you may suddenly appear” !
    Gives me a thrill…!
    My nephew suddenly appeared tonight and that was fun. He’s turning 21 on Sunday and I’ll see him for birthday brunch.
    So maybe see you soon!

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