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Meet DETECTIVE, 13reasonswhy, itsbritneybitch96, Young-GOD, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of November 2018


Fightcunt, 23
Seeking a brutal Dom boxer to force intoxicate me then beat the shit out of me in a blood fight. Grew up with beatings and discovered my destiny which I still must fully realize. Will take head shots. Can take strangulation fucking.


place_provider – Nov 21, 2018
I can provide place for beating Fightcunt. Place is just 2 mins walking distance away from train station. Room rent is just 400 per hour. If anyone want to beat him in my room then please call me.



maybenevergiveup, 19
hi,i am completely lost into a new world.
For my past life experience,when i was 12,i already have a strong interest for man’s cock and in teenage,i sometimes curius in public bathroom and want something special happen,but no luck.with the age growing,i find myself more and more into twisted situation in sex,even something very dark,maybe there was already a sign when i was a kid.
So i feel i am lost and don’t know what is my really desire ,i feel desire for something but shame to admit it.i come here to explore myself more,i am 19 now and it is not too late to know who i really am for myself.
Thank you for reading this,good day.


maybenevergiveup (Owner) – Nov 13, 2018
fuck you ass hole sucker!

leodevil1983 – Nov 12, 2018








antonywashere – Nov 11, 2018
Me and a friend we search a roommate in the 5ème, max 7 tenants. And if not, look ? to fuck, we never know..Friend is 16, I am 15, I am not french, I speak like a spanish cow, shit !!

Smiley – Nov 8, 2018
I’m actually 13, please don’t report. I’m just trying to find someone just like you!

Igorsilvap – Nov 5, 2018
I’m 16, I like drawing, listening to music stay at home and I also know how to make food and I’m willing to do a good English course❤?????

flexdatdikonme – Oct 30, 2018
I’m 17. I’m a noisy person, I like someone who will tolerate me at being noisy and do embarrassing shits with me.



13reasonswhy, 23
All me to introduce myself, my name is Kurt Johnson, gay, disabled and a pagan witch… looking to to be your slave:

My disability:

1. Cerebral palsy
2. Spastic tetraplegia
3. Asthma
4. Hayever
5. Scoliosis of the spine
6. Eczema
7. Profuse sweating when hot
8. Sensitive skin
9. Poor circulation

Recently I paid a Master to dominate me in a dungeon in Glasgow – mum and dad found out where all my money was going and lost their shit… it could’ve put my support workers’ jobs in jeopardy – the Master abandoned me – my support worker accused me of sexual assault when I spasmed – I want to kill myself.

I know I might not get my happily every after but I pray I get my once upon a time….

Kurt x



Rapeopferteen, 18
Who wants to rape me brutally and ruthlessly? I like to do RPGs related to chloroform. In the direction that my father uses me, raped while I am under chloroform influence and unconscious. Here, however, different scenarios are generally possible. I catch my father jerking off and get grabbed, chloroformed, stripped, dragged as dead weight by my feet or head hair to the nearest bed. It’s best to take all of the control of me, both with psychological games and physically because I’m crazy. Please be evil. Perfect to be kidnapped while unconscious and chloroformed constantly and raped forever away from prying eyes.


Rapeopferteen (Owner) – Nov 16, 2018
Saying this because people seem to be too immature these days. If you are going to message assuming I’m fake and being rude then don’t be a coward and make excuses when I tell you to get on video chat so I can disprove your assumptions. You have the balls to accuse someone but not enough balls to be proven wrong? Grow up a bit and own up to your shit and admit when your wrong. Just ask to see if I am who I say and I will be more than happy to do so. No need to be a child. I’m real and I will give you the amount of me that you want, nothing less and nothing more. Need to know anything else? Then just chloroform and rape me because that is the whole point to this.



slavewriter, 18
Hey Guys, I am Ray. I’m a writer, and I also swim in competitions.

99.9% of people can’t provide what I want, and I understand that. So instead of disappointing, I’ll pen you a story from my sick brain.

Give me an inch and I’ll give you a mile, send me your premise about me and this sub writer shall nauseate and disgust you.



jeunecasserolle, 20
Young casserole for old stirring spoon ? get it tonight 27/10 in Issy Moulineaux from 21h.



KingArthur, 21
I have no colon, but I have a heart.



AngelikaLopezJones, 18
Hi sir, welcome to me! I am Alvin Escalier Pinanonang in real name and Angelika Lopez Jones is my name when I join beauty pageants since my mother is my inspiration. I am a model, a dancer, an eco warrior and an activist of anti-social media responsibility. I joined beauty pageants not because for any reason but just to be an inspiration to the many and I want to prove to my father that I am not just a gay, I am gay with a responsibility. I am also a servant leader in our school and as well as in my community. I am a person who have full of dreams and aspirations of greater servitude and I want to take this dreams into a reality. Being a servant is one of my biggest talents because I want to serve my community. I am just a natural servile person living with great vision and looking for a mission. So that’s it. This is all I got.


AngelikaLopezJones (Owner) – Nov 19, 2018
Famous psycho stay away!

Famouspsycho – Nov 19, 2018
hi. i’m addicted to asian arse, love to rim, eat out, fuck, felch, arse-to-mouth, dp, sleazy bareback, and occasionally shove a fist or two up an asian shitter.



sstrangler, 24
Hi I’m 5 ‘ 11” brown hair and muscular I love breathplay as in choking, suffocating, extreme strangling, drowning, and nooses, I also love KO, dying and being resuscitated, love feeling the lights in my brain turn off one by one, it’s all very enjoyable.


unknown__user – Nov 1, 2018
Object is addled, needs 100% control and maximal cruelty.



loseme, 18
①wearing glasses,age 18,but I ain’t naive
②i’ll feel anything I just don’t wanna feel nothing


loseme (Owner) – Nov 9, 2018
i like every person who helps me

Yadyad – Nov 8, 2018
We were both interested in making him cry. I hit him with a belt and criticised him, that worked. It’s true his looks are nothing special but when he’s crying his face looks like it would be cute if he wasn’t crying, that was interesting.

MarriedButNotDead – Nov 2, 2018
He a very ordinary looking boy, which should not be meant negatively. The only difference is he can be fucked and I can say that he’s doing a damn good job.



shitpacked, 21
Looking for someone to pack my ass full of shit. Love to be tied down and packed at your leisure, stomach and arse. All shit considered.


John699 – Nov 16, 2018
there’s someone real who says he’s the fake and wants what the fake wants but fuck knows what he looks like if that’s true.

MaddlyInLove – Nov 14, 2018
Fakest profile ever.



Fuckmeup, 25
We juulin and boolin
bhips ahoy bhocolate bhip bookie bhewy



BodyWithoutOrgans, 18
Masochist. Not a fan of verbal abuse. I don’t really care about sex. I just want someone to whack me on the head, bust my nose, break a few bones, smash my teeth in and have a wank as i writhe in agony.

Otherwise i guess i’m pretty normal. I’m a big time Gilles Deleuze fan-boy. I do oil painting and i study music. Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares & Elliott Smith are some of the current favourites.

I have no long term goals in life, or anything i truly care deeply about as must be obvious.

I live alone down La Perouae Street, Griffith Canberra 67B. Just walk down the left side till you find my basement door where i am.

175 cm.
65 kg.


Showmesome – Nov 20, 2018
im nonviolent but i just bought a canonSL2 and i can be your photo/videographer starting $50



itsbritneybitch96, 21
– I will be always on my knees or my back in front of you
– Yes, I love being throat RAPED without ANY limits (mercilessly).
The bigger your dick is, the better. If you are afraid to throat rape me, please don’t contact me.
– All your load down my throat.
– ? + ? +?, especially at 4:20.
– I’m also intellectual and I’m equipped with popper.
– I’m also a video, I’m a very hexibe person, I do not have a problem.
– Oh my cock is taboo.
– I will serve you and you will take care of me and not kill me
– But you can ask to!


LondonGun – Nov 24, 2018
If i fuck you like I want to I’m expecting your hole to be turned out like Tina Turner in a Bathtub



Journey, 19
I am Venezuelan and poor and I want to leave. I like to suck the cocks of all who propose me. Please, donate me by Paypal luis.carillo2677@hotmail.com Or marry me to give me citizenship in any country that is not Venezuela. Preferably Mexico or USA. I am Italian Partly (My grandfather is Italian) And I was born with his Italian penis (You don’t have be interested in it, but if you want to know if it is big or small, I send you a private or photos to the email.) I like all the fetishes that Can you think of it? Just not fetish that cause me long term health problems, short term health problem is ok. Grrrr ??


zerda – Nov 11, 2018
I am a home body. I like cooking and watching strange anime’s. I just got done with a 3 year break up due to growing apart over time. If you want honesty you got me. I am extremely independent. I have spent most of my life socializing with others. I am a type A personality and I like to just tell other people what to do. I’m a furry but I only really like it for the media. My most pleasurable way to have sex is to tie someone down and fuck him. I am very minimalistic. I don’t drink smoke curse or really go to restaurants or bars. I don’t like consumerism.

I don’t do anything illegal. I am part of the health profession so until marijuana becomes legal you can’t smoke it around me and I am allergic to cigarette smoke but nothing else. I like talking for hours on end about nothing and everything. I could help you over an emotional problem. I am working on finding my own happiness and could use you to make that happen. I will be an honest to goodness master for you. I don’t have time to deal with flakes, or people who are kinda just half into bdsm kinda at their convenience.

I’m looking for real substance. I know what looks like and I can pick up pretty hard how someone is. If you are sick of the 4000 stages of online to slavery then let’s have an actual emotional but imbalanced connection to each other. Won’t that mean a lot more to you?



Jailscum, 24
Jailscum ready to be fully brain washed and branded eyes and ears permanently sealed shackled to a wall nailed on a cross sealed up permanently in a wall



Fvckme11, 18
Hi again ❤️ (Oct 29,2018) 11:16pm New account I’m sorry for that. ??? LOST CONVO ? Love cheating on my boyfriend with pretty much anybody. ?? PS: ALSO FOR HIRE ?? Yes I’m effeminate and I say shit constantly. ??


andreas93 – Nov 19, 2018
Hole slut. Flouncing queen. Won’t shut up. Groups ok. Libra.

pooch – Nov 9, 2018
He stripped and sat on a blowup plastic ball. He rocked back and forth for about one hour while we talked or he talked and I “listened”. He got dressed and left then I licked the ball where he’d been sitting and it tasted like butter.

leb78 – Nov 3, 20918
You can’t say anything without him having a catty long winded opinion about it and even with a gag in he keeps going “mmh mmh mmh”.



FuckholeVacant, 20
I would like to get help with my anorexia and cutting myself but can never find the time… would you help me with that.


FuckholeVacant (Owner) – Nov 5, 2018
Carl Luke, if you live far away from me, i can leave everything (my family, study) to be with you.

carl-luke – Nov 5, 2018
I have no interest in helping you, Anorexic cutter boys are my ultimate type, I’d love and would even pay to abuse you before you clean up.

HealingBowls – Oct 30, 2018
I would like to offer you help. My singing bowl massage is a very beautiful form of healing. Your body has it’s own vibrational frequency, which unfortunately can be distorted by external influences.
I will place singing bowls around and on your body. The vibration of the bowls have a restoring effect on our (mind) body, and above all provides a deep relaxation that you can often feel for years.
(This massage is unfortunately not suitable for you if you have heart problems (pacemaker), brain injury, balance disorders and if there are metals or plastics in your body.)

ColdReading90 – Oct 27, 2018
I’m a good listener, nothing else.



22Dutch4BrutalFF, 22
I usually dont go for guys unless at a bar or a party I smoje meth I dont have a huge dick but I’d rather let you have ypur way with me and make me feel hot like I am I have a fiancee but she’s a girl and I need to get fisted I want to be in porn videos on cameras with some people Maybe if I was there and I didnt want to have sex you to taje off my pants and just fist me I like black guys fists cause they look hot but all fists do I’m down to let you film you fisting me I really want to just be ypur slut but in not that loose its been 6 months since I got a dick and im begging for it I want to lay under the stars smoje meth listen to music yhen you just stick your fist in my asd I like 50 year olds honestly but I’ll take fists from any hottie with a fist I’m with my fiancee right now but when im alone I’m going to send you dirty fotos of me text me your name and say your d t f thanks please I loveeeeee fist like I’m in love with it and btw I’m a total slut that cares about you and I’m couch surfing but I have a place wirh my friebds tonight I want to try gangfist but if your not down I don’t care


SSatanicJEFF – Nov 12, 2018
HEY respond to me you worm! I’m SScary! I’m not looking for a grindr wank party with a wiped out bottom beating his soft meat! I’m not interested in “what will happen” questions from fucking moron wank fodder wastes of space! If you dont know what a privilege I’m offering you’re a fucking dickhead go watch 50 shades of grey and stay the fuck away from me! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! I’M GIVING IT TO YOU! DON’T WASTE IT JUST BECAUSE YOURE SSCARED!

SSatanicJEFF – Nov 6, 2018
I’m a fuckin SSatanic muSScled up BeaSSt enjoys fuckin depraved SSex & SSadiSSm! Got a fuckin mean ass SSiberian Huskie who’s into the same fuckin stuff! Hit us up!



Young-GOD, 19
so names blake im an active electric house dancer and i rarely like music older than 2014 but im also your normal “edgy” 2008 emo bottom so you can trace my ribcage with a knife and like yeah rawr XD


icebatuFISTER – Nov 10, 2018
he got stoned n let me fist his ho

Effyversitaleman – Nov 7, 2018
Im into emos married so very discreet looking for discreet emo that can play in my car when i manage to get 30-hr free time away from wife. im available alot but randomly very into emos and always dreamnt of having a 3sum a emo orgy would be best thing ever without wife knowing if you have emo friends. i havent have a emo in 3 yrs im going nuts.



Disposablepieceofshit, 19
I have just come from a relationship and the sex was standard and very boring.
I would like to get to know everything and also do everything, like SM and fisting.
Importantly, I love poz sperm and want to get AIDS and that’s why I do not want a condom during sex.
I had that with it now is over.
I would very much like to let myself go and get AIDS then I want any sick violent men to have sex with me.
I know it sounds weird, but that makes me horny.


Disposablepieceofshit (Owner) – Nov 15, 2018
MasterAlexxx has taken ownership of me. He is a mess but I feel blessed to be stuck with him.

MasterAlexxx – Nov 2, 2018
Now your wait is over, I will be your master !! You have to report to me immediately !
I am your God, to whom you have to serve and you are my little piece of shit !
You will lick your fingers after touching me, if you get the opportunity.
You crawl shit, walking upright I only allow my servants.
I’ll make you pig you worthless.
No drugs/poppers whatsoever, just you and me as pure and intense as we can make it possible !
It will be an honor for you to be allowed to swallow my AIDS.
As a coronation, I will shit in your stinky mouth and woe if something goes wrong, then you will receive further retaliation !!!
Create an altar with my pictures and worship me, you little shit, as befits a subhuman like you !!!
You just can not help it, so drop and get into my hands.
Convince yourself !!!



ILoveMusic, 18
Make a bitch. Make my porn too. Bind me to the ropes and leave. Leave me girls’ clothes. Im macedonian teen. I speak inglish NOT VERY GOOD. So dont be panic if i dont understud.


macabre – Nov 16, 2018
Deal with me. Let’s make it your life.

MA-LO – Oct 29, 2018
He is from Macedonia and has never been abroad. He speaks no language besides his mother tongue. Therefore, he is shy by default, but once you accept he’s just a body that you can’t understand, he thaws so much. He is only passive, and absolutely passive, or that was my interpretation.



Filip, 18
Hey, I’m looking for the following:

Hunks or older twinks, middle to late twenties, I would be passive.

Daddys (no age limit), well hung and financially well equipped to support me, because I would be purely passive.

Masculine, muscular types, very much like Arabs or Blacks, preferably with a very big cock, with you I would be purely passive.

TS, old does not matter, with you I would be active and passive

I am always happy about hot older women, I would be active.

I stand by that:
Muscles or well-equipped or TS or rich and generous old or TS, taller than me. Any woman.

I absolutely stand on this clear role distribution

No Go’s:
Anyone my age, boys, girls, twinks, yuccccck!

If you write me please send pictures (best: cock and face) and imagine a little before so when I ask you to seduce me you don’t hem and haw.


whitesockslover – Nov 13, 2018
He’s in his late 20s, just short and well preserved. He’s also very political and very far right just as a warning if you think stunning cuteness is a final destination.

Filip (Owner) – Nov 7, 2018
No one has ever rejected me.

davedavid – Nov 7, 2018
I would rethink your strategy with that “I am Tadzio” shot because your boxy face can’t compete with the image it brings to mind and you suffer by comparison.

xmancx – Oct 31, 2018
Not a slave by any stretch of the most liberal imagination. Just a little sociopathic hottie working his looks from every possible angle hoping to get as much attention as he can while he still has them.

Michel – Oct 21, 2018
Filip is originally from Sweden. However, he has been living in Austria since early childhood. That explains his really sweet dialect. With him you experience a mixture of a little crazy youth, a native blood of Scandinavia and the Austrian serenity. It is very hot to fuck him.



HumanTrash, 22
I’m real drunk rn lol need everything, especially your dick, just looking for a guy to take my ass already, if you say hi I’m probs gonna suck your dick


HumanTrash (Owner) – Nov 18, 2018
Since people say they want to know, when I’m not drunk (like now) I study at Goldsmiths. I perform stand-up. Like the cinema and theatre. Run. Do yoga. Generally a fuck up and act like a clown. That good enough for you?



takesallthedicks, 22
By order of its Master, a day in its life- every morning it’s Master gets His coffee and breakfast. Then when he is ready He releases it. Master normal keeps it bound and hooded. With a chain lock to its collar from the bed post. It sleeps at the foot of the bed. Master keeps it in a open mouth hood. So that it can lick and worship it’s Masters feet and suck His ass or cock if He should choose to during the night. We have breakfast. It eats underneath the table from dog bowls in front of Masters feet. He enjoys feeding it with His feet. Or just shoving its face in the bowl. Depending on the day if it excites Master it is tortured. If it bores Master it spends its day locked in a reverse straight jacket chained to the floor of a closet.


takesallthedicks (Owner) – Nov 6, 2018
Life is still surprising me. I like feel that I live.

zapomne – Nov 6, 2018
Is it everything you’d hoped for?



guesswho, 20
I’m looking for less out of life.
Relax on your phone while I’m under the sheets and I swallow your big farts in my throat so you don’t have to smell it and I’m used as a vacuum.
A few things I’m useful for: I am
– A fart vacuum
– A trash can for your trash
– A balls towel
– A chair
It’s taken me a long time to discover that for me sex is in my brain.


guesswho (Owner) – Nov 6, 2018

XBXBB – Nov 6, 2018
I love you



NOW, 18
11/06/18, 03h18, scene went too far, looking to unload 18 yr object in berlin NOW or next 6 hrs max.


Anonymous – Oct 12, 2018
that was disturbing.

NOW (Owner) – Oct 6, 2018
04h16 problem solved, deleting this

NOW (Owner) – Oct 6, 2018
03h27 next question

TCC – Oct 6, 2018
is it dead?



Methodical, 21
I am a Skunk Furry. I have a rubber doll suit, a former gimp suit that had to be modified to a simple rubber suit, 2 rubber breath play hoods, a gimpy PU leather pup hood, PLENTY of Gas Masks, a Level A Hazmat Suit and a Level D Hazmat Suit, Stink Bomb Spray, Inflatable Ball Hood, Inflatable gimp hood, and an inflatable diaper. I enjoy post hardcore music and mid 2000’s stuff.

I also have an underwear fetish but it’s very specific. It’s only straight guy underwear like boxers or boxer briefs that are Champions Under Armour, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes or Jockey. Gay underwear like Andrew Christian and 2xist is a real turn off to me. So are jockstraps. Straight guys wear compression shorts to the gym. I should know I hang out at a lot of straight gyms.


Methodical (Owner) – Nov 10, 2018
None of your business but a piece of meat with 2 holes.

ass4tongue – Nov 10, 2018
Cute face but describe your body?

Methodical (Owner) – Nov 10, 2018
Nothing, I guess plaudits.

MrExtraOrdinary – Nov 10, 2018
You’re hot what are you looking for?



breakmein2, 21
Cute blonde boy wants YOUR PISS IN My mouth here at a noghtclub toilety bring your friends as well and LAUGH at me how desperate I am while you gather around me.


looking4true – Nov 4, 2018
If it matters, he’s a very good poet.



redblack666, 19
in real life m a sporty sch boy who wun go quiet, bt on de other side i hv been tinking of tis slave thing like sum1 owning me. often hv fantasies like sum1 kidnapping me straight off frm sch, throw me into car, tie me up, put me in sum big box, drive for hrs, pull me out into hse, get spanked, ask to crawl, n anithin. i tok a lot too so ned to do sumthin on tat oso. 😛


MasterWavedon – Nov 9, 2018
As always with these young ones who grew up with iPhones and social media, they have no idea what true longterm inactivity and boredom is like. They think having a Master means some guy’s going to fuck them and whack them around 24/7. Maybe it’s the superhero movies. I’ve had redblack666 chained up in my basement for three weeks, isolated except feeding, occasional sex and torture. Until four days ago, he was crying and yelling and begging day and night to be entertained, but he has now sunk into a deep depressed, nihilistic state. Yum, as the young ones say.

redblack666 (Owner) – Oct 15, 2018
now im owned slave of Master Wavedon wif rites 2 access any parts of me anitime and m nuttin now.




p.s. RIP Robert Morris. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Well, at least indie bookstores and record stores are thriving, at least cultishly. Everyone, Mr. Ehrenstein has a new article/think piece for your delectation titled ‘LGBTQ Talent Ready for Their Close-Up’, subtitled ‘The dilemma of acting a role versus being a role’, and I highly encourage you to click this and read it. ** MANCY, Hey, S! I hear you, man. You good, unanxious, thriving? ** Bill, Most definitely. I think there may literally be a Weerasethakul film set in one, or I’m hallucinating. I liked ‘Happy End’. It’s very Haneke, so you have to like his thing. Everyone I know over here liked it a lot, but almost everyone I know over there (USA) didn’t, so I don’t know what that means. Yes, I saw a pic of Kevin backed up against a bookshelf and surrounded by topless skinny dudes in masks or something. Wack. Oh, for future reference, the PGL screening in SF will be on Feb. 2nd or 3rd. More details soon. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hey, Ben. Happy to see the happily brusque Glaswegians, thank you. Speaking of, both PGL and I may be in Glasgow early-ish next year if current plans work out. I’ll connect myself to the Dopplereffekt album via headphones, gratitude for the heads up. ** KeatonAround TheXmasTree, ‘Tis the season now if not before! Big congrats on the good new job! There was a big, early-pomo looking indoor mall shaped like an infinity sign near where I grew up that I biked to constantly that must be torn down now, I guess, shit. La Defense depresses me. I don’t know why. Or I guess I do know. I think it’s only non-depressing to visitors. I still wear Gap jeans. In fact, I’m going to go buy a new pair in the next days. I think ‘bullshit’ on the jeans ageist thing. I’m the opposite. If it’s over 60, I’m chagrined. Paris is very Xmas-ed up now. Pretty as can be. But too wrapped up in cold for you probably. ** Sypha, Hi. I’m shocked there isn’t a game like the one you daydream about and crave. Huh. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. It’s not a bad idea whatsoever to have a trusted outsider look at your edit before you lock it in. As much as I dreaded showing PGL while the edit was in progress, and as much as I disagreed with most of the feedback, the objectivity it brought to the process was very helpful. I would be very surprised if France ever allowed something like US Netflix to flourish here. As you know, Cannes didn’t accept Netflix films, for better or probably worse. Although with extremely business-friendly Macron in power, anything seems possible. Everyone, Mr. Erickson weighs in on Milad Alami’s film THE CHARMER exactly here. ** Joey, Hi. I saw your email this morning, and I’ll open it. Well, like I said, the other email you sent was empty, had nothing in it, so both, I guess. Sounds like your acquainted person is quite thin skinned. Oh, I saw you put a vid of the new Serge Lutens store on your FB page. Apropos, I live about a 1 1/2 minute walk from it. Love, me. ** Right. Last day of the month, slaves, all is normal within the world around here. See you tomorrow.

Shopping Tombs

Belden Village Mall, Canton, Ohio


Dixie Square Mall, Harvey, Illinois


Muscatine Mall, Muscatine, Iowa


Hawthorne Plaza Mall, San Diego


Felicita Mall, Porto


Miracle City Mall, Miracle City, OH


Marketplace Mall, Syracuse, NY


Columbus City Center, Columbus


Rolling Acres Mall, Akron


Crestwood Mall, Missouri


New World Mall, Bangkok


The Highland Mall, Austin, Texas


Westminster Mall, Westminster, Colorado


Westgate Mall, Nairobi


Granite Run Mall, Middletown Township


Hammerhead Mall, Filly, Montana


Old White Gold Mall, Cebu City


Richland Mall, Ontario, Ohio


Dixie Square Mall, Harvey, Ill


CenterCity, Englewood, Colorado


Azalea Mall, Richmond, VA


Wilderness Mall, Reading, UK


Omega Plaza, Novosibirsk, Russia


Tri-State Mall, Clayton, Delaware


Capitano Mall, Vancouver


Arkadia Mall, Nile Front


Hawthorne Mall, Hawthorne, California


Fiesta Shopping Center, Sonoma


Undercliff Mall, Meridien


Metro North Mall, Kansas City, Missouri


Greengate Mall, Greensburg, Pennsylvania


Windsor Mall, Louisville


Cloverleaf Mall, Chesterfield


Northland Mall, Detroit


El Con Mall, Tuscon


Rehoboth Mall, Rehoboth


Cumbernauld Town Centre, Cumbernauld, UK


Eastgate Shopping Center, Indianapolis


Randall Park Mall, North Randall, Ohio


Crestwood Plaza, Seattle


Seminole Mall, Seminole, Florida


Archamps Mall, Archamps, France


Weifang Mall, Weifang, China


White Flint Mall, North Bethesda


Red Bird Mall, Dallas


Penhorn Mall, Dartmouth


Bannister Mall, Kansas City


Apollo Plaza Mall, Monticello, NY


Duck Creek Plaza, Bettendorf, Alabama


White Flint Mall, North Bethesda


Capital Hill Mall, Helena, Montana


Battle Mall, Santa Barbara


The Quad, Whittier


Jefferson Square Mall, Joliet


Raleigh Springs Mall, Memphis


Plaza Shopping, Niteroi, Brazil


Jamestown Mall, St. Louis


Westridge Mall, Fergus Falls, Minnesota




p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Oh, yes, I remember that you met him now. He can talk a little now. I saw him being interviewed on TV here. It was difficult, but he was elegant. Agree about ‘Stavisky’. A film out of its time, I fear. ** Kettyawn, Nice. I love basements. We had a giant concrete one in the house where I grew up, the size of a very large one-story house in and of itself. It made a great haunted house attraction. Yeah, the vast majority of my books are in LA. Suckage constantly. Okay, yeah, your writing career trajectory’s further detailing warms my heart. My head too? Sure, why not? Of course it’s cold here as well. And lit up. My kind of world. ** Tosh Berman, Yep! There are actually several bio books about Belmondo in French, including a memoir penned by the dude himself. Not sure about Delon, but there must be something. ** Bill, Hey! Are you back in the grind? I think I might have missed ‘The Favourite’ in theatres here, but, yeah, I want to see it. Hm. Kevin … oh, the launch for his book! I just got it. Looks great, natch. I assume he was his always ultra-entertaining self? ** Steve Erickson, Hi, I hope your meeting today goes well. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this, or you know it, but, in France, films, or big films at least, can’t be available on streaming services here until a long time after they played in theaters, two or three years, I think. Theater protection. And films do have very long lives in theaters here. Once their spotlight time is over, they tend to play at one or two theaters once or twice a day for months and months. I finally saw Claire Denis’s ‘High Life’ last night. I thought it was really lousy on pretty much every level, especially the script, which was shockingly awful. It’s been a big flop here, critically and popularly, and now I see why. ** _Black_Acrylic, He’s still weirdly very cool, even old and post-stroke. Crazy storm, wow. Sounds, you know, nice. I guess if Theresa May had drowned, I would have heard about it by now. Shame. ** Misanthrope, No, he’s an excellent craftsman. I don’t even know what ‘The Boy in Striped Pajamas’ is, and, after your report, I think it will stay that way. Happy Thursday. ** Corey Heiferman, Hi, Corey. I still see young wannabe Belmondos here and there, although I suppose they wannabe someone newer. Yes, there’s a, I think, nefarious method for me to subscribe to and get the Criterion Channel. I can’t remember what it is. A savvy friend is going to hook me up. I do know of CA Conrad, yes, and he’s a very interesting poet as well as being quite the colorful person, in my opinion. Seems like a good target, yes. ** Okay. If I was doing Xmas countdown posts the way I did Halloween countdown posts, the one today would probably be the first. See you tomorrow.

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