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Very Very Broken Wind Up Toy

Pintacuda Wind Up Toy

thirsty drinking wind up rabbit toy works fine

Spooky wind-up toy coin banks

Charlie McCarthy in his Benzine Buggy Tin Wind Up Toy

Cubby the Reading Bear Wind Up Toy

Horse mini rider wind up toy

Tin Wind Up Fighting Cock & Hen



Tim’s Strange Wind Up Toys

celluloid acrobat boy 1930’s wind up toy

wind up dog

1940’s Arnold Mac 700 Wind-Up Toy Motorcycle

Wind Up Shoes Toy

kinetic toys




p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Thanks for more Gary. Mm, I don’t think there could be a Pamela Des Barres now. Her whole thing was contingent on the dominance and glamour and sexiness and maleness of rock ‘n’ roll wherein Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin or whoever else were seen as Gods. That’s long gone, probably dying out with the waning of Grunge’s heyday in the early 90s. Now rock is just a lesser genre dwarfed by Rap, HipHop, mainstream Pop, EDM, etc., and those forms’ glamour and Gods are very different than rock ‘n’ roll’s. ** Sypha, Hi. Oh, best wishes and all fingers and toes crossed for Mr. Nulick. ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. It went very well in the distant town, thank you. Yeah, I just can not bear anything about Elton John, never could. Steering clear. Well, you are making me want to re-dip into Renault, and that’s something I never would thought I would ever want to do, so … cool. Thanks for the dmv link. I’ll check it. I do need to renew my drivers license one of these decades. ** John Fram, Okay, cool, thanks, John. ** _Black_Acrylic, She’s a wonderful writer, yes. Her prose should be much better appreciated. That’s sad news about The Reading Room. Its legendary greatness reached even me who’s never been anywhere near it. RIP. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Well, when I read accounts about the accusations of sexual abuse against ‘indie’ rock band members in recent years, it does seem to indicate that there is something of a ‘groupie’ scene, albeit of a very different nature, hanging on to what’s left of rock. ** Corey Heiferman, Hi. Well, I did this post about Eve Babitz if that counts. No, I’ve never met her. I think Tosh Berman and/or David Ehrenstein might have, I can’t remember. Yeah, I saw that Darius James video. He’s so great. Thanks! We didn’t have a lot time in Mayenne. Our host did drive us around a bit and tell us about its history. It’s quite old, very pretty, very small (13,000 population). So, in a way, yes, we got a feel for the place at least. Ah, cool, gotcha, about your ‘Chelsea Girls’ set up. I misunderstood, apologies. ** Okay. Today’s post is super simple and ideally super pleasurable in a small way, or that was the idea. See you tomorrow.


  1. David S. Estornell

    I really love you man. Oh thanks for this post aussi. I always follow you under the shadows and the silence… love thee.

  2. David Ehrenstein

    Yes I met Eve Babitz a good many years ago. Very interesting woman.

    Saw Christophe Honore’s “Sorry Angel.” A masterpiece. One of the best AIDS dramas EVAH, it fits snugly alongside Andre Techine’s “Les Tesmoins” It also connects on another level with Nolot’s “Before I Forget”

  3. David Ehrenstein

    And like Christophe I’m Just Wild About Harry

  4. Bill

    This windup day is a great welcome home, thanks. Is the windup chef supposed to be Mario Batali? I’m sure you’ve seen the antique clockwork collection at (I think) the Arts et Metiers museum? I was lucky my conference in 2006 arranged an outing for us; such a mind-blowing collection.

    Hope your short trips and screenings went well!

    Berlin was great, as usual. I saw a nice Emil Nolde retrospective at the Hamburger Bahnhof (the show would normally be at the Neue National Galerie, but as you probably know, they’ve been taking their time with renovating the Mies van der Rohe building). And the Splitter Orchestra gig was pretty worthwhile. That evening was just Berlin at its most frenetic. There was no way I could have checked out a second large ensemble improv gig (!), or the interesting concert on a boat with Chicago percussionist Michael Zerang.

    My 24 hours in London was a day of under-appreciated surrealists: the absolutely wonderful Dorothea Tanning retrospective at the Tate Modern, and the intriguing Grace Pailthorpe/Reuben Mednikov show at Camden Arts Center ( I know you probably see Tanning’s Hotel du Pavot installation regularly in Paris, but it was pretty exciting for me to chew over it in the Tate. And it was awesome that my hotel room was no. 202, same as the room number in the Pavot! Then I walked into the bookstore, and there was Gary Indiana’s Vile Days. All confirmations that this little sidetrip was the Right Thing to Do, mini-acrobatics and all to make the arrangements.

    Back in SF, packed week ahead. More later.

  5. Bill

    [Sorry if this appears twice; I don’t think the previous attempt made it.]

    Just got back; this is a great welcome home post, Dennis. Is the windup chef supposed to be Mario Batali? I’m sure you’ve seen the antique clockworks collection at the Arts et Metiers?

    Hope your short trips and screenings went well!

    Berlin was great as expected. Saw a nice Emil Nolde retrospective last week, at the Hamburger Bahnhof. The Splitter Orchestra gig at RadialSystem was very worthwhile. And I couldn’t even get to a second large ensemble improv gig, or Chicago master percussionist Michael Zerang’s concert on a boat, all on the same night. It’s nuts.

    My 24 hours in London were mostly devoted to under-appreciated surrealists: the absolutely wonderful Dorothea Tanning exhibit at the Tate Modern, and an intriguing Grace Pailthorpe/Reuben Mednikov retrospective ( I’m sure you see Tanning’s Hotel du Pavot installation regularly in Paris, but I was pretty excited to take it in for the first time in person. And the hotel room I got this time was no. 202, same as the room number in the Pavot! Then I walk into the Tate bookstore, and Gary Indiana’s Vile Days was a featured book. All confirming that I did The Right Thing, going through some mini-acrobatics to arrange this sidetrip.

    Back in SF, will be a packed week ahead. More later.


  6. Steve Erickson

    Here’s my review of THE RAFT:

    I remember having looked at a message board/website called Groupie Central years ago. It must’ve been at least a decade ago, because I just googled it and found the forum, where the most recent message is from 2009. I know what you mean about the cultural luster of rock music having faded; where’s the glory in being able to brag that you’ve slept with various metalcore singers who are only famous within the sub-genre?

  7. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Yay! Good stuff in the distant town. Could you see that by the time I went to comment I’d forgotten what town you’d said it was, and then was too lazy to go back and look to get it right? Hey, I was tired, what can I say?

    Yeah, the movie’s soured on me a lot since I saw it. Did like some of the concert scenes, but it’s just a PSA…Elton the victim, nobody loved him, poor thing, he had to turn to drugs and promiscuous sex. To the point where at the end, they tell you in text and current pics that he’s X years sober, finally found love, got married, gives tons of money to charity. That last is really nice, but the rest…ugh. Seems, too, from what I’ve read, the fucking dude just steamrolled people on his way to the “top.”

    I really like the scenes with Alexander and Hephaestion in this novel. I think she carries it off well…of course, I’m saying this with an eye toward the fact that it was written by a woman in 1969. You can just feel the desire and all that good stuff. Man, I wish I’d had what they had at 15. 😉

  8. Derek McCormack

    What a day! It’s super pleasurable in a big way! Love, Derek

  9. Steve Erickson

    I just discovered this website: It contains films which aren’t legally available on home video in Region 1 (covering North America) or streaming on YouTube, but one can stream them or download (slowly for free, quicker with a paid membership). Looking over their list of films quickly, I spotted titles from Billy Wilder, Chantal Akerman, Edward Yang, Tomas Gutierrez Alea and other auteurs, as well as follies like the Moonie-funded INCHON. Who knows how long it it’ll be up before the copyright police come calling?

  10. Nik

    Hey D,

    This is such a killer day dude. It really was super pleasurable in that exact small way. The last video seemed to really capture the energy nicely. Also, I know that one ‘Tim’ guy, who made a video in here. I made a slideshow with one of his videos in my final project for film class last semester (the one that was initially going to be a Maldoror/Robert Smithson monster mash-up, but didn’t turn into that at all, definitely for the best). He must be everywhere. I’ve been enjoying certain guitar hero videos. I feel like they fulfill some other small pocket of satisfaction in me, similar to the wind ups.
    Heading out to Sarajevo tomorrow! I’ll make sure to tell you how it goes. Have you ever been?
    Have you heard back about the (hopefully) last draft of the TV script?

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