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p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Yes, and unlike Huppert she doesn’t do so many movies that you start losing interest in watching her be great. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Ack, the heat was awful here yesterday and especially last night, and I hope you’re also sharing the temp drop and cloudiness we’re getting as a reprieve today. Nice pic. Nice colors. ** Bill, Hi. Yeah, the Lynch story was interesting. I hadn’t known that before putting the post together. Oh, okay, I do know Black Audio Film Collective to some degree. Not enough though. I’ll take a hunt this afternoon. Thanks, B. Exactly, about face masks. I mean the French are rebellious individualists too, but they’re also capable of thinking, ‘Masks? Strange, but that makes sense, so … okay.’ h (now j) responded to your comment, in case you didn’t see it. ** Misanthrope, Well, there was a time, and may still be, when at least people I knew would commonly say, ‘I need a pack of smokes’, etc. Sounds like stress: the sleep thing. I slept like garbage last night, but, in my case, it was high heat and no AC. And probably some stress. Better luck tonight, man. ** Ferdinand, According to IMDb, Fassbinder directed 50 films. I personally think ‘Querelle’ is one of his worst, but others definitely disagree. Thanks for reading ‘Closer’. The problem with the Serpents Tail editions is they were printed on extremely cheap paper, so the books’ insides tend to be brown and crumbly now. And they’ve let my books go out of print, so there’s no rectifying that. I remember not thinking much of ‘Pink’, but I haven’t read it in decades. Maybe I’ll re-dip. I’m a caveman when it comes to computer stuff. I had a zoom interview yesterday, and even getting that to work was an embarrassing chore. ** Steve Erickson, Got your email. Thanks a lot! New Johnnie To! He’s virtually always a lot of fun, in my opinion. Curious about the Chris Munch. I don’t think I’ve seen a film by him since ‘Color of a Brisk …’ way back when. ** h (now j), Thank you. And thank you so, so much for the gift you sent me by email. So very, very sweet of you! Love, me. ** Right. There was a long stretch of time back in the heady days of my murdered blog when melancholy Russian twink porn was a big thing (to me at least) and the blog was dedicated to the task of making things out of that material all the time, for example the restored post you see before your very eyes today. See you tomorrow.


  1. Dennis, Yes, was gonna say that too: “smokes” as a reference to a pack of cigs. “Smokes” plural versus “smoke” singular is a game changer, hahaha. I think Kyler still says “smokes.”

    Funny, too, how some people will say, “I need a cigarette/cig,” and some will say, “I need a smoke.”

    Yep, same thing last night. I’m wondering, too, if it’s not because I’m back at the gym regularly. The sleep thing. So yeah, I’ll fall out at like 11 or midnight (have to get up/start waking up at 7) and then I wake up 3 hours later without fail. And like wide awake. I’ll finally fall back out about an hour later and then wake up every hour after that until the clock goes off. Ugh.

    Last night, I was so awake, I even smoked a cigarette. Ha! I never do that, but I was like, damn, I’m so awake, I might as well.

    Going to a winery in Calvert County, MD tomorrow with friends. It’s gonna be hot as hell. It’s really just an excuse to get together. And oh, my one friend is turning 54 in a day or two. That too. Otherwise, it’s the gym both days and errands. (I need to make getting on “selling” this novel an errand, too.)

  2. Fassbinder bought the farm during the editing of “Querelle” (which was completed by actress/ collaborator /Fag-Hag Julianne Lorenz) so some don’t consider it his work at all. I disagree and rather like it. It a gay softcore porn “One From the Heart”

    Huppert does indeed work a ton and a half, but I always enjoy watching her . Have you ever met her? She’s exceptionally nice and very droll.

    Today might best be sub-titled “Pillow-Biters of The World Unite!”

    My gold-plate framed mirror has sold (Yay!) but I still have plenty of Books, CDs and DVDs worth buying, so write me at cllrdr@ehrensteinland.com

  3. Ah yes, the Russian twink porn days, I remember those well…

    Spekaing of blasts from the past, recently I’ve been re-listening to a lot of the “new” music released during the years 2001-2006, with the intention of making a mix CD… songs I recall hearing on the radio a lot, or that I myself was listening to (like Interpol, Gwen Stefani, Franz Ferdinand, Jesse McCartney), and so on. One song I was thinking of putting on there was “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. You remember them Dennis? I mention this because the very first blog entry of yours I replied to (from the old blog) was a “Guilty Pleasures” day where you mentioned The Darkness as a guilty pleasure (this was back in 2005, and IIRC maybe around the 50th entry or somewhere thereabouts). So for that reason you and The Darkness tend to be two things I link in my mind, ha ha.

  4. Wonder whatever happened to these guys? Surely there must be some stories here.

    I have just been asked by the Scottish broadcasters Tak Tent Radio to do a lockdown show that could potentially be great fun. Only thing is I’m shielding down here in Leeds so am without decks, though I do have a bunch of decent records with me and a USB drive on this record player. Maybe something could be cobbled together, we’ll see what can be done.

  5. chris dankland

    June 27, 2020 at 12:47 am

    hi dennis !!

    yeah, russian porn is different. frequently the performers do not even try to disguise that they do not want to be doing this and they aren’t having fun and let’s just get it over with so i can go home. do u have any ideas about why that seems so particular to russia?

    i really enjoyed the smoke day u did recently !! it’s one of those posts that i’m sure i’ll be pulling up again and again later, i just wanted to compliment u on that. so many beautiful things.

    well, i can’t think of too much to say…i’ve been listening to the new Haim album today and enjoying it a lot…read an article about a weird facebook person/troll that i vaguely remember from back in the 2012 days that apparently started a cult where the members had wear white clothes and make all this internet content to promote the cult..and there some kind of sex magick thing about drinking the guy’s cum, and reincarnated aliens and lots of other weird stuff….yesterday we got some tacos delivered b/c i’d been reading that scientists think the chances of getting covid from surfaces is much lower than anticipated. plus we’ve already been getting our groceries delivered for months anyway, which is the same thing. felt like they were the best tacos i’ve ever had…we’ve just been eating at home for the last 4 months. were u getting take-out delivered during the quarantine, or mostly making stuff at home? jennifer and i are both not the best cooks, so it’s been pretty plain jane eating over here. deeply renewed sense of gratitude for ppl who really know how to make food.

    hope yr morning is going well !! talk to u later

  6. Hey Dennis great post today, really love how existential their expressions are. Def gonna have this post open while I write today. Just watch Under the Skin the other day drunk off my ass under a blanket while my bf gamed and it was a truly magical experience. I’ve been trying to pay attention more to the context in which a film is watched cuz there’s a lot of space to explore in there. I know Jon Rafman and Ryan Trecartin have done some stuff to explore that but those are still within gallery spaces which have their own long history of context and connotations. Since so many people watch things on devices and in public places it seems like a thing to really play with.
    I did this sorta experimental review for a Kate Bush album and I’d love you hear yours or anybody on here’s thoughts on it
    Hope things have cooled off over on your side of the world! Sticky heat can be such a bummer.

  7. My interview with Daniel and Clara has now been published: https://read.kinoscope.org/2020/06/26/tripping-into-nature-an-interview-with-daniel-clara/

    Munch’s THE 11TH GREEN evokes ’70s paranoid conspiracy thrillers extremely well. It also juggles several time frames – and presidents, with Eisenhower, a young JFK and an African-American man who goes unnamed but is obviously supposed to be Obama, appearing. I can’t say much about the narrative without getting into spoilers, but it does feel kin to WORMWOOD. I do wish it had gone further into its trippiest angles (like Obama falling asleep while listening to a app offering subliminal inspiration for improving one’s golfing and hallucinating a conversation with Eisenhower) instead of feeling like a mix of THE X-FILES & THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR. I watched an interview with Munch immediately afterwords and learned that he’s an enthusiastic believer in UFOs and pretty much endorses the reality of the film’s narrative.

    Fassbinder made 9 films from 1980-2. Considering one of them is the 13-hour BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ, that’s even more impressive.

    Alternate title for the day: “The O no! face”

    I found ZOMBIE BIRDHOUSE intriguingly eccentric, especially amidst the blandness of Iggy’s other ’80s albums.

  8. Ha, I was just wondering what happened to those sad Russian twink posts. They do have a look.

    h(now j), yeah it’s easy to get the mask bug. I do try to get masks from the US, but the Junji Ito mask was just too much to resist. I was trying to “decorate” masks, but I have no experience working with fabric, and it’s way harder than I thought!

    Good to meet another John Akomfrah fan. I’ve never seen his multiscreen shows. Yeah, Last Angel of History is just lovely. On recent Black science fiction/fantastic lit, I also loved Adjei-Brenyah’s Friday Black, and Sofia Samatar’s Tender. Please let us know when your piece is published!

    Steve, have you had your doctor’s appointments yet? Hope they went ok.


  9. Hello Dennis

    My friend passed just last week. He was murdered. I met this friend at a gay library book launch and we bonded over our common interest in your writing. He really admired your work, and in particular your prose. He took out several of your books – I remember one in particular, it was called “My Mark”, an older work of yours. I read it after he did and we enjoyed it a lot.

    I still enjoy reading your writing when I have the capability to do so.

    Thanks again for allowing me to connect to someone who really left an impact on my life. I don’t think I could’ve met him otherwise.


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