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The complete checklist of the exhibition Raymond Roussell @ Galerie Buchholz, New York City, 2 July – 29 August, 2015 *

* (restored)




p.s. I’m so close to being back in the p.s. driver’s seat that I imagine I can almost taste it by now. For today, I give you an old post which is one of my all-time favorite blog posts, and I guess you’ll either see why or you won’t.


  1. I’m such a mega-fan of Roussel. His work just hits me the right way and direction. This is one of your classic blogs. Thanks for re-posting it!

  2. David Ehrenstein

    April 9, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Raymond Roussel is Totally Wonderful and Totally nuts. He’s the French Firbank but far more complicated.

  3. “I used to be so into trying things and understanding them but now I just want to do things and not understand them.” – you. I think I’ve listed to ml3, boxes and angels, the untitled pita track about a hundred times this week while disassociating. Something ugly is festering inside and I can’t help but feel as if it will soon consume me and there will be nothing left of my old self. I’m at the coffee shop I work at reading the sluts to a new bvdub album. Think Davenport’s drawing for Bertha The Child Flower. //
    Met this friend a while back who shoots nude photography and did album artwork for Steve Roach and a band called Memory Drawings. We talk about music, Daido Moriyama and eat onigiri’s. Not sure if we’re good enough friends for me to let him borrow the sluts or not. No matter how close you are to someone you should never let them borrow a book because they’ll never get it back. I’ve broken into one of my uncle’s houses before to retrieve my favorite Harlan Ellison novel. This is how you know that you can truly trust someone… //
    Hope you’re having fun in Cali. Hoping to be back there in July or August. I’m on the last chapter of my novel and close to finishing the chiastic circle. Doesn’t seem real that I’m this close. Probably take a while to finish my online grammar classes and finish it all. Do you think you’d still be able to help guide me to where to publish it when it’s ready?
    P.S I want to send you a postcard.

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