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Room Temperature Behind-the-Scenes Pix #1

Photos by Brendan Lott

Ange (Extra)

Chris (Paul) & Charlie (Andre)

Charlie (Andre)

Stanya (Beatrice)

Yar (Cinematographer) & Roman (Gaffer)

Rex (Grip), Ange (Extra), DC, John (Dad), Rob (AD)

Rex (Grip) & Roman (Gaffer)

Rob (AD), Zac, Yar (Cinematographer)

Ange (Extra)

DC & Zac

Yar (Cinematographer) & Atlas (Viola)


Luka (Producer)

Atlas (Viola) & Ange (Extra)

Atlas (Viola)

Zac & Yar (Cinematographer)

Ange (Extra)

Zac & Virginia (Marguerite)

Chris (Paul)

Virginia (Marguerite), Sabbath (Cyril) & Lenny (Damien)

Virginia (Marguerite), Sabbath (Cyril) & Lenny (Damien)

Rob (Art Direction)


Zac, DC, & Martina (PA2)


Photos by Luka Fisher

John (Dad) and Chris (Paul)

Ange (Extra) & Charlie (Andre)

John (Dad, Charlie (Andre), & DC

Yar (Cinematographer) & Ange (Extra)

DC & Ange (Extra)

DC & Zac


  1. Gick

    Dennis! What a huge treat to see these ethereal photographs! Thanks so much for sharing them. You look so good, and so on top of it all! Do you have a tan now? Are you filming in a desert? Miss you!

  2. Nightcrawler

    Looks very exciting!

  3. Hothothotinthedesert

    Who’s that hot guy, Chris ??
    OMG 😱😱😱

  4. OscarB

    Dennis!! This looks super exciting, and everyone in the photos looks so cool!!
    Hope everything’s going great. I miss you and Zac!

  5. David Ehrenstein

    When Did I Fall in Love

  6. Bill

    Thanks for the peek into you and Zac’s film project, Dennis. Very, very intriguing. Hope the shoot is going smoothly.

    I definitely need to spend some time with Tscherkassy’s work.

    Was in Philadelphia and New York for a week, back home now. Saw the excellent Jimmy DeSana show at the Brooklyn Museum, and this nice exhibit at the Drawing Center:

    I wasn’t planning to see the Signals video art show at the MOMA. But I was having lunch with a friend, grumbling a little about how the show doesn’t look that interesting (to me), when the young guy at the next table said it was good, and his grandfather has a piece in it. Turned out he was Stan Vanderbeek’s grandson, and Vanderbeek’s installation was one of the few pieces I enjoyed in the show.


  7. Derek McCormack

    Love you guys!

    • Kettering

      Mr. McCormack,
      If I painted something for you, made a bit of non-pro ‘fan-art’ for you, could I send it to you (the whole reason I’d want to make it)? Fan art, yes, but not complicated, no strings, etc.: Its just that I’ve been wanting to send something to you as a kind of ‘Thank You’ for how wonderful you are (having read Castle Faggot and listening to your Wake Island interview, I was blown away by what a beautiful person you must be, in ways that are really humbling and awe-inspiring—What an artist you are). I don’t want to put you under pressure, it’s just so cool that you posted here and I literally have the Chocolate Lucky Charms box (hell yes, they make this) sitting in my room, waiting for your “go-for-it”… 🙂
      Either way, you are Da Bomb.

  8. Jack Skelley

    o cool! good pics, Brenden Lott !

  9. Damien Ark

    Good to see a new post. We miss you , Dennis… the images look great. Excited about your next masterpiece <3

  10. John Newton

    Hi Dennis I hope you are well. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the set and behind the scenes of your film.

    Everything is alright here. I am just super busy with work and life, and taking care of my father. I am not stressed out but I just go to bed early and turn off my mobile phone and don’t turn it on until after I have woken up. I have been reading a lot of Russian/Soviet literature. I wish I could read it and speak it the way a very good friend from the Ukraine can. I don’t think he enjoys reading.

    On April 2, I turned forty. I celebrated by eating Indian and Thai food with lots of kefir, chocolate, and yogurt for dessert. My mother had heart surgery and we are patiently waiting for her to heal, recover, and go to a cardiac rehab, and so far everything is going excellent and she is having physical therapy.

    I am very glad with the help of a neighbor that I was able to find the outside cat Carmen a home. He lives indoors with my neighbor’s friends. The surprising part is that when he was taken to a vet he had already been neutered when he first followed a Russian blue female feral cat here that was sick that I took care of for three years before she died. Carmen is completely healthy and I assume he was vaccinated before or after he was neutered. My cat Caruso is very happy that Carmen is no longer living in our garden.

    Winthrop Smith the poet of TAKEDOWN PORTRAITS wants to know who would be the best person(s) be it a writer, art critic, etc. to write an article about Larry Stanton’s portraits for an art magazine or website to draw more attention to Larry’s art? I am not sure how often he reads your blog, so I will just email your reply to him. There is a podcast episode about Larry Stanton search for ‘Talk Art’ Larry Stanton podcast. I have yet to listen to it as I normally don’t subscribe to or listen to podcasts. But I will listen to it when I get some free time.

    Take care,

  11. Brian

    Thank you for sharing these, Dennis. This is all so exciting—skeletons! All the best through the rest of production and beyond.

  12. Montse

    Dennis! These photos are so cool! Hope everything’s going very well. Sending lots of good vibes.

  13. Mildred

    Shooting looks great. Can’t wait to see when everything is done. Hope everything is going well and you haven’t too great a headache getting everything right with production.

    Peace and love,

    • Mildred

      P.S. quit that bar already so if you do come into town I am currently at Little Joy in Echo Park, kinda divey but super fun.

      • Mildred

        p.s.s. evenings on the weekends

  14. l@rst

    Hey D! Looking good! -L

  15. Robert

    Wow, that looks so fun. Totally gorgeous land and scenery too. Hope everything has been and keeps going well for you all!

  16. Steve Erickson

    From these photos, it looks like the film’s mostly being shot outdoors. Or were the pics just taken there?

    I hope you, Zac and everyone else involved made it through the period of nighttime shoots.

  17. trees

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes view, Dennis. Exciting!

    All’s well here, just working on some poetry projects and reviews a longer prose performance piece.

    I will be in LA in June, but only for a brief layover— we’re going to visit my partner’s family in Hawai’i, the expense of which has sort of precluded any additional stops.

    Lots of love,

  18. John Newton

    Hi Dennis an update: my mother died, the surgery could not fix her heart issues. I am going to take a long hiatus from your blog.

    She did not want me to visit her but I am glad I went to swe her, and tell her how much she was,loved by myself, my father, and many family friends. I am not at risk of self harm or suicide just extremely numb and sad, and doing the best I can. My father is in shock as they were married 52 years. I am helping him and talking to him about how so full of love and happiness she was.

    I am grateful that she did not suffer for weeks, months, or years, was able to wish me a happy 40th birthday, and was not in hospice or one of those horrific care homes or a nursing home. They seriously are horrible places and I would not wish them upon anyone.

    I have been forcing myself to eat food and I stay busy cleaning, and helping my father. I cannot stop crying, but I am grateful that I had her 40 years, that she loved us unconditionally, and that she lived a completely full life of 82 years. I am taking it one day at a time and reminding myself that she would not want me to be so sad and would want me to be happy and full of joy and love.


    • Kettering

      Mr. Newton,
      We don’t know each other, but I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. Never easy, no matter her age. I hope the love you had for each other will bear you and your dad up through the worst of your grief.

      • John Newton

        Thank you Kettering.

  19. A

    Hey DC,

    This is A from KK Mag. Brendan and I have been in discussion about shooting you and Zac for our September issue before you jet off/back to Paris. Please email me at your earliest convenience about moving forward, if you are interested. You can message Brendan about this for more details and I sent you an email!

    Thanks so much.

    – A

  20. JM

    Good morning Dennis,

    Congratulations on your new film shoot. I am so extraordinarily excited for it, and I tend to get inordinately excited just about the titles of things, of which ‘Room Temperature’ seems really promising. I continue to be active over here in NZ, I am coming to New York in October this year if you happen to have anything going on over there (Room Temperature may be about ready by that time, would it? Or will the editorial/distribution job be huge?). I’m midway through working on my own next novel, which will be a process many years in the making – it’s already been eight months and I’ve only scraped up twenty pages. It hasn’t been a slog to write at all, just hard work and a complex plotting job. I’m tossing up between three titles at the moment: ‘Tuatara,’ ‘Faceshopping’ or ‘Kosta, Stella, Awhina & Taylor (but not Liam) at the Zoo.’ Sending love to you as always. Have you read the latest Easton Ellis book, The Shards? It unlocked something in my writing that I haven’t experienced being ‘opened up’ since first coming across your work.


  21. Ian

    hey dennis. thank you for sharing some pics of the shoot. it looks amazing, and you look great, too! im super happy for you that this project is happening. like many of the others here i cannot wait to see it.
    nothing much new with me. trying to make some progress on a new book. when you are back in paris and have some free time i will send you a little sample.
    take care,

  22. NLK

    Love the photos, it looks amazing. Can’t wait.

  23. David Ehrenstein

    Is Paris Burning?

  24. David Ehrenstein

    <A HREF=" Harry Belafonte

  25. Page Person

    Can’t wait to see the final product! It was so fun to make a costume for this project -what a cool way to be reunited with someone who has had such a profound influence on my life as an artist.

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