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Meet INeverDrinkWine, MessySausage, notyourson, youngzeus, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of July 2019


INeverDrinkWine, 21
Rough sex is not meant to be serious all the time. Can I persuade you to infuse some hilarity into each other’s sex lives? Funny and laughter filled sex that is dangerously explosive would be ideal.



FuckMeUggh, 21
Gay as fuck and ready to date any decent guy if I’m not already dating another

My car broke down 🙄


I’m single again and ready to mingle, but the problem is no one wants to! 😪 Hahah 😂🤣 Anyways don’t care

I just started taking Spironolactone or testosterone blockers to be more passive.

As long as you keep telling me I’m awesome we will get along just fine.


Socketbreeder – July 18, 2019
Let me see what my uncut dick sounds like cumming in the back of your eye socket



MessySausage, 24
True desires are basically being placed in a big kitchen compost bin in the kitchen for the weekend. And you just throw all your kitchen waste in there in and around me. All the rotten veg and fruit, cooking fats, old creams and stuff. Eggs ha and I’m just left in there. I’d not be allowed out so you’d have to feed me and no doubt I’d add to the bin too.



theFightClub, 22
Welcome to the Fight Club, you looser! Compassion was yesterday, after all, we live in the dark third millennium. Here is offered with all goods of injury and humiliation. So save us the question: “What are you doing?” We just do EVERYTHING, from A like breath control over N like pee to Z like destruction. This free premium service serves the intellectual edification of the masters duo and shows our personal slave, who takes our professional services for pleasure and psychosomatic injury, his own path into the meaningless septic tank.

First dates will be awarded from mid / end of next week between the 12th and 15th of June. Before that, we are busy with professional profile design. But our subhuman can already tell you how he wants to be hurt and humiliated, we reserve the first maltreatment dates for this parasite. Get straight to the point, how you want to destroy our stupid sacrificial fagot! His stupid Rumgelaber is namely so pathetic that it smells like blight through the screen. And now help us fuck him, you train station!


theFightClub (Owner) – June 27, 2019
That’s exactly what we’ll do, you fagot! And you can be sure that our training in Kung Fu will nasty wipe him away. And now stop annoying, you stupid piece of shit!

Erwin – June 27, 2019
Man, I’m looking to do that with you guys on his body.

theFightClub (Owner) – June 27, 2019
Kung Fu is a highly developed, martial martial arts, which is taught to the Taiwanese military in close combat training. Many striking techniques can lead directly to the death of the victim. Fighters train extreme speed, their impact on the body surface can lead to the worst injuries and death. There is boxing, a limited martial arts with little technology and simple rules that prohibit serious injury or even killing, but we are really ridiculous against. Apparently you have little knowledge in this field. But for comfort’s sake, we were also in training to use our legs, knees and elbows to score or knock out and kill. And now shut up, you stupid pig!

Erwin – June 27, 2019
Well, if you have no problem I would like to kung fu him with you? And why do you want to offend me?

theFightClub (Owner) – June 27, 2019
Stop asking nonsensical questions and annoying us. We like to block such scum, because that’s the only way you can grasp a small vacuum that we can already give you in the face before we even meet. So shut your broken mouth now and restrict your requests to the most essential and necessary! Otherwise, go away from the window, you pinworm!

Erwin – June 27, 2019
Well, what about boxing gloves?

theFightClub (Owner) – June 27, 2019
Cunt, Kung Fu leads to serious injuries or even death. Since we never get our hands dirty on victims, we always wear gloves.

Erwin – June 27, 2019
So I’m actually looking to box him with boxing gloves on the body. So with Kung Fu you can also box something, right?

theFightClub (Owner) – June 27, 2019
As it stands in profile, you stupid illiterate. We offer EVERYTHING. And we make u.a. also martial arts, Kung Fu, you looser!

Erwin – June 27, 2019
Hi, what do you offer for harder stuff?



notyourson, 23
Into a lot of things that I suddenly don’t remember when someone ask me “what are u into?” If I don’t answer that means I just can’t.


notyourson (Owner) – July 20, 2019
I don’t really care that it’ll be my first time but I’ve had others get weird about it so I’m letting u know.

notyourson (Owner) – July 11, 2019
I don’t find almost any guys attractive but if u’ve got a mask we can fix that.

notyourson (Owner) – July 3, 2019
I don’t think I’m looking for love, just someone to make me verifiably gay because I am not.

notyourson (Owner) – July 3, 2019
Hey.. uhm this is my first time on any dating site since coming out as gay 2 months ago. I’m nervous so please go easy on me. I’m joking btw.



Happy_Endings, 19
I am fixated on complete enclosures of any kind. It is important to me to completely disappear in it and have no chance to come out on my own. You’re welcome to sweeten my stay with little nasty things. No premature termination! The TOP determines when the end!
My ultimate fantasy is a man puts me in a metal hot box outdoors in the summer for many hours with just a bottle of Evian. I cook and sweat like a waterfall. At the base of the box is a faucet and every two hours I hear the faucet turn as he fills a glass with my sweat and drinks it.


Happy_Endings (Owner) – July 8, 2019
Just don’t forget I need to breathe through a straw 🤭😛



Poetryfromthedark, 22
Crazy drug fucked bass player who likes metal, jazz and strange metal fusions. Recently has cut open the frenulum by myself, looking to do a meatotomy. But open to everything, legal or otherwise haha. Nobody belongs to anyone. Looking for like minded guys to do shit that drives me slowly out of my mind. Please dude bro seriously.


Poetryfromthedark (Owner) – July 18, 2019
Calm tf down grandpa’s.

Poetryfromthedark (Owner) – July 14, 2019
No joke. I’ve been back 4 days and I’m being constantly harassed by old guys who think I’ll be impressed that they know who Black Sabbath is, flooded with snuff requests and pix of old guys jerking their dicks while making Devil Horns.

Keishio – July 14, 2019
No doubt, it’s a giant bullshit circle jerk party for the most part with the occaisional murder

Poetryfromthedark (Owner) – July 14, 2019
Nothing much. Just trying to get reaquainted with this site. Been gone for a year and now it’s all done gone changed!

Keishio – July 14, 2019
Whassup, dumb face



Need hardness …. need huge cocks …. guys I dare you to fuck me it’s worth it ! WHORE LIKE NEVER BEFORE !! I’m horny for xxxl !!! Every one thinks that I fake but writing me and I convince you that it is not so !! I also travel to Palm Springs a lot !!!


Aristocrate – July 27, 2019
Someone still misses him, me 😢

Sandstorminside – July 27, 2019
It has been fooled, abducted and is now mine in a secure location. Life as it knew it is over. It is nothing but its body. It is what God and I have created it to be.

I am not there to be kind to it, to consider its feelings. Forget it having any feelings for ME. They are not returned. It eats anything I give it. Shit. Piss. Dog food. Toenail clippings. Rotten food. Cigarette and cigar butts.

When it’s not in use, it is stored in a cold, smelly, untidy, and filthy place. This is where it stays the majority of the time. It has no books to read, no laptops, no television, no phones, nothing. It stares at walls for any hours it is not sleeping.

Today I took it from storage, used and fucked it and then chained it in my yard until it was badly sunburned. Then I whipped and caned the burned skin. Once I was finished I made it wear nothing but tiny and humiliating cutoffs and heels and had three friends over to beat and fuck it.

There are NO LIMITS for this Object. There are NO RULES for the care or treatment of it. It has NO RIGHTS, It will NEVER regain its freedom. LOST, FORGOTTEN, NO LONGER MISSED BY ANYONE!

RETURNBITCH (Owner) – July 17, 2019
as my parents said … “we named you Jesus for a reason” !!!

Estheban – July 16, 2019
A strange observation perhaps but I kept wondering how such a cute, charming, nice, normal seeming young guy could also be such a foul mouthed slobbery assed slut. It would be fascinating to be his psychiatrist.

RETURNBITCH (Owner) – July 7, 2019
only for 💰💰💰 if your cock is under 18 cm . otherwise I’m really bitch and bitch I love being slammed in all positions . Let me spend a hot summer !!!

hehathnodignity – July 7, 2019



Completelyhonest, 23
Complete honesty … I’m straight, not gay at all, no fantasies that way, nothing, but I need a lot of money very fast and I realised the only way I can make so much money as fast as I need to is to rent my body, and because the amount of money I need is ridiculous, I’m willing to go full on gay whole hog as long as I don’t get hurt or killed, but you’ll need to overpower me, force me and shit because I’m really not into gay stuff and giving up my ass is going to be fucking traumatic for me, so make an offer and make it really generous please, I’m in deep shit.


Mindy_Black – July 22, 2019
You’re going through a hard time. I love you. I’ll always be here for you.

Completelyhonest (Owner) – July 22, 2019
Thanks, babe. I know that wasn’t your favorite thing you’ve ever done. I promise life will be back to normal soon.

Mindy_Black – July 22, 2019
I’m his girlfriend. He’s honest with people and he’s loyal and he loves laughing with people and when his friends or family are sad or mad he makes them happy and smiles and he’s kind and nice and he loves playing volleyball.

Completelyhonest (Owner) – July 21, 2019
The offers I’m getting are too lowball for my needs so let me try to elaborate if that helps … I honestly don’t find myself attracted to guy’s bodies or such (or at least I think so), but I have had awkward hard-ons to the idea of another guy talking down to me. So here are a couple of ideas for you. Feed me videos about this kind of kink world, the harder the better. That might get me hard, it’s possible, it wouldn’t shock me. Keep in mind I have never watched gay videos in my life. And mainly, honestly, a bunch of men in a group. If stuff happened with me “against” a group of guys, I honestly don’t think I would be able to not get hard, and if there’s enough of you, I could maybe get all the money I need in one shot. Please can someone make it happen?



Discipline4boys, 19
The Truth About History and Present D4B.
I am Master SM, co-owner, co-author, director and one of the main performers in Discipline4boys project.
Given the recent controversies (and also the falsehoods that were made public by former D4B models) I decided to truthfully answer reasonable questions from boys who have worked for us and have grievances regarding our practices.
I refuse to communicate with the repressive forces of the state, with their hidden informants and collaborators of state institutions of all kinds.



ChicoXtreme, 21
I’m a virgin who’s nice and well balanced but bored to death of myself and so is fixated on the idea of being made impotent by chemical castration and then getting my cherry not just popped by some total top but dynamited in a way that leaves me permanently traumatised.


-1914- – July 10, 2019

letsgititupthehole – July 3, 2019
if you think you’re bored of yourself now, just wait until you’re chemically castrated. i had it done in ’05 and every joyless day since has been a struggle not to blow my brains out.

dontfwithmyfreedom – June 30, 2019
Virgin?!?! I’m sorry but you don’t get an asshole like his from pooping, I don’t care how constipated you are.



FarmPiglet247, 18
Farm Piglet 247 to using , with gradual deleted of human.
Using in a farm or garden, as a human animal: pig.
Using 24/7 in isolation from outside life.
-> little experience for living in a stable.
-> novice for eating scat and pig food.


Anonymous – June 1, 2019
WOW!!! I don’t know if any of you read this but this boy was arrested in April for murdering his parents, sister and younger brother! Did anyone here have any contact with him? I’m not a cop.



PunkRockFuckHole, 20
Use me. Rape me. Mummify me. Whatever you want. I’m your thing.


nylonshortsbear – July 14, 2019
He is realllyyyy skinnyyy but he have cute hipsss…

HOTBUTCOLD – July 3, 2019
I booked a seedy hotel room and invite this slut over. I greet him at the door and made him strip off before he come in. I made him get on his hands and knees and crawl into the room.

When we were in the room, I make him stand, put his hands behind his back and I handcuff them, then using black duct tape I tape over the handuffs. The entire wrist, forearm and elbow. I gagged him with a knotted bandana. Then taped over his gag with the black duct tape. I took him to the bed and laid him down on their stomach. I blindfolded him with a thick elastic fabric, and put earphones playing loud white noise in his ears. I taped over the blindfold and earphones with the black duct tape to keep them secure. I placed a black fabric bag over his head and taped it around his neck with the black duct tape. I clipped a thick black belt that’s attached to my headboard to his collar, to keep him in place. I attached ankle restraints and tied one to the bed post on one side, and the other one to the other side’s bed post. I pulled the belt attached to his collar tighter to make sure he was stretched into place and couldn’t move. I did the same with the ankle restraints to make sure his legs were spread as wide as they could, and were locked in place.

I took photos of him bound and hooded on my bed and I sent them to men on fuck apps. Grindr, Growlr, Squirt. I told them to come and use my fuck toy. I didn’t pick attractive men. I picked men than looked like they hadn’t fucked in a while. I picked older, fat men. I picked lonely men. I pick closeted or married men. I picked men that really, really needed to use a slut to get off, but never had the chance. I thought of it as charity work. I was helping out my fellow man.

I invited them over, one by one, to come and fuck my whore. I watched them pound away at my slut, sweating and drooling on him, spitting and flogging him, using him as a fuck doll or punching bag. When they were done, I charged them $5 and put it in a mason jar beside the bed. How sadistic I feel dictated how many men I let use my whore. (This time it was 13 men.)

I untied his ankles. I removed his hood, gag and earphones. I removed the tape and the cuffs, and I made him lie on his back. Then I fucked his used, sloppy cunt. While I fucked him, I took each of the condoms the strangers used and emptied the cum into the sluts mouth and made him swallow. I came in the sluts ass. I made him crawl to the door, used, sodomized and covered in strangers cum. I made him get dressed in the hallway and sent him off filthy and drenched in men’s sweat, spit and semen.

I took my cash and I went and bought myself an early breakfast.



TeenTwinkFem, 19
I like superman and spiderman suit.
I want to wear above two suits.
Of course rubber must be inside it.
You never see my face because it impossible.
Get high with my little brother first.


ihateyou1993 – June 26, 2019
Uh .. I already see your face?



youngboymickkk, 18
I only do real stuff ! Hit me up if you want to make porn with me 🤤🤘🏻


easygreen – July 2, 2019
leonardodelassa, go to the doctor and get a complete physical checkup today! do not delay! you might have a big problem!!!

leonardodelassa – July 2, 2019
easygreen, wait what are you talking about? I had the greatest sex of my entire life with him five days ago.

easygreen – July 2, 2019
police and civil police is knowing who you are and where you live. they are finding you soon. you have a big problem!!!!



saintfrancis, 22
Hi, i’m a kinky guy, who got sexually confused recently and now i think i like dick.
I’m here because i have a stupid dirty mind and i’m too curious for my own good.
The only limits i can think of are no children or animals maybe no broken bones otherwise the sky’s the limit ( is that a noose i see dangling up there ? )
I think from head to foot destruction would be no problem, i’m pretty sure i’d love writhing.
Don’t think i’d mind marks, stripes, scars, gouges anywhere on the body, i think i would be disspapointed without them. No safe word and no limits sounds like the best idea .. well maybe no broken bones but other than that treat your self.
So, if you have for whatever strange reason gotten a hard dick reading this or if you’d like to help me broaden ( or is that lessen ? ) my horizon, message the shit out of me ^.^
Other boring things that i love if it matters: heavy metal, kalashnikovs, writing poems, videogames and hot girls.
Otherwise well i’m out here in in south east Texas just hopping every freight train ( that means you ) thats heading towards my demise ( are we there yet ? )
And if you think i’m too feminine, fuck you Lawrence.


dontheb – July 15, 2019
never before have i wish so much i wasnt disable in a wheel chair



youngzeus, 21
I love the idea of long term ownership and being kept with no free will of my own but i dont think i have the balls to go through with such a big thing as that.

Has anyone on here had any experience with keeping or being a long term 24/7 slave boy and can explain it.

A few people have asked so I’ll address it here, yes im ok with being moulded into a slutty bimbo girl and kept in skimpy “rape me” outfits. I’m an aspiring psychologist.

Ok and what the hell is sounding?


RawClassic – July 3, 2019
I too have been with him as an escort and he is a let down once naked. But nonetheless I can’t blame him from earning what he can now while that pretty face still balances out his dad bod.

HeadLikeAHole – July 1, 2019
It’s true it’s a crying shame that such a cute face got stuck with such a squat, unexciting body. But it’s also true that if it hadn’t had a 300€/hr price tag I wouldn’t have been bothered. And, overpriced or not, it’s true it would have been very hot to rape him in drag.

Champ – June 29, 2019
as an escort he was awkward and stiff in bed and about 1/10000 % less cute than he looks in clothes.

youngzeus (Owner) – June 19, 2019
p.s. Milan is not my permanent location, I came out here for a high paying escort job with someone and now I’m stuck here staying with a rich vanilla guy and I want out asap.



gaycouplepissfun, 18
My boyfriend and I are looking for guy(s) to join him in pissing and cumming in my mouth.


gaycouplepissfun (Owner) – July 25, 2019
We’ve found the “one” for me. I know it seems petty to say that on this website, but who gives a hell anymore.

gaycouplepissfun (Owner) – July 22, 2019
We gotta felling that tonight it’s gonna be a good night!



Kidnapmenow, 23
I smoke cigarettes and got bad teeth and want to be around someone whos the same or dont care. I am up for anything once even if if you think it’s psycho just ask.


Nevermind – July 26, 2019
You need to keep reminding him that you’re not his real dad.

blowsmoke – July 20, 2019
I’ve been smoking while I wank since I shot my first little wad at 11 yrs old.

I enjoy smoking and more with young men.

I’m very tactile and enjoy being sucked while I smoke as well as fucking him while he smokes.

If you are ever in Australia and travelling between Adelaide and Melbourne by road let me know.

AssFiller – July 18, 2019
It’s in my name. I have an insatiable hunger for ass fucking white trash Trump loving racist garbage. Raw, hard, deep and fill them to the brim with my loads. This scum was the dictionary definition. Left his ass cheeks bruised to hell with my teeth marks all over them. Spit, cum and piss all over his hot, stupid shit body. Stomped my boot down on his cock and balls. Pushed my boot and fist up his ass hole. Owned his pea brained, nazi body and repeated it over and over until he was a quivering wreck. Let me say that while I understand it, i’m not really into the whole Master and slave bullshit. What I am into is 100% hard fucking and I would say this piece of crap and I just teamed up. Fuck Trump!



urgent_demand, 18
Boy wanting to be trussed up like a turkey, roasted and placed on your dinner table. Boy meat for consumption.


urgent_demand (Owner) – May 24, 2019
Previous jerks need not reapply.

urgent_demand (Owner) – May 9, 2019
I’m actually 16 but please don’t report me or anything.



anotherboyhole, 19
I look 12 but I just turned 19 on February!
I would like to meet people all over the world for horny sex.
I love older guys, older and fatter daddies the better.
The princess leia/jabba the hut thing is hot.
I just love sex so much! I was born to be a porn star because sex is basically my life. And yes am a fucking slut. My ass is a fucking cum eater bitch and it gets angry when not fed.
I don’t care for huge cocks or bubblebutts. I’m not saying that i don’t like them only that any cock size is enjoyable. A butthole is a butthole.
Really though I look 12 and people who see us will think you’re a molester.
Michael you are so special!!!! I wish you find the right man for you!!!! You are so fucking hot and so beautiful with pure heart!!!


Collegeguy444 – July 23, 2019
insists on playing poker and drinking beer for hours before he’ll do anything.

anotherboyhole (Owner) – July 21, 2019
Here’s a hint; keep my ethnicity the fuck out your mouth.



TimeOfRelax, 25
In January 2017, a story broke of a fifteen year old young man in a vegetative state in a long-term care facility in Dresden, Germany who, during a routine medical examination, was discovered to have had significant damage caused to his anal cavity over the course of months. This story by itself would probably not have garnered much attention, but ended up in the public eye after DNA tests proved that eight staff members of the long-term care facility had been having hard anal sex with the vegetative young man. These individuals were subsequently diagnosed as afflicted with somnophilia, or a sexual attraction to someone who is unconscious.

A person with somnophilia may attempt to cause an unconscious state by drugging their victim, or by taking advantage of an individual who is intoxicated or unresponsive in a deep sleep. A person with somnophilia is ultimately aroused by the fact that their sexual partner is unable to oppose their advances. Symptoms of somnophilia include frequent thoughts and excessive fantasizing while thinking about or when in close proximity to those who are unconscious or non-responsive. Other symptoms of somnophilia include overt sexual desire and sexual behavior with the unconscious.

In 1972, psychologists Dr. Calef and Dr. Weinshel published an article in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis that donned somnophilia as “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.” This article suggested that somnophilia was a “neurotic equivalent” of necrophilia. The biggest difference between somnophilia and necrophilia is that individuals who meet the diagnostic criteria for somnophilia are only interested in individuals who are still alive.



bravehang, 22
A twink loving noose hang, strangulation and other types of execution methods. Would love to try electrocution, blank gun head shots, gas chamber as well! Love guys who love their victims high.

*Message me for my Only-Fans page if you like to see more pics or vids of ME AND MY COUSIN PRETENDING TO KILL EACH OTHER.

*I also love ball worship. There is something profound and sublime about kissing a pair of balls.

*My dealbreaker: you have to anal douche me because I can’t do it at home 🙁



DarkBlueBoy, 22
Subby bitch. Femmy and only going to get more so as time goes on. Attack me very badly and I’ll really love it. Really into violence, roughness, multiple people raping me, bondage and strangling and sensory deprivation.

Will be very bratty/sassy before the attack. Beat it out of me if that bothers you in the slightest.

Fuck you, you don’t need to know anything else about me.


DarkBlueBoy (Owner) – June 27, 2019
I don’t wanna be here. Get me outta here.

sniper – June 16, 2019
We all believe that quote “no one is perfect” right.We all know that each one of us have our own imperfections in ourselves.And importantly,fat is one of that imperfections. Then why won’t we open our mind for accepting them.Why are we too closed minded for appreciating our fat LGBT.

CaptainFist – May 30, 2019
His knees were weak, arms were shaking probably because he had drugs for dinner.

test-test – May 19, 2019
Swallows and eats and drinks very much from other bodies. Likes men with beard but also without. The propic makes it seems like he is slim which is not the case.



iEatYourShit, 18
EN: Feed me your ♥ shit ♥ piss ♥ spit ♥ snot ♥ sweat
RO: Hrăni-mă cu tine ♥ rahatul ♥ pipi ♥ scuipat ♥ muci ♥ sudoare
BG: Нахрани ме ♥ лайна ♥ пикня ♥ плюе ♥ сопол ♥ пот
CN: 餵我 ♥屎 ♥尿 ♥口水♥鼻涕 ♥汗
DE: Füttere mich mit deiner ♥ scheisse ♥ pisse ♥ spucke ♥ rotze ♥ schweiss
FR: Nourris-moi avec ton ♥ merde ♥ pisse ♥ mollard ♥ niaque ♥ sueur
ES: Alimentame con tu ♥ mierda ♥ meada ♥ lapo ♥ gapo ♥ sudor
PT: Me alimente com seu ♥ merda ♥ mijada ♥ cuspe ♥ ranho ♥ suor
VN: Cho tôi an ♥ cứt ♥ nước tiểu ♥ nhổ ♥ người bị sổ mũi ♥ mồ hôi


Jbliven – July 20, 2019
Hey, how’s it going?



Sperma-Cum-Club, 23
For unrestrained sperm orgies I am looking for sperm donors, the more all the better, for: cum swallowing, cumplay, cumkiss, cumswap, bukkake, cumcocktail, cumfuck, creampie, cumdump, mass insemination, fill-hole parties, collected sperm. Is there something else for you or what preferences with sperm do you have? Meetings in cool places. Photo / video of orgies with / without my face.


Anonymous – July 22, 2019
If he doesn’t get back to you right away that might be because when I did him last night his phone kept beeping and ringing every 10 seconds so I threw it my swimming pool.

Sperma-Cum-Club (Owner) – July 17, 2019
To answer the many questions I’m getting, yes, I have had many profiles here before, and they sought wild and elaborate fantasy situations and roleplays, but this is me stripped back to just the person I really am. I got tired of using my profiles to direct traffic around what all of you want and what I want too but couldn’t face before out of pride. So, yes, you may have chatted to me on another profile, but those versions of me are defunct, so say hi and let’s start again.

I have constantly been told how sexy I am since I sprouted my first pube and I’m ready to embrace that now so I’m putting it out there for all to see.
No more fake profile, no more theater sex with me hiding in the backdrop, no disguising my body behind words on a profile.
I’m looking for what I have written with anyone who wants that.



Snuffpuppet, 22
The hope is a short term relationship with a man who teaches and transforms me psychologically for the mutual goal of snuff. He gets the pleasure of the kill, i get to experience all the sexual things I can only do once.

I don’t want a man who thinks his costume makes them something he is not. I will want violence and brutality, as well as fucking, kissing, and all your bodily fluids inside me, as what that might do 5 or 10 months down the line will be irrelevant.

My experience is just with rough extremely sex as a total bottom. But it has awakened me to fantasies of snuff, and I am scared but they draw me like a moth to a flame. I do not think there can be any act more exciting for top or bottom.

Long encrypted conversation, a carefully planned preliminary meeting. Eventual meticulously planned disappearance. Intimate relationship of 2-6 weeks culminating in a snuff scene lasting as long as possible (2 or 3 days?).

I know there are men here who have done this with willing bottoms. I don’t expect you to reveal past experience right off the bat, but it will certainly make you more attractive to me. I believe i’ll know you when i see you, and that you will know me.


Anonymous – July 24, 2019
Offered for taking over this snuff slave. This slave is very suitable for terminal sex, this slave is offered discreetly, anonymously and for free. NO FAKE PLEASE

Snuffpuppet (Owner) – July 16, 2019
My ultimate goal is an extreme scene that YOU will always remember.

yournewgod – July 16, 2019
“Building a graveyard, one dead boy at a time.” I’ll snuff but not if you … have fewer than 67 words in your vocabulary, enjoy Howard Stern, live in your mom’s basement, hate beer, are shorter than 5’6″, classify yourself as “pup” or “twink” or “boi” or “fem”, type email msgs lik ur txting sum1, have fewer than 20 of your original teeth, write Haiku in your spare time, watch “The Biggest Loser” or cry because you aren’t picked as a contestant, swish when you walk, dislike dogs or cigars, can’t drive a stick-shift, think you’re entitled to have the Last Word, won’t rim, wear cologne, sound like a faggot when you talk, cross-dress, are on ANY type of public assistance, listen to NPR or rap, are still in “the closet”, shop at A&F or Banana Republic, drive a Yugo, think “rosebud” is a gardening term, use 420 or like pistachio ice cream.

Snuffpuppet (Owner) – July 8, 2019
Anyone interested in doing snuff movie? Only real!!

Joeforever – July 2, 2019
I’m 41 this dum thing keeps deleting my shit I’m Joe or whatever u want to call me I want to snuff you I do not like soft shit I’m a tough psychopath I’ve been know to fuck shit up I’m from Canton Ohio and I’m just looking I want to snuff for real not do tricks in front of a camera I want to snuff for real not play tricks if you want to know anything ask my name is whatever u want to call me

Snuffpuppet (Owner) – June 29, 2019
Nothing on earth provides this completeness and I do not know if it is spiritual or simply touching on the rawness of being human and wanting this kind of death which in turn brings awareness in its completeness and so for a brief moment my inward black hole will be full.

Snuffpuppet (Owner) – June 24, 2019
I have a high cultural level, graduate student in Design and lyrical art.

CHOKERIP – June 19, 2019
I’m on a manhunt for a strangle to death slave. By means of manual strangulation with bare hands, ligatures such as belts, ropes, leather straps, silk neckties/scarves, garrottes and nooses. Doesn’t much matter as long I get off on it. You want to twitch out for my amusement and pleasure? Let’s roll! Once I get my hands situated around your neck, I lock in my grip across your throat, fingers and thumbs searching out for the pulse, feeling your pulse in every heartbeat as I tighten up grip tighter and tighter. I have the patience of a python. Feel the euphoria set in as your face slacks. Let’s do this boy… bye-bye!




p.s. Hey. ** Bill, Howdy. Yeah, ha ha, a bunch of people on Facebook seemed to think that photo was real and got all reassess-y and drool-y. Wow, that is dedication on Golia’s part. Nice. Wait, you’re back way east again? Or maybe it’s west for you. That’s nuts. I mean all that huge amount of flying. Have fun. Right your sleep patterns. Share the good parts. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Bandwagon? I’ve been interested in his films from the very beginning. It’s clear as clear can be that you don’t like his films, but there are perfectly legitimate reasons why people like them, me included, do. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hey, bud. Thanks for listening in and for the good words to good old Jax. ** liquoredgoat, Hi, man. I’m not expecting great, I’m just expecting to get some of that particular pleasure that his films often relay. Tim Dlugos is so excellent, right? Amazing. I did a big post on my old blog to intro that book you’re reading, but I haven’t restored it, and I obviously will ASAP. ** Steve Erickson, Ha. In one of the cyber worlds I travel in — see today’s post — screen grabs from movies showing hot actors, famous and otherwise, trussed up and so on are the niche grumpy cat meme equivalent. ** Misanthrope, Hi. One man’s self-indulgence is another man’s hot tub. Jax is on Facebook. You should friend him. Jack Dickson. I haven’t interacted with him, but he shared my share of his post there yesterday and spoke fondly of this place in his posting. He seems to be doing quite good. ** Okay. End of the month = slaves, soup and sandwich-like. Pretty wild bunch this month. Check ’em out. See you tomorrow.


  1. Shane Christmass

    July 31, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    Hi Dennis – thanks for that Guignol post. And that Beckett post.

    Beckett looks jacked!

    Been fascinated by the Guignol name ever since I read ‘Guignol’s Band’ by Celine. Still not sure of the reference – I guess Céline was making some reference to the horror or war, or the horror absurdity of life – which was one of his things he liked to theme his works with.

    You get that email with the firework GIFs? Also did my book turn up – physical copy or the PDF in your inbox?

    I’ve been playing around with this trying to work out if it can produce any good fiction – so far the results are promising: https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2019/5/13/18617449/ai-text-generator-openai-gpt-2-small-model-talktotransformer

    This is a good quote: “It may not be hard to find gaps in GPT-2’s knowledge, but it’s impossible to know whether you’ve explored the limits of what it can do.”

    Anyway about to watch the original Fly – never seen it.

  2. Haha… after the first few profiles, I was thinking “what a bitchy group of slaves this month”. Then the guests caught up. Wild bunch alright.

    There’s this tropical cyclone thing cruising close to where I am. A lot of shops etc are closed. So it’s been a lot of staying indoors, reading, and catching up with email and bandcamp links. Have you seen the new Ed Ka-spel?


    No surprises, but nice stuff. This LA old-timers project is pretty fun too:

    I have to say, it’s pretty cool walking around a normally crowded block, and there’s like 2 people around in the middle of the day.


  3. “I just love sex so much! I was born to be a porn star because sex is basically my life. ” How sweet. Lost of foot fetishism among the slave this month. As for the one dressed as Heath Ledger’s “Joker” I must say that if there’s anyone I never wanted to have sex with it’s heath ledger.

    When “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” opens in Paris I’m sure you’ll have a prime opportunity to explain your regard for Quentin, Dennis. Meanwhile Here’s the trailer for Marty’s latest WHOA!

  4. Regarding Quentin, Jonathan Rosenbaum sez: “It’s a movie that rewrites history to show how it should have been, laced with macho, middle-aged nostalgia for the reactionary 50s, before hippies even existed and when someone like Sharon Tate could be guiltlessly cherished as a silent bimbo. It also believes in using napalm against undesirables, a desire likely shared by many of Trump’s supporters.

  5. Do you have any idea what’s going on with mickkk?

    As far as mainstream bondage imagery, I’m fond of Brandon Flowers’ “Crossfire” video, although for my own taste, it’d be hotter if Michael Fassbender or Daniel Craig kept rescuing him rather than Charlize Theron. I came across a YouTube playlist called ‘basically torture porn” a few days ago, which included “Crossfire” – I’m sure it exists because the woman who made it finds these clips a turn-on, but after watching a few of them, I thought “she’s defining both torture and porn very loosely.”

    I’ve come up with an ending for my film. I will take 30 seconds from a documentary about light pollution, containing a view of the sky gradually growing dimmer (I’ve already selected this), followed by something about drugs and addiction. I don’t know what the final clip will be, but I’m trying to suggest a yearning for transcendence and escape, a recognition that people are destroying the natural spaces where we might satisfy that yearning and the idea that it’s hard not to become addicted to something in modern life.

  6. Have you heard the Sophie remix album, which is now streaming on YouTube after being sold in a $285 limited edition?

  7. Corey Heiferman

    August 1, 2019 at 1:03 am

    I’ve been a regular blog reader for almost 2 years now and this is by far my favorite slave post ever. Not easy to explain why this is, might write about it offline and get back to you later. Off the cuff, I can say the absence of locations, prices, and that menu list of yes’s and no’s helps them come off as whores in the world of archetypes rather than archetypes in the world of whores, if that can possibly make any sense. Was there something else different than usual in your process this time?

    I’ve discovered the snuff of vegan cooking: a recipe for bean paste which calls for hay and an electric blanket and takes a full year to complete.



  8. Dennis, “Calm tf down grandpa’s.” Pretty funny stuff. And it seems one maybe have committed a triple homicide on his family. Shit’s getting real.

    Ah, good to hear about Jax. I never looked for him on FB before because he always seemed the type who wouldn’t do it. I’ll have to look him up.

  9. Don’t have much to say today other than MessySausage does a pretty good cosplay of Heath’s Joker.

  10. Dennis! Hi. How are you?

    Some news: Silent Auctions published 6 new ones. Check it out if you’d like https://www.silentauctionsmagazine.com/poetry .

    I recently got a bug for ‘Tintin’ so I’m going to try to read them all. Luckily my library has the entire collection, should keep me busy for a short while.

    Still have to see the new Tarantino. Low expectations. I got invited to see it with some people, but I actually want to enjoy it and I think that’ll only happen if I go solo. I also wanna see ‘Hobbs and Shaw’. Haven’t seen a trailer, but I love F&F, so it’s a must.

    Skipping Astronomy today, far too hot to leave the house.

    Spending it with ‘Tintin’, also picked up Vian’s ‘Foam of the Daze’ -Tosh Berman’s Press version-so I’ll probably dive into that fairly soon as well.

    So long.

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