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Meet FreshLinen, itsMISSactually, Fuck_th3_world, Goldenchewtoy, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of November 2016


praguesfinestslave, 21
If your “Bad” then your my* “Dad”**

*a real one for a needy one who wants to enjoy fun with a boy growing into a man

**whos very stressed with his life




Goodarmyfuck, 23
I like sex
Sex is very good
Spread it around
I can organize group sex in army
I like army

I have only had sex with sexy blonde big tits girls
Also like to get rimmed
Try my handjob


Anonymous – Nov 13, 2016
Best blowjob ever, his mouth can take 24cm and they disappear like magic

Kai199 – Nov 11, 2016
Here the faKer slave I could puke for how dumb man’s also are




FreshLinen, 18
sometimes i want to be loved… sometimes i want to be fucked… sometimes i want to be smacked around … and sometimes i want all three…
im young for my numerical age with no upper body strength and i drink and sleep too much and i hate to be alone no mater what so i like guys i can hang out with even if its really just sex…
ill come over with drinks we have a few, talk for a bit, get things started sexually, you fuck or hit me whatever else then we chill get sobered up im out the door…
sounds good rite?…
unless you want to get to know me and really own me… but you should know i tried the M/s thing once and i’m a teenager and just not ready for that level of commitment… you’re only young once… but if you want to try anyway then you’ll have to be a cubby-ottery type…
and just fyi im nuts




itsMISSactually, 23
Castrated April 2016 and looking to try things beyond my previous experience.

Prefer men who do not wear spectacles (but of course this varies case to case).




Beautykiller, 21
I’m looking for someone into science, artificial intelligence, subatomic particles and abstract ideas of any kind, very good at making sense of stuff like. A lot of credited people don’t completly understand the implications of the formulas they use, take e=mc squared for example. A lot of others, they don’t understand themselves. I’m looking for someone who realizes how much we really do live in a very interesting time in history. Most of all I’m looking for the nobodies that try every day to be some bodies, people into the arts for lack of better words.




teachmybro, 22
my #bro’s at university taking advantage so he needs a lesson in humility. looking for #top guys to show him how to #bottom.

i’m the older one he’s the little shit.




Harry, 18
Heya, this is difficult because I know what I want but at same time I can’t put my finger on it, I keep looking for a master and keep failing to find one that knows what my sexual desire is. I need someone who knows what my sexual obsession is and can use that to make me his little slutty slave boy.

Some of the things I insist on all the time as a slave:

1.) I am to be padlocked into a metal collar AT ALL TIMES! In or out of public! I am NEVER EVER released from this collar for ANY REASON! This includes when we are not with each other!

2.) When we are at home I am to ALWAYS be chained to the wall or floor by a secure metal ring fixing. This is a NON-NEGOTIATBLE MUST. This is whether I’m in your company or your downstairs watching TV or whatever.

3.) When my arse hasn’t got a butt plug or cock or something stuffed inside it, or a dildo, it’s to ALWAYS have a speculum holding it open….WIDE!

4.) Also I am NEVER allowed to clean my arse after I use the toilet.

5.) Also I am never allowed to poop in the toilet. I must do it in a bowl. In case you feel like rubbing it on my face. Or if we go out rubbing it on my ass.

So, to sum up, at all times I must have a speculum holding my ass open, chained to the wall, wearing a metal collar, and my hands restrained.

I also insist other things to be done to me:

1.) if we go out to shops cinema etc anything we go out with me wearing shit filled underwear or with shit rubbed on my arse.

I’ve got a last few other things that you MUST do:

1.) You MUST pimp me out to other masters.
2.) You MUST host a party and have me crawling around and let everyone do what they want to me.
3.) You MUST take me to a public toilet (cinema, shop, pub, park toilet) and chain and cuff me in a cubical and leave me there to be shit and pissed on for couple hours or so.
4.) You MUST take me to the woods, such as box hill or Surrey hills, and chain me to a tree and make me wear a cute little miniskirt with no underwear and leave me couple hours.
5.) You MUST fill my ass with things such as honey, jam, oil, beer, grease and then take me out shopping or something.
6.) You MUST duct tape my own shit in my mouth.
7.) You MUST take me swimming.

Number 7 is my HUGEST turn on! We must do on like first meet!




SIRS, 24
Butcher this pig alive.

This longpig is real, no cyber, bull*hit, games.

Ready to be kidnapped, killed, do whatever you want to the dying pig.

Aus passport n9371446
Expire 27.11.2023
DOB 09.12.1999
Christopher Whitaker
Born carmarthen
Mob 0447 071 214


Anonymous – Nov 13, 2016




TheWastedMe, 18
17 years old. Female to male transgender.

My goal is to make you horny as hell with my boy face and my surface tension boyishness and my gender neutral ass then drive you crazy with my vagina.

At the right time, in the right mood, at the cross roads two strangers can go insane in each other’s arms before each one continues in his own way.

What may happen is all that can be.




limited_edition, 19
I’m a baby of sadly teenage years into being made to wear diapers 24/7. As i am a baby i should not be allowed to chose how thick my diapers are. I’m also into having my diaper changed and being forced to goo-goo 24/7 instead of talk. If you want buy a book go in the book shop!




minority, 22
I am an honest and good Christian boy who loves being surrounded by friends. I am ready for a serious relationship and I really look forward to starting that with the right person. I am an honest, loyal, passionate, generous, giving, affectionate, supportive, sensitive, and a good listener who is easy to get along with. You have no idea the things I’ll do for God. I prefer natural things not gadgets, so be a man use your fist or a twig from the guava tree. Curious about blowing into food and being fed it. I believe “Love is the devil”. What do you think? Let’s grouse about it.




sitonme1, 21
Sit on me
I am looking for people with great confidence to crush me
Love dramas, do not care
You can crush me till your eyes roll back into your head and you see God




rape_experiment, 20
i tried being passive before but lasted two minutes last time i was fucked.im searching for a man or two who is really interested in holding me down and then fucking me so long that i really cry from the stress. i always find the pussy boy bitches who cant handle this sort of thing admirable so i really want to try this.




Fuck_th3_world, 22
As far as the world knows, it would be dead. it will be Yours completely to use or snuff the minute it walks in your door as You desire. Object, thing, piece of flesh, expiring product – not a person or a human. it is Sexaddicted. it has tried to cure itself with aversion therapies and medications. it remains sick and insanely horny, there is no hope. it knows its ugly life must end now before its looks age and its Sexaddiction becomes pathetic.


Fuck_th3_world – Nov 15, 2016
Funny clumsy serious dizzy flying creepy moody junk

OxygenSalesman – Nov 14, 2016
Just so you know, with bone structure like yours and your pretty eyes you will probably look very attractive and hot for another 10 or possibly even 15 years.




This PTE squaddie boi needs a good SGT … Are you that person ???

If we meet, you have to handcuff me at first sight, hands to the rear, palms facing outwards, cuffs double locked.

My hands must always be handcuffed behind my back at ALL times, indoors or out in public. Rigid handcuffs when indoors or somewhere private, hinged handcuffs when out in public. Gear stays on during sex etc.

As long as I’m handcuffed i’m up for it.

I’m not scared to be out in public in my squaddie gear and of course handcuffs !

Can you handle that ?




Goldenchewtoy, 18
I’m 18 years old fiend mostly looking for someone to hold me down and chew on me. I like to get bitten a ton and into everything related including a lot of blood.


Drunklover – Nov. 2, 2016
I would love to make you sleep for me – either by getting you drunk or by giving you a couple of sleeping pills (or both). Watch you getting sleepy and tired, then get you to bed until you fall deeply asleep in my arms… Slowly take your clothes off, expose your body, watch you sleeping peacefully, bite you all over your body, bite your feet, legs, bury my face in your ass and bite, bite your limp arms, hearing you snore and moan at the same time. You will wake up in my arms with bite marks everywhere and maybe some blood and hopefully will have enjoyed it as much as I have!




Snelle, 19
I enjoy blueberry inflation above all else. I want to be put in an inflatable suit and blown up so I’m all helpless and can’t do anything. I also enjoy dressing up as a cat a lot. ?




Sanityyyyyy, 18
I am Maxi, really 18 years old, small and very tan, all the pics are really ME! I have a soft and shapely ass that looks like custom made by a great artist and I enjoy sharing it GENEROUSLY with somebody, who is GENEROUS with their money in return and knows how to make a boy see stars in bed without hurting me too much or having a very perverse wishes – NO CAVIAR OR FECAL MATTER!!!

For all who have to save their money and trying to score me without generosity – Please! Just accept that I am not a slave in your class and category and don´t try to gyp me. You can easily find enough cheap money boys to be your boyfriend sluts in Pattaya, so just try it there and not here with me. I am 100% italian from at least 6 generations.




Sneer, 20
Hello i like sex soo much, minimum 5 times per days.
My hobby is sucking and kissing.
I do not like to brag, but many people like me!
I am serious.


Sneer – Nov 3, 2016
Youre complex.

masterSUNSHINE – Nov 3, 2016
Technically what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t ask to have sex with you unless it’s bareback sex. I don’t think that’s what you meant to say?

Sneer – Nov 3, 2016
What do you mean? Dont ask for no bareback. What is not to understand?

masterSUNSHINE – Nov 3, 2016
Nice profile, very cute, but what do you mean by “DONT ASK FOR NO BAREBACK!”?




dumpeverythinginandonme, 23
When I am dreaming in Africa and Black Men looking Ass to Fuck, and they become hot and horny then they more and more Hurt Violent and Fuck without mercy in the Holes when I scream or stop say, then they will always harder and fucking with more violence and Nobody is interested in whether the Bottom comes with clear or dies at the Hard fuck group with their epidemic Sperm


Przemek – Nov 11, 2016
If you want to fuck a real sweaty Serbian boy, he’s your guy!

p155 – Nov 3, 2016
I piss in him: mummify him head to toe: fill his stomach and ass; pull out of his ass and slam it into his mouth make him suck his ass juice off my hard cock; put a fist in him: he is my good boy but he pee on himself




666pozme, 18
I’m a teenage Satanist neg (as of 4/16/16) looking for amoral, Evil man to sire me with the ultimate gift in sexual perversion. After that I’m open and willing to pollute in the way you see fit.

Hail SIR!





sellingboysundies, 21
Would you like to receive smelling undies from young 14 year old boy? 😉
Here you can get them! 100% legal and without any bullshit
I know for a fact that they are really nice
I’m shipping them around Europe.
Please tell me:
How long you want it to be used without washing?
What do you want him to do with that (for example: cum on them, piss on them or anything you like)
Anything else!




Aintnosaint, 18
Hi my name is Tomas and i have 18 y.o, next years 19.
I am a pozzed up fuck pig.
As you can see I need a arse crack shave.





Nikita, 18
To introduce my self 1st is important to tell the truth and always be real to all people even if they are not…

I am male and 100 percent straight…

I am here for one reason…To become a house cleaner..I have one son but not marriage and the mom of my son is already marriage to someone..

I did work as house cleaner in Moldova when one german invited me to visit germany and try the luck here…Honestly he is a gay and he paid for all the expenses going here…But without my knowing he sold me to some foreign gays…They all used me for sex until they’re tired of me and now I live my self alone..

If my luck is not good here I will go back to Moldova.. I am not for love because I am a straight guy but I will make sure to do my very best if we are sex but this is only part of being a house cleaner..




underinstruction, 23
I am here because I have been given tasks by my Master:

“Go onto Grindr and Recon, set up an account. Every time you receive a message which is a cock picture will be mercilessly whipped. You must reply to every dick-pic with a picture of My cock (that owns you), or else it is a day on psychotropic drugs locked in a small cage that you barely fit inside and subjected to screaming loud noise for every non response”

These are my instruction




objected, 21
Let’s talk about the Pain Game.

On the contrast to my very pale white skin – super soft and smooth – small bubble butt and my cock that is hard and ready all the time I’m an adventurous Maso Submissive Sub. I love playing with a multitude of ideas:

⚠️ Forced submission.
‼️ Heavy Bondage.
⚠️ Very heavy bondage.
‼️ Suspension
⚠️ kidnap scenes.
‼️ Torture scenes.
⚠️ Knife play.
‼️ Sensory Deprivation.
⚠️ Pain.
‼️Slave Furniture.
⚠️Anal catheter.
‼️ Various dark Fantasy role plays.
– Sub naked hunted in the freezing cold wild forest is at the top.
⚠️ Mental Games. Make me scared, brainwash, try to turn me no return insane, unite people over ect. It’s all part of the truth.

The list isn’t exhaustive, it’s Just to name a few things that I like. ? No masters under 18’s.

Willing to travel around world, don’t be boring though. If you mention your going to be a ultimate extreme sadist master then be one. Don’t go all soft it’s such a fucking turn off!!!

? If it bleeds, it bleeds.
⚠️ If you don’t like anything, mention it
⁉️ Safe word is boring but if you insist. (I mind but won’t show it)
? Don’t be afraid to give me something to remember you by. Scars and marks and damages are great.

Put me in a hood and shred me. I have a thing for wondering if I’m being killed and also for bare feet ?

?Side note: I do not mix friendship and Maso together. Do not ask me to be your friend.?
LIMITS: Only one… No FistFucking

Also have you guys heard of Aquarius in Winnipeg? I’m trying to go there but I don’t have much info on the place. I understand it’s a bathhouse, I just don’t know the etiquette of things when I do go there like do I have to be nude?




teen2suffer, 18
Make me cry
Scare me
I’m looking for an older guy that has a sick sadistic side

I want to be punished repeatedly over and over in unpredictable ways
I especially want asphyxiation, to get choked out while looking into eyes of a evil sadist who wants to hurt me while losing consciousness, to wake up to being slapped and punched and beaten and fucked while being told I’m worthless

Ask for my phone number and you can treat me like that all the time
Evil is intoxicating for me
I am only available on fridays and sundays cause of the school

The special part of me is that you need to “book” ahead minimum one month
In this way I hope being a bottom pig not seems like soo discusting


DemonSonOFLUST – Nov 19, 2016
You will hunger all the time. Your body and your ass will crave cock and fist. Cum and we will explore the very depths of your Body and Being. Reach deep inside of you and feel the warmth of your organs and the beating of your heart. You as many will serve the one who has called us to be a true family. Darcavious ( Fullyloadedmusl ) His intensity and power, his untold energy will fill you with things you never thought possible. Come to a family where there is no Guilt, no Judgment, no Shame…only acceptance of you, your hungers and your most taboo needs. Come to a true brotherhood that will accept you for who and what you are. HAIL!

pigman – Nov 14, 2016
Hey perv, I don’t want you to see ever and you will have hardcore, animalistic music blasted into your ears 24/7.




MrNiceGuy, 21
Hi there. Goth bitch is seeking brown haired owner to watch scary movies and play with Oujia boards.

I’m your local resident goth that loves anything spooky and scary sexual and otherwise. I wear tall ass platform boots always and other gear in public — I can be with or without makeup, whichever you prefer, but I shave off my eyebrows, so I might look like an alien.
I’m looking for a real man, brunette only. Only anal I’ve gotten has been fingers. Let’s change that.
I’m not alpha. I’m not even a beta. Just a slut.
You want a blow job? Done. Wanna fuck me? “what position?” Cum wherever you want. Pain. I love pain. Whip me, spank me, pull my hair, slap me, go crazy with crops, paddles, whips and anything else you like to torture me with. Knives are just wonderful.

If you are brunette you are my god and your cock is my idol.

2016 Nov/Dec:
02 Nov CX889 ✈️YVR-HKG
03 Nov CX472 ✈️HKG-TPE
08 Nov CX401 ✈️TPE-HKG
09 Nov CX5326 ✈️HKG-CJU
16 Nov CX5325 ✈️CJU-HKG
20 Nov KA798 ✈️HKG-WNZ
28 Dec KA791 ✈️ WNZ-HKG
29 Dec CX888 ✈️HKG-YVR

03 Nov – 08 Nov R.O.C(Taiwan)??
08 Nov Hong Kong SAR of China??
09 Nov – 16 Nov R.O.KOREA??
16 Nov – 20Nov Hong Kong SAR of China??



MrNiceGuy – Nov 17, 2016
Interesting question. No.

sbon11 – Nov 17, 2016
What about a guy like me who was a brunette before my hair turned gray?




new_to_this_shit, 19
Pretty nerd guy, but a good companion for light saber fights. ;D No seriously, I’m looking for a real man who knows how to turn a tiny pink virgin hole into a rosebud and will promise to tend and maintain the rosebud through long relationship like he is a gardener and it is his prized plant.


new_to_this_shit – Nov 15, 3016
That’s a crude way to put it but technically yes.

StrongAkt – Nov 14, 2016
which is a fancy way of saying you want a guy who fists you all the time?




Slave_Tester, 21
Hi, I test and evaluate for you the slaves, so you will have as much fun with them as possible! 😉 You wanted someone to have tested? Simply say name! If slave is far distance from me, simply pay for my flight and hotel!

Here will soon be a ranking. If you want to know more about a slave, simply ask. as shown in Fig.
If some slave wants to have tested to make his chance improve, just say!
You would like to be my slave? This is also possible!

Already tested:


Broly – Nov 26, 2016
Of all the ridiculous fake scams on this site I was going to say this is the most laughable but then again Trump.




kinkonmyass, 19
I am a cute young guy, naturally energetic, with a mouth watering ass and a very high sex drive, looking for intense sessions of 5 to 10 minutes, ONLY BAREBACK!
I am 19 years 138 weight 55 member 17.5 for 5 to 10 minute sex passive-raskovan-with any Sado MAZ and kiss the dirt.
Corner Habsburgerstraße / Luitpoldstraße in Schöneberg
Often hanging around in sauna BOILER!
That’s about as complicated as it is.


MasterCrix – Nov 18, 2016
Impatient guy and immerse in weird roads.




Sparky, 21
open minded – close to the best when addiction into sex could be next

no required rules when the brains learned the game
my sphintcer can expertely milk the biggest cock
open mind to get into all endless options which only is free in sex of gays
4 they like to squeeze in their panties, touch them their ass and cock in my ass bag


beepbeep – Oct 30, 2016
Novelty straight from Brazil with a big pal with a lot of milk and a thesaurus of fire




gainerboy, 21
Hi. Both photos are of me. The top is me a year ago. The second is my body now.

In brief, a year ago I got owned by a master. His big turn on at first was to make me gain a lot of weight. I was skinny all my life so it was hard but I did get very fat. At first I hated it but then getting fat started turning me on. After I was fat my master lost his attraction to me so he tried to force starve me, but my metabolism was fucked by then and I couldn’t do it so he released me.

I’m looking for a full time master to continue my gaining. I would love to get gigantically obese like those guys who can’t even move and they have to tear down a wall of their house and use a crane to lift them off their beds and take them to the doctor.

Apart from the weight gain, I’d be into being raped often. I’m open to living in a cage or wherever. I would love to have my tiny cock and balls kicked over and over. Honestly, I am willing to do a lot of things since I am at that sort of lost age of figuring out what I want to do for my life.





p.s. Hey. ** Jonathan, Hi, buddy. Thanks re: the apartment thing. I know, I know. I kind of love this apartment. Sucks. There are indeed, by my reckoning, some real goodies amongst this year’s buche parcel. The beauty pageant will go up on Saturday, so you can judge for yourself. I was just in L’eclair de Genie two days back, and, yeah, the multi-colored chocolate gnomes are cool. Not as cool as in the photos, but that’s standard. Munk does sounds invariably delicious, so there’s that. Paris hasn’t quite taken to the donut, which is surprising to me. But I think if Dunkin Donuts was to get through whatever regulations and open an outlet here, there would be lines around the block. Our day with you at EuroDisney was a serious blast that also continues to bob in my consciousness as well. No snow here (yet), of course. It has gotten cold enough to, so fingers crossed. I like the Mica Levi & Oliver Coates album too. I can’t remember exactly what I’m listening to this morning — doing this early and sans the usual amount of coffee due to a morning appointment — but I just made one of those gig posts consisting of what I’m listening to, so you’ll see then if you want. Lasky’s awesome. I’m going to ‘spin’ your mix when I get back from my morning appointment. Awesome. Everyone, artist and d.l. Jonathan Mayhew ‘made a mix waiting for things to dry in dublin’, and he has impeccable taste in sound and music, so listen to it. Go here. Take care. ** David Ehrenstein, Ha! Thank you! I don’t think I know Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Paterson’. Does it have anything to do with William Carlos Williams? ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! I’m looking at a more realistic apartment possibility this morning, so we’ll see. Next weekend, yeah, not so far ahead. Good. Me too re: the fake Xmas window stuff, but Paris kind of does a whole body twinkly makeover. Very pretty. If pix do its justice, I’ll take some. Xmas presents, gosh, yeah. I need to start dwelling on that idea too. Hm. Yesterday was, I think, pretty uneventful-ish. Zac got back from his US trip, which is happy news. But otherwise I think I just worked and stuff, didn’t I? Let me think. Yeah, I think so. Today might end up being more decorated with tellable things. What did you do? ** TomK, Hey. Yeah, gotcha. I think I’m most all about that new dark ride at Efteling. Efteling is in the running for the best theme park in my world. Go sometime. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Ha ha. Subtlety, no, not really. Oh, man, I love theme parks more than the next man, but not there. That’s sick. ** Jamie, Hi, Jamierific. That wasn’t good. It’s the thought that counts, right? Dude, get thee to a theme park! What in the world?! If you ever come to Paris, I will drag you if necessary to EuroDisney and Parc Asterix. End of story. Goodness gracious! Cool about the prototype. Hooray for scissors. I should do a post about scissors. This week? See and catch up with Zac and figure out the plan for location scouting for our new film because we need to get on that. Apartment hunt. See Crystal Castles. Work. See people. Hm. Should be okay. Definitely use your next days wisely by forking talent out of your talented self by whatever means your talent asks. Big up re: your Wednesday, man. Wintery love, Dennis. ** Steevee, Hi. Such ingenuity deserves a buck or two, no? ** Misanthrope, Weird, yes. I still think a million constitutes richness. But I’m a transgressive experimental artist, so what do I know? No, I don’t believe I ever think about preexisting theme park accidents when I’m actually on a ride. Sometimes when I’m looking at a ride from afar, yes. Nice. Yeah, I used to go to Disneyland on acid quite often in my teen years. Explains everything. ** Chris dankland, Hi, Chris! I like them too. You should ‘like’ the Theme Park Review page on Facebook. They post on-ride roller coaster videos about 7 times a day. I know, ‘the shed’. Good angle. Although I suspect that what’s in the shed will be a serious letdown since there’s only so much you can do in a shed vis-a-vis a roller speeding through it. But still. I’m terrified of heights, but, for some reason, I can get totally into putting myself into a state of utter terror on drop rides. Weird. Yeah, I saw about the firey roller coaster. I hadn’t seen that video, though. God, it’s horribly beautiful, isn’t it. Bookmarked. Thanks a bunch, man. ** Sypha, Hi. I think ‘Books of Blood’ is definitely Clive’s best work. It’s always sad when your first work is your best. I think Clive bought into the whole thing that books aren’t serious or important or something if they’re not gigantic. And, hey, during that period of his novels that you’re reading, they were always on the best seller lists. But I think ‘BoB’ is what he’ll be ‘remembered for’, as they say. And for ‘Hellraiser’. I’ve heard that his health isn’t good. That’s really sad. He’s an awesome, fun guy. I hope he’s okay or will be. ** Right. Today you (and I) get our monthly reminder that our rent is due tomorrow. See you then.


  1. Dentastic! (whilst trying to come up with a ‘funny’ name for you I just noticed that your first name backwards is ‘sinned’, but I guess you already knew that.)
    Scissors are cool! I love cutting stuff up and it’s one of the few things that I think am naturally good at. It’s not the handiest skill, but it makes me very calm and happy. My trick is to hold the scissors with my right hand, even though I’m left-handed.
    Man, I would absolutely love to go to EuroDisney & Parc Asterix with you!! You may have to be persuasive to get me on some of those rides, I think, but I have a feeling that your total and utter enthusiasm would go a long way in that.
    Hope it’s nice to see Zac and talk locations. Do you have any locations in mind already? Are you filming in Paris?
    My favourite line from a slave today has got to be “7.) You MUST take me swimming.” In context it’s kind of sweet. And I think Sparky is truly handsome.
    So, that’s me. I’m making pasta. Have you tried Cacio e pepe? It’s so good.
    Hope that your yesterday was splendid and you have a great today.
    Lots of love to you,

  2. “Prefer men who do not wear spectacles (but of course this varies case to case).”

    Men don’t make passes at men who wear glasses?

    Yes “Paterson” DOES have to do with William Carolos Williams. He’s a constant reference point in the film which centers on a sweet, mild-mannered bus driver (well-played by Adam Driver) who writes poetry on the side. At the climax he meets a Japanese tourist who has come to town specifically in order to pay homage to William Carlos Williams.

  3. Cioran (a favorite of Susan Sontag’s)

  4. Hi D

    Yes cant wait for your next gig day and Saturday Bucheness!!!! the norwegian equivalent seems to be christmas beers, they test the best, rate them in newspapers and then the shops get emptied, just picked up a few but if its anything like last year, they will still be around a year later undrunk.
    2 things in and done so far one left to do, then its back to the fun making stuff bit.
    hope you like the mix, its mostly a bunch of things ive been into recently.
    love this line ‘I enjoy blueberry inflation above all else’ now i really need to know is it just blueberry? or will any berry cut it?
    its nice watching the water freeze here, lakes are kind of beautiful right now as its just a thin layer. only -2ish right now but im by the sea.
    Cioran’s paris apartment is just up from Berkeley Books, I like to think of it as a dark hole of despair, his french hole per say 😉

    Bon bon day to you!

  5. Sorry, I just found the panhandler annoying and didn’t give him any money.

    I like the balance between the Christian and Satanic slaves this time around. Have you seen the websites offering a Christian defense of S&M floating around on-line? Some seem reasonable, others seem to basically be offering a defense of abusing women through ’50s-style gender ideology.

  6. Hi!

    How did you like the apartment?
    I’m really curious so if you happen to take some pictures I’d be happy to see them!!
    I guess today’s most important news on my end is that I got an e-mail notifying me that I’ll have my final-final exam (where I’ll have to talk about my thesis) on the 11th of January. The president of the board will be quite a tough teacher but I’m optimistic. Other than this, not much. I started working on one of the presents and I really like the idea so far. It’s a bit like a page from one of my scrapbooks but personalized of course. Oh and surely enough: thank you for the slaves! A pleasure, as always.
    Good news about Zac’s return! How was today? Did you have some special plans?

  7. Wow, Dennis, wow. I’m sensing a theme with this group: younger, longish brown hair. Or young jocks. Too bad you turned it into art, haha.

    Hope you and Y are doing well. Much love from me and Jarrod.


  8. Hi again, just read your comment to me about Pettibon. I knew it was not even in your current country, I just figured you’d support or were invited to speak, or whatever.

    Anyway, guess which one of these guys I’m into?


  9. Have you seen the 2016 Cahiers du Cinema top 10 list, featuring TONI ERDMANN at #1 (yay!) and THE NEON DEMON at #3 (WTF!)? http://www.cahiersducinema.com/Top-Ten-2016.html

  10. limited_edition19 has a nice bum but his profile description, errr… reminds me of a younger guy who hit me up on Manhunt once, saying he was looking for an older guy who would pretend to be his older brother and force him to wear diapers. What do you really say to something like that, ha ha?

    Yeah, Dennis, I think you’re right about “Books of Blood” being the primary book that Clive will be remembered for. I guess you could say it’s sad that his first was his best, but really, I know so many horror writers who would give their eye teeth to write something even 1/10th as good as anything in “Books of Blood,” so… it’s def. one of the gold standards of the horror genre, and did a lot to expand the genre’s boundaries. Ah yes, the whole “big book mentality” trap… I think my brother Andrew is permanently ensnared in it, ha ha (though his most recent book will only be a little over 400 pages when it’s done, which is short for him).

    Oh, I sent out your greeting card today, then e-mailed you Mauve Zone Recordings day, so keep an eye on both your mailboxes!

  11. I saw Pablo Larrain’s JACKIE tonight and thought it was the worst film I’ve seen this year. What could have been an exploration of the potent mixture of grief, political power and glamour that Jackie Kennedy found herself in just after the JFK assassination is turned into an exploitation and romanticization of depression, full of scenes of Jackie washing JFK’s blood off her face and taking her first post-assassination shower. While in theory it might be a good idea to limit the time frame from 1961 to 1964, it results in reducing a full, complex life story to a one-dimensional wallow. I know a critic who attacked Film Forum for showing TOWER and CHRISTINE because he found them exploitative but who thinks JACKIE is one of the year’s best films. I don’t know what he’s thinking.

  12. Oh, uh, Dennis, what’s your email again? I sent the MZR Day to your old gmail address, forgetting that it’s not valid anymore…

  13. Dennis, I’m lucky I never had a bad trip. Imagine having one on a roller coaster. Ugh.

    I like the hanging roller coasters where your feet dangle. They’re usually smoother too. I can’t take the old wooden ones anymore. Just jars me to my core and not in the good way.

    I thought William Carlos Williams too when I saw DavidE’s “Paterson.” You like William Carlos Williams? I do.

    No ideas but in things.

    I like that Imagist philosophy.

  14. My favourite is Fresh Linen. One minute black-painted teen Satanist, the next gold-glittered cherub – get you a boy who can do both, as the internet meme says! Although, TheWastedMe runs a close second but only because FTMs are, like, my raison d’etre.

    These posts were always my favourite of your old blog – there’s something simultaneously erotic and hilarious about the way these boys describe themselves, particularly when taken out of their original context in apps and craigslist and whatnot. There are just so many layers happening in each one – I hardly know where to look – but it makes me laugh!

    One of the things I find really funny about the apps right now is how frequently people use photoshoot-looking pics (like BeautyKiller). In the past that would definitely be a sign that someone was catfishing you, but now? It just means they’re kind of a show off. Somehow I’m just more trusting of poorly-lit, grainy selfies. Photoshoot Grindr pics just scream American Psycho to me, but I guess that’s hot in its own way.

    Good luck with the apartment stuff!

    • CONCERNED. Yes, concerned.

      Meet FreshLinen, itsMISSactually, Fuck_th3_world, Goldenchewtoy, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of November 2016…

      Concern is the appropriate mature response to the manner in which so many of the subjects in these posts on DC’s Blog are being thrust into the world of the Internet within this forum that has a substantial profile.

      I wonder how the young subjects within this post and similar postings feel upon the use(s) of their photographic images and copy, whether representative or possibly misrepresentative. I wonder how many have possibly become aware of such online publication, to their discomfort / horror.

      When images and copy are taken out of their original context in apps or a specialist sites for young but (supposedly) legal sex workers, that is surely questionable.

      I wonder how subjects such as the youth supposedly ‘working’ under the title of ‘rape_experiment’ feel with their pic(s) taken out of context and circulated both without their knowledge and (c) permission. Have I made an honest mistake with the interpretation of all this material?

      I am concerned when young subjects who appear to be barely of a legal age (if that) , subjects who often look far younger than the ages presented alongside usernames, subjects who are clearly vulnerable and at risk of manipulation and exploitation, I wonder if having such images circulated and distributed could compromise their delicate futures.

      I’m wondering if this has been an issue in the past with young students, desperate to earn a buck, or a Euro. Such circulation could potentially pose a risk, such distribution could again potentially impact on the mental and emotional health of such vulnerable youth. That, and study / career prospects, as well as personal safety. The aspect of recognition is a factor, here.

      A specialist app or site that the subjects have decided to ‘work’ within is one thing, to cut ‘n’ paste and then essentially publish elsewhere is another matter and the aspect of privacy is to be assessed and evaluated.

      I don’t feel that the exhibition of such youth is ‘simultaneously erotic and hilarious’, as so candidly stated by Morgan M Page, 21 Dec 2016 on this blog.

      Maybe the concept of presenting such an assortment of young subjects as ‘select international male slaves’ is a tired and somewhat tawdry one and perhaps such a marketing tool is actually somewhat somehwere between ‘naff’ and sinister.

      With the exception of this monthly ‘feature’, I have a respect for so much of the content within this site, serving as an essential alternative library. That said, anything that demeans vulnerable youth, exposing them in a manner that could impact on them in the close or long-term future is indeed a grave concern.

      Any thoughts, Dennis?

      PP Hartnett

  15. Looked at Steevee’s Cahiers du Cinema list. I’m so out of it, I didn’t know all these favorite directors of mine have new films out. Sigh.

    Good luck with the apartment hunt, Dennis. I’m mostly overworked, so the diverting slaves are much appreciated.

    Oh, the new Radian is quite tasteful.


  16. Hi Dennis,

    I’ve had nightmares of the guy wearing that silver metal mask thing. Particularly had one where someone was wearing that same mask and trying to scream with it caged on, but nobody could help.

    So I finished another chapter in my novel, meaning it’s 2/3 of the way complete, which took much longer than it should have, but I’ve become more and more meticulous with how I edit things lately. You said I shouldn’t worry about length and I’m not allowing that thought to affect my writing, but I do think that any publisher (including non-conventional publishers) would look at a gigantic transgressive depressive book as worthless or ‘too much’ in some sense. Then again Peter Sotos has a few very long books too (not that it’s like his stuff, if anything it could be a polar-opposite). Success, but anxiety.

    I saw that you have a new film that has been green-lit, am I correct? The one about the boy that wants to blow himself up. This might sound silly, but the way you described it at first (no violence or sex) made me immediately imagine it of it being God Jr. level of black humor and that specific style.

    BTW, do you think you’ll have a follow up post as to how the events went for your new release? As in what the performances were like?

    Hope all is well on your side of the planet. <3

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