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Meet CryingJesus, ME&MYBANGBUS, madeofvowels, wontTapOut, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of March 2020


CryingJesus, 18
Been sucking cock since I was 11, getting spanked and whipped since I was 12, punished with mouthsoaping and soapy enemas since I was 13, and toilet servitude since 15. I’ve wanted to find a long term Master to go to the next levels for a year and now I’m ready to finish the job. For real.

I desperately need and crave hard severe chest, back and ass beating – belt, flogger, straps, paddles, whips, cane. Hard deep and impactful. Totally destructive. Skin ripped into shreds. Flesh, muscle, bones, internal organs fully exposed.


CryingJesus (Owner) – March 24, 2020
Yeah there’s that too.

Anonymous – March 24, 2020
You told me you had an incurable brain tumor.

CryingJesus (Owner) – March 23, 2020
Ok truth I’ve been recently diagnosed with a degenerative incurable bone disease that’ll put me in a wheelchair within a year if you want a great reason.

Anonymous – March 23, 2020
What you asking for will almost surely kill you. I don’t think I am mentally ready to do that, I hope that situation changes in the future.



asexual-slave, 19
hey. i dint like sex or butt or cockadoodledoo, don’t even like to see them, mine or anyones. i keep my underwear and you keep your underwear on.

i like to be dehumanised to the max, like to be unable to move at all, a breathing object on display for you, tied down to something or hanging in air or hanging on a wall like art or DIY tied into a position of an object like a computer desk chair for you to use etc. or just on the ground.


asexual-slave (Owner) – March 17, 2020
if those who take pictures of me on the bus are in here, at least remember to remove the flash next time.





pig209 – March 6, 2020
He’s a sarcastic jokester if you both can’t laugh when he farts cum in your face after you breed his ass you probably won’t get along because he will want you to lick it up and spit it in his mouth.



GetMySoul, 19
new in madrid do you enjoy….? (i did not know what to insert here, so i left it to you. If you simply enjoy doing something, hit me up). Please do not send dick pics, i have one myself and i know what it looks like. I’m going into the woods now to lose myself and find my soul.


funman – March 26, 2020
My biggest fantasy is to shrink you down to an infinitesimal size and enlarge me into a giant Master/God and then crush you like a bug. Odd, I know haha, but I am a horror movie fanatic, and I just had a couple of stiff drinks.

PineNut – March 25, 2020
Was once doing this young Emo sub type on a work trip. He had a great ass so I ate his hole for forever. Eventually asked me to blow air inside him so I did like he was a balloon then he pushed it back out. I was disgusted but took it. Confused why I’m looking for that again but I keep jerking off to it.

Stryda2274 – March 23, 2020
I’d love to shave your head, make you wear a nylon jacket and fist you.

zentaipiss – March 22, 2020
I have a fetish where i want to come over and piss on you. I will be in a zentai suit. I come in and walk you to the bathroom and cover you in my piss. Then I spit on you and leave.



madeofvowels, 19
I have a strong desire to turn my pretty, uppity 19 yr old boyfriend into a prostitute and me into a john who’s paying him for sex. Let’s say for two weeks?

For me this is not about the money, I’m loaded and he has wealthy parents, but about him being no nonsense, obligated, bullshit-free sexual merchandise.

I am looking for a tough male, preferably a gun toting gang banger type to pimp him, rent his body to me for sex. Bargain with me, overcharge me, very realistic. The revenue, money is yours.

Would be paramount if he could be housed and offered for those two weeks in a cheap motel, a dumpy shithole apartment, a crack den, an abandoned car, you get the idea.

Before you ask, yes, you’ll be his real pimp and so he’s yours to fuck, rent out on the side, make some extra money. Just so long as I get a piece of him once a day.



*** (censored) *** 100% SuicideBoy * visitable * throughout Germany * Strangeaddict * no taboo * S**ff posible *** (censored) ***


Anonymous – March 18, 2020
It’s in my freezer but I’ll sell it to you

Anonymous – March 18, 2020
Damn shame to lose such a gorgeous ass

Anonymous – March 18, 2020
Finished off last December

realSUICIDEBOY (Owner) – Oct 27, 2919
If anything about my profile offends you, kindly keep it to yourself and pass me by.



Hi! how are you ?! I’m okay, though I’m homeless and it’s boring. 😒😒😒
I am the proud father of my two wonderful treasures (cats😺😺). People tell me I cooks great👌👌👌. In my free time I usually draw. I used to go on skateboards / cycling trips with my friends before…
I don’t know why but people go mad on my face and say cuteness overload.
I may seem cute and charming in appearance but nothing more wrong, I am a small and eternally devil. 😈
If you are not afraid, write !I will trade all the parts of my body to use without moderation or limit for a place to live with pleasure😜


IAMDISASTER (Owner) – March 11, 2020

Anonymous – March 11, 2020



joeyjoeyjoey, 21
sup just seeing whats good, so whats good? Admitedly a bad profile maker


joeyjoeyjoey (Owner) – March 18, 2020
it isn’t so much nice when people ask

K9guy – March 18, 2020
Want to get knotted?
I’ve got a big dog.
Not pup play.
The real thing.

slamandfist32 – March 17, 2020
looking for multiple anal orgams? im your MAN.



0427552282, 19
Who am I?
Boy meat for butcher

What am I looking for?
Collect me, butcher me, cook me, eat me


Cut off my hands and feet first

You look familiar..
I was on this page for just over a month, I found my butcher … (MonsterDOM72) however he dumped me. So here I am, starting over. Thanks for that “Sir”. He’s also spreading photos in this site of him “snuffing me”. If you get off on them, you’re being conned!!!


Anonymous – March 20, 2020
Damn! Everything about you screams kill me and eat me without remorse! Clean you up with my tongue then use my knives and a get a real taste. Let me think if I can pull it off and I’ll get back to you. But … damn!

SluttyGeek – March 13, 2020
Not what you’re asking for but I’m a very heavyset guy 50+ guy who’d love to sit on you and squash you.. I’m serious, break bones, puncture your internal organs, brains oozing out your nose and shit.

0427552282 (Owner) – March 1, 2020
Please for the love of god if you just want to fuck don’t hmu I want to be E A T E N



meetthemonster, 21
My name is Jake but my pup name is Zero, I’m only Zero when I am hypnotised, Don’t be afraid to hypnotise me and get to know Zero!

Jake is beautiful but repulsive. He could meet someone at a bar, leave with him, and never be seen again.

Zero is curious what sleeping with a man would feel like. He’s never touched or been touched by a man before but is willing to try.


daddyken50 – March 19, 2020
Meet my new dog Zero.



pinocchio, 20
I am very, very into being kidnapped and enslaved by someone who has a very, very large appetite for sex. I know a lot of Masters don’t like this method of obtaining a slave but for those that do, here it is…

Slave is currently on LIFE360 which my code is CDZ-SKJ (expires in 2 days which ill put the new one up when it does). The idea is that you download the LIFE360 app, enter my code and you’ll be able to track wherever I am and whatever time (note:- you only ever need to enter a code once when you add me). This being the case, it makes it ideal for kidnap. You can kidnap me and enslave me and I’ll forever be yours to keep on a permanent basis.

I live with house mate who I rarely see, I work for myself, I have few friends all of whom can’t stand me, and I also don’t speak with family so my situation is perfect for enslavement. I’m also happy to sign a disclosure if needs be. A bottle of poppers is always in my perineum inside my underwear for easy and permanent access.


TheFaggotWreckers – March 5, 2020
This masochistic, NO limits worthless piece of young scum meat is NOW BROKEN, TRANSFORMED, MODIFIED, RE-PROGRAMMED & DESTROYED and LIVING IN POLAND as the property of an extreme, very sadistic, NO limits group of Masters & Owners. Any messages to this non human will be answered by THE GROUP as soon as it can.



selfphobic, 20
ʎoq ʞɔıs ǝɥʇ ɯɐ ı



Thatperson, 19
I smoke cigs and party heavy but never have any. I love bondage, Ds, leather, costumes, edging, hypnos, sissy training. If all else fails, getting fucked until my brains are mashed potatoes is always a great backup.

If you’re into even younger guys than me, my biological younger brother is also my fag. If anyone wants his ass let me know. If I approve it’s all your. But no tina with him, he has a heart murmur.


Thatperson (Owner) – March 15, 2020
My brother and I are owned by Klaus008. He is our Master and makes all deciaions for us. Do not contact us anymore.

Klaus008 – March 8, 2020
I loved ramming you and your brother’s holes with dildos and making your faces red screaming ugly and your bodies convulse.

Klaus008 – March 3, 2020
Since few months I’ve found that I like to control teenage boys under sex and I’d like to understand more about this. Want to help?



NeuterMe, 22
I’m only top and I’ve topped many of you but I’m getting tired of manhood and now I’m looking for a man torture, crush and eventually cut off my nuts.

I get extremely aroused thinking about a cop, army veteran, mechanic, fireman, cowboy, construction worker, or farmer holding my nuts in his hands and telling me he’s gonna take them off me.

It could be a pretty straightforward kind of thing where you just saw them off with a sharp knife or a long, drawn out thing where you’d crush them in your hands and then band them and wait for them to drop off.



Welcometoslavelife, 22
I am bulding a harrem of slaves for my Master Bob.

I am slave owned by Master Bob for 4 years. I love groveling around him particularly in public like in Berlin. We have the best time when there are multiple kinky bitches groveling by my side and keeping Bobs feet and cock well serviced. My limits are set by my master but we have done just about everything humanly imaginable. When i do discover a limit I haven’t pushed my master slams me through it.

Between the two of us we can satisfy pretty much every sexual need (cocksucking, piss drinking, shit eating, fistng, fucked, whipped, strangled, beaten, cut, burned, electrocuted …) we are able to foster a space of extreme play and experimentation in a way that doesn’t put to much pressure on new players to do anything they don’t want.

My goal is to find bitches (and sadists too) to add inputs of sexual energy. my Master loves to come home to me and other groveling bitches ready to serve him. He also likes to tie me up and offer my ass out to tops who just want to come and trash my body and pound a load in me. The feeling of spending a night degrading myself and getting my body destroyed before my master is an amazing feeling that I want to share.

Btw to you random horn dogs, my ass does not belong to you or me it is my masters to use and torture for his pleasure.


KMasterK – March 18, 2020
if anyone interested i am new owner of this slave. after rough 1st munth now he seem happy as a clam. no visitors.

Welcometoslavelife (Owner) – March 2, 2020
That makes so much terrible and depressing sense 😢

Anonymous – March 2, 2020
Bob made me the same offer too, Allen. Btw as a courtesy to you that German pup boy with longer hair, I forget his name, secretly stabbed you in the back.

Anonymous – March 2, 2020
Now that it’s out in the open … I’m sorry, Allen, but Bob offered to sell you to me for 10k on Thursday night.

Welcometoslavelife (Owner) – March 2, 2020
You wish, horn dog 🤣 🖕

DAVIDOFF – March 2, 2020
Poor thing doesn’t seem to realise he’s being eased out, replaced and shopped.



boycave, 18
Str8 boy will put on a hood and submit for anonymous extreme aggro torture


boycave (Owner) – March 2, 2020
Ill also take a friend or a lover

boycave (Owner) – Feb 28, 2020
Im not sayin your wrong but im drunk again

Anonymous – Feb 27, 2020
If that was true you would’ve deleted your profile.

boycave (Owner) – Feb 27, 2020
Never mind i was drunk

Anonymous – Feb 26, 2020
I’m 24 and I’d love to stomp your hooded face. Would love to stomp the hood so hard the tread of my boots are permanent imprinted on your face!



slaveforlife, 20
I wanna be a Slave for rest me life
I want me limbs be surgical take off

I want got no limbs
I want be 24 7 slave trunk

Don’t want be human

Please someone make me there


Anonymous – March 19, 2020
Why does the feeling creep in that this profile owner is not interested in sex?

slaveforlife (Owner) – March 15, 2020
Outside of this I love poetry and golf

peterxox – March 12, 2020
I don’t think you grasp what a boring hassle that would make you.



Spiralbutt, 19
Looking to be deeply hypnotized to the point of no return by whoever wants, I don’t care, I’m a demi-sapiosexual.

I could be a shiny, programmable drone.

Or I could be a dumb, mind melted vegetable.

Perhaps I could be a lifelong project, helplessly tied up and brainwashed in perpetuity.

I could just be a himbo, a cute girl, dumb jock, or a spacey hippie (I already am).

Or I could even be your wrapped up mummy sleeping thru eternity as my spinning spiral ass persuades you.


BoredLetsFuck – March 17, 2020
Yes, I see your point.

Spiralbutt (Owner) – March 17, 2020
Or make it inappurtenant?

BoredLetsFuck – March 17, 2020
Possibly a rhetorical question, but if you want to be deeply hypnotised forever, won’t that negate your demi-sapiosexuality?

Spiralbutt (Owner) – March 11, 2020
They don’t stink.

isniffsmellyfeet – March 11, 2020
I want to sniff those stinky orange socks bro



wontTapOut, 20
Used to be nasty aggressive top. Looking to get fucked real rough hard violent and raw. Want the shearing pain when a dick is forced up me dry. Want to get a load or 2,3,4,5,6,7…. up me. Dont give the tiniest shit what u look like or how many u are. If u can give it i can take it.


Masterelba – March 13, 2020
Doesn’t mention but he should that all tops have to wear disposable plastic gloves during the fuck/rape. He says it’s for hygiene but it’s obvious some kind of OCD thing or fetish. He also insists you spread a plastic sheet on the floor and fuck him only on that sheet.



lostmyhead, 22
Hi there all you extreme guys!! I’m Lucas, non-binary, they/them pronouns.
Just knowing you’re out there makes me horny all the time!
The idea of getting completely immobilised by bondage or chloroform or drugs excites me, the more deadened the better hehe 😈.
Breath control is awesome. Strangle me! Hehe 😍
Torture is something that makes me crazy horny, but it doesn’t need to be limited to physical pain. It can be words that turn my brain into jelly, whatever comes in mind hehe 😈
I also like extreme, exaggerated ideas. I have a lot of them myself haha 😏😈
Tell me your insane ideas, and I’ll tell you mine. Let’s see what happens 😉
I’m not searching something serious like death but if the feeling is good why not


lostmyhead (Owner) – March 10, 2020
Clarification for you extremist extreme guys! Maybe death but have be tortured many times before that 🐽🐽



Diapered&Lucky, 20
Hello! Salut! Halo! Bonjour! Ụtụtụ ọma! Dzień dobry! Доброе утро! 肏你妈! My name is Drake and I’m a piece of sh I mean I’m pleased to meet you … I can be your toddler 👼 or your adolescent 👖 but preferably I would be your toddler 😐 🐶 🥼 👝 Not your average kind of toddler: I have enlarged my genitals with silicone injections.


rhino – March 7, 2020
There’s few things better than laying around with him watching cartoons and burying toys in his ass. I didn’t know how and when to stop cumming.



Fuckstickdreamin, 18
I cant stop fantasizing about having a guy pick me up and make me use drugs. This man would tie my hands back and tapes my mouth. He shoots me up with drugs and as im falling back into the bed he pushes his cock in and fuck me for weeks. Keeping me like a faded fuckstick giving me all the dick he can load after load shot after shot. Id be his stuck whore to rape again and again. Does this sound hot to anyone?


Fuckstickdreamin (Owner) – March 20, 2020
If you have a good time, then I’ll have a good time.

Anonymous – March 20, 2020

Fuckstickdreamin (Owner) – March 20, 2020
Yes it is.

Anonymous – March 20, 2020
is that really you in the pic?



brain0102, 18
I do not want to be overrun. I want to be given time, not kissed right away. Don’t put your hand on my leg immediately, even if you feel like it. Play the real gentleman. I want several times hanging out before your move is made. I want to have simple sex several times before you start to hurt and torture me. There is no character without edges. Mine is social phobia.


Widebelts2020 – March 14, 2020

brain0102 (Owner) – March 14, 2020

Widebelts2020 – March 14, 2020
you lonely?

brain0102 (Owner) – March 14, 2020
Sorry I don’t have a wide belt.

Widebelts2020 – March 14, 2020
i’m a guy who is into wide leather belts
No Undress party,
i want to see you with wide belt.



FartSlave, 18
I am a fart slave in Southampton looking for one or many more farters to come over and fart in my face. No sex.



I just fukin love rigid speedcuffs. They are the business. Put them on right and u can’t get out of em period – even if u got the key!!! You can twist the centre grip also to inflict pain – so what can be better??

I spend as much time as I can in them, when I’m watching the tv I’m cuffed, when I’m sleeping I’m cuffed – any spare time I’m cuffed up – so don’t expect long chats wiv me on here!!!

Cuff me up then leave me or use me, just get those nasty rigid fuckers on me quickly and tightly, double locked with me hands stacked behind me back and I’m yours for the duration …

You can force me to lick your boots, suck ur cock, drink your piss n cum, fuck me raw, fist me, whatever u want – so long as I’m cuffed up I’m meat.

When you’ve finished wiv me just leave the cuffs on then hogtie me, gag me, give me a good bootin wiv your big steel toe cap boots then leave me to suffer. Got a baton, gloved fists etc to work me over wiv too? BONUS!

Irl be ready 4 ya again in the morning then.



BiZarro, 19
Im a no limit teen slave into castration, penectomy no way out. Get me there and Ill do anything.

Bust, punch, whip, electrocute, shred my dick and balls first if you want. Nothing better than having the cum crushed out.

Keep me as your slave until I die, freedom is NOT good for things like me.

NOT in to roleplay, go act in a movie or something.


BiZarro (Owner) – March 1, 2020
Under transformation

BiZarro (Owner) – Feb 18, 2020
I am straight forward in my activities with people, in fact the reason men always like me is just because of my policy of being simple as I believe Greatness Lies In Simplicity, how about you, don’t you think so?



lockeddutchboy, 18
looking for someone to pay me to own and hold my chastity key


lockeddutchboy (Owner) – March 8, 2020
One last thing, i am very proud of my ass!
i was born with a beautiful perfect ass and i have devoted my time to keeping it beautiful
i hope my key holder is someone who will compensate the work I put in to making it look good for him and that he will make sure my ass is the main part of me that he focus on

lockeddutchboy (Owner) – March 8, 2020
Hi back, i’m not looking for anything serious or any kind of relationship on here, i’m seeking something mutually beneficial
i’m the type of boy that says “my pleasure” after i cum, i’m on here to do business only if you don’t want to talk business i’m sorry we can’t talk
yes i know i’m very attractive but im not attracted to you
if you wanna meet you have to be generous period i’m not messing with no broke man

Jeffrey56 – March 8, 2020
Hi, long shot I know but I am a cuck who loves to see boys being used by men I have picked or strangers cruising etc etc. I also like the use of hoods so the boy doesnt see who is using them. That takes payment to the boy, I understand. All I ask is for 100% no cheating behind my back. So with the lock and key thing you seem like you would be would my ideal bf.



holenation, 23
I’ve been into fisting for as long as I can remember. I’ve always needed something up my hole. Took my first fist when I was a very young teenager. It wasn’t until I was 16, and didn’t feel ashamed of my kink anymore, that I started offering my ass to strangers. I get off when I see someone fisting me. I love hearing what others describe what they’re feeling in me. I love it when a guy can surprise me in some way like plunging really deep. I love feeling an elbow try to slip inside me. I love when my hole is gaped and drooling and being felched. A guy sucking on my rosebud and prolapsed rectal sack and snogging me with the felch really gets me going.


ArseEaterMouthFeeder – Feb 22, 2020
I didn’t fist him but as my name suggests I’m heavily into rimming and have a very, very long tongue that can go four hours and between that and his hole’s busted drawstring I could lick him in even the hardest to reach places and all I can say is.. hot damn!



weirdGaycoupLe, 19
Huge idiots seek intelligence.

We have not yet done our Coming Out is to be taken into account because we do not wish to do it for the moment.

One us has a few extra pounds, he’s very complexed about it (but strangely he doesn’t do anything to fix that)

The first time we met a guy it went bad, it was at a party, there were only intelligent people, we never knew how to speak correctly, we had a hard time.

Some facts about us without throwing flowers:
The heavier guy is rather manual, he is a good handyman. He has already re-electrified old chandeliers and other lamps. He also repairs mechanical clocks when possible. He also built a piano by himself.

The slimmer guy is good at cooking, ironing, washing, sewing, cleaning, waxing, patching up. In short if you are looking for the Cinderella of modern times, it is him.

Just don’t hurt us and please don’t make us sick.


Chris – March 23, 2020
Pssst, they’re both big fans of Poetry Slams.

SinisterSexSlut – March 12, 2020
Hello, This is what I want with you two- and Im serious. We will meet for a pleasant day out together in a neutral British or Irish city to begin. I will capture you at some point (however I can) and put you both in chains. Then I will tell you that I’m going to hunt you for sport.

You will be taken into nature naked, and I and some friends, all in traditional hunting attire, will hunt and capture you. I will ball gag you, put you back in chains and put you in cages. You will never see those friends of mine again, ever, so don’t get attached.

Later, I will dress myself and you both in fine formal attire. Perhaps over a formal meal. And I, with a paddle in hand, will paddle you both for an evening and ask if you would like to surrender?

When you do you be given dogtags small and discreet enough to go under suit and tie so no one will ever notice. The dogtags will have an emblem of the British Monarchy of some kind (we can discuss if you wish). The paddle will have something meaningful on it (we can negotiate and discuss).

I will paddle you both until I feel there wont be any rebellion. And then I will tell you that your future careers will be in property and real estate, that you will succeed in whatever way possible or face the riding crop to motivate you. That you will wear conservative suits at all times outside, and that you will wear formal military parade dress indoors so that your loyalty is on display for me from then on.

The day you surrender we will celebrate my triumph over you by wearing morning suits and hats, and it will be called Triumph Day or something as such. We will develop it over time.

The bedroom I will keep locked. It will be lined with paintings of the British Empire. The bed will be large enough for three. You will not have permission to even touch the bed, ever, unless I ring a concierge service bell. After that you may kiss my feet and then come onto the bed. When leaving this room, you must always turn and clack your heels in respect to me, or face the riding crop.

Down the line, years, it will be your duty to ask for my hand in marriage and to pay for all costs from then forth. At which point I will hot brand my initials on you in a spot where it is not at any risk of being seen wearing a suit.

When responding would you kindly write ‘cutlass’ so I know you have read all of this?



preciousjim, 24
I am a major slave and I have experience in every thing , if you want my loyalty I guess you should be able to transport me from wherever I am to anywhere you are , this is no game , i know how hot I am , I know you want to pig out on me , i’m tired of being worshipped , so let us be guided , I’ve been a slave for many years , I am looking forward to a master to make me a worshiper , so figure it out


Masterkck – March 26, 2020
He is now encased head to toe, locked and bound tight, stored in extreme isolation and will be for a very long time. You’re welcome.

Hansonhh – March 13, 2020
he’s a very arrogant bottom punish him

Anonymous – Feb 25, 2020
What a magnificent corpse he would make!
I would like to get his corpse’s underwear down with my teeth!

hello_dickhead – Jan 31, 2020
Stunning to look at and fuck but his mind is shit.



heygivemesome, 18

Round and round goes the spinning wheel. Spinning and weaving a red thread of fate.

I’m an atheist, but I’m deeply into Satanism! I’m wearing a Luciferian Pendant around my neck that I find Dark, Edgy, and Appealing!

I have stage 4 cancer. Looking to have fun as long as I can. Give a nice boy a chance.

Around the 16th I’ll be closing this account; once this account is gone, I’m gone.


deepfried – March 21, 2020
His Name Was Tim.
He Worked At Goodwill But Was Fired Because Of Hours Cut.
He Was Like No One That You Ever Met.
But I Must Tell You He Could be Aggressive.
And The Rest Is History

heygivemesome (Owner) – Feb 2, 2020
Don’t offer me weird shit or stuff, I’m just here because I’m dying so just fuck me if it tempts you.

I-will-hurt-you – Feb 2, 2020
Let’s start by saying I have a contract you have to sign.
I like torturing teens’ holes, cocks and urethras, nipples, balls and arses, throats and faces.
I love to torture the teen body to the point of pass out, breath play, choking, bagging, gassing, induced overdose.
I like to make you empty your bodily fluids and I drink them to get stronger.
It’s a promise that if the teen is found guilty of any form of disobedience or act it will be punished by death.
No teens with heart conditions accepted.



Pandorasbox, 20
Stoner Aquarius into Golden Girls. ✌🏻 and 🛸. Amazing ass, definitely want to try some stuff with this ass. Not sure about the rest of me.


jimmyb975 – March 14, 2020
Let’s shave our heads! I love the feeling of being bald and I want the same for you.



Boy->Bot, 23
Extremely happy to let someone enjoy me whilst I lay unconscious from chloro, drugs, sleeping hold, etc.

Need someone who isn’t afraid to use my sleeping body and do whatever they please with it.

I love limp play. It’s important to me. I need to be wanted without knowing it. Talk to me before you knock me out and I’ll tell you all about it.

I also have a belly button fetish so someone who likes to suck on mine that is always welcome.


StinkPig – March 4, 2020
He look even better coated in layers of cum, piss, spit, vomit and shit.

Boy->Bot (Owner) – March 2, 2020
I agree, my snap is gdorgone33 if you wanna set it up.

Orris – March 2, 2020
You need to be kidnapped raped and permanently enslaved. You were born with those looks and that body to serve others and nothing else and you should live the rest of your life naked unconscious and doing whatever your kidnapper wants.



Bi$exualLittle$toner$exToy, 21
Little bisexual pothead Latvian here looking to setup dates for himself to be face smacked and punched Raped too if you want but must be generous as though heaven is on earth Cash rules everything around me dolla dolla bill yo.


Anonymous – March 11, 2020
I was going to suggest raping him then picking up a crow bar and shattering his skull like a fucking vase.

Raishiin – March 7, 2020
i was gonna recommend punching him hard enough that slipping bills in his pocket after you rape him is optional

zzz10 – March 3, 2020
I recommend paying for the rape.



Accept, 18
My name is Benjie, 16 years old from the beautiful place San Carlos. Everyone can agree that I am good sex and that I like to do it. My favorites are kissing and anal. I am going to enter slavery because my goal is to study sex further and to become a respected professional in this field.

I can say that I am a hard-working sex boy. Moreover, being a sociable person, I have many sex friends since I like to communicate with people and have sex with new interesting individuals. I enjoy my time in sex: it is really nice to do it, the men are very friendly and ready to have sex with me. The atmosphere cannot but make me want to have sex every time. I like to receive and deal with challenging requests. I am a very enthusiastic sex boy and I think this is a strong point of mine.

My sex friends say that I am a very cute and an interesting fuck with a good sense of humor. As soon as I meet new people who are happy to fuck me, I feel extremely comfortable with them. I believe that sex friendship is one of the most important values in human life. We exchange new experiences, find many interesting things about each other’s bodies.

Meeting new people who support all my efforts to grow and develop my sex skills gives me a lot of energy. Many of those sex friends who surround me now I met on the street. I’m in love with photography, so the thing I love doing so much became even more enjoyable. I decided to take beautiful pictures of people having sex with me and share these photos with them by emails or in social media. I feel happiness inside seeing how horny they are looking at the pictures where they are fucking me and other things.

The goal I’m currently striving for is to make this world a better place to live in by starting the changes with myself. Sure, I’ve had bad experiences in my life too, but this is exactly what made me the way I am now: grateful, full of love, with a desire to give the best sex I can because it will help me become a successful person in future and have a high quality of life. I believe that it is manifesting day by day. With all I already have, I know that I’m on the right path and I will do my best that my body inspires others to live the way they feel like living as well.




p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. I’m relatively okay with the home confinement, although it’s getting old, but having to fill/print out a government form stating exactly where I’m going, why, when I left home and will return home every time I put one foot on the sidewalk is something I hope I’ll never get remotely used to. ** Kyler, Hi. I understand the Karen Carpenter thing, and get why the neutrality in her singing is affecting, but I don’t feel it. I’m fine, man. You sound fine too, whoop. Zoom/ video/ Facetime/ Skype are soulsavers for sure. ** Armando, Hi. Me too, and no doubt it will, but fuck knows when. I certainly recognise what you say it’s like where you are. I hope it doesn’t get even worse, although … it will. Sweet: the Gary Shipley quote. He’s one heck of a writer. You’re like a ‘writer’s writer’, which is the ultimate kind of writer if you ask me. Best day you can get to you. ** _Black_Acrylic, I was indeed at that Cal Arts performance, which was before Mike and I became friends but when he was already a living legend, and it was, as you can well imagine, mind-blowing. ** Sypha, Hi, James. That’s cool re: your brother. I assume he’s banging away a lot these days? I’m glad you’ll get some pay, and I seriously hope the BN store survives ‘cos it’s probably going to be quite a while before they could reopen. Surely the perversity of writing pleasant tales under these circumstances is an form of perversity the only fuels you? ** Tosh Berman, Thanks, Tosh! Indeed about the coin toss. Sabrina said things are still a ‘go’ so far, so … A little tough to believe it’ll actually happen, though. Zac and I are scheduled to be on a panel at MiLA about home haunts this fall, assuming. ** Nick Toti, Hi, Nick! Oh, very cool. Wow, that does sounds extremely intriguing. Okay, uh … I’ll just let you lay out the offer here in your own words, I guess. Everyone, Fine, fine filmmaker Nick Toti, a couple of whose previous films have had splashy premieres here on the blog, has a new film just launched for everyone including us. I will let him explain and direct you to it. Take it away, Nick. ‘I wanted to share a new work for you/everyone stuck inside. I just finished it the other day, and since there’s no other venues available to show it, I’m just releasing it online right away. Here’s the backstory: It’s another collaboration I did with the author Jarett Kobek. He wanted to promote his new novel by going on right-wing media and debating the hosts (he was especially focused on meeting Ben Shapiro). The idea was that he might create viral attention if these “debates” devolved into childish arguments and name-calling. He asked me if I wanted to document the process (which ended up being far more complicated/ridiculous than we had anticipated) and of course I said yes. I thought it was going to be a short, but then it ended up being 90 minutes. A friend of mine who’s a literature professor called it something like “a movie for us dying breed who still care about books.” Seems like a good fit for the crowd here. Anyway, here it is.’ Excited to watch it, man. Thanks so much! ** Bill, Hi. I loved the gig. It got me through the day. And, yeah, the raucousness was a boon. You guys make a very nice trio. Thanks a lot for that! ** Thomas Moronic, Hey, T! Thanks, pal. Oh, shit, right. I mean that the printing is held up due the quarantine. I didn’t even think about that. Okay, damn, well, just say the word as soon it gets printed and is winging its way back to Philip, and let’s do a launch here to beat the band, etc. What a world. ** Misanthrope, Eek, okay, yeah, hopes are high. It’s virtually complete but for some fiddling. (Early) huge congratulations, sir! One would think it might be a little while before places you would submit it to are up and ready to consider submissions, or maybe it’s the opposite actually, and they time galore on their hands. Hm. I remember reading about that Suede tour when he had a broken leg. I saw The Dickies play way back when, and, at one point, the singer Leonard climbed up on a balcony and jumped onto the stage and just crumpled, sang the last couple of songs on his back, and had to be carried off, and he’d broken both of his legs in several places and had to do the rest of the Dickies tour in a wheelchair. ** Steve Erickson, I listened to a squidge of Baxter Dury, and, boy, he really does basically have Ian’s voice. Cool that the beat making continues, and very cool that you’re gaming for the Warp contest. Strangely, and maybe it’s a ‘French’ thing, but nobody I know here is depressed in quarantine at all. A little grumpy, but that’s about it. So far. ** Bernard, Hi, B! Good to see you in these dark days. Yeah, I’m mostly okay with the home lockdown, but I really miss seeing my friends. I was surprised and of course very pleased to see you’re doing that Zoom workshop. And it’s through Rhizome? Did I get that right. I love Rhizome. Do give the locals here an alert if you do that other group, yes, please. If I even think about the USA under virus attack with Trump smearing himself all over it I almost literally go into shock. I’m managing surprisingly well thus far, as you clearly are too. Yeah, please pop in here when you get the mood to. It’s a very nice thing. ** Barkley, Hi. Oh my God, ha ha, that is so cool! The PGL poster you made in your Animal Crossing game. That’s amazing! Thank you very much, kind one! You rule! ** Okay. The slaves are here to remind you that rent is due tomorrow for some portion of you. I’ll also note that this is the last slaves (or escorts) post that was largely put together before the international lockdown started driving everyone in those realms completely crazy, as you will start seeing for yourself in a couple of weeks. See you tomorrow.


  1. “I get extremely aroused thinking about a cop, army veteran, mechanic, fireman, cowboy, construction worker, or farmer holding my nuts in his hands and telling me he’s gonna take them off me.” Well who doesn’t?

    Love the pics of boys kissing, and the “pantsing” cartoons.

    You can’t hear a sound here in L.A., and I’m sure that’s true all over the globe. It reminds me of one of my favorite lines from a bad movie: “It’s so quiet you can hear a fish fart” (Liza Minnelli in “Lucky Lady”)

    Dr. Faucci (whose daughter Bill knew when he worked in the library at the Marlbrough school) says that the virus will subside only to come back in a second wave in the fall. YIKES!

  2. Wow d. what a wonderful literary feat this is. lockdown here cooking up a storm. still working away at against the day – 300 or so pages left now – writing this at 3:30am because can’t sleep – lucky enough to be accompanied in lockdown by my partner at present, a lovely slightly older man and we have a lot of fun. my other flatmate is a bit troubling so we have just been avoiding each other all lockdown. I know, what a shame for TM that ‘Alone’ won’t be able to come out as planned! fingers crossed for the printers to reopen soon and the rest of the SULPHATE year to go smoothly — I’ve finished writing mine, now 🙂 — doing academic work during this period has felt precarious and unnecessary and scary. i’m doing better than most are with it, i think, but it’s just relentlessly tiring and my brain seems happier anywhere else. things aren’t too bad here yet – we’re in lockdown until April 23 so hoping things are settled by then. suspect it will be longer. buckling up.

    take care <3

  3. p.s. VERY excited for lockdown slaves. i’ve been getting more sane with a live in partner for the first time (unofficial ?? we have sex every night ?? it’s basically official without any naming anything which is how i like it anyway). imagined of course that the online stratosphere is turning to madness. haven’t checked in. look forward to seeing what you cook up. i was tempted to snapchat the boy who dropped his snap name in today’s post — i Won’t — do you edit personal details like that for privacy or leave them for posterity? or is that part of the secret you’re not keen to share? 🙂 endlessly curious about this process, as ever, especially on today’s gloriously structured post — that climax and graceful resolution!!!! It’s oh so very literary. Very Russian, ha!

  4. Some of these profiles are hardcore enough to be verging on Slave territory, or maybe it’s just me who’s the wimp here.

    In common with much of this lockdown world, I’ve been dipping my toe into Netflix lately. I can recommend Cheer as some good clean fun and am keen for any other tips?

  5. This is quite the gallery of outfits, Dennis. And those long rambling testimonials! Look forward to contrasting this with the post-lockdown profiles.

    Saw some minor Stuart Gordon over the weekend, entertaining enough. But I think I’ll return to the classics next.


  6. Glad you enjoyed the noisy gig! And thanks again for the plugs!


  7. Dennis, yeah, it’s funny, I write all the pessimistic/horror stuff during the years of relative peace and stability, and now doing the Pleasant stuff during the time of chaos. Talk about bass-ackwards!

  8. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for sharing the link. I figured out a way we could do a post on it, if you’re interested. I have a bunch of smaller pieces I recently finished as well and could sort of bundle them together as “5 New Works” or something. If you’d like to host that, let me know and I’ll throw it together along with some background info on each piece.

    Oh man, I’m excited to see what the slaves are doing in response to the quarantine. I know a lot of people who are trying to figure out projects to do from home, and I feel like the world of slave/escort sites while under quarantine is incredibly fertile (ha?) territory. Unfortunately, most of the people I’m aware of who are having these conversations don’t have the guts to take on anything even remotely subversive.

    Take care!

  9. People also tell me that I cooks good.
    Did I already say that watching that Fornes doc, “The Rest I Make Up,” which I know we both love, was one of the most emotional experiences I’ve had during the present lockdown? It reminded me of so much I got from her, from Judson Church teachers, from Andre Gregory type theater, from the existentialist foundations from when I was like 12 or so that didn’t go out of style til long after, and I hope are not gone. It’s first of all her acceptance of everything that came out of her head. It’s like a great psychoanalytic patient; she never denies or dismisses what comes out of her, or tries to be like whoever she admires. That is so so so hard. Then it’s that she always wants the actor to be in the real moment, so she writes so as to give them something they can invest themselves in. I know you’re not enthusiastic about traditional theater; her plays are just so peculiar, and undercut the technique actors apply to make plays “interesting.” Oh golly, how bogus so many esteemed movies are.
    Did you hear by the way about Lucas Hnath’s play Dana H? His mother was kidnapped by a psychiatric patient. He had her interviewed, edited the interview, and coached an actor to lipsynch the account. “By its end, you realize that its singular power could be achieved only in real time, on a stage, with a live audience as its witness.” -Ben Brantley. That sounds like a very Fornes aim. We were supposed to see it next weekend, along with Laurie Metcalf as Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
    Of course as you might guess I don’t have a lot of trouble staying home; I rarely really leave my head anyway.
    Take care of yourself.

  10. I hope these guys got to live out their fantasies before COVID isolation struck. I read an article today which said that sex workers have shifted to cams.

    I’ve also read that domestic violence complaints in Paris have increased 40% under the quarantine, so it does seem to be having a negative psychological effect.

    I finally heard the Yves Tumor album, and I can see why you’re so enthusiastic. He breaks new ground – the rock and soul influences don’t sound like experimentation from a noise artist, as they did even on SAFE IN THE HANDS OF LOVE – and the music sounds more emotionally direct and sexier than the depressed tone of SAFE.

    Nick’s film sounds like a great concept!

  11. Dennis, Thank you, kind sir!

    Man, that back flared up so bad last night, I jumped into bed way early and slept most of it off. A kind of rough morning, but I’m fine now. Talked to a friend who’s had numerous kidney stones and the symptoms are the same. He said his have always passed in a week. Mine’s been driving me nutty since January. I looked it up and the bigger ones can take a year. I must have the Rock of Gibraltar in me. I might eventually see a specialist about it if it doesn’t resolve soon and the pain becomes more frequent. They have ways of getting that shit out of you.

    Ha! Great Dickies story. That’s passion! Yeah, I do remember Brett doing their closing song sitting down and then slowly getting back up to limp off stage.

    Had a nice video chat with Kyler tonight. He might be psychic or something. 😉 He said that he just saw that a lot of agents are open and ready to get submissions. Maybe they do have a lot of time on their hands now. 😛

    But yes, by the end of this weekend coming up, I’ll be 100% finished. And then…


    • or something! haha – came on here cause I thought you might mention me, haha. Great talking, Georgie! Good luck with those queries, you don’t know what you’re in for, but at least they might have some time now.

      Dennis (this is for you, so response required!) 😉 I’m getting much better at not waking up at ridiculous hours to see what you said, so ho hum, I’ll lie in bed and when I’m ready, I’ll see you. Much less neurotic that way, haha. My camera and mic are saving me now. I live in a small apartment, you know, and I have to get out.

  12. Hi Dennis!
    wow, this month’s selection is pretty extreme, though still very interesting. i kinda miss the sweet/pathetic ones…and completely agree with JM, lockdown profiles will be something else.
    By the way, would you consider posting a quarantine reading list (preferably by independent artists/authors/publishers) ? I would love to get new books and support some cool folks in this difficult time!

    I hope you are doing well and I CAN’T WAIT for your next novel,
    Cheers, Julia Gloria

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