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Meet Costco, betteroffed, HoleFoods, 6ftunder, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of June 2020


TheOmen, 20
why would anyone want anything else when i can be naked and raped and beaten and sliced to bits in their bed all day long



TheOmen (Owner) – June 5, 2020
got the absolute shit beat out of me last night, i can’t walk i can’t sit i can’t move, and i don’t think i’ve even reached peak soreness, and i kinda wish he’d killed me, but i love this pain so much.

TheOmen (Owner) – June 3, 2020

suffer_for_me – June 3, 2020
kinda wanna choke you out. while threatening you with a knife. and growl at you. and slice you. while you whimper like a scared puppy. until you’re out. then cut your throat. why stop there. behead you. fuck. damn. shit. it’s fine. it’s f i n e.

darkshadow – June 1, 2020
emos/goths are beautiful, brave, tortured souls. i admire you all to this day. i love you emos.

TheOmen (Owner) – May 25, 2020
changin my name to euthanizek9

TheOmen (Owner) – May 25, 2020
the mood today to be high, brainless, and killed tbh (this is an invitation)

TheOmen (Owner) – May 21, 2020
in the mood to be fucked until I’m broken and uncontrollably pissing and shitting and vomiting all over everything

TheOmen (Owner) – May 20, 2020
I let the dogs out.

TheOmen (Owner) – May 19, 2020
consistently torn between wanting to be a soft dumb puppy with cuddles and gentle affection + wanting to have the s h i t beat out of me n get fucked senseless and i think it is very rude of my brain to need both at the same time.

TheOmen (Owner) – May 11, 2020
morning, i’ve been here slicing my arms to shreds waiting forever for you to wake up. being a cutter bottom is kinda like what jesus went through but a lot harder.

TheOmen (Owner) – May 8, 2020
Please be proud of me, it took me this long into quarantine to start thirsting for death again.

TheOmen (Owner) – May 6, 2020
if you won’t make out with me with a bloody nose Do Not Hit My Face!

TheOmen (Owner) – May 3, 2020

Krios – May 3, 2020
you are a deadly dog

TheOmen (Owner) – May 3, 2020
When your man choking you and you serious loving it. But then he whispers ‘been dealing w ur shit for too long’. Still here tho.



spore, 18
im 18 look 13 like pedohiles dont want to have sex NEED T SHIRT to lick love lick nike brand t shirt and adidas brand t shirt


VictorCooper – June 18, 2020
He just turned 18, very light weighted, has 0 strength, thinks he’s ugly (he’s not), licked my t-shirt, had pictures drawn all over his face with a ballpoint pen.

spore (Owner) – June 11, 2020
n love get high hallucinogenic sleeping bags urinate on my sleeping bag lay down in it naked



EraseMePlease, 20
I’m a successful high achieving first year fine arts student and I want to be kidnapped and enslaved and gotten drunk enough or high enough and brainwashed and erased and chemically reprogrammed via hypno and drugs and disappear and turn into whatever you want and always kept a secret and never make art again.


EraseMePlease (Owner) – June 20, 2020
Here are places I would like to be kept.
Basement, old, unfinished, dirty.
Dungeon, just that, older looking, dark, dirty, almost medieval like.
Farm, for lots of reasons.
Old prison, run down, outdated, poor and cruel conditions, 3rd world like.
Asylum. Padded cell, straitjacket, pretty simple.



SlaveTGdrunk21, 21
any high Master?
i’m looking for high Masters that parTy, and use G, and shoot T and H.
i would like to be your slave.
i’m 21 mega slut freakazoid in mesquite, Nevada looking to be kidnapped, and brainwashed and stupefied by drug cocktails to be pemanantly in extreme pain.
blood doesn’t scare me.
fist me so hard and deep your hand ends up waving at people from my mouth.
i love dog cock, i really want some big dog cocks up my ass.
getting an enema with booze (vodka, or anything else you can find).
bagging until my mind is a fog machine, after that a guy brings out the knifes, cigarettes, cigar, lighters, flame throwers and roasts the rest of me.
Pork chops, bbq ribs, rump roast, ect
you name it, i’ve jerked off to it.


SlaveTGdrunk21 (Owner) – June 17, 2020
srry if i’m kinda hyped.. just got with a Master in morrisville..
i’m heading up there tonight. yesssssss. lol X].. but yea..
And i’m like.. damn I diddint think this site would be as good as I thought it would be : )..
thanx for helping me find my shit guys.. ur the best..
: (.. shiiiiiiiit i’m a bit scared but its okay.. i got a Master.
maybe see you around moville.. lol Peace.



StaticVoidMan, 22
I’m a slim, small guy who’s into lift and carry – being scooped up in a guy’s arms or sitting on his broad shoulders. I prefer strong and bald men, but I will be carried by anyone.

I simply wear street clothes during but willing to go down to shorts for guys wearing colorful outfits like Hawaiian shirts. I’m also into being thrown into mud puddles.

No sex, but open to light kissing if there’s a connection.


StaticVoidMan (Owner) – June 8, 2020
I also want you to know I am slightly stupid so please try to not take advantage of my vulnerability please.



fuckhole247, 23
I fell so bad i wish i was dead,,, i has sex with my ex Master behind my current Masters back and i relly dont kno why, My ex Master cheated on me so many times, why did i give up Him,,, I promised my Master i would never get with my ex Master agane,,, but He wont take me back,,,, im a lost,

I want to make it right,,, but how.

Some one pls help how can i win Him back

Im to busy crying to think.


Thatwassad – June 19, 2020
cue sad music😌☺️

fuckhole247 (Owner) – June 19, 2020
ok He beat THE FUCK out off me and throough me out,,,,, I went to my ex Master, He said im too fucked up lookin n when i apologist he punched me and beat me, im STILL BLEEDING,,,,, butt Thank you guys for the help i would of never found out how stupied i am.

fuckhole247 (Owner) – June 16, 2020
Ok thanl you i phoned Him this morning,,, I told Him i was SO SO SORRY and that it was the worst decision i ever made, We talked for 2 hours and wear going to meet sat night,,,, Wear going to start from the beginning, I have promised i will never speak to m ex Master agane as i fell thear was fellings for my ex Master but i did forget what He had done to me in the past.

ipodman – June 15, 2020
wildchild is right. if He was your true Master would have never cheated on Him.

wildchild – June 15, 2020
Just think if you really die love your Master why would you cheat? You wouldn’t so He’s not your true love .



CtrlDelete, 19
Hi I’m CtrlDelete, I’m at a point in my life where I’m tired of trying to figure out who I am.


CtrlDelete (Owner) – May 27, 2020
Someone named Cntrlfreak said to me “if I owned you I would never have to masturbate again”.

CtrlDelete (Owner) – May 26, 2020
I only like men 65 – 110 years old.

CtrlDelete (Owner) – May 22, 2020
I have had multiple experiences with guys getting me black out drunk, drugging me or chloroforming me and using me while knocked out whilst taping it. So there’s a thought.



Stringmeup, 24
I am currently on a peace keeping mission here in Kabul Afghanistan. i am a leader of 216 men out here. We get to deal with anything on the trucks here and drive men to the field for patrol to do our best to keep kids,women and weak we take care of around here safe and try to put a smile on their faces.

Happily for me this is my last mission cos am having only two months left and i hope to find someone here who shares my fetish for hanging. The gallows in a military jail is a good starting point. I’m verstaile as to which end of the rope I’m on, with a slight preference for being the guy on the end of it doing the kicking, with a stonking gallows erection.



TakeMeAsSlave, 22
… but do me a favor.

I have been sober a year and desperately want to relapse and slam. YES: Slam me, rape me, suffocate me, punch me up, make me your toilet, foot fuck me, tongue bathe me, gut me, flood me, HEAVY mental abuse, I actually hate myself and all addicts, Keep me slammed, fuck up my mind, I’m pathetic/desperate af, save you asking.


TakeMeAsSlave (Owner) – June 4, 2020
Now the tweaker whore of Master BitetheBible

MasterBitetheBible – June 3, 2020
I would love to have a gangbang of you by 15 hung men to where you can be the party bottom who has just had a slam on your back in a sling and on a bed with your legs back to slu t out on 15 cocks in mouth your hole rimmed licked rammed fisted toy abuse streched out fuckhole that will have a long overdose abuse session . everyone will have enough Tina poppers lube for your hole to go on a sex marithon cuz for me when the D is horny high quality I can fuck slu ts for hours on end till another slam if you can help me put this together for me your rimmed rammed streched fisted toys double penetration hole will thank me. Once in in slam slu t mode all the aggressive topmen will have there way with you party bottom also ws and swallowing loads of cum let me know if you can arrange this or can put my hand in the hand of someone who can thanks

Nude_Bitch – June 2, 2020
speaking as a former friend of this guy who still cares about him he needs to be CASTRATED a.s.a.p.!

peterMasterWantsFun – June 2, 2020
I had this piglet not long before he cleaned up. When he’s slammed, he’s completely disinhibited (look it up). I slipped a cockring on his boner and I swear I could have ground his ass into hamburger and he would’ve said harder!



teen, 18
virgin, 1st time, want it hardcore, knock me up, no money needed


Bradown – june 2, 2020

MINU – May 30, 2020
the minimum amount of duct tape needed to gag him is one roll

teen (Owner) – May 28, 2020
please don’t try to fist me two seconds after saying hello

Corona-FREE-Cock – May 27, 2020
recommended for men that require their bttm be unable to talk and only shriek out of complete panic.



CargoFreight, 24
I want to be packed up and transported as cargo or freight. With the right planning, this can be done without my death. However, it cannot be done solo. So, I need a pair of enthusiastic hands to pack me up and see that I get shipped out.

When I get to the receiving end, I want all my shipping labels preserved so they can be copied and tattooed on me to preserve my experience as a piece of freight.

If that’s too ambitious for you, stuff me into one of your trash cans, dump trash on top of me, then leave me at the curb overnight. Lay me to rest in a coffin or tie a toe tag on me, zip me up in a corpse bag, and leave me in a mortuary drawer.


rainbowspike – June 4, 2020
You are not worthy



6ftunder, 19
Someone who like me want to see me here so that’s why



CuteButPsycho, 21
Hi, I’m a 21 year old scuba diver and I’m looking for a Master who has a passion for mpreg.
I’m into fantasy/rp involving me getting pregnant, pregnancy+, growing a giant beer belly to simulate a pregnant stomach.
I want people to see me on the street and understand immediately that I’m a pregnant man.
I want people who come to our house and look at me to feel afraid, or amazed or shocked, or feel pity.
Long term pseudo-slavery as a result of pregnancy is my goal.
Yes I know it’s strange.
See you soon,
Your diver


Motel – June 19, 2020
What am I into ?
I wanna get you pregnant for real
I’m a scientist
I got a way to do that
Put a son in you
Watch him grow, get him born
I’m a Gemini
I got Grey Hair and don’t care
I live out in the suburbs 25 mi from WeHo but It’s worth the trip
Theres no traffic now anyway ! Relax



PutoEstupido, 24
I’m a bi male looking for an EXTREMELY EXTREME owner/owners who will tie me up fuck and beat me ever day for the rest of my life.

Hit me again and again and again, yell at me, make me suffocate on your cock, fill my lungs with sperm and drown me.

The more disturbed and violent and psychotically horny you are the better! It helps the mind-fuck!

Send me a message threatening the horror you are going to do to me. I’m tired of you men who just want to pretend to be savages. Hurt me !!


callmecaleb – May 28, 2020
Mine too!

Anonymous – May 28, 2020
My earlier offer stands.

PutoEstupido (Owner) – May 28, 2020
I’m now underweight to the point of hospitalization.

callmecaleb – May 21, 2020
May I join you at your table?

Anonymous – May 21, 2020
I’d love to strangle you, play for hours with your body before butchering and roasting you for a nice dinner.

PutoEstupido (Owner) – May 16, 2020
Violently skullfuck me! Use my throat used with no mercy at all whatsoever. Slap, punch, spit, pull my hair out, bust my nose and jaw. Break my throat, break my neck! Make me SUFFER and DIE on your cock!

4doormats – May 4, 2020
Last night I turned his little dick in to a stain on the floor under my stomping, crush boots.

PutoEstupido (Owner) – April 28, 2020
Also I actually love writing poems, that’s my escape to this cruel reality.

PutoEstupido (Owner) – April 27, 2020
Please note that as of 25/4/20 I am castrated (both testicles have been removed), only the empty scrotum (the ballsac shrunk already a lot) and my small circumcised dick (less than size S) left, and I am permanently hairless below the nose.


kingsexy, 19
i an fun to be a roned i am a porsen that likes to partey a lot of the time but moat of the time i like to be chiled out smoak bud and whoch porn film or get acshon with some one i doan no in rockland county


Asleep4Me – June 24, 2020
Stinky guy with McDonalds/pot breath, straggly body hair and eye watering B.O. but after four ambiens and an entire bottle of “aromas” I felt the strangest wish that I could knock him up and make a baby together.

DdEeRrEeKk – June 20, 2020
I am, specifically, an Ass Slave insomuch as I have a deep and abiding fetish for a certain kind of Young Male Ass which I have no doubt you have in your possession. As such, I offer my hard-earned skills to your Ass that I am certain is worthy of such ardor: your fine, round male ass that was simply made to be worshiped by a dutiful slave. Indeed, I shall kneel before your Ass at all times so that my face is always level with it, and I shall display the most shocking devotion. I am very articulate, so I will always use my articulateness to convey the depth of my passion. I do believe that my face belongs lodged deep inside your thus far-elusive Ass. For me, it’s the enactment of a deep and secret part of myself that is not allowed to be seen or heard in our ordinarily very uptight and miserable society. I am highly skilled with my tongue, and rimming is my only favorite sexual act — an act, as it were, that is all too often overlooked in favor of the more obvious (and more hardcore) sexual acts. This is a shame because rimming is gentle yet firm, and profoundly intimate. In that vein, I am also interested in genuine bonding… within, that, is the worshipper/ass context as has been delineated herein. Note: I am not a fan of fisting. Not at all. Thank you!

Anonymous – June 14, 2020
For as long as I can remember Ive seen this boy skateboarding downtown and wanted to brutally rape and hurt him, I just need to find someone who will help me grab him, take him somewhere and brutally rape him, ripping his hole in two, make him scream, bleed and beg for it to stop, truly rape him and make him suffer and regret he was born.



yourlastbttm, 19
So, I always thought I was content but realized that I’m not and have a death wish but I’m an anxious guy really and no one likes me or even loves me and I know I will be forgotten but I can’t seem to kill myself, hence I am looking for someone that slowly gets me there preferably during a sexual encounter where I bottom. Please read the comments to see if I’m open or closed.


yourlastbttm (Owner) – May 22, 2020

yourlastbttm (Owner) – May 22, 2020
I’ll squeeze every last drop out of you. Don’t doubt it.

Anonymous – May 22, 2020
It would be impossible to be more interested in your offer than I am.



whateveryouare, 23
I went to the playground and tried a unique experience. First he gave me to choose one of 3 envelopes and after I did it he led me to a closet room and told me to open my envelope. WRITE YOUR SUBJECT IS: ABRIL LAVIN COMPLICITY. I chose a school uniform, a jumper mini mini skirt, a white mid-rise shirt, a thin black tie and a pair of black and white stack carriages. He then gave me christenings and told me to use them as I think. I chose to make a discreet smoky aisle and ran a nude lip gloss over my lips, finishing with cheesecake the cheekbones, a doll and a jaw to accentuate the wonderful bones of my skull. I noticed that he had left me a wig on the couch, blondes with some tufts of extinguished fuchsia and sea. I put it on and went out again in the living room, only this time it was full of people who started applauding, rhythmically shouting my name. The lights went out and as I began to listen to the first notes of my song a spotlight illuminated a microphone in the center of the room. As if hypnotized by the guidance of an unavoidable destiny, I went to the microphone, performing a completely unique acoustic cover. When I finished the world had disappeared and in front of me voluptuously hoisted in an oversized armchair with a high back was Satan, naked, in all his ecstatic grandeur, with his head and hooves singing and a dick that seemed to want me, you got it right, hell. Without realizing it, I found myself in a love affair with Satan, demons and demons, snakes and other creatures of darkness while 2 horned twinks were sucking my nipples. I felt drunk. Seeing everything around me turning at a crazy pace and feeling my body contracting in successive orgasms over and over again, I closed my eyes trying to keep every sensation and moment of pleasure in the cells of my being. When I reopened them, I was in my ward at the psychiatric ward holding my pills tightly in my hands. But I don’t drink them, as soon as the nurses leave, I hide them under the mattress.



AngryNerd, 18
Caution I’m a sicko. I want to simulate that a man or a group rapes my son. He thinks he’s a girl. Maybe they put something into his drink before they rape him.

I have a slight internal conflict about accepting this desire of me and I’m an intern interpreter in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing.


AngryNerd (Owner) – June 6, 2020
I should mention that I have Borderline Personality Disorder and my son has paranoid schizophrenia, which he had long before I developed fantasies about him, but if you just met him, you’d never realise there was anything wrong with him. The psychosis part of his disorder is controlled entirely by drugs, and the depression and anxiety parts are controlled by drugs.

AngryNerd (Owner) – June 5, 2020
Oh great then I’d have an amputee fag girl son? No!

ppowel99 – June 5, 2020
hey I’m a 44 year old guy in london uk who would love to make your son an amputee.

AngryNerd (Owner) – June 4, 2020
If that were to happen and if I were to scream it would be a scream of ecstasy.

AUKAI – June 4, 2020
i’m a psychopathic sadist looking for father and son or just son. the only thing that turns me on more than the screams of father watching his son scream is the son’s screams.

AngryNerd (Owner) – June 3, 2020
The short answer is yes.

Anonymous – June 3, 2020
You would take all necessary precautions to be certain your son does not report the rape to the authorities?



danishslavegirl, 18
I am an 18 year old boy who identifies as a girl and I am looking for an education in another country. No specific place, could be anywhere that have University educations in english. The only other thing that’s important to know about me is I love horror movies.


danishslaveboy (Owner) – May 29, 2020
I am nice till a limit. If one more time anyone writes me saying he wants to cook me and eat me, I’m fucking his dad. Be nice. Be sane. Be a Taylor in the world of Kardashians.

danishslaveboy (Owner) – May 22, 2020
I would ask everyone to note that I intend to live a long time and to be able to use my crotch for at least another couple of years.

vlakk – May 11, 2020
I have known this boy now girl and been madly in love with him for two years. His beauty is like something from another century as is his demeanour which is impenetrably demur and reserved. I’m not the only guy who’s tried every gift and favor and flattery hoping to get him in bed, but he has never broken character other than to flash his beautiful smile which only makes his distance harder to accept. I am beyond astonished that he even knows about the existence of this site much less would make a profile. I would say it’s a matter of someone stealing his instagram pics but he is planning to leave Denmark to study in Europe or the UK. Perhaps paying for his education is the gift large and acceptable enough to bed him, but I would suggest anyone considering his offer to do so with a great amount of skepticism. If I’m wrong then please know that I would pay a lot of money in return for a pic of him naked that shows everything.



HoleFoods, 24
Break my dick, please.

I’m open to all scenarios, but if you just want an open mouth desperate for you to jerk off a load into my it or aimed to go an my eyes it’s me!

– intense cb destruction
– blumpkin
– choking with hands, belt, noose, wire or …
– death defying breath control (bag, drowning, or … )
– impact play, especially punches to the head
– belt whipped (all over, even cock/ball, head, face)
– genuine fear, being threatened with guns and knives
– fag bashed, beaten bloody to relieve stress
– any dark, twisted, weird, taboo, illegal fantasies you thought could never happen; I can’t be turned off (you have no idea).

I’m cool having one if you absolutely insist, but really into scenes where when it starts I have no power to stop anything. Very into total powerlessness that includes no way out, no matter what I say, do, or demand. The more genuine the fear, including threats — verbal, exposure, physical, or weapons — the more amazing it is and the more I’ll want to jerk off as it happens.

Please summon me!


HoleFoods (Owner) – May 13, 2020
..but on the other hand I have been subjected to every kink and fetish on the face of the earth now and find it all somewhat boring and contrived.

HoleFoods (Owner) – May 13, 2020
I think it’s totally plausible that someone could get sexually addicted to fucking a cute boy’s ass really hard and we could maybe drag that out and become boyfriends.

Anonymous – May 13, 2020
how would he be a loss?

Anonymous – May 13, 2020
I also fuck him. I disagree with the first commenter. Think snuffing him would be a waste.

HoleFoods (Owner) – May 10, 2020
You’re cute thinking I give a single little fuck about the mindless ranting opinions of a stranger. My blood is pretty, my bones are beautiful. I’m not the only sicko that likes seeing his torn open flesh, and yeah I’m proud of my fucked up little self. Sorry that you anon troll cant live openly about your sick shit.

Anonymous – May 10, 2020
Bullshit, You’re try too hard and pathetic, similar to a kid who’s sniffed a small amount of weed and boasts about being a stoner or those deviantArt “snuff loving” trannies drawing soft cute dogs with candy coming out of their cut open stomachs. Get the metaphor.

HoleFoods (Owner) – May 10, 2020
I was an extremely negative person before but thanks to the “awful” things that happened in my life, I became an extremely apathetic person and some people call that sexy! lol

MuscleGod – May 9, 2020
I can see where you are coming from. I went threw the same thoughts with him.Yea things get you hard and you cant help but get your fantasies up but not doing evil Its a part of life and its hard to get used to.

Anonymous – May 9, 2020
i’ve had him several times and to be blunt if you want to snuff a boy, there’s so much opportunity and potential.



Life_is_a_short_trip, 20
I like imagining what it would be like to shrink down to only three inches tall or so. At that size, I’d be completely helpless. To me, any man who found me would be an all-powerful giant. I love hearing men tell me what they’d do in this scenario. It doesn’t even have to be sexual, … per se. Even the simplest of interactions become exhilarating with the dynamic of being insignificant enough to fit in the palm of a man’s hand, or in his pocket, or in his mouth, or under his shoe…

If you’re still reading, I’d like for you to imagine you find me at this size (or, if you prefer, that you shrink me down yourself) and that no one knows about me but you. This means you could do whatever you wanted and get away with it. If this interests and/or amuses you at all – whether you’d see me as a toy, a mere object, a friend, a pest, a whore, or as having something else I haven’t even thought of – I hope to live with you forever!


Life_is_a_short_trip (Owner) – June 14, 2020
It’s not easy to live without a possibility to shrink. Always so tense and tired.



WorthlessFlower, 22
Im new to this but I recently found out about my undying crave to lose everything ! Take me and cut me apart limb by limb . I want u to force my crying face to watch as u cut off and cook and eat my limbs infront of me ! Use all my holes and once there all streched make new ones ! Take my eyes and fuck my sockets. I dont care just take everything from me and make sure u keep me alive as long as u can to make sure i experince all the pian and humilation . It can be messy or clean ! I can also work ur hole with my tongue and then destroy it with my 18-cm cut cock before we start u want !


WorthlessFlower (Owner) – June 1, 2020
If your consciences needs assuaging i have avoidant personality disorder, bipolar, and borderline personality disorder and Ive been preying on sadists since I was 6 year old.



SlamTinaBoyAdam, 18
Here to help my accidentally cute dumb twink fag cousin here with some very messed up fantasies who can’t do shit for himself find a PERMANENT relationship that anyone but him would label toxic and endangering.

In the outdoor world you and he will be an ugly spectacle of an abusive/abused couple or frenemies or sadist father and humiliated son and behind any closed doors you will be a violent bully who hits and beats and rapes and tortures him.

You’ll always track him and control when he leaves the house. He’ll have no freedom or power whatsoever. A total and REAL power exchange.

Things he doesn’t like: compliments, being sucked.

Things he requires:
Hitting, kicking, shoving, slapping, hair pulling, strangling (whenever possible)
Mind games, hypnosis, and manipulation with drugs.
Mental abuse.
Being brought to tears and hysteria
Ego distruction.
Yelling lectures and being talked down to.
Rape, Piss, Shit, Fisting, Skullfucking.
Permanent damage (needs no disscussion)

Yes, I’ve been fucking and doing kink with him for years because he’s cute and who wouldn’t but his mental sickness is too advanced now.


BONGENFORCER9 – June 15, 2020
Actual photo of him upon delivery to his new home (mine).

BONGENFORCER9 – June 13, 2020
I want to spend the life with him.

SlamTinaBoyAdam (Owner) – June 10, 2020
Don’t act like you’re shocked I’m just stating what’s what, y’all here to get laid.



blinktwice, 23
im searching for a man who knows how to love someone and doesnt try to destroy his partner but i guess on this world there is no such man cause everyone of you is doin that just to feel like a God.


blinktwice (Owner) – June 8, 2020
would recommend you avoid @masterey2019 who drugs you and tries to sell you to some men in saudy arabia.



chlorosleepyslave, 21
Straight curious with extreme hypno, sleepy, chloro, drugged, ko scenes I’m ready to try in real life.

I will travel domestically and Internationally to play out these scenes.

I’m a pretty androgynous/beautiful boy so if you don’t like that then carry on.


MarchWhitfield – May 7, 2020
i’d grill that dead bitch up for one hell of a cookout and gnaw on the bones while I jacked off looking at his pics

slitneck1 – May 6, 2020
Alive he looked more than doable, but his corpse is a piece of art for me, truely beautiful.

slitneck1 – May 4, 2020
Yeah, that could be a problem. Just bring a knife along in case you have to cut another hole down a bit, more room down there for your dick to feel those lovely slimy guts.

snuffluvr – May 4, 2020
Don’t hurt your delicate cock on the rib fragments, dear

MarchWhitfield – May 4, 2020
Gorgeous, I’d love to fuck that hole while I lean over and kiss his lips then suck my load out of it. Oh, and I’d chew off those cute little nipples too.

callmecaleb – May 3, 2020
That’s a big hole… Big enough to stick my dick in. Tongue, too

BlackedOpium – May 3, 2020
He had it cummin`…

metalmachine – May 3, 2020
If you have the stomach, there’s a naked pic of him in the morgue in the forums at the RealDeadGuys site. Search “Teenager With Hole Chest”. So titled because there’s a big shotgun blast hole in his chest. His name was Ostro Da Penha, aged 22.



ignoremytears, 18
tired of being ashamed by what excites me. tired of feeling like I have to correct everyone’s impression of who I am. its time to live my truth.

truth is no matter what everyone says I know i am just a dumb ugly fag who’s probably not worthy of meeting two-thirds of you guys.

if you’re here to make me feel better about my face you’ll be ignored. I only want sadists that want to kick my ugly face hard.

come to my house at night, lock the door behind you, feel disgust at my ugly face, laugh at it, destroy me!


ignoremytears (Owner) – June 14, 2020
at the moment my doctor put me in for a mental evaluation due to the state i am in and he is worried about my self destructive ways, they have a few things therye sure i have bi-polar, schizophrenia, ocd causing major paranoia in my day to day life but i have to wait for the evaluation for a proper treatment plan.

OpticalTheory – June 10, 2020
It does not seem to be a serious offer.



NoRegretzForMe, 18
Hi, I’m Batia and I am a young gay male bottom in İhsaniye Mahallesi, Turkey who likes it rough but needs money for doing it right now for reasons that are none of your business if you care which I’m sure you don’t.
*Donations are to be provided in the first five minutes of meeting. Place it in the bathroom on the sink. Do NOT hand it to me, point it out or acknowledge it in any way. This will result in our date being terminated on the spot.
*I do not sell sex! As a matter of fact, you can pretty much insure yourself a really bad experience with me if you ask me how much it would cost to have sex.
*Do not try to haggle about the rates. It just embarrasses you to me. If you ask, I will not see you.
*NEVER bring up the donation. The Donation is NOT to be spoken about EVER.


NoRegretzForMe (Owner) – May 26, 2020

Poly-afro – May 25, 2020
you need to rethink your void.

NoRegretzForMe (Owner) – May 8, 2020
I was born like this, don’t even gotta try.

NoRegretzForMe (Owner) – April 26, 2020
I love insult. it is always honest. – Joyce Carol Oates



femtwink, 19
I’m still a boy but my youth will not last long and I’m looking for anything that comes my way but finding empty sex and a place to crash will be my most intention.


Cford – June 6, 2020
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EmoKing96 – May 27, 2020
Wow, are you dumb? [Facepalm] Nooo, you completely missed the point… The look is out of style and I’m the only one still copping it. That’s what I’m frustrated about, you idiot. I talked to you in the first place just to point out that you aren’t emo. That’s it. You don’t even sound emo. Nothing about you is emo and you don’t care to prove me otherwise. And you look like my 63 year old aunt with that hairstyle. Btw, Hot Topic isn’t emo anymore either, in case you haven’t noticed. Anyway, the bottom line is Emo is dead, and you are not emo enough. You’re a noob, a phony.

femtwink (Owner) – May 27, 2020
lmao as we say in the early 2010’s then cool story bro.

EmoKing96 – May 27, 2020
Witch, please, you’re not even trying to engage in a conversation because you know I got you. You’re making excuses like ‘You’re too old to be arguing with me’ to try to shut me down.

Why the hell would me being older than you make anything I say invalid? I’m simply pointing out that you’re a fraud and you’re not even trying to convince me otherwise.

Besides, you should know that emo is an old, short-lived, outdated fad that boomed with teens in the Mid – Late 00’s. Therefore, the pioneers of your subculture of interest have the right to test and criticize self-proclaimed emo people in younger generations.

What’s funny here is that you claim to be emo when you’re too young to know anything about it, and you don’t even care enough about your own subculture. Just admit it, you’re not emo. You’re just a trendy boy with a bit of depression or whatever.

I don’t mean to be a prick, I just live in the past and I don’t like change. I don’t like the direction fashion’s been going in this decade. Everyone looks so lame trying to be a emo. Fashion in this decade is an abomination.

femtwink (Owner) – May 27, 2020
You are literally fighting with someone who is younger than you, and pulling out all your defense mechanisms. kind of funny if you ask me.

EmoKing96 – May 27, 2020
Of course you ain’t got nothin’ to say! You ain’t about the emo life, gtfoh. Who you foolin’?! You’re not even putting up a fight ’cause you know I’m right. If you really think you’re emo, which you clearly aren’t, then this is nothing but a phase for you and you FAIL at it. Emo is dead.

femtwink (Owner) – May 27, 2020
^ cool rant dude

EmoKing96 – May 27, 2020
No offense, but you don’t look authentic emo. I’m just sayin’. Trust me, I’m literally the emo king and I know emo when I see it. You’re not even old enough to remember when emo was real. I have 0 respect for anyone who was born in the 21st Century ’cause all kids know is freakin’ hipster garbage. What do you know about the emo style other than what you see on the internet? You were like, freakin’ 6 years old when Justin Bieber came along and ruined the emo sidesweep…

BabyGhost – May 22, 2020
“empty” sex… if only!



SelfHarmingSlut, 19
I DON’T self harm to be cool
I DON’T do it like a new brand fashion
I do it because of my personal problems? Yes. I would do anything to solve them? Yes. And if it doesn’t go right, just doesn’t go right, I imerse in self-destruction thoughts and the only possibility less harmful than killing myself is to do some cuts and cry, I do it, proudly or not, reasonable or not, it’s MY WAY to show it to myself, instead of taking all the pills, instead of slitting my wrists, instead of jumping from the 10th floor, instead of shooting my head.

So, pointless or not, I do it because of My thoughts, my brain, my emotions.
Who can judge it? God? Psychiatrists?
I think not even pholophers can describe it if they don’t live my pain.
It doesn’t matter the level of inside-pain.
It just doesn’t matters.


Emmanuel8 – June 21, 2020
the world is a bad place and you make it worse



betteroffed, 24
My desire is to be owned by a blue collar, poorly educated, Trump loving, very horny working man. I want to be his tiny limp dicked, thigh high booted, pussy lipped faggot cum rag for life. I am well off financially due to dead corporate exec parents if that helps give your abuse meaning. I’m into class discrepancy, vodka & orange juice, sometimes horny, always antifascist. Only limit is political discussions as I’m a Bernie bro.



Costco, 21
Like to KO’d by handsome studs wearing superhero (villain) costume. KO’d, chloroformed, sleeper hold, date drugged, whump. Go limp in their arms, tossed on the bed, stripped, raped.


Costco (Owner) – June 6, 2020
I’m also super into conking out for guys wearing Satan costumes. I love the idea of being eternally punished in hellfire. I love shouting hail Satan as I fall asleep.



satanisgay, 18
Im 18 i dont work i tweak I refuse 2 grow up. I luv bein a homeless Street Punk total bttm NEVR WORN A CONDOM NEVR WILL IF U GETIN WITH ME U AINT EITHER! Luv anon loads Luv unsafe I NEED BUGS! Luv ALL buggies GET ME TWEAKd AND SICK ENUF AND…😈😈😈


satanisga (Owner) – June 8, 2020
Antifa, Antifa! – We are all anti-fascists!
Antifa, Antifa! – Forever Antifa!
Fascism is not an opinion!
Save it for my ass!

MasterPaul13 – June 8, 2020
I am a brutal 13 yo master who will do anything I want to you. I will not stop if I cause serious injury.



DontMindMe, 18
Explorer of existence in search of lost intensity. Eternal or fleeting, from a kiss to a thousand, help me run away. For a moment or forever.
Together we will climb the highest mountain to touch the stars, or we will break the slats of your bed once or a hundred times. It’s up to you.


ElioSky19 – June 12, 2020
my Gum on your face but change the G into C

juniorisagoat – June 7, 2020
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IronHorse73 – May 30, 2020
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Don’t ask for a face shot. My face shouldn’t make a difference. And don’t send me pix of your ass either. I don’t need a picture of it – and my eyes are never going to be looking into it.



AaronSDCA, 19
Hi My name is Aaron 19 yo 6 ft slim smooth. Ever since early high school, I have thought about being kidnapped stripped raped and enslaved. totally controlled used hard. Then shaved, pierced, tattooed, castorated, ans sold on an auction block to a cruel master. beaten, tortured, maimed, scarred by him. Then sold on an auction block to a snuff ring. raped, destroyed, and snuffed all on video. then the video of my snuff circulates ans i become legenderry forever. One other thing I think Black Guys are hotter than white guys. They have bigger cocks and seem to know now to use them. For some reason they seem more powerful. Having them raping and torturing ans snuffing a cute white boy like me is so damn hot!!!


420travelguy – June 12, 2020
,, We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguiseed to ourselves.”

pussy_hunter – June 12, 2020
Hi Fake I love you mwah

4fagsdown – June 11, 2020
The fakest fake in the entire history of fakery.




p.s. Hey. ** Scunnard, Aw, thanks a lot, Jared! ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Wow, thank you, sir, and the comparisons are an honor, obviously. ** Misanthrope, Hi. The new print novel is still scheduled for late next year with no specific release date yet. Sounds like you made the right choice there, and good to hear that the people around you were being wise. ** Damien Ark, Hi, D. Well, that’s an interesting interpretation, thank you for it. The actual one is a little less plotty. Well, it sounds like an area/genre that’s utterly ripe for its ‘Citizen Kane’ and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’re the man to ace it. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. Thanks a lot, buddy. I hope you like it, and, yes, I’d love know what you think in any case. ** Ferdinand, Hey. Thanks, bud. Yeah, the New Museum thing was an awesome night. Oh, the first performance vid you linked to is by Lun*na Menoh, a wonderful artist and the wife of the great writer and d.l. Tosh Berman. I’ll view it and the other one, thanks. Well, yeah, like I said, I’m not sold on ‘Querelle’ the movie either. But I haven’t watched in many yonks. ** _Black_Acrylic, Thank you so much, Ben! Yeah, I think it’s the best one, in my opinion. I think the new format is even more effective maybe. Anyway, that means a lot, man. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. You’re right: the link in the post was fucked up, oops. Fixed now. But the one in the blog’s upper right corner worked/works at least. Thank you for letting me know. ** Bill, Hi, Bill, and thank you, hope you like it. Yes, from what I read, SF has been especially careful with the reopening, very sane, it seems. It’s basically a done deal that US people won’t be allowed in the EU for a while. It sucks for you and me, ugh, but I think it’s the only right decision. Our recovering is fantastic, but it’s also very fragile. God, I hope the US rights the ship by October. I really want to get to LA for whatever Halloween ends up being this year. And Zac and I have a lot of legwork to do there for our next film. ** Nik, Howdy, Nik! Thank you, pal! It’s much less chaotic over here. It’s really quite liveable and easy to do things now. France has been very lucky, although for solid reasons. Anyway, I’m good, doing what I do without too many obstacles. What about you? Take care. ** chris dankland, Hey, Chris!!!! If the GIF novel gave you ideas, that is the ultimately great conclusion. Cool! I intend the GIF works to be triggering in the good way. In my hopes, they’re generous in that sense. I’m glad you like the new format. I’ve increasingly become interested in the sequences doing double duty, advancing the whole but being kind of rich and a attention holding individually. And a lot of the ones in that novel require quality time, especially the many that are built around the GIFs’ syncing, going in and out of sync, to have the intended effect. And the scrolling format encouraged a kind of speed reading that just wasn’t fully successful anymore. And I realised that the interconnections work just well if differently in memory. Your thoughts about the proto-story, etc. are great, and I totally agree. Of course it’s fascinating (to me) to see what happens to a story when motion filled image blocks are the vehicle, what gets hidden and what makes it through. Really exciting to work with if you approach it as differently written fiction as I do. And, yes, I too am very into their silence and their suggestion of missing sound, and how the reader having to create that sound works, and how you can experiment with that, how that too can be used to try to advance the narrative/trajectory. I think the humor is more active in the new GIF novel, yeah. I think the isolating of the sequences brings it more to the surface somehow. Anyway, your response is amazing and so encouraging, and I just thank you from the bottom of my heart, man. Well, on the schooling, I guess at least it’s settled and less confusing for everyone, to try to find the bright side. Maybe the fact that Europe is excluding Americans from coming here will help light a fire under the monsters in charge to actually take a strong and coherent approach, even it’s almost too late, I fear. So, so sorry about all of that. For you, for your students, for all of us. I will endeavor to make my morning great, if you agree to do the same. Deal? Love, me. ** Corey Heiferman, Hi, Corey. Thank you so much! I too think the new GIF novel is at a new level, at least regarding what I hope for with the work. Michael Salerno designed the book, so he came up with the ‘back/next’. I’m not sure what other option there would have been. But he gets that credit. That sounds really nice: your immersion in the poetry scene there. I miss the days when I was heavily involved in the LA poetry scene. Hm, as far as books or things about that … Well, there’s David Lehman’s The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School of Poets , which is very good. Speaking of LA, there’s Bill Mohr’s Hold-Outs: The Los Angeles Poetry Renaissance, 1948-1992. There must be many others. I’ll try to think. Very happy to hear your dad is doing well. You can travel to the US from Israel, I didn’t know that. Not from there, or not without hell to pay over there. ** Right. It’s the end of the month yet again and, so, I don’t even need to tell you what that does to this place. See you tomorrow.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    So many of these escorts bleat “I-don’t-know-who-I-am-and-if-you-don’t-tell-me-Im-Going-To-Kill-Myself” — which is a lot to ask of someone who just wants to get laid.

    Latest FaBlog: The Manchurian Candidate From Mar-a-Lago

  2. Corey Heiferman

    A three inch tall man could sure come in handy for threading needles and sorting lentils.

    Thanks for the book recommendations. Got some gears turning. I’m in the perfect position to be translating new small press Hebrew lit into English and writing about it in English. Might as well seize the opportunity. Should be fun and build skills.

    Travel to the U.S. from Israel as a U.S. citizen is fine as far as I know. Coming back they’ll let me in no problem because I’m also an Israeli citizen, but then I’ll need to totally quarantine myself for two weeks. Relatively easy in terms of logistics since I live alone and can get groceries delivered but will be a huge drag likely bordering on temporary psychosis.

    Günther Kaufmann, the Jeanne Moreau “Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves” song, and the wacky color palette are enough for me to like “Querelle” but yeah the screenplay is awful.

    Watched “Lancelot du Lac”. Hadn’t seen any Bresson in a while and tbh I’ve never been a huge fan. I think I like the things better than the people in Bresson. I could just watch a whole movie of his fetishistic closeups on objects with the carefully chosen foley effects. Maybe I’m missing something?

  3. Corey Heiferman

    I forgot to mention I really liked this Elvia Wilk piece “My Kid Could Do That”. I think you’d probably like it but it’s always hard to predict anybody’s taste.

  4. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I think these slaves are losing it with the quarantine!

    Yeah, the whole day worked out well, and I think we made wise decisions about things. Guess we’ll know by Thursday. Yikes. I’m fine, though, and I think we’ll all be okay.

    It was kind of funny because as we were walking up to the place, everybody was like, um, what the fuck? But like I said, once we got inside the area, it wasn’t bad at all and we found our own space and just hung there.

    I’ll tell you this much, though: allergies are bad this year. Been feeling that shit a lot more this year than in previous years. Yuck. Enough so that every once in a while, I’m like, am I getting sick with something? But no, just the hellacious pollen and stuff.

    Still find it weird how release dates for novels get put off so far into the future, even in non-pandemic times. I guess they have their schedule and all, but it does seem quite long in coming when it probably shouldn’t. But I don’t know enough about it.

    I liked the GIF novel. That was fun. A lot longer than I expected it to be. And really, any novel of any type that includes a Harry Styles mention is fine by me. 😛

  5. Sypha

    I kind of like CtrlDelete from today’s selection, but judging by his comments I think I’m too young for him. 🙁

    Forgot to comment on here yesterday but I enjoyed ZAC’S DRUG BINGE. At first I was annoyed by having to keep hitting the “Next” button but halfway though I changed my mind and decided I liked it, perhaps because it reminded me of turning pages in a book. I couldn’t tell you what the narrative was: the way I interpreted it was, “Anime guys do a lot of drugs, trip, go to some kind of concert, there’s a shooting but they maybe survive, then they masturbate and do more drugs.” Well, that’s how my mind tried to make sense of it. At least there was less blood and guts in this one!

  6. KK

    hey dennis!

    congrats on the GIF novel. i’ve always been a huge fan of the chapters you post now and again. they function more like comic books than traditional novels, don’t they? I mean obviously because it’s image and not text, but mostly because of the bumpers between the gifs, that little space that forces the reader to slow down and consider the connection between gif A and gif B. it’d be difficult to digest the books by just continuously scrolling, it requires some level of consideration. i have a feeling that someone like derrida would have really liked these. there seems to be a complete synthesis between plot and sensory experience. all the character’s are constantly changing in shape and form yet there’s complete coherence of what exactly is happening. i mean, there’s definitely a plot here, but the way it’s expressed almost always seems to be negating it because it’s in constant flux, which you would think would confuse the plot but it weirdly does the opposite. sorry, i’m rambling, but there’s something really cool i think you’re doing with language that i guess i’ve always admired about your work. do you map out the plot first and then find gifs to cohere? or do you start gif first?

    new shipley! i just ordered mine from infinity land. i’m so excited, obviously.

    i finally watched Ossos, and In Vanda’s Room. Now just need to watch Colossal Youth. i thought both of them to be great. i think i prefer Ossos, but then again i haven’t been able to get the images from Vanda’s out of my head. fantastic films though. really happy i watched them.

    also last night i started Death Sentence, another heavy hitter. I got to page 40 before going to sleep, going to read the rest today. it’s fantastic. i’m shocked it’s taken me so long, but a friend recently sent me a big box of books and it was in there. but yeah i have a lot i could say about it so far.

    how’s it going with you?

    so long

  7. Nik

    I just finished the gif novel, and thought it was really beautiful and left me with the sort of rich melancholy that your work specifically inspires. I love the segmented style, it allowed for duration and rhythmic disjunction to really come to the forefront, and interestingly gave the novel a “page-turning” book feel, which was fascinating. Since it was segmented and I couldn’t just blow through it, it was almost like the novel was asking me to contemplate this “drug binge” without always participating in it, almost like being on downers while watching someone else on uppers or something. Also, for what it’s worth, I think this is the closest the gif fiction has come to cohering into a narrative, and it really worked imo, although this might just be my own head adjusting to the form. The ending was heartbreaking in a cool way, where it felt like the limits of the narrative and the form had been reached, or had at least become to scrambled naturally to continue. But yeah, that was totally architecturally and emotionally complex, I loved it, thank you!
    As for me, I got “promoted” at Fence, which is pretty fantastic despite the circumstances. So right now I’m running a online feature called “Screen Shot” which actually might be of a lot of interest to some of the writers who comment here. I’ll just paste the description I wrote for it below rather than trying to summarize it haha:

    “Screen Shot is a space for writers to investigate the relationship between language and film, from narrative viewing experiences to Zoom meetings and Instagram stories. We are committed to discovering writers who use words as a tool for exploring the event of cinema, video, and the spectacle of our lives. To submit, email

    Also, here’s the first post if you or anyone else is interested:

    I can seriously imagine people bringing some truly incredible stuff from this blog, so @anyone who sees this, please get in touch if it’s interesting to you!
    Otherwise, I’m working one pretty okay paid internship rn, and a real nonsense prescreener one for the New York Film Festival, which I can get into more some other time.
    I’m glad you’re not feeling the sense of overwhelming chaos I’m pretty sure every American is feeling right now. I’ve found it to be quite a significant mental blockade, unfortunately, but I’m sure the energy in France is necessarily different. What have you been working on?

  8. _Black_Acrylic

    I’m quite into that fuckhole247 arte povera thing with biscuits all crumbled up on the tray. The guestbook commenters are really giving him a hard time.

  9. Bill

    Hey Dennis, finally saw Totally Fucked Up for the first time, thinking how the Andy character just about walked out of one of your novels, then there’s TheOmen. Wow. Yes, those biscuits are wonderful.

    I hope things improve here so we can both travel in October! I can’t say I’m hopeful. I should try to plan a domestic trip to offset the disappointment a bit. But if most things will still be closed, I might as well just stay home and work on some new pieces or something.


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