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Meet CallYouByMyName, MothdemonDevil, OneYearofSALO, cheatingboyfriend, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of July 2020


CrucifyMe, 20
I’m looking for a top that brutally whips me (especially shoulders, chest, ass) – and then crucifies as realistically (nailed through the palms and feet) as possible.

Above all, I want to experience the shortness of breath that comes with crucifixion as intensely as possible, which in my understanding starts from approx. 20-30 minutes on the cross and then becomes more violent every minute.


Stepford – July 9, 2020
best served cold.

papahunk – July 7, 2020
Step forward feeble one & experience transcendence & GOD knows you’re available & let me guide you.



CallYouByMyName, 20
My favorite book is “When you were me” by Robert Rodi.
A book about a 20-something year old guy and an older daddy type switch bodies.
My favorite movie is Like Father Like Son (1988)A freaky Friday type movie about a father and son.

I am just a son looking to find my own dad to switch bodies.
If you don’t get what i mean then this isn’t for you so kindly move on.
If you’re an older man who wants to switch bodies with his young son and you’ve always been aroused by the idea of switching bodies, then step into my office 😏


CallYouByMyName (Owner) – July 19, 2020
Not if you were quiet.

sexyman123123 – July 19, 2020
No, technically you’d be having sex with you, but really you would be having it with me.

CallYouByMyName (Owner) – July 19, 2020

sexyman123123 – July 19, 2020
But you would also have sex with me. How does that play into it?

CallYouByMyName (Owner) – July 19, 2020
And then I have would sex with me and whatever else we wanted to do.

sexyman123123 – July 19, 2020
And then what? I mean let’s say we could somehow exchange physical bodies, and then … ?



FuckMeUp, 18
I am David. I’m from Point Pleasant. I used to be on here when I was very underaged known as Kinksubchild. I took some time out for a mental breakdown and hospitalisation but back. I have no money. If you live in Centra NJ an d are able to send me an Uber to your place I would appreciate it. I want to be severely drugged for a days or months. I want POZ guys to cum in me. I want to be sold to others to abuse me. I have no more pics but if t doesn’t matter. If you kidnap me a would love. I want to be castrated. Enlarge my boy pussy by endlessly fisting me. Put a needle in my arm and drug me. PLEASE MESSAGE ME TO GET MY LOCATION AND KIDNAP ME. I want to be punched, zapped, told to eat my own shit, piss, vomit and enema water. My food is all bodily fluids and solids. I want to be covered in shit, vomit, piss. I want to be branded. I want you to put you cigar out as on my face. I want to be choked until my brain so dead t only power to scream. I AM AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY TO BE BRAIN WASHED, DRUGGED, SHAVED, ABUSED. MESSAGE ME IMMEDIATELY. I’M YOUR FAG DRUGGED OBJECT. MESSAGE ME IMMEDIATELY MASTER, I NEED TO BE HURT.


FuckMeUp (Owner) – July 1, 2020
Whatever you want very desperate

VictimHunter – July 1, 2020
Ok u will delete all ur social media and bring all ur electronics with u and turn up and be raped and slottered in wat ever way i see fit but everything that we do stays under my hat.

FuckMeUp (Owner) – July 1, 2020
Very close yes very close

VictimHunter – July 1, 2020
U don’t happen to live in Hamilton Township.

FuckMeUp (Owner) – June 30, 2020
I’m going through an extremely awful time right now. Had a vestibular migraine again lasting 6 days of complete hell(still in the post drome recovery) which caused me to have extreme dizziness,vertigo,spaced out vision,totally off balance,nausea,facial numbness,ringing in my ears loudly light/sound sens,throbbing headache at the temples. Spent the last 6 days since thurs laying in the dark doing absoletely nothing except feeling terrible. I told my only friend yesterday and he said he had to go in the middle of my convo.



slumberboy, 20
There are two unique things about me — if you gently rub a certain spot on my head, I will roll my eyes and pass out in seconds. It happens every time, has since I was a kid.

I also am very photosensitive. Exposure to certain types of flashing lights/images will incapacitate me and cause me to piss myself.

You will surely like it when my gaze becomes empty and you realize that I am completely at your disposal.

Call me back.


raspberry144mb – July 20, 2020
This reminds me of a story of a boy who was depressed so he went to India I think, to make him feel Better but he got raped and his head cut off instead.



x_ly_x, 19
So, if I was able to shrink, by some method, ie a potion, or shrink ray, which made me immune from being hurt by stomach acids and able to breath in there, would you swallow me so I can find out what it would be like to go through the belly?

So I’ve probably just cut my response rate to 0, but lets hope not!!



breakmyheart0, 18
hello i like my blonde bf to be plastic bagged strangled head wrapped in clingfilm i like someone to cut off his breath use him choke him like all the way out put him to sleep smother him use him hard suffocate him do what you like do anything


breakmyheart0 (Owner) – July 17, 2020
i have dreamt dreams that have gone through me like wine through water and altered the colour of my mind (Emily Brontë)

Anonymous – July 11, 2020
techno is without singing

breakmyheart0 (Owner) – July 11, 2020
i will keep it simple and short so it doesn’t waste your time this thing i call my bf is not a human being he is worth nothing and only exists to accept any abuse you decide to honour him with i beg you to strangle and completely abuse him in any way you see fit his own desires and feelings mean nothing



19yearsold, 19
Be my first sex. Only this. I would like to try. I’m scared but it’s my chance because I’m in big city.


travelogue – July 10, 2020
Sorry, I’ve been having sex with this boy at least once a week for the past nine months but I guess that means nothing to him!!!!

travelogue – July 10, 2020
You lying little dog!!!!

nolan92100 – July 3, 2020
he wants 💶💶💶💶💶💸💸💵💵💶💵💸



Antagonist4Protagonist, 18
it is the waste pile, a young it from Denmark looking for a sexual psychopath.

the pile of garbage has been obsessed with violent sexual usage since its earliest childhood: this shabby thing masturbates constantly and compulsively. its fantasies are so obsessive that it is a madman.

it is out of whack to such an extent that the reading of sexual words excites it to the point of masturbating.

so in conclusion the pile of garbage thank you for reading its pathetic profile.


Anonymous – July 13, 2020
Me not sure what to write right now. Me no know. Me come back and do later.



DJ_Sun, 18
Like the first time… not the tenth, fifteenth… I’m sorry thats all i need. All i want is love that lasts, Is all i want too much to ask? All i want is a good horny man. Are my expectations far too high? My fav colour is white.


PietOH – July 21, 2020
It’s interesting you don’t mention you have a fetish for being tazered?



DeusSexMachina, 21
Im a guy at 21 years living in stockholm, i wana meet a guy/ or several guys who torture me to death.

Don’t underestimate me because of my age, im experienced enough to understand the implications of what i wish to pursue.

The more disgusting u are, old, fat, unwashed the better, i don’t care if ur cock is big or small, i will die for anyone.

I want to scream the loudest i’ll ever scream and only u who is able to hear it.

I start chain smoking Tina at 19 H every night so u should contact me and do it after that.


Bi_colano – June 22, 2020
DeusSexMachina is a gay online role playing game. Whoever made this profile drew the yellow Leather King card. He probably lives in Oklahoma and weighs 300 pounds.

DeusSexMachina (Owner) – June 18, 2020
U can be into whatever u want to be into, decide what, when, how, with who, arrange for it with no say from me, structured any way you want.



Postmodernboy, 19
Very much into older men.
Would like to become one.
1. Extensive diet and exercise regime to become thick and fuller faced.
2. Stretch the balls to make them lower hanging.
3. I want to be a very trad / old-fogey / military type of gent so an over-the-lip moustache is essential
4. Definitely want male pattern baldness. Ideally Norwood VII so just have hair at the back and sides. This can be done with supplements or laser removal.
5. Lipo to remove underlying fat on the chest and get the dropped pecs look.
6. Minor surgery to get the eyelids to drop.
7. Insertion of disolvable clips to achieve a furrow down the cheeks.
8. Work on the eyes to gain lines and a degree of looseness.
9. Ditto for neck.
10. Deeper voice from herbs.
11. Change hair colour to grey.


Anonymous – July 1, 2020
-Apply to set or break a record.



Sexslave4you, 20
ELECTRIC CHAIR: I know this will be hard to find but I want a master who when he finally gets tired of having sex with me to put me in an electric chair with anal probe and head leads and light me up. Just keep turning up the voltage. I wish to die that way but I understand that if it revives my master’s lust for me he must agree to fry me enough to have my head smoking from electricity and be numb in the mind forever after.


Sexslave4you (Owner) – July 14, 2020
sweet thanks

ifuckyou5 – July 14, 2020
I don’t see how it could ever be possible to ever get tired of having sex with a cute guy with a sexy nose like you.



puppyTPE, 20
Looking to be the best puppy out there!

I like the puppy lifestyle and want to become one, the best one. Ha. I haven’t ever been a pup or have pupped out but I have seen the whole lifestyle that some pups live and it make me sort of jealous.

I can also be a pony if I can’t pup out for some reason.

I haven’t ever been a pony in any way shape or for so I’d basically be starting from scratch.

Up to this point where I discovered puppy and pony I’ve been a human urinal.

My dream fantasy is to be someone’s puppy or pony urinal so all he has to do is pee and I’ll drink from him.



ReprogramBoy, 23
Tony here looking for lord Master where I sign a contract with a devil. Surrender myself to him and become his slave and be sacrifice. I’ll have sex but you have to destroy me first.

Heavy drugs
Anything else give me a shout 😈


Anonymous – June 18, 2020

ReprogramBoy (Owner) – June 6, 2020
Ok I have a serious authority problem, so if you are too aggressive, there will likely be a reaction I won’t be able to take back.

JoshMartinez – June 6, 2020
thinks being a fake satanist makes him not fat and ugly

ReprogramBoy (Owner) – June 5, 2020
The Masters on here are fucking shit bags, would start crying if I started on them. All talk no punch.



worstboy, 21
“i drink, hence, i don’t stop” ~René Descartes

(still learning English so i may not understand what you mean and can’t express directly)

cum into my whirl


rememberme – July 7, 2020
He likes to do the same thing over and over and over again. He never gets tired of it and he never says no.

dressedinblxck – June 15 9, 2020
You want to be co singer for my band, it’s a fantasy band so you don’t gotta live close.

Kliment – May 27, 2020



Hypnotacoz, 24
Recently understanding just because I desired & seek submission to serve others in theraputic manners* that didn’t mean I didn’t & it cost my confidence due to not being in great health. Part of it is ASD issues not understood growing up leading to a lack of social skill development. To say the least I was hurt assuming theraputic appreciation existed without taking the time or effort to clarify it.

So with that reintroduction I’ll be clear:
Hypnotacoz is my dominant Pronoun and name.

These are Hollywood & Porn industry misconceptions pushed by the privaledged predators & immoral criminals of the communities attempting to groom the newbies &/or naive innocent chasing mainstream misconception of humiliation & abuse degradation play.

So sexual pleasure, taking control over another, &/or to take the hardest of abuse without complaint while being degraded without disagreement are taken out of context & glorified. As a result these misconceptions are spreading as seeking recreational sex & BDSM practices are becoming mainstream rather then considered as taboo.

That’s how such roleplay can safely happen while utalizing equipment that needs to be durable rather then whatever cheap crap bought at a porn shop down the street or Amazon. It’s part of the problem that’s allowing a tourist attraction not only to pervert, but take over the Bay Area kink community that was respectfully united diversely with peace, which didn’t happen right away.

Only those who have the money &/o health are allowed to have emotions in San Francisco these days. It’s part of the tourist attraction that’s driving out the community that actually lives the life by those exploiting it.

To conclude I hope to submit an article for everyone as soon as I can.


Hypnotacoz (Owner) – July 19, 2020

thunderDick – July 18, 2020
i see this guy around sf all the time and he has weirdest looking ass i’ve ever seen in my entire life.

itNeedsAnAlpha – July 13, 2020
Nothing matters more in your life than ensuring every need, wish, want, and desire of us men and Gods are not only satisfied to the absolute fullest, but for any and all expectations from lucky fags like you to be exceeded through the total self-destruction and cripplingly painful self-sacrifice by those of you lucky enough to serve the select few olympic-level muscle Gods birthed naturally on what has become such a toweringly high echelon of unfathomable superiority and domination over the human race never before witnessed in the history of the world.

Grabs_Yours1 – July 13, 2020
It is possible to get action out of this insufferable egghead but you’ve gotta go at him with pure indifference and be mercilessly rough.

boom_2814 – July 10, 2020
Just pointing out that your asterisk lacks a corresponding footnote.



Cum-Pussy, 21
I am a young man full of more cum than I know what to do with and a big porn star recognized in gay high places.

Find out where I’ve journeyed on the Map of Human Sexuality!

I have my penis and balls hooked up to a portable electrocution device while I write this introduction, I find it makes me honest.


Lbowdeeep – July 6, 2020
Put your cock inside your fist inside his hole…and jerk off!!



CluelessClosetedStudent, 18
I don’t really expect anything from this platform. I used to.

I used to come here looking for love from a strong older man by pretending I was a passive sex maniac, but I’m through with lying. Unbelievable what kind of inner peace this can give you.

Now I’m here just stretching out my feelers, maybe you would like to fall in love with me?

I’m often don’t feel well, and often I’m worrying too much, and I can be a sarcastic bitch, sometimes very much. If you can appease me there without making me feel patronized or small, that’s great.

Sex doesn’t matter that much to me. That’s to say you can have as much of it with me as you want, and it’s fine, I’ll make do.


CluelessClosetedStudent (Owner) – June 25, 2020
Paradoxically I’m in the best mental shape of my life.

SilverFoxDaddy56 – June 22, 2020
He’s now a disenchanted hurricane of a teenage human who’s constantly horny all day everyday all night everynight and he’s living 24/7 in my bed so back off!

SilverFoxDaddy56 – June 11, 2020
I am looking to love you!
You’d better be ready to give up your boy pussy every second of your life without complaining!
I have never done drugs I am not about to start now!!
I don’t smoke and never will and neither will you!
No idle chitchat I hate teenage bullshit, get to the point boy!
I don’t chase people so if you want me you know what to do if not, no love lost!
I don’t provide Parking!



ooogybooogy, 18
Next experience I want to have: chemical castration as a trial before surgical castration.

I would love to find a future husband who keeps shrinking my cock, while making me serve him by sucking and pumping his cock, growing his cock as big as possible while mine slowly dies.

As you can probably tell, I’m not a top. I have a lot of dysmorphia around my dick, so if you’re looking for cock I can’t help you as using it makes me feel sick.


davitt – July 17, 2020
all sperm tastes like chemicals. when guys talk about sweet loads or tasty loads they’re using hyperbole. every guy’s cum tastes like something you would use to clean a kitchen floor.

ooogybooogy (Owner) – July 12, 2020
It’s not so much how it looks, but how my sperm tastes terrible like chemicals.

kleanthis_ – July 12, 2020
i’ve been with this guy and it’s strange he has such issues with his cock as it’s quite attractive and sizeable.



cheatingboyfriend, 20
always looking for someone to breed me behind my girlfriend’s back.

love going home to my gf having my arse sore and filled with spunk.

must have a conversation face to face in a public place first so I can make sure you’re not going to kill me.

basically always hard so just sucking me off is always another option.


twodudes – July 21, 2020
If you have a wife or girlfriend put him in a pair of her panties and watch him squeal.

bringmeheavenn – July 18, 2020
If you want to make him forget he has a girlfriend lick his legs while you’re raping him.



aboyonthefloor, 22
What is the slave looking for?
if your age of 50 – 70 years make me Your nonconsensual daily full service toilet and that be my only sustenance. Make me take anti nausea medication so i digest it all. if i miss any beat me senseless.

A REAL CUTE SLAVE SOUL who has been running into the wrong direction all its life without ever arriving.

i love k9 movies with woman like Stray x cus there’s 8 dogs and cus she rims the dogs after copulation and eat their shit too.

…SO… :
i have passport and some enough money for some cheap rural land or in a poorer country.

… SCAT … :
is not a game for the slave, and therefore men who do scat only as “fun, fun, fun” are rather suspicious for the slave!


TALLTOP – June 18, 2020
Not erotic but I enjoyed our 420-fueled discussion of life, the universe, and everything.

VictimlessCrime – June 12, 2020
Making the most of his sheer mediocrity.

ItsTheSubWay – May 25, 2020
Slave has a vision impairement and uses a “White Cane” and flashlights to help it compensate for its vision impairement. Thinks its vision impairement does not define who it is but it does.



Brainwashingrequired, 24
I’m wanting to be rewritten and transformed through brainwashing and other medical techniques into something completely different and vanish off the face of the earth.

Physically I don’t really care what happens to me… even if i end up becoming start treks Borg in tng series.

Not into people with the mental age of a 12 year old or who speak like they dropped out of school at 12.


Brainwashingrequired (Owner) – July 16, 2020
Cant believe you quoted that song by The Who that’s so lame.

SigmaStar – July 16, 2020
If you don’t already know ME then you already know of ME. If you know nothing about ME then catch up already and if you are that kind of swine then please be aware that I view MY infamy as one of just many gifts. One of the rewards of infamy is having to never care about answering retarded questions which I have given numerous clever responses to over the many years but which now I don’t have to so won’t.

“I ain’t seen nothing like him
In any amusement hall
That deaf, dumb and blind kid
Sure plays a mean pinball”

Brainwashingrequired (Owner) – July 9, 2020
Dream on sorry

Chihuahua – July 9, 2020
I would LOVE to rape your ass with cock, objects and fists whilst you squeal like a pig! Over and over and over and over!

Brainwashingrequired (Owner) – July 2, 2020
i don’t have time for u

Frannnnccciissssss – July 2, 2020
First off let me say I hate cute cocky boys like you. I find the thought of you being sexually aroused embarrassing, humiliating and it fills me with disgust. My challenge to you is this – I will devise a device or multiple devices, piercings, whatever that renders you unable to masturbate or able to receive any sexual pleasure at all for the rest of your life. Side note I am also big time into casts. Arm, legs, body, whatever. In addition I would put you in a permanent full body cast so that you become a mannequin after which I would control you completely forever. I’m excited to be here and hope you will agree.



fuckmeup, 18
Half🇺🇸 half🇵🇱
completely 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Recently freed battered teen slave looking for new master to serve.

Small bio:
2015-14 years old- first gay sex as bottom
2016 -15 years old – found my master
2017-2020 used by that master
2020 – 18 years old – dumped by master

If I could only pick 5 things I’m into I’d pick …
Be out of my present life and never want to ever have to think again.
Things in my ass I don’t care how big or long it is.
FF me if you can plenty have tried but given up.
Use a sledgehammer to turn my cock and balls into gore and then use my liberated ass forever for whatever.
Film me being abused and sell the films.


jzillacon – July 11, 2020
… However if you want it to last longer, have the guy drug you with a muscle relaxant to slow your heart, as well as a sedative to block your adrenaline response, then suspend you upside down so gravity can’t draw the blood out. Also he should put a brace on your hips that will hold the fracture together and apply internal pressure. It wont be enough to save you, but it will keep you alive far longer.

fuckmeup (Owner) – July 10, 2020
Oh and I am obsessed with RuPaul’s DR and Harry Potter.

jzillacon – July 10, 2020
About the sledgehammer thing, realistically you would die moments after the hammer to your groin. Broken hips are surprisingly lethal because of the major blood vessels in the area, and it’s reasonable to assume those blows would rupture a major vein. You would go into severe shock in seconds and bleed out not much longer.



CarlBeshrick, 24
To me it’s all about my butt. I’d like my butt to be the Trevi Fountain of someone’s whole world and not in the metaphoric sense! COME ON!!!!!


CarlBeshrick (Owner) – June 16, 2020
Yes I have several accounts here it is not because I’m fake, it’s because because my butt rages on me.



DepressedSlave, 23
Unsuccessful and hating myself. Giving up on unhappy life. Looking for bad experiences with someone with no respect for my well-being so that I can feel sorry for myself instead. Willing to give up everything. Limits are prepubescent boys and dismemberment.


lalalandlalaland – July 4, 2020
I had a past experience many years ago of binding and giving heavy abuse to a depressed friend of my son’s that was initially of a nonconsensual and forced nature but also became voluntary on his part at times.

I recently had a vanilla sexual encounter with a depressed young man that brought a lot of memories to the surface and reignited a desire to relive that experience with you since you’re offering.

DepressedSlave (Owner) – June 30, 2020
Pending the final meeting I accept occasional sex but if I’m too depressed to, please don’t insist or as a last chance offer me a gift. I’m out of money.

cutut – June 21, 2020
Be Fish or Meat: Be or useful, or pleasure, or both!
I am useful!
My speciality is ‘Higher Understanding’! I deal with dreams, and I seek to make my dreams come true.

I have The secrets of the powers of Evil (not all of them of course, but a few – all handy knowledge).

The trouble of saying the truth is that you kiddos are babies, thus are afraid of the truth, and are scared away by real power – real power scares the Young mind!

Higher power is Real power – Lower power (which is violence of the body) is puerile (for children)!

A tattoo is the sign of a low worker – it is something permanent on something dynamic which is the body, which means that it is plain stupid – for you never know how your body will evolve. But some people like tatoos, and I accept that. Fair. Just. Honest. Rect.
– We are in the Abyss so let us enjoy pleasure Galore! No point suffering penury unless we have to!



Boymeatpiglet, 23
Looking to provide you boy meat starting with my feet.
Butchered up to fit into a freezer or chopped up and cooked up for dinner…. You choose.
Ready to be collected for permanent one way trip into Your stomach.


no_name13_ – June 26, 2020
Believe it or not he’s a pretty cool guy.

Boymeatpiglet (Owner) – June 17, 2020
I have the house to myself tonight and tomorrow (17/06-18/06) if you can get it done that quickly.

Anonymous – June 7, 2020



StupidBOY, 21
Want a man with a superiority complex to slam the biggest white cock in me and bash my head in with a crowbar I deserve it! I live in downtown Omaha alone.


Anonymous – July 8, 2020
The police are already informed!

StupidBOY (Owner) – July 8, 2020
trample face
bc choke
cig burn
marks bruises cuts
lot more before the crowbar

NO gay pantomime shit like gimp masks, fluffy handcuffs, whips, slides or nipple clamps, gas masks – all those types of things belong in a camp gay sauna!

Raposo – July 6, 2020
just a wittle bit damaged



stupidtwink, 18
hi potential masters you should know i have a terrible background, but hey i always say “it could be worse”. Many times i remember as a child, crying waiting for the screaming to stop. Plus when i turned 7 i completely lost my whole childhood. 3 men who i later lernt were obsessed with me and stalking me broke into our house and molested and raped me for 10 hours, my parents had left me there alone. also when i turned 7 my parents lost their money, their drug addiction got worse. at that point they drove my sister made to commit suicide and everything. my father became abusive and his temper got worse, my parents got to where they do crazy stuff like sell me for sex just to get money for their drugs. they sucked my grandparents dry of money. today its just as bad but i’m still working for my future to be an artist/ writer/ photographer and forensic coroner, i gave up on the singing thing since my parents don’t give a sh*t about that, so i just stopped trying in that department, i even closed down my band, my dad sold my guitar for drug money so, why bother? but i still got everything else and i have so many things to lean on if finding a master doesn’t work out.if it doesn’t i’m going to college to be a coroner first, then i’ll go to college to be an artist.


Anonymous – July 1, 2020
I’m a child therapist and adolescent counsellor who moonlights as a serial abuser and rapist. Based on your picture, I believe I had two counselling sessions with you a few years ago, and you attract me like a little fly.

Anonymous – June 25, 2020
come the right one, take all situation



kill_my_s3lf, 22
First of all, I am REEEEAAALLY gay, and yes, I’m seeking right now. If you’re not into it until after the pandemic, please fuck off. It’s been WAY too long since I was last brutalized and desecrated.

You’re someone who’s turned on by my pain and trembling and struggling to get away. Leave all the bruises and welts and cuts you want. Even if they take days or even weeks to recover from. I’m not afraid of broken skin or broken ribs. I want men who want to hear me scream!

Ideas? bimboification (receiving), cum (everything to do with it), degradation (receiving), face slapping/punching (receiving), gagging/choked by cock (everything to do with it), gangbangs (everything to do with it), mind fucks (receiving), objectification (receiving), older men (everything to do with it), public humiliation (receiving), rough sex (everything to do with it), savage fucking (receiving), fisting (receiving), vomiting up… everything (everything to do with it), reckless violence (receiving), knives/whips/guns (everything to do with it), brain damage (receiving), harder, sir (everything to do with it), etc. etc.

I was born to be tossed around and broken and bloodied and savagely defaced and smashed from head to toe like the weak little bitch I am!


PsychologicalSale – July 15, 2020
u are stupidly hot

SkinheadBiker – July 10, 2020
he bearly recognize from he pictures and the “joi de vivry” in his profille is cumpleetly gone and he make evry room feel like hosspital

GermanGuy86 – May 28, 2020
He doesnt do safe words!
The words no and stop do not exist in his world so if he ever says them, they have no meaning!
Can get skull fucked until he’s gagging uncontrollably, puking everywhere and unable to breath!
His arse is yours to do whatever you want to it! Eat it, fuck it, toy it, fist it, abuse it, hurt it or destroy it with whips or razors or cigarette lighters or whatever, it’s completely up to you!
He’s weirder and fruitier than shit so you feel no remorse!

addictedtobb – May 22, 2020
very clean puffy cunt lips on his sloppy filthy pussy. whore cunt lips to be licked, wanked, sucked, munched, fucked with poppers to loosen up and punched into a wrecked drooling wide open horse-pussy.

Anonymous – May 8, 2020
hardcore only if you have a secret soundproof room (he screams like a banshee)

Scorpio2021 – May 9, 2020
I don’t know if there’s a medical term for it (some variant of amnesia?) but this boy literally lives from orgasm to orgasm. If you ask him the simplest personal question he becomes befuddled and he can not seem to understand he’ll have a life beyond his next cum shot.



IAmAHole, 24
I have frequently been called the most perfect, flawless human specimen anyone has ever seen. I have been offered opportunities that anyone else would fall to their knees and thank God for. Unfortunately for me, my only interest in life is having my ass heavily used (FF, Dildos, Plugs, Enemas, Fucking one-on-one or by hundreds, Speculums, Pumping, etc).

I have reached the conclusion that my only choice is to serve an ass obsessed Master on a 24/7 365 basis. Ideally, I would be kept 100% hairless from the head down to my feet 24/7 365, plugged 24/7 365, gagged/hooded 24/7 365, walk on all fours 24/7 365, never be allowed direct eye contact or be allowed to speak human languages 24/7 365, earn money by having my hole loaned out 24/7 365.



CerebralandCraving, 18
As I slowly regained conscious, I noticed that I was lying on a bed that resembles a crib. I was surrounded by many animals stuffies, and the clothes that I was wearing were gone. I was dressed in an onesie with cartoon animals printed on it. As I attempt to get up from the bed, I felt a huge bulk in between my crotch.

My eyes widen in horror as I realized I was wearing a diaper. I tried to remove it but my hands were weak, probably from something I drank earlier. As I began to struggle, a strong urge to pee and shit started flooding my senses. I was trying my best to hold them back, there’s no way I am going to dirty myself in that diaper.

Someone entered the room in the midst of my struggle. He looked kind of familiar. Isn’t he the man who offered me the cup drink earlier? He walked towards me and let down the side of the crib I was in. He placed his hand on the front of my diapered crotch and whispered into my ears. ‘Let it go… be a good baby for daddy…’ As his words sank into me, I felt the front of my diaper became warm and back of them become packed. I was wetting and shitting myself helplessly in-front of this stranger.

Hit me up if you want to adopt me.



MothdemonDevil, 18
nickname is moth because I’ll tear through your clothes like a moth


josep – July 23, 2020



ErichFoxxx, 19
MASTER’s will is all that matters, but I have no MASTER…

…as a singer

…I’m garbage at writing songs but willing to learn

I always perform better when I have someone else deciding what songs I sing…

I need to be molded into the world’s greatest singer…

I have $10,000 cash and I come with it. It’s yours

Sanity of MASTER not necessary



Hardontastic, 24
I’m a 24 year old. I want relentless cock trampling, groin kicking, ball stomping, ball kicking, cock stomping, etc. if Master wants he can also have the pleasure to shred my worthless dick under his feet. I am willing to let my master trample my cock out of existence under his feet, just to see a smile on his face. it will be my first time trying anything gay.


YourFutureBoyfriend – June 21, 2020
He is now owned and all body hair depilated and fattening from being kept from exercising and being brainwashed and conditioned into a baby forever with permanent diaper dependence.



Turtleneckbro, 21
Straight guy into turtlenecks. Kidnap me and my turtleneck, humiliate me, and even better wear one yourself.



blacksunset, 21
slave will keep it short and sweet so i don’t waste Your precious time. I have 2 offers or pleas or whatever:

a. Being in an underground basement (in red lighting, its dark and mysterious). I’m chained to the wall, tied, blindfolded with a gag ball in my mouth as I hear you slwoly comign down the stairs, knwoing somethings about to happen to me. Youd then fuck me blindfolded as i have no idea whos fucking me from behind before stranglin me to death, with me dyin having no idea who it was.

b. Being in a forest, you wearing a hoodie chasing me as im running away from you. Before dragging my legs into an isolated ditch, and taking off ur shirt and trousers as you look at me in the ditch before getting on top and fucking me. As soon as youve cum 3 times, youd slide out get up and get dressed and shoot 3 bullets into my head without saying two words to each other (other than u spitting on my corpse as u leave, like I was nothing.

The questions Ive asked mosst? How many guys have fucked me? Its just over 200 guys,and counting. How many guys have i asked to kill me? 7 guys or i guess 1000s now that im asking all of u.

Call me a dead body and you’ll give me an instant horn.


MousseAndCustard – July 17, 2020
From a logic standpoint, I think enjoyment of gore isn’t as rare as people believe; there are plenty of movies with it. And then a lot of people in general also are fascinated with sex. Snuff fans just happen to be fascinated by both and have discovered the creativity that comes from combining them.

raspberry144mb – July 17, 2020
Like everything else sexual, I don’t tell anyone within Meatspace.

inyourpocket – July 17, 2020
My boyfriend knows I want to snuff a guy and is supportive and would want to watch, so in my eyes, there’s nothing wrong with being into it.

antodotez – July 17, 2020
Shame? I have none. Stigma? I haven’t told anyone.

u/–Sarin – July 17, 2020
How do y’all who’d love to kill this guy deal with the shame and stigma of being into what you’re into?



straightslavebottom, 21
Actually straight

My girlfriend left me for a lesbian and ever since I haven’t been able to get hard with women and it’s led me here I guess


Wes_Hugo – July 2, 2020
He’s not into anything serious just fifty shades of grey type shit.



OneYearofSALO, 18
I’ve been in a relationship for the last three months with a homophobic straight boy my age which has taught me quite a bit about myself and what i crave and made me wonder whether someone a lot more homophobic could take me to the levels I need.

I’m a lot of things, I have a peculiar, sexual, twisted sense of humor. I have a deep understanding of star wars and freedom and it’s generalized roots. It is impossible for me to get intimate beyond the physical sense. If guys want feelings from me i put up a fight in physical and in every other way.

I watched Salo this morning and forced myself to be naked and not touch my dick despite my desperation to do so. The control those men had over the boys was extreme and intoxicating. I seek someone who is as dark and overwhelmingly sadistic as them, hates homos, and is just completely dangerous.


OneYearofSALO (Owner) – June 22, 2020
I now have a vagina and tits.




p.s. Hey. ** _Black_Acrylic, Oh, awesome. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Higgins biopic. That’s an Oscar or BAFTA winning role if there ever was one. Big continued up on Leeds United. ** Nick Hudson, Well, well, well, hi Nick! Ha, I did not know that about Steve Davis, and that is quite the mindfucking career shift. I’m pretty good. It’s violently hot here today, but otherwise decent. Paris is very chill and almost life-as-normal (w/ masks and stand-offishness) re: the pandemic, so far. Super incredibly grateful to be here through this. Things sound weirder in your general realm. Yes, I downloaded ‘The Quiet Earth’, and I’m angling for a state wherein I can get immersed. Congrats on The Quietus interview. The was cool. Great to see you, bud. ** Misanthrope, Hi, oh, good about the post. It was a bit of a shot in the dark. Well, compared to our 104 degrees here today, 93 sounds … well, not heavenly but incrementally preferable. Okay, then, re: your gym plans. It’s a free country, or it used to be in a workable sense and may be again. ** David Ehrenstein, People who are great at what they do often can be messes, strangely or maybe not strangely at all. I liked the LARB piece. It’s a true honor to have someone spend so much time and thoughtfulness on what one does. Well, I don’t think any of you really understand me, which I guess I must like, ha ha. ‘Photo Ops II’? That was fast. I’m still waiting for you guys to send me stuff if you want to do the welcome post, but no big if not. ** Ian, Hi, Ian. I’m very happy it hit your spot. I was not at all sure what that post would do, it being quite an outlier re: the usual. Thank you a lot for laying out your process. I see. I did a lot of studying and imitating of writing I liked when I was trying to develop my voice as a fiction writer. In fact, the way I started ‘Closer’ was …  I wanted to have a style that was mine but divided into different voices, so I selected a bunch of fiction texts I liked and cut them up and then revised them until they kind of matched but retained the essential qualities of the original writers, and then I kept working on them until my voice ended up on top. So that sounds good. I think new writers’ fear that they will sound too much like the writers they’re influenced by is mostly a phantom fear. It’s hard, especially early on, to recognise your own voice, and it’s often right there dominating the influences, but you can’t really see that objectively. Or that’s always been my thinking. Mm, well, as a writer who tries to avoid the conventional like a plague, or rather to utilise only the things about conventional fiction that hold the reader’s attention and keep them wanting to read on/further, I of course would err on these of experimenting. At least to start. You can always revise the 3rd part later to bring in more story or whatever if the experiment proves too daunting or hard to read. Or, again, that’s how I tend to approach such things. Does any of that make sense? It sounds like you’re totally on track. It’s pleasure to hear about. ** Sypha, Pool and snooker are pretty different. Snooker is more complicated and structured, more ongoing rules and things. Yeah, I wonder what Jackie Earle Haley is up to. He made that come-back as an adult actor, and I thought he was really great in the films he was in. I’ll have to go check IMDb. ** Russell, Hi, Russell. Welcome, and it’s good to meet you. I did not know about that Burn book, and I would very much like to read it, so I’ll search it out. Thank you very, very much. ** JoeM, He could have. I think I just beat him to it. Shane, yes, he seems to be doing well. Boy, he had momentous parents, that guy. Interesting. Yes, that was my impression as a person who only knew the Higgins era, that he was yeah, McEnroe-like in a way, but much more strange and interesting, to me at least. So, as I understand it, the idea is to put Johnson in a situation where he kind of has to okay the referendum or else seem like a scaredy-cat fascist? Because it sure does seem like okaying that referendum would be the last-beyond-last thing he would ever want, no? ** Jeff J, Hi. I don’t know why I got so into it. It did seem like a cerebral sport, or a sport like baseball that one could get into in a complicated way, as I guess I did. I do think Higgins was fascinating and was a big part of the lure. Excited for the new JC EP. I didn’t go the opening. Being in a gallery packed with people is way too potentially COVID-rich a situation for me these days, so I bailed. I took some friends by to see the work in the afternoon. I think Gisele’s Walser play will end up being quite good. There’s a ways to go yet, but it doesn’t premiere until November so she has plenty of time, and her intentions re: improving the work are spot-on in my opinion. And I’ll be dramaturging along the way. One thing it has going for it is that Adele Haenel is amazing in it already, even at this early-ish stage. It’ll be interesting because this is the first time Gisele has ever had a famous actor in her work, so that’ll be a strange thing to deal with — how much the press/critics/public’s reaction will be shaped by Adele’s presence and performance no matter how hard we try to make the piece not an actor’s showcase. How’s your stuff du jour? ** Max B, Hi, Max. Yeah, The US doesn’t seem to like to tolerate athletes who are nuts/weird in their personal lives. When I was young there was a baseball pitcher, I can’t remember his name, who was a big acidhead hippie type, and everybody knew it, and no one seemed to think that was a problem, but that was ages ago. Cool about your MIDI collection. I hope others like them, but their liking is obviously not the be all and end all. Have a swell Friday. ** Okay. No surprise that the month’s last day brings out the slaves. I hope this batch floats your boats or whatever. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Yes Steve Davis is indeed a very renowned DJ these days, going by the alias of DJ Thundermuscle IIRC. There’s his 2017 Boiler Room set here with a playlist that is super eclectic and yes, interesting!

    Talking of extracurricular DJ activity, the new episode of my show Play Therapy is online here via Tak Tent Radio. This one’s a tech-infused selection of Hi NRG, Rave, Acid House, avant garde stuff and all points in between.

  2. Hi D.,

    Congratulations on the gif exhibition opening. I read this lot of slaves while listening to Elizabeth Aldrich interview Damien Ark who’s written some really interesting / diverting stuff recently – it was a fitting match – and this lot of slaves kind of inspired the following thing.

    “the sun was even shining”
    I threw you away
    today, it was pretty violent.
    I didn’t feel much of anything
    except for the feel of you
    between my fingers.

    The first piece I let go of
    was your tongue.
    There was no saliva there anymore,
    so it was kinda dry to touch.
    I barely knew what to make of it.

    Sometimes you would say things
    like ‘umm,’ or leave a long silence.
    And often I would fill the space
    where your tongue was supposed to be
    with my own, something to answer the ‘umm.’

    I threw the rest of you away
    after that, but it’s the tongue that bothered me.
    The rest of your body? I didn’t give a shit about
    at all.

  3. Bill sent you “Photo-Ops” stuff last week. Didn’t you get it? Look through your e-mails.

    “worstboy, 21
    “i drink, hence, i don’t stop” ~René Descartes ” Nothing beats a drunken Cartesian slave

  4. Dennis, I think I like the drama here. The accusations of lying and such, and then the back and forth about who’s right about what. I think the masters kind of get off on these slaves backtalking them, which is interesting.

    Yeah, we’re looking at several straight days of rain through Thursday because of the hurricane/tropical storm coming up the east coast, so that’ll “cool” things off.

    The gym question is moot: they lost so many memberships that they changed plans and reverted back to the way it was. Several lawsuits were about to be filed because of the ADA and HIPAA -there are many people who just can’t wear the covering while actually working out but who need to get exercise. Also, the WHO and CDC recommendations against wearing a covering during strenuous exercise, along with the reported deaths in other countries of people who’ve died while exercising and wearing a face covering. But yeah, the loss of revenue, I’m sure, is what got them.

    We’ll see how it turns out. So far, it’s been good. There are so many people who just aren’t going to the gym anymore, the place is well ventilated, everything’s space (including the people), and sanitation has been a priority among members and staff. I think we’re good to go and have been.

    So anyway, enough of that. Have a good weekend. David wants to look at cars this weekend. Ugh. Here’s the thing: he’s suddenly decided he wants a much newer car and is willing to pay outrages sums for it. I’m trying to tell him that getting saddled with a bunch of debt at his age and spending half his pay on a car aren’t good ideas. It’s tough to find a cheap but good car, yes, but it can be done. Patience, young grasshopper.

  5. ‘Shane, yes, he seems to be doing well. Boy, he had momentous parents, that guy’.

    Indeed. Son of a victim of serial killer Dennis Neilson. But he says that meant nothing – it was what it turned his mother into. But All’s Well, he’s back from France and living with her again. In a nice place in London where we met him last year – me, George, Mieze.

    Yes, the last thing Boris (Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson) wants is Scottish Independence. No Tory wants that on their watch. Thing is, he’s not that intelligent – educated beyond Infinity, can quote anything you mention but that’s not intelligence. Also he’s incredibly lazy – he misses so many important meetings, endless delegation. Nicola Sturgeon though is laser sharp and very hard-working. What will matter will be the election result on May 2021 and the polls re: the referendum after that. If they’re very pro-Independence he won’t have a choice. Otherwise there will be Trouble.

  6. he has weirdest looking ass i’ve ever seen in my entire life… Is this good or bad?

    July is a very weird batch, Dennis. My fave this month is the boy by the pool in the camo and the adidas, he looks Russian. Or California Russian. And two bodybuilders in the same post, whoa. I prefer young men who are scrawny waifs, the thick refrigerator-sized arms do absolutely nothing for me. Always thought bodybuilders were just scared little boys.

    How have you been, my friend? I’ve been in a depression, so I’ve been keeping my mouth shut. Because blah blah blah who cares. No one wants to hear it.

    Working on a new project (short, nothing serious), which is basically me as an 11 year old girl getting murdered, so maybe that’s why I’m all downs syndrome.

    What are you reading these days?

    I love you very much!

    Much love,

  7. Ah, this month has flown by, good to see the slaves again. The sledgehammer boy has surely read your novels, Dennis. Or should. Those animated gifs are mighty fine too. And for the “recontextualize” collection, the boy who wants to be a “coroner”. It will be years before I stop making these associations, ha. Seems that none of the slaves are making references to it anymore, hmm.

    Just started the new Blake Butler; pretty interesting so far. I haven’t been too excited with his books post-Scorch Atlas, but this seems promising.

    By the way, Antiviral is available on YouTube, which may or may not be easier for you than a torrent thing.

    [If we weren’t haven’t visibility issues with comments, I’d cautiously celebrate being first.]


  8. “I have a deep understanding of star wars and freedom and it’s generalized roots” is genius.

    CrucifyMe should travel to Spain or the Phillipines when certain public Catholic rituals are taking place.

    @DavidEhrenstein–Thanks for the praise on my essay. I still have a sore throat, unfortunately.

    Are you thinking of Dock Ellis, the pitcher who’s famous for throwing a no-hitter game while tripping on acid?

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