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“I don’t know what I’m doing here. Not looking for anything. The chances of us meeting even briefly are slim and the thought of anything longer is non existent. I know, insane, right? Thanks for stopping by.”


AndySlave, 18
Hello all. I am a 18yo faggot who live in russia, work part time at a golf course doing maintenance on the equipment and buildings, and I want to leave this country and drink a piss, eat a shit, lick a boots and do all for get my life worse and heavier.


AndySlave (Owner) – Nov 24, 2021
Just call me as you want. Start with slut, sub, slave, boy, drug hole and I will take it from there.

cigarbytherocks – Nov 24, 2021
Where are the pigs🐷🐽 who like to be forced to get high? 😈💉💨🔥Write me only those and I will not waste your pathetic time 😈🔥🖕🏻🔐



Masker, 20
Into realistic masks …

Once the mask goes on, my real self goes out.


RUBBERWORM – Nov 20, 2021

Masker (Owner) – Nov 20, 2021
Maybe, what do you look like?

RUBBERWORM – Nov 20, 2021
Want to completely rubberize your whole body by vulcanized rubber to keep you 24/7 forever as rubberized worm.



DestroyMe666, 20
Destroy me and break my mind.

Give me wicked, heavy and nasty instructions, tasks, challenges or routines, the timeline for me to accomplish them, and the punishment if I fail.

Doesn’t need to be sex related.

The objective intended is to break my mind, me sense of self and make me wicked and filthy.

Current progress: none yet.

Final milestones – make me insane enough to be able to:

0/? be invasively controlled

0/? eat shit voluntarily

0/? be fucked raw by strangers

0/? swallow strangers piss

0/? do something illegal in public

0/? be the public bathrooms slut

(accepting suggestions)

Note: I’m starting next week the requests received.


DestroyMe666 (Owner) – Nov 4, 2021
Hi, I don’t know what to say to that. Have a good day.

SJpaddedcell – Nov 4, 2021
I’ve been infatuated with straitjackets since the first time I saw one on tv as a young lad and have yearned to strap some hot young guy up tight and pack him away in a padded cell for an extended period of time ever since then.

Admittedly I have little experience with all of this.

DestroyMe666 (Owner) – Nov 3, 2021
First milestone:

0/1 I walked in, saw about ten 14 inch plus dildos lying on a table next to the bed where I’d be lying and I just thought “I’m home.”



2Bros, 20
We are 2 stepbrothers, give us Stockholm Syndrome!

STFU if you know us.


2Bros (Owner) – Nov 21, 2021
Daddy? sorry, Daddy? sorry, Daddy…?

Businessman9 – Nov 13, 2021
How interesting. I attended a slave auction last weekend where these two were on display naked, oiled, in chains and being sold. The Master who bought them branded both with a hot iron on their asses and chests with his initials. Then they were collared around the necks and also placed in heavy balls collars. Then their cocks were pierced with heavy cock rings. Then their Master gave them each 100 lashes of bull whip as a demonstration of his ownership. After this they crawled naked on their slave bellys to him and kissed his feet and ass to show their gratitude. The Master then raped them to show them his virility. Then we all (about seven of us) raped them.

2Bros (Owner) – Nov 11, 2021
Back again after taking a break from here because one of us tried a relationship. What a mistake!



VeryTicklishBoy98, 23
Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! After a long hiatus I’m back, and continuing my ticklish journey.

Just to get this out of the way, I’m in no way looking for sex, ass play or anything of the sorts. Cool! Now we’ve gotten that out of the way lets get to the fun stuff!

I’m looking for one or more older men that would be keen to have me over, tie me up and tickle me to tears! As a special treat I almost always finish by giving myself a self facial for your enjoyment, but under the right circumstances and mood, you can add to the cumshow to hehe 🙂 on some occasions I have given blowjobs to but bare with me, it’s something I need to work up to. Giving hand and foot jobs however, ay ok 🙂

I love being oiled up and being on display for your enjoyment, and I’m dying to be tickled by a huge group of older men! Theres so much more I could say!


VeryTicklishBoy98 (Owner) – Nov 8, 2021
I’m also looking to film and produce this whole scene as a documentary style tickle porn and I want to send it to my parents so that they can never deny what I am ever again.



TheStarCommander, 20
I don’t know what I’m doing here. Not looking for anything. The chances of us meeting even briefly are slim and the thought of anything longer is non existent. I know, insane, right? Thanks for stopping by.


TheStarCommander (Owner) – Nov 10, 2021
Congratulations, you must be very proud.

stormdemon – Nov 10, 2021
Check out my dungeon

TheStarCommander (Owner) – Nov 9, 2021
No judge zone over here. Just don’t be 100% weird.

Cunnilingus – Nov 9, 2021
So really just looking for a disgusting boy to relocate to for an actual relationship you should be comfortable enough to not shower and wear the same underwear for a week or longer when you come in sit down and shit on the couch I’ll eat it up we can feed each other be comfortable enough to piss and shit the bed I want a boy that’ll fill a pot of shit piss and throw up for me to eat on invite your friends over let’s all shit together and eat together tell me your disgusting thoughts I’ll tell you more of mine.

TheStarCommander (Owner) – Nov 9, 2021
Never done anything but get my butt sucked once by an old man. That’s it until now ig.



ExArmyHotwheelsStud, 24
Been in a wheelchair since March when some drunk guy threw me out of a fourth story window.
My lower body is still hot and hasn’t turned to mush yet but it will and hence my hurry.
Quite like the idea of getting mauled in abandoned industrial area.

#hood #gagging #choking #facefuck #mouthfisting #fisting #FF #deepthroat #wheelchair #disabled #paraplegic #earplugs are always best


HotwheelsTwink (Owner) – Nov 22, 2021
Why not try.

sophisticated_neanderthal – Nov 22, 2021
I wanna stab someone like you. In a nice way.

HotwheelsTwink (Owner) – Nov 13, 2021
I might be willing to have one ball cut off by a qualified person if it’s videoed.

Pulmonary.Edema – Nov 13, 2021
I am seeking a young male who wishes to be castrated.
You don’t need your testicles anymore correct?
Be prepared to travel on your own and possibly tote some of the medical gear for the procedure.
I’m only looking for testicles removal and NOT sickos who are looking for fantasy roleplay.

HotwheelsTwink (Owner) – Nov 12, 2021
I’ve been stressed lately with some sick people on this site who screwed up.

funlife – Nov 10, 2021
Unless you’re some massive he-man, factor in that moving this slab of meat around is very exhausting.

PiggyMaker – Nov 6, 2021
Looking for a boy to force feed and make a dumb obedient obese pig. Want to funnel feed you and you will eat what I put in front of you. Interested to grow you into my own immense hog. Since you’re already in a wheelchair, what’s the difference, right?

Maasika – Nov 4, 2021
What a breath of fresh air!

HotwheelsTwink (Owner) – Nov 4, 2021
I can’t feel my feet, but I can sort of feel my legs. So I can only stand/walk with crutches/leaning on stuff but I can kneel and crawl.



SkinheadPuppet, 19
White Power Bottom PIG


punchlover – Nov 16, 2021
I hate him so much. Punch him to death.

superiorfish_ – Nov 16, 2021
castrate first, everything else later

Clear_Slip6329 – Nov 16, 2021
Slit him from his chest down♥

flawroar – Nov 16, 2021
brek arms

KardinalKinkster – Nov 16, 2021
finish what he started and hack his legs off

violent_vole – Nov 16, 2021
Cut off his fingers and the tip of his dick 🙂

allforwhatever – Nov 16, 2021
Mmhh he deserves a hanging.. maybe castration first

AltForSexualDeviancy – Nov 16, 2021
ok I’ve got him over here, what should i do with him ?



Monsterboy, 19
PLEASE READ! Slim alternative first year college boy with monster-to-monster fucking fetish. Looking for other white guys who behave borderline homophobic to dress up as monsters and battle with. Am not currently interested in anything not related to monsters. Bottom.


Monsterboy (Owner) – Nov 25, 2021
monster owned, collared and caged by MONSTER TIMOTHY
monster may communicate only with MONSTER TIMOTHY’s permission.
monster will be relocating to MONSTER TIMOTHY by December 2021.
monster could not be happier or more monstrous

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 130
Cock Size: 5.5″ currently



dumbidiot, 18
a friend and i will be going on a 3 month trip out of Washington state. i’m looking for a guy or guys to disappear my friend during those three months. we’ll be driving a motorcycle with just our phones and no signal a lot of the time so it should be easy. his name is jack and he is 18. i have been jerking off thinking about this for as long as i can remember. started hella early imo.


BranchHill – Nov 18, 2021
Have a rural, remote cabin retreat in the foothills of the Appalachians in NE AL. Four acres, with woods, a creek, dirt road, three miles to the next house. Just sayin.

CoochieDominater – Nov 14, 2021
Not going to lie this offer is kinda hot but not enough that I can nut.

dumbidiot (Owner) – Nov 14, 2021
he’s a masculine dumbass sarcastic know it all shithead just like he was when we were in kindergarten.

WilliamZarth – Nov 13, 2021
If you gets as far as Massachusetts I’ve got a discreet private home in a quiet hood, driveway parking and an insulated basement that he can scream his head off in.



PedroAge21, 21
If you are into having pictures taken professional with perfect lighting, then please move on. These are my photos (my hot body) that I took and I am very happy with them.

I have a cute little butt and hole and I have hundreds of pictures them if you want, just ask.

I cum way too much, so I see some of the guys on here into castrating boys – so ‘yes’ that is on the table.

I would love my ass whipped to blisters or gouges and blood, because I would love to cry.

I’m a pup so sleeping on a concrete floor is fine.

Yes, I can disappear. I am not into having friends and I do not talk to any family.

I am very clean. I was only fucked once back in 2019.

I am NOT into ball-busting, I want mine removed. Or regular alcohol injections in my balls to kill them.

Being hit is fine – I’ll be your son so hit me as much as you want.

I want a Dad that wants me to stay soft cocked, but I will NOT wear a chastity device. I can stay soft on my own.

I’m only this young once, so lots of ass destruction is required.



Anonymous – Nov 17, 2021

proton – Nov 16, 2021
This young man from Mexico have hanged himself after his 53 yr old boyfriend that had an affair with him for 6 months, then changed his mind and broke it up to be fully again with his husband.

He used his bf’s red wool scarf to hang himself with. Originally his body was hanging fully suspended. But after some time the scarf had stretched and his body had ended up lower, in the knees slightly bending position. He was discovered only the next day. The balcony door was wide opened and since his flat was almost on ground level and he had hanged himself right by the open door, then eventually someone from the outside noticed his body and called the police.

deadwolfslayer – Oct 7, 2021
The ones i fuck were not breathing in the first place

PedroAge21 (Owner) – Oct 5, 2021
My problem is no-one wants me. Sure, some of you guys want hundreds of pictures, but no-one wants me (that is how I feel).

I’m very lonely and want to be in shackles (neck iron with wrist and ankles).

I get hot headed and really need lots of beatings in my opinion.

I don’t care what you do to me but I am not here to eat shit or throw-up unless snuff is in the immediate offing.

I have 5 or 6 pictures of myself and that is it. I am not doing apps, as I do-not own a phone. I’m poor, but need a real psycho.



u_look_like_fun, 24
I’ve been a total submissive straight guy since I was about 12 and started hooking up with pedophiles on AOL and I’m looking for anything at the minute, whether it’s just extreme choking and onal sex or even more than that. My only limit is being forced to have sex with my biological gay brother.


u_look_like_fun (Owner) – Nov 7, 2021
I make the best pancakes in the world.

u_look_like_fun (Owner) – Nov 3, 2021
Moving in with me is also possible if you’re okay with that!!

u_look_like_fun (Owner) – Nov 2, 2021
onal, n. : The act of attaching a strap-on dildo over your mouth and destroying someone’s asshole.



notjustaboy, 21
Hey guys I’m looking for someone into drowning a sissy boy for fun. Let’s have fun. Looking all oveR WORLD NOT JUST IN UK.


Eatindahpusseh – Nov 21, 2021



honeyhole, 18
Hello I’m a male with a learning disability. Makes it hard to meet people. I would prefer to be straight but my learning disability means I’ve never actually met a woman to have sex with. However when I was younger guys a few years older made me do stuff regularly and I would like that again.

I googled and the stuff they made me do means I’m ‘bottom’ I think. If you would go slow at first that would be good but you don’t have to if you don’t want, it doesn’t matter if it hurts. I might need to be tied if it hurts lot.

I would like somebody who can give me clear instructions before meeting or can take control because I don’t know what to do or know good socialising. I don’t want to kiss, especially with men though.


shootthecow – Nov 10, 2021
Selling hardcore closeup videos of his asslips, prolapse, being rimmed, gaping, felched, pumped, squirting enema, etc. for you to goon out to….care to partake?

honeyhole (Owner) – Nov 4, 2021
Your fist is my spirit animal.

Ffplayer – Nov 4, 2021
4 AM. Another satisfied customer.

GoodTimeTop – Nov 1, 2021
🤛🐷☁️💦💧🍆🍬🍫🧊🚀⛓💉🧸🔢 Each of the emojis encapsulate what I did with him.



Carlos, 22
university student discovering a new fetish concerning bdsm, it has upset my life and I have to understand if it is something only passing or it is the road I have to take.


Krispinius – Nov 27, 2021
Choose me!

PoppedNuts – Nov 27, 2021
Testicle fetishist here causally browsing to find balls to destroy for my amusement and curiosity.

*Blunt force Ballbusting (punches, kicks, ect)
*Weapon use (Mallets, Hammers, bats)
*Crushing (trampling or vice)

*Needle play (skewers, infusion play, ect)
*Castration (banding, burdizzo, slicing, ect)

You want to put you balls on the line?



ediblearrangement, 18
i just wanna suck cock, it isn’t deep

(not really into rape) but guys be raping me 😩😩


ediblearrangement (Owner) – Nov 11, 2021
will accom but thanks to COVID i’m back with ma parents so it’s either wait until i have an empty or if u don’t care head on over

ediblearrangement (Owner) – Nov 9, 2021
i only do this when i’m bored so don’t be surprised if i act like i don’t give a shit

ediblearrangement (Owner) – Nov 8, 2021
i don’t care about ur size, 2″ or 10″ makes no difference to me



NoDramaBuddy, 18
Not interested in messing around with people who only want sex. To give you an idea of how intense I want it I’m looking for someone to come to my location then to be put in a fetal position then completely wrapped in duct tape and placed in a small suitcase that you will then transport to your location. Once there and removed from the suitcase I would have a catheter placed and a modified buttplug inserted where water can be let in to flush out my waste. I would be fed through a gag with liquid and would spend my days like this with sometimes the plug being removed to get my ass fisted to extreme depths. Once you are tired of me I would be encased in a box forever in this state. I will not refuse anyone Ownership of me who can do this.


Vacuousbard – Nov 21, 2021
Try sertraline, you will not cum even of you wanted to you wil not fall asleep even of you’re alway tired. It’s also help you with depression.

NoDramaBuddy (Owner) – Nov 19, 2021
I realise I am coming to this early in life but it is something I really want to do.



lockedandloaded, 22
A slave has many mental chains, which hinders his rebellion. These chains are found in my head.


cum4me686 – Nov 13, 2021
to get back to the matter at hand this boy has nice smellin pits

thorfory – Nov 12, 2021
16 y.o. Yes, I was able to fuck his perfect corpse several times. I am so happy.

Zebra – Nov 12, 2021
You are lucky to have a friend who works in the funeral home.
And that you are in a rich country, the corpse must have been well looked after.
How old was the boy ?

thorfory – Nov 12, 2021
Hi all

I come back here after my first sexual experience with a dead boy last sunday (thanks to a new friend who owns a funeral home). He was a skateboard boy who broke his neck. You can’t imagine how happy I am.

I was a little a little scared I admit, after all I had never done it. But when I found myself in front of the corpse all doubts disappeared.

Now I can say for sure I’m a real necrophiliac (well I had no doubts) and happy to share this with you.

thorfory – Oct 24, 2021
I’d say dead boys because I’ve always loved dead boys. But over the last few years, I’ve been enjoying thinking more and more about dying boys.

Zebra – Oct 24, 2021
So, Thorfory. Which would you prefer to fuck: dead boys or dying boys?

caleb – Oct 24, 2021
So many dead boys. So many dying boys. And so many of us live necros to savor the the beauty of their deaths.

thorfory – Oct 24, 2021
Excuse my intrusion. I’m French, 48 yo, gay necrophile.
The bodies of dead boys have always attracted me and always caused me sexual attraction. I spent a long time in denial when I was a teenager and a young adult, refusing to admit that part of me. And now I tell myself I was a fool and I missed opportunities.
Well, I’m not like that anymore, it’s been a long time since I accepted to be me
Now I’m going to go explore the site and try to find a dead boy, see you soon 😉



Chatroom, 22
Like the film called Chatroom, where one person keeps mindfucking the other to end himself.

I want a man into mind fucking me, controlling me, talking me into doing the same. You love fucking with someone, keeping them depressed, so I find resolution and you get your prize, me and my neck for your belt.

I use Wickr. I want to be depressed. This is ‘me’ inside and if you want to help me, because you love mindfucking, then you found me.

Not here for sex, here for you to chat to me and fuck up my mind.

Help me walk to your belt. Hood/blindfolded. Strangulation. Snuff.


Chatroom (Owner) – Nov 22, 2021
I love big fat men, I wish I was a big fat man.



disposablejosh, 22
Some of you may recall some KO videos starring me when I was 18 from a few years back. They were titled The Phantom. The guy who made them used to post them on x-tube, but they kept getting removed for violating something called ‘community standards’. You can still find some of them posted in various corners of the internet, but since I have copies, I thought I would sell them as downloads here to anyone interested. There are six of them, each approx. 2 hours in length.


Anonymous – Nov 20, 2021

21boydirty – Nov 15, 2021
Assuming you really are the boy in the videos, it’s interesting because I would sworn you were dead after about halfway through the 6th video.

disposablejosh (Owner) – Nov 12, 2021
Yes, you’ll notice by the second video after I’d passed out on the table and the guy had taken off my shirt, rather than try to pack me, he just drags the chair out of the framed did me in the living room.

MadTies – Nov 12, 2021
I love in the first video after you pass out at the table and your KO top buddy throws your limp body over his shoulder and packs you upstairs and how hard that is for him.

disposablejosh (Owner) – Nov 11, 2021
I remember drinking wine and taking the drug. I have no memory of anything after the first 10 -15 minutes or so after that. I woke up about 8-10 hours with no memory. I don’t really know everything that happened, only the stuff that was filmed. You saw that in videos 5 and 6 he turned the camera off a few times. All I know about those missing parts is that when he turned off the camera it was because he thought he might kill me. For me, it’s hottest knowing the guy was imagining me dead. He could easily have killed me and I am OK with that.

Masterhales090 – Nov 11, 2021
I was a big fan of those videos. I’d love to know how you achieved the KO state?



maybeyourboyy, 19
Growing up and finding my way and what I like. I’m still have a girlfriend but being something of an alchy I’m learning to enjoy sex with guys. Right now I’m 50/50. Also if you’re a ftm trans guy hit me up, I want to suck your pussy.


tallbbtop – Nov 23, 2021
Some Alphas will require prospective subs to send money. I don’t, instead I ask that the next time you have a wank, you wear a condom & when you orgasm in it I expect you to tie a knot at the open end (to stop it pouring out) then freeze it, & mail it to me here in London. I will then store it in my freezer for me to use as lube for my next wank. Only after you do this will I then allow us to hook up. (The bigger your ‘donation’ is, the more likely your chances are).

Alanscumforu – Nov 20, 2021
This morning I was sat on the toilet taking my morning dump and just imagined how powerful I’d feel having you lying down below my bum 😉

I don’t love the thought of one lad shitting on another generally but if it was you it would be so intense.

maybeyourboyy (Owner) – Nov 17, 2021
I have now gone from 50/50 to irreversibly gay and have a big smooth asshole.

billy3535 – Nov 4, 2021
I know you from afar (friend of friends) and I have legitimately jizz’d my pants about you and I want to put my fucking big dick in you right now bad.



darkestblond, 24
Satanic executioner needed

Impale, nail, pierce, flog, castrate, snuff, behead, NYC


Toddler_With_gun – Nov 22, 2021
Please tell me you guys don’t jack off to this stuff.

lthrcub – Nov 20, 2021
Hell yeah!

HomeMade_Head – Nov 20, 2021
Meat ready for processing if you know anyone who does it give them my kik.

darkestblond (Owner) – Nov 19, 2021

darkestblond (Owner) – Nov 18, 2021
I’m headed to a guy right now where he is ready with the sedatives for me

darkestblond (Owner) – Nov 6, 2021
Beat me, rape me, use me, burn me, skin me alive, break my bones, cut me, electrocute me, water board me, make my handsome face such a disgusting bloody gory mess, basically do anything you like to me before you execute


dopeman100 – Nov 5, 2021
You might be looking for me

darkestblond (Owner) – Nov 5, 2021
Only ever dated women, but I got a death wish the ladies aren’t into haha



I’m a 18 year old botom whore. I’m up to hookup rapes by anyone maby a continueing thing. I will need to be picked up. If you want to kidnapp me and rape me, do so. If you want to maek me drunk and rape me, do so. I will sign a contrackt giving you legal right to rape me at your desire. Obiousvly the more painful/fucked up you want it, the better, but I really don’t care. Just be the kind of guy who cums when/where he wants and rapes harder when he heres “no” or “stop”. Hey I love chloroform. Sometimes I struggle and chloroform makes it so much better.


Not sure if this a thing or not. I found a way as a bottom to push my hole out and have a raper pull my guts out at the same time. Omg it’s hot! It forces my prosstate out and allow the raper to feel the soft envellopping flesh around their dick and I squirt cum hands free bliss like I’m peeing. Does this make sense?

I like rapeists with some experience, but I don’t want the same formula every time when someone rapes me. Some rapeists on this website are beyond tiresome.



MischiefGod, 19
I am an Asian boy born in Germany who likes to draw mangas and is very sweet and affectionate. I don’t drink alcohol or use Marijuana or other drugs. Except for every now and then when I go crazy, I am actually unaware of just what a fucking pig slut I am.


MarkSolano9 – Nov 21, 2021
I want to fuck you so hard you give birth to triplets.

Findunlimitedforeverproperty – Nov 20, 2021
Im not into just kid’s stuff.

I need property. literally.

I don’t want my possessions to have feelings like emotions or wants.

Also i dont think it make sense what possession own something like personal property or emotion too.

my property can get nothing.

I just want A robot that moves according to the injected programming,
A chunk of meat that moves according to electrical signals and hormones

I inject program and give electrical signals and hormones to you.

Thats only all your world.

I inject
What you eat, what you wear, how to defecate, earn for me, make your body, work for me, become furniture for me, sometime be livestock or sextoy, to be love extream pain, to be love extream wating like brainwashed something
To you.

If these are the things you imagined and dreamed of, “you will be only allowed to feel happy emotion” so that you can be happier than anyone else in the world.



guysneedbully, 19
Me: 20, bottom, no limit.

Partner: 19, bottom, no limit.

I like to watch him suffer, as he is a masochist.

It fucks my mind.

Looking for a dom to take control of us both.

Mostly looking to watch him suffer.

Aside from that, I enjoy the simple pleasures of life like beer.


guysneedbully (Owner) – Nov 6, 2021
After doing a few scenes with guys from here I think I’m ready to stop protecting my partner regardless of what that means for me.

Probably a huge mistake but I guess we shall see.

Do whatever you want to him, you-know-what included, and put the blame on me, I am worthless.

I won’t say no. And if I do say no…. Well, what can I do about it if I’m tied up?

I’m unsure but I think about it more & more and the more drunk I am the more I want to try and make it happen.



Kidnapmenowhomealone, 24
Hi I’m drunk and very vulnerable and want to be taken away forever. My door is unlocked, I’m prob gonna go for a walk, snatch me and keep me forever.

I really have a deep feeling to stop being lazy. I just know it has to stop.

Prob will struggle to begin with but will learn to be the best no limits cunt going.

The rest of you can follow my shit on tiktok and consume my content.


Kidnapmenowhomealone (Owner) – Nov 2, 2021
Don’t come to me asking me to be your bf, I won’t answer you and you’ll end up dead.

swnaperguy – Oct 31, 2021
that video is so fucking hot! he fucks like it might be his last ever fuck.

daveinkent – Oct 29, 2021
Warning, Just yesterday I whacked my cock to a video where a total wasting AIDS top- sunken eyes, gaunt face and literally a bag of bones with a big fat cock- dumped two loads in this guy, On the positive side I guess you don’t have to worry about him having high standards.

Kidnapmenowhomealone (Owner) – Oct 27, 2021
I become quite hysterical and loud and can not keep my composure. Never have. Never will.



TransformationToy, 19
Give Me A New Identity

Blank boy in Venice, FL dreaming of a MK-Ultra scientist to create a new identity for me and transform me permanently into their ideal type of 24/7 bottom Faggottt.

Diaper dependent baby, an extremely flamboyant and feminine sissy, a muscle himbo, a brain damaged retard drooling and zoned out – or whatever you desire!

I am tall, but I hate it. If you can make me small, all the better!

Please come get me and shut me up.


TransformationToy (Owner) – Nov 19, 2021
Now owned! My transformative MASTER collared me on October 28, 10:13 pm. Since then i’ve been working for my MASTER as a general labourer on construction/ building sites where he’s the boss. i also work for my MASTER as a motorbike dispatch rider in between labouring jobs. Since collaring me, my MASTER’s got me heavily tattooed, keeps my head permanently shaved, got me smoking & drinking, so i’m the same as all the other labouring guys, My past city life dont interest me, i’m a labourer working for my MASTER and i fucking love it! i’m very lucky to serve my MASTER at home & at work, fuck yeah!!

Anonymous – Oct 23, 2021
Would it kill you to smile?

TransformationToy (Owner) – Oct 19, 2021
Honestly I’m closed off about my life. You wanna REALLY know me? Torture me.




p.s. Hey. ** David, Hi. The Tooth Fairy would make a very successful serial killer were they/he/she so inclined. Gorgeous poem, very sparkling and avalanche-like even before my coffee has clicked me totally on. Thanks. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Glad you liked it. I’m kind of surprised other guro artists haven’t tried On’s technique, at least that I’ve seen. I just this morning came across a slave on one of the sites who has 18 tattoos and they’re all Nirvana-related, but unfortunately his profile text is really blah, so I don’t think I can use him, sadly. ‘Nitram’, no, I don’t know it, but I’ll go find out. Cool. Yes, my yesterday love would come in very handy, but it seems I’m stuck cleaning up the joint by myself. Oh well. The mail hasn’t arrived yet today, so maybe your love of yesterday will fulfil your destiny for it. One can hope. Thank you! In keeping with the theme of today’s post, here’s the sketch love made while in the process of creating your Xmas present, G. ** Misanthrope, I used to make paper dolls when I was kid, not gory ones like On’s though because that was when I was still pure. Well, I obviously have no problem with Rigby’s potentially obsessive blog interest, but, for his sake, okay. Ugh, ugh, re: the mom. But it would have been a great little plot twist in the imaginary Wines Family reality TV series. But yeah, ugh. ** Tosh Berman, The French do quite like American noir writers, it’s very true. When one comes across posters in the metro for newly released books – which is a common occurrence here, astonishingly enough — they’re often for that sort of work. My reading in noir fiction is rather limited for no good reason, because, yes, I do actually like that kind of fiction, at least when I’m in a mood. I really should read further into it. I’ll pick up a David Goodis book then. Thank you, sir. Oh, I liked that documentary about ‘The Last Movie’, so it’s very cool that he’s your cohort. Yeah, that’s exciting. Wow. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, B. Happy it sat well. And, of course, about Play Therapy. It’s so luxurious. Strange word choice, but it somehow fits. ** T, Hi, T! I did in fact write to you, but not until Sunday morning because Saturday ate me. A little last minute query as to whether I was too late to catch you for a pre-return coffee. Damn. I hope the French mail problems aren’t extending to the email sector. Well, one of these times the stars will famously align. I love the Paris metro. It’s like a warm bath or something. Ha ha, yes, I always try to be in either the first or very last car in the 1 and 14 line trains. My only real metro cheap thrill thing is that on certain of the older, non-updated lines, say the 8, which is the one I take the most, you can open the door of the car before the train comes to a total stop and step out onto the platform while the train still in motion. I get a little rush from that. Knowing that tower you mentioned for some nerdy reason, I too hope today will reward me thusly. Sigh. I hope your Tuesday buys you a Belgian waffle the size of the Pantheon and with all the trimmings at the Tuileries Xmas market. ** Bill, Hi. Yes, On has retreated into wherever he is. But he did that before and re-emerged. But he didn’t make anything new the last time he re-emerged, so … I did. And, yes, you guys make a very tasty and intuitively fraught trio. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. We’ve never stopped wearing masks indoors everywhere. That and the vax pass system is so nothing and easy. I really don’t understand why every country doesn’t just implement that shit. A lot of waiting and seeing on the Omicron thing. Thus far, here at least, it’s being thought that it’s not as scary as the hype, but we’ll find out. I made that post ages ago, but memory and logic tell me that he posted them (and I found them) on Gurochan. ** David Ehrenstein, Everyone, Hold your horses. After ‘saying’ God aka Sondheim is dead, FaBlog is now saying Sondheim Still Here. That’s better. ** Kyler, Ha ha, there are a lot of things that my mom and you did not have in common, and you should be very happy about that, let’s say. Oh, there you go, problem solved. Now I can try to somehow be completely scintillating in my comments to you, but not today, obviously, ha ha. ** Brendan, Give my big hey to Jack. Oh, wow, well, you can send the book way over here, in which case I can email you my mailing address, or you could send/give to Joel and I’ll get when I’m in LA next, which shouldn’t be too, too long from now. Thank you for offering me the book, man. That’s so cool. Slurp. Last night in Vegas. Or, well, night before last by now. And you doing it up. Nice, nice. Wish I had been there drunkenly swaying along. Love, me. ** Okay. It’s the fucking end of the month again! How can this keep happening? Anyway, you’re stuck with the slaves like always. Show them some … love? See you tomorrow.


  1. David

    Thanks buddy!! and funny ‘fairy’ serial killer joke….ha!…. ref a couple of the ads in this post… I used to cut myself a lot…. I often kept the blood on paper and so on… I also have shirts etc…. nowadays it’s just on the rare occasion… although I did a week ago with small nail scissors…. I cut and pierced the top of my arm …. there was a lot of blood…. Back in the 90s I worked with this geezer called Lee… on a bar… he used to be in a group called ‘two thirds’ written as 2wo Third3 …. the groups videos are still on youtube and there are loads of pics of him knocking around…. he used to cut words onto himself… he was blonde, very good looking and sweet…. we snogged… and were gonna go on a date but it never happened…. he once cut ‘lacky’ on his chest with a knife… there was something very sexy about that as it was recreational…. in contrast I used to have a pal who cut himself loads for performance reasons… he was one of my close friends for a time…. I rubbed cream on his back this one time before this heterosexual rough bloke wrote something with a knife…. photos were taken and he had postcards printed I was credited as ‘Little David’ for helping out…. It was also erotic actually…. very naughty of me…. he kept groaning as the the sexy guy was cutting him… I was standing back giggling luckily he didn’t pick up on it….

    Do you know what? I actually feel ok today for the first time in ages…

    oh,,, probably no help but here in the Uk… the movie Vivarium is on film4 on thursday evening…. for the first time… pretty sure there is no way you can access it being in France?? worth a mention none the less…


  2. Dominik


    Oh, what a pity about the slave sporting all those Nirvana tattoos. That’s some serious level of dedication.

    I was curious about “Nitram” because of its subject and because the main character’s played by Caleb Landry Jones who’s a great actor and, well, beautiful, but I didn’t know what to expect. I ended up liking it a lot for various reasons, which I’ll be happy to share, but I don’t want to be spoiler-y if you might watch it.

    Any sign of my love and the Maunz/Sotos book…?

    Ah, love really knows how to put me in a festive mood, haha! Thank you! Much appreciated! Monsterboy putting on MischiefGod’s superb Spiderman costume, walking up to his date, and saying “I’m poor but need a real psycho”, Od.

  3. _Black_Acrylic

    This recent Omicron talk has me worried and all the family as well, I guess on my behalf. My brother did have a ticket to see Leeds United v Crystal Palace tonight but he’s now decided against it. A difficult season and the lustre of Bielsa’s magic seems to be fading. The team could really use our support, ah well.

    • _Black_Acrylic

      Update: Leeds got the win so the world is righted and Bielsa is officially a genius.

  4. Tosh Berman

    David Goodis is really wonderful. His narrative starts off bad for the main character and then it becomes worse. What makes his work special is that his stories are sometimes absurd, but also very dreamy. Almost in the state before one wakes up from a dream. “Shoot The Piano Player, “Cassidy’s Girl, ” and “Street Of No Return” are the ones to read. Philippe Garnier wrote a really great Goodis biography. Goodis was an odd man. He had a thing about being beaten up by large women.

  5. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Well, Rigby’s got so many other things he’s obsessing over, I think he’s worried that a re-obsession with the blog will overshadow all of those. And those ones are quite important to him at the moment. But yeah, he should jump back in.

    Hahaha, yes, the Wines Family Reality Show. Erp. Man, it’s not that pretty these days. Maybe that would make for more interesting viewing, though. Of course it would! David would instantly be the villain and people would be commenting all over FB about him. At the same time, he’d have his fans and we’d be the villains. Hmm. Perspective. 😀

    I’m pretty much over the colder weather now. I think I told you a while ago that I’ve become increasingly sensitive to temps over the last 5 years or so. I used to sleep with my window open when it was freezing out. Not anymore. Brr. Time to heat a little bit, imo.

    My mom turns 79 this Sunday. We’ll just do dinner, cake, ice cream. Nothing big. David will ruin it somehow, hahaha. Like he’ll get into the cake before we bring out for her or whatever. Something. Should be an all right time, though.

  6. Bill

    I find realistic masks pretty creepy, but I suppose there are people who are into them. And they probably help deter COVID transmission! As usual some of these guests are putting on quite a show in the comments.

    I’m looking forward to Another Hole in the Head, SF’s indie horror film fest, starting tomorrow. I’m sure it will be a very mixed bag, but hopefully I’ll stumble on a gem or three.


  7. David Ehrenstein

    The gentleman in the wheelchair on view on todya’s blog reminds me of someone I used to see back in the 70’s at bars in the Silverlake area. He had one enormous leg — obviously afflicted with elephantiasis. This by no means undercut his social life as dudes would line up to gve him hnd jobs. His sceams of pleasre on reaching orgasm were a delight.

  8. Will

    These boys, Oh My. They make me think of the movie “Shortbus” — you know, the short one of the yellow buses that take the children to & from their day jobs (school/prison). It’s the bus for the “Gifted and Challenged.” iMDB describes the bus as an underground salon infamous for its bled of art, music, politics, and carnality. These last few years I have been to a place like that, it’s what I thought I would find here but it is an actual place called Renegade University (dot) com.

    We have working prostitutes, 3D Gun Makers, postmodern philosophers, pedophiles, truck drivers, porn stars, Marx Scholars, experts on Hip-Hop, + + + in our university that was founded by a Published Historian who was fired from Columbia University where he got his PhD when the girls, he taught at Barnard College who loved him because he said things in class they had never heard in their homes got him to go for ‘Tenure’. Instead, the old professors came out against him and got him fired. So, after lots of twists and turns Thaddeus Russell (A Friend Now) is establishing his own university.

    We just gathered in Lockhart, the Barbeque Capital of Texas. (October)

    I just opened “I Wished” I love the vibe from you I got right off the bat. Looking forward to spending time with you in those pages that mean so much to you Dennis.
    Will (In Norman, Oklahoma)

    PS: Yes, I am doing well, turn 80-years-old later this month, live well on Social Security with Medicare Benefits in an A-Class Public Housing Subsidized Apartment in a good neighborhood of Norman, Oklahoma. We have Amtrak here. I can get on the train and travel most anywhere in the country with my folding bike that has been all over NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The bike travels for free as a piece of luggage and I travel for free with my Amtrak Reward Miles. I get invited to Hip-Hop House Parties here in Norman. I’ll be telling the kids there about you Dennis. ***smile*** Covid is keeping me away for now. _sad_ W

    PSS: Health Good So Far. And, your health seems good. W

    PSSS: I’ll lay down with “I Wished” now. I wish I could lay down with someone else but the police would come. Don’t want that for now. Got too much to do before I sleep. W

  9. Brian

    Hey, Dennis,

    Always nice to round out the month with the boys, especially such a varied (and Satanic?) bunch as today’s. Can’t help but find a fleeting poignance in TransformationToy’s desire to have his identity completely reinscribed, although I’d personally prefer a more exciting change than into a general laborer. Yesterday’s compendium of guro cut-outs was also tremendously fascinating and twisted and wonderful; I have it bookmarked now. Great set of posts. On a brief note of catch-up: Thanksgiving having elapsed, I’ve now embarked on my last week dorming at the city till at least February; it’s kind of sad and exciting at the same time. Trying to get some fun stuff in before the move-out, which, as of right now, means an evening at the opera (with my father, last night), the new PTA tomorrow with a friend from home, and a Yasuzo Masumura double feature with a friend from school. My dormmates are also ominously threatening a going away party for me, but I don’t think it’ll materialize. Anyway, it’s the last stretch. Next week will be rougher with finals and such. How are you? How was the past week? Hope it was the best and that this week outdoes it on every count. All the best and goodnight.

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