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Galerie Dennis Cooper presents … 8 fairytales by the mysterious Chinese paper doll artist known as On *

* (restored)

OnLMY Apr 21, 2016: Been 3 years since my last update. The lack of response of my prev CNY work from Gurochan pounded my confidence deep into the ground. Srsly days of hardworking (esp. cutting the scales one by one) and only one care to respond, that’s hard not to have the question “What’s the point?” in mind. So I put all of these shit in halt, do lots of other random stuff (mostly playing games), and just wait for that mood of picking up the pen strikes again. Afterall no point to turn my hobbies into sth. stressful and painful, right?

lilmisskittty83love Apr 8, 2018
Hes deader than my great grandma AND SHE DIED IN 2007

darvonmason Feb 4, 2018

EAT MYASS Jan 28, 2018
im calling the police

Retrokingtod Dec 30, 2016
Your stuff is really… Interesting. If it was less sexual and you would leave out the pissys and stuff it would be perfect. Really appreciate your ideas. Hope you will do something again in the future. =D

Mephistofelesword Oct 1, 2018
i desire the best of life for you
your wicked shit is the best wicked shit because is creative an funny
good luck in anything you do.

hocolaterainwith235 Sep 2, 2016
u on some real shit i really respect u

OnLMY Sep 13, 2016
Thankyou 🙂

splatterstudio May 23, 2016
Don’t know if this helps at all, but I just found your stuff and I really love it! I would like to see more, but in all honesty, if you don’t want to or don’t have the time, we understand. ~Dim

OnLMY May 25, 2016
Thx for understanding, yeah I still cant decide if it is a thing worth keep working on, I mean, this shit might be new when it’s out but man it’s been out for 6+ years and the idea is already stale. I prolly need some time to fix my RL shit and think on it.

Duke-Unknown May 22, 2016

YouGotBloodOnMySuit May 9, 2016
Maybe try some masochism stuff?

OnLMY May 9, 2016
Em like being dominated by the paperchildren?

MotleyMochi Apr 21, 2016
Oh, wow! It’s so good to hear you’re still alive and whatnot. I saw your things posted onto reddit and found your page for people who were interested. I assumed your account was eternally dead. It’s good to know you’re doing well and handling school things for yourself. I just wanted to let you know I really love your art, it’s done very well! Thank you for the update c:

OnLMY Apr 22, 2016
I assumed the same to my account too honestly, if it’s not my net pal sent my own dA to me I’d not know people still love these lol. Thanks for your support 😉


Fairy boy cutting

‘Hey look what we’ve got here – a fairy boy! It’s kinda rare to found one. And he’s so cute…… cant help wanting to cut his little dick off >:3 Okay, everything’s set. Now countdown. 3……2……1…… Mind you, I’m no fans of gay/yaoi shit. I just think the best thing to cut with scissors is penis.’ — On


Fairy hanging

‘Whoa, check this fella out! @_@” It makes me wonder, how can she fly with that pair of tiny & thin wings with that big burden? Hmm maybe fairies are stronger than they looks. So here I’m doing an expreiment, topic “how much weight can a flying fairy endure”. For the setup, I hang her with a thread for holding her position, so she wont drop right down to floor and splat flat when the weight becomes too much for her. And I need to hang this plate onto her body for putting on weight, but I dun have much idea where should it goes, hmmm……’ — On


Deadly Treats

‘Force fed with melted ice-cream till bursting = WIN Drowned to death by melted ice-cream = WIN Ice-cream = ALWAYS WIN :3’ — On

‘Ricola had never been such refreshing……’ — On

‘A fact you should know: Gummi bears, despite their cute looking, are absolutely evil “creatures”. Never leave uneaten gummi bears in your house overnight, or you’ll be their next victim. If you have difficulties finishing your evil gummi bears send them to me and I’ll be happy to help’ — On

‘Guess what will happen first: The pocky roll off the edge and they fall?
The pocky broken from mid and they fall? The melted chocolate slip their hands and they fall? Or their arms got exhausted and they fall?’ — On


Fairy boy freezing

‘BTW, 4chan users, if you’re going to post my works there, pls state who create these-it’s ME. At least, dun act like you’re the one who made these thing! .\”/.’ — On


Daemon girl enema


Umbrella monster paperchild

‘Someday before when I was shopping in a supermarket, I came across these little paper umbrella which usually used for decorating deserts/cocktails. When I looked at it, a picture of the Japanese Single-eyed umbrella monster show up in my mind, and these two things combined, Ding! The lightbub over my head lit. So here’s the result. To make things more impressive (read: to make excuse of any mistakes I’ve made in this :P), this lil girl is only 2 inches tall, way smaller than my usual paperchild.
No further plan for this idea has been made yet, maybe I’ll rip her eye out. — On


Fairy tearing

‘Aaaaand job’s done. The once screaming and yelling head is now detached from the body. Quite a mess she has left for me to clean up tho, especially her leaking bladder – again! Just how much did she hold up in there? While I’m getting cloth to wipe this mess clean, look over her for me to see if she’ll awake again ok?’ — On


Angel on fire

‘Comparing to that demon girl, actually the angel isnt all that bad, at least she doesnt curse. However that doesnt mean she isnt annoying and she’s still a pest needed to be got rid. Well, for showing mercy I’ll go ease with her by just set her on fire and send her back to the god. I tied and nailed her to a cross, and gather some scrap paper and wooden toothpick underneath her. She acted so calm and seems to be accepting her “return”, oh well let’s see if she can keep like this when the fire is set.’ — On


On’s Gallery
On @ Deviant Art



p.s. Hey. ** David, Hi. Happy to lift. Nice emu story. It made my arm itch. I’ve never been hugely into Depeche Mode. I like that song ‘Blasphemous Rumours’. I only saw them once at the very beginning when Vince Clarke was still their mastermind and they were all bouncy and cheerful onstage like electrocuted candies. Have fun with Dave. ** Dominik, Hi!!!! He does really seem to be. Still no Maunz/Sotos here. Hopefully today maybe possibly? How was your weekend? Was it weekend-like whatever that means? I guess that means ‘more fun’ but weekends aren’t necessarily more fun, I guess. Your Friday love could come in very handy. I’m not sure how, but I’d like to have him by my side. Love putting together these bookshelves I just bought from IKEA and then gathering all the books piled and scattered all over my apartment and putting them on the shelves in alphabetical order, G. ** Misanthrope, It’s a free country. Well, actually that’s debatable. Point is, yes, you can find anyone hot that your giant heart desires. It’s freezing cold here too, colder than there, I suspect. I like it. It makes the Xmas lights extra-twinkle. I’m sad to say that David’s spiral downwards is not the tiniest bit surprising, and god knows what to do. Oh, god, speaking of god, did you manage to avoid the mom? ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. Oh, cool. I’ve seen and paged through some copies of VIEW, but that’s it. I like Tyler’s film criticism too. There must be a book of it in print. I’ll check. Sounds refreshing. Nice. I feel excited just reading about you guys working on the adaptation. I’m so desperately ready to start working on Zac’s my new film. Fuck money, blah blah. Enjoy all of that. Do I know (of) your collaborator Nick? ** Kyler, Hi, K. Good to see you! I remember ‘The Young and the Restless’. Well, it’s still on, but I mean I remember my mom watching it. And ‘Days of Our Lives’. Those were her faves. Thank you so very much about ‘I Wished’. It means a ton that people seem to be liking it so much. It took a lot out of me. Yeah, this comment by me is definitely not worth losing sleep over, so I hope you don’t. I should try to figure out how to write you lullaby comments. ** Bill, Hi, B. Happy the post/them intrigued of course. It’s a fun novel. I loved your gig! I thought it was especially dreamy but tense. I had a bunch of stuff I needed to do, but I got got too caught up and didn’t. Which is a good thing, btw. Major kudos and thank you, maestro. I’m kind of over Guibert. I used to quite like him, but then I read one book his I hated, and now I’m ambivalent. Strange. ** Will, Hi, Will. I’m happy to see that you seem to be doing well! Thank you for the wise words. Take good care. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. I almost met CHF. He was friendly with Lynne Tillman. But it never happened, very unfortunately. I too like Tyler’s stuff very much. Very sad about Sondheim. I thought of you the moment I heard. Everyone, Over at FaBlog Mr. Ehrenstein pays tribute to the newly RIP Stephen Sondheim with a post entitled GOD IS DEAD AT 91. ** l@rst, Hi, pal. Yeah, you know, sending digital copies is probably the way to go. The vast majority of what I read is digital. Sad but the case. I have another friend who’s completely into/addicted to Ross MacDonald. I don’t know if I could take it. I should (will) at least take a peek at his prose style. That could win me over. Enjoy the holiday days, although I suspect they might be over now? Lasagne! ** _Black_Acrylic, I do recall you speaking about your friend Lene. Wow, congrats to Len on their award. Very nice. This space is henceforth being watched. ‘New Order’ is new news. Perhaps I’ll find out what I think. Your poor parents, ha ha. You’d think by now you have converted them into filmic adventurers. Oh, and the latest Play Therapy was a raucous dream, sir. *bowing a dozen times* ** Steve Erickson, Fingers crossed that your laptop was just throwing a little conniption fit. I’ll try the Kier-la Janisse doc. The subject matter is alluring enough. Mm, so far the only Omicron-related announcements have been flight restrictions, masks now required at outdoor events and when standing in outdoor lines, and … I think that’s it, but no doubt various other axes are about fall. And New York declared a state of emergency, I think I read? ** Brendan, Hi, B. Oh, awesome that the d’Agata post was so up your alley. I was Zooming with Mr. Skelley on Saturday, and he held up and flipped through your book/catalog, and it looks incredible, man! Hugs upon hugs. ** Okay. Another restoration today, this one featuring the odd works of the mysterious On, who seems to have pretty much disappeared since the days when I originally feted him with said post. What do you think? See you tomorrow.


  1. David

    Do you know what Dennis? I never did get to see that tooth fairy the other week that cut me open to take the partial tooth I swallowed so this post is sweet, sweet justice!!!!!! actually there was this strange symbol left on the wall so it could have been more akin to Dolarhyde of Manhunter… and these strange mirrored glass bits were left in my eyes…. erm…… Yep great art pieces here!!…. the iced one is my favourite….. very original!

    This is a poem I wrote about the time I once walked into a shopping Mall… on entering everybody was running out…. it turned out that there had been a shooting in the eatery… which was were we were heading for…(true) the entire situation was very odd and absurd… here it is…… ‘Shooting event’

    Spilt seaman amongst lacklustre half built towers shape and fill the chalked outline of an invisible boat, floating euphoric fountain pens of note daub the skyline with a transcript, spermicidal coat, kitty-sky-crash, stormy bloat! trans-disfiguration, horsy throat, batman the straight, fibs “The weather here is looking fine!” as hell pours it’s heart out and bleeds on time, skin on the outside, plasticine within, anal splits and a Vaseline grin….

    Canadian guild, ship-a-shore, shoppers take the foetal position flat on the floor, the singing boat moves along followed by an albatross with a deep set desire to do wrong, clipper beak, intersection, neck outstretched like a liar’s erection, the blonde news reporter aborts, and steadily contorts in a pair of malcontented shorts, onlookers care to stare at her wash and wear hair, here and there, relaying with flare, VDU all back and no front, envious cameras snipe and punt, show cars rev their engines as an opera singer screams, swat police stretch as broken witnesses fall apart at the seams, a fat man eats coffee trifle from a stolen basket, Americano twins dance in a stylised casket, hundreds and thousands shower proud, affected lady models flux, indifferent to the adoring crowds, the shell-shocked taper snails in with the yellow wrap-around and scrupulously cordons off the stylised playground, the ambulance bawls as bodies stow, hip hop sirens, screech ‘go, go, go!’ bandaged wheels budge forward on the slow whilst wired eyes glisten in the know…

  2. Dominik


    Wow. I’ve never run into On’s work before. It feels way more disturbing than simple 2D guro artworks. I feel bad for the little creatures. But I also absolutely admire his… workmanship and attention to detail. Thank you for the introduction!

    My weekend was definitely weekend-like, as in more fun than my usual weekdays. I got swept up by an unexpected wave of Nirvana nostalgia, so I watched their unplugged show and a few other concerts. I also saw this movie “Nitram”. Have you seen it? How was the weekend on your end?

    Now, that’s a very helpful love! And apart from the actual shelf building, his task isn’t bad at all. I’d happily organize your books, haha. Love turning into a big cardboard envelope, swallowing your Maunz/Sotos book and arriving at your doorstep… now, Od.

  3. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I remember this day. What’s interesting to me is how, like, I never in a million years would ever think to make a paper doll. Or do anything like this with it. Okay, hmm, maybe if I ever thought to make one, I’d probably find something fucked up to do with it. But still.

    I talked to Rigby last night for 7 hours. Felt like 15 minutes. We talked quite a bit about the blog. A little reminiscence, rest just about much it’s meant to us. One thing we agreed on is that your posts are as good as they’ve always been. He wants to start checking in here more but without getting to obsessive. You know Rigby, he gets into something, he really gets into it. So we’ll see.

    It is colder where you are. I agree about the crispness you get with the cold. There’s suddenly a bit more lucidity or something in everything you see or here. It’s quite beautiful, actually.

    The bonfire thing was fun, btw. Strangely, it got warmer after getting colder.

    I wasn’t able to avoid the mom. Well, not able not to look at her. She essentially sat here and was just kinda paralyzed by suboxone. Barely talked, no laughter, no reaction to much that was said. David left like 2 minutes after she got here and came back an hour and a half or so later. Said he’d be back in 30 minutes, that he had something planned already. So my mom and Kayla got stuck with her for most of that. I got back from the gym and just ate and stuff. Then David came back and she left. She did give him a couple suboxone pills. Ugh.

    All these people are a fucking mess.

  4. Tosh Berman

    Ross McDonald is a classic California Noir writer. He’s very good. I have to imagine that he has a strong following with French readers who like Noir literature. Dennis, do you like Noir writers or writing? Richard Stark is an amazing writer. Minimal, cold, and every book of his is exactly like the other, but different faces or characters. All are Heist narratives. They’re addictive and so good that they are basically artless if that makes sense. For the poetry of dread, I would go for David Goodis. He is on a genius level.

    I’m writing the script with Nick Ebeling, who directed/produced the documentary on Dennis Hopper making his film “The Last Movie.” The documentary is out and about, and I think it was very recently on DVD in France. It’s on the Criterion Channel here in the states. The film is called “Along For The Ride.”

  5. _Black_Acrylic

    I don’t remember On’s work from the first time round so I’m pleased to make his acquaintance. Internet comments really do seem like the literature of our time, and I hope that On’s text is not lost to the online graveyard.

    • _Black_Acrylic

      Thank you also re Play Therapy, it’s always very much appreciated.

  6. T

    Hey Dennis,

    I really really like these, and as I was looking over them I had a physical reaction in that my throat went dry and I felt these little pricks of energy at the front of my head. Very rare that happens. Crazy. I’ll follow the links you put. Oh, also, whilst I think of it, I dunno if you sent me an email over the weekend that I didn’t see, I checked it a couple of times, so if you did apologies on behalf of my intemperate mail server. Anyways, I had a cool time, it was my friend’s birthday so I went to a party round hers on Saturday night, which was fun, although she studies at this apparently very elite university which it seems is like where all French politicians go, so the majority of the people at the party were very ambitious, strait-laced types, but it was pretty alright as parties go. Beyond that it felt like I spent the majority of my weekend on the metro, on the Saturday to sort out a collective birthday present, and then on the Sunday to take a pair of glasses back to another friend who had forgotten them at aformentioned party. That said, for me that’s a wholly positive thing because I’m really geekily into metros and undergrounds, and of all the metros I’ve ridden on I think Paris takes the crown in terms of general style, although I think Tokyo is my global favourite because of the dizzying scale of it. Do you have any choice metro-based experiences in Paris? Mine is to get into the front of the automated trains (line 1 and 14 and maybe a few others I think), preferably whilst it’s full of people, and then relish in the feeling of being this mass of people shuttled underground from one stop to the other by this automatic machine. Hope you have a Tuesday that turns the Ashizuri Underwater Observation Tower in southeastern Japan into your apartment, xT

  7. Bill

    Haha, I think I remember one of these pieces from another gallery here. Great to see a bigger collection. On’s Deviant Art site is pretty empty, and he seems to have moved on to other things. I see he was based in Hong Kong, can’t be fun to be a transgressive artist there these days.

    Glad you liked the gig video, Dennis. Matt and Tom are great to work with. Dreamy/tense are two of my favorite descriptive words!


  8. Steve Erickson

    Yes, New York is in a state of emergency. We are currently required to wear masks in all indoor spaces. (Even more worryingly, all “elective surgery” has been postponed till at least Jan. 15th.) I read an article today which said it will take several weeks to figure out just how dangerous Omicron is, so who knows if this is entirely necessary? I’m really unsure whether it’d be a good idea to visit my parents around Christmas.

    I wish I could afford Severin Films entire folk horror Blu-Ray set!

    Where did On post these images?

  9. Kyler

    sounds like your Mom and I had a lot in common, whenever you mention her. Wish I could have met her, but I did get to meet your almost Mom, Mary Martin, backstage when I was a kid, right after Kennedy was shot. It was the last day of her flop show, Jennie, but I loved it and couldn’t figure out why it was closing. She touched my face and I was in heaven.

    It’s so ridiculous, but I think I figured out a way to sleep better when you answer me. Nothing to do with what you say – I just changed my mindset – rather than “I’ve got to wake up and see what Dennis said” to “I’ve got a little treat waiting for me later when I have my coffee and cig.” Seemed to work today! Such silliness – this thing called my mind.

  10. Brendan

    Ah Mr. Skelley! We’re meeting up tomorrow night to talk more book stuff. Speaking of I wanna send you a book – how can I do that?

    The last night I was in Las Vegas I was done all my family obligations and was just hanging with a friend and we found this piano bar with a great singer and just then we heard about Sondheim and so requested Send in the Clowns and it brought the fucking house down. Vegas is stupid and is also the best. Love, B

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