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Halloween countdown post #1: DC’s favorite animated props for the Halloween season 2016

Last Ride Angel of Death Hearse $31,736.71
Talk about stopping traffic. Whether you park it out in front of your attraction, put it in a parade, or even just drive into a densely populated area, you are certain to create a tremendous amount of publicity with a working hearse that fires a fully animated scene featuring an 18’ tall animated Grim Reaper out of the top of it. Character movements include: Angel of Death-character up/down, head pan, jaw. Victim- left leg, right leg kicking, left arm, right arm, head forward/back, head left/right Demons- unfold grasping victim. Choose from (model, road worthy, low mileage working hearses. When activated our pneumatic Angel of Death character rises to an astounding 18’ out of the back of the hearse holding a screaming thrashing victim that is being pulled back into the hearse by a pair of lesser demons.


14 Inch Haunted Séance Board $39.99
There will be lots of frights and screams in your guests’ future with this Haunted Seance Board! Featuring a plachette that moves around the board while a mysterious voice speaks ominous sayings, this seance board is sure to freak out all of your friends! Includes: Haunted Séance Board, 1 Planchette, Batteries.


Drop Thru Ceiling $2,389.00
Man hides above behind rotted hole in ceiling, then his torso thrusts forward and down thru hole with arms grabbing and flailing while head turns side to side. Comes with Character, Ceiling panel unit, Pneumatics, Programed controller and Motion sensor. PLUG & PLAY!


You Shall Not Pass! $6,699.99
20′ long motion bridge complete with ramps. Beam sensors, hidden in the floor, activate the bridge when people walk across. You can adjust how powerful the bridge is by adding a regulator. Bridge has a 6.5″ lift. Comes fully assembled and ready to run. Includes bridge, railings, ramps, beam sensors, controller and air accumulator.


Butcher Table HandRunner $7,725.34
The severed upper torso of a bloody victim lays on a butcher table, when activated, the character springs to life and “runs” on it’s hands down the table 4′ towards your audience, apparently propelling itself by its hands. A pair of cylinders in each arm, along with a torso cylinder and neck pivots give this character all of its crazy movements, while sturdy bearings inserted into an iron track system are powered by a heavy duty cylinder.. A very loud, terrifying effect.


UFO INVASION $50,000.00
An amazing, over the top centerpiece designed to impress the media and crush the competition. The over 12 foot saucer decends and rises to a height of over 14 feet. While it oscillates, smoke pours out, lights pulsate and engines rumble as this huge craft comes in for the attack! Comes with very large bass amp to capture the sub-frequencies that give the effect of great weight descending. Comes with bass amp, CD player, control box, fog machine, mega-strobe and chase lights. Ships freight only.


2 Ft Lunging Pumpkin Carver $179.99
This little girl may look innocent from far away, but as you get closer, you’ll realize that her dress is blood-stained and her face distorted into an evil snarl. She wants to show you her pumpkin—but watch out! If you get too close, she’ll lunge forward and try to carve you next! Includes: Lunging Girl Animatronic, 4 pound sand bag, 6V2A Adapter, Instruction manual


Pots and Pans Poltergeist $354.97
Hang anything you want from this rack. Pots, pans, tools, weapons, body parts, severed heads…whatever you can dream up! When activated, the rack shakes violently.


Zombie Outbreak/Breakout $6,795.00
This Zombie shock includes both Zombie Outbreak and Zombie Breakout. Just when you think the zombies are safe behind the fence one breaks out for an unforgettable scare! Includes 3 animated zombies, one static zombie, 2 animated moving fences, a zombie costume, plus sound and lights. The costumed zombie is the one that breaks out! AC power and air compressor are needed.


Haunted Victorian Phone $24.99
This antique style phone plays a realistic ring when activated by motion. When your unsuspecting guest lifts the receiver, it speaks terrifying phrases that will give them the shivers. Features: Rings like a real phone when activated, Speaks spooky phrases when you pick up the receiver, Antique Victorian design, Motion activated, 3AA batteries are included.


Slammer Girl $3,216.00
Full body with heavy duty metal armature and internal cylinders. She crunches violently, turns head side to side and screams. Includes metal chain so she can be secured to a table, wall, etc. Life-size. Costume may vary.


Animated Dresser $8,234.52
A total of 5-animated drawers thrash in and out in a programmed sequence as a strobe unit flashes illuminating our Poppy character behind the two-way mirror. Unit includes solid wood armoire, character, steel linkage, pneumatic package.


The Meat Grinder NFS
One of my new props for the 2016 season. Still a work in progress but this is my large meat grinder.


Can’d Coon $1,975.00
What fits better into any haunt than a raccoon rummaging thru an overturned trash can? One that jumps out and attacks. The Can’d Coon is a highly detailed animated raccoon that rummages around the inside of a trash can making raccoon noises and rattling the can. When startled (activated) the coon turns to attack mode and comes flying out of the trashcan thrashing its head back and forth while screaming with the occasional spit. Animation includes raccoon, trash can animation platforms, audio player, strobe and spitter.


Left for Dead $2,590.00
Looking for a brutal gunshot animation? Our Left for Dead Gunshot Victim animatronic prop is just that! A very graphic and brutal prop that features a bound victim gag’d by a double barrel shotgun in his mouth.When activated the victim trashes his upper torso and legs violently in attempt to free himself before both barrels go off creating a loud bang and expelling brain matter (water) out of the back of his head. Animation features a unique mechanism and mounting platform that allows the animation to move in multiple organic ways to simulate a realistic struggle.Prop includes life size victim, replica shotgun, blaster setup, burlap hood, all pneumatics and controller with audio player and infrared sensor.Approx. size 42″ x 20″ x 34″.


Wizard Head $9,037.00
This Gigantic Animatronic Centerpiece Which Can Be Used To Help “Sell” Your Attraction (And Generate Additional Revenue). The Giant Head Tilts, Turns And Talks As The Eyes Move Left And Right. Special EFX Lighting, Fog And Strobe Are Included! Includes Movement Controls, Digital Sound, Amp And Speaker, Custom Vocals And Programming.


An unsuspecting Bear Rug lies motionless on the floor, when activated a 7′ tall bear rears up on hind legs, arms raised, jaws snapping as the head and neck thrash wildly! Character movements include rearing up, head/neck up/down left/right, jaw open/close. The taxidermist must have made a mistake.


The Gallows $6,305.95
This grim device is unsettling and very realistic. The wind howls as the convicted man stands on the platform. When the switch is thrown the platform slams down and the body drops 18″”, thrashes and chokes. Includes 2 cassette tapes and players, 2 par can lights and amp with speaker. Requires 125 psi air compressor (not included). Stands 10’6″ tall. Requires AC power and a 100-125 psi air compressor (not included) Must ship by truck.


Tree Peek-A-Boo $6,112.93
Zombie plays peek-a-boo splitting trees and lunging back and forth. When hit, zombie head blows off/back and confetti cannon hidden in neck explodes as strobe light goes off.


DR. NEEDLE $2,294.00
Dr. stands over patient, then lifts arm with needle, turns and Dr. shoots out 5′ turning left to right waving needle in your face while torture victim is flailing on table trying to get away.


Haunted Grand Piano $10,903.45
Beautifully detailed Gothic piano features Grim Reaper relief sculpture on lid with skull and gold leaf details throughout body, when activated a mob of 13 skeletons come screaming out from under the lid add the air cannon option to complete this startling effect. Steel internal frame covered with wood with urethane details. Standard unit is designed to accommodate Casio or Yamaha 88-weighted key electronic keyboard (sold separately) so that an actor can play it or the unit can be outfitted with one of our Digital Sound Effect units for a completely automated effect.


2.5 Ft Creepy Roaming Bear $69.99
Scare all of your guests with this Creepy Roaming Bear! This bear is sound activated, and will follow in the direction where it hears sound…so don’t scream! Includes: Bear Animatronic, Instruction manual


Dark Magic Book $36.99
Measuring 11in x 8.75in x 2.5in (closed) and 11in x 16.75in x 2.5in (open), this mystical tome has a motion/sound sensor that when activated will slowly open the book and will illuminate the dark incantations from within as a witchy voice says one of three sayings with each activation of the sensor then the book slowly closes and lays silent and still until the next sensor activation. The book can be opened manually without damaging the motor mechanism. Requires 3 AA Batteries.


Victim is suspened horizontally from chains bound around hands and metal hooks in knees, then head lifts, arms pull and body kicks and flails violently. Very startling! Comes with Character, Chains, Pneumatics, Programed controller and motion sensors.


Brier Rock Cemetery NFS
Fire used for a witch’s cauldron.


This guy’s not quite ready to “Give up the Ghost.” Corpse lifts up as machine gun blaster and strobe light fire (hidden in the bottom half of the coffin). A very loud and startling effect. Includes foam filled, latex, dressed corpse in metal coffin. Activated by included switch, optional timer or motion sensor. Requires 60-80 psi air compressor with 15 gallon tank or bigger and AC power.


A wooden armoire sits harmlessly in the room, when activated- the doors begin to shutter as the (3) ghosts inside pound to get out of the dresser all the while the unit begins to raise from the floor, as it raises it rotates 180 degrees ending up upside down 10′ off the floor on the ceiling, allowing the (3) ghosts inside to spill out and taunt your guests. After this otherworldly event the Ghosts disappear back into the dresser and the unit rights itself and drops back to the floor like nothing every happened.


SPIDER FOOD Victim hangs by arms wrapped in chains with head down. Then when activated, head lifts, arms pull and struggle, legs jump and kick, while a giant spider comes down from above to attack victim and patrons thrusting forward as well as down


Evil Tree $3,200.00
When activated, his eyes glow red, branches wave and the Evil Tree shouts out angry warnings. Suddenly, both branches come forward as if to catch the unsuspecting victims. Includes digital control with sound, AC power and air compressor.


Zombie Horde $239.95
Now you can have a whole horde of zombies at your door or on your porch with The Zombie Horde! These three 6′ Zombie characters have roto-PVC heads with light-up eyes, dirty fabric costumes with shredded-gauze accents, posable arms with plastic “blood-splattered” hands, and an easy-to-assemble frame. Plug in the UL power adapter into any standard outlet & choose from Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor or Step-Here Pad (included) activation options to operate. Once activated, the Zombie Horde will begin moaning as their eyes light up with an other-worldly glow as each zombie sways from side to side, hungry for your brains! The infra-red sensor works from bright light to no light! Item includes volume control. Easy-to-assemble quick-connect poles. Assembly required.


World’s End Head NFS
This is a fairly simple head with only eye and jaw movement but has just enough functionality to sell the story!


Guillotine Machine $7,953.00
Easy To Use And Setup. Crowd Sounds Jeer And Mock. The Blade Comes Screeching Down At High Speed And A Strobe Light Kicks In As Your Patrons Are Sprayed With Blood (Water). An Unsettling Effect That Sends Them Running And Screaming! Includes Body, Table, Headbox, Blade, Squirting Mechanism And Tank, 2 Tape Players, 2 Tapes And Loud Amp With Speakers.


Laughing Man $437.00
Life-sized animated prop depicts a creepy man who shakes with crazy laughter! Just the right prop to accent your haunted scene! Made of foam-filled latex, this full-standing figure includes a CD with scary sounds. Prop plugs into any 110 outlet.


Approximately 12’tall x 9’wide x 8’deep, Hand-painted, made-to-order foam & latex prop. Steel base & armature. Realistic glass eyes. Realistic hair. Realistic fur


Squish-O-Matic $3,375.00
Haunt illusion that makes it appear the actor is being squished to a bloody pulp.


Curtain Flyer $2,694.00
Hides behind curtain, then curtain bursts open and lady flies out 8′ overhead while arms flail wildly and head turns side to side. Curtain rig and scissor rig mount on top of your maze walls.


Black Metal Psycho $4,821.00
Kneeling, Chained Black Metal Singer Character Savagely Thrashes Back And Forth And Up And Down As He Screams. Includes Digital Control, Sound And Amp With Speaker, Air Compressor.



p.s. Hey. Probably everyone who has been reading this blog for at least a year knows that when Halloween approaches, I get a little excited. Up above is the first of many pieces of evidence to come between now and Oct. 31st. Sorry or you’re welcome, depending. ** Armando, Hey, A. Thanks, hug back. Yeah, spam city, but I just added this anti-spam widget, so we’ll see if that weeds them out. Ha ha, lower than a shithole is pretty low. Did they trash something you love or something? Freedom to imagine that something less definable happened. Given that no one knows what happened, if it’s a choice between slotting AW’s disappearance into a known narrative or having the freedom to imagine a new one, I prefer the latter. Wow, I fear your kind and welcome question about ‘TMS’ would require a long answer and a lot of remembering/thinking that the p.s. form and my current jet lag will not allow. That’s to say the reasons are many and complicated. I’d love to be able to answer that question if I could, though. Maybe on a brighter day. Thank you for wondering for now. xx. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! Welcome back to you too! Oh, cool, that you’ve started the thesis interviews! And that the latest one proved to be such a boon. Interesting about the zine’s connection to your anxiety. I sometimes think things that happen unevenly prove to give the most inspired results, for the obvious reason, I guess. I can only write poetry when I’m sad, so I kind of maybe relate. I’m very curious to see what the music video becomes. There’s a lot to wade and pick through. Zac started culling and seeking highlights last night. My lag is slightly better today, thank goodness. So today might actually amount to something. How was your morning-to-evening? ** New Juche, Hey, man! Good to see you! I figured you were very consumed by the long distance relocation. I hear you on the jet lag. Yes, one of the interesting and curious things to me about Augieras in my reading so far is exactly the discrepancy you mention, and which I quite like, but which maybe is part of why his work is hard to nail and, thus, overlooked at the moment? Going to read some Winkler. You’ve been a great discovery merchant for me. I was just looking for a copy of ‘Flowers for Jean Genet’ the other day, unsuccessfully so far. Well, make the best of your enforced time over there, and I know you will. Have a terrific day. ** Ferdinand, Hi. Yeah, and now that I seem to have maybe 2/3 of my brain working at least, I think I might be able to take in your story myself finally. On the band thing, first, I hope people aren’t thinking we did a video for some big, famous band, ‘cos we didn’t. More a cult/favorite kind of band. I’m just not sure of the protocol in terms of naming names. I don’t know when the song/single that the video is for will drop. I know the album that the single is on comes out in February. And maybe we should finish the video and make sure the record company doesn’t reject it first. That’s the thinking anyway. ** Steevee, Hi, Steve. A very, very interesting sounding film/script. The content and style combo is very intriguing and exists just on the farthest side of my imagination’s grip, which is always the best. I don’t know ‘Mr. Robot’, though. I’ll see if I can find some clips. How many pages are you expecting the script to be? Is it a short film or a feature or … ? Good to hear that about he Jarmusch/ Iggy doc. I will find a way to see it. I don’t know why it was received with such a shrug at Cannes. But then with Cannes, who ever knows. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. Thanks for your enthusiasm for David’s post, and I agree about his memoir. ‘Within the Context of No Context’ is highly recommended as a place to start with Trow, if you feel like it. ** David Ehrenstein, Thank you so much again, David! And the memoir excerpt is just gorgeous! I’ll fix that spelling thing as soon as I finish up here. ** Nick Toti, Hi. Oh, okay, well, it’s accessible if one can schmooze the NYPL’s powers that be, at least. And surely it will get out more widely. Thanks, man. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. I really loved the un-boxing video. It had all the charms of the genre and extra grace. ** Jamie McMorrow, Hi, Jamie! Ah, the France move is in the realm of dreaming. Well, you’ve got to start somewhere, and dreams are the best place to start always. I can obviously vouch for France as a conducive place to live. I still really love it here. Yeah, the flight/time change was a bit brutal, but sleep was a little less obnoxious and stingy to me last night, so fingers crossed. In-flight movies, def. Let me see if I can remember the line-up going and coming. (Warning that I have thing for watching blockbusters on flights.) Uh, … ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ (dreadful), ‘Batman vs. Superman’ (extremely dreadful), ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (minutely less dreadful), ‘Mockingjay 2’ (okay-ish), ‘Trumbo’ (meh), ‘Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict’ (not bad), … I forget the others. Yeah, I saw the new ‘Star Wars’ movie on an earlier flight, and I thought, ‘Huh, that was fun’. I was just a little too young to see the Velvet Underground live, sadly. I do remember driving in a car with my family down Sunset Blvd. one day as a young teen and passing by this legendary LA psychedelic club/venue The Trip, and seeing on the club’s marquee the words ‘Andy Warhol Plastic Exploding Inevitable The Velvet Undergropund’ and realizing I wouldn’t get to see that, and going, ‘Arrggh!!!!’ How was bed? Did Tuesday turn out groovy? I’m going to try for grooviness on my end. ** H, Hi. Oh, the Prix Sade awards ceremony was the night I got back to Paris, so I stumbled over there completely exhausted and wrecked. I didn’t win the Prix Sade, just a kind of commendation thing having to do mostly with my trial by Google, so I don’t know what to feel about that. The air is cooling down here wonderfully, ahhhh! Thanks about the lag. Hopefully it’s halfway out the door now. Have a good day. ** Misanthrope, I’m glad that both of us are back. Mm, as much I hate this jet lag, I think I’ll hold on to my discreetness. Luckily the debate didn’t start here until 2 in the morning, so I was dead asleep. ** Bill, Thanks, Bill! Nice to be back in the saddle or driver’s seat or riding shotgun or whatever it is that I do here exactly. Wasn’t there kind of a funny recurrng bit on SNL years ago where Frankenstein and Dracula and the Wolfman sang Xmas carols together or something? ** Right. Done. Please start getting into the Halloween spirit today ‘cos otherwise this blog is going to be an intermittent drag for the next month, and that wouldn’t be good. See you tomorrow.


  1. @Armando Not meaning to butt in on your question concerning TMS but I stumbled onto this audio interview with Dennis concerning the subject:


  2. hello again and welcome back! sorry for such a late response, school’s been keeping me really busy. RE: NON Worldwide, their first compilation is really interesting as there are some acts on there that don’t seem to have released anything else and have little to no internet presence. Chino Amobi’s “Airport Music for Black Folk” is also excellent. also, i saw on twitter that the music video you were working on was for xiu xiu! really excited to see that, love them. looking forward to the rest of the halloween posts. that UFO Invasion prop… god damn.

  3. Hi!

    Today’s post was great! It must be so funny to create and test these things, haha! One of my friends is planning a Halloween party this year and I’m thinking about going as Jeff the Killer – not that I look anything like him but I kinda like the character.

    Yes, that’s how it is with me, too. When I have an anxiety attack I can write in a way I can’t really reach when I’m… well. I figured it sucks to have these kind of problems but it seems like they can also give me something or I can use them. I love what they leave behind on paper ultimately.
    That’s really great to hear: that your jet lag starts getting better and that Zac has already started working on the music video – or the next stage of it, to be exact. Is that the plan for today, too?
    Everything’s fine here. I was working on my thesis a bit and now I’m onto more pleasant things, maybe I’ll meet a friend in the afternoon.
    I hope you have a lovely day!!

  4. Hello Dennis, don’t know why. I’m really looking forward to Halloween this year. I doubt I will do anything special for that. But it’s so much fun to look at your Halloween post. That creepy bear. Want to cuddle!

    I see about the Prix Sade awards. Hmm. I want to find a good phrase now…though I’m not good at that. But yes, something different is coming along for your work, I think. And yes, Google thing was intense, whew…

  5. Tis’ The Season To Be Creepy Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la- AHHHHHHWWWWWWGGGGH!

    Love the animatronic head!

  6. I aim to get the script up to feature length, but I’m frightened I don’t have enough ideas to do so. I didn’t write a treatment or even an outline, but I have the whole thing mapped out in my head. I keep coming up with ideas for new scenes, but I’m not sure I have 90 pages worth.

    • Hello Steeve,

      I like your script idea. Hope you keep doing.

      Do you have any film recommendation in new york film festival, by the way?

  7. It’s that time of the year already? We’re having a very un-Halloweeny heat wave here.

    I love that animatronic head. What I can do with one…!

    Dennis, have you checked out Swans’ Glowing Man yet? Very nice.

  8. Yeah, that UFO prop is pretty cool, but who the hell is going to spend $50,000 on such a thing? It would probably be far cheaper to just make your own version.

    Took a break from reading “Jerusalem” (I still have a little under 1,099 pages left to go in it) to read some smaller books instead, such as the Penguin Classics edition of Schopenhauer’s essays and aphorisms, Reza Negarestasni’s utterly bizarre and shambolic Lovecraftian horror novel “Cyclonopedia” (you ever read that one Dennis? It’s pretty experimental), and, more recently, Jeff Jackson’s “Novi Sad.” I’m also currently reading De Sade’s “Philosophy in the Boudoir,” which I think is the most hilarious book I’ve read in some time.

    Actually, there are a lot of interesting books coming out soon. Strange Attractor Press will be issuing a collection of Current 93 band photographs from the 80’s/90’s next month. The British horror writer Ramsey Campell has a new book out soon, the first in a proposed trilogy, that looks like it might be very interesting. Starfire is republishing Kenneth Grant’s acclaimed novel “Against the Light” soon. Rebel Satori is releasing Thomas Moore’s new novel next month. Infinity Land Press has a collection of Philip Best photographs coming out in November. Jon Padgett (one of the guys who runs the Ligotti forums) has his debut collection coming out soon (here’s what the cover looks like: what with your interest in ventriloquist dummies you might get a kick out of it: http://dynatox.storenvy.com/collections/240632-all-products/products/17937989-the-secret-of-ventriloquism-by-jon-padgett-hardcover-edition-ltd-to-150). Fulgur will be releasing a giant new book by Michael Bertiaux soon (extremely excited about that one). Then December will see the release of volume 1 of Samuel R. Delany’s journals and also the Penguin Classics edition of “120 Days of Sodom.” Whew! It’s crazy how many good books have been/will be released this year, I can’t keep up with all of them!

  9. dennis, what is FLOWERS FOR JEAN GENET? a book? movie? by whom?

  10. Hello! I’d like a Last Ride Angel of Death Hearse, a 14 Inch Haunted Séance Board, a Drop Thru Ceiling gag, a Butcher Table HandRunner, a UFO Invasion prop, a 2 Ft Lunging Pumpkin Carver, a Pots and Pans Poltergeist, a Haunted Victorian Phone, a Slammer Girl, a Meat Grinder, a Dr Needle, a Haunted Grand Piano, a 2.5 Ft Creepy Roaming Bear (strangely, my favourite), a Dark Magic Book, a Meat Hooks Flailer, a Coffin Riser, a Gravity Shift Levitating/Flipping Armoire w/ Triple Ghost, an Evil Tree, a Zombie Horde, a World’s End Head, a Guillotine Machine, a Laughing Man, a Squish-O-Matic, a Curtain Flyer and a Black Metal Psycho, please, but you can keep the rest. What a well curated selection, Dennis! Is there one that you’d particularly like? I like that the ouija board comes pre-haunted – it reminds me of folks complaining about today’s younger generation , y’ know – ‘They’ve got everything on a plate for them. They don’t even raise their own dead.’
    Bed was rubbish, ta. I sleep for about an hour at the moment, then am awake. It’s pretty sucky. I sometimes like when I can’t sleep, cos I get up and make some music or watch a movie and it’s enjoyable quiet-time, but this has been going on for a few days, so when I wake I’m exhausted and not up for doing anything. I feel a bit nuts, but I’m sure it’ll sort itself out.
    Haha – you watch the same kind of movies on planes that I do. It’s funny, those big blockbusters just the way they’re not supposed to be seen. Weirdly perfect. Last time I flew back from USA my plane was slightly delayed on the tarmac – I barely noticed as I was so engrossed in the second Thor film.
    I realised after I’d commented last night that it was highly unlikely that you’d seen the VU. I’m sorry if my asking offended you, or anything – I really didn’t mean to be rude. Cool that you saw the sign for the Exploding Plastic Inevitable though and were suitably intrigued.
    How’s autumnal Paris? Lovely, I suspect. Hope that you’re completely over that jet-lag and enjoying the season. Glasgow’s getting rainy and a little chilly.
    Have a lovely Wednesday, man. Lots of love to you!

  11. So this is the time of year when Dennis scares the living shit out of everyone…

    Dennis, I fucking watched that whole debate! For the first time in, oh, 15 years, I forgot to take my 8 p.m. meds. Two high blood pressure pills and one anti-depressant (for OCD, though it has sedative properties; very low dose, though). It’s one in the morning, my head is killing me, I’m as wide awake as Satan, and I’m thinking I’m getting the flu. Then it dawns on me. Wtf?

    Got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Ugh.

    So yeah, the debate. Here’s my analysis: nobody’s mind was changed. If you liked Trump going in, you thought he won. If you liked Hillary going in, you thought she won. Otherwise, it was pretty funny.

    I’m about to go to bed right now. Gonna put on a film a friend loaned me -The Terror of Tiny Town- and drift off to La La Land. I didn’t forget my meds tonight. 😛

  12. Hi D

    Wow that animatronic head is beautiful! major want!!! also love the phone which is way more affordable 😉 love these days so much, I was really into film special effects when i was younger & still am.
    Awesome about Xiu Xiu & cant wait to see it!!!
    Im back in Norway, this time south west by the sea, been settling in and trying to get back on top of work. there’s a few dead lines looming so gotta get to it this week. Ive been dipping into Hart Crane which has been nice, also still wading through the massive awesomeness of the Tim Dlugos’ collected book. my ears have been loving Yves Tumor & Carla Dal Forno with a slice or two of 70-80’s J-pop Honda Minako & Momoe Yamaguchi. theres also been some revisiting of The Cranberries Everybody – Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?
    I also just caught up with the last episodes of Mr Robot, really enjoyed season 2 looking forward to 3 when it happens.

    Hope the lag is leaving you! some Sadaharu Aoki yumminess will help!

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