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p.s. Hey. As telegraphed on Saturday, I’m away at a meeting this morning when I would normally be writing the p.s. I will do that tomorrow instead and see you then. Today please watch the world end fakely and variously and over and over.


  1. _Black_Acrylic

    My own favourite end of the world film is of course Threads, but that would hardly fit in with the good-natured fun on display in the stack here.

    I’m working on a bit of speculative fiction for my writing class and am having some fun with it. A few minutes’ meditation beforehand helps too, as advised by our tutor. A horror about a demonic rabbit or hare, as is common in Celtic or sometimes Scottish mythology. Currently reading James Champagne – Harlem Smoke and that’s inspired me a lot, namely that if you include a good helping of real-world facts then it does allow for the most incredible monsters and phantasmagoria later in the narrative.

  2. Bill

    This is an appropriate set for a Monday, Dennis. Hope your meeting is going well.

    I do have to catch up on my James Coburn viewing. It’s funny how I recognize the guy immediately, but all I’ve seen is Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

    Saw the Best of Punto y Raya 2018 abstract shorts program; pretty uneven this year. They had two “guest” shorts after the main program from local filmmakers, which I thought were really highlights of the screening. Also caught the Peter Jackson WWI doc They Shall Never Grow Old; very nicely done, if you’re into that sort of thing.


  3. Steve Erickson

    How’d the meeting go?

    Here’s my article on the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s “Rendez-vous with French Cinema” series: In addition to the 3 films reviewed here, I will be seeing the Patricia Mazuy and Bruno Dumont films mentioned in the article once public screenings start, as well as LE TRUK. Have you seen SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, which is flawed but by far the best of the films I was able to see at press screenings? And outside “Rendez-vous,” I’m seeing CLIMAX tonight.

  4. RememberKidsKeatonLovesYou

    “I empathize with enemies until the time is right.
    With God and Satan at my side from darkness will come light.” – Black Sabbath

    “And I saw it in the sky. I thought it was the end. I thought it was the 4th of July.” – Soundgarden

    I hope your meeting goes well. Haha, I used to get in trouble when I was a youngin for tellin lil girls the World was coming to an end. The End of the World was always a prominent thought in my mind growing up Christian and in the 80s. The Methodists dont really believe in the Second Coming or rather they believe its open to interpretation. Speaking of they are voting on Gays. And the 80s with the Russians and Reagans red button. These Gifs are live, laughing my butt off. I have been in my share of disasters. The rivers near my house would flood and I would have to take a canoe to the neighbors. Before the flood walls the water would reach 8ft in the houses. I have been in a couple of tornadoes, watched one uproot a tree just recently. Only a slight earthquake once. I remember a sweltering Summer when the electric was out long enough for people to start fighting over bags of ice. And walking through chemical fog, and not being able to the drink the water or shower for 6 months. Being a Floridian, I have survived two hurricanes. I just hide out with the gays in the secret gay underground bunkers. Avital Ronnel’s Imagination of the Disaster comes to mind. And Obsessive Neurosis like the Ratman, who was afraid his dead father would be tortured by rats eating through his stomach, so he created elaborate rituals to prevent it. Civilization falls apart pretty fast. Im certain theres some things that could really cause some trouble if they got out of the vault in Hotlanta. Maybe the terminators, or nanobots. What about the alien human-protein harvest or the gigantic astroid heading toward us.
    Chomsky says America can win a nuclear war now without MAD. I love the kid from the REM video. Maybe hes the only one that will survive. Israel just put our history on the moon in millions of pages, somethings coming. Ghost squeeze

  5. Kyler

    Hey Dennis, this post is so you. They’re actually terrifying when taken individually. Let’s go back in time to the 9th Circle (of Hell, you know) – I want to meet you there! The painting they had on the top floor was actually a picture of Dante’s 7th Circle, I was told – where “sinners” went for sins of love. I miss those late-nite days. Now I get so sleepy, I’m off to bed while the young ones go…wherever they go these days, haha. (Is there anywhere that cool to go? I highly doubt it, but would be happy to know if there is.)

  6. Nik

    Hey Dennis,

    I scrolled through this post while listening to the new preists track, and it kinda served as an inadvertent music video, and totally worked in a weird way.
    How was the meeting? It’s about the TV show, yeah? What is work on the script gonna look like now?
    Yeah, the imitation thing hasn’t really been a problem. I’m drowning in readings right now though, and not getting a ton of time to write this week. I’m reading Balzac right now; have you read him? Do you dig him at all? I kind of like how ridiculously all-knowing and styleless the prose is, it has a kind of energy to it. At least in the book I’m reading. It’s also gives certain avant garde stuff I’ve read from the 20th century a stylistic context, if that makes any sense. Like, I kind of get what they were rebelling against with their styles a little more. I’m also reading for Conjunctions, and some really incredible writers are submitting / have submitted, and right now we’re only reading. So it’s all good distractions, but still. What are you reading right now?

  7. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I hope the meeting goes well. Too-da-loo. Or something like that.

    I went to Mark’s reading/Q&A Saturday. It was a great time. Bernard was there. Mark’s novel, as I’m sure you’re aware, is about the end of the world. Nice synchronicity there.

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