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elk chandelier photo: chandelier vansbillielight034cg1.gif



p.s. Hey. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi, sir. As I probably said the last time you commented that, I wish I knew who Coral Browne is so I could get the joke. I did go to the Paris demo, yes. It wasn’t massive as Paris demos go, but it was very heartening. ** Steevee, Hi. Or when he only has small roles. The Brooks movie I would be very curious to see again because I haven’t seen it since its original theater release, and because no one seems to ever talk about it, is ‘Silent Movie’. Big congratulations on finding your actor! Whoo-hoo! Yeah, I pretty much don’t like anything Pink Floyd did post-‘Meddle’, although there’s something about parts of ‘Wish You Were Here’ I can kind of stomach, I think only because of the Syd Barrett affection thing. I don’t know anyone in NYC like that, but I’m happy to pass your shout-out along in case that helps. Everyone, Here’s Steevee. Please read this and respond if you can help him out at all. Thanks! Steevee: ‘Does anyone out there know any New Yorkers who would be willing to work for little money on a one-day shoot as cinematographers (if possible, doing their own lighting) and soundpeople, or editors after the shoot is complete?’ ** Jamie, Hi, … have I done Jamieroquai yet? Apologies in any case. I know the old Hammer horror films for sure, but I don’t know if I know the Hammer and Amicus anthologies. I’ll find out. Irresponsibly nasty is a feather in their conceptual bonnet. Or something. Oh, shit. You don’t have a friend with an appropriate laptop and a helping hand? the kleurs … yeah, I like it. ‘Kleur’ is a good word too. It has this nice quality of sinking in the middle. My weekend was … it had its moments. I hung out with this guy who was over here for fashion week that I didn’t really know well before, a model/writer/aspiring filmmaker, and it was great, and we had a very nice visit, so now I have new good friend. Cool how that works. Otherwise, I think I just worked on stuff and did the usual emailing and phone things to prepare for the film and a bit of wandering around. Not much. It was good. That conference you’re going to sounds interesting. Like technology in school or like education about technology or something else? I hope you found lodging. My week ahead will be heavily film project occupied. We have two days of auditions for roles in the film on Thursday and Friday, and there’s a lot to do to get ready for that. Hope your weekend stayed quiet in that way you liked. Love like acrobatics, Dennis. ** James Nulick, James! Oh, sure, I’ve definitely read manuscripts and been wowed. I guess especially when I was actively doing the LHotB imprint. So, yeah, I think I’ve shared what you’re feeling there. Good luck acing that cold. I miss NyQuil. They don’t have it over here. I always thought it as a wonder drug. No, the bank issue is still a big problem that I have to sort out right away. Zac is French, so of course he doesn’t have that problem. No connection at all between our film’s protagonist and the ‘God Jr.’ character. Actually, it was Zac’s idea to have him be handicapped. I have not read ‘Seventeen and J’, no. But I like Kenzaburō Ōe’s work a lot. Later, gator. ** Gary gray, Hi. I’m sure your investigation into conservatism will have a valuable pay off if it hasn’t already. I think Stephen O, who, as I’m sure you know, shares Sunn0))) with Atila, said they’re also doing some songs that aren’t on that album. I did the march here too, or watched it since it was more of a standing thing than a walking thing. It was hopeful too. Hope you liked ‘ZFE’, natch. Love, me. ** L@rstonovich, Hey, buddy! I’m just a bit insufficiently coffeed this mornig, and for a second I thought you were saying hi from Poland. The protests were pretty hugely hope-inspiring, for sure. Hope you’re doing great.  What’s up in your world, if you like passing stuff along? Love, me. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! Michael’s work is amazing, yeah. Yours does sound like a really nice weekend. Did you hear back from the leader guy? No, not a peep from that possible casting director, so I guess that’s not looking too good, unfortunately. Zac gets back from the USA today, so we’ll put our heads together and figure out what to do. I’m still weighing the title that I think I like for the dance piece, and I guess if I don’t sour on it, I’ll try it out on Gisele today or tomorrow and see if I’m on or off her wavelength. My weekend, which I kind of described up above, was nice. Nicely mostly quiet before an intense week I have ahead getting ready for the auditions on Thursday and Friday. Eek. Did the weekend transition into an equally cool Monday for you? ** Montse, Hi! Nice that Jekyll&Jill is still going. I’ll check out their website, assuming they’ve got one. It’s pretty cold here too, but not much wind. I pulled the giant, thick coat I bought to wear in Antarctica out of the closet, and now I feel toasty when I’m outside. But if I walk too fast, the toastiness get too toasty, and I get sweaty, which is the flaw, but it’s better. Homemade cinnamon rolls …. oooh, slurp … That Xet is one talented fella, isn’t he? Love, me. ** Bernard, Hi, B-ster! I liked your translation. It had a spirit or tension or something in the build and language that lead to an inaccessible original in that intriguing way but it was also yours. Good job. Ashbery’s translations are pretty great, I think. Thank you for your VP wisdom. I was hoping that would happen. How in the world did I not find that video/audio when I was making that post? Weird. No, I didn’t know that. Holy moly. Everyone, Bernard Welt respectfully requests that you add to your just expiring Vincent Price experience with this, which is called ‘vincent price – cooking small boys’, and it’s sexy as it sounds, so I’m thinking the majority of you guys are going to click that link, right? Regards from Paris where we’re next. ** Bill, Hi, Bill! Great to see you! Big envy on getting to see the Bruce Connor show. Missing that while it was on tour is one of my hugest 2016 regrets. Thoughts? ** _Black_Acrylic, Welcome back, Ben! Great to see you too, and I’m glad everything went so well at the festival! Did the introductory speeches get videoed and/or uploaded anywhere? Nice pix, thanks! Everyone, Go see some fotos from _B_A’s (Ben Robinson’s) just concluded, trumphant trip to Stuttgart where his superb project Art101 was shown at the Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media! ** Chris dankland, Hi, Chris! Thanks, man, re: VP. Well, yeah, I think you know I’ve been vegetarian since I was 16. As far as what I eat, someone once described his vegetarian diet of consisting of ‘anything that doesn’t have an asshole’, which would be a colorful but accurate way to describe mine. I eat dairy and eggs, which I guess makes me a ‘lacto-ovo’ vegetarian. I don’t eat any kind of fish or sea-life. I eat a lot of seitan and tofu and stuff to get the stuff that not eating meat removes. But I eat basically anything that wasn’t a sentient being. I go vegan every once in a while for a bit to get rid of the fats from dairy and stuff, but not very often. I recommend vegetarianism. I’ve been pretty healthy as a horse as they say my whole life, and there’s still tons of delicious, fantastic stuff to eat. Happy to say more if you want. You have an awesome day too! ** Misanthrope, I see your ‘duh’ and raise you another ‘duh’. Okay, I’ll just poke around on iTunes and youtube and stuff and see what O’Connor things I can find, targetting the tracks you picked out, Thanks, buddy. ** Okay. Today’s post is a sequel to an old post on my murdered blog called ’80 chandeliers’. That is all. See you tomorrow.


  1. Nice chandeliers! I remember the original post and this is like a very welcome sequel. Interesting there’s a gif of the classic BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses sketch, when Del Boy and Rodney are up ladders watching a chandelier crash to the floor. You ever see that show? I remember my mum crying when Del Boy’s wife gave birth haha.

    @ DC, I think my brother filmed my gallery speech on his iPhone, so if he can upload it somewhere I’ll give you a shout. I’m stood with a walking stick and feel self-conscious when I watch it back. Silly I know, especially when MS and a spinal fracture make for such a good excuse. Or maybe I should audition for your film? But anyway, once the speech is online then I’ll let you know.

  2. learning a bunch of expressions from my new young rad buddies on FB. I think the one that’s most appropriate for today is “lit.” Very lit Dennis! (I always thought lit referred to literature myself.)

  3. Hi!

    Yes, he wrote back and said everything’s okay so I start to contact the interviewees today! I’m really sorry the casting director didn’t react, though. I’m sure you and Zac will come up with a new option but it would’ve been decent to at least send a definitive ‘no’ back.
    I finally decided to give my modeling ideas a go so I experimented with all the makeup I’ve collected and took some pictures. The makeup turned out quite well, I liked it but I couldn’t take a single photo I truly love so I’m a bit frustrated now. Eh. Better luck – or something – next time, I guess!
    How was Monday on your end? Is everything going as planned with the preparations for the auditions?

  4. Coral Brown is an Australian-born “British” actress whose most famous role was “Vera Charles” in “Auntie Mame” Her BEST role was as herself in Alan Bennett’s “An Englishman Abroad.”

  5. I used to work for a company that installed a lot of high end lighting, and got to put up some crazy chandeliers. My first day was eight hours of disassembly of a huge one with a metal frame covered in hundreds of ceramic leaves. One of my favorites was a kind of classic looking chandelier covered in a translucent synthetic ‘skin’. I remember driving across Seattle once with a van full of antique crystal ones suspended in wooden frames and feeling / hearing crystals dislodge with every tiny bump I drove over.

  6. Morning, Dennis!
    I love chandeliers! How did you know? Every one of these is a winner, but I think my favourite would have to be the fucked up and sparking box that’s dangling in one of the pics.
    Are you looking forward to the auditions? I was hoping to do auditions for the recurring parts in our cartoon, but our pressing schedule means we don’t have too much time to be picky.
    The rest of my weekend was just as quiet as I wanted it to be. After I commented here on Saturday night I spent quite a bit of time reading up on Amicus films and I think I’ve got quite a good idea for a series of interconnected short stories through all that. I sure know how to spend a Saturday night, no? I did get an electric shock from our kettle during the night, so it was pretty exciting.
    As for having a friend with a good laptop and a helping hand, most of my friends seem to have kids these days and their spare time has gone. I think the ‘getting the music off the machine’ project will require a fair bit of time, tbh, and is probably better done alone.
    I like that you made a new friend. It is good how that happens, isn’t it? Hope it’s a good one.
    I’m completely unsure about the conference I’m going to, but I know that there are tons of companies displaying their wares and I’m fairly intrigued to try out some VR/AR stuff.
    Hope you’ve had a great Monday and are about to embark upon a lovely Tuesday.
    Lots of love to you,

  7. The image is a little on the soft side, but here is An Englishman Abroad which among many other things establishes Coral Brown as the capi di tutti capi of Fag-Hags.

    My favorite Chandelier is the one Carroll Baker swings on in “The Carpetbaggers”

  8. When I see chandeliers as elaborate as the ones here in real life, my next thought is “They’re gonna fall on me!”

  9. The topic of today’s entry reminds me of the 6th stage in that old Castlevania game for the Super Nintendo (skip to the one minute mark of the clip I’m posting here to see what I mean):


    Speaking of gaming, I highly recommend the game “Dishonored 2” to anyone here who is into such things.

  10. I seem to have moved into the next phase of withdrawal: much more energy, sleeping more, but I’m having nasty mood swings. There was a 3-hour stretch around lunch today where the world just seemed completely grey and joyless. Now I feel fine. (It probably helped that I just got back from coffee with a friend and after eating dinner, I’m watching a movie and writing a review.)

  11. all my experiment taught me was that conservatives have a teenage anxiety, that consists of being defensive. you know, the vibe where you’re short of breath and shaking, trying to protect your way of thinking, as if you were protecting a thought, because if you didn’t you would pop the luxury bubble you exist in… Ok. Maybe that was just me as a teen.

    I love this shit! I loved this shit in its first reiteration. The thing I love with these things is it gets me into a mindspace where scrolling down, while the images go up, makes me feel as if I’m in a creative trance. Much love. OH! speaking of GIFS and images I adore ZCP! I don’t wanna rant about how much I dug it. But you got on to some next level shit with how you made paragraphs. also, I loved how the final chapter cause… well, I just described how much I love down things going up.

    Last night I had a moment where I was reminded how I love the internet, sometimes. I was watching Blake Butler read Mark Baumer’s holiday meat, via periscope. through out the reading I kept communicating using emotes. I’m not sure if it annoyed him or not. but I kept going “WOW’ or “LOVE” or “CRYING” after each line, or paragraph, that effected me. On my end it felt intimate; I’m not sure how he felt. RIP Mark Baumer. He had an amazing mind and cause. I will try to always remember him.

    Rad you mentioned Sunn0)))! through them I started to think about tears in vibrations. Did I ever tell you about my halloween costume I once had of SOMA? Also, FUCK YES!!!! I can’t wait to hear other tracks! well, fuck! just to hear and see them live! I’m wearing all white because I hope I get blood on me. preferably my own. hehe I think I’ll get my wish. anyways I’m heading out now.


  12. Dennis, If you can catch an interview or two with O’Connor, I think you might like them too. I don’t know, I just find her fascinating on so many levels.

    I should get a chandelier put in my tiny bedroom. That’d be hella cool. Hmm, I should just take pics of my room and put them somewhere someday.

    Speaking of which, I finally got a new One Direction calendar. Oh, and had a dream about Harry Styles last night. I still adore him.

    When I think “chandelier” anymore, I think Sia’s “Chandelier.” The song’s good, and the video is great, starring the exquisite Maddie Ziegler dancing. She’s something else, I could watch her all day.

    Hmm, I kind of have an idea for a Day here, but I’m afraid it’d be too self-centered. Though that might be a good thing, blog-dynamics-wise. Hmm, I’ll have to think on it.

  13. Hi Dennis,

    Love this; almost like a companion/counterpoint to Tough Crowd (which I also loved). Very sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been encountering–wishing you in the best in those matters and beyond.

  14. I’ve seen quite a few of the old Hammer/Amicus horror anthologies (House that Dripped Blood, Asylum, Tales that Witness Madness, etc). Still entertaining, but I don’t think they date so well.

    The Bruce Conner show was actually very nicely laid out at SF MOMA. All my friends were raving about the films and photos; they were very worthwhile, but (no surprise!) I’m actually a big fan of the drawings. Those incredibly detailed hallucinogenic freakouts are so amazing, as are the inkblots. And CHILD and the dusty black wax sculptures were so disturbing and unforgettable.

    The early Diane Arbus show was great fun, but maybe we’ve seen the photos a lot already.


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