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p.s. Hey. ** Steve Erickson, Kids, parents, gays, and weirdos were pretty much the makeup of the concert I was at. Very best of luck with the tranquillisers withdrawals. What did your doc tor suggest? ** Sypha, That’s what I figured about the Cher thing. Then it becomes what’s the point if it isn’t just a career angle. I guess ‘The Sluts’ was my Moby Dick/white whale project until I finally finished it. Again, the things you’re describing are up my reading alley, but, forewarned, what I love to read is far from what 90% of others do. ** Alex rose, Hi, Alex! Destroyed dreams are where we get our deepest moxie, someone said. Will do, share-wise, but, until September, all of Paris is lounging on various beaches somewhere else or some shit. Literally, you have to walk for blocks and blocks to even hear a French accent in Paris right now. Probably similar in NYC, but without the stylish pride maybe. Oh, no, you finally get to fiddle art into the world at some length and a racket ensues? I’m so sorry. Kind of the same in my building, but more like Test Department than Einsturzende, sadly. When I ‘hung out’ with Courtney Love years ago whilst doing a big article on her for Spin Magazine, she said Ian Bunnyman was the most boring person she ever met. Not the most boring person she ever fucked, though. Apparently far from it. But Courtney’s mouth is full of illusions, as we all know. It sure looks like it’s going to rain here today. Big dilemma re: whether I need to take my umbrella outside with me because I’d have to carry it in an unsightly way, but then again being drenched is almost as unsightly. What to do? Love in vast arrays back to you, maestro. ** Jamie, Me too. Except politics ones, so boring. I vaguely remember something about Ghostwatch being here, yeah. Paranormal hoaxes are cool. Well, I guess it could be argued that all paranormal activity is a hoax. Hm. I did get my smokes, but I had to take the metro with one change (the 8 to the 7) to a train station to do it. I just otherwise worked on stuff but not hard enough, and did upcoming travel figuring out. Darn, did you finally sort out a kid-friendly play? That can’t be easy. Or maybe it’s too easy, and that’s the problem? You’re going to do a workshop in Paris? That is so exciting! I don’t know why, but it is! Thanks for the Stasis link. I’m jetting ‘cos I have to go do breakfast with a visiting friend, but I’ll watch it with breakfast in my stomach. Today: see my friend, work on synopsis, buy Paris-NYC-Paris plane tickets, answer emails, … stuff like that. May Tuesday ‘put hair on your chest’, as parents used to say to kids (or to me anyway). ‘Eat your vegetables; they’ll put hair on your chest’. What kid would want to have hair on their chest? It seems like a counterproductive approach. But maybe some kids do? Between the coffee and the cup love, Dennis. ** Mike W, Hi, Mike. Thank you for coming in here! I will jump all over that Joy Hatto thing, you can be assured. That’s exciting. Thanks a lot! Come back anytime. ** Dominik, Hi! Oh, no, you only had one day’s respite? That’s crazy! You’ve had hot skies for forever! I’m so sorry. I would be dead, I think. Yeah, it’s cool-ish and about to rain here. So sorry. I’ve started the synopsis, but it’s really hard. Our film is not the kind of thing that can reduced to a snappy, catchy two-page description at all. I have to figure out how to do that. Urgh. I like that you went to a gothic event. I want to do that. And it’s cool that you only took one pic and it was a totally unexpected one. That’s the best. Yes, show me your fave Mapplethorpe. I’m sorry the writing didn’t flow, but, yeah, same here, so at least we’re both in that drifting boat. My weekend was okay, but just working on stuff, trying to write, sorting out the upcoming PGL trips/events. As I said elsewhere, Paris is emptied of Parisians, including all of my friends, except for Gisele who’s stuck at home with her broken foot. So it was a pretty indescribable weekend for the boring reason. Have a super fantastic week, and I hope the skies will be cloudy and very friendly over you when I see you next. ** _Black_Acrylic, I liked t.A.T.u a lot too. Sad. Sure, it’s obviously a confidence thing. Just let yourself write blah blah blah until the muse gets bored of that and reawakens. ** Misanthrope, Okay, tangled fingers for the next two weeks. Mine. I guess yours too. Booked, yay! I guess I’m probably going to just miss you in London maybe. I need a cake. France doesn’t do American style cakes. Oh, wait, there’s one place that does. I’m popping by there today. I thought I saw a UFO in Hawaii when I was a kid, but I don’t believe it anymore. I wonder if the kid me or the now me is right. I’ll never know. ** Bill, Right? I know, right? I’m patient, Bill. Almost the soul of patience if need be maybe. New Henry Threadgill? Oh, I want it. Will get it. ** Right. Today’s post is super simple, obviously. I just thought, what would it look like if I put a bunch of gifs together that were unified only by their sharing a depicted movement up and down? Now I know. And so do you, you lucky dogs. See you tomorrow.


  1. Great Gif short story today, if that’s what you would call it, would you? I was listening to Coltrane’s One up One Down on my subway ride to work and another tune of his called Consequences, both rather late period of course. Yeah NYC feels empty in an August kind of way and I love it, feels deserted and odd. Nothing much to report, little music stuff, gig with Calvin Weston later this month and my every 5 years or so duo with Tim Hodgkinson in September. Ish and I recorded a conversation about THEM for a Movement Research jounal, someone will have to transcribe. No word on other gigs and such. Working on inhabiting my love as a single person more and more , which feels better and better, still missing his companionship, there is a commitment to not be in touch for a long period. I think that is a good idea. A John Cale quote the I am skeptical about, though holds a bit of weight, ” a broken heart is not much better than a cold heart.” Looking forward to seeing both you and Zac in September and PGL. What is the date of your reading of David’s work? Seems like you’re doing well with various projects and such. I read or check out the blog most days. Anyway

  2. Dennis, the esoterist in me would like to believe that the kid you was right about that UFO! Reminds me of that Coil song title: “The Universe is a Haunted House.”

    I read another 100 pages in HARLEM SMOKE yesterday so I have less than 90 to go today. Hope to finish it up tonight and e-mail the typos I’ve found to the publisher tomorrow (not an excessive amount, I should say). I think the pretension might annoy potential readers as well, though I found it pretty amusing. I think one of my favorite passages of the book involves a character masturbating over his toilet. Afterwards, I mention how the globules of semen floating in the water of the toilet bowl “…briefly resembled the close-up photograph of Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson’s own spunk as it appeared in the upper left-hand corner of the cover art for the 1980 Throbbing Gristle single Something Came Over Me (IROO13).”

    That I would take the time to not just provide the name of the single but also its catalog number is, of course, a vintage Champagne stylistic tic. 🙂

  3. My doctor suggested going slightly up on my dosage, but not at the same amount I was taking last week. It seems to have worked – I got a decent night’s sleep last night. He told me that I really have to take this slowly.

    The cinematographer for my film will definitely be attending the rehearsal as well. I think that should be helpful, but given that the rehearsal’s only 4 days before the shoot, I won’t really have time to watch the footage she might shoot or do any rewrites based on what I learn.

  4. BTW, I went to see the Chinese film THE ISLAND last night at the huge six-floor Times Square multiplex AMC Empire 25. When it got out, I noticed that MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN was playing at one of the screens on the same floor. I know that there are no theater employees anywhere near its top three floors, so I could’ve easily snuck into the MM!HWGA screening that was about to begin when THE ISLAND got out and was momentarily tempted.

    I’m hoping to interview Rupert Everett about his forthcoming Oscar Wilde biopic THE HAPPY PRINCE, which I saw at a press screening today. Damn, this is bleak, as somber in mood as its lighting, and feels influenced by Visconti’s “decadent” period. The people who constantly plead on social media for cheerful gay-themed films will not be pleased. Everett’s performance and the fact that he hides behind a fat suit and heavy prosthetic makeup to look much fatter than he actually are either a sign of no vanity or a bid for an Oscar nomination.

  5. Dennis, Yes, my fingers are crossed too. In all types of ways. I tell you, it’s so weird because I feel just fine (except for that mesh issue). None of the symptoms that could be causing that stuff. No fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, etc. It could be a urinary tract infection. Men oftentimes get them with no symptoms. Weird, no? A friend at work says that’s her dad’s problem all the time.

    Yes, the kid you. You know, those things make think of early man and all the superstitions that developed. The unknown = making things known, no matter how ludicrous the explanation, in order to not be scared as fuck all the time. “Oh, that howling in pitch black night in the woods? Just Zeus fucking some nymph chick.” Etc. UFOs are kind of like that. Their being an alien spacecraft is weirdly much more comfortable for people than something like some secret spy plane test being run by the government, I think. A lot less boring too.

    I wish you’d said something, I would’ve saved you a slice of the cake. Hmm, you’ll be in NYC soon. Get one there! Did you get anything at that French bakery that does American-style cakes?

    I get into London around 9:35 a.m. on Saturday, September 29. Mieze will already be there. And Rigby and Shane, of course. The Consumer Electronics show is that night, but before it, Shane and Philip Best are doing a reading. We’re going to both, of course. Should be fun.

  6. What about this absolute banger : https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2qj44l

    BTW I maybe been late – you see my post about the Spaceman and the MIB

    Also you get my email by any chance?

  7. somehow i missed this post when i loaded this page up and commented on hoaxes incidentally instead but heres that content followed by this content

    grandrieux is good but once u see two u’ve seen it all. one is not enough. this is not the hoax post i was expectingg from the hoax title and in that way the hoax is the post istelf yum yum. a bit sick a bit headachey a bit sad. he accepted the name safe word. we’re pretty in tune nice. the new gaspar noe looks good. saw ceylans wild pear tree which is like a dennis cooper book gone wrong.

    ascetic art is my vibes at the mo & im reading joseph mcelroy;s actress in the hosue which is a strange and rippling text

    hope the health tendrils extend into and thru


    dig the ups more than the downs; dig the downs to prove the ups; hope you’re more ups than downs; mamma mia 2 talk has me downs; denn/is den/is.


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