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TonioK presents … The cartoons of Miguel Angel Martin *

* (restored)

Miguel Ángel Martín (León, 1960). Comic artist, scriptwriter, illustrator and poster creator.

He has received an infinite number of awards, including the prestigious Yellow Kid for the Best European Comic Artist (1999) or the Attilio Micheluzzi Grand Prize awarded by Comicon in Naples (2003).

Few authors have achieved such recognisable graphics, such translucent reading and such a controversial and particular thematic world. He declares that he is influenced by the most radical and underground electronic music scene and his work betrays a fondness for technology, science and pornography.




Psychological violence for European youth.



Adults only! The most violent and repulsive komik ever made. It was banned in Italy.



Brian the Brain is the story of a child born without skullcap, he’s the result of a genetic experiments lab. Brian’s an outcast because his brain sticks out of his head, but his brain is also the symbol of his intelligence.



The hardcore mix of full-color brutality and pornography, along with a heavy dose of sci-fi conspiracy, still makes for a very good-looking book.


SNUFF 2000

25% Psycho Sex – 75% Ultra Violence. The sex choice for a New Generation.


PLAYLOVE ‘where the streets have no name’

Graphic novel. A story about love and self deception. The story of a girl who falls in love with an alpha male. A different point of view about the human relations.



Bitch, a grafittist girl who lives in a “social centre” (squatter) gives us a new point of view about the globalization, the xenophoby, the hip-hop, the tatto and piercing culture, the conspiracy theories and the homosexuality.










The studio

Atolladero, trailer. Comic by Oscaraibar/MA Martín

Snuff2000, trailer






Live album containing 9 songs in 1996, recording 1994’s Tokyo performance of Whitehouse, a cult noise unit using aggressive high-frequency sound, led by William Bennett and Philip Best.



Be it spring cleaning in a see-through apron while two wealthy women have sex or performing with ‘Tinker Bell’ while ‘Peter Pan’ whips her, the life of a teenage prostitute in Beverly Hills was never dull. Often dark, sometimes hilarious, but never dull.

Arriving in LA to attend college, but desperate for money, Sterry met a pimp who established him as a male prostitute serving a wild variety of well-off women (and occasionally men). This is his unflinching account of the twisted Wonderland of post-Sixities excess he encountered: peppered with frank descriptions of the work of a ‘sex technician’.




p.s. RIP Alvin Lucier. ** wolf, Yay, the legendary wolfish buche tip to stern decimation/exoneration! Let’s compare notes. The red shoes, definitely probably. So-so on the sled. Giant honey dripper is my #1 so far. Yeah, white log thing, not bad. I think the beret wearing log is a cake, or else I fucked up. Epi d’hiver: possibly too elegant but yeah. Totem: dreadful. I like the lollipop. Its dumbness charms. I won’t buy it though. And Dalloyau’s stuff never tastes all that special. The Four Seasons abstract-y cake is a purchase possibility. The globe with the little forest inside is in my top 3 easily. I like the Racine, best of the logs. Forêt Mont-Blanc looks gross to me. La vie en rose: yawn but probably pretty edible. The Trianon Palace cooking set with cutesie bird cooks looks like it could be total genius, but I’m not going all the way to Versailles to buy it. Candles: meh. Bois d’Atlantique is probably delicious and it looks suave. (The texts almost all come from a site called The honeycomb frame buche is probably my #4. Laduree’s jewelled buche is better than their usual. The first letterbox impresses me much more than the second letterbox. I of course don’t know the Montagne Sainte-Victoire and I’m not going to get that one but it does look really delicious. Bronze: very, very mildly charming. The Hermes doesn’t excite me visually but I’m sure it’s juicy. The big eclair is great, of course. Yeah, thought that counts on the gingerbread house thing. Haute Couture: other than the nice bright colors, meh. Thousand and One Nights: It’s in some far away city so I don’t have to think about it. Sapin yule log: exactly, delicious, The Ritz, what’s not to anticipate? Jazz 1910 de Madagascar: It’s so shitty looking it amused me. The Sinner: I don’t know what is either, but I feel somewhat compelled by it. I like the tree decoration bulb one, but it’s too small. I guess the guy who did the Molitor is a ‘famous’ French tagger, but I’ve never heard of him. Totally down with the paving stone one. Super tempting. But I think you can only eat it in their restaurant, and I don’t do those. HOMMAGE À LA NATURE: Impressive but … I like the wine barrel, very clever but, again, it’s in Berne not Paris. Reindeer thing: yeah, what’s not to eat/like. Cinderella one seems pretty solid, like a B. The Maison du Chocolate one is just ridiculous, and at 2000 euros, but in an edition of only 10, so it got picked for display by virtue of its presumptuousness. Fun. Thank you, thank you about the Santa chapter. I think it’s my favorite. Whoop! Love! ** _Black_Acrylic, Good choices. I wish Trianon Palace wasn’t an hour by train plus a 20 minute walk away. Larger sized clothes are eternally stylish. ** David, Well, I would hope so. Wow, your video is rocking and weird = awesome. Everyone, David says … ‘here is a video clip of a 3d christmas thing I did a very long time ago using a shell and other bits I found,,,, set to a familiar festive tune….’ It’s funness. Check it out. ** T, Hi! Save your pennies or whatever they call French pennies. My guess is the big eclair is probably affordable? Get your friends to chip in and have a group buche devouring meet up? That’s what I do. There is in fact travesty that needs to be undone, so good thinking and thank you. I hope your today gives you a buche gift certificate, or make that 25 of them. ** Dominik, At the moment my likely purchases are (1) Honey stirring spoon, (2) red shoes, (3) little forest in a ball, (4) honeycomb frame. But we’ll see. Your picks rock! Love blowing pot smoke into the nostrils of a gigantic squeaking mouse, G. ** The Black Prince, Hi, Prince! Well, or the most appealing one for you to eat, even though, yeah, you can’t actually eat one, and I can, so … hm. I wish I could teleport the bonbon to you, I do. I’d love to eat the red shoes, and I might just. I want the honey stirrer the most, but I might buy two of them. Oh my. ** Steve Erickson, That is a weird coincidence. An unpleasant one, in a way, but it’s too late. Everyone, Steve has reviewed the new Paul Verhoeven filmic shebang ‘Benedetta’ here. ** Bill, Paving stone, eh? Gotcha.Yeah, it’s a sweetie, but you have to eat in their restaurant, and that’s a big drawback for me. Good question about the buckwheat prevalence. I don’t know. I think I saw that documentary on soap2day. If so, I’ll join you. ** Adem, Hi, Adem. Welcome, and thank you for entering this place. Sure, great, let’s have a coffee. When’s good? You can write to me at denniscooper72 if you like. Sadly, I don’t have a scan of ‘Predicate’. I have a copy in my Los Angeles apartment but that doesn’t do either of us any good. Cool, hope to meet you soon. ** L@rst, Hi, L. Were you around here 12 years ago? Quite possibly, I think. Wow. Saw something in my inbox, and I’ll open when I’m in the clear (of here). Thanks, buddy. ** Brian, Hi, Brian. The USA should hop onto to the Xmas buche phenom. ‘Blind Beast’ is really fun, and I haven’t seen ‘Irezumi’. I’m happy to hear the new PTA is good since I would definitely see it either way. As ever, best of the very best with the workload. Eyes on the prize and all of that. I hope your early sleep did its magic trick on behalf of your today. ** Derek McCormack, Hi, sir! Racine is a beaut. Zac and I want to go check it out in person before deciding ‘cos those photos are often very, very flattering. But yeah. I’m all about the honey stirrer and the red shoes, I think. I think? Love, me. ** Right. So, many years ago, the excellent artist and photographer and friend of DC’s TonioK made this post about the cartoonist Miguel Angel Martin. It died along with my former, murdered blog, and I think it deserves to be alive. So now it is. See you tomorrow.


  1. The Black Prince

    Oh, I’m so glad you’re going with the red shoes… not sure why the thought is making me so happy! The Honey Spoon sounds amazing and worthy of you, too. So, yes, get both! Your wish of giving that beautiful bonbon to me is also very, very sweet, and just sweetened my bitter week. [endless lollipop emojis]

  2. Dominik


    These comics are hardcore. Thank you for the resurrection!

    I wouldn’t refuse any of your potential Bûche choices. The honey stirring spoon looks especially delicious to me tonight. Please let me know which ones you ended up buying when the buying happens!

    Haha, thank you!! Love walking down Skid Row, spotting a stoned gigantic squeaking mouse, and offering him $100 if he agrees to an interview with the creator of the YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly, Od.

  3. _Black_Acrylic

    @ TonioK, nice post that I never caught the first time round. The sort of material that I would never expect to see depicted in comic form, which makes Miguel Angel Martin’s stuff all the stronger in my view. Cheers!

  4. David

    cool cartoons!! and thanks for the shout out!…. remember finding that shell and thinking wow it looks like an extra terrestrial being…. and I dig Klaus Nomi….

    I bought a new phone today a Samsung Galaxy A12. seems pretty good so far…

    Did you ever watch ‘OZ’ the prison tv series?.. I’ve just started watching it for the first time… I’m on episode 5 of season one and I’m enjoying it a lot… not sure why I avoided it when it was first on…. x

  5. wolf

    Dennis! Ok, so I finished I Wished. It’s too short dude!! No, it’s perfect, of course. But I had to slow myself down big time. I feel like when Turrell asks George what he thought about the Crater and out of G’s mouth spills a flow of nondescript adjectives which he knows don’t do the work justice. I really do think it’s your best work but you know when I think about art I always try and separate “do I like it” and “is it good” and when the answer to *both* is FUCK YEAH I get a bit dizzy. How much of my love for the work is coming out of it being so good and how much is just, boom, “I don’t know, we just clicked, you know?”. That’s all very meta of course, right? This being about a book which is, I would never say “about” anything, but yeah, the four letter L word features high on the bill, I think I gathered that much. Top billing? In the credits list, does George get top billing, or does Love? It’s a trick question.

  6. Toniok

    Hello Dennis!

    Thank you for sharing this post again! And thank you for your kind words! Miguel Ángel Martín was a very popular artist at one time. I remember that my friends and I were expelled from high school many times for reading his sci-fi comics in class. Maybe his style is not new but I think it is unique. I can’t see the comments I hope people here like the post. (I don’t even know if I sent my comment). Greetings!

  7. L@rst

    Hey D,

    I remember I joined the DC blog frey around the time Userlands was published which was 2007! So I did witness the first annual log show!!! Jesus, almost 15 years ago?


  8. David Ehrenstein

    I thought I’d lost my copy of Stavsky. . . but I hadn’t.

  9. Bill

    Nice stuff here, and quite a range. Hope TonioK is doing ok these days.

    Just started Michael DeForge’s latest (you’d revived a post on his Ant Colony earlier). Pretty good so far. I love his slippery, unreliable, almost abstract narratives.

    It’s not in the paving stone spirit to be available only in the restaurant, sigh. Good to hear the red shoes also caught your eye.


  10. Miguel Angel Martin

    Dear Dennis
    It’s Miguel Angel Martin. Just to say hello and thanx for your post of my artwork. if you are so kind of giving me an address, I’ ll tell my publisher to send you a copy of my book ULTRA BRUTAL (Total Overfuck). It’s a hardcover compilation of my most extreme stuff : Psychopathia Sexualis, Snuff 2000, Anal Core, HardON and Feel the pain/Feel the pleasure, a gallery of illustrations.
    Here you can watch Borja’s Snuff 2000 short film with english subtitles
    My cumpliments for your books!
    All the best
    M. A. Martin

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