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p.s. Hey. ** David, My pleasure. Like I said, I’m scared to hear the audio book of ‘I Wished’, but I’m glad if my writing comes through. In LA there’s this thing called the Graveline Tour where they drive you around in a hearse and show you where everyone famous or infamous died whether it’s a mansion or the trash can where the dismembered body was found. Kind of interesting. ** Dominik, Hi!!! I’m really glad you liked her work. I’m feeling a little better still, though not great, but I lost my wallet yesterday and I have no money at all or bank card for the next couple of days so I’m scrounging up all the loose change I can find to buy cigarettes and discount food to eat at the moment, so … I’ve been better, ha ha. But at least I have your love’s wrapping. No small thing. Love filling the paper cup of the guy who sings horrible James Taylor and Cat Stevens and Billy Joel songs and strums an acoustic guitar with diamonds and gold doubloons, G. ** Bill, I think she’s a big legend in Philadelphia, much less known beyond those borders. Dead person in your mouth! You’re fit for a slaves post. I hope the recovery is easy. Your gig! I don’t think I’ve seen those two Bjll Dingalls videos unless I’m spacing, so … cool! Everyone, If you’re in the vicinity of San Francisco, I super highly recommend that you go to Center for New Music this Friday to see/hear Bjll Dingalls, an experimental music trio featuring the great (and the blog’s own) Bill Hsu. I would sure make a beeline if I were you and thereabouts. Here’s the info. Oh, man, that looks great! I so wish … ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Billingham, that’s interesting, yes. Cool. Which Purdy books did you score? ** Steve Erickson, Yes, there’ll be a gig post here next Wednesday, the 11th. My cold improves, and, as I told Dominick, I lost my wallet and bank card and have no money, so my cold feels quite old hat as far as my current troubles go. Yes, about Strauss’s work. You put it perfectly, imo. ** Brendan, Hi, Brendan! Cool, I’m happy you like her photos. Saturday! Have a blast. And our mutual bud Mr. Jack Skelley wrote a thing about your work for the show, no? I wish I could be there so bad. Love, me. ** l@rsty, Hi, pal! Fun, fun: the karaoke thing. I like your Halloween story. It has a great narrative, which is not easy. And stick to the no smoking thing. Seriously. You’ll feel like shit for a while, but then you’ll be so grateful yourself. Trust me. Love from Paris to you! ** Okay. Back on my old, now dead blog I used to make posts like the one today rather frequently, and I still like them, it seems, so I thought I would restore one. I mean, why not, what the heck. See you tomorrow.


  1. Dominik


    Oh, fuck, no, what the hell’s going on? This is some bad fucking spell. I’m so sorry. Did you have all your papers in your wallet too?

    And even now, your love’s so generous! Thank you! I’m very tempted to send you a love that’s somehow related to today’s post because I absolutely LOVE it. I love it. But I’m sending you this instead: Love returning your wallet, with 1 billion euros and a card that ensures that, even so, you get the Bûche de Noël of your choice every year for free, Od.

  2. David

    Cheers…. this post reminds me… proud as punch when I was in my first porn magazine… I popped into a seedy shop in the city centre… bought it… and headed to a store where my pal worked doing a saturday job… it cost almost as much as I had been paid to be photographed in the first place or so it seemed…. much, much more than I would pay for a normal magazine… “I’m in this!!” I said to him…. initially no one else was around… as he flicked through… then his manageress/owner of the store suddenly appeared from nowhere as he got to the pages I was on… and she took it from him…. “oh my god!!” she exclaimed looking…. then she held it up and showed me ‘myself’ from the counter… pointing to the lettering reading what it said at volume “RENT!!!???? ” “Oh… I didn’t notice that……” I said a little embarrassed….going ‘red’ at the cheek…. at that point my pal who was actually very impressed chipped in “…oh….I quite like it…..”

    I was once taken in a van to a derelict area where I posed amongst a building that was in the process of being knocked down…. I had never met this bloke before… he was about 6 foot 4… surprisingly I was very comfortable with the situation… those pictures also made it into another magazine…

    when this one old guy who was screwing me for money… did it I remember hating it and tried to do a number of things to get out of it…. but when he took me to the canary islands… this one day I felt really horny and loved it….. he was particularly pissed off that I had liked it so much…. whilst there he was very nasty to me when he was drunk… then to recompense he bought me an expensive camera then next day…. I used it a lot over the years till it broke!

  3. T

    Hey Dennis! These are…just very very beautiful. They’re like saints’ images. Is the quote your own or one you found online?

    Replying to the day-old PS – cool that you met Guillaume Dustan. I don’t think ‘In My Room’ is in the volume I have, but yeah, he features as a character in the one I’m reading at the moment, and even though it’s marketed as transgressive fiction what I’ve found most shocking up to now is how insufferable his character is, haha.

    Yay that your cold is on the retreat, but wow that’s annoying that it coincided pretty exactly with the loss of your wallet. With that in view, hope your Friday comes as an avenue lined with trees that bear pre-loaded limitless unmaxable credit cards that dangle like grapes at picking height. xT

  4. Brendan

    Yes Jack wrote a wonderful and poetic foreword for the book I’m making. I will naturally send you one when they are ready – so soon! And yes my show opens on Saturday. Installing it today. I’m at the stage when I’m exhausted and just want it to be over. But waking up Sunday with it all done will be rad. Like I said, you will be getting photos of the photos. Having a cold and losing a wallet in one week is a bad week. I’m sorry I can’t be there to buy you Mac & Cheese. Hang in there, buddy. B

  5. _Black_Acrylic

    The James Purdy books I randomly bought were Colour of Darkness, The Nephew and Malcolm. Are they any good? I’m about to find out!

    Tonight is the final session of the Short Story writing course. Not to worry though, because next week a writing flash fiction course starts via Zoom with the same tutor! I am determinedly keeping on board that train.

  6. Bill

    Sorry to hear about the wallet loss, Dennis. Hope you sort things out reasonably soon.

    Thanks for the plug for my little gig. We should shoot some video; I’ll share the info when/if it’s ready.

    The recovery is creeping along, much slower than I expected. But at least I’m not making faces like some of these sad twinks, haha.

    In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Ashley Paul coming, with her more acoustic band:


  7. Steve Erickson

    Damn, when it rains it pours. Any word from your bank about the arrival of a new debit card?

    I’ve been watching the British mini-series DES, starring David Tennant as Dennis Nilsen. It makes early ’80s Britain look as grey and uninviting as the USSR. There are three main characters: Nilsen, KILLING FOR COMPANY author Brian Masters, and a cop investigating the case. I don’t know how true this is, but it suggests that the British police didn’t want to explore the full extent of Nilsen’s crimes, especially because he had briefly been a cop.

    The new Lotic album is excellent, a really original combo of influences from classical music, opera and Neubauten/Test Dept.-era industrial.

    • David

      That was a brilliant tv series I really enjoyed it…. ‘Appropriate Adult’ was great as well about Fred West…

  8. l@rrst

    Thanks D re: anti-smoker cheerleading. My gal smokes more than me and is on the patch and holding strong as well. I went cold turkey, to me its more situational than nicotine.

    I’ve made it through a couple of trigger/milestones so I’m staying positive.

    I look forward to joining the ranks of those not tethered to those kinda butts!

    I treated myself to Pavement tix Sep. 2022 today, where I got married in 1998. Saw ’em there in ’11 was it? ’12? I dunno. It was good. All the live shows I’d normally second guess on I’m jumping it. You know, the whole wow I really missed it when it was gone, thing. Got Gang of Four with David Pajo on guitar tix too for 3/22. I think that’ll be a blast. Oh yeah the point of the story is I’ve been treating myself a lot lately and today I found out my union bargained a fat bonus for those of us who went into work during lockdown so my treats are paid for!


  9. David Ehrenstein

    Les Hautes Solitudes

  10. Goodbye

    I remember when you had a lot more comments, maybe 15 years ago. Almost sunk into obscurity now. World has turned against you. You’re the bubblegum on hot pavement one steps on and tries to scrape off their shoe.

    A fake. A liar. A capitalist.

    No revolution here.

    Nothing to see.

    Bresson shits on you.

    Passolini shits on you.

    Antonioni shits on you.

    Burroughs shits on you.


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