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The savage art of age progression *

* (restored)

Angelo Puglisi at 11, at 41


Aron Silverman at 17, at 31


Brian Page at 17, at 49


Sam Machkovech at 3, at 60


Christopher Temple at 18, at 35


Bill Bascone at age 1, at 19


Edward Nye at 15, at 43


Raymond Green at 2, at 18


Darren Hillis at 15, at 55


Eugene Martin at 14, at 36


Gabriel Minarcin at 11, at 35


Jamie Lusher at 16, at 30


John Katsilieris at 17, at 39


Louis Mackerley at 7, at 30

Mark Wilson at 13, at 52


Mitchel Weiser at 17, at 50


Nicholas Plaza at 5, at 11


Norman Prater at 17, at 50


Randy Pascale at 10, at 38


Reagen Uden at 10, at 22


Samuel Rawls at 17, at 36


Scott C. Fandel at 13, at 42


Matthew Wiinikainen at 17, at 57


Justin Rutter at 14, at 29


Taj Narbonne at 10, at 35


Thomas Roberts at 13, at 24

Christopher Daigle at 17, at 22


Kevin Hicks at 16, at 33


Zachary Bernhardt at 10, at 17


Damien Nettles at 17, at 35


Lucius Holt at 7, at 14


Sean Evans at age 10, at age 26


Joseph Helt at 17, at 46


Jimmy Howell at 12, at 45


Joseph Andrew Spisak at 11, at 57


Ben Needham at 3, at 38


Sandy Davidson at 6, at 47


Bob Boyes at 9, at 48


Chris Dorley-Brown at 6, at 16


Christian Glen Hall at 15, at 25


Russell Mort at 2 1/2, at 34


John Haynes at 19, at 43


Jonathan Camacho at 12, at 26


Ruben Humberto at 14, at 27


Johnny Gosch at 12, at 42


Ben Needham at 21 months, at 22


Joe Pilcher at 19, at 27


Sky Metalwala at 2, at 5


Scott Kleeschulte at 9, at 24


Steven Carter at 1, at 26




p.s. Hey. ** Mieze, Hi! That’s crazy you’ve never been to Paris. Well, not crazy crazy, but you know what I mean. Well, my offer of being the wannabe consummate host stands, and, honestly, it’s a great city, me thinks. Thank you about the film. Yeah, we’ll get it done. We’re industrious. And what are you up to these days? I’d love to know. Love, me. ** Dominik, Hi!!! That December thing, it’s like a kind of international Xmas market with booths from all over Europe, and it’s actually kind of nice. I used to live across the street from the Gare de l’Est where it’s held. So I will hit it up if I can. I’m that curious about this cottage cheesy thing. Mm, I don’t think I’ve ever kissed a split tongue person unless I was super high at the time, but it does seem like it could be a bucket list experience. Oh, ha ha, I was not successful at removing the stitches myself, or only partly and a bit bloodily, so I’m going to wait until Yury gets back from his vacation and see if he can do it. I haven’t heard a peep about the test results, so I’m thinking it must be okay. Damn, maybe if I’d had that love-gifted nurse’s uniform it would have been a different story. Love making a bottomless pit suddenly open up under the lectern at CPAC while Orban is giving his lecture, G. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi. I’m really into the Osasco Dynamics album. I’ve been listening to it all the time. Check it out. Yes, Play Therapy is much missed, maestro, but I am a patient person. Well, actually I’m not, but I’ll make an exception. Okay, I think when I dip into Nico’s life story I’ll go for your current read. Thank you, pal. ** Russ Healy, Hi, Russ Healy! Welcome, and thank you for stepping inside. And thank you very much about the assemblage. Massachusetts has been an undersung fount of really good bands going at least back to their contributions to psychedelic music in the ’60s. Ultimate Spinach! I haven’t heard/seen the new John Cale song yet, but you’ve nudged me to get it known today. I love John Cale too. We just exited Paris’s version of the heatwave, hopefully for the rest of summer’s duration, which is probably a pipe dream. Me neither on Covid. My immune system is gold star, I guess. I have one friend here who’s had monkeypox. He said it sucked, but he moistly complained about how it made him look, so I guess it wasn’t savage. Thank you again, and, yeah, stay cool by whatever means. What else is going on with you? What does the rest of your summer look like? ** Steve Erickson, So I heard. About the hotness. Everyone, Mr. Erickson’s ‘review of the embarrassingly bad queer slasher movie THEY/THEM is out now.’ Do try the gig, if you like.  I think it’s a pretty good one. Chat pile,  I’m on it, you sold me. Thanks. ** David Ehrenstein, That’s a very different rent kind of gig you’re proposing right there. ** l@rst, Hi. Oh, good, I can read the SST book and still be hep. Pretty intriguing there about that zine project. You made my wheels spin. Do share the booty when the booty is bootylicious, bud. ** John Newton, Hi, John. Thanks, I think I’ll be all right. Mm, I know I did read Alfred Chester, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember really anything about it, which is my cue to revisit and figure him out. So I will. Interesting character, for sure. Huh, I know about the Wisconsin Death Trip photos of course, but that backstory is total news. I’ll use the link and educate myself, thank you, man. Well, everybody is becoming rampagingly litigious at a hat’s drop these days, so I’m not surprised. I only really know the headlines of that story. I think someone is suing Disney for a similar reason if I remember my headline correctly and if it wasn’t just click bait. We might be post-horrid summer heatwaves here, but we’ll see. I could almost wear a light coat outside today. It’s a delicious respite. Oh, thank you about those books. I’ll have a think and maybe hit you up. Rock your Friday like a hurricane or something. ** Okay. I always liked this old, dead post (see: above) for some reason, so I used my resurrecting powers too give it life. And now you’re stuck with it. See you tomorrow.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    ns Here’s Marianne on Ageing

  2. Mieze

    Hi Dennis (man, three times in one week– a record for comments! And none vanished!)–

    What I’ve been doing… well, compared to the previous three years, quite a lot. Am back at work and doing a lot of mundane, necessary stuff. I was doing mundane stuff before as well, but now I’m just doing much more of it. Prior to last year and generally speaking, I’d just hit a wall and I couldn’t get around it. Couldn’t do much of anything, in fact. But then I kind of figured it out and rather than continuing to fuck around wasting time, got my hands on a proverbial power saw, cut a door and walked on through. I know that’s very vague-sounding, but I think it sums things up well enough without boring you to tears.

    No creative breakthroughs. I’m not thinking about that these days. But it’s all been good for me, and timely, because getting hold of things allowed me to be part of my brother’s life after years of nothing. He came around because he was dying, and so we were able to make amends and I was able to help him. It was a good thing in the end. Very good.

    Yeah, Paris… maybe next year, if I can manage it? It would be an honour to have you as a guide!

    At the moment, waiting for work to begin from the summer holidays. Meantime, trying to re-budget for the general cost of life, given the soaring prices of every fucking thing. The government here also recently announced that in the near future and continuing through the winter, we should be prepared for a minimum of 4-hour power cuts per day. We were wondering when it was going to happen, given that about 40% of our oil and gas comes from Russia via Germany. It was inevitable a bigger pinch was coming.

    Uh… I sound like an economist or something. I’ll stop before I DO bore you to tears!

    Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for asking about me. And before I go, I just want you to know that these age progression photos are really quite horrifying in their way.

  3. Dominik


    Uh-oh… This post will send me down the rabbit hole. Thank you (and this isn’t even sarcastic, haha)!

    Oh. My bad about the Christmas fair. Based on its name, I thought it was some kind of weird religious Hungarian event – I should’ve picked up on “Noël”. Hah, I’m really curious whether you’ll like Túró Rudi!

    Shit, I’m really sorry about the stitches. When does Yury get back? And yes, if they’re silent about the results, it probably means it’s all good. Right? I really, truly hope that’s the case, obviously.

    It should’ve happened that way – just as your love planned. Jesus Christ. Love using Hate’s dead body as a Halloween prop in his front yard, Od.

  4. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Talk about conspiracies: my comment from yesterday didn’t take, and that’s after I pasted it again, tried to post it, and got the duplicate comment detected notice. Weird.

    I said that I do find that conspiracy theory joke funny, so I guess that says something about me. But no, while I do find the various theories fascinating, I don’t go down rabbit holes and I try to be pragmatic and practical. Almost all the time, things are usually simply explained without there being anything nefarious behind them. I mean, I don’t see, say, the Epstein manifests and jump to “Aliens! It’s the fucking aliens!”

    My mother and I both tested positive for the ‘ro last night. We’re doing okay. Thanks for the well wishes. Fingers crossed and knock on wood and butt cheeks clenched that we remain doing okay. I’ll give you any updates.

    Thing is, I feel like I could’ve gotten it from her. Last week, she had the same exact symptoms I had at first on Tuesday. Who knows? Really, you can get it from anywhere and anyone and it doesn’t really matter. It’s just taking care of yourself and getting through it.

    Today is my first day of vacation. I spent the first 45 minutes looking for the top to my espresso machine. Found it on the bathroom floor next to the toilet. Seems David decided he wanted to play wiith it, took it into the bathroom, dropped it, and left it there. Ugh.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  5. _Black_Acrylic

    I was always into this speculative Thomas Pynchon photo.

    Excited because as of tonight, the English Premier League kicks off again! Leeds play Wolves tomorrow and I’m hopeful that our new American manager Jesse Marsch can somehow be Marcelo Bielsa mk 2 and take the league by storm.

  6. Bill

    I remember this post, haha. I was watching The Outsiders recently, and clicked on some of the actor bios. A few had more recent photos, whoa! Age can be cruel.

    Fun gig yesterday. Shit and Shine, what a great name. And Dividrleedoth, ha!

    Been making a little progress on the new project, until a server snafu. I think I’ve mostly recovered though.

    Not to add to my list of distractions, but any interest in me contributing an Alex von Warmerdam day for the blog?


  7. Nick Toti

    Hi Dennis — Just wanted to let you know I sent you an email that seemed too complicated to post here as a comment. Posting this in case it gets buried in your inbox. Hope you are doing well!

  8. Steve Erickson

    Have any of these kids been found, and has anyone gone before-and-after comparisons with their actual older selves?

    I’ve gone through some of yesterday’s music clips, and I liked the Maghreban and Editrix enough to download their albums. Does Editrix’s Wendy Eisenberg also lead a band under her own name performing jazz/metal? That was an interesting mix – they made me think of Sonny Sharrock, the Contortions, and some of the more rock-oriented music released by Rune Gramofon. I’ll do more listening from the Gig today.

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of music coming out? When I began writing music reviews for Slant Magazine, I started getting even more press releases from music publicists, with many download links out of the blue. There’s no way I can even keep up with this.

    On a single listen, the Bloodz Boi/claire rousay/More Eaze ep is excellent: minimal warped psychedelia.

    I’m having a very rough day. I tapered down on one of my meds recently and I think I’m suffering from severe insomnia and anxiety as a withdrawal symptom. The heat is even worse today, which doesn’t make things any better.

  9. David Ehrenstein

    Is That All There Is?

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