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p.s. Hey. ** billy chainsaw, Hi, Billy! How sweet of you to enter this abode. Thanks, man. I so wish I was in London to see your show. I hope it goes spectacularly. <3 ** Karl Adler, Hi, Karl. Thanks for coming in. ** David Ehrenstein, Thank you, sir. Thank you too for your Karina wisdom. And, whoa, for the interview! Everyone, Big treat! Mr. Ehrenstein interviewed yesterday’s star Anna Karina in 2010, and you lucky folks (and I) can read it, and do consider that yesterday’s missing link. ** Bernard, Hi. Ah, you’re a bathroom quickie kind of guy. Or, wait, never mind. I think I like Karina’s face because its pleasantness requires some delving or something? I’ve never seen ‘The Truth About Charlie’, and, in fac,t hadn’t even heard of it before I made that post, so you were probably right. Oh, thanks for news-ette on Diarmuid’s book. Well, he can barge if he wants. And it wouldn’t be barging. But I hope he know that. Nice that you’ll get to see him. There must be loads of people here or looky-loos who can pre-sort out some Berlin stuff for you to do. I can probably even throw out a thing or two when the time comes. But Bill H. is good source, no doubt. Yes, excited on this end too about TIHYWD’s Theater Chatelet run. That piece is having a hell of a good life for something so cumbersome and pricey to set up. TC has a new director who’s a giant Gisele fan, so things look good re: us + them. Nice NYC trip you had there. Wow, you know a lot about Joey Grey and related. Well, ‘wow’ and yet not surprised, if that works. I’m trying to stay away from what’s going on over there while here, but fucking god, yes! ** KeatiB, I know at least one top who got it and died. There can’t be too many Emo girls and guys who feel like one, if you ask me. Ha, good luck with the coaching. I think I know how that feels. Try poppers? ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Everyone, Steve’s review today concerns Hong Sang-soo’s film GRASS, and it is right smack dab here. Oh, yeah, that scene’s realness is kind of legendary over here, I think, well, at least amongst the attentive. I hear you about the state of things over there. I’m still trying to keep this place a rare oasis from those voracious if very understandable worries. Me, I’m not ready to go full negative and hopeless about the future. America’s famous fluidity is facing a heavy test, but I don’t think the future can be solidified in advance. ** _Black_Acrylic, I retroactively admire that student body. ‘Blood Bath’ seems quite interesting from that squib. Cool, collaborating, yes! ** Julia Gloria, Hi, Julia! Welcome back! I think there are a lot of books about Burroughs written by people who knew him or hung around with him. I think so? I feel like there is. But not by someone who was his ‘boyfriend’, it’s true, I don’t think. I think, usually, when foreign publishers take on my books it’s a passion project, or it always seems like that, and of course I’m super honored by those passions. I wrote a note to my agent about Poland + ‘TMS’, so we’ll see. Thank you so much again. Ha ha, that is quite a blurb. Funny. Only one of my books has been published in China, and, again, it’s ‘Frisk’, which has always seemed like the weirdest thing to me. I want to go to Poland, Poznan especially. I’m going to figure it out. Maybe we can find a way to show ‘Permanent Green Light’ there or something. Visiting there is a bit of a dream. Yes, yes, don’t take that life sucking job if you possibly can. You’re studying in Poznan? Do you plan/hope to do your PhD studies there as well? Do you travel much? Have you been to Paris? ** liquoredgoat, Hey, pal. Thank you a lot about ‘MLT’. I think that’s one of my best novels, and it’s probably my most overlooked novel maybe. Dude, congrats about the poem acceptance! Definitely hit us up with a link when it’s time. Are you starting to enjoy your ‘new’ hometown more? ** Okay. This weekend I present you with my newest gif fiction, which is also the draft of a section or chapter of a new gif novel I’m working on. As always, any feedback or thoughts would be hugely welcome and heartening. But no pressure. As ever, do what you want. See you on Monday.


  1. A Gently Weeping Guitar

    “The Truth About Charlie” is a remake of “Charade” without Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Entertaining but overall not a patch on the Donen, though Karina’s turn in it is marvelous.

    The Theatre Chatelet is a great place. I saw Jeanne Moreau do “Le recit de la servant Zerline” there

  2. You know, Dennis, psychiatrists should really start showing these things to their patients instead of the standard Rorschach inkblot tests. I’d be very curious as to what kind of reactions/interpretations that they would trigger.

    I won’t mince words, this week was awful. A freak scheduling thing had me working 6 days in a row, coupled with an IBS flare-up and an ingrown toenail that became infected. I went to the foot doctor on Wednesday and they had to do a minor surgical procedure in the office, mainly removing part of my toenail (which barely hurt at all, as they numbed it), then draining the pus. I have to apply a gel and a band-aid to the wound for like 2 weeks, plus be on antibiotics for 10 days. Madre mia! The only thing that’s been keeping me going is the knowledge that the 8th (and final) season of Game of Thrones begins airing tomorrow… well, that and the upcoming releases of the new Bret Easton Ellis and James Nulick books as well. Thomas Harris has a new book out next month also: I think his last one was in 2006. He’s one of those mainstream writers who barely publishes it seems: I think this will only be like his 6th novel since he began putting out books in the mid-1970’s.

  3. Good day for me to randomly check in and post, I guess, eh? Fun gif story. Meat rolling and head banging, my kind of metal show.

    I’ve been reading a few articles about this new Bret Ellis book that’s coming out and have to say that I’m pretty bothered by the stupidity of it all, and wanted to know what your thoughts are on it. I’m sure other people have already talked to you about it, and I hope you’re not sick of it. You were just featured on his podcast too, so I’m curious about that as well. When I was in middle/high school, his books were perfect angst literature for me, but then I read his more recent work, which I didn’t find as good. I definitely think that you can learn to love an artist’s work and not have to like them as a person, but man, I think Bret Ellis is honestly fucking retarded, quite literally. It’s made me just want to sell what I have by him. I mean, I think you lose your transgressive badass status when you can sell copies in a Target or Walmart, you know?
    It takes a real fucking idiot to alienate an entire group of readers. I’m not sure what he’s thinking – does he not want to have young fans, just the older white ones that might nod their head? I’d read it to get a full idea on not be so closed minded, but I also don’t want to spend a bunch of money to read something that looks like is going to be shit. Bret is like every millennial’s annoying uncle that can’t stop being racist/homophobic/sexist and still has a drug problem. What young person would want to buy a book about an older man complaining about young people? “Back in my days…” but written by necrosex fantasy bisexual rich coke addict loner. What’s worse is that someone thought this would be a good thing to publish, too. The things he complains about a mirror reflection – narcissistic and self-absorbed. Not everyone deserves a microphone, especially those that jack off to the sound of their own voices.
    It’s just really disappointing. Seems like the more you “know” an artist, the less you end up liking them as a person, so it’s best to not know anything at all. I guess the reason that I’m curious about your reflections on the shit is that you seem to have a lot of that young people energy – if that makes sense.

  4. Dennis, you are a great editor. The images flow so well together. I can hear the guitar or bass riffs! On a side note, and this may be a perverse taste thing, but I really like Tom Cruise in that film. Which was horrible if memory serves me correctly, but he’s hysterical in the movie. He’s a great comic actor when he wants to be one. Someone or he needs to unleash his talent and go total bananas. But back to your work, I like the slapstick and tension in the work.

    And this is a stupid question, but do you make some of the GIFs yourself? I know some images are found, but I wonder if you make them as well.

  5. Is your choice of the first image a comment on present-day teens’ choice of EDM over rock music? Or am I reading way too much into it? Anime boys (with pentagram eyes), heavy metal, and Tom Cruise in Axl Rose cosplay! How does this fit into the larger whole? There’s a very pleasant, almost nostalgic quality to it.

    Have you seen SAUVAGE, the French hustler film? I was not thrilled with it, to put it mildly. It’s like a really bad Dardennes imitation with a lurid imagination about how degrading sex work is, like close-ups of a huge buttplug being lubed just before someone is raped with it.

  6. Dennis, Sweet stuff today. It’ll be neat to see it within the larger context of the whole novel.

    When we were living in Suitland, MD, right outside DC, my mom would take us to the playground every day. I was, I think, 4 years old. There was another little boy there who’d come up and hit me every time he was there. I’d just stand there and do nothing. Finally, my mom said, “You hit him back next time he hits you.” So I did. He cried. Ran home. Suddenly, his whole family is out on the playground, aunts, sisters, uncles, mother, etc., yelling at my mom, who, of course, wouldn’t back down. No fists were thrown, but the boy never hit me again.

    But yeah, I’ve learned over the years, believe it or not, it’s best to avoid/de-escalate situations rather than fight. I mean, somebody takes a swing at me, it’s game on. But I’ll do everything I can to avoid that first.

    I’m really into this whole Star Wars theme park stuff too. Or I will be when it’s up and running, even if it’s just reading reviews and watching videos. I don’t know if I’ll ever go to either Disney. I have a friend who goes several times a year, and that’s really turned me off from it, hahaha. I’m such an asshole sometimes.

    The second and last bookcase is finished. Your books have their own little sections. But here’s the weird thing: no Marbled Swarm!!!!!! What the hell? Either Kayla has it in her room or -and I think I remember this happening- I spilled something on it and ruined it and had to throw it away and forgot to replace it. Which I’ll do. I want all of them! Also am missing McCarthy’s The Road, which is strange. I think I lent it to someone and never got it back. Or maybe it’s in Kayla’s room. I’ll check on both.

    So I’m estimating I still have about 500 books in this little room…after deciding to get rid of about 300 or so. Lots of anthologies and shit I picked up over the years with the intent to use them as resources and stuff, but I’ve realized I’m never going to look at them. A lot of texts I had to buy for college that I’ll never read again. Some dupes. Some free copies I’d grab when I worked at Crown Books years ago. Etc. And then a bunch I’ve read and have really no attachment to. Bye, bitches!

    I’m reading Mark’s Trump Sky Alpha right now. Of course, I really like it so far. It’s pretty hilarious. 😀

  7. I used to look upon rock musicians as gods, as the living embodiment of all that was cool and creative and sexy. But then there was some point in my teens when I became really sick of all that tiresome rock star mythology and it was all renounced as a stupid waste of time. But then later still I came to realise that all the posing and cliche is just a kind of fun and camp, and that the dude with “You’re the man!” emblazoned across his butt had really got the right idea after all.

  8. Hey Dennis,
    Slow internet connection is making viewing and commenting a bit tricky, but wanted to chime in quickly about this GIF marvel. To my eyes, it has some of your funniest and most startling combinations and I loved how it builds with a musical refrain and structure. It has a terrific rock energy, propulsion, and addictive replay quality to it, too. Interested to see how it fits into the novel. A bientot.

  9. Hey dennis !!

    I’m super excited to see one of yr new gif works !! and super duper excited to hear that it’s part of a new gif book, hurray

    This is the way I tend to read yr gif works – first I read through it on the blog from start to finish – then I usually get stoned (b/c I really enjoy reading them while stoned, it’s a fun stoned activity) and make a rough outline of the gifs and catalog my thoughts as I read through it a few more times – then I compose my thoughts when I tell u my reaction.

    I imagined the piece as a rock concert that ends with a merci and applause. It seemed to me like the music was making a visceral violent reaction on the listeners, and there was a clear “BECAUSE” cause and effect going on.

    I really liked all the sketchy drawings and anime gifs you had in there, which for me gave the piece a kind of ‘teenager dreaming in their notebook’ kind of vibe. I also liked the red demon and satanic eyes parts, and the way it made me think about rock as a vehicle of satanic energy and how rock concerts can be thought of as some sort of mass demonic possession or something.

    My favorite sections were the audience falling down the chute, and the anime person joyfully jumping up into the bloody hacking chainsaw.

    The two sections that include the anime person biting the bdsm strap, and the pictures of two kids with he black metal book in the middle both creeped me out in a wonderful way – both are very sinister and discomforting to me, and I think that’s my favorite part of the piece. i enjoyed the pacing of that section.

    The bouncing cock was also great and partly makes me wonder if we’ll ever see a more porn-centered explicit gif work from u (i don’t remember seeing one, but maybe my memory is faulty) — is that anything you feel interested in doing?

    As a side question, has the tumblr porn purge affected yr gif-making in any way, or not really?

    There was one part of the work that I felt confused by in an intrigued way – the part with the black smoke and the drawing of the person underneath. I wanted to ask if u felt like elaborating on it at all in terms of what u think about it – but if that doesn’t interest you, no worries.

    Hope ur having a great morning !! thanks for sharing these beautiful gif pieces and please keep em coming !!

  10. Corey Heiferman

    April 14, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    Wow you’ve really gotten a handle on timing the gifs to move in unison! I hope if Sergei Eisenstein still exists in some form he can see this.

    I’ve completed the first of likely many shoots with my documentary subject. He’ll be in town longer than I originally thought. He just printed a deck of tarot cards. Patience is his strongest trait and that’s rare nowadays. So far I’ve mostly been experimenting with directing people and handling equipment, but I’m sure at least some day 1 footage will prove useful. The other project with the serendipitous story stuck on a floppy is on hold until after my Hebrew exam this Thursday. I’m a bit jittery about that but I’ve been taking lessons and even if I don’t pass this time I have two more chances.

    Tonight I went to a friend’s performance as part of a learn-Hebrew-though-theater group. I was impressed and already signed up for the next season (starts in 2 weeks). Since I’ve had “Out 1” on my mind it reminded me of that, only grounded if that makes sense.

    I recently watched “The Immortal One,” “Trans-Europ Express” and “The Man Who Lies.” While watching I heard a cynical voice say that a bunch of fractured story lines all involving tied up brunettes is basically a South Park parody of a European art film. However, after a week or two they’ve had a way of burrowing into my mind.

    @Bernard I fall under the Tel Aviv stereotype of regarding Berlin as a mistress city and wish you a fabulous trip. I can send you detailed recommendations on Facebook if you’d like. My favorite off the beaten path day trip was to an expressionist art museum near a lake with a Cranach-filled hunting lodge beside it with beer gardens nearby:



    In turn I’d like to ask people here for recommendations about how to spend an overnight layover in Rome. I’ve never been but don’t feel pressured to run around like a chicken without a head because I’ll definitely return in the not too distant future. I arrive at 20:15 on a Wednesday evening in August and am due back at the airport around 12:30 the following afternoon. Any suggestions are welcome provided they give me an excellent chance of making it back to the airport in good enough condition to attend a wedding a few days later.

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