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p.s. Hey. Today I’m heading down to Marseilles for a few days to co-host screenings of PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT (tonight), LIKE CATTLE TOWARDS GLOW (tomorrow night), and a walk-through presentation of ZAC’S DRUG BINGE (Sunday night) at Manifesta 13. I’ll be personally away from the blog for the duration. You’ll get rerun posts from the early days of this incarnation of the blog (sans p.s.es) on Saturday and Monday, and I’ll be back to catch up with whatever comments are left here and give you a new post on Tuesday. ** _Black_Acrylic, Happy to help fill your need, sir. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. I can’t enter/get past the NYTimes site/paywall, so I don’t know what you’re linking me to. ** Damien Ark, Hi, Damien. Yes, my SELFFUCK introduction came  courtesy of Josiah Morgan. I’m expecting a batch of books from them in the mail any day, and I’m excited to dig way in. Oh, man, I’m so sorry that things got so rough you had to be sequestered. Grief can be a monster. I’m still grieving about my friend George Miles (see: my upcoming novel). Sure, of course, a ‘welcome’ post for your novel would be most welcome and sought after. Take care of yourself, buddy. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. Very possibly, yeah. And, yeah, that book is something else. ** Jeff J, Hi, Jeff. The Nightingales, yes. I have some of their singles back in LA. I don’t remember their sound exactly but your description rings true. Sounds like a thorough investigation is in order, and I’ll get on that. Thank you! Congrats on the review! I had to finish the film script to get to Gisele yesterday, so I remain a soon-to-be listener. I’ll either stream it during a break in sunny Marseilles or as soon as I get back. Huh, curious, about Jeremy. Yes, let’s Skype soon for that and all kinds of reasons. Good long weekend, man. ** Bill, Hi. Glad your skies are at least looking more earthly even if they remain sneaky. I think my childhood home will be safe. There are thousands of houses that would need to be incinerated before it reached mine. But who fucking knows these days. Yes, I’ve been hearing about that ‘new’ ‘Beau Travail’. Enjoy it and him. And everything else, natch. ** Okay. Today you get a super simple and easy-peasy and fun-loving post. The blog will see you tomorrow, and I’ll see you ‘in person’ again on Tuesday. Take care, everybody.


  1. RIP Diana Rigg, Yorkshire’s most iconic actress.

    Today’s post leaves me with a sudden urge to play Tetris for some reason.

    The new episode of Play Therapy is online here via Tak Tent Radio! Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson brings you Italo Disco, Chicago House, Jamaican Dancehall and even some Psychedelic Trance too.

  2. Sorry you can’t get pas that pay wall. The piece is from the NYT and concerns a shift in attitude toward sexual harassment in France with feminist writers speaking out against it as never before. Is this something you’ve noticed?

  3. Hey, Big D. I like shapes in general. Prefer circles and spirals, but I can definitely get on board with squares too. Don’t know why, but I look at this Day and think a bit of Robbe-Grillet.

    Yeah, I’m not big on nostalgia myself, but I’m susceptible to it. I think I just try to get over it as quickly as possible. Kind of like self-pity to me. I’ve always said it’s okay to feel a little sorry for yourself sometimes because no one else will, but you better get over that shit quickly, 😀

    No worries, as we take care of my mom re: her lack-of-gall-bladder-ness. 😀 It’s a thing, unfortunately. It’s annoying to her too. But it is what it is and we have to work around it a lot.

    Kayla’s birthday is next Tuesday, the 15th. She’ll be 26. She’s well, working, schooling, helping my mom out around the house, etc. (Can’t say much for the other one, who’s gotten even worse the past few days, including a big argument thing that happened earlier this week. Is it really too much to ask an adult man not to sell drugs to underage high school kids? That’s all I’m gonna say about that. )

    Anyway, Kayla stole my idea and wants a guitar for her birthday. Just a starter kit type of thing. I found one that I think will be perfect for her. Just gotta get it now. I think a local store actually carries it and I’m going to try and pick it up today. Hell, might actually get myself one finally. We’ll see.

    Have a glorious weekend. I intend to do the same. 😀

  4. I hope you’ll have a very beautiful time in Marseille, Dennis. Jealousy is not really my thing, but I have to admit I’m jealous of anyone who’ll be there for the screenings and the walk-through presentation … I love Zac’s Drug Binge, and a walk-through presentation of it sounds like some kind of magic. I’m also really thirsty to watch Permanent Green Light (the trailer looks awesome), but I can’t seem to find the film itself anywhere… xxx

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