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Spotlight on … The Grand Grimoire: The Red Dragon (1702) *

* (Halloween countdown post #9)


The Grand Grimoire is often regarded to be one of the most potent grimoires in existence. Many sources claim that this grimoire was written in 1520, and was later discovered in a certain ‘Tomb of Solomon’ in 1750. Furthermore, this grimoire is said to have been written in either Biblical Hebrew or Aramaic. This supposed connection with the Biblical King Solomon, and the ancient language it is rumoured to have been written in, would certainly have enhanced the reputation of the Grand Grimoire as a powerful book of magic.

The Grand Grimoire consists of four parts, and is supposedly being kept in the Vatican Secret Archives. According to legend, the Grand Grimoire was written by Honorius of Thebes, who is said to have been possessed by the devil. The occult manuscript is said to contain magical spells, as well as a detailed account of how newly-elected popes are slowly corrupted, and then won over by the power of Satan.

‘One of the most infamous contents of the Grand Grimoire, however, is the instructions that would supposedly allow a person to summon Lucifer or Lucifuge Rofocale. One of the instruments required for this ritual is a Blasting Rod, which would be used to smite Lucifer into submission once he is evoked. After this, a deal with the Devil may be made. Therefore, the Grand Grimoire also contains a section entitled the “Genuine Sanctum Regnum, or the True Method of Making Pacts”. Amongst other things, the person conducting this ritual would require a stone called Ematille, and two blessed candles, both of which would be used to form a Triangle of Pacts, so that he / she may be protected from the spirits that have been summoned.

‘Whilst the original Grand Grimoire (or a copy of it) is held in the Vatican Secret Archive, a version of it was produced during the 18 th century, when there was a boom in the production of cheap grimoires in France. This version of the Grand Grimoire was first published in the 19 th century, and spread to the different colonies that French had at that time. As a result of this, the Grand Grimoire is still being widely used in Caribbean countries that were once part of the French colonial empire, in particular, Haiti, where it is referred to as ‘Le Veritable Dragon Rouge’.

‘Unsurprisingly, The Grand Grimoire is still used widely by practitioners of voodoo in Haiti. Oh, the book is also rumored to be impervious to fire.’ —



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Unknown author The Grand Grimoire: The Red Dragon
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The Red Dragon has been variously treated as a grimoire, a piece of folk literature, and a joke manuscript; it comprises one part of what is loosely termed “The Grand Grimoire”- a collection of magickal works from the Renaissance such as the Black Pullet and Lesser Keys of Solomon. The Red Dragon however bears the title “Grand Grimoire” on its own. Multiple editions of it exist, some with material tacked on. It takes the form of a long ritualistic ceremony designed to secure communication with a demon known as “Lucifuge Rofocale” followed by various invocations and incantations and spells. The contents are heretical in the extreme, from rituals involving boiling a black cat to the use of toxic substances in ritual form. Small wonder, that this text has gained so much notoreity.’ — CSIPP



Chapter IV

Containing the true method to make the great cabalistic circle.

Start by forming a circle with the kid skin that you will nail down with the four nails, then with the Bloodstone you will make a triangle inside of the circle, starting from the direction of the rising sun; make also with the Bloodstone the four letters that are written outside of the circle. So also the saintly name of Jesus in this manner: between two crosses so that the spirits can’t harm you from behind.

Following this, the Karcist (who is the operator) will let his Associates into the Triangle and he will also enter without letting himself become frightened by any noise that he could hear, putting the two candleholders with the two garlands of vervain to the right and to the left of the internal triangle. That done, light the two candles and put a new vase in front of you, that is, in front of the Karcist, filled with the ash of the Willow wood that you have burned earlier that same day.

The Karcist will light it and pouring in a part of the Spirit of Water and part of the incense and Camfor, and conserving the remaining part to maintain a continuous flame that will suffice for the entire operation.

Having done everything exactly as has been described here you will pronounce the following words.

“I present you, O great ADONAY, this incense as the most pure, at the same time I present you with these ashes which come from the lightest (or finest) wood. I offer you them, O great ADONAY, ELOHIM, ARIEL and JEHOVA, with ll my heart and spirit. Condescend, O great ADONAY, to accept them. Amen.”

Pay attention not to have any impure metal on your person but only some gold or silver coins folded in a piece of paper to throw at the spirit so that he cannot harm you when he presents himself to you before the circle and while he takes the coin you will begin the following prayer, arming yourself with courage, strength and prudence.

Be careful that only the Karcist, or Operator, speaks; the others must remain silent, even if the spirit interrogates or threatens them.

First Oration

O great living God, the only and same person, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, I adore you with the most profound respect and I submit myself to your saintly and woryour custody with full faith. I sincerely believe that you are my creator, my benefactor and my support and master; I declare to you that I have no other wish but that of belonging to you for eternity. So it shall be. Amen.

Second Oration

O great living God, who created man to be happy in this life and who created everything for our needs, and who said that everything shall be dependent on man; be favorable and do not permit that the rebel spirits possess the treasures that were formed by your hands for earthly needs. Give me, O great God, the faculty to possess them by the powerful and terrible words of the Clavicle: ADONAY, ELOHIM, ARIEL, JEHOVA, TAGLA, MATHON. Be favorable. So shall it be.”

Be careful to maintain your flame with the spirits of the wine, incense and canphora and then make the following offering.

I offer you this incense as the purest that I could find, O great ADONAY, ELOHIM, ARIEL and JEHOVA deign to accept it. O great ADONAY use your power to be favorable and enable me to succeed in this great undertaking. So it shall be. Amen.

First Invocation to Emperor Lucifer

Emperor Lucifer, prince and master of the rebel spirits, I implore you to abandon your dwelling, in whatever part of the world you should be, to come and speak to me. I command and entreat you by the authority of the great living God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, to come noiselessly and without giving off any offensive scents, to respond in a clear and intelligible voice, point by point, to all that I shall ask you, failing which, thou shalt be most surely compelled to obedience by the power of the divine ADONAY, ELOHIM, ARIEL, JEHOVA, TAGLA, MATHON, and by the whole hierarchy of superior spirits, who shall constrain you against your will.

Second Invocation to Emperor Lucifer

I command and entreat you Emperor Lucifer, by the authority of the great living God, by the power of EMMANUEL his Son, your only master and mine, and by virtue of his precious blood which he spilled to liberate man from his chains, I order you to abandon your dwelling in whatever part of the world you should be, swearing to you that I will not give you a moment of rest, but that you come to speak to me immediately with an intelligent voice or, if you cannot come in person, send me your messenger Astaroth in human guise noiselessly and without foul scents otherwise I will strike you and your entire kind with the blasting rod as far as the bottom of the abysses and it will be with the power of these great words of the Clavicle, by ADONAY, ELOHIM, ARIEL, JEHOVA, TAGLA, MATHON, ALMOZIN, ARIOS, PITHONIA, MAGOTS, SYLPHAE, TABOTS, SALAMANDRAE, GNOMUS, TERRAE, CELLIS, GODIUS, AQUA; immediately.


Prior to reading of the third invocation, if the spirit doesn’t appear, read the Clavicle as follows, and strike all of the spirits, putting the two ends of the fork of your rod in the fire. At this point do not be frightened by the horrible cries that you will hear because all of the spirits will appear. Before reading the Clavicle, while the noise continues, read again the third invocation.

Third Invocation to Emperor Lucifer

I command you, Emperor Lucifer, by the great living God, his dear son and the Holy Ghost and by the power of the great ADONAY, ELOHIM, ARIEL AND JEHOVA, to appear now or send me your ASTAROTH. I command you to abandon your dwelling in whatever part of the world it should be, declaring to you that if you do not appear immediately, I will strike you and all of your cohorts again with the blasting rod of the great ADONAY, ELOHIM, ARIEL AND JEHOVA.

If the spirit still has not appeared put the two ends of your rod in the fire and read the following words of Solomon’s Clavicle.

Grand Invocation of the Great Kabbala


After having twice repeated these great and powerful words you can be sure that the spirit will appear in the following manner.

The Apparation of the Spirit

Here I am, what will you ask of me? Why do you torment my peace? Desist from striking me again with that terrible rod.

——–Lucifuge Rofocale

Query to the Spirit

Had you appeared when I called you, I would not have struck you: consider that if you do not confer upon me that which I ask, I will eternally torment you.


Response of the Spirit

Do not bother or disturb me further. Tell me immediately what you want. ——–Lucifuge Rofocale

Query to the Spirit

I command you to come and speak to me twice daily during the night, or to those who have the book which you will approve and sign. I will leave it to you to choose which times are most convenient to you, if you do not want to approve the following times hereby indicated, that is:

On Monday at nine o’clock and at midnight.

On Tuesday at ten o’clock and at one in the morning.

On Wednesday at eleven o’clock and at two in the morning. On Thursday at eight and ten o’clock.

On Friday at seven in the evening and at midnight.

On Saturday at nine in the evening and at eleven at night.

Moreover, I command you to give me the nearest treasure and I promise you as reward the first piece of gold or silver which I touch with my hands on the first day of every month. Here is what I ask of you.”


Response of the Spirit

I cannot grant that which you ask of me, if not on this, nor on any others, unless you give yourself over to me in fifty years, to do with thy body and soul as I please.

——–Lucifuge Rofocale

Query to the Spirit

I am going to strike you and all of your cohorts by the power of the great ADONAY if you do not immediately grant to me that which I ask of you.



Put the two ends of the blasting rod in the fire again; re-reading the great invocation of the Clavicle, until the spirit submits to your wishes.

Response and Covenant with the Spirit

Do not strike me anymore! I promise to do everything that you want. Two hours at night-time every day of the week, that is:

On Monday at ten o’clock and at midnight.

On Tuesday at eleven o’clock and at one in the morning.

On Wednesday at midnight and at two in the morning.

On Thursday at eight and eleven o’clock.

On Friday at nine in the evening and at midnight.

On Saturday at ten o’clock in the evening and at one in the morning.

I also approve your book and I give my signature in parchment which I will attach to this book so that you can use it for your needs; I also submit myself to appear before you whenever I am called and when you open the book and are purified and have the terrible blasting rod and have prepared the great kabbalistic circle and Pronouncing the name Rofocale. I promise to appeaer and treat you, and those who have this book which will bear my signature, considerately and in a friendly manner as long as you shall call me to order as soon as have need of me. I shall also induce myself to give you the treasure for which you have asked, provided that you keep the secret forever; that you shall be charitable towards the poor and that you give me a gold or silver coin all the first days of every month. If you neglect to do this things you shall be mine forever.

——–Lucifuge Rofocale, Approved

The Signature:

Response to the Spirit

I will adhere to your demand. ———Solomon

C Centum Regum C

Conjuring Lucifer






p.s. Hey. ** Scunnard, Hi, Jared. Good, good to hear. Obviously I high 5+ your prioritising there. But I wouldn’t even know how not to. I’m good, buffeting the COVID uprising, working on stuff, not bad. Keep doing what you’re doing, man. ** Ferdinand, Ah, thanks! Everyone, Ferdinand shares a great, thorough and thoughtful review of Thomas ‘Moronic’ Moore’s beautiful novel ‘Alone’ by the very talented in his own right Adam Lehrer, right about here. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Yes, Honda’s work with Kurosawa is fascinating and such a surprise, at least in superficial theory. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. My LA pad is at the base of the hill atop which sits the Observatory, so a weird angle of it greets my comings and goings, as does the facade of the Ennis Brown house. I did my voting thing too, and may the scum and its enablers lose by an enormous margin very soon. Honda’s films are joyful basically to a one. Nice to see you, sir. ** Sypha, A Champagne + DC’s mindmeld! Awesome soliloquy there for which I bow and thank you kindly. Did you ever see ‘Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster’? It’s not a Honda film, but it’s kind of unbelievably weird and kind of great too. ** _Black_Acrylic, Ah, but those films are ultimately such wacky, family friendly-seeming fun. Drat about the writing group’s death. I don’t suppose there’s a reason to gather together the stragglers who still want that sort of thing and do your own spin-off version? ** Danielle, Hi, Danielle! I’ll take treat, thank you. Ooh, ooh, … I’m excited re: your vid. Hold on. Scary! And weird and beautiful! Awesome, thank you! I just sent the link to Stephen. Yeah, Zac and I fucked up and couldn’t think of anything we thought was scary and spectacular enough to be part of the haunted house project by the deadline. But I’m excited to see it. Or, rather, Zac will do it live, and I’ll have to wait and hope for archiving because I’ll be snoring or whatever Paris time when that occurs. Everyone, Danielle has a couple of really top notch Halloween entertainments to alert you to. First of all, a virtual haunted house! Description: ‘An Online Virtual Haunted House Experience. Featuring original cast members of HBO’s ‘The Sopranos’, amazing scribes Kathe Koja, Maryse Meijer, Stephen Graham Jones, and Danielle herself among many others. Thursday, October 29, 2020. 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. CDT. Guests will be taken on a guided tour through our Zoom haunted mansion where multiple rooms have been curated by artists, performers, and scholars whose spirits will haunt you as they explore horror’s relation to the arts & humanities and expose the horrors of “the everyday.” See event poster for more information!’ Go here. And, second, a little preview of Danielle’s eerie dance portion of the aforementioned haunted attraction (to music by Stephen O’Malley, Rully Shabara Herman, Wukir Suryadi) here. Oh, right, everyone’s talking Vitamin D. I’ll get on that. Like I told James, try ‘Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster’. So very good to see you, D! Hang way in there and stay as tough as nails, etc. xoxo, Dennis. ** Brian O’Connell, Hi. Indeed! Good your weekend was nice and even melodramatically gloomy since that has a nice sing to it. Interesting about your past with writing. That’s like me with visual art. I used to do drawings and paintings and make bad Super8 movies when I was younger, but that well, which was never very rich and large to begin with, just dried up. Readers and writers are equals, I think. It’s all about what writing does to you, whether you’re inputting it or outputting it. I’m pretty good. Parc Asterix was big fun. They did Halloween pretty well, especially considering it’s still a new form to the French. There was even one completely weird, fucked up, great haunted house using 3D glasses and tons of cheap florescent paint and black lights and so on that was honestly quite disorienting. And a few other haunted houses that were ambitious and thoughtfully done and well meaning even if they weren’t quite great. And, you know, the roller coasters and all that. Anyway, it made for a much needed, adrenaline-provoking day. Highlight of an otherwise work-y weekend, to be sure. Was today special in any respect on your end? Enjoy its totality. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Ah, weird, interesting: your screenplay come to life. I guess if there was ever a time when people would fall for that stuff, this conspiracy theory-poisoned one is the time. Huh. ** Right. The Halloween festivities continue on the blog courtesy of today’s spotlight on an evil, evil book. Beware. And see you tomorrow.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    The “Grimoire” shows that “God”-worship and “Satanism” are two sides of the same coin.
    s for “Soomon” Cole Porter said it best.

  2. David Ehrenstein

    Stil waiting for takes of my sgnd, framed “Last Temptation” poster (175.00) and other books, DVDs, CDs

  3. Misanthrope

    Dennis, So how was your excursion of the Parisian haunted place the other day?

    Mine’s Friday, the Trail of Terror. Should be fun. We’re looking forward to it.

    Weekend was swell, thanks. Stayed up way too late each night and slept in way to late each day, but I ain’t care. Still had a swell weekend. 😀

    Lots of guitar practice, etc. 😀

  4. Sypha

    “Grand Grimoire?” I already wrote it! 😉

    Dennis weirdly enough the Smog Monster one is one of the few original early Godzilla films that I have not seen… one of these days… I won’t lie that soliloquy was actually cut & pasted from an unpublished novella of mine that was kind of a semi-autobiographical, semi-fictional memoir of my childhood, ha ha.

  5. Bill

    I love the idea of grimoires. But I doubt that I can read more than short excerpts from one.

    Danielle, thanks for the pointer to the haunted house event, and the video from your performance. Very nice, the interplay with the shadows and the disorienting reflections (?) in the video are very effective.

    Just started Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame!. Pretty much what I expected: confusing plot and action sequences, but the huge Piranesi-an spaces filled with baroque machinery and weird Lovecraft-ian creatures are lovingly drawn. A nice panel:


    • Danielle

      Thanks for watching, Bill! And thanks to you too, Dennis, for watching and promoting the event. 🙂

  6. _Black_Acrylic

    I had a brief flirtation with the occult back in art school but never went in very deep. A couple of Crowley biographies that were never finished, that was about the extent of my training in the dark arts.

    This evening I attended a talk by Luke Fowler as part of the Dundee art school’s Masters Showcase Speaker Programme. Just done via YouTube, but still it was nice to get some sort-of human contact. His new project is a short film about the synth genius Patrick Cowley so I’m keen to see that if it’s ever widely available.

  7. Steve Erickson

    Did the “Great Grimoire Investigator” ever post a video showing what happened after the video you put up?

    I watched a curious video about ghost hunting videos from Saudi Arabia and Dubai yesterday, but the original clips are mostly on Snapchat and unsubtitled. The big takeaway was that this stuff is probably fake everywhere, but the Arab ghost hunters are willing to go filming in abandoned buildings which would scare homeless crack addicts.

    Did Thomas Harris name RED DRAGON after this grimoire?

    My interview with WHITE RIOT director Rubika Shah came out today: As did my review of Tyler Taormina’s HAM ON RYE, a very leftfield teen drama that starts streaming through Anthology Film Archives Friday:

  8. Brian O’Connell

    Hi, Dennis,

    Ooh, “Le Dragon Rouge”. Spooky stuff. I used to read a lot about witchcraft/the occult/satanism/etc.—not out of a place of personal belief, I just thought it was tremendously interesting (and still do, in a lot of ways). There’s something kind of fun and vaguely frightening about that whole scene. Maybe time to dig up some of those old books for the season.

    Yep, your experience with the visual arts is basically what I’m talking about. I still take a stab at writing every now and then, but it just doesn’t seem to be my calling. Which is fine, of course. I am definitely trying to be a more active and involved reader than I have been in the past. That at least is a skill I can hone, and one I take tremendous pleasure in exercising.

    Oh yeah, I forgot that Halloween is still sort of catching on in France. I’m glad you had fun; it sounds like it was a blast. Jealous that you have such an attraction in your vicinity! No, nothing at all special today for me, just more drudgery re: schoolwork. Also ploughing through the (extremely long) opening section of the (extremely long) “Kindly Ones”, which is proving to be a challenging read (historical fiction is not my usual territory) but a rewarding one nonetheless. And I’ve got some horror movies cued up for this week. But mostly the usual general boredom/dread. That’s about it on my end.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  9. Maureen Murray

    I saw some comment on YouTube, they are testifying about how he help them then i also give a try and see that they are real, thank so much Fexty.

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