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Slideshow: Closer: The Dennis Cooper Papers @ Kunstverein Amsterdam (March 23 – June 23, 2012) *

* (restored)


Closer – The Dennis Cooper Papers
23 March – 23 June 2012

‘In collaboration with the Fales Library & Special Collections of New York University, Kunstverein Amsterdam presents the archive of the George Miles Cycle, comprised of manuscripts, journals, posters, correspondence, scrapbooks and videocassettes. In addition, works by artists Vincent Fecteau and Falke Pisano are shown alongside the archive material. Artist Trisha Donnelly has been commissioned to produce new work based on the five novels.’ — KA

DC circa 1988













John Waters reads from ‘Try’

Bret Easton Ellis reads ‘Wrong’

Stephen Malkmus reads from ‘The Dream Police’

Robert Gober reads ‘Dinner’

Lynne Tillman reads from ‘Period’

Thurston Moore reads ‘Introducing Horror Hospital’, ‘Phoner’, and from ‘Them’


Falke Pisano ‘Cycle’


Geometries of Desire Slideshow (sample projections)


Catalog (sample pages)


Zines (from my collection)




p.s. RIP Tommy Lasorda. ** So, about 8 or so years ago, the Kunstverein in Amsterdam, then headed by Krist Gruijthuijsen, organised an exhibition featuring the ‘George Miles Cycle’ portion of my archives at NYU/Fales Library. It later travelled to the Kunsthalle in Basel. The show featured the scrapbooks I made to help write each novel, drafts, notes, research materials, and so on. They showed a video of an event at NYU in 2000 marking the conclusion of the Cycle that featured artists reading from my works, a selection of my Queer zine collection, plus some work artists made in relationship to the Cycle. I documented the show with my crappy camera and made a post out of it around that time. I decided to restore it partly because there doesn’t seem be much documentation of the show online and partly with the excuse that it’s my birthday tomorrow so I can let myself self-indulge. Anyway, if anything above interests you and you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. Otherwise, have a look, or, you know, don’t. ** _Black_Acrylic, Yeah, weird, huh. Err extremely on the side of remaining healthy and safe. That Covid shit is flying around. Zac got it a couple of weeks ago and has been quite ill, but he is finally and slowly getting better. But it’s a nasty thing. ** Dominik, Hi, D! Yeah, I don’t know where that love yesterday came from, ha ha. Too much slave post hunting, I guess. Have a great weekend! Love like the coolest ever posse, me. ** Misanthrope, Hi. Mm, there is a lot of old blog data aka posts that are still lodged on a hard drive and need to be uploaded, and its possible there’s a Jodorowsky post somewhere in there, but don’t remember having one, or not a full-on Day around him. But you could be right. I seem to Zoom pretty often these days to see my friends, but I still have no idea how to create a Zoom … room, meeting place, or whatever you call it, and it’s probably as simple as pie and all of that. Even though silences aren’t necessarily a no since editor types can be sludgy slow, it is healthy to assume they are no’s. I trust you’ll upload your finessed performance of ‘Louie Louie’ to youtube or use it to start a Patreon ‘George the Rocker’ channel or whatever they call those? ** G, Hey! I’m happy you like Gabrielle’s book so far. Mm, I think the last time I made carrot cake was in the 80s when some friend or two wanted me to prove that I was the carrot cake master that I had apparently claimed to be, and, if memory serves, I think the carrot cake I made turned out to be no better than your average carrot cake, which bolstered my thought that the secret to its greatness was the potheads who’d eaten it and their impaired judgement. So I feel pretty confident in saying you’re not missing much. Happy Saturday, Sunday. ** T, Hi, T! Sapporo does sound very odd, and pretty alluring in your description actually. I have a great love for abandoned things, as the blog has probably made clear, so those ex-resorts are kind of boiling my blood. Plus the sculptures and the enormous Buddha, which does really ring a bell. I’ll have to hunt. The lack of a search engine for the blog is annoying, yes. It’s not offered. I’m also an amusement park fanatic, and Sapporo seems to have an oddball one called Satoland. Anyway, it’s now firmly penned in for my next Japan trip, which is probably the first thing I’ll do when the travel preventions are loosened up. Thank you! Yes, do the art islands! The best thing to do, if you have the time, is to stay for two or three days. Get a hotel/lodging on the main, Naoshima. If you can splurge, stay at this amazing hotel called The Oval that sits on a hilltop above the big art museum and is only accessible via this tiny cable car thing. In any case, Naoshima is kind of the centerpiece, but you take ferries to the two other islands, each of which is a day trip. Incredible, mindblowing, highly recommended. The sumo merch I remember was, well, a lot of expected stuff: t-shirts, posters, etc. There were these very expensive little sumo figurines who ‘wrestled’ when you pushed a button. There were watches that had pixel/sumo figures ‘living’ inside them that you could ‘feed’ and stuff. I forget what else. Not bad. My day was pretty much squat personified too. Such are the general times, I guess. I hope you manage to forage way cool things out of your weekend though. xo. ** h(now j), Hi! I’m fine. Zac has Covid so I’m worried about him, although he’s getting better. My week was really quite quiet. Ah, Destroyer’s ‘Your Blues’, maybe my all-time favorite album. Sweet! I think my favorite is ‘An Actor Seeks Revenge’. Thank you for the birthday wish. I fear it will be a big fat, empty nothing, but that’s life under pandemic for you. Much love back to you! ** Brian O’Connell, And a very happy Saturday to you too, sir! I would definitely recommend starting with ‘The Holy Mountain’. It and ‘El Topo’ are his best films by far, I think. Prepare yourself for more and many zooms before you watch ‘Death in Venice’. Zooms are definitely a big fetish of Visconti. I did see that the hideous one is banned from Twitter, an outcome of no small delight, even though there’s a part of me that wouldn’t mind him having a venue to destroy himself even further. But yes. And the days are slowly ticking away. I have to try to figure something out of the ordinary to do on my birthday tomorrow so I won’t feel too depressed or something, and there’s pretty much nothing out there to fill my need given Paris’s current pandemic-cause lack of worldliness, but I’ll sort something. I hope you make yours count, or vice versa? Take it easy. ** Right. The post is the post is the post. See you on Monday.

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  1. HBD for tomorrow! I got an email from ILP today with news that Gone is back for a 3rd edition in Spring 2021, should anyone not have it yet.

    Glad to hear that Zac is on the mend. I am definitely hiding away here from the virus, but I await news of my submission of the Dead Cat Bounce story, hopefully soon. Plus watching FA Cup stuff today. I am recording the new episode of Play Therapy this weekend and that will be going out next week too.

  2. Lovely stuff for those of us longing to take a Deep Dive into Dennis this weekend.
    Love the clip of you reading ‘Dear Todd” You’re at your most alluring in it.

    I’m sure you’re aware of the Disorder in D.C. It was an attempted fascist coup.Five people died. Trump is being impeached AGAIN. As soon as he’s out of office the trials begin. He doesn’t hav e any money and the Russians that propped him up 9in exchange for money-laundering) aren’t likely to continue to support a ‘celebrity’ with no clout. Meanwhile his mob of followers run amok.

    Brecht and Weill said it best

  3. Dennis, have a lovely weekend. Gros bisous à toi et à Zac.

  4. hi dee-est of dees! happy happy happiest birthday omgg!!!!!! shit im so sorry for zac, give him my biggest warmest love. how’s he doing? i’d kill for the catalog to this show wowie, i even searched bookfinder with no luck, haha. what’s your plan for the big day? figure out anything to do? paris seems rough right now. there’s a faint rumour about curfews here that i’m desperately hoping won’t be realized. things aren’t so bad here, there’s no alcohol serving or cinemas or big museums but galleries and shops and restaurants are open. i can go to school and work in my studio which is my number one necessity covid-wise. my grad show (which is a solo show) opens in about 2 weeks, unless restrictions interfere which they very well might. but i get to install and do my exam in 2 weeks at least and then the show will just sit there ’til it can open, whenever that may be, so it’s pretty chill. i’m remarkably stress free about it so far. my stuff is pretty much all done already. now we have a house full of friends who are visiting which is dreamy and luxurious. tonight i’m going out to this lake for an outdoor event my friend is doing. we’ll walk up to an old mine and hear a sound piece, and it’ll all be in the dark, only red light allowed. fiery love, k

  5. ps there is a search function on the bottom of the blog, i use it sometimes and it works pretty well i think

  6. Dennis,

    Happy birthday! I always remember your birthday because it’s 3 days after my birthday. I’m older than you, hahaha. Do you have any special plans on your birthday? Are you going to have a cake and have friends over?

    My birthday was on January 7th. My birthday kinda sucked, to be honest. My father had a stroke on January 6, so all day I kept praying to a god I don’t really believe in, “please do not let my father die on my birthday.” I’m a nice Catholic boy, so it’s kinda difficult to completely unload all the Jesus and god stuff. I struggle with believing and not believing in my Catholicism, just like James Joyce did, lol.

    My father is in St Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix right now, on a ventilator. He underwent surgery yesterday to remove the blockage in his arteries that caused the stroke. I really hope he pulls through. He’s 83. I know you were kind of close to your father, or at least I thought I read somewhere that you were? How does one deal with the death of their father, Dennis? I feel really lost right now, and really emotional. I feel bad for my partner Angelo, who has to deal with me being like this.

    Anyway, sorry to bring all that mess to the table. I hope you have a great birthday, surrounded by many loving friends.

    Dennis, can you please send me an email with your mailing address? I’d like to send you a signed copy of The Moon Down to Earth.


  7. A very Happy Birthday Dennis for the Tenth!
    I hope you have a great day! And are making the most out of it, in as much as one can during these mad, mad, scary, unpredictable times.
    As usual, loving the content here. Especially loved the Jodorowksy Day piece.

    I recently brought the ARROW VIDEO box set, which means I’ll need to re-watch after reading the article and having not watched his films since I studied film at college.

    I was wondering whether you yourself are a physical media collector in anyway when it comes to films?

    I also just wanted to say again, thank you so much for the inclusion on your 2020 Best of List for SDP’s release of Jared’s collection (that you also kindly blurbed for us), to then stumble across my own book, well it made me balk and then buzzing with excitement and then felt overwhelmed. Your support and passion for us in the indie scenes is very much appreciated and respected.

    I had no clue you were even aware of those books, let alone my own (recent) works. It’s both humbling and sated that side of me where I am left, simmering in doubt, about everything, life, writing hahaha, joking aside, it sees us, as artists always filled up with self doubt. Left thinking, that if any of my work is getting read by anyone and whether it’s worth it. The age old artistic issue. Low and behold, you have read it, which truly made my year, this book and the follow ups mean a lot to me, in relation to art and my Autism.

    If you would like the remainder of the series, we must arrange a way of getting the other three to you, if you’d like them. Please do not think I am pushing them onto you, as its probably the only way I can offer some form of gesture of reciprocation and appreciation hahaha.

    Also that was a great list, that’s guided me to many many brilliant works and overall writers, artists and thinkers. I think the majority might just end up on my own list of 2021.

    I hope things your end are going well, Covid wise and such. Much love and respect Zak xxxx

  8. Dennis, Your birthday’s tomorrow. Happy Birthday! I’ll probably say in on FB too, just to make it official. Kind of joke of mine that if it’s not on FB, it doesn’t count. Which I don’t believe at all but think is funny.

    I’m sure the pics here aren’t comprehensive, but it’s interesting how things changed from novel to novel re: the accumulated things in the scrapbooks and notes and all that. I’m thinking it mirrors your growing as a writer.

    Yeah, for some reason, I remember seeing Jodorowsky first on your blog. That one image of the guy with the huge orange hair. Or the pic had a tint of orange to it. I could be wrong. Often am.

    Hahaha, I’d lose money on a Patreon, I think. 😀 I’d have to pay people to contribute to it.

    Yeah, I’m thinking their all no’s. Big whoop. Just keeping on keeping on.

    I don’t know, hahahah, Zoom seemed pretty easy to navigate. Just found it funny that the Training Coordinator had no idea what she was doing. Then again, her emails are full of typos and misuses of words, so…maybe not so surprising? Beyond that, she’s the nicest lady ever. I feel a bit bad criticizing her, but I do find it odd/funny more than anything.

  9. Great to see the return of the Closer slideshow, Dennis. That was one summer in several years when I stayed home for a project instead of chasing them in Europe, and of course I had to miss the show.

    Sorry to hear Zac has COVID, but good to hear he’s better. Hope he’s significantly improved by the time you read this.

    That Krishna Shiva video from a couple days ago was really something. Whew.

    I usually just go through google to search your blog, specifying the site. It’s worked pretty well.

    Happy Birthday a little early! Hope you have a celebratory weekend despite the curfew and all.


  10. Hey Dennis, happy birthday. I’ll have to look at some of these photos later, love these kind of “behind the scenes” glimpses. Any plans to release some of these in book form one day, like you did with GONE? I imagine there would be a lot of interest in something like that. Well, I know *I* would be interested ha ha.

    A bit belated, but some of my favorite books from 2020, arranged roughly in order of publication:

    Invisibility: A Manifesto (Audrey Szasz)
    The Magician (Christopher Zeischegg)
    The Nurses of Eris Hospital (Gea Philes/Simon Morris)
    The Metapheromenoi (Brendan Connell)
    The Snuggly Satyricon (edited by Brian Stableford)
    Come Down To Us (Mark Gluth)
    The Flowering Hedgerow (Quentin S. Crisp)
    Past Lives of Old Books (R.B. Russell)
    Wrong: A Critical Biography of Dennis Cooper (Diarmuid Hester)
    There Is A Graveyard That Dwells In Man (edited by David Tibet)
    The Mindshaft (Steve Finbow)
    Sid Meier’s Memoir! (Sid Meier)
    The Acephalic Imperial (Damian Murphy)
    Witch-Cult Abbey (Mark Samuels)
    The Tindalos Asset (Caitlin R. Kiernan)
    The Age of Decayed Futurity (Mark Samuels)
    No Icon (Kim Gordon)
    Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon: Game of Thrones and the Official Untold Story of the Epic Series (James Hibberd)
    Ruins (Gaurav Monga)
    Fake Ass Lawyers (Justin Isis)
    Hate (Michael Salerno)
    The Moon Down To Earth (James Nulick)
    Also, some reprints from 2020 that I enjoyed:
    The Crowds of Lourdes (J.-K. Huysmans)
    The Desperate Man (Leon Bloy)
    Shrike (Quentin S. Crisp)
    The Tenant (Roland Topor)
    Remina (Junji Ito)

    As for Music:

    Album of the Year: Chromatica (Lady Gaga)

    Runner-ups: Disco (Kylie Minogue)

    Other Notables: Plastic Hearts (Miley Cyrus), Punisher (Phoebe Bridgers), Taung Child (Taung Child), Ghosts V/VI (Nine Inch Nails), An Evening of New York Songs and Stories (Suzanne Vega) The Album (Blackpink)


    I saw no new movies in 2020 so have nothing to add here

  11. Hi Dennis!

    Oh, I’m very glad it took your fancy! My favourite resort for that kind of thing is Jozankei – you can ride a bus there from the centre of Sapporo and get there and back very easily in a day. It drops you off on the central street which has a few operational hotels and souvenir shops, but if you walk further along the valley you hit a very abandoned part of town with a few former hotels (I remember at least 3, variously destroyed by fire, boarded-up etc). Even the operational part of town seems preserved in aspic since the 70s, apart from maybe one very swanky hotel – I’d recommend the baths of the Jozankei Hotel if you’re that way inclined, it’s an enormous, dark and very dungeon-like sauna with loads of different baths, nice and spooky.

    Again, Satoland is a place I neglected to go to whilst I was in Sapporo! It looks pretty fun on google though – agriculture themed? I did visit one amusement park called Rusutsu, a lot of fun but not so much of note apart from human-size animatronic versions of the park’s animal mascots in various scenes including a ‘Dixieland’ band, that grind along in a way that was equal parts endearing and revolting. Lots of fun! Likewise have taken a mental note of your recommendations for the art islands – thank you! There also seems to be no end to what can be turned into tamagotchi-style games hahah, even sumo wrestlers…there’s a gay dating/hook-up app over there does a bit of it too, 9monsters, you get assigned an animal character which is determined according to the amount and kind of attention your profile gets.

    Also, this was a really great post! I wanted to ask – the collages of photos, newspaper cuttings and such, were those things you put together before drafting the books, or did they grow simultaneously with the writing?

    Finally, many happy returns for your birthday! I guess the pandemic isn’t a circumstance that would usually tend to general birthday enjoyment, but I hope that such conventional estimations were overturned by something completely unexpected and wonderful – or ever so slightly fun at the very least!

  12. ps2 my teacher mike sperlinger who you met sent me a link to the website for ian white’s estate which he has been working on, specifically the event you did with ian, thought you’d like to see it: http://ianwhiteestate.org/curating-one.php?id=21
    sorry it’s not clickable i officially no longer remember how to do that xxx

  13. Dennis, you are so generous; this post isn’t self-indulgent in the slightest; it’s an essential gift to the universe. I’ve gone through it perhaps more than 15 times – there is so much to absorb and appreciate here. I adore your scrapbooks; makes me want to make one for my novel. Your graphs seem genius. What to ask. You’ve already said it all in the Cycle. Yet I still have quite a few questions, even though you’ve already generously answered so many of mine. Just leaving this one here in case you feel like answering it: You have indeed immortalised George… but how do you deal with publicising something so deep and personal? How can you be so honest and fearless about it? Being truthful about the Cycle and the inspiration behind it puts you in a vulnerable position, surely? Oh and just one more question: how did it feel hearing other artists read your work?

    Hope your birthday is as beaut as you xxx

  14. Hello! I’ve read the blog for a long time but a new commenter here. I don’t think I’ve seen that photo of Chris Gentry before. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with Menswear because of how cute I thought he was. Speaking of Brit-pop musicians, did Trevor Machine draw any inspirations from Alex James? This is coming from the graphic novel, as I haven’t read the short story yet. Hope you’ll have a nice birthday!

  15. Hey Dennis. Happiest of birthdays to you. I hope you pig out and gorge on cake or whatever it is you fancy. sad to see lasorda passed away. By all accounts he was an incredible guy.
    Looking forward to combing through this post like a giant comb in the desert.
    I started writing a little short story that’s a rip off of the magic Christian. I took guy grand to the 21st century and all his antics are now sports related. Like when he rigged the little league World Series.
    Caio caio, on t’aime <3

  16. Jeremy McFarland

    January 10, 2021 at 5:13 pm

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it’s a good one!! Lockdowns make it hard to see folks but I hope you feel wrapped up in love regardless! You seem like a really loving and warm person, so I hope you feel appreciated for the goodness you put out into the world today and the whole year!

    Thanks so much for sharing this post. My friend and I want to road trip to NY to see the collection but that will obviously have to wait a bit haha. I have a copy of Gone, and found it really fascinating. Thanks for showing some more of the collection!

    Happy birthday again!

  17. Hey,

    Happy, happy birthday!!

    Holy fuck, Dennis, this post is…!! I’d practically give anything to be able to go back in time and visit this exhibition. Scrapbooks are my favorite things in the world; I could look at these for hours! Weeks! Months! Years, haha! Seriously, thank you for restoring this treasure trove. It’s absolutely amazing. So, so inspiring.

    I just read that Infinity Land Press will republish “Gone” this year. Do you know when?

    Love knocking on your door and taking the shape of whatever you desire the most for your birthday as soon as you open it for him!

  18. Happy birthday! It’s too bad you weren’t able to eat cold sesame noodles or Hard Rock Cafe nachos – do any French groceries carry that kind of noodle dish? – but I hope you could socialize with some friends online. I’m really sorry to hear that Zac caught COVID. I hope he recovers fully and quickly.

    It’s best not to jinx this by getting too specific, but I am starting to work on a film programming project which has had a strong possibility of taking a place some point late this year if NYC movie theaters reopen in the summer.

    I wrote this song over the past 2 days, trying to express my recent mood swings and a yearning for hope and beauty coming from a pretty pessimistic place. It alternates between distorted samples of drumming on metal and soothing, almost New Age passages of bells, piano and synthesizer. https://callinamagician.bandcamp.com/track/greener-worlds

  19. Happy bday Dennis. Hope it’s a good one despite all the craziness ongoing and neverending in the world

    Peace and love, stay safe

  20. Haaappy biirthdayyyy toooo youuuu, Haaappy biirthdayyyy toooo yooouu, Haaappy biiiirthdayyyy toooo you Coop-ster!!!! HAAAPPY BIIIRTHDAAYYYY TOOOOO YOOOUUU!!!
    * Celebrated Author Dennis Cooper blows the skull-shaped candles on the giant chocolate cake Bresson’s ghost presents to him with a curtsy
    * everyone claps with glee (“yayyy!! whooo! wheee!! clapclapclap”)
    * GbV comes on the stereo
    * humans hang out as normal and are happy and there’s fake blood and glitter everywhere
    * peace on earth
    * The End

  21. Hey Dennis – Hope you had a great birthday! Been catching up on the blog and particularly enjoyed the Gabrielle Daniels and Butoh posts.

    Nice to see this post about your papers. I wish I could get a closer view of the novel structures for Guide and Try, which both look fascinating. Any chance you have larger images of those?

    Sorry to hear about Zac’s covid and glad he’s on the mend. It seems to hit everyone so differently.

    I recently had an accident that resulted in a mild concussion, bad cuts on my face and smashed glasses. I’m fine, but slowly recovering and hoping to get the glasses situation sorted soon.

    Randomly, do you know Frank Stanford’s poetry? A few friends have recommended it recently and I don’t know his work at all.

  22. Hi Dennis,
    It’s Gus from a few weeks (Months? Time has been so slippery lately) ago, happy birthday! I’ve been loving the blog lately, although been a lot slower on taking it in due to this masters application I’ve been doing, but it’s finally done now so I feel free. Very fortuitous that today was the day I got my shit together to reply because you’d mentioned this event to me and it’s so excellent to see it. The collage journals are especially great, it’s so interesting to see the planning. I also really enjoyed Sad Story, I’ve read over it a few times since it went up.

    How are you going? Paris seems to be doing okay, and maybe a better city to be in than a few others right now. Hope you’ve got something nice to do for your birthday. I’m planning on spending the first few months of the year trying to get some short pieces of fiction and this novel I wrote published, so for me it feels like 2021 is more time shackled to the laptop haha

    Sending all my best,

  23. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one! Best Wishes And Hugs.

    Wow, great weekend post, thank you so much. Love it.



  24. Happy birthday Dennis! Hope it’s a good delicious one!!

  25. Brian O’Connell

    January 11, 2021 at 5:52 am

    Happy birthday, Dennis!!!! 🎉🎉🎉

    The exhibition catalogued in this post looks better than Disneyland to me. I wish I could have been there, in the same space as all of these elements, which lie behind what is (you’ll really have to excuse my effusiveness here, but it’s the truth, and it is your birthday anyway) honestly probably my favorite single literary work in the English language. Those scrapbooks are just amazing; they’re fully-realized works of art all on their own. Scrutinizing the one for “Try” especially, because that might be my very favorite of the Cycle. (I know that the scrapbook for “Closer” was published as a book: I checked the publisher’s website, and they say they’re doing another printing this year, which I will naturally be all over if and when it happens.) And I wish I could have seen Taylor’s presentation, too—and the readings—all of it. I’ve been learning about at least some of that stuff in Diarmuid Hester’s examination of your work, which, by a fitting coincidence, I finished reading today. (I thought it was great and often highly thought-provoking, even if I didn’t agree with all of his interpretations.)

    Just out of related curiosity, has there ever been any interest in/idea of/attempt to collect the Cycle into one volume? I don’t know if you’re big on that notion, and obviously they function perfectly well as independent novels. I’m just sort of curious as to what the effect would be if they were presented together in a single tome, how it might differ…I don’t know.

    How did you spend your weekend? Anything special or out of the ordinary? Or just to mark the day? I’m sorry to hear about Zac. Sending all my love and limitless admiration your way, today and every other. Now I’m going to return to rereading “Closer”, my own form of celebration.

  26. P.S.

    I made a birthday mix for you like 3 years ago and decided to make another one, which you can find below. Spent a lot of time mentally ejaculating to this post of yours as well. 🙂


  27. Dennis! I know it has passed, but I wanted to drop in and wish you a happy birthday! Been crazy busy lately but would love to catch up soon <3 hope you had a good one

  28. Tomas Vieira-Short

    January 11, 2021 at 5:55 pm

    Hi Dennis,

    Happy belated birthday and hope you are well! I’m dropping a comment at the suggestion of Diarmuid Hester, whose supervising me for a dissertation on your writing / collaging – and how it compares to JG Ballard / William S Burroughs (both of whom, im sure you know, experimented with collage also). Just my luck that today’s post is all about exactly that ! So I have one immediate question which is: are the divisions between scrapbooks/texts as laid out in the exhibit as rigid as it was for you. I remember in the interview in ‘Gone’ you talk about how that first scrapbook sorta laid the foundations for the whole cycle, but here it seems to be tied specifically to closer// and then Frisk to a different set of works etc. etc. Did you ever find yourself revisiting old scrapbooks? Or was it really a distinct approach each and every time (I know you find style / form a very important aspect of your work so??)? Also, secondly, just wondering if you had any thoughts on JG Ballard at all – are you acquainted with his ‘Project for a New Novel’ works? or any of the collages / ‘ads’ he made for the Atrocity Exhibition. Anything at all would be super insightful and interesting! Thanks so much for your time, hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday 🙂

    All best, Tomas.

  29. Everybody’s favorite subject here! So great to see stuff about my favorite books in the universe. And I’ve always been so fascinated with the structural elements. They’re like sculpture and I’m mesmerized by how you managed to do that.

    I’ll stop gushing. Happy Birthday Buddy!

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