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Skeletons 2

Adrián Villar Rojas The Theater of Disappearance, 2017
‘Everything in Villar Rojas’s project is carefully planned to show its temporal side: What is doomed to disappearance, what cannot be preserved. Villar Rojas unveils this spatial and material fragility to remind us of the fleeting and minuscule presence of our own existence in the universe.’


Unknown Untitled, 1973
vintage nude with a skeleton

Watch it here


Hyungkoo Lee Animatus, 2005 – 2007
‘The cartoon characters that I selected to create the series ‘ANIMATUS’ have all been anthropomorphised. In order to give them the upright posture that is unique to humans, their spines had to be curved in the opposite direction. The joints in their wrists and their ankles also had to be reimagined, because cartoon characters usually have fewer fingers and toes than their natural counterparts. The eye sockets were also reimagined to accommodate eyes that have been blown out of proportion.’


Feng Feng Golden Skull, 2011
human skull, pure gold leaf


Urs Fischer Various, 2000 – 2007
‘The skeleton figure is of no particular gender or age. The skeleton serves as a representation of anyone.’

Violent Cappuccino. 2007

Undigested Sunset, 2001-2002

Skinny Sunrise, 2000

Skinny Afternoon, 2003

Violent Cappuccino 2, 2007


John Breed God’s Intention, 2015
mirrored polished stainless steel, silverplated animal skeletons, wooden construction


Jenny Holzer Lustmord Table, 1993 – 1994
Lustmord Table, (1994) by Jenny Holzer, shows a group of human bones are lying on a wooden table. Some of them carry a silver band engraved with fragments of the text Lustmord. The text itself describes a rape-killing from three different points of view: the victim, the perpetrator and the observer. The work and text were conceived in response to the atrocities during the conflict in the ex-Yugoslavia.’


Agelio Batle Ash Dancer, 2016
‘Agelio Batle’s latest work is a timely sculpture called Ash Dancer, a scale model of a skeleton, made from graphite. Set on a special high-frequency vibrating table, the pencil-like material of the skeleton “draws” itself onto Vellum paper, creating abstract drawings of the human figure Batle calls Ash Dances. As the drawing develops, the paper wears away at the bones until they disappear.’


Brian Jungen Vienna & Shapeshifter, 2003
‘Jungen transforms hundreds of common white plastic patio chairs found in discount stores around the world into a majestic whale skeleton. Whales are considered by many Indigenous groups to be an animal of great spiritual power, while whales in captivity are popular tourist attractions. With Vienna, Jungen explores the intersections and fluid boundaries between Indigenous and Western cultures.’


Shen Shaomin Buddha’s Thousand Hand, 2008
‘Chinese-born artist Shen Shaomin is something of a contemporary shaman. Instead of regurgitating a bunch of art school sleights of hand or investing in gallery world pother, the self-taught Shaomin creates massive installations that act as portals into transcendent realms. His new exhibition, “Experimental Studio,” is akin to a taxonomist’s bestiary, full of unique and often-terrifying specimens. Shaomin uses bones, machinery, and other scavenged artifacts to create pieces that combine the archaic and futuristic.’


Joseph Wesley Moon Watson The Candles, 2015


Brandon Vickerd Apeshit, 2002
Forged and welded steel, hooked and spun steel wool, silicone


Edith Karlson Short Story, 2019
plastic, seal skeleton, polyester mucilage 176x99x103cm


Oleg Elagin Death among us, 2014
‘«Death among us» doesn’t need a genre attribution. Its pragmatic simplicity in the synthesis of the technical complexity is quickly decoded by the viewer and creates difficult definable reaction. Irony, existential anxiety, shock, attribution to the already-seen, the question “what is it?” etc.’


Unknown Untitled, 2016


Zhang Liyu The Capital and the Skeleton, 2008
human skeleton, coins


Gino De Dominicis Il tempo, lo sbaglio, lo spazio, 1970
‘It is the morning of June 8, 1970 when, on the occasion of the inauguration of the 36th Venice Biennale, an instant of eternity and immortality bursts into the time and space of the lagoon.’


Imran Hossain Piplu The Utopoian Museum, 2011
‘In The Utopian Museum, Piplu investigates the Warrasic Period (c. 1600 to 2000 AD), during which dangerous animals became extinct and human beings learned to live more peacefully amongst one another. Weapons gradually fell out of use and Piplu’s ‘museum’ features weapons existing only as fossils.’


Jacques de Oliveira Cezar Justin B. Skullpture, 2014
‘My work is highly inspired by the beauty of the anatomy and the classic conception of academic sculpture, with a pinch of trashy pop-culture.’


Sibling London Skull Sweater, 2012
‘Launched in Spring 2008, the fashion brand Sibling was born of a desire to reinvigorate men’s knitwear. Taken from the starting point of traditional pieces such as cashmere twinsets and Breton tops, designers Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery have collectively had backgrounds with designers as varied as Alexander McQueen, Giles Deacon, Lanvin, Jonathan Saunders and Bella Freud. In 2015, Joe Bates sadly passed away from cancer at the age of 47. The brand went on hiatus in 2017.’


Unknown Perverted skeleton fucks a teen witch on Halloween, 2012
‘Looks like Kristine Kahill but I can’t find a full scene anywhere. Same nose and tiny tits. If anyone knows the full scene then I’d really like to see it. I hope it is Kristine.’


Huang Yong Ping SERPENT D’OCÉAN, 2012
‘At the tip of the Nez de Chien fort, at “the lateral limit of the ocean” (the border where the river and ocean meet), Huang Yong Ping’s (1954, China) skeleton of an enormous sea-serpent surges out of the sea, as if it had just been found in an archaeological dig. Its movement makes it look alive: with its disproportionate body, one imagines that it crossed the seven seas before washing up on this beach. The shape of its spine echoes the curve of the Saint-Nazaire bridge, and the way it sits is reminiscent of the architecture of the “carrelets”, the distinctive off-shore fisheries on the Atlantic coast.’


Nick Veasey Various, 2010 – 2012
‘English artist Nick Veasey is best known for using x-ray technology to reveal the deepest layers of his subjects. While working as a photographer and designer for a morning television show in England, he was assigned the monotonous task of X-raying soda cans to determine which ones contained a winning code for a contest sponsored by Pepsi. After three days without a winner, he X-rayed his sneakers as a form of entertainment. Veasey recalls, “It was a great image and I thought ‘there’s something to this’.” Afterwards, he spent the next three months working with scientists to perfect his technique. He learned to gauge object density and structure by experimenting with a variety of materials including plastic, flowers, metals and people, taking the utmost care with his living subjects.’

Elvis Presley




Michael Jackson

Muhammad Ali


Halstaff’s Animatronic Workshop Skeleton Prototype, 2012
‘This is the first prototype of my animated skeleton with a 3 axis skull, audio driver and a 3 axis arm. It uses 2 Picaxe controllers and 7 servos. It runs completely separate from a computer once programed.’


Isaac Sprague The Skeleton Man, 1841 – 1887
‘Sprague was born in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts to Nathaniel Sprague, a shoemaker, and his wife, Betsey Sprague. He was a normal child who spent much time swimming. At 12 years, he began to lose weight quickly. His appetite was healthy. Sprague blamed the swimming for his weight loss, but doctors were puzzled. Sprague worked in his father’s shoemaking business and later in his father’s grocery store. The more weight Sprague lost, the weaker he grew. After his parents died, he was too weak to work and was forced to leave his job. In 1865, a sideshow passed through town. He declined a job offer with the troupe, but reconsidered and joined the show. He appeared as The Living Skeleton. He went to New York City and got a job in P. T. Barnum’s American Museum at $80 a week. Sprague’s job ended when the museum burned to the ground in 1868. Sprague married Tamar Moore, and sired three healthy boys upon her. He returned to work with Barnum and other showman. At age 44, Sprague stood five feet six inches, and weighed only 44 pounds. Physicians decided he suffered from extreme muscular atrophy. He died penniless in Chicago, Illinois in 1892.’


Jason Limon Fragments, 2021
‘My mind absorbs and overflows with thoughts and emotions with no way to be revealed but through marks on a blank surface. There is a curious young soul within me that begs to show its existence. My mind drifts to far of places in hopes of returning with fragments of memories and dreams to share with others.’


JockPussy FTM Luke Hudson Barebacked By A Skeleton, 2017
‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you! Says Zack in his Halloween costume. Turns out his big cock is way too big for his skeleton costume – nutbuster Luke is to the rescue – ripping Zack’s costume and immediately filling his face with that long schlong. Luke jumps right on top of that rock hard cock – Zack finding just the right spot deep inside Luke. Luke is definitely busting more than ghosts tonight and his treat is a face full of Zack’s cum.’

Watch it here


Peter Callesen Various, 2007
‘For Callesen, the A4 white sheet of paper is ‘a material that we are all able to relate to and at the same time the A4 paper sheet is neutral and open to fill with different meaning.’ The thin white paper gives his sculptures a frailty that underlines the tragic and romantic theme of his works. Callesen’s paper cuts explore the probable and magical transformation of the flat sheet of paper into figures that expand into the space surrounding them.’


Adam Pyett Various, 2010
‘I decided if I was going to do still lifes I was going to really embrace the genre, the Vanitas tradition, as it has a universal reality. I feel like a lot of the subject matter in, say, Golden Age Dutch still life is not really relevant to us in the same way, but the skull is as relevant as it ever was.’

‘Vanitas Motorhead’

‘Vanitas AC/DC’

‘Vanitas Ramones’




p.s. Hey. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, B. Thanks. Hm, maybe on the t-shirts then, but my allergy is a toughie — clothes must have organic fabric and organic dyes — and it’s actually quite hard to find wearable stuff, and clothes manufacturers bullshit about what constitutes organic a lot. I can place the palm of my hand on a self-styled organic shirt or whatever for less than 10 seconds and know from the effect on me if it’s actually organic. And most of the time it’s not. But hope springs eternal, no? Yay! I am so down for a new Play Therapy! Everyone, ‘The new episode of Play Therapy is online here at Tak Tent Radio! Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson brings you Hi-NRG, oodles of Minimal Synth and for the ladies, some feral gore feminism too.’ If you’re not already a human pew in the church of Play Therapy, do get started. ** Dominik, Hi!!!! My next round is on September 7th. So I have a wee bit of a break. That Josh is one very talented fella, yep. Well, you and Love will be happy to know that my incarnation of Hatred is a secret, giant One Direction fan, so all is forgiven. Love banning all publicity about and social media fawning over David Bowie so those of us who like some of the things he did to one degree or another for personal reasons can enjoy the thought and sound of him again. Actually, add Yayoi Kusama, Kurt Cobain, Joy Division, and anyone else you would like to add, G. ** Misanthrope, Yay, making your head hurt is one of my blog’s goals in life. Err, kidding. I generally end up preferring pain over feeling the ugh of codeine. What’s going on with that guy in the UK who’s doing illustrations for your novel? Thanks about my weekend. I have a lovely Zoom book club meeting this evening, and writing monologues and dialogues for the virtual haunted house project-in-progress, and finally seeing ‘Annette’, and being interviewed, and maybe cleaning my desk. Maybe. Work that Georgie thang. ** Jack Skelley, Te nada. “Important” things can wait, important things can’t. Let that sink in. And see you later. ** Steve Erickson, Oh, yeah, I read about that storm thing. I would say that sounds exciting if that wasn’t an insensitive thing to say. I’m not sure if you already know about this or if would be useful, but there’s a soap2day-like site that has tons of documentaries you can watch for free: Documentary Area. ** Right. You probably don’t remember ‘Skeletons’, or I guess it should be called ‘Skeletons 1’ now, but I decided to give it a sequel because … skeletons! See you on Monday.


  1. Dominik


    Strange; I just had a conversation the other day about how I want to offer my body up for any artist who wants to make something creepy with it/my skeleton after I die.

    Okay, YES, I wholeheartedly agree with your love’s actions! Every time I see a Nirvana shirt in a Pull&Bear or some similar store, I want to cry. And ask those who buy it whether they know it was actually a band, not just a cool logo… So. Your love is appreciated. Love ripping Zack’s skeleton costume and immediately filling his face with that long schlong, Od.

  2. Bill

    Animatus is hilarious. I really like those Shen shaomin pieces too.


  3. David Ehrenstein

    T’ain’t No Sin to take your skin and dance around in your bonees

    My sale of cd, dvds, and books is still on contact me via cellar47@yahoo .com and come on ove if you’re in theL.A. area.

  4. David Ehrenstein

    Dear Friends
    I’m having a massive sale
    numerous books, CDs and DVDs for sale at bargain prices. Call me and come over ASAP.
    I am fully vaccinated and all health issues will be taken into account.

    CONRACT ME via cellar47@yahoo .com

  5. Maryse

    Dennissss, this day was made for me!! Skellies!!! Swoon. Just look at Limon’s band of petite super-cuties looking so nice and helpful, especially the pencil one, awww–I would love to have a couple of those just hanging out on my desk, sweetly freaking me out. Speaking of, maybe you could put a few to work for you and your desk-cleaning mission? I was a housekeeper for 13 years, and I’m easily triggered by messy desks (which are second only to disorganized bookshelves)–when I saw that photo of yours in Interview magazine I immediately broke out in a cold sweat, so if tomorrow you were to announce that all was dust-free and tidy I could *stop* fantasizing about breaking into your apartment and organizing your workspace like Mary Poppins on speed, and *start* fantasizing about what it would be like to hibernate in that amazing skull sweater…preferably with that model still inside it.

    I met Bill a couple days ago here in Chicago, and he is just the loveliest, most charmingest creature possible. What a gem! Thanks to the blog for being our friendship matchmaker–


  6. _Black_Acrylic

    That “Kristine Kahill” tableau makes me wonder why skeleton porn isn’t more of a thing. Literal skullfucking is surely the way to go!

  7. Steve Erickson

    Thanks for the Documentary Area link.

    The storm did not live up to the hype. In New York, it just rained all day. I’m very glad that we didn’t lose power or suffer any real damage, but it was just obtrusive enough that I haven’t gotten outside today. My parents also avoided any serious effects from it. Apparently, it made landfall in Rhode Island, is now heading for Albany and will wind up in Maine!

  8. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Hahaha to the Georgie thang.

    I spent most of the weekend sleeping. Jumped in bed at 7:30 p.m. Friday night and woke up at 11:30 a.m. Saturday. Another 10 hours Saturday night. Not really tired, just kinda bored. Ugh.

    I need to get my shit together, haha.

    Talked to Mieze and Rigby today. They’re well.

    You had a busy weekend. And that’s great. I’m going to accomplish things this week. They won’t seem like much but they will be things that get accomplished.

    I like the celebrity skeletons the best. I don’t know why, but I do. 😀

  9. Misanthrope

    Oh, and Callum’s slowly but surely working on the illustrations. There’s no timetable or anything. He has other commissions and projects too, as do I. I’m happy with that.

  10. David Ehrenstein

    Latest FaBlog: Oh NoJoe!

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