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Serenity is a fake waterfall. *

* (restored)

Noémie Goudal Les Amants (Cascade) (2009)


Bride Shaped Waterfall, Peru


The set for the CHANEL Spring/Summer show 2018 at the Grand Palais.


Residents in Guiyang city, south-west China thought they were imagining things when they saw a massive waterfall cascading out of a high-rise building in the middle of the street.


Hitachi Pavilion. Presents a World of Emotions and Surprises by re-creating realistic images. Corporate Pavilion Zone. Aichi Expo 2005. Aichi, Japan


Family’s terror as home turned into WATERFALL


In conjunction with the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, several new structures will be erected in Rio’s cityscape. One of the many projects creating huge buzz is an artificial waterfall expected to be built on Cotunduba, one of the islands in Rio’s Guanabara Bay.


Rushing Waters Decoration Idea


“Pandora is filled with lots of real waterfalls, but it’s two fake ones that got my attention.”


Summer home of Russian oligarch Vladimir Kraskov


A log chute ride emerges from a fake waterfall at the Knight Valley Eco Park.


Sometimes a touch of nature is just what an indoor area needs. Our interior “water” features offer unique, one of a kind designs that not only look beautiful but also provide a relaxing ambient atmosphere.


Villa Escudero, a coconut plantation about two and a half hours outside Manila, This place was weird. They’ve tried to make it into this tourist attraction, but it just came out all strange. You ride in a cart pulled by a water buffalo to the other side of the “resort,” and all along the way are these cheesy colorful statues made to look like people working in the plantation. It’s not really a museum. It’s a bunch of crap collected by the Escudero family all stuffed into one building. The coolest part of the whole place is the restaurant. There’s a fake waterfall and you sit right in it. You take off your shoes and sit with your feet in the water. Such a neat idea!


One of the first waterfalls we ever built when first experimenting with fiberglass rocks in 2006.


Some may build pretend houses, but others turn their houses into other pretend things. This ornate house in Nice, France was built on top of a fake cave which is itself built atop a fake waterfall.




The night was supposed to be free and easy but the tour guide asked if we were interested to check out one of the few five-star hotels in Guilin; Lijiang Waterfall Hotel. There’s nothing outstanding from the facade of the decades-old hotel but the guide said we were too early and had to wait for about ten minutes before the show began.


This frozen waterfall was created out of a building in Jilin city in Jilin province, north-east China, after seventh-floor resident Wen Hsu, 58, left the hot tap on all winter.


Luau prop


“Did you know that all dangerous scenes in BTS’s ‘Fake Love’ video was actually filmed without any special effects?”




Social media sites are filled with posts of people sharing photos of the places they’ve seen and long to go. The “Waterfall Castle in Poland” is one of those pictures. It features a stone castle seemingly carved out of the side of a lush cliff and gracefully caressed by gently falling water. Ancient yet immaculate. Manmade but also one with nature. So we like or “+1” the image and move on to the next awe-inspiring photo while wistfully thinking about the lotto ticket, stock tip or best-selling novel that would grant us the opportunity to visit such an amazing place. But what if we were to pause our daydreaming and seriously consider a trip to the Waterfall Castle? Where is the closest airport? How long would it take to get there? What is the cost of admission? Considering that the Internet is full of travel sites offering reviews, advice and tips, it should be easy to research such a narrowly focused vacation. Except that the castle doesn’t have a website and there does not seem to be a single tour company, visitors bureau or travel guide eager to tempt you into spending a day or two of your European vacation experiencing the majesty of such a unique landmark. Also, there are not any reviews by tourists who have already lived the dream and are dying to go back one day. Nor are there any postcards, video clips or images taken of this photogenic masterpiece from other angles. Just this one picture of the fleeting castle as though the photographer was the only one lucky enough to witness it and return alive to share her amazing find.


Shower Designs That Will Leave You Craving For More


Watch a 350-foot virtual waterfall cascade down One Times Square


Andrew Moore of Moore Yacht Design: “My inspiration for the Waterfall Superyacht was two-fold. Firstly, it came from looking at photographs of stately homes, many of which have spectacular water features pivotal to the garden design. (With a yacht being of similar status to one of these properties I thought that a grand water feature on the yacht would greatly enhance the feeling of opulence.) Secondly, it was family holidays spent in the most beautiful natural areas of Great Britain such as the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, the Highlands, and the islands of Scotland where the unadulterated power and splendour of waterfalls have always excited me.”


During the climax of the film Our Hospitality, Buster Keaton rescues his girlfriend, played by his first wife Natalie Talmadge, from sweeping over the brink of a waterfall, by swinging like a pendulum from a rope tied to a log jammed in the rocks, grabbing her just as she starts to fall. Buster’s waterfall stunt set was built astride the special “T” shaped pool that stood at the Brunton Studio. The Brunton Studio plunge was located just north of Melrose, due east of the modern Windsor Boulevard entrance gate to the Paramount Studios. Buster’s small studio, at Eleanor and Lillian way, stood just a few blocks away.


25th birthday party waterfall decoration


After reading all the local tour information I really wanted to go shoot this water attraction. According to Wikipedia, Baishuitai has natural limestone travertine mineral terraces. However, the terraces, lakes and waterfalls here are all clearly fake and a Chinese con job. While any form of water feature is usually spectacular these upon arrival are noticeably man made and do not have the same charm as a natural attraction.


In director George Miller’s latest film, Mad Max: Fury Road, 45 years have passed since the fall of civilization, and the world has become a chaotic wasteland where water and gasoline are rare and precious commodities. The Citadel, a massive fortress, combined sets in Namibia, Cape Town, and Sydney with visual effects. Gibson and Miller were inspired by ancient sanctuaries. “We looked at Cappadocia in Turkey, Lalibela in Ethiopia, and obviously Petra in Jordan as places where people had retreated and put the mountain between themselves and the desert,” Miller says.’


Construction is underway on Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport, which will boast the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, a large indoor park with native trees and plants, and walking trails, in addition to improved check-ins and transfers for passengers.


“We made this over our sliding doors that lead outside.”


“A fake waterfall in Kidderminster was turned back on by the local council for the first time in 35 years. It returned to past glory, in tribute to the local people who had died of Covid-19. Although it wasn’t long before the mean fisted council turned it back off, causing outrage in the midlands town. Councillor Tracey Onslow said: “It wouldn’t be environmentally friendly for the waterfall to be switched on permanently” Although it didn’t quell the complaints, it fuelled them like a 747 jumbo aircraft at Birmingham Airport. ”Who is this daft cow, has she never been to Las Vegas?’ stormed Ian Williams. ”What a poor excuse, it’s a little trickle of water over Kiddie’s ‘Great Wall’ it’s hardly the bleeding Wall of China.”


Put the Emitter Position at the bottom of the scene where you want to fake your water hitting the ground. Duplicate this fog layer and change the Emitter Position to give it more width. Make a mask on the mountain. Now the mountain will be in front of the fog and the waterfall.


As requested by a lot of you here is an updated tutorial on my Hot Glue Waterfall. This time including 3D fish and plants.


A fascinating illusion lies at the southwestern tip of the island of Mauritius. From the air, a flow of sand and silt deposits gives the illusion of an underwater waterfall. It’s sand that causes this magical illusion. Important waves crashing in this part of the island scatter the sand and it thus forms a natural flow “down”.


A constantly cascading waterfall falling in a steady sheet on either side of an artificial stone.


“Oh, another waterfall?” you say. “What’s the big deal?” The big deal, my friend, is that what we have here is a petrified waterfall – so not cascading waters at all, but a rock formation in Oaxaca, Mexico, called Hierve el Agua. It was created by fresh-water, calcium-loaded springs over thousands of years.


Blue plastic tableclothes, white fabric, blue cellophane, white lights and rocks on artificial turf.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hands down the first Indian politician to milk the internet – a strategy that went a long way in ensuring his 2014 general election victory. His persona and an army of social media influencers have ensured a massive internet reach for PM Modi. Currently, he’s the second most popular world leader on Facebook, third most popular leader on YouTube and the second most-followed Indian on Twitter. But, with great power… comes great responsibility – something that Modi’s army of supporters seems to forget while photoshopping his face, and sometimes even generating fake stories with his name.


At 8:15am, we checked out and left the hotel. About 30 minutes later, we arrived at the entranceway to Baofeng Lake. This was the place we were supposed to be seeing some kind of waterfall. Soon after getting through the ticket gate, we could see the waterfall. But upon looking at it, we could see that it manmade. Even the place where the water was coming down could now be seen as a natural impossibility as there was no drainage funneling to the waterfall. It was merely a water pump and a bunch of pipes sucking water from the nearby lake.


My Amazing Awesome Totally Fun and ENTIRELY God inspired Waterfall.


Universal Studios’ “Falls Lake” is essentially a large outdoor water tank with a blue sky backing, this facility is used for a wide variety of large scale set construction, and for large scale water effects. It was formerly located closer to the current Psycho House location than it is now. Falls Lake was first constructed in 1926 for the early Universal classic Uncle Tom’s Cabin and was named after a massive waterfall flowing down fake “cliffs”. The cliffs were made from a plaster-like material called “Hydrocal”, and could be adjusted in height.


On our trip to Cambodia we stayed in The Flintstones Hotel, and here’s my wife trying to take a shower in our room’s fake waterfall.


The largest man-made waterfall in Asia has opened to the public in Kunming in China’s Yunnan Province. The waterfalls is 12.5 meters high and 400 meters wide. The project took two years to finish at a cost of 1.1 billion yuan (roughly 170 million US dollars).


This is Egypt’s only waterfalls, and it’s fake. Yet, they have attracted considerable attention among the local Egyptians, as many have never seen waterfalls before.


Though at this point only computer-rendered images area available for this audacious project, don’t be mistaken. This is no mere concept. In fact, construction is already underway on the Shimao Intercontinental Waterfall Hotel in the Songjiang District of Shanghai – a five-star, 19-story, 380-room, luxury hotel built into an abandoned, part-flooded quarry. Rather than drain what water there is in the quarry, it appears that the idea instead is to add to it, filling it to become a sunken artificial lake. Two of the hotels floors housing guest rooms and a restaurant are to be situated underwater. The pièce de résistance is surely the waterfall which will plunge down in front of the hotel’s facade and into the quarry.


How fun to enter the party through a 15 foot, cascading waterfall!


“When it comes to larger than life sightseeing spots in the world, you must visit Guangdong’s Highest Sky Corridor Waterfall Walkway In China. This gigantic sky corridor is located at the Huangteng Gorge in Qingyuan. What makes this sky corridor stand apart from its global contemporaries, is its unique tennis racket-like shape, due to which its popularly known as ‘big rackets’ among tourists.”


“You might have heard or read over the years about the very fun Phantom Menace factoid that salt was used to make the waterfalls seen spilling out underneath the city of Theed. And…it’s of course true; salt was filmed by ILM for waterfall elements and then composited along with Theed building and landscape miniatures and CG and matte painted elements to form the final shots.”


Hotel Queda de agua, Casas, Teto




p.s. Hey. ** David, Hi. That would make a good ad. I would have given that a berth in one of those posts for sure. ** David Saä V. Estornell, Thank you very much, David. And … a very happy birthday to you, maestro! ** Dominik, Hi!!!! SCAB!!!! My day is made before I’m even fully awake! Everyone, Dominick’s amazing and crucial zine SCAB has a new issue! And it has all kinds of wunderbar writers and artists in it, including some that readers of this blog already know full well like Josiah Morgan, Dom Lyne, Josh Peterson, a.o. If you know what’s good for you, and it’s obvious you do, you already know you need to enhance your everything by clicking this and indulging heavily. Wow, yes, the 9th issue, that’s crazy. I’m very excited! The US too on the religious kowtowing front, obviously. It ruins everything. And, as you say, yet. Mm, I ate a cupcake to celebrate the pub date. Eating a cupcake with a mouth deadened by novocaine is an experience I can recommend for its oddness. Yeah, I don’t where yesterday’s love came from. I like chewing gum even though Disneyland won’t let you enter with chewing gum in your pocket and confiscates it. Ha, sexually drunk is a more interesting term than it seems at first. Love like a cross between a fake waterfall and a burka, G. ** Sypha, Maybe he is Timothee Chalamet doing undercover research for his next movie role. I just knew you would loathe that. And I don’t blame you. I like your reading strategy re: my book. Assuming it works, I mean. ** Bill, I’m thinking of writing my next novel in the comments section of an escorts site just drive you crazy, ha ha. Ooh, you have my novel in your paws, scary. What in the world would lead someone to rename a bookstore Fabulosa? I don’t think I want to know. ** Jamie, Hi. Yesterday was a bit of alright, emphasis on the ‘bit’. Oh, thanks! About the link/festival. I’ll go check that out thoroughly today. Nice. You know my drives too well. Everyone, Here’s Jamie with a tip: ‘I forgot to mention this online film festival that’s up on e-flux, showing some short arty/experimental films that I think might be hard to see elsewhere. I thought you or some blog readers might be into it. It’s on for a few more days and there’s some good stuff there.’ Enjoy your bath. Are you a bath over shower guy? I can’t do baths. I’m too antsy or something. I also only cook in the microwave. Except when I’m boiling water for pasta. But I don’t even heat the pasta sauce. I’m so lazy when I’m hungry. Or when I’m dirty. ** G, Hi, G. It did. It’s still slowly self-repairing. There were some smarty pants amongst the escorts this month. I wonder what that’s about. Love, me. ** xTx, Yay!!!!! Hopefully November. Watch your inbox or cell phone if I still have your correct number in my phone bank. That will be so great. Big love, me. ** Steve Erickson, Hi, thank god. Obviously very curious and excited to hear the new Moor Mother. I saw your link to that Yves Tumor performance on Facebook, but I haven’t watched it yet. Hm, I keep hoping he’s going to go back in the old experimental direction, but I increasingly fear that’s a pipe dream. Which is not to slight his terrific more ‘normal’ recent work. ** David Ehrenstein, Howdy. Everyone, Mr. Ehrenstein FaBlog’s new thing at its top is called ‘Thoroughly Postmodern Milley’ hint hint, and it’s here ** JM, Well, hello to at least equally lovely you! I’m excited to read your novel slice in the new SCAB! Oh, man, I guess ultimately I’m just happy to hear that whatever you traumatically went through is waning, retreating, etc. And if it was writing fodder, maybe it’ll seem golden even some day. I loved the Juche and the Ogundimu too, as I’m sure you know. I’ve never read ‘THT’. I think it might be too, you know, conventional for me or something. It’s really nice to see you, my friend. Stay powerful. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, Thomas! Thank you, thank you, and, gosh, I hope you like it. Nice to share roughly the same publishing season with you. We should do a reading together. ** T, Thanks, man. Oh, right, yeah, a slight UK delay. Or … 1990? Hm. What a nice idea. No surprise that I’m always drawn to the artist escorts too, and there’s been a bunch of them lately for some reason. Actually, I’ve had a number of friends over the years who worked as escorts, and all of them were artists, come to think of it. Huh. So you survived your wild stint in Manchester! Excellent. Enjoy the Ikeda show, and, hey, I guess you’ll be ensconced over here soon. Wow. Thank you for your wish. I don’t know who to pick, though. Maybe if I pick a member of BTS, he’ll slip me some cash while he’s nestling. ** Brian, Hi, Brian. Yes, the drunk women seeker was a happy discovery. Hey, you never know. That all makes perfect sense about how your move has gone, pretty normal, I guess. Happy that you’re meeting comrades. Can you TA or something for a little extra income? Oh, man, thank you so much for those amazing words about ‘I Wished’. It sounds like you got what I hoped, and that really means a lot. Thank you, man. Really, my heart is going boom. Yeah, exactly, about ‘Annette’. Same deal for me. And it’ll definitely be among my faves of the year too, I think. I’m anxious to see ‘Titane’, but I’m waiting until I can see it with subtitles because I think it’s pretty talky. Thank you again, buddy. I hope school treats you right today. ** James, Hey, James. Thank you, sir. Luckily the internet makes finding exciting books a huge hell of a lot easier than back when you had to travel to a big city and find the coolest bookstore there to even have a chance. I’m fine on the tooth front. So far at least. A new manuscript! Whoa! What is it? Nice! Ideally we’ll shoot ‘Room Temperature’ somewhere in SoCal in maybe February, but that’s not locked down yet. Waiting for the money, blah. Vibes and love in return French style. ** rewritedept, Thanks, man. That is a ton of work. Obviously, I’m severely jealous that you’ll see GbV and in Ohio no less. I think the chance they’ll ever come to Paris is infinitely less than zero. I’m good. The dental thing is over. I’m making a haunted house video game kind of thing with Zac and this writer Sabrina and Puce Mary. It’s really fun. Big up, bud. ** Reade M., Hi, welcome. Thank you so very much for those incredibly kind words about my work. That’s just so wonderful to hear. I’d love to be interviewed on a tiny radio program about my music tastes and eat a cookie. Say the word. I’m down. Yeah, thank you. How are you? Do you like doing that program? Well, duh, of course you must. Take care, and, yeah, just hit me up if you want my voice. xo. ** Kat, Hey, hey! I do remember you running experimental music shows. That excited me. Will you restart that venture now? Or soon? Oh, your email address lodges in the internal workings of the blog when you comment, so I’ll send you my address there in a minute. Or let me know if there’s a better way to reach you. I would love to hear your tape! Like really love! Awesome. Lots o’ love from me! ** Florian AF, Hello again to you, Florian. I do still do email. Not with great efficiency, but yes. Do you have my current one? If not, it’s I’ll go check your etsy store. If I’ve looked at it, it’s been while. Thank you, pal. ** Okay. I decided to dig out an arguably serenity providing post from the dead blog’s ruins for you today. See you tomorrow.


  1. JM

    Hey D.,

    Beautiful post today. I have often wondered – maybe superficially concernedly, maybe a bit paranoiacally – if this blog in itself is a bit of a fake waterfall. I mean that in the most thoughtful way possible – if the blog is itself a bit of a marbled swarm / parallax corridor and so forth. I am always interested when the blog itself acknowledges superficiality in this way. It’s something along the lines of the techniques you use that get you labelled ‘postmodern,’ but I see precisely that it is more about getting at something real about how unreal ‘things’ are. If that makes sense.

    I hope you enjoy the novel slice. It maybe is more of a novella. It’s about 2/3 done and sitting around 21k words right now. Not that things like word-counts matter. 🙂 I am really proud of the overall book and am happy sitting and letting it form fairly patiently. It’s taken from February to reach 21k words so I imagine it may very well be another year, two, three, before it’s done and in a form that says it’s ready to reach the world.

    I am really looking forward to such time in the future, yes, when this traumatic period of my life has become potentially golden artistic fodder. It will be a matter of healing enough to be able to look at this through a safe language first, I think.

    I think I had a similar preconception about The Handmaid’s Tale as you – I had avoided it for a long time. But my boyfriend is not too well-read. We’ve started to read together aloud, alternating chapters and so forth. I thought it would be apt to start with a ‘well-known book’ like THT that I also hadn’t read so we could experience it together. Her language is sometimes a little on the nose but it does some really complex and interesting things. Until the final third when it runs out of steam and becomes just another fairytale. I’m down to read the sequel she wrote though. We’re reading a Stephen King or two together now, and then I might up the ante – a Virginia Woolf or something like that. He’s read your first two books, and mine, and his reading proficiency is *high*, it’s just his experience with reading that’s not. Any suggestions?

    I Wished should take a solid four weeks, maybe five to arrive in NZ. I truly can’t wait.


  2. David

    Cheers… I just woke up… dreamt I was fucking this guy…. felt very nice… he started crying towards the end… your fault Dennis your are corrupting my psyche… and i like it alot… this post it’s one of my faves!!! I was at Iguazu falls Argentina Feb 2020… was astounding.. saw Duran Duran past two nights in Birmingham city… was brilliant they did Planet earth last night and a cover version of ‘White lines’… now I must get out of bed and run…. xx

  3. Dominik


    Thank you so, so much for the SCAB shoutout! I hope you’ll enjoy the issue! And you were right: even though some people have obviously known all or most of the pieces already, the feedback is so nice and enthusiastic. It makes me all kinds of happy.

    Huh, I’ve definitely never tried eating *anything* with a mouth deadened by Novocain, let alone a cupcake, so… I do hope I’ll never have a dentist appointment involving mouth deadening, but as it sadly seems highly unlikely, I’ll try. Hopefully later rather than sooner.

    Really? Why does Disneyland have a ban on chewing gum? You can’t buy it inside either?

    Haha, your love. I have a few ideas how it might look like. Thank you! Love setting up an amazing awesome totally fun and ENTIRELY God inspired waterfall in your living room for… whatever reason, Od. (Although the “Rushing Waters Decoration Idea” is kind of begging for its own love, too.)

  4. Misanthrope

    Dennis, I remember this day and discussing fake waterfalls in McDonald’s that a lot of them used to have. Hehe.

    Looks like all the books I ordered are arriving today. Eek. What to do, what to do? 😉

    But…I fucking forgot to order the new Joy Williams. I’ve read all her other stuff. Thinking I’ll just take the 5-minute trip to the bookstore soon and get that too. Fuck waiting around.

    Took the family out for Kayla’s birthday last night. A little Japanese place called Kobe that takes us about 2 minutes to get to. But good food and we had fun. And then back home for her Carvel birthday cake. We all ate too much, but hey, that’s what you do on somebody’s birthday.

    Now, I’ve just got to get back to normal eating and feeling better than I do right now, hahaha. I think I told you, but I’ve (intentionally) lost 26 pounds over the past 3 months and feel so much better.

    Swamped like fuck at work, though. But that’s okay, they pay me. No complaints.

  5. Sypha

    One thing I enjoyed about Tony Shaloub’s MONK TV show was the psychiatrist’s office that his character often went to, mainly because it had these big windows that looked out onto an enclosed Zen garden, and in the center of this garden was an artificial waterfall. Very peaceful! Sadly, the actor who played his psychiatrist on the show died after a few seasons, so eventually they got a new psychiatrist character with a new office: I didn’t like that one as much as I did the first one, though.

  6. _Black_Acrylic

    Ah yes this is a most serene day. Kind of like snow globes, have they ever had their own day here? I once had a girlfriend who was very well travelled and she’d collect a touristy snow globe from each big city she went to, which was an endearing habit for sure.

    My copy of I Wished arrived today, very happy to have it here by my side!

  7. Jamie

    Ooh, I like ‘big rackets’ the best! But I’m the kind of person who likes water features in shopping centres, so there’s lots here that takes my interest.
    Tangentially, but still water related, baths v showers? I’m almost religious in my zeal for baths. I could have three per day, if my one per day wasn’t already a bad thing environmentally. The bath is where I get my best reading done and I’ve lost countless books dropping them in there. Funny that you say choosing a shower is lazy, cos I always think baths are the lazy option – showers involve all that standing. As for your cold pasta sauce, maybe that’s a little lazy, but pesto just plops right on there cold, right? I’ve been a chef for most of my working life, so I can fully understand lazy cooking. You have to do it every day, a few times a day and that can get a bit much for anyone.
    I’m rambling, I fear.
    How’s your day been? I looked after Ari, mum-free, for the longest time since she’s been born (she’s still very addicted to mum’s milk) and it wasn’t a complete disaster, so that’s good. I did forget to put the brake on her pushchair and it rolled off a ledge onto where a bunch of kids were playing below, but Ari wasn’t in the pushchair and the kids were all unharmed and even helped me pick up all the debris that fell. I’ve never said Merci so many times.
    Wishing you a festive Friday!
    Lots of love,

  8. Max B

    Hey Dennis. Wanted to stop by to tell you I Wished is so incredible. I read it yesterday and I want to read it again today. I think you’re the greatest. Hope everything’s good with you!

    Max B

  9. trees

    Hi Dennis, the other day I was thinking to myself, “I wonder when Dennis’ new book is coming out?” Later that day, it arrived! Spooky! Just began it this morning, but work has interfered with my desire to just keep reading. Oh well.

    Hope you’re well in the meantime. I do lurk here, just don’t comment as much anymore for whatever reason.

    Love from Philadelphia!
    ted (aka trees)

  10. Steve Erickson

    I saw TITANE last night and thought it was a big step down from RAW. It feels like Ducournau saw CRASH and thought “I will use this as my starting point but go even further.” There are some striking images and interesting themes, but the film’s a slave to its own edginess, most of which seems derived from Cronenberg, TETSUO: IRON MAN & New French Extremity.

    Maybe Tumor’s rock direction was the only way he could make a living off music? I doubt he was doing so around the time of SERPENT MUSIC. The Moor Mother album stays away from extremes of noise, but it exudes a kind of tension that’s very difficult to put into words.

    I went to the East Village bookstore Codex to buy I WISHED today, but it had not yet arrived. I’ll try McNally Jackson tomorrow.

  11. T

    Hey Dennis. The only comment I have on today’s post is that I hope Ikea or similar will start mass-producing the ‘Rushing Waters Decoration Idea’ because I would like to install one in my future home. I also recall an onsen I went to in Japan that had a pretty impressive fake waterfall, which you could bend down under and the falling water would massage your back. It wasn’t particularly comfortable, it hit pretty hard after falling down, but a nice feature. And yeah, I’m on my way back from Manchester! It was actually a bit more muted than I anticipated, but hey, I still got to indulge pretty much all of my vices and party with a lot of good friends, which all in all was sweet as it comes. Big weird being back in my old stamping grounds though, seeing new people living in the house I used to etc. Otherwise, I don’t know if you’re familiar with his work at all, but the Ryōji Ikeda show I saw today was pretty cool indeed, and I would def recommend. I vibed with some of the pieces more than others, but ultimately I was so fascinated by how the work was so stripped of sentiment in one way but had such a big emotional hit in another, for me at least. Was trying to think how you could go about achieving a similar effect with text, stripping everything out and then layering things back to where they’re blown out and maximal and spectacular of whatever, but in my mind there’s the initial problem that language being a human thing (as opposed to light and sound) it seems more resistant to being wholly or partially ‘emptied’ of sentiment or whatever. But I dunno, maybe I need to sit down and work things out concretely. Anyway, I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve rambled a bit. Hope your Friday brings you gracefully into the weekend, xT

  12. Florian AF

    Hey Dennis, thanks for letting me know! I had a very small amount of things on the shop page around 2011-2012 when we communicating then, but I started actively using it again a few years ago after not using it for ages.

    Also exciting to see your project involving Puce Mary, she’s one of my favorite noise artists right now. I’ve been doing a lot noisier stuff for the last few years, very sample based as opposed to the common input through distortion approach. I’ll link some stuff at some point.

    I finished the artwork for the commission, so I’ll send an email soon. Same as my old one.

  13. Brian

    Hey, Dennis,

    Something very soothing about waterfalls, although naturally they can be alarming and awe-inspiring as well. Nice post to unwind after the day. Your question about TA’ing is a reminder that I should be searching harder, lol. Probably there is, though options are a little limited since much of school is still online. But I should definitely look. I’m glad if my scattered thoughts about your novel conveyed one-tenth of how much it affected me. Waiting for a subtitled “Titane” sounds like the right idea. There are a couple of new movies I’m interested in coming out around now—the latest Noé, Anderson, and Verhoeven among them—but “Titane” looks like the coolest. I didn’t actually have class today, we have a lot of holidays in September, but I did meet up with a person from my school scholarship thing and we did a museum run together, which was pleasant. And then I watched this horribly maudlin and timid social issue drama called “Tea and Sympathy”, which was visually exquisite but not much else. How’s your Thursday been? Talk soon.

  14. Bill

    Hey Dennis, I Wished must be the scariest book to write and release into the world. The Santa section is heartbreaking; the recasting of the ideas in the crater is fascinating at first, then devastating when it returns. I don’t know what to say. I am shaken and will be thinking about this novel for a while. I’ve purposely avoided most of the recent interviews, but will check them out soon.


  15. h (now j)

    Given Bill’s comment above about the book’s being scariest, sounds like I should delay my reading of “I wished,” Dennis! Well, not at all. I will read it as soon as I can. Congratulations on the new book, Dennis! I suppose you have forgotten about me amid the book birth, etc., but I’m fine and busy here (still, in nyc). Please let me know if/when you will visit this town for the book release. Would be lovely to see you again. Take good care.

  16. rewritedept


    waterfalls. my dad was born in niagara falls, maybe that’s why they’re so calming for me.

    i’m about 2/3 thru ‘i wished’ and it is like an exquisite punch to the gut. can we skype about it some time?

    i am up again. on mushrooms. again. just came, which is nice. bed soon, laundry and work tomorrow. i’m so drained all the damn time. hope autumn in paris is exceptional and you are well. talk soon. i love you a whole fucking heap of a lot, and i say it all the time, but you’re one of the most significant people in my life by a fairly long shot.

    have a great weekend and i will make an effort to be more present around here.



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