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Schlix presents … You Suffer… But Why? *

* (restored)

“You Suffer” is a song by the British grindcore band Napalm Death, from their debut album, Scum. The song has earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest recorded song ever. It is precisely 1.316 seconds long, or a second long.






Video variations






800x slower and pitch corrected


100 times




p.s. Hey. ** Milk, Hi. Thanks a lot for the book tip. I didn’t know it, and it looks good, and I’ll look into it. Everyone, Milk recommends this book. Take care. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Yeah, I’ve always had a very busy, multi-tasking brain, it’s weird. Yes, RIP Juliette Greco. The French are in mourning. ** _Black_Acrylic, The Ashleigh Bryant Phillips stories are wonderful. The DCA is back, excellent. Well, see how it goes. Better safe than sorry and all of that. xo. ** Damien Ark, Hi, Damien. The blog was down for repairs for a few days. I only saw ‘Cruising’ when it was first released and don’t remember it well. I didn’t like it that much at the time, not at all because of the depiction of gays that people were up in arms about — that just seemed silly to me — but because of something in its construction or something. I should watch t again. Generally movies from that era tend to seem really alive nowadays, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it has gained strength. No idea if ‘Stranger of the Dark’ ripped it off. I don’t think I know that film. Hugs. ** Dominik, Hey!!! Well, the thing is that the repair force at my hosting site says they won’t repair my blog if those posts remain, so if something like what happened happens again, I’m fucked. Unless I can find an outside source to do the repairs. A bit vexing. I have to decide soon since there’s a slave post scheduled soon. If nothing else, I’ll surely have to remove the more explicit photos with hard-ons and things. Maybe that would be enough. I can’t tell. Zac and I and a couple of other friends went to the Halloween haunted house at Le Manoir de Paris last night, and it was really great. Cool you socialised. It’s nice to be with others, right? An underrated pleasure, ha ha. Photo shoot: how so? Of something or of you or of you guys orof  just whatever caught the eye? Ah, that’s some great love. Elias is kind of my very favourite singer in addition to his other attributes and his coolness as a person. (Zac and I hung out with him once, and he and I text occasionally). A poppered up love on prep getting cumdumped for 10€ a pop, Dennis. ** Armando, Hi. I’m seeing a doctor about my toe in two hours, so hopefully that’ll start doing the trick. We just got new harsher measures laid down yesterday. Everything must close at 10 pm, no gatherings over 10 people, all sports things canceled, etc. I like Tom Waits just fine, I just rarely listen to him for some reason. Yes, there were a lot of vegetarian Syrian options, and they were very yum. Ernest Hemingway? Wow, uh, hm … I remember liking ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ for some reason. I remember thinking he wrote good sentences. Yours? Glad you liked ‘Climax’. Maybe you’d like ‘Enter the Void’. That’s my favorite of his. You take good care too, pal. ** Brian O’Connell, Hi, Brian. Welcome. It’s great to meet you, and thanks for entering. And thank you for the kind words about my work. That means a huge ton. As I explained to Dominick, I’m kind of in a quandary about the escort/slave posts, and WP doesn’t get the conceptual stuff about them, and they’re being very vague. I might try toning down the photos so they’re not X-rated. Best guess is that’s their biggest problem. I’m glad the books popped out to you. Wow, that is quite the double bill, and John is hosting in person? At a drive-in? It’s exciting that drive-ins are coming back. Kind of a really underused form. That should be cool. Report back if you don’t mind. I haven’t seen ‘Salo’ since it had a weird, sneaky theater release way back when it was fresh. I didn’t like it much at the time, partly because of love/loyalty to the novel, and partly because I was in the middle of thinking a lot about the un-representable and how to represent it. At the time I thought representing explicit sex/violence visually without the depictions becoming merely shocking/kitsch was impossible, and I had issues with the ‘Salo’ decisions. But I think if I watched the film now, I’d quite like and admire it and not be so rigid about that issue since I’ve settled on my own ideas about that kind of representing. So I should rewatch it, and your assessment makes total sense to me. Anyway, it’s great to talk with you. Do please feel far more than free to come back and hang out inside the blog whenever you like. Take care. ** politekid, Hey, O. Your second comment arrived in perfect shape. Your first comment seems not to have arrived, sadly. Grr. Recreation? ** Bill, Hi. The book that looks good to you is terrific. She’s very good. Me too, re: Spheeris. I can really surprise myself sometimes. I quite like Spheeris’s ‘Suburbia’ and ‘Decline Pt. 3’ especially. We’re starting to get things closed down here, so who knows if movie theatres will still be open for long. It fucking sucks. My toe will be seen, handled, judged, and ideally on its way to nonentity status again in about ninety minutes, give or take. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Good question about the Zoom thing archiving, I have no idea. I guess I’ll know by tomorrow. Thanks, hopefully I’ll get a lot more than pain killers since the toe is still swollen and purple after almost two months, so I think some kind of repairing is in order. May our respective doctor visits today result in our mutual relief. ** Right. I’m restoring this total blast of an old post kindly made for the blog many years ago by d.l. Schlix, and it’s a goodie, if you ask me. Dig in. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Hope your toe is now on the mend via medical intervention. Sending healing vibes your way.

    This is indeed a legendary Day! My cousin in Birmingham knows the Napalm Death guys and says they are very sound blokes. He is involved in museum shows and once put on a Heavy Metal exhibition featuring memorabilia from around the city. The Midlands is a very Metal part of the world, what with Sabbath etc. Maybe it’s all that heavy industry round there?

    The new episode of Play Therapy is online here via Tak Tent Radio, bringing you Italo Disco, Coldwave, Dancehall, Rave and assorted other treats too.

  2. i had a feeling comment #1 would get lost in the murk, urgh, tech. my laptop did a big clunk yesterday and headphones no longer connect, so the Ozu dive &c has been delayed. i had my TM appeal meeting today, which was short and surprisingly sane, i’ll find out the results in something like ten days. wish me luck. (don’t wish me luck, it’s a lost cause. wish me luck in a better domain.) otherwise, i’ll probably be working on an essay about computer viruses i’ve been putting off for ages (specifically the beautiful “Mutation Engine,” fresh from Iron Maiden fan Dark Avenger in 1990s Bulgaria.)

    the puppetry book is _Puppets and Performing Objects: A Practical Guide_ by Tina Bicat. it’s great. it might be a bit basic but i’m new to the practical side of this stuff so i don’t mind. one of my abandoned phd ideas was on Robert Anton; an exhibition of his puppets came to england last summer and i got obsessed. i’d also love to do puppet theatre. like, russian city novel-esque psychologipathical puppet theatre. basically there are a series of Peanuts strips in which Snoopy puts on one man 6hr+ adaptations of _War and Peace_ and _Gone with the Wind_ on his doghouse, with hand puppets on all his paws and balanced on his nose, and i’ve never moved past that point. [https://www.gocomics.com/comics/lists/1627524/peanuts-pawpet-show]

    what have you got going on today? oh the haunted house!!! what was it, what was there, how was it?! we don’t have haunted houses in the uk really, that i’ve seen… ghost trains, absolutely. which are probably better for me, cos then i can rely on something other than my legs to get me the fuck out of there.

    (i could see the comments yesterday after midnight! and the big _Climax_ talk, which was exciting, and then my comment disappeared. i watched it on netflix and i liked it. i think there was something weird/”wrong” with its structure cos i remember feeling suddenly and significantly less tense about halfway through all the acid trip crazy stuff. like, maybe it climaxed too early? [i made that joke last night too and it somehow looks even worse this morning, go figure.] but up to and including the power blowing i was feeling freaked out.)


  3. Today is hilarious

    There s nothing silly about the opposition to “Cruising” And Here’s Why.

    Your attitude towards “Salo” is exactly the same as Roland Barthes’ . Pasolini’s “Art Crime” was daring to represent that which was designed to be “unrepresentable. Beyond that it’s a vision of fascist power at its most extreme. Pasolini’s enemies thought he was making a film about their activities at that very moment — not a reimagining of the Mussolini era in its final. days. hey broke into the lab during production to steal the film, but instead stole parts of “Fellini Casanova.”

  4. Hi!!

    This is so infuriating. I mean, I understand if they have problems with illegal materials published on their platform but hard-ons… come on. I’m sorry you have to deal with this bullshit.

    Oh, a haunted house! An early Halloween treat? Really, what are your plans for Halloween this year?

    My friend had an idea about this gender-bending photo series so when she came over yesterday, we pretty much turned my room and balcony into a mini studio and went for it. I’m not entirely, a 100% satisfied with the results but a few gems were born.

    I met Elias once at a Marching Church gig here in Hungary too. I expected him to be arrogant or cold or something but he was so soft-spoken and kind. It was great talking to him. Both the show and that little conversation gave me so much. It’s amazing that you’re in touch with him!

    I saw that you went to a doctor with your baby toe? How are things?

    Okay, this love has some issues, haha! Hm. 17-year-old love shyly reading mutilation fantasies on FetLife, D.

  5. Well that song can’t be shorter, haha.

    Hope some long-term solution can be found for the plug-in issues, Dennis. You’ve probably looked into this, but can another plug-in be substituted, for instance?

    Been checking out a few items from the Frameline festival, nothing I’d recommend for you so far. And I hear there’s a new Almodovar short film (can’t find a streaming site so far), supposedly a trifle but fun:


  6. Dennis, I liked the selections yesterday. Justin Isis just posted something about Goransson the other on FB. Synchronicity.

    If you remember, I got in a little trouble at my old job because I pulled up your blog on an escort day (I’d been looking at your blog for 2 years there with no problem). Of course, they thought it was an escort site and I was trying to buy one or something. Even after I explained it and they looked over the whole blog and begrudgingly admitted it wasn’t an escort site, the deed was done. Oh, well. Fuck ’em.

    So…I guess you’re a pimp and your pimping these escorts and slaves out? There’s no contact info or anything re: how to get in touch with either the escorts themselves or you for a purchase.

    The fucking world we live in. Have people lost all ability to fucking read and comprehend something? It’s almost as if ol’ QAnon is now running WP.

    Oh, I forgot to mention the other day that my friend’s daughter’s singing was swell. Really excellent.

    One family backed out from our outdoor party this weekend. They’re afraid of COVID-19, even though we don’t have it. Whatevs, they’ll be the ones missing out. I understand how they feel, of course, so there are no hard feelings or anything. It is what it is.

    Yes, get the guitar out, brush up, and we can kill some eardrums sometime! 😛

  7. dennis-

    so good to talk to you today!

    how’s everything?

    my last couple weeks have been mostly shitty. someone stole my identity, and hit 2 of my accounts for like $800, so i’ve been dealing with that horseshit. last week, my roommate’s girlfriend got a new car so we decided to go visit everyone back in vegas as a test drive. got in wednesday, had a nice day by the pool. got some sushi with my dad and sister. thursday, i borrowed my sister’s car to get in-n-out for her, our brother, and myself. right as i was proceeding home with lunch, a lady ran a red light going 40 or so, hit my sister’s car hard enough to set the airbag off (found out it’s totaled a couple days ago), tore her front bumper and headlights off, and then proceeded to slam into the car in the next lane. no major injuries on any party, but my back’s been killing me and i’ve had a headache since then. and i didn’t get to eat my burger.

    been reading a bunch. new thomas moore and mark gluth ones are so good. very excited for the new metz record. losing my mind some (more than some). loved the last gif novel, but i need to load it on my laptop for maximum enjoyment.

    we’re almost glasses twins. just something that occurred to me during the zoom chat.

    anyway, hope everything is wondrous yr end. even with all the shit i’ve had to deal with this last little bit, living in bear has made me the happiest i’ve ever been.

    talk soon. love you.


  8. Hi. what a fucked up week indeed. I thought I was meeting my end in an altercation with a group of angry taxi and uber strikers who forced our vehicle off the road and who I got in a shouting match with who threatened to shoot me and took us back to the large protest group who ordered me out of the car and luckily the frenzy among this group was calmed by a negotiater. I learned a big lesson. I have such a big mouth and no composure in an emergency.

    A sculpture of ”Safe “ in paperback is part of Seth Bogart’s Library Fantasy vol 1 exibition at fiermangallery in N.Y ~ but the real deal is his album “ Men on the verge of nothing” has just been released. Two parts hunky guitar playing speedo model stirred in with some Vaselines and beathappening and you have something pretty special. Here is the album trailer / sampler directed by the man himself https://www.facebook.com/1521332784851089/posts/2734401993544156/

  9. hey Dennis – it’s moi! I missed the Zoom session today – will it be viewable on other formats in the future? I’m almost done with WRONG and enjoying it very much. Seems to have been the only thing I could read during the pandemic. I had downloaded a sample, and thought, this guy speaks to me…so articulately – about you! It’s given me great insight into your work. Especially enjoyed the JT LeRoy scenario, which I never really knew before. So I hope to be able to catch the talk in the future.

    For what it’s worth, here’s a quote that came to mind from the I Ching:
    “Deliver yourself from your great toe.
    Then the companion comes,
    And him you can trust.”
    – Hexagram #40: Deliverance

    Good luck with the toe! I broke mine once, and I know how painful it can be. X, K

  10. Hey,

    How did your doctor’s appointment go???

    Fuck, I’m so sorry for the new restrictions and all the new cases. But, regarding the restrictions, better safe than sorry, right?

    How was your experience at Le Manoir De Paris?

    “he wrote good sentences”

    ^ Damn right he did. Well, I love the earlier Hemingway Oeuvre. Speaking of novels, I love ‘The Sun Also Rises’, ‘The Torrents Of Spring’, ‘A Farewell To Arms’. I also madly love his story collection ‘In Our Time’. *Maybe* my favorite book by him is ‘The Sun Also Rises’.

    I didn’t sleep a wink all night yesterday so today I couldn’t re-watch ‘Climax’. Hopefully one of these days.

    You like Shining; the band? I love their earlier stuff. Especially their first album; ‘Within Deep Dark Chambers’. Fucking great album.

    Plans for today?

    Good day, good luck,



  11. Hey Dennis, cool that you found and restored that day! I still suffer and still don`t know why, haha!
    Grateful greetings,

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