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Revolving Restaurant Day

Orbit, Sky Tower, Auckland


Egon Tårnet, Tyholttårnet, Trondheim, Norway


Confiteria Giratoria, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina


360 Bar and Dining, Sydney Tower, Sydney


Four Winds Revolving Restaurant, Crowne Plaza, Surfers Paradise, Australia


C Restaurant, St Martins Tower, Perth


Donauturm, Vienna


Radon Plaza, Sarajevo


Revolving Mascaron Restaurant, Torre Mirante da Serra, Veranópolis, Brazil


La Ronde, Chateau Lacombe Hotel, Edmonton


Sky 360 Restaurant, Calgary Tower, Calgary


Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant & Lounge, Vancouver


Prairie 360, Fort Garry Place, Winnipeg


Giratorio, Santiago, Chile


360° Café, Macau Tower, Macau


Epicure on 45, Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World, Shanghai


Restaurante La Fragata Giratorio, World Trade Center, Bogotá


360-The Revolving Restaurant, Cairo Tower, Cairo


Näsinneula tower, Tampere, Finland


Fernmeldeturm, Mannheim, Germany


Fernmeldeturm, Nürnberg


Olympiaturm, Munich


Telecafé, Berliner Fernsehturm, Berlin


OTE Tower, Thessaloniki, Greece


VIEW62 by Paco Roncero, Hopewell Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


THE Sky, Hotel New Otani, Tokyo


Paukščių takas, Vilnius TV Tower, Vilnius, Lithuania


Bintang Restaurant, The Federal Kuala Lumpur


Bellini Restaurante, World Trade Center Mexico City


100 Revolving Restaurant, Quezon City, Philippines


Genex Tower, Belgrade


Le Kuklos, Leysin, Switzerland


Roma Revolving Restaurant, Durban, South Africa


Akemi Restaurant, Golden Jubilee PSPF Towers, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Tiara, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi


Lakeview Restaurant, Center Parcs Eleven Forest, UK


BonaVista Lounge, Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles


Polaris, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta


Sun Dial, Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, Atlanta


Top of Waikiki, Honolulu


Eagle’s Nest, Hyatt Regency Indianapolis, Indianapolis


JJ Astor, Radisson Hotel Duluth Harborview, Duluth


Top of the World, Stratosphere, Las Vegas


The View, New York Marriott Marquis Times Square, New York City


Spindletop, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Houston


Skydome Lounge, Doubletree Hotel Crystal City, Arlington


SkyCity, Space Needle, Seattle


Hotel El Paseo, Restaurante El Girasol, Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela




p.s. Hey. ** Mark, Hi. I didn’t know of that site. How potentially useful. I’ll bookmark it, thanks. A lot of my early poems were about teen idols of the 70s. I used to be close friends with one of the biggest ones of that time, but he made me promise never to talk about that, and I keep my promises. ** politekid, Hey, O! Thanks for thanking Tim. I’m good, I’m just editing almost non-stop right now, so nothing much else is going on, good or bad. I’ve seen things by Suzanne Treister here and there, but I’ve never put two and two together and looked into her work generally. I will now, or when the editing eases up. Very interesting, yes. Thanks a bunch. How are you, buddy? Things good? What’s the latest on your projects? xo. ** Jack Skelley, Tim gets the cred, I was just his one-man crew. Burning news, or, wait, better, burning newz? Want! ** Misanthrope, The sooner you look into the hernia, the sooner you’ll be … something better. That haze makes the use of the word haze in terms like fraternity hazing make more sense. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. ‘Head On’ is a pretty good read. ** Florian S. Fauna, Hi! Yeah, our economy is a mess here too, but not bad as yours. I’m awfully glad you’re making a lot of work. Cool, carry majestically on. ** James, Hi, James. Oh, I’ll go hunt for your email. I’m sorry, I’m so swamped with film editing at the moment that I’m even more behind on things like email than I usually am. I’ll look for it when I’m back home later today. Apologies. ** David Ehrenstein, I think that can be pretty safely assumed, yes. ** Dee Kilroy, Hi. Well, thank you. Quite a couple there. I think that dynamic can be ideal, but I’m odd, of course. I’m sort of a weird mix of both, realistic but super optimistic at the same time. I don’t know how that happened. Oh, ha ha, no it wasn’t JG, yikes! Perish the horrid thought. No, his name was Mark Ewert, and he was really my boyfriend but he would travel to Lawrence every once in a while to do Burroughs. I only met WSB briefly on two occasions, and we basically just said hello. Okay, I do need to look into Bluebeard’s wife now to ascertain more details, yes. Thank you. How promising. Yeah, NB’s puppets are wonderful. ‘Jerk’ wouldn’t have been about puppets if I hadn’t been collaborating with him, so tons of kudos to him. Thank you, I hope whatever you need to facilitate your perfect day will arise in an ultra-conducive form too. ** Steve Erickson, So weird. Glad the skies are clearing, however fitfully. Thanks for speaking to Tim. Dagmar Kraus was married for a while to Cheap Trick bassist Tom Petersson, an unexpected but rather interesting coupling. ** Maya, Hi, Maya! Wait, are you the LA Maya I know? If so, hugs, and if not, well, hugs too. Thanks for speaking to Tim. ** tomk, Great, you’re writing. That ergot except made me pretty excited, man, so if it’s part of novel #3, that’s awfully nice news. The new novel sounds fascinating, of course. Thank you so much for sharing. You know how much I love hearing about that stuff. And thank you a lot about ‘Ash Gray Proclamation’! I definitely think that’s one of the best things I’ve ever written. Mm, I don’t … think it’s been written about? Or I’ll go google and see. Thank you, thank you, man. ** Darbz 🍕🍄, Your emojis made me hungry. Extreme great luck with the interview today. Let me know how it went whenever you want. Yes, I would keep that boy’s mental age in mind when (not) taking his comment to heart. I look forward to the chapter! Cool, thank you. Mostly when writing on my laptop I use Word. Sometimes I use TextEdit when I just want it to be really simple. You remind me that I need to buy a jar of peanut butter today. Hopefully you’ll be in there. ** Nick., Exactly: how you described the editing. Uh, I think I just got into computers like everybody else back then. I guess first so I wouldn’t have to type on a typewriter anymore because that was hell, and then computers started filling up with stuff, and, you, I got addicted. I started a blog because the guy who runs/ran this website about me asked people who went there what they would most want me to do, and there was a list, and the majority picked a blog, so I started only for that reason. Weird that I got so sucked into it. Thanks for visiting while you were crazily dancing! That might be a first for the blog. Happy day/night! ** Bill, Hey. Huh, I don’t think I’ve heard of Remedios Varo or seen that work before, and it looks pretty terrific. A’hunting I will go. Thank you, Bill. I look forward to having time again to see things I can recommend to you. ** Right. I’ve had revolving restaurants in a post or two before, but I’ve never given them their own day, and god knows they  deserve it, as you will ideally agree. See you tomorrow.


  1. Dee Kilroy


    *wipes away cartoon sweatdrop*

    Consider the thought perished. 😉 A relief, honestly, and I apologize for inferring something awful.

    I have deeply mixed feelings about J.G.’s posthumous effect on the body of writing. On the one side, he salvaged the man from obscurity, enabled him to have a decent career, grow as a writer, and (one hopes) find a measure of peace. [Re-visiting ‘My Education’ at the present moment. Bill coming to psychic terms w/ losing Ian is a shining red thread in that book. Seems to me he wouldn’t have, if not for J.G. So I feel grateful for that.]

    On the other, it’s hard not to scrutinize Grauerholz’s motives in revising & re-releasing material which predates his involvement in the author’s life. The gatecreeper thing. That was the main reason I didn’t make the Lawrence hajj in the 90s alongside all t’other pilgrims of that generation. J.G. never struck me as a Max Brod, y’know? Not exactly altruistic.

    Thank you again for sharing, and again, apologies for my super blech assumption.

    Soothing entry today. Amusing, spotting Atlanta’s li’l contributions to the observation deck trend. Still haven’t been up in either! During the initial covid shutdown, found myself priced out of midtown after 20 years of being an ATL resident, so much significantly less likely to now. In its needless need to be the next N.Y. (or whatevs), Atlanta has made itself nigh-impossible to love. Us financially impaired artfags can barely afford to exist!

    Back to inking. A crowquill kind of day. Thank god I quit coffee. Haven’t used pen nibs in nearly a decade & a steady hand is a must this morning.

  2. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Hahaha, I hadn’t thought about that re: haze. Interesting.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the kid who died at the Sun Dial restaurant in Atlanta. Got stuck in a revolving portion and got crushed to death.

    The weekend is here. I’m visiting a friend and her ailing mother tomorrow. We’re going to another friend’s in Annapolis for dinner. We’ll see how it goes.

    Hope your weekend is swell.

  3. Jack Skelley

    Dennis — I once found myself tripping in the Bonaventure Hotel. The entire building is concentric circles and cylinders within circles and more circles. Including its series of round external elevators, and round conversation pods levitating above the ground-floor’s (chlorine-stenched) pools. Entire experience was extremely confusing as there is no orienting landmark to establish NSEW. We never made it to the restaurant. Another chewy FOKA QA appeared this week, this one by pal Taylor Lewandowsky. I’ll send to you next week. Or tomorrow with the crazy newz. xoxo Jack

  4. _Black_Acrylic

    The UK artist Tacita Dean made the 2001 film Fernsehturm, with her camera recording the Berlin skyline from the windows of that restaurant. Never seen the film myself but I know it was highly acclaimed.

    Tomorrow is my baby nephew’s 1st birthday so I’ll be going along to his party in our back garden. I predict fun, but there are 30 guests invited and I’ve got no idea how all these people are gonna fit.

  5. Mark

    I remember a late morning in the mid 90s in New Orleans when I was particularly hungover from a very late night. I was meeting some people in the French Quarter and popped into a bar for a hair-of-the-dog drink. Being pretty wounded, I snuggled up to the bar on a stool, ordered a drink and started nursing it. I think I was distracted texting friends when I was sudden overcome with a distinct sense of dizziness. I though, whoa, this is maybe the worst hangover I’ve ever had. I tried to focus my gaze down at the bar, but every time I looked up, I was hit by a wave of something like vertigo causing nausea. I was sweating and starting to get pretty concerned about my well being when I noticed the blinking lights and general decor theme like a carnival. To my great relief, I realized I had stumbled into the “Carousel Bar.” I wasn’t dizzy, the circular bar was slowly rotating. I instantly felt better, ordered another dink and continued my boozy slutting afternoon in the French Quarter – hahaha!

    It looks like they’ve fixed it up since the 90s. I remember it being pretty dark and rundown.

  6. Steve Erickson

    Have you eaten at any of these?

    New York’s finally back to normal weather. It was nice enough that I ate lunch outside. There’s a slight sting to the air, but it’s not bad at all.

    Krause and Petersson didn’t make music together, did they? If they did, what a combo.

    Have you noticed the Quietus going in a slightly more mainstream direction, no doubt because they need a wider audience? The pieces themselves are pretty smart, but a year ago they probably wouldn’t have reviewed Ed Sheeran and Noel Gallagher albums or done a 20th-anniversary review of ST. ANGER. (I actually like ST. ANGER, so I was glad to read someone defend it.)

    Any plans for the weekend? Lincoln Center begins a Marco Ferreri retrospective today, and I’ll try to catch one of his films Sunday.

  7. politekid

    hey!! god i don’t think *anything* is the latest right now. my mind is kinda split apart on projects, phd stuff and the play, which means that i’m not working well on either. the play is maybe two-thirds done? i’m still not sure how “long” a play is supposed to be. i have a solid grasp of the atmosphere of it now, even if don’t know whether i’m succeeding in getting that across, or what’s going to happen. (urgh, things happening. sick of that. too many things happen in this play anyway, like two or three things! i need to sand it down. beginning to hate theatre and acting in general again tbh, which isn’t the best motivation halfway through writing for them.)
    and the phd is the phd. although weird time and space philosophy is now involved, which is fun. getting more and more inevitable that i’ll have to read Kant.

    otherwise… i feel like i did some stuff a couple of weeks ago. but what? there was a cool talk at the university on american ‘bunkerization’ by Robert E. Kirsch. he talked about the fallout shelter as both utterly useless and an imaginary abstraction, and the politics of a ‘bunkerized life’, domestic interior, enemy outside. he’s got a book coming out about it at some point.

    the uni is also making weirdly desperate — yet totally vague — appeals for a phd student or two to start a peer-reviewed journal of… some description. i’m torn on that. on the one hand it’s gonna be a shitshow of work and hassle, whatever it is, and i’m pretty sure it’s only being suggested so that the guy suggesting it (who i like otherwise) can get a promotion. on the other hand, i’m more interested in writing and editing than i am in teaching… and this would probably be better “work experience” in that regard. at least til i have another breakdown move to an isolated cabin subsist on pine cones and self-publish inscrutable novels as my only form of communication to the outside world. (that’s a joke. i like cities too much to survive more than a month in the woods. and apparently you need something like money to live in a city.) if i did decide to do it, i’d be persuading them to devote it to really out-there mind-melt stuff anyway.

    what else. continuing my project of familiarising myself with the unknowns in your fave novels list. i’ve read the first Renee Gladman, which i loved. and i’m currently into Butler’s 300,000,000, which i am loving. Butler’s forthcoming memoir about Molly Brodak keeps coming across my twitter feed one way or another, which looks like it’s going to be a lot (tho a good lot).

    have you got anything planned for the weekend? do you have weekends currently? hope it’s divine whatever it is xx

    [wish i had a good revolving restaurant story. alas. one day. the BT Tower is one of my favourite buildings in London, which used to have a revolving restaurant up top til it was literally bombed by either anarchists or the IRA in 1971. did you know it’s built on the site of the first house Rimbaud and Verlaine lived in when they came over to England?]

  8. Guy

    Hi Dennis, this post is making me a bit dizzy! How are you getting on with the editing? Do you recall the interesting poet who wouldn’t let me read him your work etc? I tricked him into listening to My Past (I didn’t tell him who wrote it) and he loved it so much he made me reread the poem to him. He thought it was written by an American woman, for some reason. When I said it’s written by Dennis Cooper, he said, “I get it now! He’s now my favourite poet, too. ” Just about to send him 3:54 AM, I just rewatched it after a few months, and remembered the first time I came across it in March 2020. I needed it for a class, but I ended up staying up all night just watching it again and again. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for your art; it has enriched my life in many ways…

  9. Armando


    Great post. Love revolving restaurants. Thanks!

    How many of these restaurants have you been to?

    I’ve actually only been to two of these restaurants. The Bellini here in my city and the View in Times Square. NYC looks beautiful from there.

    Have a good weekend, man.

  10. Nick Hudson

    Heya Dennis! Awesome post. In Tbilisi we have a pro-Putin oligarch called Ivanishvili who’s gone full Bond villain and lives in a preposterous glass mansion on the mountain, and has a revolving restaurant inside a rotunda with a glass floor through which one can view his, uh, zoo. Yep. He was whingeing on national television news about how his lemurs keep him awake at night screaming…

    How’s the new film coming along? I finally finished my new solo record and released my two Derek Jarman themes on vinyl!

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