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Please welcome to the world … New Juche The Devils (Amphetamine Sulphate)


‘Adieu all you Judges. New Juche returns with his book of ‘The Devils.’ An unsparing look into the dark rotten heart of Midlothian. Part true-crime narrative, part explicit memoir, ‘The Devils’ charts strange topographies and bloody histories. ‘Ever a fish out of water, ever a cunt,’ this is a vital occult dispatch from one of the most challenging and unnerving writers at work today.’ — AS

Perfect bound. 8 x 8″
Full color cover
146 pp.

Buy ‘The Devils’
There are 15-20 signed copies of the book for sale here
Amphetamine Sulphate @ Instagram







Interviewed (2017)
BOSUN (2018)
The Spider’s House (2017)






p.s. Hey. The blog is ultra-proud to be in the position to help usher New Juche’s brand new book into the world courtesy of this beautiful post devised by the author. I’m reading the book right now, and it’s incredible. So, luxuriate in the post and then get a copy. Thanks. Thank you, NJ! On another note, I am flying to Los Angeles today for two+ weeks of ‘haunted house’ and ‘home haunt’ exploration, research, and other work re: Zac Farley’s and my next, ‘home haunt’-centered film Room Temperature. As always when I’m away, the daily p.s. will cease, and you’ll get older posts. I’m happy to say that this current incarnation of the blog has been around long enough now that I can start launching rerun posts from its earliest days. So you’ll be seeing a few great new posts amongst years-old but hopefully still fresh rerun posts for the next while. I’ll be launching the posts from LA, so they’ll be appearing approx. 9 hours later than usual — in the afternoon Europe time rather than the morning, for instance. I might pop in here unexpectedly a time or two to say hi and catch up, depending on my schedule, but, in any case, I will return to the blog with my p.s. and all new posts again on November 6th. Do leave as many comments while I’m gone as you like, as I will respond to all of them as soon as I return. If I don’t talk with you before, have perfect Halloweens! ** Keatonbacher, Geez, weird, so sorry about your psychiatrist. That must feel really strange. Yeah, about the Dream Machine being helpful? It just seemed like a pretentious lava lamp to me. I missed out. Yeah, that coffin prop is cool. I think I had one in my fave 2019 animated props. Nice one, that. Thanks about my travels. Can’t wait to get that part over with. Survive/destroy the build up. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Yeah, Duras, goodie. I met Michael Lonsdale once. Incredibly shy, really tall, very nice. ** Sypha, Ah, cool. I’ll spin the new album once I’m out west. Everyone, Big to-do gift type of thing for you from Sypha. Hence, … ‘Today I released a new Sypha Nadon album, HIRAETH. Like last year’s PLEASANT SONGS it’s all-MIDI, but no vocal tracks this time, just instrumentals. It’s actually the label’s 50th release (yes, we finally hit the big 50, ha ha). Anyway, it can be listened to/downloaded for free here.’ Get that thing! ** _Black_Acrylic, She = good, yes. The Call is so close to being a real thing it’s spooky. Good luck with the final prep, and I’m happy to be doing the birth canal deed next weekend. ** KK, Hey. Yeah, Dorothy’s Duras book is on its way to me. I am a Jonas Mekas fan, yes, naturally, but … hm, maybe I haven’t read his poems. Or I’m spacing, if I did. The film meeting went fine. We have to do some clarifying work on the script to make it a bit more graspable immediately for the funding people and write a ‘statement of intention’ and stuff, but, yeah, it has begun. No, no Zoë Lund post thus far. But I will definitely check into making one ASAP. Thanks for that idea? My week? Fly to LA, jet lag survival phase, start going to haunted house attractions almost every evening and working on film script related stuff and talking to haunt makers during the days. That should be my week, I think. Yours? ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. Congrats re: The Nationals. I hope they win it all. I sincerely do. Uh, hm, maybe in a way re: ‘Climax’. Gisele really didn’t like ‘Climax’, maybe because of the parallel and her disliking of how he treated the subject, I don’t know. I honestly hadn’t compared the two in my head. I will. Ha, as soon as you get back to the States, you start getting conspiracy theories thrown at you. Sounds like the States. Big congress on finishing the draft of your novel! I know very well how big that is! Great, George, and enjoy the fiddling to the absolute max. ** Bill, Oh, right, I’m not on goodreads, but, yeah, that’s how users there remember what they’ve read. That’s interesting. Oslo its kind of gray, and not just because the sky often is. But it’s a comfy gray maybe. ** Okay. Be thoroughly with New Juche’s amazing new book this weekend and beyond. The blog will see you on Monday, and I’ll be back to pop in with blabla soon if I can, or on the 6th at the latest. Later, gators.


  1. Most impressive New Juche. Regarding Amphetamine

    Dennis I do hope we can get together for a few nanoseconds while you’re here in L.A. Bill and I are still at the same place.

  2. Well, I pre-ordered this one already a week or two ago so I’m ahead of the game. Looking forward to it…

    Thanks for the shout-out Dennis. Have a good time in Los Angeles!

  3. Hey Dennis – This post is eerily timed to my interests. I just finished ‘Bosun’ last night and was knocked out by it and wondering if New Juche had anything new. And this morning — voila. I’m going to order a copy shortly. Among his older books, you have a particular fave?

    Were you able to check out any of the rare Garrel films? Love to know yr thoughts on whatever you saw.

    Hope you and Zac have a great time in L.A. And hope there’s good news about the novel soonest.

  4. Soon as this was announced by AS it’s been winging its way to me from Texas, and it’s the one book of 2019 that I’m most looking forward to. New Juche is a visionary and I cannot wait to receive his new opus.

  5. KeatonagersFromMars

    October 20, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Haha, fuck him. I’m happy he’s dead. The things those people did to me for years. I don’t think we were ever any reach of pretentious, but I get what you’re saying. It was integral to that Burroughs universe thing. I guess I dig the basic premise, visions for creativity. I’m going to find the Halloween stores this week. I’m off until after the first week of November. As King Diamond used to say, “It’s Halloween!!!” Have tons of fun in LA.

  6. Lovely gallery today… really looking forward to getting my copy in the mail. Funny, when I see “Amphetamine Sulphate”, I keep thinking about the old Amphetamine Reptile label.

    Can’t say I’m a fan of Climax either. Hope your long flight is packed with better movies…


  7. Stoked you’ll be in LA! Hope we can see each other. Dinner some night? Love, B.

  8. Congrats, New Juche!

    Dennis, Yeah, the Nats have a good mix of young and older guys who have a lot of fun. Like a bunch of kids in that dugout. They need all the good vibes they can get.

    I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but I find them funny and sometimes interesting. What’s really interesting is when the far left and far right both believe in the same ones. Gets me every time.

    Yep, now it’s the fun part. I didn’t work on it this weekend, but I’ll start on it tomorrow night.

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