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‘vanity pressings, demos, song-poem albums, souvenir records, samplers, outsider music, exploitation labels, gospel / religious albums, specialty albums, children’s records, night club / lounge act albums, organ music, motion picture soundtracks, and any other unique & curious stuff I dig up’ — Bill Robinson

Click — PKinman


Angela Berger Demo Cassette


The Addicts Sing


At Home with The Lloyds


David Liebe Hart – Did Ezekiel See a UFO?


Scott Carr – Second Chance


Joey Welz – Sandy (Not A Perfect Storm)


Emily M. – The Strength To Carry On


Joe Wayman and Don Mitchell – Dandy-Lions Never Roar!



Ainars Berzinch Demo Cassette


Little Christopher – Brand New Blessing


Joey Welz – A Tribute to Joe Paterno


Shiva – New Harmony


Sincere Productions Demo Cassette


Merrill Womach – Happy Again


Grandma Rita Raps Nursery Rhymes


Unknown Artist – I’ve Got A Bug


Paperboy Demo


Joe Saint Michael – From My Heart



The Ethel Merman Disco Album




Cody Summer Demo Cassette


Martin Bell – The Way Of The Wolf


Adventures In Dynamic Living


The Fabulous Gabriel – Ten Years Later


ViennaCC – Connected



Mike Douglas – Sleep Well My Son


Joey Welz – Heavy Metal Kids


The Coral Echoes – My One Desire


The Gibble Family – I Won’t Have To Worry Anymore


Guilherme Schroeter Pop


Star Wars Variations – Part 2


Camp Akiba 1977



Gary S. Paxton – The Big “A” = The Big “M”


Janie Cooper – Mother


Frankie Ray and Maryellen


The Futuristic Electronica World Of Joseph Welz


Joni Eareckson – Joni’s Song





p.s. Hey. ** David S. Estornell, You too, pal. ** David Ehrenstein, Everyone, FaBlog does its FlaBloggian thing about the storming of the Capitol here. ** Golnoosh, Hi, G. I can’t remember why he irritated me so much. Needless to say, he and his people were very unhappy about that piece. I’m glad you like the post, and cool that Ohno is in your novel. Exciting. Our health minister is making a big announcement this evening, and we may be finally going back into strict lockdown. I sure hope not, but it’s feeling that way. And, yeah, what can you do. Other than do like you’re doing. Wow, not for two years. I too so hope the world’s situation lets you guys see each other this year. I have no plans for my birthday. It would be really nice if a friend or friends are around and want to do something on my b’day, but I’m not counting on that. xo. ** T, Hi, T. Very cool. Amazing that you lived in Japan. I love and miss Japan a bunch. Where did you live? The last time I was there I went to a big Sumo Wrestling championship, and that was completely weird and interesting. Thanks a lot for the comment, and have a terrific day if you can. ** Bill, You stoned? No, I don’t believe it, ha ha. Altered Innocence, who distributed ‘PGL’ in the US, put out that Japan doc. I think a DVD is on the way. It better be. Boy, it’s more insane than ever over there in the US of A. I hope you’re getting through all of it in tip top shape. ** Dominik, Hi, D! There’ve been a bunch of very quirky slaves recently: an extremely drool obsessed one, one whose thing is wearing a business suit underwater, etc. Uh, yes, think all of them made the cut for this month’s slave batch, or one might be in the next month’s post. Ha ha, Iggy was awesome before he decided to become a ubiquitous celebrity. Love, Dennis. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Uneventful visit/treatment, good. Rebelling car drivers, not so much. ** Steve Erickson, Three days of IRL only, wow! Great, or scary, or … something. Yeah, I had the TV on to watch the Congress certification thing, and I watched the coup unfold and go insane before bedtime took over. It’s what T. gambled wouldn’t happen, and now it has, and now we get to watch him and his mindslaves rationalise it, and no doubt do even worse, and it’s all just so predictable and sickening. ** Jeremy McFarland, Hi, Jeremy. Happy the Butoh stuff made you percolate. Yeah, that’s thing: what is there left to say about what happened yesterday. I’m one of the least cynical people around, but the normalisation of that event that’s already happening early this morning is a real fucking test. Things are fine here other than maybe going back into strict lockdown. Things are sane here anyway. Have a very good day, if possible. ** Brian O’Connell, Hi, Brian. Cool. Hm, I think I might have seen “Kuroneko”, but I’m kind of blanking. I’ll go find out. Interesting to hear about that new Penn Station hall. I’ve been curious. Man, you had a very nice NYC visit, very envy producing to Paris-imprisoned me. I love Betye Saar. And I would semi-kill to spend some quality time at the Strand right now. I don’t think there’s really any chance that we won’t see worse between now and the 20th. They’re talking ‘removal from office’ on the TV over here this morning, but that’ll be old, dead news by tonight, I imagine. I sure hope to see friends soon. It’s been ages. My Wednesday was largely involved with watching the congress thing and then the coup attempt. Nothing else that happened competed with that experience. Thomas Mann, cool. I don’t think I’ve read much of his short stories, hm. Thanks for your animation list. I agree with you on the bigness of all of those films. Yeah, I felt like I could have listed hundreds yesterday when asked. I hope your today is … peaceful. That seems like a good wish. ** cal, Hi, Cal. Right, I remember that Ohno/Antony connection now that you mention it. Thanks for your faves. There are a few I haven’t seen. ‘The Hobbit’, huh. That’s an interesting and unexpected choice, at least to someone (me) who hasn’t seen it. I too love ‘the Plague Dogs’ and ‘Wizards’. It’s true that when you start thinking about animation, it seems infinitely rich. And I feel like the ratio of really good animation to not good animation is much higher than with ‘reality’ based films. Interesting. Have a fine one. ** Right. Years ago this guy PKinman, who’s kind of an expert on weird outsider music and records, made this post for us here, and it’s a pretty fun thing and an excellent form of escape through silliness if you need such a thing at the moment. At the very least, I recommend you hit Play on that video at the top. Whoa. See you tomorrow.

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  1. A deliciously eccentric poppourri today.!

    If you want to know what happened in washington yesterday and why READ THIS!

  2. @ PKinman, thank you for sharing your expertise! I have a fondness for this sort of thing. It makes for a happy time indeed, and I spent a good part of my day with this diverse crew. For further enlightenment, and please forgive the shameless self-promotion, back in 2013 DJ Ben ‘Jack Your Body’ Robinson brought this set of “Outsider Music” for the I Like Yellow Things zine launch in Dundee.

  3. Dennis, Yikes! First full week of 2021 and I’ve been swamped at work. This will probably continue for the rest of the year and into next year. New stimulus bill and then the new administration will have new tax laws and all that. But hey, keeps me employed and they pay me to do what I do, so no complaints.

    I need to get onto some personal projects, though.

    Onward and upward. 😀

  4. Hi!!

    Today’s post is golden. The first video is brutal, haha. “Mud, Mud, Mud” isn’t bad either. Thank you for the selection! And thank you, PKinman.

    Mh, I can’t wait for the month’s slaves.

    Shit! At first, I didn’t catch what this video was about. I had to watch it again. Poor guy, hah. Love secretly going through his parents’ amateur porn tapes.

  5. Oh, sorry about the strict lockdown… it doesn’t sound very fun. I’m already bored of ours too… I redrew the character map of Closer today as I had an epiphany that the one I’d drawn before wasn’t actually as beautiful as I thought it was. I hope you’ll have a great birthday despite the lockdown. Yes, that’s possible. I had my lockdown bday back in May and it actually turned out to be one of my loveliest birthdays ever; it was the day I received Try as a present, so I spent the whole day reading Try in bed, in the bath, in the garden, while eating home-baked carrot cake… I could see Ziggy and Calhoun vividly… and the way Ziggy admires Calhoun but at the same time is incapable of conveying/ confessing his love because he’s hopeless, young, insecure, traumatised, vulnerable deeply resonated… I sent you a birthday present on the 30th of Dec, and according to UK post tracking service you must’ve received it yesterday at 10 AM or it must be in your mailbox? It was supposed to be a bit of a surprise but the post office made me fill in an odd form declaring what’s in it and then they pasted it on the package! And when I objected they said it’s because of ‘Brexit’… Anyway, I hope you will receive and like it xoxo

  6. Hi Dennis!

    Yeah, it’s an amazing place! I lived for a year in Sapporo, it’s a big city (for me at least) but kinda remote, and very cold to boot. I loved it though. So cool you got to see some sumo contests, that’s something else I’d love to go see – whereabouts was it? Saying that, the student dorm I was living at threw a couple of amateur sumo nights pre-pandemic which got pretty surreal. I did get asked if I wanted to join in, and it’ll probably be a lifetime regret that I didn’t say yes. Wasn’t drunk enough to consent to my own humiliation in front of a crowd of strangers (I’m about as gangly as they come), nor did I own any pairs of that thong-like traditional underwear, so maybe it was for the best all things considered.

    That Shiva seems one funky guy – pretty impressed by whatever vocal technique he’s using to sing like that! Little Marcy is fucking terrifying on the other hand.

    Not sure when in the day you read these, but wishing you a beautiful one at whatever stage you’re at currently!

  7. OMGee — most-Godhead DC Blog post of 2021 so far !!!
    Dennis, the 3rd psychotic video on PKinman’s list (“Did Ezekiel See a UFO?”) is David Liebe Hart. Anyone who’s been to the Hollywood Bowl has likely experienced him and his dummy Charlie in the pedestrian tunnel. He so disturbed/inspired me that I once wrote a poem, “God Raised My Dummy,” based on Hart/Charlie’s operatic rants! Poem was even published in a chapbook with illustrations by Larry Tomoyasu. Consider my mind re-blown!

  8. Outsider music is such a fun genre! Farrah Abraham’s MY TEENAGE DREAM ENDED actually sounds like the torment it was created from, but when I first heard it a few years ago I was amazed at how innovative its use of Autotune and weird rhythms were. Celebrities’ musical hobbies are also good for a peak. (I’m always surprised to hear actors who are much less known for music but equally talented at it, like Riz Ahmed.) There was a vogue for novelty rap songs by white actors in the ’90s, leading to this stiff gem from Joe Pesci over the beat from “Rapture”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHdWyL4va0E&ab_channel=raiderleos. I went looking for OJ Simpson’s rap video but it seems to have been scrubbed from YouTube.

  9. Jeremy McFarland

    January 8, 2021 at 2:21 am

    Some of the Amish grocery stores around sell CD’s, including some of local Amish? Mennonite? family bands. I remember looking at them once and it was all covers of pop songs and gospel! Seeing this post makes me wish I’d picked up a copy 😛

    Sorry to hear about the impending strict lockdown, especially so close to your birthday. I hope you can still spend the day wrapped up in lots of love!! And maybe get a Switch!

  10. Brian O’Connell

    January 8, 2021 at 6:21 am

    Hey, Dennis,

    A very amusing and delightfully eclectic post today. I remember seeing David Liebe Hart in that weird exquisite corpse Shrek remake on YouTube and always wondering who he was. Many thanks to PKinman if he sees this. I needed the uplift.

    Yesterday actually marked my first encounter with Betye Saar’s work. Totally intriguing, and I’m eager to learn more. The Thomas Mann has been a real surprise to me. It’s my first time reading his work, and (perhaps naïvely) I was expecting kind of stuffy, interior, 19th century “intellectual” writing, but the stories are actually quite vividly told and have this macabre fascination with scenes of humiliation and death, which is of course pretty cool. Main event’ll be “Death in Venice”, but that’s at the end of the collection I have, so it’ll be a few days before I get there. And then I’ll finally watch the Visconti film.

    Today was indeed peaceful, at least in comparison to yesterday’s madness, but not much has happened in response, and the inaction is almost as infuriating as the assault itself. You’re right that removal from office is unlikely, even though honestly it’s the only acceptable end to this disaster. If you don’t enforce the line, there is no line, and all that. How do you think this all plays out in the next fourteen days? I’m not optimistic, but anything (even good things? Probably not, but maybe) could happen. I hope whatever pleasures Friday brings (if any) are enough to offset the pessimism/dread/isolation/whatever, for myself and for you.

  11. Nothing to contribute to the day, but just popping in to say hi after a long absence, and hope everything is well with you and yours.

  12. Dennis!!! How are you? How was your week? I’m sorry I’ve missed this week’s treats from you here. I’ve been strangely busy with scholarly stuff. . . it wasn’t that attractive. Anyhow, it’s over now. Whoa, an interesting post. I’ll enjoy these videos one by one. I hope you are keeping safe. I don’t quite understand why we don’t have a curfew in nyc, which won’t make a difference for me as I’m mostly staying in. I only hope the city can do everything to mitigate this virus. …. by the way, I’m listening to Destroyer’s album your blues right now bc I’ve recently got an inexpensive, used CD of it somewhere, and I thought you might be glad to hear it, my listening to this album. Currently, “it’s gonna take an airplane”… a nice song. Have a fine weekend.

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