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PeterMaxwell presents … Macrophilia Day


‘Macrophilia is be an increasingly popular sexual paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual arousal from a fascination with giants and/or a sexual fantasy involving giants. Such fantasies may include the macrophiles themselves shrinking in front of a normal sized person (male or female). Alternatively, macrophiles may fantasize about their sexual partner growing to an abnormal height while the macrophiles themselves remain unchanged.

‘The literal translation of macrophilia means a “lover of large” but in this context it does not refer to those in the fat admiration community (i.e., people who are sexually attracted to very fat women) but specifically refers to individuals who are sexually attracted to people much taller than themselves (i.e., it is the height rather than width that is crucial). As the scale between small and tall is not generally found in real human life, almost all macrophilic behaviour is sexual fantasy.

‘The overwhelming majority of macrophiles are thought to be males that are sexually attracted to male or female giants. However, even non-sexual scenarios involving giants can result in sexual stimulation. Each fantasy situation is different for every macrophile as the behaviour is fantasy-based. Even the preferred heights of the fantasy giants differ between individuals. For instance, some macrophiles have a preference for people only a few feet taller than themselves whereas others involve giants who are hundreds of feet high.

‘The reason that this particular paraphilia has increased massively over the last decade is because the Internet has played a crucial role in helping create and facilitate the paraphilia. Because the paraphilia is almost totally fantasy-based, much of the material from which macrophiles gain their sexual gratification is placed and distributed online. There is a wide range of macrophile artwork, photographs, and video on the Internet. Applications such as Photoshop are widely used to create collages of fake giants. Photographs are also taken from low angles to make everything in the viewfinder (including people) seem much bigger. The Internet is also full of homemade camcorder films of people trampling and destroying model cities.’ — Mark D. Griffiths



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Fantasy art


Fantasy videos


Macrophile’s moon: A man want to show to his friend his secret.

Watch it here

Macrophilevil: A young man did a pact with the devil to get immortality. But this is not without consequence because he need to eat humans to live forever. It’s been a while now that he live like that.

Watch it here

Tiny Survivor: A group of friends spend their holidays together. They decide to sunbathe on an inflatable boat, but after some rest, they find themselves lost at sea.


Michael Jordan

Boy Stomps Teacher To Death



Str8crushfeet: I humiliate and crush another tiny guy beneath my giant shoes and butt.


Chef Billy

Growing Friends: Tall giant men growth, giant gym muscle growth, dick experience



Midnight Snack

Daniel shrinks his bullies



Operation Mikroorganisation: Episode 9 – Viel Lärm um nichts: Kai hatte endlich herausgefunden, wie er wieder groß werden konnte, und zwar durch einen Wachstumstrank, den Ben Utzmich in seiner Show vorgestellt hatte. Somit bleiben Kai zwei Möglichkeiten: Entweder er schafft es, die Aufmerksamkeit von Niklas zu bekommen, damit dieser ihm hilft oder aber er findet schnellstmöglich einen Weg nach Hause, um sich den Trank zu beschaffen. Erreicht seine Reise nun schon bald das Ende?

Operation Mikroorganisation: Episode 13 – Reine Kopfsache: Seitdem Chrissi, Eike und Erik zu dritt sind und somit auch die Chance steigt, die Aufmerksamkeit von einem der drei zu gewinnen, schöpft Kai neuen Mut. Jetzt gilt es, während des Stadt-Land-Fluss Spiels dem Ganzen endlich ein Ende zu machen. Aber ist alles nun wirklich so einfach, wie es scheint?





Whale Cash

Mini 3d man fucked by clown


Warped Eye Studios

The Shrinking Ray: Just a video I made with my neighbors.



THE DOWNSIZER: In this story a crazied woman lures men into a old run down lab, only to shrink them down into little bite sized morsels and eat them.



Have We Always Been Like This?: A loving boyfriend comes to his adorable girlfriend to interrupt her from work. They start kissing in the cowgirl pose, parallelly slowly taking off their clothes. Suddenly the hot chick feels that her hooters are starting to grow and get bigger. They get in panic, but the girl’s mommy tells that this is ok and they just have to ravage. They go to the bedroom, where they undress, the tits are really giant and they definitely like that.

The Teenage Giant: This days Jayen has a strange dream of a giant. Whats has he to do with the online macro community? But later that day, when Jayden meet his friends Ash and Collin, he’ll see that not everything was a dream! He became a teeanage muscular giant!

Download it here

A Big Mistake: Zack’s teammates attempt to shrink him, with unusual results.


Big Stomp

Tiny pov adventure: A little adventure turns into a big problem.

Giant’s play: A video requested by shreddedwheat2012


Demystifying Gay Porn S1E19: The Macrophilia Episode




p.s. Hey. ** Recently a reader of the blog named Peter Maxwell wrote to me to say he loves the blog’s range but that there was one bit of subject matter that the blog was sorely missing and he asked if he could make a guest-post to plug that particular hole and I said sure, thank you very much. And thank you once again, Peter. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Luckily it started pouring rain yesterday, so now we’re back to having kind skies at the least for the moment. I’m a little surprised that ‘We Need to Talk about Kevin’ didn’t originate as a queer YA novel. Huh. Love opening a restaurant that only serves food made of potatoes with hundreds of items on its menu, G. ** David Ehrenstein, ‘The Mother and the Whore’ has just been restored and returned to its original, ‘long lost’ original cut and it’s playing in theaters here in Paris right now to big success. ** _Black_Acrylic, And even to people who know nothing about Scottish politics like me. How’s that Fagan novel? ** Billy, Ah, I see, so the idea is one looks like a goon while masturbating with an unusual intensity and focus, which, yeah, seems to be true based on the times when I’ve had privileged viewpoints on guys gooning. It all makes sense, thank you! ** Sypha, 32 ain’t bad, obviously. Sorry about your eyes’ mistreatment of you and your books, man. ‘Suttree’ is a definite highlight, I agree. So what’s with you not having had a birthday cake since 2009? Is that, like, a form of punishment or something? ** Misanthrope, Luckily, based on my reading at least, that attempt to turn American fiction into a conservative has been overthrown in the past decade. Now it’s mostly the critics and book reviewing outlets and the big publishers that are the problem. It’s actually quite lovely outside here today so far. Fucking rain, man. Is there anything better than a rain storm? I can’t think of a competitor. There are a ton of holidays here, but not very many where people are let off from work for them. ** Billy, Hi, Billy. Yeah, no, it’s mostly just a weird fantasy when I start out. I usually try pick themes where I don’t have a single example in mind just to make the search more daring or something. Good weekend? ** tomk, Hi, Tom! Me too. My seasonal allergies are much more pronounced here. What’s that about, I wonder. I’m pretty okay for the most part. You too? ** Bill, Hi. Luckily our heatwave died yesterday, but it’s only a matter of time. Excellent about the gig and opening. I’ll hit that link. Thank you, sir. ** Brandon, Hi, Brandon! So, wait, you have your sternum tattoo now, I reckon. Or maybe you will by tonight. Congratulations. Did/does it hurt? I have no tattoos so I know nothing about the tactile aspect of getting one. My week wasn’t hugely exciting. I’m struck in this rut of fundraising for my new film, and that’s extremely not exciting. Saw a great film (‘Horse Money’), saw a bunch of art that was mostly surprisingly good, ate at a Chipotle (a luxury here, believe it or not), sweated a fair amount (heatwave), worked on shit. Okay, not great. I hope you feel like a new, fully refreshed person today. ** Steve Erickson, Ugh, so sorry about the dizziness. I’ve never seen that John Ford film. Interesting. I’ve been in the mood to watch a John Ford film lately by strange coincidence. I’ll see where/if I can find it. I can count the sci-fi fiction books I’ve read on one hand. Strange, nonsensical aversion. Well, apart from sci-fi’s general plot heaviness and my disinterest in plot, I guess. ** John Newton, So, so sorry about your friend. God, terrible. I met Burroughs a couple of times. Yes, he and I shared a boyfriend named Mark for a while, or, rather, my boyfriend was having a little side affair with Burroughs for a portion of the time we were together. No, ‘My Mark’ is not about that Mark. It’s about a Mark from an earlier time named Mark Lewis. I think if Grauerholz hadn’t ‘edited’ those later Burroughs novels they would have remained random fragments and they wouldn’t have ever been completed. I don’t think I’ve ever had to make my obsessions work for me. They just do. I’m a very productive type of person. Compulsions … mm, I don’t know if I have any. Maybe. Maybe tons, I’d have to think what I do and figure out if they meet that criteria. I drink a lot of coffee and tea, but I think that’s partly addiction and partly what I do nowadays with my old fondness for taking drugs. You have a top notch week yourself. ** Right. Follow Peter Maxwell’s lead today if you know what’s good for you. See you tomorrow.


  1. David Ehrenstein

    Andy was a Major Foot-Fetishist. “Sleep” is all about John Giorno’s feet.

    • John Newton

      That is cute, not surprising, and sexy in a way. I like women and men’s feet but it is mild and tame, not as major of a fetish or kink as beards/moustaches, leather, thin bodies, and denim are. I have shown my 11.5 4E feet and shoes, socked feet, and wearing boots and shoes to foot/boot fetishists online and in leather bars but it did not do anything for me, but they loved it. Some men liked my hands or arms which I did not understand why either? Fisting bottoms seemed to like my hands and arms but I am a thin ectomorph so maybe that is why? I am friends with a fellow bisexual woman who was a stripper and now she does burlesque, but she said how she made lots of $ from men who had foot fetishes who watched her dance. Unfortunately it all went towards her hard polydrug addictions, but she did get sober, relapsed here and there, and now she does not any drugs except for marijuana or hashish as it is legal and for chronic pain. I have yet to read the Giornio diaries it is on my massive to read list. I had a used copy of the full Andy Warhol diaries that I bought for $1-3 at a library booksale, but I sold it when I was saving money to move. I hope you are well David.

  2. tomk

    hey man,

    I’m mostly good just exhausted and stressed re: the cost of living etc. Work is cutting my hours so i’m trying to figure out all kinds of banal shit.

    I’m kinda interested in these impossible fantasies, this and vore have something in common i think but I can’t quite place my finger on it.

    Could you send me your address? Miette wants to send you a copy of the autodidacts.

    hope you’re well man.

  3. Suzy

    When I was 20-22 I had an office job that had me sit around for 8 hours doing about 2 hours of work. I would spend my dead time finding Facebook groups for giant/giantess fetishists and friend request people at random. There was this one “girl” (she was obviously using someone else’s pictures, but the person the profile claimed to be was an 18 year old German female) who would want to roleplay via dm, like, constantly. It usually followed the formula of; I was a giantess roughly the size of Godzilla, I would terrorize a city, take special interest in her, and let her ride in my hair/on my shoulder while I mashed her family up into paste and brushed my teeth with it and crushed her dog like a grape or flick it off my finger like a booger. Sometimes I would refuse to do what she obviously wanted (but pretended not to want) me to do and just eat her instead. If I ignored her for too long or told her I was busy she would get very pissed at me so I’d tell her I loved her and send romantic giantess photoshops to keep her from bugging me, and after a while I quit that job and went back to walking dogs.

  4. Misanthrope

    Peter Maxwell, Good post here. This is fucking nuts.

    Dennis, Yeah, exactly, on the current state of publishing here. It’s not really the writers, though there are some that are, um, well, you know…hahaha. But it’s the “gatekeepers,” the fuckers. I read an interesting article a while ago that showed that almost all prize winners are Ivy League grads, particularly from Harvard. Strange.

    I like a good thunderstorm and being not in it but watching it. We had a couple downpours there in Paris when Kayla and I were there 10 years ago. I’ll admit they were lovely. Brief and crazy. But I’m not one for steady, hours-long rain. Just gets me down anymore.

    I’m just chilling. Kind of against my will. I’d rather be doing something else. But whatever. I’m not dead or anything, so that’s a positive. 😀

  5. Sypha

    People are strange… on Tumblr I’ve seen a lot of female variations on this, just guys getting smothered by gigantic anime boobs or whatever.

    Dennis, did I say 32? I meant 42. Um, in 2009 I was up all night with food poisoning the night of my birthday, and ever since I’ve lost my appetite for cake. It probably wasn’t the cake that did it (as none of my other family members got sick) but guilt by association…

  6. _Black_Acrylic

    Yesterday was my very first meeting with the new nephew, which was quite the experience. I’d never held a baby before and he’s so tiny, having come into the world a few days ago 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Too bad you’re an Instagram sceptic but anyway, the photo got a lot of likes.

    Jenni Fagan – Hex is this sort of magic realist odyssey where our narrator travels back to the 16th century to meet a woman due to be executed for witchcraft. Just a novella but it has some force.

  7. Bill

    I can’t say I understand this one. But the top cartoon is hilarious!

    Totally understand your aversion to science fiction, Dennis. These days, just about the only science fiction I enjoy is by Brian Evenson.

    Kind of a mixed election result in France over the weekend, no?


  8. Robert

    “it is the height rather than width that is crucial” hilarious. I was losing my mind watching “Tiny Survivor”, the whole sequence starting at 4:46 is just perfect. Peter Maxwell is a saint. Can you imagine what everyone my age is gonna be like when we’re forty? Probably normal I assume, but the sheer volume of online porn I and every other guy I know has consumed is mind-boggling. I don’t know how you can do that much intensive masturbating and not end up requiring niche fetish stuff to get off. (I guess macrophilia is pretty innocuous, but then you think about misogyny fetishes and rape fantasy stuff and the sort of brutally physical porn that’s all over the place now and you start to wonder, but I should probably just stop typing before I spill my secret prudishness too much.) It’s already sort of at the point where masturbating is preferable to actual sex, at least in certain ways. And a good chunk of the women I know like to be choked and sort of physically used during sex–but that’s probably always been a thing right? Anyway, I at least can’t imagine myself being forty and walking around with the memories of the weirder porn I’ve seen. But again I’m sort of a prude. I’ve digressed, but this is a really cool post.

  9. Dominik


    Macrophilia always makes me think of this cartoon I used to watch as a kid, “George Shrinks”, haha. Thank you for the informative collection, Peter and Dennis!

    Nice. Some rain definitely sounds nicer than 39 degrees.

    Count me in as a regular at love’s new restaurant! I love potato meals a lot. Love making a wedding gown from fake nails, Od.

  10. Billy

    I’ve definitely seen a lot of this sort of thing online but I think the earliest record I’ve seen of gigantophilia (sp.?) is a david sedaris story from the nineties where he writes about finding an actual magazine called My Giantess. Lots of weird stuff related to this. I think the online perv community has kind of got less interesting over the last few years? Death of tumblr, obviously, and probably a lot of people growing up and getting actually laid. Also theres more traditional porn on twitter now so I think the hothouse for these paraphilias can kind of dissipate. I was working half the weekend so not that fun tbh. Acquired a copy of ‘Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders’ which has smears on the covers, so I’m abreast of things among perverts both digital and analogue. Hope your weekend was lovely and the apocalyptic weather wasn’t too personally uncomfortable (best one can say these days). Cool way of putting together your blog – finding stuff at the same time must keep it interesting. Here’s hoping I haven’t just got monkeypox through the post.

  11. T

    Hey Dennis – wow it’s been a longer while than usual! How have things been? I have been a bit less frequently here than usual, been staying in places with no wi-fi and so on. What have been the headlines from the last month down your end? But, anyway, what a post to come back to! Macrothanks to the esteemed Mr Peter Maxwell. Do I remember you doing a post some time ago where there was a lot of giantess fantasies? Maybe I’m mixing things up though. I don’t really understand this macrophilia thing at all, nor can I easily attribute it to the usual suspects (shame etc), which makes it a lot more exciting to me. I’m still up in Calais. I’ve started putting together the post I was talking to you about the last time I commented. I wanted to ask you, if I make it as a word document with images embedded and links to youtube videos (I’m not sure if I’ll put any in yet, but in case I do), does that work on your end? Wishing you a Tuesday that’s like car pedals being re-engineered to go down in spirals/zigzags/other sundry shapes other than straight.

  12. John Newton

    Thanks Peter Maxwell and Dennis! I have seen and read about this sex fetish, fantasy, or kink online on Tumblr. I wonder if people into it discovered it from the old Godzilla films, Attack of the 50 foot woman, reading Gulliver’s travels, or watching honey I shrunk the kids series of films?

    Yes it is super sad about my friend. I am going to visit him tomorrow.

    I have never seen a ghost either. Once while tripping on mushrooms and stoned on sativa pot I was walking around with friends at night and I thought I saw a rabbit very close and sitting completely still on my friend’s lawn, and I shined a light on the rabbit, and much to my disappointment, it was a light brown rock. Later I tried to do self mummification bondage with tinfoil to myself in my parents’ kitchen when we were baking food, and my friend was having none of it and took the tinfoil off of my body.

    Did you ever take meds or see a therapist for obsessions? I did but I am not sure if it worked? I have the compulsions to wash my hands, and to double check locks. I am not sure if they are part of me, or if they were learned, and just common sense? When I was at a university in what to me was a super rural area, and not always sleeping well, I would have my friend check my apartment door to make sure I had locked it. I was surprised by how many of my neighbors and other students in the apartment building would leave their doors unlocked, or not wait there at the laundry area. But if you do that in Philadelphia you will get your apartment robbed, and your clothes stolen. I also have an amazing immune system. I am not sure why but I do. When I was living in New Mexico I became sick with a type of COVID I am not sure which type just that it was not COVID-19, as did all of my then partners/now ex’s I lived with in a sort of bisexual commune, and I was sick for perhaps 1-2 weeks during Christmas and New Year’s eve. It was scary but I mainly slept, drank lots of water, and green and black tea, and would force myself to eat, and despite all of the annoying coughing I would walk a few miles to the library or supermarket, and I felt better on New Year’s day 2013.

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