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p.s. Hey. ** H, Hi. It does sound kind of dreamy where you are. I do imagine that Coney Island would have some kind of collateral beautifying effect on its surroundings. The sound work is hard and slow, but it’s going very well, thank you. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Ah, yes, apt. ** Steve Erickson, It was indeed SB. On the one hand, I don’t think his recurring ‘threats’ have the intended effect, but on the other hand who knows what his intention is. I thought Bonello’s YSL film was god awful. Subtlety doesn’t seem to work on social media. You would think the ‘Amelie’ reference would have sold the irony, but so many people’s minds turn into ham fists, at least on FB, almost automatically. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! My pleasure. Dl and writer Thomas Moronic’s work is something somewhat similar to that job with troubled kids, and I know from him that it’s hard to shake off but that he also loves doing it. Oh, fantastic, about the bookshop interview! I can only imagine you will ace that in a heartbeat. Let me know. Yeah, I think for Zc’s and my films, the goal/dream is to make the film sell/convey itself without the dressing of added-on music. My god Bresson only allowed music in his films when it was played ‘live’ within the film, and that has always seemed to me the ultimate way to work with music. My day wasn’t much different than usual either. The only difference was that the search for ambient film sounds yesterday just involved the editor going through his storage of existing atmosphere sounds, so Zac and I were let go for the afternoon since there was nothing for us to do. We’ll start laying them in today. Was Wednesday cool and any different for you? ** Sypha, Hi, James. I haven’t read ‘It’, so I’ll be virginal, although I have seen pieces of the earlier Tim Curry version here and there. Ha, re: the pickiness of the super nihilists: that is bizarre. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hey. Good, good. I would imagine Andrew is probably imagining a set up that isn’t the set up that y’all are thinking and that a meeting will do the trick. Happy for you about Leeds United, man. ** Misanthrope, Oh, Patti LaBelle is just your fanciful nickname for your original concoction, I see. Sweet. Food as house pet? Normal, whew, man! Relief sigh. We’re all pre-diabetic? Even me? Yikes. Or, huh, cool. Ick re: the pube. All I know about ‘Call Me By Your Name’ is what I read around. I did see the trailer. It looks, you know, sweet. Unconventionally conventionally sweet. ** Armando, Hi. Oh, shit, that sucks. Maybe it’ll show up in some archival area of the blog. I’ll check. I’m glad the film hit the heights you wanted. Today Zac and I work on the sound for our film beginning shortly from right now until the sun goes down. The usual. You take care too. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. Cool, glad to have made the introduction. Well, me too re: the failure of language, as you know. That’s almost the driving force. Maybe not even almost. Can’t wait! Have an awesome day. ** Bill, Hi, B. I do like the idea of Burroughs being vocoded until his tics and dulcet tone are six feet under. Yeah, PM has never been to a Halloween haunted house. Being from Denmark and all of that. Fun. ** Right. Up there is another one of my arguments that the simple act of stacking GIFs can have a sweet and unexpected pay off. See you tomorrow.


  1. Well, that’s a lot of gifs.

  2. Hey,

    What you mean by saying The Great Uncle Bill had “tics and [a] dulcet tone”? His voice and speech were the motherfucking shit; as was he and *ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING* about him. Hearing him speak is music to my ears. Just fucking love it. Do I sense certain disdain/contempt towards him in your words?

  3. Hey,

    Anyway, yeah, I really liked my beloved Sofi’s ‘The Beguiled’ a lot. She’s literally incapable of making a bad or mediocre movie. It’s definitely not her best, but nonetheless excellent; as fucking always.

    Of course, Sofi’s black, sarcastic, mocking, sometimes even macabre and cruel humor is on full display here, which is a real treat to witness.

    It’s all basically about some pro-slavery bitches who really, really, really need to desperately and urgently check their *HUGE* PRIVILEGE; that motherfucking *HUGE* PRIVILEGE this extremely Gynocentric world gives them; and the male idiot who falls into their insane, narcissistic, solipsistic and sociopathic webs.

    Again, as always, Sofi approaches the material with and through her acerbic, ultra-sophisticated, restrained (for lack of a much, much better word), elegant, sceptical, subtle as fuck, elliptical, “detached” (again, for lack of a much, much better word) gaze and style. I even sensed some Buñuelian touches in the movie. Really.

    Philippe Le Sourd’s cinematography (shooting in *MAGNIFICENT SUPER 35 mm KODAK FILMSTOCK*) is just fucking sublime, gorgeous and at the same time ominous and unsettling.

    In short, yet one more triumph for my beloved Sofi.

    How long do you think the sound mixing/editing/syncing will take?

    Take very good care, my friend,

    Good day; good luck,


  4. I didn’t post my photo on Facebook. It was on a much more restrictive movie discussion group on Yahoo, where members had to be invited by other members.

    The first suicide-related post by Scott I saw was one where he reminisced about what it tasted like to stick a gun in his mouth. I was incredibly disturbed, as were about a dozen other people who posted in the thread. I urged him “Get rid of your gun.” He replied “I don’t have it anymore.” Do you have any idea if the gun in his photo is real? Knowing the tone of his FB posts, I suspect it actually is real. The frustrating thing is that when he’s not calling out for attention/help, he posts interesting stuff about movies and frequently comments on my posts. I know how much he was traumatized by his wife’s death 4 years ago. A friend of mine did something similar when his wife suddenly had a fatal heart attack for no apparent reason when they were both 35. He spent the next 2 years drinking and smoking pot all day, and he also actually wanted to go to jail for some weird reason, so he went to bars and picked fights. (This usually didn’t work, and when he got into fights, he never got arrested.) Despite this, he managed to raise 2 kids and sustain a career as a film critic, although he’s told me there were usually only 6 hours a day when he was sober during this period. He did pull himself out of this downward spiral, starting by exercising for 2 hours a day, and this is now a decade in his past. He still drinks and smokes pot, but in much smaller quantities.

    I realize I also saw Bonello’s ON WAR when the Film Society of Lincoln Center did a retro of his films around the time the YSL biopic came out.

    I’m excited to see Frederick Wiseman’s 1986 documentary BLIND today and plan to see his new film EX LIBRIS, about the NY public library, this weekend. The latter is a subject dear to my heart, although I wish it would stock way more of the books you recommend. I wish I had time to catch more of Film Forum’s current retro of his late films. If David Lynch didn’t exist, I’d say he’s America’s greatest working filmmaker.

    • Steve, I saw that about James Woods. I’m just bleh meh eh about it. Couldn’t care less. It’s just all noise to me. I just want to see this movie now. I did read the director’s reasons for no graphic sex, which, of course, I’d prefer. But it makes sense. Essentially, his movie’s not about that. It’s about something bigger, like love or whatever. He does have a scene where the teenage boy fucks a peach (and I think the Armie Hammer character eats it). So that’ll be fun to watch. 😛

  5. Saying “No” is a very powerful position to be in. The ability not to say “no,” is very scary to me. Great blog today!

  6. Hi!

    I’ve just spent an hour looking for this on tumblr. This is not a GIF but this is my favorite “no”.

    Oh, I didn’t know that! If I end up really going for that job, I’ll reach out and ask him about his experiences! But – first the bookshop interview. I hope I really will ace it! I’ll definitely let you know!
    Yes, I think I understand why it’s the goal/dream with the film. I think I’m trying to aim for a similar rawness or “realness” when I write without using too much… explanation? I don’t know if this comparison makes any sense outside of my head – I think music plays a somewhat similar, explanatory role in movies by highlighting and amplifying certain moods, etc. It doesn’t mean I don’t love music in films – I do, very much so. But only if and/or when the given movie/scene really calls for it.
    I needed to go and see my father today for some family matters. We don’t meet all that often, our relationship is quite strained, so it wasn’t for my utmost pleasure but it was okay. Nothing too heavy or stressful, fortunately.
    How was the day on your end? Did you start laying the “atmosphere sounds” your editor found? I hope everything’s great there, Dennis!

  7. Never thought I’d see Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs on Dennis Cooper’s blog but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

    Yeah, it depresses me when Scott Bradley talks about killing himself on Facebook but I think it’s just the way that he’s wired and he’s very extroverted. And his friends have been trying to talk him out of it for years with no luck, so… I will say I’ll miss him when he’s gone as he’s def. one of my favorite people on Facebook and one of the few reasons why I like going on that site every day… I’ve spoken with him on the phone a few times as well and he’s certainly a character (he’s also a really good writer, but sadly he doesn’t seem to write much anymore). One reason we get along so well is that we’ve both read a lot of the same horror writers, I think. Or maybe that I’ve never really tried to talk him out of his suicidal moods (but really, what consolation or solace can one offer a Ligotti-loving pessimist?)

  8. This stack made me think of 2 Unlimited – No Limit, a big Dutch Eurodance hit in my schooldays. Back then I thought it was dumb and terrible, but now 25 years later I think it’s dumb and kind of brilliant.

  9. I like the free-floating political overtones of this day.

    I also like Scott when he’s not threatening to kill himself, so I have tried to talk him out of it. He needs to talk to a shrink other than Dr. Drew badly.

    Further James Woods-hypocrite evidence: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/amber-tamblyn-james-woods-open-letter-1202557447/

  10. Someone has posted a massive amount of John Peel sessions on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbJ7iwqdFYBQ3-ZjeFeEzMw/videos. I can’t wait to start downloading these to MP3s.

  11. this is my favourite one

  12. Dennis, Oh, no, the macaroni and cheese is recipe from Patti LaBelle’s cookbook. I swiped it online. I just do it all from scratch, as the great Ms. LaBelle advises. 😛

    Yes, quite a relief, that blood test. Thanks for caring.

    I think you’re right about “Call Me By Your Name.” It sounds, looks, and feels sweet. I hope it is. Nothing wrong with sweet every once in a while.

  13. Dora – Feel free to give me a shout if you need to ask anything. I’m a safeguarding manager now and have been working with vulnerable kids for over a decade now and am totally up for helping in anyway if you need. See how it goes.

    Dennis – Some really cool modulations between humour and tension jumped out at me from this piece today. Love it.

  14. I love this, Dennis. “No” feels incredibly romantic especially along with impasse kind of tension like in your presentation of gif. Love the feel of innocence too. It’s so complex. I would give this to my suicidal friend. Otherwise it’s hard to connect when someone really wants to die.

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