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p.s. Hey. ** Shane Christmass, Hi, Shane. I got the pdf, thanks so much. ** Sypha, If you see this, I hope you’re enjoying your vacation to the max. ** David Ehrenstein, Yes, the earthquakes, wow. Luckily it was further afield than the Northridge one. ** Misanthrope, Happy to the post did Colby good. Okay, yeah, sounds like you just lucked yourself into a bonified home away from home. Sweet. LPS sounds like he’s being what I have learned is himself. ** Bill, No one I know, including my pal Joel, the keeper of my LA pad, had any damage whatsoever, just a spooky thrill. So that thing you found is … art? Couldn’t quite tell. The heat went down this morning, so it was a semi-hotty of a weekend, but it’s over now. Saw Ariana Reines. She’s here for a few days doing readings and stuff. That was nice. That’s a much better video of the Saeborg piece, yeah. What a weird, cool piece. I have to go find more of her work. Thanks, B. ** Natty, Whoa, hi there, Natty! I think I should be here when you are, barring the very unexpected, and, yes, a meal with you guys would be very, very awesome! Keep me up on your arrival and location and so on, and we’ll sort it. Great! ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. I hope the jab today holds a bloomer. That book looks curious. I like the cover. Is it sitting well so far? ** Martin Bladh, My great pleasure, of course, and I look forward to getting my hands and eyes on the thing itself. Thanks a lot! ** Dominik, Hey, D! Zac’s been away for week, and he’s supposed to have been going over the translation with the veritable fine toothed comb, so hopefully we’ll meet and polish the script ASAP and get it our producer at long last. Hm, yeah, I guess it would be hard to gauge the dynamics of the venue in terms of how the sound will come off without at least doing a tech rehearsal there. Hm. I guess the prerecorded option is the safe bet, but … you could just dare yourselves and go for it? Hm. Have you decided? I think the plural of p.s. is p.s.es, or that’s what I always type, and Spellcheck doesn’t underline it in red when I do, so … maybe? Thank you for the good wishes. Yes, it’s pretty strange and rough around here at the moment. To explain very briefly, this woman who’s a very good friend and collaborator and performer — she’s in Gisele’s and my pieces ‘Crowd’ and ‘The Ventriloquist Convention’. And, most relevantly, she’s the star of our TV series (in fact, the show is based on/built around the character she created and performed in ‘TVC’ and was written to accommodate/exploit her particular and special skills as a performer/ ventriloquist). Anyway, she was diagnosed with serious cancer about a month ago, right before we did the test shooting of three scenes from the show that are required by ARTE before they green light the series. We did the shoot, but it was difficult. The doctors told her that her cancer was very treatable and that she didn’t even need to do chemo. So everything looked good. But a week ago Friday her health just suddenly and unexpectedly plunged, and she went into the hospital. She died on Saturday night. 39 years old, two kids, amazing person. So not only is there the personal impact of her death, but the TV series is now in total limbo, and we’re not sure what’s going to happen. So it’s a thoroughly rough situation both emotionally and for the work. It’s a longer, more complicated story, but that’s the basic thing. I’m sorry for that darkness. Lots of love to you too! ** Matt, Hi, Matt! Welcome! I’m very happy that the post helped you out. Thanks a lot. ** Steve Erickson, Oh, I see. I’ll try to see the film. And the documentary too if possible. I hear you on American health care. I hope your call with them brought the best news possible. ** Armando, Hi, man. Good to see you! All thanks to Martin and Karolina. I hear you, man. I just do everything possible to stay from that blather and hysteria and bullshit. I just find it taxing and depressing, and the internet magnifies it until it feels like the end of world instead of a clique of loudmouthed nihilist assholes, and I’m into the future, and I just don’t find any value in checking into that stuff, so, yeah. But it’s scary shit, no doubt about it. Hang in there, and take good care of yourself! Hugs from me. ** Okay. I think the post itself does all the work it needs today. See you tomorrow.

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  1. The whiteness of Michael Jackson’s head in the pic included today is whiter than the creature Poe describes at the end of “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”

    Don’t know if the Jefrey Epstein scandal has reached Paris but you should “Google” it as its growing Cheeto Hitler is involved and so is Bill Clinton AND Ken Starr and Prince Andrew of Great Britain. The orgies Epstein arranged in which highly placed “celebrities” and political criminals were given their choice of kidnapped underage girls to rape only goes to show that Sade was a far more realistic writer than he’s been given credit for.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear about the death of your friend and collaborator. It must be such a shock that she went into the hospital a week ago and suddenly died soon afterwards. Is there any possibility of redoing the TV show with another actor, although obviously that would be expensive and, I’m sure, emotionally painful?

  3. That is such terrible and sad news about your friend passing away. As I get older I realize life is a very fragile state. Especially when people around you are passing to another place. And when they are young, such as 39, it’s like ‘come on.’ Just wow.

  4. Hi!!

    My god, Dennis, I’m very sorry for your loss. It must be extraordinarily trying – that you don’t only have to deal with the tragedy on a personal level but on a professional one as well. My heart absolutely goes out to you.

    We haven’t yet decided about the performance. I’d prefer to stay on the safe side but then my partner would be the one creating most of the pre-recorded material (they’re the pro when it comes to music and sound) and it makes me feel like I’m not half of the whole thing only like… a quarter. Or something. It’s really hard because they’re in Norway almost ’til the end of this month so we don’t really have the chance to just sit down and let ourselves experiment together. We’ll also have like 2 weeks to rehearse. Eh. We’ll see.

    Here’s a kind-of-no for today’s GIF list: https://szeletelttegla.tumblr.com/post/107318504170
    (If you ever happen to put together a “fuck off/you” list, I have plenty to share, haha.)

    I wish you so much strength! All the love!!

  5. That is such terrible news and I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

    The jab at the hospital went okay today and the consultant will email me some details about alternative MS treatments to the Tysabri I’ve been infusing for the last decade. There’s a couple of things to consider at and I’ll give them a careful look over.

    I think I probably posted this before but like anyone who grew up in the 90s, any repetition of the word “No” impulsively makes me think of the Europop classic 2 Unlimited – No Limit.

  6. Hey Dennis, so sorry to hear about your friend and collaborator passing.

    The stuff in the photo was in a little paper bag, abandoned by the sidewalk. I just had to take them out and take a photo. My friend and I have been on a surrealist kick, so this was very appropriate.

    Good to hear Paris has cooled off.


  7. And it’s interesting how a number of the images today can be interpreted in different ways. But the mere insertion of that “No” on top squeezes the impressions into a narrow range.


  8. Dennis, A little 1D love, a little Bieber love, a little WWE love. I like it. Or shouldn’t I because…No?

    Yeah, I mentioned it to Colby. He liked it.

    So yes, the passport’s in motion, the Airbnb is in motion (even Rigby said it was a good find!), now for the plane. I’m going to wait just a touch on that.

    Now LPS has gone and bought a hamster. Quite friendly little fucker too. One problem: he didn’t buy him a cage. Said he’ll use a shoebox. I’m like, he’ll chew through that fucker. Huh? Really? He’s going to get one tomorrow. As of right now, he’s in one of Kayla’s plastic clothes bins. What the hell?

    Oh, and I met the famous Blelvis in DC yesterday. Yes, a minor celebrity. Homeless street performer who goes by Blelvis, short for Black Elvis. Mutton chops and all that. Claims to know the words to every Elvis song, all 1,112 of them. I told him I’m an Elvis fan and so is my mom. He said, “Try me. Give me a request.” “Moody Blue.” Fucker sung it, every single word. He said it was the first time anyone had requested that song. I gave him a cigarette and $8. Really nice guy. Reminded me a lot of Dave Chappelle, the voice, the mannerisms, all that. Chappelle’s from the DC area, btw, so no surprise with the accent and all that.

    I got to thinking about Blelvis today and then looked him up. I had a hunch. Has his own Wikipedia page and everything. Like he says, he’s a staple of DC, just like the president and the mayor, hahaha. Had a fun time talking to him.

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