The blog of author Dennis Cooper

“Newly recovered from coma – I am opaque to me – guide sought”


thestrangerspeaks, 20
get my phone number before i leave. i always chicken out.

i have not had anal sex with a man ever before. i think it would be especially productive if i lose my virginity to a dog. it would be a connection and a dominance the dog would forever hold over me

don’t have a dog? 🙁 can we get one pretty pleasseee. ill take care of it!

want to be Ur and ur dog’s daily full service toilet. Can that be my only sustenance? maybe some vitamens. like seriously can U turn off the water to all the toilets in the house?

don’t message me if u aint into k9 and scat. Only whites. Please be over 50

i watch cartel videos, check em out. would be hot for my Master to be standing over me with a giant machete


Anonymous – June 22, 2021
nothing more hot than chopping up a boy with a machete while your dog is fucking him



labrat, 22
22yo lab rat looking for sadist who likes to experiment. Everything goes.
Only demands are that the Rat wont habe a way out and be finished off in a couple weeks or month. Message me bereits or kik
Rat is located in Clearwater/Tampa bay area and jedes to be picked up.


labrat (Owner) – June 14, 2021
Labrat is still available

NewYorker – June 14, 2021
I remember you. You are the guy who once told a member he was too old to have you. I detest people like you who think it is ok to crush someone’s fantasies just because they are old. I really hope nobody here ever takes you so you (according to your own logic) become too old to be finished off.

bills48 – June 13, 2021

labrat (Owner) – June 10, 2021
Labrat is still available, preferably with no long foreplay

jbarn – June 10, 2021
How are you lab Rat?

labrat (Owner) – June 8, 2021
Labrat is still available

Deathproof – June 6, 2021

labrat (Owner) – June 4, 2021
Lab rat is now mobile and willing to travel for the right one

linoname1 – June 2, 2021



noah, 19
i will say i want to escape life and meet and let u do anything to me and get u to go into shitloads of detail and send pics until u send me a paypal “loan”, then i will sign off and never return even if i promise to and will never meet.


noah – June 16, 2021
i’m such a people pleaser omg spent the nite getting shot up with T and H by the ex-con cuz bullying works and i wanna jump off a bridge who coming

noah – June 13, 2021
currently talking to this dude “cookie stick666” on grindr, he just got out of prison after 10 years and thinks i’m God. i’m very interested in this conversation

noah – June 12, 2021
just heard a recording of my voice y’all didn’t tell me i sound this gay

noah – June 12, 2021
just ate a 2g edible lol coming on to 🍄🍄 now and i’m so excited yet anxious i wanna buy T next 😩😩 if anyone wants to send me a tenner

noah – June 9, 2021
tbt to when i was terminally ill and the doctors told me i had a year to live… i’m a BAD bitch u can’t KILL ME

noah – June 8, 2021
like my battle scars? ;3

noah – July 22, 2021
my ego was ripped to shreds today but it’s ok cuz im@hot



iLoveMyBed, 18
My father and mother are both bisexual, incest parents who have sex with me, my brother and my sister. I’m looking for anyone who is interested in chatting about my sexuality of molestation.

I’m also for sale for £0.00.


milkshake – June 19, 2021



Joe, 20
Picture this:
We agree on a time & place,
I tell no one and bring all my electronic devices…
You cut open my pubic area brutally and saw off my cock and my balls as Tropähe .. You slice me open from groin to neck and gut me and eat me!
Its simple as that.
I am from Bulgaria but I am gypsy.


KazehayaSasuke – June 11, 2021
Then I want to eat organs from your abdominal cavity

Lunix_Shadow – June 11, 2021
Sadly as tasty as it no doubt looks, asses are mainly fat. If it’s flat enough it could be cooked on the hipbones and eaten like a pork crackling, but if it’s chubby you could only have the fat rendered from it to mix with others meats to make sausages.

KazehayaSasuke – June 11, 2021
I bet your ass would grill up nice and be tasty af. Not sure if it would actually be tasty IRL but I guess the eyes eat first

Joe (Owner) – June 4, 2021
Yes im available.

callmecaleb – June 4, 2021
How about putting all of you (bones excluded) through the hand turn meat grinder? It would take a while, but think how much ground beef I’d have. Burgers, meat loaf, tacos, tartar, .. I’m salivating!

S_76544 – June 4, 2021
How about slowly grinding off your cock and balls with a hand turn meat grinder?

Bladefun – June 4, 2021
I would eat your beautiful face off raw. My salivating lips sucking bloody snot from your nose. When you opened your mouth to scream, my teeth would sink into your lips. I bite at your scalp, ripping out chunks of hair. As you lost strength I would chomp down on your tongue, pulling and grinding, until it is ripped out. I’d chew fervently at your cheeks until I broke through to your molars. I would rip strips of skin from your forehead. As you neared death, your eyes staring blankly at mine, I’d suck your eyeballs from your skull, bite into the sweet orbs, and chew, drooling vitreous fluid onto what was once a face, now simply a bloody mass of nothing.

gutterkc – June 4, 2021
I would eat every bit of you, everything that made you what you were, inside and out, nothing wasted. Except bones, which I could use to fuck prostitutes.

Joe (Owner) – June 1, 2021
My Scortum were cut open from the doc .. I have a defect ball left :blush::redface:

Fag2roast – May 29, 2021
I’m desperate to eat your cock and balls, Joe! Message me!

stustustugoo – May 26, 2021
the ball pads on the soles of boys feet with its thick layer of adipose fat tastes like a sweet butter, but the texture of tapioca.

Joe (Owner) – May 26, 2021
You can butt fuck me leaning against a wall with bucket between my feet and the wall fondling my cock /balls with your left hand and cutting open my lower belly with my right hand to slice thru the cock’s base and ball sac when my guts are falling out.



Justoutofcuriosity, 18
call me zonker. i’m dl and idk wtf i’m doing want to meet old guys and make out w/o it being weird


Itchynose – June 17, 2021
You rim me while I piss?

WORSHIPME_ – June 15, 2021
No longer virgin but still ugly.

Sennabel – June 7, 2021
Young ugly teen boy virgin and scared



OwnMyFuckHole, 19
I was raped my first year of high school. It started out as a relaxed group of friends jacking off together to straight porn that escalated to a “fuck frenzy” when it turned out my friends were either secretly bi or gay and obsessed with me. They poured beer after beer down my throat and it was one fucker guy another brutally plowin’ my ass and throat. I was truly in fear because of the “mob mentally” atmosphere. Afterwards, cum leaked from my destroyed pucker for hours and bruises showed up on various parts of my body the next few days. Aching muscles too from being stretched, pulled, and jerked around like a useless piece of shit. I was later told that other guys had show up and at least 12 or 13 cocks had raped my throat and ass and there was no way to count the number of loads that had white-washed my insides. Only after some time had passed was I able to appreciate how smokin’ hot the rape was. Wish I had been able to feel that way when it was happening. Yeah, I screamed and shed tears. So fuckin’-what . . . I was scared to death and that’s how I know I was raped. Reliving the rape as I write this is even hotter knowing that some of you reading this are rock-hard and leaking pre-cum imagining raping me if you haven’t already stroked out a load. Jesus-fuckin’-Christ, no wonder I LOVE amoral horny men!!!


wuffstuff – June 21, 2021
If I was that doctor I’d eat you like a boneless bucket and rape you till I came dust.

OwnMyFuckHole (Owner) – June 21, 2021
As I lay here in this wet bed with a severe case of diarrhea, every joint in my body hurting, with a fever. I see a doctor coming towards me. He is taking a good look at my arms. You have been using IV drugs and been having unprotected sex with men, as your ass hole has been severely abused. So what drugs have you have been using. I tell him Meth, GHB, Poppers and weed. I see from you former medical records you used to weight 155 LBS. and now its 115 LBS, so what happen. Hahaha.

Arcaner – June 19, 2021
Now that is a plush ass pussy. Fuck I wanna cum in you a million times bad.



iwantitinmymouth, 23
I wanna get my mouth and my tongue as 🧻 by a man and want to get caught by my gf.

Update; This humble slave, now known as rorkslaveando aka rorkslave1, is owned by Master Rork and, as owned property, it is no longer allowed to communicate in any form with anyone else in the world.


rednecksmokerpig – June 26, 2021
Actually I was very interested by your photo. But after reading your arrogant update I would say: Bitch! Get out here! Who you are? Fuck off!

MasterRork – June 12, 2021
Hi, I’m 27 years old and I want to make you my scat patient. I want to tie you to bed and treat you like a sick person in psychiatry. I will treat me with shit and piss. I want you to have to eat all the shit as food, forced eat from plate with spoon by me because you need fresh scat air to be healthy and be mummified in shit for better face skin. I would like you to have a several-month treatment. You are sick person and shits are medicaments. I am in central europe.



GermFactory, 22
Highly virulent, borderline sociopathic slave with a big dick and enormous viral load under orders from my Master to efficiently and effectively inseminate appropriate candidates with sufficient toxic semen to convert you into a bio-hazard. Our only interest is in knowing my own viral offspring are planted so they grow inside you and eventually supplant and take over your body. We don’t care about your rationale or reason for wanting something so extreme.

Appropriate candidates must meet rigorous selection criteria

-That you are presently HIV NEGATIVE

-Young enough that you will live with the ramifications of your exposing your rectum to me for decades

-Acknowledging that after your insemination that you will not contact us or make us a part of your life

My Master is VERY selective in determining who I will dose with my magic, toxic semen. Be careful, be VERY certain of what you wish for if you ask us for my help.



Inevitable, 22
Newly recovered from coma – I am opaque to me – guide sought



LetMeBeYourDoorMat, 19
I am well-developed in my mind, and cannot help but express this in all communications.

I reject the atmosphere of Marxist-induced nastiness that has blanketed our country, and I avoid the institutions responsible for this: academia and the mass media, specifically, owned and operated by the enemies of the White Man for quite some time.

I especially love those who hold their arm out in a kind of salute that honors the only leader who was ever willing to name the enemy and stand against this enemy.


maximfasterrr – June 12, 2021
i will be 50 soon and would strongly consider a son that wants to make his life a living hell

ScorpioStrangler – June 9, 2021
Hello, I’m a white suprematist sadist who enjoys strangling and maiming younger white suprematists. I want to hear gurgles and crunches and wails of pain, I want to feel your hands clawing my beefy arms begging me to stop. I will inflict continuous pain and punishment until your face is an open wound and your body twitches and shakes uncontrollably. I call that the “bitch twitch.”

hardfuck6 – June 9, 2021
I hope a black man with a vagina ties you down and forces you to lick and suck his vagina till he shoots female cum in your mouth then gags you so you have to keep tasting it as he beats you to death.

StopTheSteal57 – June 6, 2021
I on the other hand want to suck cum out of you until your whole body is desicated like a dry leaf.

AntifasciFist – June 6, 2021
I would like to rape so much cum into your racist ass that people will be holding ice cream cones under your nose and mouth for years.


lustboy1, 18
I’m 5’3”, frail, and can’t defend myself.

Just call.

I can’t handle pain so this will be hilarious.


lustboy1 (Owner) – June 17, 2021
To make matters worse now I’m locked in a cock cage. The cage is welded shut. Yes, welded.



spitinmymouth, 18
I had prostate cancer at 14 yrs. I no longer cum. I can get erect and have orgasms, if it matters to you. I feel like damaged goods to the gay mainstream. Yet maybe I’ll be useful to someone here as you probably don’t give a damn if I can come or not.

Spent the past four years in high school dreaming of travelling and fucking around. I want to live the Bohemian lifestyle, y’know. Making new life experiences and exploring my agency. I’m only 18 (turning 19 this month) and yet I feel my whole life is already stale… and I want more.

I’ve only hooked up and played with rough guys. I hooked up with strangers so I could pretend to be another tragic boytoy that died at the hands of another man. Yet, I found I enjoy hurting others more. I love to choke a man who’s grinding his cock into me. My favourite fuck was with a young muscled twink who fucked me and let me hit him over and over again during until he was bleeding from the nose and lip and bruised.

Since graduating high school, I want to be afraid. I want to travel. I want to hurt. I need to leave my hometown and be an actual person. Who I’m looking for is someone I can explore pain with (and can house me for a while).

(Sorry if my post is a little incoherent. I’ve been popping oxy. Yum.)

If I forgot to state the obvious, I’m not stupid.


stiffy666 – June 18, 2021
Satanic Community … Secluded rural farm location in Kansas. For anyone under 25 who seriously wants to disappear. Even you.

spitinmymouth (Owner) – June 15, 2021
Gotta say no, nothing’s better

TallCompanion – June 15, 2021
is there anything better than tears streaming down a 18 year old twink’s face and a young muscled body covered in black and blue marks?

longtimebottom – June 14, 2021
I don’t need to know your problems your life story … would I ask such things from a lamp when buying it? NO I would not, so why would I waste my time on that with you. SHUT TF UP!



IamvisitingFloridatechnicalyuntilFriday, 23
Get me shit faced drunk then rape, torture and kill me. I’ll try not to fight, but I get the feeling I will.

Preferred methods of death: Asphyxiation, Blood loss, Beaten, Stabbed, Drowned, Burnt alive, Dismembered alive, Decapitated, Stomach pumped full of air until it explodes.

We can have hot sex a little first or go straight into all the rape torture death, whatever you want.


IamvisitingFloridatechnicalyuntilFriday (Owner) – June 9, 2021
Full disclosure, my schedule is crazy, I’m straight, and my girlfriend is pregnant. Creating time for this will be tough but not impossible.

IamvisitingFloridatechnicalyuntilFriday (Owner) – June 9, 2021
If you’re thinking sounds hot until I’m a dead body but then what read this: Death to Dust – What Happens To Dead Bodies by Keneth V. Iserson, M.D. ISBN 1-883620-07-4 Very interesting. Tells various things that can happen to or be done with cadavers. From early history to today.

ICE – June 9, 2021
stupidtrash89, hook up with FAG#1Meatpie. DM me for contact. He is from Bulgaria so putting a bullet in his head while you sodomize him could come cheap!

IamvisitingFloridatechnicalyuntilFriday (Owner) – June 9, 2021
Nope, sorry.

stupidtrash89 – June 9, 2021
Listen, I love the weird, complicated, fucked up shit as much as anybody here does- probably more than you other guys do, honestly. But GOD. There would something so indescribably hot and satisfying about a loud gunshot splattering this boy’s brains and blood against the wall.



Writemeguys, 19
The G in LGBT is for Ghetto


Anonymous – June 26, 2021
Serious buttcrack on this twink. It’s like opening a coffee table book.

guiltyabsolute – June 20, 2021
He’s so extroverted it gave me a headache.



TeenBugChaserFromSeattle, 19
I’m not looking for anything real atm. I’m just here to conduct a poll.

Look at my pix knowing what gets me off is being strangled and/or hanged. Which one of these ways would you want to do it to me if you could.

Answers by private message only.

1. Which way do you want to strangle or hang me.

Strangle with hands
Strangle with rope
Strangle with belt
Hang gallow with trapdoor
Hang noose in a tree deep in the forest
Hang noose thick rope
Hang noose thin rope

2. For how long would you let me hang to get strangled

0-60 sec
Until I passed out
Depends how you feel for the moment
Oops too long time
Snuff movie


TeenBugChaserFromSeattle (Owner) – June 8, 2021
I’ve never used a condom in my life, it must have been my father’s.

Anonymous – June 8, 2021
I’m an old friend of your father’s. One time when you were about 13 years old I snooped around in your room, found a used condom in your trash bin and emptied it down my throat. I’d choose Hang noose thick rope & Oops too long time.

TeenBugChaserFromSeattle (Owner) – June 6, 2021

Getitoverwith – June 6, 2021
Is it weird I want you to die sucking my dick? I want you to die from me fucking your throat senseless and forcing you to choke on my dick till you die. I don’t care when it happens I just do want you to die with my cock in your mouth.

TeenBugChaserFromSeattle (Owner) – June 6, 2021
I’m listening.

OverkillBondage – June 6, 2021
What about suffocation?

qwertyftbbh – June 6, 2021
Love to see you nude dying in the noose with your last cumshot then end myself hanging naked in the shower with piss running from my penis.



OutdoorPet, 19
Hi, I’m X (pronounced cris). I’m looking for an owner to keep me caged outdoors. My claim to fame is that I’m only into things that 90% of other slaves have as their hard limits: blood scat vomit children animals women. That’s it, nothing else. If one or hopefully more of those six are your thing, I will crawl unto your cage and find peace.


DizzyDotRocks – June 14, 2021
Bahahaha I matched them, and omg MasterofSadism practically worshiped me afterward xDD

DizzyDotRocks – May 26 22, 2021
I’m currently trying to matchmake my ex MasterofSadism & OutdoorPet 🙂 I showed OutdoorPet pix of MasterofSadism and his crotch ballooned … and even though MasterofSadism says no butt sex is a nonstarter, I think they’d make an adorable couple ^^



NotHereToFoolYou, 19
I’m into being forgotten about x

My ideal night is being tied up to a pole in the corner, and getting fucked and dumped in every 30 minutes to an hour while I lose all hope of ever seeing sunlight again

Let my family and friends and the police search for me and give up and move on with their lives and never let me leave x

Also I wouldn’t mind getting tied to a fucking-machine in someone’s basement to be fucked till I get convulsions from all the pain and pleasure and left there forever xxxxxxxx 😉


NotHereToFoolYou (Owner) – June 21, 2021
If you fuck me with a condom then only if it has expired for at least 5 years.

NotHereToFoolYou (Owner) – June 20, 2021
Never ask how I feel, or do I have an opinion. I don’t.

NotHereToFoolYou (Owner) – June 19, 2021
If you have an enormous cock I apologise in advance if I go weak at the knees and become an incoherent mess.



Pornstar’s_mistake, 24
I was a very popular pornstar and have done many videos and streams. My body has been used thoroughly and most of the gay world has seen what I look like naked too many times and my gaping hole is like a public telescope. The problem? All this normal sex got boring after a while. You can only be gangbanged so many times before it becomes a chore. So I branched out and went to the darker side of sex. I started with things I could safely do on my own, like bagging and cutting. That also got boring and it was time to meet someone that could bring those activities to the next level. Over time, my friends and tricks start noticing the bruises… the burns… the scars… and it only got worse until I didn’t have any friends and tricks at all. But I strangely didn’t care, and that was my mistake. One year later and I’ve done almost every extreme there is. For example a guy covered me in his piss and shit, made me puke on myself, made me eat all of it, and when I puked that up he stuffed my ass with the regurgitated puke, piss and shit, then fisted it back into my stomach the hard way. I did a Russian roulette blowjob scene where another guy was forced to alternate a blowjob to the barrel of a gun with it loaded and the gunholder’s cock every 60 seconds. The guy needed to finish him first before he found the loaded chamber. He didn’t and then I was brought over and the gunholder threatened to kill me if I didn’t kneel in the blood and lick the guy’s brains off his cock. Now I’m ready to get the next step in my pathetic life FOR PERMANENT. I want to be changed mentally and physically forever. Mentally I am a slave and I want to be changed to always be an object in my mind, never say no again for permanent. As an object my body needs to change for permanent. This means modifications all over, burns, scars, limb removal, badly broken bones to change my shape, my balls are for you to torture and remove, if you don’t think I need eyes gouge them out. Nothing is off the table. Message me for more pictures!


Snerdguy – June 12, 2021
Have you considered maybe gradual dismemberment in a surgical environment? Instead of killing you and trying to preserve a great deal of flesh, one could surgically reduce you while your life continues. A considerable amount of you could be detached as long as it is done in a logical manner and appropriate sutures are made to maintain the circulatory system. Obviously, you muscle groups would be removed first. Arms, legs, buttocks are simple enough. Then, muscles from chest, back and stomach. You would lose a lot of weight and you would look sort of sack like. But, having reduced your mass, you will need far less organ structure. You could lose a kidney, most of your intestines and two thirds of you liver. You would only need the capacity of one lung to sustain you.

With careful planning, you could be reduced to less than fifty pounds and still survive without external life support. Then, with machines taking over the functions of different organs, you could be reduced even more. A machine can replace the function of your kidneys, liver, spleen and even lungs. Your heart could be reduced to two chambers as there isn’t that much of you left to maintain. Then things start getting a bit weird. Your ribcage could be greatly reduced and you wouldn’t need a mouth, tongue, jaw, sinuses, hearing support, teeth, throat muscles and larnyx. Even parts of your brain could be removed without killing you although you would lose consciousness. With a lot of effort, I bet we could get you down to less than twenty pounds of vegetating but alive mass. Then, we will just stuff you and cook you like a turkey. Is that what you have in mind?????

domingo1968 – June 12, 2021
I would like to propose the idea of a SNUFF farm.
I have a friend in West Africa (Nigaria) where we cold all meet
and kill him in bulk.

YourGuy99 – June 12, 2021
It’s not Kyros you can find Kyros sucking dick at Redlands adult arcade on Tennessee Street.

Anonymous – June 11, 2021
I’m fairly certain it is KC but he’s a 30-something wreck so I’d need to take a DNA test to be sure.

Anonymous – June 11, 2021
It’s Kyros Christian

PUPPY2000 – June 10, 2021
please tell me you’re Kyler Moss. ikillslutboys on wickr.

kichito00 – June 10, 2021
Sick, u re a sick, not face pics, not vid , only fantasy history? lieeeeee!!!



monsterhunter, 21
I love risky situations so you’ll often find me dressed as I am in my photo walking around by myself late at night in the bad part of town.

Disclaimer: What you see in my profile is just my face full of makeup. My bare face is hideous according to myself.


monsterhunter (Owner) – June 13, 2021
Thank you for paying attention to my profile.

LooseHoleLover – June 13, 2021
Message me if you have a big hole! Your hole is my obsession. Message me the next time after you’ve been fucked when you have big puffy ass lips that I could suck.

monsterhunter (Owner) – June 11, 2021
Ignored as usual, no compliments or anyone bothered to start a convo with me. I hate fucking hate being ignored constantly. Lonely as hell and depressed as hell because my social life is shite.



bloodyboyadam, 18
Here To Find Someone Who Interested To Hit Me And See What Happens. Note: I Don’t Do Handjob Footjob To Me, I Like To Get Bloody During Session, No Hotel Stay Like 2 Days 1 Night, No Night Park Walk, Do Not Taking Off All My Cloth, And No Dirty My Cloth Also Don’t Cum On Me I Also Don’t Want You To Help Me Cum Thank You


Abadboydad – June 17, 2021
A sentimental, non-sexual, discrete daddy. I’ve been in the scene for several years and have bloodied some great and not so great boys, which are you?? If you’re looking to get out from behind the computer screen, get to know a real daddy that truly isn’t looking for sex, then send me a message. I have my preferences when it comes to bloodying boys, if you’re picky, go change yourself.



WhoreBB4all, 22
It happen during the Summer – my Dad and Mom sent me off for 2 weeks to my Uncle place – small house with 2 bed rooms . It was a secret my Dad knew his brother was gay but I did not ! Arriving there – settling in – placing my clothes in my bed room – just got a Welcome Drink – chatting and relaxing having Fun – I was told been invited to a party that night .

Party with guys an girls , near the river side , had a fire – laughter – smoking weed – seeing some pretty females – soon I got blitz’s – drinking , smoking weed and fun times – went back to the house .

My uncle had me take a pill – thought was aspirin for a hang over . That morning , felt tired , having breakfast , and orange juice spiked with something – then relaxing in the hot tube – smoking a joint .

Then another party happen – same thing back at the house – I was blitzed – taking a pill – falling asleep – felt little bit tired – breakfast – spiked orange juice – relaxing – nude in the hot tub .

That night , being blitzed again – taking a pill – fell asleep quickly – waking up early – seeing my uncle naked fingering my butt – licking it – seems like I could not move but enjoying it !

Soon morning came – breakfast – weed and spiked orange juice – felt had no wear to go – soon at the hot tube – drinking and smoking weed – being naked . My Uncle a huge guy , 270 lbs. , and 6’7″ came out to the hot tube naked with a pitcher of spiked juices and 2 joints , sat down pool side .

He told me come over to him – I did so – We were drinking – smoking weed – then grabbed my dick – licked it – sucking it – while getting high and easy – fucking me in the hot tub – choking my neck – bouncing my head in and out of the water .

Next , I was completely controlled by my Uncle – using me – abusing me – think the aspirins were party pills – about 2 weeks having a steady diet of huge dicks – his and his friends – could not be refuse .



fucking-corona, 21
Bttm methpig looking to get slammed then defecate and my ass repacked with shit and scatfucked and pozzed by horny weird depraved men. For FF I’m also Top and love to eat the hole afterwards so crisco preferred.


fucking-corona (Owner) – May 27, 2021
I wanna love me the way that you loved me.

bigcloudsfreshercrop – May 27, 2021
Just before he defecated on my hand and I fisted his shit back deep into his colon while he looked at the landscape and listened to The Cure on earbuds.

fucking-corona (Owner) – May 22, 2021
Some other things I am into – poetry, reading, philosophy, melancholic music, surreal art, etc. I would appreciate you sending me a good playlist of melancholic songs.



itsbrutalouthere, 18
My name is Will and im a 18 (i look about 14) year old male from the uk. I’ve had a complicated life which has led me to know my needs. For the past 6 weeks i have come to the decision that i no longer want to continue living. (i have my reasons) what im seeking is for some to take a video and pictures of my corpse once i have killed myself. And post them on this website, since i have been a fan for many years. This is a serious post so only serious answers welcomed.


itsbrutalouthere (Owner) – June 25, 2021
p.s. I think all of you should seek counselling

itsbrutalouthere (Owner) – June 25, 2021
Hold off, i just got into Spiderman rp 🕸 and it might be enough to stick around for 🤔

djbear – June 18, 2021
That might be a nice way to go itsbrutalouthere? At the moment of death, the contractions on the guys cock who is fucking you would drive him wild!

dteller – May 18, 2021
you dead set on suicide? I’d love to fuck you, then either put a bullet in your skull or snap your neck. it’ll be quick.

itsbrutalouthere (Owner) – May 17, 2021
I feel as if my time has come to an end because of my mental health Thankyou. 🙂

Will92 – May 17, 2021
Life is pretty fucked up that’s true but aren’t you just curious how worse can it actually get🐱

itsbrutalouthere (Owner) – May 17, 2021
No problem. I hope to get a hotvideo of my corpse, i just need help finding somebody to take pictures and a video.

Leo_S – May 17, 2021
you’re hot omg

itsbrutalouthere (Owner) – May 14, 2021
Thanks for your kind words. Just i wish i was never born in the first place.

gibing – May 14, 2021
You’re close to perfect. Proceed with life, suicide is not the answer. Looking forward to new non suicide images in the future.



littleLarry, 18
Hello. I’m new here. I’m a funny, honest, cute, baby faced 18 yo looking for a man from 35 years old or older. My peers do not interest me at all, because they only want sex. I’m tired of having sex. I am 18 years old, I have been working as a photographer for 2 years. I’m looking for the near-impossible, an older male life partner where, as ageing takes away my my cute looks and my ego shrinks to nothing, I would gradually become an extension of you. All with no sex or as little sex as possible.


lukio – June 23, 2021
his butt smells like hummus

ergenstross – June 22, 2021
Wonder if you would like to have your neck arteries pushed on to the point of your heartbeat going crazy and rythm is all messed up. I’d love to take a stethoscope and listen to the sound your heart makes!

Anonymous – June 20, 2021
3-400mg Seroquel but they take like 4ever to liquedise if mixed in beer and hell surely can tast them tried with a few boys and they always said that the beer tastes funny and opened new one

rockHH – June 20, 2021
whats the best ko drugs?

youknowthevibes – June 16, 2021
I know him IRL and the only thing he’s good for is making cocks hard.

FuckYouUp – June 16, 2021
Kid, look at yourself in the mirror. Everyone currently alive on the earth is going to want to have sex with you.



youngdepressedguyinnorthcarolina, 19
Looking to be picked up by complete stranger, to be driven miles way, to be raped beaten to a pulp, killed, dumped in a ditch left to rot, you drive off with my cash etc.


youngdepressedguyinnorthcarolina (Owner) – June 20, 2021
Hi guys. Returned after a break from here. Since lock down began, I’ve returned to studies and am now a hypnotherapist, reiki therapist and life coach.

NoNamePsycho – May 30, 2021
Is he dead yet?

chatelike – May 18, 2021
how much cash we talking about

youngdepressedguyinnorthcarolina (Owner) – May 5, 2021
You can be homeless, refugee, redneck, skin, biker, bear, hipster, cop, soldier, construction worker, black man, butcher, doctor, veterinarian, outlaw, ex-con, released prisoner, scruffy, smelly, 666 satanic group.

youngdepressedguyinnorthcarolina (Owner) – May 5, 2021
Message me people. Anyone… I’m drunk and high now. Really ready now

willing-victim – May 2, 2021
God this all brings back the memories – Since I was seven yrs old I thought about finding some mean dude to blow holes in me with a pistol and still want so much to find someone to empty a clip into me – nothing changes except the age lol

youngdepressedguyinnorthcarolina (Owner) – May 2, 2021
Laying my cards on the table, I have CPTSD, OSDD and a lot of weird trauma. The more aroused I get, the more likely I am to dissociate or kind of blank out and click off.



NoLimitsMasochist, 23
If life’s a party, I’m the piñata.


Blindinglights – July 22, 2021
Looking for a skinny dickless teenaged corpse in Dayton, Ohio interested?

NoLimitsMasochist – July 22, 2021
A man wants to cut my dick off. I would keep my balls. He wants me to suffer the constant agony of being totally horned up without the ability to jerk off. Question for you top men, is a cute boy with no dick a turn off? Would you get off fucking a cute boy with no dick?

NoLimitsMasochist (Owner) – July 22, 2021
My scars tell my stories – not much I haven’t done and there’s nothing I won’t do.



MoistRiver040, 21
Want hundreds of older men to tongue fuck me and tongue kiss me


StonerNate – June 14, 2021
I’m broke as fuck but if you send me money for food and a bus ticket I’ll leave immediately.



norichparents, 20
just your average fem emo leather brat. maths, quantum physics, linguistics and forensic science. neck fetish (my neck). dry humour and morbid interests. always blunt.


freebritney69 – June 12, 2021
He was my boyfriend, I recently broke up with him because he didn’t know how i liked my coffee. I like my coffee like the same way i love my boyfriends. Without other people’s dick in it.



DestroyMeHard, 20
Want a guy or group of guys pick me up & take me somewhere remote. Suspend me by the ankles with legs wide apart. Stretch my arms out so am suspended upside down spreadeagled. Then they pick up a rusty old saw & start sawing between my legs & down through my torso. It’s an old medievil method of execution & because the body is head down the brain does not suffer lack of blood until the heart is reached. So I should be able to stay awake & feel it all until that point. I dont give a dam what happens to my two halves afterwards. I’ll even dig a hole for whoever does it to dispose of the bits


meatbaggggg – May 28, 2021
just kidding, no malice

ghstkatt – May 28, 2021
Excuse me I happen to have a boyfriend, I just happen to be an artist and a gun collector with good eye for detail.

meatbaggggg – May 28, 2021
lonely people are always good at observing details

ghstkatt – May 28, 2021
Reeeeally, and how do explain the spent cartridge flying out of the rifles breech, if someone did setup a suicide.

meatbaggggg – May 28, 2021
someone killed him and created the suicide scene

ghstkatt – May 28, 2021
saw a photo of some guy blowing his brains out with a shotgun supposedly taken by a roommate and it sure looks like this guy. same moles as in the photo even.

DestroyMeHard (Owner) – May 23, 2021
Still around but it’s all panning out just fine

matamuertos – May 21, 2021
glad to hear you found what you where looking for, are you dead yet?

DestroyMeHard (Owner) – May 21, 2021
I have found the right guys or should I say they found me.

DestroyMeHard (Owner) – May 16, 2021
Oh Yes definately if you want to. Before my ass cheeks are separated forever

sebas2013 – May 16, 2021
No fuck before suspending you?

DestroyMeHard (Owner) – May 16, 2021
BTW I’m in Decatur, GA….great place for snuff….large expanses of secluded areas….inept and corrupt law enforcement



BrainPlay98, 23
I do sex using my brain and the body just follows



Blankcanvas, 22
A struggling painter in texas, who despite the need for money, I do not find happiness in having a lot. I find more joy in my painting, and making people happy with what i paint.

I want to be a professional artist, no matter what my family says. However, what they say does make me stress from time to time, and I search those here that can relieve it. Right now, I make money with with art I sell, though its not much.


Buscando – June 19, 2021
His skin is very white, so he looks great being fucked by black guys.



livingdeadman18, 18
there’s 2 things im looking for here, but i’m really only going to end up with one..

First there’s this,
I live in west allis Wisconsin and i HATE it here. I’m looking for a father-son relationship with a man who’ll share his home and life with me and who’ll think of me as the son he never had, except with a sexual aspect added, and who’d want to take me away and move down south (like to Florida, or the Carolinas or even Texas or Kentucky). I also love being taken on long roadtrips out east too. I can’t hold a job at all because it’s too stressful and overwhelming but im trying to get on disability because of my autism and diabetes.

But however, I already understand that there’s a slim chance of me finding that. and right now, things in my life are not looking so well right now. I have type 1 diabetes which means im insulin dependent, and if i don’t get insulin, what would happen is, my blood sugars would go up, my blood would become acidic, then i’d fall into a deep coma, and then all my organs would shut down and i would die (that would only take 2-5 days to happen). HOWEVER, right now im living in an apartment that my adoptive parents are paying for. The lease expires in August of this year, and they constantly remind me “we won’t be keeping the apartment up forever.” so i’m 99% sure that once august roles around and the lease expires, i will be out on the streets.

So if I end up homeless, i’ll have no way of getting my insulin, and i’ll die, I’m ok with that though. I AM NOT AFRAID TO DIE AT ALL. BUT I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN WISCONSIN WHEN I DIE! So if I can’t find the father-son relationship, i want to find someone who’ll take me out of Wisconsin so I don’t have to die in Wisconsin. Far away. You could either, send me a bus ticket, or come to Wisconsin and pick me up and take me away the day im out on the streets. I just hate Wisconsin. way too many bad memories here and I don’t want to die here either.

You can do whatever you want with my corpse. I don’t care.


scream_ya_whore – June 8, 2021
Yup probably well and truly dead now

HereForTheBoys – June 8, 2021
Your a little late mate.
Like, nearly 3 and a half years late.

beihou – June 8, 2021
Im Jason I got insulin how to contact you?

alexonedeath – May 29, 2017
it remains a puzzle to me why someone as sexy as you is having so much trouble making one of your two dreams come true. You are young and doable, and this is supposed to be YOUR TIME

livingdeadman20 – May 24, 2017
just thought i should bump this again. a psychic told me i was gonna die in the near future so im trying to organise that now.

livingdeadman20 – Apr 7, 2017
the homeless shelters where im at are really fucked up. I would literally rather be dead than be in one. if i ever end up homeless, i would be able to escape to chicago, and wander off till i collapse and die.

NeckFetish57 – Apr 7, 2017
Really nice neck. Even if you end up on the street, there are homeless shelters out there that will help their residence get their medications if they need them. Again, real nice neck.




p.s. Hey. ** Dominik, Hi hi!!!! I’ve never seen a wasp in Paris. I guess they must exist. In SoCal, they’re a dime a dozen. Thank you for the evil love! It serves my enemies right! Love even hotter than chopping up a boy with a machete while your dog is fucking him, G. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Huh, that ‘Oriana Small’ book does sound fun. Hm. Thanks, B. ** Bill, Nope, your first attempt really did crap out. No double up. Well, I hoped you would want to spend time with the porn gallery, but I wasn’t so presumptuous as to expect that. Anticipate, perhaps? ‘Sisters with Transistors’: highly recommended by me, as you already know. Yeah, you’re completely right, I think, about the ending of ‘Censor’. The stupid big reveal is the fucking bane of so called new/intelligent horror. I think the day I made my faves list, I was feeling like ‘Censor’s’ good trumped its bad, but, now that you’ve reminded me, yeah, serious points dockage. Too bad about ‘Guo4’, but charming reviews. ** Misanthrope, Seriously? I believe you. I remember when you used to troll people on Aol. I think you even made a guest-post about it? Thanks to my labor intensive hunts for slaves and escorts, I immediately think ‘injected with crystal meth’ whenever someone says they’re getting slammed. But maybe that’s what you meant? Oh, btw, if you want to spare yourself another trip to the bookstore, that Interview Magazine thing with me is now online. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. McDowell’s a goodie. Amazing encounter with Rivette and Ogier. The old Paris. Now you’re lucky to spot a famous fashion designer sitting with a famous model. Wow, the link did work! Everyone, Mr. Ehrenstein found a youtube video containing the entire length of Jacques Rivette’s great, Joe Dallesando-starring film ‘Merry-Go-Round’, which is super recommended while it lasts. Here. **  politekid, Hi. Yes, you do that. And I’ll give you the VIP tour. And you can even customise it. No sighting of ‘Pepsi Cola Addict’ yet, but I’m still early on. Happy Wednesday, sir. ** Dom Lyne, Hi, Dom. Shrugging seems like a good way forward. Pragmatism has saved my sanity and ass many times. Excited for the TRDI. I hope to cue it up later today, if the demanding gods allow. I’m good, doing my usual, excited to soon be getting out of France for the first time in a year and a half at least. Love and hugs right back atcha. ** Steve Erickson, It’s porn with an extremely tangential art relationship. To be generous. I suspect Suzann Blac would rather sell her own children into sex slavery than licence her art to a Death Metal band, but I agree with you. ‘Wrong’ is on zLibrary? I didn’t know that. Wow. I’ll look for the Charles Burnett, thank you. ** Jeff J, Thanks, bud. I like ‘The End of the Story’ a lot. It’s one of my favourite Davis books in fact. Curious what you’ll think. I’ve never read Elsa Morante unless my memory is failing me. Huh. And, based on your description plus a quick google search, I definitely should. Thanks! ** Brian, Hi, Brian. Cool, glad the ‘porn’ was the cause of delight. I think films that prioritise so-called fair and square representation over originality and aesthetics are almost always doomed to become footnotes in historical round-up essays and PhD dissertations and the like. But I suppose they’d be honored to be that. I don’t know. Not my thing at all. ‘Snowtown’: targeted. ‘Reflections in a Golden Eye’ has that amazing ending. I saw it as a teen and that bonkers ending hugely impacted me for some reason. It was one of my gateway drugs into experimental films. $50 isn’t shabby, even with inflation. Curious what you’ll think of ‘Poison’. I was meh about it, but I’m not a big Haynes fan with a couple of exceptions. I think your Tuesday filled the bill. Mine just kind of meandered. But I have to spend today working with Gisele Vienne on her/our new theatre piece, so it will be something or other. Such sympathies about the sweltering heat aka Enemy No.1. ** Right. So you unusually get two porn-y Days in a row thanks to the clockwork-like appearance of the always month-ending slaves. Rather intense bunch this month. See you tomorrow.


  1. Hi!!

    Hm, it’s hard to imagine a love hotter than chopping up a boy with a machete while your dog is fucking him! How about… love getting a boy down to less than twenty pounds of vegetating but alive mass and then stuffing and cooking him like a turkey, Od.? (And also, somebody should really pay a little attention to monsterhunter.)

  2. Dennis, I think the pandemic and lockdown has made our slaves even more off the hook than usual. Same with the escorts. Things are getting crazier.

    Not to disappoint, but I meant slammed with tons of work to do. Very boring, I know. I should ask my manager about getting slammed with crystal meth. Maybe the company can provide it free of charge.

    Wow, thanks for the link. I’ll be reading that right away. Will probably share it with a couple friends too.

    Hahaha, yes, my old AOL trolling days. Those were fun. People would get so upset. Then AOL started monitoring every letter you typed and it was impossible to say/do anything to get a rise out of anyone. Or at least in the way I liked to.

    Been kinda doing it on FB a bit over the past few months. I’ve had some people tell me to go kill myself or fuck myself or call me a loser. Kinda funny.

    I did get an account warning, though. On a really innocuous FB thread about NFL football, I made a not-trolling comment. Then a bot replied to me with something like, “Hey, handsome.” I replied, “What up, ho?” Got a warning for bullying. If you go to the bot’s page, it’s obviously a bot and totally fake. But whatevs.

  3. The keyboard player, of course. But kudos to the slave with the ISBN in his post.

    Dennis, we should propose a startup to improve flawed horror movies!

    Have you seen the Lydia Lunch doc? I’m wary.


  4. Hey Dennis.
    I wanted to comment yesterday, but I spent so long going through the post that I crashed out. Of course, I loved Porn 2. Highlights for me were – Anita Steckel’s words on erect cocks, the little bit of the George McDowell film I watched was great (I was going to watch Thundercrack recently, but forgot, would you recommend?), Virgin of Light, The Peter Bismuth collages are amazing (Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys says one his pre-PSB jobs was covering up scantily clad women for UK reprints of Marvel comics and these collages made me think of that.), I’m going to be watching some more of the movies in it tonight. I do like a lot of porn related art, it seems. The Monica Bonavici show I saw in Newcastle a couple of years ago had some huge porny collages, which were really impressive. I watched William E Jones’ The Fall of Communism as Seen in Gay Pornography last week and thought it was okay, but it made me think of you and your thing for a certain era of Russian porn.
    How are you? You’re going to the States and soon? And the blog’s taking a break!? There’s going to be a big weird shaped hole in my mornings! Are you excited?
    I’m suddenly working on this animation project full time. It’s kind of snuck up on me, but I’m okay with it so far.
    I found a pdf of Pepsi Cola Addict if you or anyone else wants the link? I was taken by politekid’s description of it. It’s funny cos it’s photos of the pages of the actual book, with a hand holding them open, but it’s kind of charming.
    Hope you have a beatific Thursday, if that’s your thing.
    Love, Jamie

  5. The comments for LetMeBeYourDoorMat really encapsulate US political debate right now and not in a good way. Although maybe that is its own slave forum, right?

  6. I know him IRL and the only thing he’s good for is making cocks hard

    I get so tired of hearing this

    Hi Dennis!

    Love, James

  7. Don’t give air time to ass holes https://imgur.com/a/wAyQRFt

  8. Bill Cosby as just bee released from prison to go forth and rape again. Somebody’s just gonna have to TAKE HIM OUT!

    Todd’s Velvet Undergrund documentaryshould be premering shortly.

  9. Hey, Dennis,

    Very heavy stuff today, although The Cure line made me smile. The last entry is very unsettling. You’re 100% right about the representation stuff. Honestly, I think the mentality about representation espoused in the doc, while certainly well-meaning, has sort of poisoned the minds of a lot of young queer people in my own generation, lol. Certainly their attitude toward art can be very concerning—but I’m probably generalizing way too much. “Reflections in a Golden Eye” does have a pretty wild final shot. I love the way the camera just keeps swinging between their static poses, with the screaming and the shrieking score. It’s got such a nightmarish quality to it, and very funny, too. I’m also really fond of Brando’s surreal horse ride, which is so pathetic and weird and scary. Felt like it could have stepped out of a Purdy novel. I actually decided to pass on “Poison” for now (I’ll save it for another time) and go for something pricier. In this case that happened to be a BluRay of Bertrand Mandico’s “The Wild Boys”. You seen that one? I haven’t yet. Looking forward to it. Today was really uneventful. My horror movie binge continued with “Hellraiser”, which I’d never seen before, and watched with my father. We both thought it was pretty fun, and the effects are quite gnarly, although overall it’s a pretty silly piece of work. Then he put on “Re-Animator”, but as he’s fallen asleep and I’m not in the mood for a double feature, I think I might bail, even though I’ve been meaning to see that for a while. I think I’m going to close off the evening, and the month, with Anger’s “Fireworks”. That should be fun. Working on a new theatre piece will never not sound exciting to me, though it’s possibly drearier in practice. I hope you had a good, productive day on that front. The heat persists—but tonight it’s raining. Maybe tomorrow will be cooler…

  10. Hi!!

    I’ll save this post for the evening, when I finish work for today. Thank you!

    Haha, yes, and that commenter’s idea was pretty detailed and well-thought-out. He didn’t just think of it when he saw Pornstar’s_mistake’s post. Ah, thank you! I’d definitely give monsterhunter a big… uhm… hug. A big hug. Love in the form of Inevitable, asking you to be his guide (the name is pretty great, too!), Od.

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