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Mrs. Santa Claus presents … Subliltes Day *

* (restored)




p.s. Hey. ** Dominik, Hi!!! Will do. We can do a pix trade, BJD <-> Buche. Confusion can definitely get to be way too much, even for a confusion lover like me. I can’t say that I actually thought through what a somersaulting weekend would be like before I wished it for you, but I’m guessing your weekend stayed pretty grounded. Did love give you a satisfactory explanation? Love inventing a t-shirt that displays its wearer’s subtitles, G. ** Charalampos Tzanakis, You’ll enjoy it (‘Partner’), I think. And ‘Noirot’, I’m pretty sure. Thanks about ‘MLT’. It’s one of my faves of mine. The good vibes from Paris and me continue unabated. ** Ian, Hi, Ian. I saw your email. I’ll write back to you when I’m post-p.s. I hope you found ‘MLT’ okay. And hugs about the Croatia-Canada match if you had an emotional stake in it. My weekend was … friendly. Yours too? ** David Ehrenstein, Thank you for all of the amazing booty. Everyone, Super treat ahead, i.e. here’s a link to David Ehrenstein’s great essay on Rivette, ‘The Spectacle of Negativity’, that I highly recommend you read ASAP. The other links you shared were already in the post, but thank you! Amazing Rivette/Ogier sighting! ** Bill, Oh, it’ll work out, no doubt. I guess I would recommend starting with ‘Celine and Julie Go Boating’, but Mr. Ehrenstein recommends you start with ‘Paris Belongs to Us’. I suppose you cant lose either way. I think Rivette might have died prior to the latest Hanekes, but I’m not sure? If you didn’t see, h now j requests a NYC tour. ** AUTUMN GLINT, I’ll look up what Diadora is and then create a more precise mental image. ** Steve Erickson, Thanks! I’ve never seen his doc on Renoir either. If I come across it, I’ll let you know. So Rivette is partly responsible for the ‘Showgirls’ revisionist movement? Gee, uh, thanks. Curious to hear your single, of course. I don’t know Bruno Berle, no. It does sound fresh. I’ll find him, thank you. ** h now j, I’m good. Just mostly concentrated on getting things together for the film shoot. No complaints at the moment. Enjoy the quiet and focus. That’s my immediate goal too. ** _Black_Acrylic, Yeah, sad about Japan. Enjoy the footie onslaught, and, yes, get ready for some serious writing outputting and inputting, sir. ** Jamie, Hi, Jamerino. ‘Celine and Julie …’ is a sensible starting point, I think. It was my first Rivette at least. My weekend was pretty okay. Two days that will not have much of a berth in my future memories. But yes, the Production Designer has agreed to work with us! We’re over the moon. Lots of World Cup-derived high volume vocalising and generous glug-glugging here too. Hope your Monday was bright eyed and bushy tailed. Hop the fence love, Dennis. ** Gick, You knowing my mouth well will surely come in handy one of these days. That sounded weird, actually, but you know what I mean. Next year: Buche + you + Paris = whoop! Hm, I think I usually drink coffee with my Buche, but I think I’ll try champagne this year. I’m happy Placebo made you so happy. Honestly, I haven’t listened to them in a long time for no reason whatsoever. They’re very big in France. My memory is that I loved their first album a lot and then liked the subsequent ones less and less and eventually stopped paying attention, but I don’t remember why, and it’s probably just that my tastes moved elsewhere. What does your week look like from its entranceway? ** Brian, Hi, Brian. I think you’ll find Rivette to be an area you are glad you investigated. It’s true, but that period between when you pick up the buche at the patisserie and stand above it with a knife in your hand is lovely. Good luck carving out the ‘Damned’ essay. I don’t envy you. And I have something to work on that I need to stop procrastinating about that you wouldn’t envy either. Help! Even the word linguistics spooks me. But … did a conquering idea yet occur to you? Hang in there, pal. ** malcolm, Howdy, Malcom. Excellent! If our film had a bigger budget, I’d hire you as our SFX master. Or try to schmooze you thusly at least. So nice that her work is speaking to you. You guys should meet or something, being fellow Canadians. Although typing that just reminded me of the first time I came to Europe in the mid-70s, and tons of the people I met over here upon hearing I came from California assumed that I must have been great friends with the Grateful Dead. Which I most certainly wasn’t. Hope you got the precise amount of sleep that your body would have asked you for if it had a mouth that wasn’t your mouth and could speak English. ** Right. Years ago someone who read this blog and wanted to call themselves Mrs. Santa Claus made this charming guest post, and something came over me the other day that made me want to rescue it from death. See you tomorrow.


  1. Dominik


    Sounds like a deal – about the pics trade!

    My weekend did stay pretty grounded in the end, but no complaints – I love weekends when nothing happens, haha. And my weird neck pain went away too – remaining forever unexplained – so all’s good.

    I think my subtitle would be “this is the blah” today. But there’re so many golden ones. The “Get in the car” one, haha. What would be yours?

    Love learning at the Police to steathily record the talk of Steathily people, Od.

  2. David Ehrenstein

    Rivette like Haneke. But he like “Showgirls” too.

  3. _Black_Acrylic

    @ Mrs. Santa Claus, thank you again for this day! I am glorying in these subtitles anew.

    Right now I am enjoying Tabitha Lasley – Sea State, a memoir of her time spent on the Aberdeen oil rigs before returning to deal cocaine out of the local KFC. Must say it’s a bracing read so far.

  4. Steve Erickson

    Mocking bad English subtitles in Hong Kong films developed some ugly undertones, but NAKED KILLER’s “when I see Kitty, I have priapism” is eternal.

    I’ve found portions of Rivette’s Renoir documentary with English subtitles on and YouTube, but not the entire 4 & 1/2 hours.

  5. Gick

    Hahaha I don’t find that weird at all – quite the contrary: I find that mouthful sentence of yours quite excellent… Yes, I have a feeling that Buche would go very well with champagne. Please lmk how you find it. My week… hm… The only good thing is there is a lovely spa near our (new) house, and I’ve scheduled to enjoy it a few times this week. I love swimming & steam sauna etc. I’m relishing the book I’m currently reading: After Sappho by Selby Wynn Schwartz. Have you noticed it? You might enjoy it, too. Other than these two positive things, my week is rather meh TBH; end of year classes, bureaucracy, reading in a possibly underwhelming zoom event etc… But the thought of you putting Buche & champagne in your mouth will keep me going… [overflowing champage bottle emoji] … Are you doing anything thrilling this week? I’m glad you decided to save Mrs Santa Clause from an immediate demise; this post made me LOL on my way to work this morning (a rare event!)



  7. Robert

    Hi Dennis, how are you doing? How was your weekend? These pictures are hilarious. I went home for Thanksgiving for most of last week which was sort of a nice change of pace. Hoped to get some writing/reading done but a nasty bout of quasi-insomnia knocked that off track…I’m no good without much sleep.

  8. malcolm

    dennis, that might have been the most original way anybody has ever wished me a good sleep. also maybe the plot of a really weird movie? i think if my body had a mouth it would want a full month of sleep, i’m quite fond of sleeping.

    i have a close friend from florida who was going to be visiting toronto and told me she’d take a day out of her schedule to swing by my place, not realizing i live an entire 17 hour drive away from there. i do not know every canadian. however! i know, or at the very least know someone who does know, pretty much everyone from cape breton island. that’s where i was raised. cape breton is weird, even if you’re 4th cousins with someone, they’ll be at the family function. there’s been so many times where i’ve talked to random old ladies for the first time and they’ve told me exactly how we’re related, or how i’m related to some other person in the room. i also have a few family members who are well known musicians, so i’ve met most of the big music scene people through them. it’s a very tight knit community, or at least the west side of it is. the east side is a whole other thing. i don’t like it there.

    going back to sleeping, i feel like i might’ve asked this before but i’m not 100% sure, are you a dreamer? i often have pretty crazy dreams and i usually write them down to remember. i actually had your work first recommended to me by alexander after i explained a dream i had to him and he told me it sounded like something that happens in closer. it was a dream about an old friend of mine, and his birthday was on sunday, so i’ve been thinking about that dream a lot the last few days.

    happy tuesday!

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