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Mine for yours: My favorite fiction, poetry, non-fiction, film, art, and internet of 2019 so far

(in no order)

Richard Cheim KING OF JOY (Soft Skull)

Mark Doten TRUMP SKY ALPHA (Graywolf Press)

Niven Govinden THIS BRUTAL HOUSE (Little Brown)

Juliet Escoria JULIET THE MANIAC  (Melville House)

Renee Gladman MORELIA  (Solid Objects)

Brian Evenson SONG FOR THE UNRAVELING OF THE WORLD  (Coffeehouse Press)

Kathryn Davis THE SILK ROAD  (Graywolf Press)

Andrew Hodgson MNEMIC SYMBOLS  (Dostoyevsky Wannabe)

Maryse Meijer RAG  (FSG)

M Kitchell EXPERIMENTAL MEN  (Inside the Castle)

Karen An-hwei Lee THE MAZE OF TRANSPARENCIES  (Ellipsis Press)

James Nulick HAUNTED GIRLFRIEND  (Expat Press)

James Champagne HARLEM SMOKE (Expat Press)

Josiah Morgan INSIDE THE CASTLE  (Amphetamine Reptile)

Isabel Waidner WE ARE MADE OF DIAMOND STUFF  (Dostoyevsky Wannabe)


Meg Pokrass, Gary Fincke, & Dan Chaon, Eds. BEST MICROFICTION 2019  (Pelekinesis)




(in no order)


Ben Fama DEATH WISH (Newest York Arts Press)

Marcelline Delbecq CAMERA (Ugly Duckling Presse)

Ron Padgett BIG CABIN (Coffeehouse Press)

Ariana Reines A SAND BOOK (Tin House)

Edmund Berrigan MORE GONE (City Lights)

Stephen Jonas ARCANA: A STEPHEN JONAS READER (City Lights)

Kim Hyesoon A DRINK OF RED MIRROR (Action Books)

Kit Robinson THOUGHT BALLOON (Roof Books)



(in no order)

Tosh Berman TOSH (City Lights)

Gary Indiana VILE DAYS (Semiotext(e))


John Waters MR. KNOW-IT-ALL (FSG)

Steve Finbow/Karolina Urbanik DEATH MORT TOD (Infinity Land Press)

Damo Suzuki & Paul Woods I AM DAMO SUZUKI (Omnibus)





(in no order)

Sunn0))) LIFE METAL (Southern Lord)


Guided by Voices WARP AND WOOF (Rockathon)

Triad God 黑社會 TRIAD (Presto!?)


William Basinski ON TIME OUT OF TIME (Temporary Residence)

Matmos PLASTIC ANNIVERSARY (Thrill Jockey)


Tyler, the Creator IGOR (Columbia)

Daniel O’Sullivan FOLLY (O Genesis)

Finlay Shakespeare DOMESTIC ECONOMY (Editions Mego)

Inter Arma SULPHUR ENGLISH (Relapse)

Prefab Sprout I TRAWL THE MEGAHERTZ (Sony)

Stephen Malkmus GROOVE DENIED (Matador)



(in no order)


Frederick Weissman MONROVIA, INDIANA

Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson THE GREEN FOG


Hirokazu Kore-eda SHOPLIFTERS



(in no order)

Gretchen Bender SO MUCH DEATHLESS (Red Bull Arts New York)


Morgan Fisher PASSING TIME (Redcat, Los Angeles)

Joe Brainard 100 WORKS (Tibor de Nagy, NYC)

Michael Heizer 1968 – 2019 (Gagosian Le Bourget)

Isidore Isou RETROSPECTIVE (Centre Pompidou)



(in no order)

Profound Experience
Musique Machine
Original Cinemaniac
The Creative Independent
Shit Wonder
Volume 1 Brooklyn
Real Pants
Queen Mob’s Teahouse
dark fucking wizard
The Chiseler
espresso bongo
Experimental Cinema
The Wire
{ feuilleton }
The Los Angeles Review of Books
Solar Luxuriance
3:AM Magazine
largehearted boy
Tiny Mix Tapes
Open Culture
Locus Solus: The New York School of Poets
The Wonderful World of Tam Tam Books




p.s. Hey. As it says in the headline, if there’s stuff that’s come out this year that you especially like and/or recommend, I’m always hungry for new discoveries in every medium. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hey. Yes, I remember that YnY piece, cool. Everyone, Back in 2009, Ben ‘_Black_Acrylic’ Robinson and some artist pals had a lively talk about Ryan Trecartin’s videos for the legendary, much missed zine Yuck ‘n Yum, and you can still read it, and obviously I recommend you do. Here. ** David Ehrenstein, Ha ha, well, if it’s your cat’s favorite, I should try again, but I’m pretty sure I won’t last long. Gisele likes it. I do not know Wheeler Winston Dixon’s work, and I will correct that ASAP. Huh. Thank you! New FaBlog! Everyone, Mr. E’s FaBlog has a new thing at its top called ‘Alexandria Again and Forever’ and you can conjoin with it here. ** Sypha, Hi. Interesting. I know Japan is extremely all over the trading card thing. There are a lot of shops here catering to Japanophile pop culture fans, and they’re stuffed with packs of trading cards for not just Japanese things but even really obscure and out of date US TV, bands, movies, etc. The Shiel book sounds so up your alley, and intriguing. That reminds me that I really need to order some books from Snuggly. I’ve been meaning to for ages. ** Steve Erickson, I’m very to have been able to make the introduction between and Ryan’s work. Yeah, I’ve tried to get his stuff programmed in film contexts, but it’s very difficult because they’re considered by the galleries that represent him to be commodities, and the galleries are hesitant to let him escape the marketplace. I know that’s frustrating for him. ** cal, Hi, Cal! Weird, I was just thinking about you and wondering how you are yesterday. Nice. I’ve mostly been quite good, really busy with the ‘PGL’ release and a TV project I’m co-writing and the early stages of Zac’s and my next film. But it’s all good. Very happy you like Ryan’s work. A favorite? That’s tough as he’s consistently amazing. Maybe ‘I-BE AREA’ or ‘Center Jenny’, but it’s hard. I usually recommend ‘A Family Finds Entertainment’ as a great way into his work. Congrats on finishing school! Is the new job interesting as well as fruitful? Cool, I hope you like ‘PGL’, fingers crossed. Man, really good to see you! I hope I get to see again soon. ** PinkKeatons, You’ve got some good weed there. When you go to the theme parks, I’ll give you some must-see tips. Zac and I rode almost everything at every park there except we didn’t get to Sea World. Paris Pride took place in St. Denis this year. Weird experiment. Apparently worked like a charm. ** Shane Christmass, Hi, Shane. My pleasure. Oh, man, how did I not know about your gif works before? Shit, I will be heavily and thoroughly all over that pretty much instantaneously. Thank you! Everyone, Super excellent writer Shane Christmass also works in the gif medium, which is, as you know, a medium I prize and think is vastly under-explored by artists, and Shane’s a killer artist, and I thusly recommend you go over here and luxuriate in IMAGE MACRO GIF ONE, as it/they are titled. Have fun! Oh, and the mixtape! I’ll be there too. Everyone, p.s. Shane has also put together a mixtape of stuff he was absorbing while writing his novel XEROX OVER MNAHATTAN, and I’ll bet that’s pretty heavily listenable, so go here too. Wait, I haven’t read that novel. Shit. I’ll get it. I’m pretty it would be up there in the post if I hadn’t spaced. But the year is young. Thanks, man. ** Right. Your day here has been introduced. See you tomorrow.


  1. JM

    Hi D.

    Will check in more carefully and thoughtfully in a week. I’ll send you some images, if I think of it, from the very-exciting thing I’m performing next week. Thanks for the placing on this list! I have James Champagne’s book on my shelf to read soon (soon…soon…..). Juche has a new thing coming out on AS soon too!!

    Last I spoke to McElroy; he mentioned the book on water is finally forthcoming as well as another, shorter novel. This year? Next? Either way, I look forward to it. I’ve been deep-diving the Refn miniseries (Too Old To Die Young) whilst vocal-resting over the last few days and it’s possibly obnoxious possibly special. I’ll tell you next time, I guess?

    Hope all is well, with serious genuine concern & thoughts & warmth this time instead of arbitrary check-in vibes; I’ve lent out Closer to a dear(est) friend and hopefully he learns or finds something in it – I think he will – the sex stuff is all new to him in the literature field so I’m interested to see how it goes; what with some people experiencing sexuality as a barrier or whatever….. see you soon


  2. dooflow

    I second the Wheeler Winston Dixon recommendation!

    2019 Books: Duncan Barlow – A Dog Between Us
    Cristina Rivera Garcia – The Taiga Syndrome

    Thanks for the list! I’m a few years behind in everything. Especially movies

  3. ET

    Dear Dennis,
    WoW!! Thank you for this incredible list!!!

    …I’m writing to follow up on a previous invitation (in April) to ask if you’ve had a chance to consider contributing a short piece of fiction/poetry to this experimental artist book we’re currently working on?!
    …I wrote on behalf of this European contemporary art institution and an artist… you shared your email address at the time, to send the full invitation and information, but I didn’t hear back from you?! (maybe it went to junk/spam mail by accident?)

    Are you interested in taking part and contributing to the book?!

    (I notice Renee Gladman is in your list for this year so far! She is also contributing!!)

    Please let me know if you’re intrigued to take part! The artist would be absolutely thrilled if you were to contribute!

    All my best,

  4. David Ehrenstein

    Glad to hear there’s a new Ron Padgett.
    I trust “Foucault in California” covers his discovery of fist-fucking (“At last — a New Sexual Act!”) and his escapades at The Slot, a now long-gone San Francisco sex club also frequented by Randy Shilts and Gaetan Dugas (aka. “Patient Zero”)

    The only new film I’ve seen and liked this year is “Permanent Green Light” I also love Abel Ferrara’s 2014 “Pasolini” — though I gather you don’t.

  5. Sypha

    Hey Dennis, thanks for the shout-out. Well, in regards to the fiction I’ve read a few of these, like Tosh’s book, and Josiah’s, and James Nulick, and DEATH MORT TOD, all of which I loved. My list would also probably have WHITE by BEE, maybe the new Thomas Harris & Stephen R. Donaldson, PLAN FOR THE ABDUCTION OF J.G. BALLARD by Jeremy Reed & Audrey Szasz, things of that nature. Quentin S. Crisp has a new book out now called GRAVES that I really want to read, but haven’t jumped into just yet as I’ve been avoiding morbid subject matter for a short while.

    For music I liked the new self-titled Ladytron album, the new solo album by Jenny Lewis, and, needless to say, the new Consumer Electronics. Wish I could say the same about the new Madonna, ha ha.

  6. Steve Erickson

    Jenny Lewis-ON THE LINE
    Weyes Blood-TITANIC RISING
    Triad God-TRIAD
    Charly Bliss-YOUNG ENOUGH
    Rhiannon Giddens-THERE IS NO OTHER
    Sharon van Etten-REMIND ME TOMORROW
    Lucki-FREEWAVE 3
    Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats-ANGER MANAGEMENT
    Adia Victoria-SILENCES
    Burial-“Claustro” & “State Forest”
    Megan Thee Stallion-“Big Ole Freak”
    Vampire Weekend-“Harmony Hall”
    Carly Rae Jepsen-“No Drug Like Me” & “Too Much”
    Marie Davidson-“Workaholic Paranoid Bitch (Nina Kraviz dub remix)”


    • Steve Erickson

      Since you listed Ken Jacobs’ THE SKY SOCIALIST (which I missed during its 3-day Anthology run last weekend, alas) as one of your favorite films of this year, here’s a link to his brand-new flicker film ABOVE THE RAIN on Vimeo:

  7. Tosh Berman

    Wow! Thank you, Dennis. Beyond yours truly, this is a fantastic and fascinating list of goodies. Of all the top-ten lists that are out there, yours is the most interesting, because you really dig deep into a culture that is not obvious or easy to find. So your work here is super important. Again, thank you!

  8. Steve Finbow

    Thanks for the inclusion, Dennis. Now I’m going to spend the rest of the year checking out your other favourites.

  9. rewritedept


    some good stuff listed here. lots i need to read. the only recent thing i’ve read all year is ‘destroy all monsters’ and that’s almost a year old already.

    my favorite albums this year (so far):
    gbv – warp and woof.
    priests – the seduction of kansas.
    ex hex – it’s real.
    deerhunter – why hasn’t everything already disappeared?
    earth – full upon her burning lips.
    tk echo s/t EP (chris from q and not u’s new band).

    i’m very excited for the new sleater-kinney, too. and maybe hoping a little that jawbox release something new.

    so so so sorry to hear about kevin’s passing. that hurt on my end, so i’m sure you’re completely torn up about it. i love you and you’re in my thoughts constantly, so there’s that. be well.

    ok, i need to go get ready for work. hope yr day is wonderful in all the best ways. talk soon.



  10. KeatageCheese

    I never smoke. It would take me years to get over the nerves. I start tripping really hard if I smoke. I prefer water parks. Huh? Really, never been there. Ain’t that like the hood? I felt like I was fighting Ninjas walking down Riquet. Some nights at Poissonaire you can just stick out your hand and get some skin and other things. I’m out for Pride for the next couple days. Just for the pretty twinks. I’ve got a regular boy so I don’t really look, but you never know.

    Not doing much this year…

    I recommend these movies…

    I think the new Child’s Play is out today

    Velvet Buzzsaw – this movie is down
    The Unseen – Claude Reins out of context
    John Wick III – Johnny Utah’s still my boy

    I will check some of this stuff, thanks!
    Off to play some gitfiddle and get a hairdid

  11. _Black_Acrylic

    Great stuff here on these lists and I fully concur with what I know of. I’ll just add a few things of my own:


    Meg McCarville – Four Circles (Amphetamine Sulphate)
    Limmy – Surprisingly Down to Earth, and Very Funny: My Autobiography (Mudlark)


    Permanent Green Light (Dennis Cooper and Zac Farley)
    Diego Maradona (Asif Kapadia)


    Powder – Powder In Space (Beats In Space) Mix CD
    Lovefingers – Fingertracks Vol 1 (ESP Institute) LP, compilation of old stuff

    I was at the DCA print studio today working my way through another layer of colour for issue #2 on The Call zine. It’s a complex operation for this here edition, hence the long time coming. I’m meeting up with Alex tomorrow to work out when all this will appear online, probably in the next couple of weeks I expect, but for now there’s a pic featuring art by my buddies Paul Jon Milne and Catherine Weir here.

  12. Corey Heiferman

    Great timing as always. I’ve pretty much missed out on 2019’s artistic developments so far as I was laser-focused on getting into film school. My video is finished. There are lots of rookie mistakes but overall I’m happy with it and hope it served its purpose of convincing the faculty of my potential.

    Here are some more links pertaining to artists Sasha Laskowky and Alesya Veter, whom I profile in the video:

    I’ve recently discovered e-flux journal. The journal itself is very art-schooly. The lists of authors, distribution network, and clients, and especially the email newsletters are tremendously useful for outsiders trying to learn their way around the art world. My favorite article so far is “On Ketamine and Added Value” by Dena Yago in Issue 82:

    The k-hole market research pdfs Yago contributed to and writes about in the article are a much smarter Adbusters.:

    To be honest my favorite new music of the year so far is the jangle pop of Jeanines.

  13. cal

    hey Dennis,
    . yr makin me blush thinkin about me.
    these days are always the best, so many things to check out. it’s funny, i just started listening to Inter Arma a few days ago! the Joe Brainard dhows looks interesting. gonna mediate on few of those pieces.
    Center Jenny is also my favorite! Everyone in my film class hated his works tho. Bunch uncultured artstudents lol
    I havent see many art shows or read many new books this year, but here’s a few recs for
    Rhye – Spirit
    Mad Fellaz – Mad Fellaz 3
    For movies, I dont have many since I usually only see movies in theater w my family (since im too broke for tickets) and they have very mainstream tastes for the most part. But I did see US which is fantastic. and GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS which was great in a very boomfeista spectacle way.
    the new job is a warehouse gig: lots of physical stuff but great pay.
    Always fun to chat with you Dennis!

  14. Bill

    Great to see the 2019 treasure trove so far, Dennis. Here’s what I’ve enjoyed recently.

    Kathryn Davis, The Silk Road
    Alex DiFrancesco, Psychopomps
    Tosh Berman, Tosh
    Deborah Levy, The Cost of Living
    James Oseland, Jimmy Neurosis
    Jaime Hernandez, Is This How You See Me?

    (I just picked up the Evenson collection, and should have the Chiem and Kitchell books soon.)

    Music (with some ’18 releases):
    Joe McPhee/John Butcher, At the Hill of James Magee (TROST)
    Greg Kelley/Rob Noyes, split cassette
    Der Lange Schatten (Wiik/Thieke/Borghini), Concurrences
    Roscoe Mitchell Orchestra, Littlefield Concert Hall Mills College (Wide Hive)
    Helm, Chemical Flowers
    Bridges of Koenigsberg, Considered Parallel to Borders (or Dividers)
    Coil Live Five, Gdansk Autumn 2002
    Fish-scale Sunrise, No Queen Rises
    Zach Darrup/Ben Bennett, Durian Brow
    Cheryl Leonard, Watershed
    Michael Finnissy, 6 Sexy Minuets 3 trios
    Delbecq/Dijkstra/Hollenbeck, Linger

    Films/TV (all from ’18, I think):
    Long Day’s Journey into Night
    Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground
    Permanent Green Light
    A Very English Scandal

    Dorothea Tanning at Tate Modern, London
    Grace Pailthorpe/Reuben Mednikoff at Camden Arts Centre, London


  15. KK

    Nice list. Hopping on JM’s book, finally. Have you checked out Jean-Baptiste Del Amo’s Animalia? I’m just starting it, but it’s really good so far. Lots of blood, sweat, and shit imagery; I’m enjoying it. Happy weekend.

  16. Damien Ark

    So glad you like the new Basinski (for some reason a lot of people don’t), the reissue of I Trawl the Megahertz is AMAZING, also new Prefab album later this year too!!! Haunted Girlfriend (xxx Nulick getting me off with that amazing lit…), great compilation, Dennis. 😀 🙂 Did you get a chance to check out Symphony no 3 with Beth Gibbons singing it yet? That’s still my favorite thing I’ve heard this year. Next, I’d say the new Kyle Bobby Dunn. Life Metal is in my top 5, too.

    Take care, sending you love & peace.

  17. Paul Curran

    Happy Solstice! A particularly brilliant roundup, Dennis. And congratulations to the numerous locals included! I’m lagging a bit in my j-bubble.

    Yeah, the house looks really rural in most pictures. Setagaya’s a weird borough like that. Shimokitazawa one minute and then old farms another. Ten-minute or so train ride to Shinjuku or Shibuya. Actually, there used be 200 houses there in the 90s. Then the council decided to expand the green space – they introduced all these rules about maintaining green space, like every apartment building must have some trees or greenery outside – that runs along the river (Sengawa), so they paid huge amounts of compensation to people to move out, and by 2000 there were only two houses left. The family were apparently planning to leave in a few months when it happened, and it’s remained like that ever since. The rest of the area is quite a nice park with tennis courts, playgrounds, and cherry blossoms overhanging the river. But the house sits alone in one corner. It’s kind of coincidently crept into my j-novel, so research related to that. There’s piles of evidence and theories but nothing conclusive. The police hold a vigil outside the house every anniversary in kind of respect and shame. It’ll be 20 years next year. Btw, if you’re interested I could maybe put some of the research together for a blog post.

    Have a fantastic weekend. I’ll lookout for any Gisele performances. And of course would be great if you and Zac figure out a return trip sometime.

  18. TJ Wood

    Mike Corrao is on a roll this year. Check out Gut Text.

  19. James


    Happy summer solstice! Though I know you are not a summer kind of guy 🙂

    Thank you so much for including ‘Haunted Girlfriend’ in your mid-year faves list! I am both stoked and honored! Man this is so cool to see her up there among all these greats!

    My fave nonfiction books.. so far for 2019 ~

    Insomnia, Marina Benjamin
    Opium, Jean Cocteau
    Hallucinogenic Plants, Richard Evans Schultes
    White, Bret Easton Ellis
    The Ultimate Journey, Stanislav Grof

    Sorry I haven’t read any fiction this year, I don’t read fiction while I’m working on a major project.. kind of a silly old superstition of mine … and I’ve been working on my new novel for over two years now, so I am definitely going to be doing a lot of catching up, fiction-wise, once this beast is finally slain!

    Have you had a chance to start working on your novel again? Oh! I exchanged a few pleasantries with your friend Wayne Koestenbaum on twitter the other night, he’s quite affable in the digital flesh, as it were. Nice guy.

    Much love to you Dennis, and to all here at DC’s!


  20. schaschlix

    Hey Dennis,

    great stuff and inspiration. Grateful for that as always.
    I realized that I did not read many good books.
    This is sad. I must say I had to read some soso interesting stuff
    for university or related studies but I feel I have to change this.

    I have an eye on most of the albums on your music list but did not get an ear on them except Life Metal which I certainly love very much.
    Right at this very moment I sneak in the Aki Onda and will check out the rest from the list and although what else is recommended above.

    Other new music which I think are worth exploring:

    Nonelocal Forecast – Bubble Universe (Hausu Mountajn)

    R V Paintings – Samoa Highway (The Helen Scarsdale Agency)

    Sarah Davachi – Gave in Rest
    Sarah Davachi – Pale Bloom

    Alvin Lucier – Ricochet Lady (Black Truffle)

    Gilb – Tape #1

    Somehow I watched more old movies (Wong Kar Wai, Jarmusch, Malick, Chris Marker, Godard, Hitchcock) this year. And in contrast to that I paced through a lot of tv series: Game of Thrones, Deadwood, Black Mirror, In Treatment, Electric Dreams plus some German stuff.
    The result is that I can stand no more of this. I was really interested and open.
    Now I am kind of allergic to the cheap and very direct emotional control almost every minute. There is no open space. Serious newspapers and “important” cultural theorists promote such tv series so much and tell us that the end of books and movies are here because tv series can do sooo much more… Not sure about that.

    All the best from here!!

  21. Cam

    Wasn’t Triad God wonderful? His earlier 2012 album is just as good. Worth checking out.

  22. Jesi Bender


    I’d be happy to send you a copy of my new novel if you’d be interested in reading it –

    Chimera Aoki is a 20-something New Yorker, easy in love and working on a book of famous last words. Arthur Noyes is older, secretive, existential. They meet through Chimera’s girlfriend, and are brought together and flung apart through a cosmic collision of coincidence and deceit.

    Heavily interwoven with Abrahamic religious influences, THE BOOK OF THE LAST WORD culminates with Chimera discovering Arthur’s secret and having to decide if what Arthur has done is either immensely beneficial or horrifically damaging.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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