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Mine for yours: My favorite fiction, poetry, non-fiction, film, art, and internet of 2017

(in no order)

Renee Gladman Houses of Ravicka (Dorothy, a Publishing Project)

Gary Lutz Assisted Living (Future Tense Books)

Quintan Ana Wikswo A Long Curving Scar Where the Heart Should Be (Stalking Horse Press)

Christopher Higgs As I Stand (Civil Coping Mechanisms)

Andrew Durbin MacArthur Park (Nightboat Books)

Ella Longpre How to Keep You Alive (Civil Coping Mechanisms)

Christopher Kang When He Sprang From His Bed, Staggered Backward, And Fell Dead, We Clung Together With Faint Hearts, And Mutely Questioned Each Other (Green Mountains Review Books)

Gary J. Shipley Warewolff! (Hexus Press)

Meghan Lamb Silk Flowers (Birds of Lace)

Ashley Farmer The Farmacist (Jellyfish Highway Press)

Scott McClanahan The Sarah Book (New York Tyrant)

Eugene Lim Dear Cyborgs (FSG Originals)

Alistair McCartney The Disintegrations (University of Wisconsin Press)

Rem+Rom A RAFT MANIFEST (Calamari Press)

Lidia Yuknavitch The Book of Joan (Harper)

Jac Jemc The Grip of It (FSG Originals)

Constance DeJong Modern Love (Ugly Duckling Presse)

Mat Laporte Rats Nest (Book Thug)

Jennifer Scappettone The Republic of Exit 43: Outtakes & Scores from an Archaeology and Pop-Up Opera of the Corporate Dump (Atelos Press)

Grant Maierhofer GAG (Inside the Castle)

Sean Kilpatrick Sir William Forsythe’s Freebase Nuptials: A Screenplay (Sagging Meniscus Press)

Nathaniel Mackey Late Arcade (New Directions)

Jen George The Babysitter at Rest (Dorothy, a publishing project)

Matthew Revert Human Trees (Broken River Books)

New Juche Mountainhead (Nine-Banded Books)

Elizabeth Ellen PERSON/A (Hobart)

Mitch Sisskind Do Not be a Gentleman When You Say Goodnight (The Song Cave)

Philip Best Captagon (Amphetamine Sulphate)

Leonora Carrington The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington (Dorothy, a publishing project)

Richard Cheim You Private Person (Sorry House)

Ron Padgett Motor Maids across the Continent (Song Cave)

Mathew Rohrer The Others (Wave Books)

Henry Hoke Genevieves (Subito Press)

Tony Duvert Odd Jobs (Wakefield Press)

Chris Kelso Shrapnel Apartments (Crowded Quarantine Publications)

Dodie Bellamy & Kevin Killian, eds. Writers Who Love Too Much (Nightboat Books)



(in no order)

Susan Howe Debths (New Directions)

Ann Jaderlund Which Once Had Been Meadow (Black Square Editions)

Deborah Kuan Lunch Portraits (Brooklyn Arts Press)

Clark Coolidge Selected Poems: 1962-1985 (Station Hill Press)

Chiwan Choi The Yellow House (Civil Coping Mechanisms)

Douglas Payne Salted Rook (Chest-O-Drawers Press)

Jerome Sala Corporations Are People, Too! (NYQ Books)

Kevin Killian Tony Greene Era (Wonder)

Clark Coolidge The Circus (flow)

Lital Khaikin Outplace (Solar Luxuriance)

Renee Gladman Prose Architectures (Wave Books)

Douglas Crase The Astropastorals (Pressed Wafer)

Mónica de la Torre The Happy End / All Welcome (Ugly Duckling Presse)

Rosamond S. King Rock | Salt | Stone (Nightboat Books)

Bill Knott I Am Flying Into Myself: Selected Poems 1960-2014 (Farrar Straus & Giroux)



(in no order)

Eileen Myles Afterglow (a dog memoir) (Grove Press)

Mathieu Lindon Learning What Love Means (Semiotext(e))

Peter Cherches Autobiography Without Words (Pelekinesis)

Kate Zambreno Book of Mutter (Semiotext(e))

Andrew Ervin Bit by Bit: How Video Games Transformed Our World (Basic Books)

Michel Leiris Nights as Day, Days as Night (Spurl Editions)

Juliana Huxtable Mucus in My Pineal Gland (Wonder)

Andrew Gallix & Richard Cabut Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night (Zero Books)

Michael Seidlinger Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves: Bookmarked (Ig Publishing)

Lidia Yuknavitch The Misfit’s Manifesto (Simon & Schuster)

Christoph Cox & Daniel Warner, eds. Audio Culture: Readings In Modern Music (Bloomsbury)

Richard Lloyd Everything Is Combustible: Television, CBGB’s and Five Decades of Rock and Roll: The Memoirs of an Alchemical Guitarist (Beech Hill)

David Ehrenstein Playing the Third String: Weeding in the Garden of Cinematic Delights (CreateSpace)

Jarett Kobek Soft & Cuddly (Boss Fight Books)

Rob Halpern & Robin Tremblay-McGaw, ed. From Our Hearts to Yours: New Narrative as Contemporary Practice (ON Contemporary Practice)



(in no order)

Yasunao Tone AI Deviation #1, #2 (Editions Mego)

Guided by Voices August By Cake (GbV)

Chino Amobi Paradiso (NON/UNO)

Destroyer ken (Merge)

Felicia AtkinsonHand In Hand (Shelter Press)

milo who told you to think​?​?​!​!​?​!​?​!​?​! (Ruby Yacht)

Sparks Hippopotamus (BMG)

Helena Celle If I Can’t Handle Me At My Best, Then You Don’t Deserve You At Your Worst (Night School)

Oxbow Thin Black Duke (Hydra Head)

Daniel O’Sullivan VELD (O Genesis)

Tobin Sprout The Universe and Me (Burger)

Emptyset Borders (Thrill Jockey)

William Basinski A Shadow in Time (TRR)

Pharmakon Contact (Sacred Bones)

UUUU Verlagerung, Verlagerung, Verlagerung (Editions Mego)

Sendai Ground and Figure (Editions Mego)

Total Leatherette For The Climax Of The Night (MILK Records)

Skullflower  The Black Iron That Has Fell From The Stars, To Dwell Within (Bear It Or Be It) (Nashazphone)

D Glare 4 Oscillators And 130 Samples At 130 BPM (Opal Tapes)

Phew Light Sleep (Mesh-Key)

Alex G Rocket (Domino)

Huxley Anne Illum (Doom of Doom)

Jlin Black Origami (Planet Mu)

Pere Ubu 20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo (Cherry Red)

Drew McDowell Unnatural Channel (Dais)

GAS Narkopop (Kompact)

Charli XCX Number 1 Angel (Asylum)

In the Nursery 1961 (ITN Corporation)

Bill Orcutt Bill Orcutt (Palilalia Records)

Wire SILVER/LEAD (Pink Flag)

Shit & Shine Some people really know how to live (Diagonal)



(in no order)

Bong Joon-Ho Okja

Michal Marczak All These Sleepless Nights

Philippe Grandrieux Unrest

Alex MacKenzie Apparitions

Terrence Malick Song to Song

Paul Clipson Spectral Ascension

Albert Maysles, Lynn True, David Usui, Nelson Walker III, Benjamin Wu In Transit

João Pedro Rodrigues  The Ornithologist

Bill Morrison Dawson City: Frozen Time

Makoto Shinkai Your Name

Chantal Akerman NOW

Chad Stahelski John Wick: Chapter 2

Ken and Flo Jacobs Ulysses in the Subway

Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens Editeur



(in no order)

Peter Campus video ergo sum (Jeu de Paume)

Fujiko Nakaya & KTL NIAGARA REVERB#07150 (Centre Pompidou)

William Forsythe Choreographic Objects (Gagosian Le Bourget)

Jean-Luc Verna Retrospective (MAC VAL)

Hélène Delprat I Did It My Way (Maison Rouge)

Spooky Hollows (Van Nuys, California)

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster + Arto Lindsay A Special Concert (Club Silencio)

Ismaïl Bahri Instruments (Jeu de Paume)

Mike Kelley Kandors (Hauser + Wirth)

Artists of Color (The Underground Museum, Los Angeles)



(in no order)

Musique Machine
Max Echo
The Creative Independent
Real Pants
Queen Mob’s Teahouse
dark fucking wizard
The Chiseler
espresso bongo
Experimental Cinema
The Wire
{ feuilleton }
The Los Angeles Review of Books
Solar Luxuriance
3:AM Magazine
largehearted boy
Cutty Spot
Beach Sloth
Tiny Mix Tapes
Open Culture
Locus Solus: The New York School of Poets
The Wonderful World of Tam Tam Books




p.s. Hey. I would love to know your fave things of 2017. With mine, no doubt I’ve forgotten some things and no doubt other things would be listed if I’d read, seen, or listened to them in time. ** Have ANiceLife, Hi. Again, sorry for the misinformation. ** Chris Cochrane, Hi, Chris! Oh, yeah, shit, I swear I will send you some feedback today. Sorry, I’m in the middle of heavy work and my brain is kind of scrambled. Sorry, sorry. Love, me. ** David Ehrenstein, It would seem. Luckily a dud in NYC, unluckily being exploited to the max by the shit patrol anyway. ** Steve Erickson, Great! I’m glad your festival is official. Congrats! And how great to do it at AFA! Only just very sorry that I’ll likely miss that. ** Chaim Hender, Hi. I too had a spate with Roller Coaster Tycoon. But I really just wanted to make dark rides, and it wouldn’t let me. Where is Dark Ride Tycoon? That’s interesting about your attentiveness to conversational language. I only speak English well enough to converse, although I could probably have a laborious baby talk conversation in Dutch or Spanish, so my view around me is constricted. It is interesting to be with my French friends and note when they decide it’s time to speak English and include me in a detailed way and when they think my comprehension isn’t necessary or they don’t care. That’s the extent my ability to study such a phenomenon, but I enjoy it. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! It was definitely a biggie, the JH public display. Ultimately, I found it tender and sweet. The powers that be are going back and forth about the contracts, and I haven’t heard anything, which is probably a good sign because any problems would involve our input. Hopefully it’ll be finished and inked really soon. A semi-peaceful day sounds like as good as it gets at the moment? Cool, that Julia Escoria book, great gift! My day: worked on the assignment script, Ugh, it’s difficult and not much fun at all, but I guess it’ll get easier once Zac and I get used to not having the 100% freedom to go wild that we have with our film script. I met with a lawyer because I’ve been meaning for ages to apply for an artists visa so I can be in France in an official way, and he said it shouldn’t be too difficult at all for me to get one. So now I have to a bunch of grunt work: make a resume, gather letters of support re: the importance of me being here, and blah blah. I met up with Zac and hung out in the evening talking scripts and just generally enjoying everything. It was an all right day. Did you manage to give yourself enough of yourself today? Hope so! ** Amphibiouspeter, Thanks, man. Yep, agreed, re: computers’ targets. A brilliant weekend: superb! Yeah, I seem to have some strange, subterranean ability to juggle a lot of things to do, although I am quite a little maxed out and bleary at the moment. CROWD will tour, quite extensively, I think. We have a hard time getting gigs in the UK, always have. Only two of our pieces, ‘Jerk’ and ‘Kindertotenlieder’ have ever played there, and the latter only in Glasgow. It seems really strange to me, but I guess it’s a combination of venues there not wanting to put out the funding needed and maybe our work just rubs UK venues the wrong way, although that doesn’t make sense. I’ll let you know if CROWD cracks the UK ‘market’. The work is the important thing, yes, 1 million percent. Getting publishers’ permission to publish is a weird, unpredictable, and often nonsensical affair, and patience is extremely necessary. I would love to read it. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll have a brain cell free to do that for the next couple of months. But I’d like to as soon as I am able, yes! Certainly hope you’ve gotten let in by now. ** Alistair, Hey, master A! Things are good. I’m so happy that the Rouch post was timely and useful for you. How is the MFA residency teaching going? Are you getting interesting things from it? Love, me. ** Bill, Hi, Bill. Can’t wait to de-secretize it. Yeah, as I said, based on the trailer for ‘The Shape of Water’, I think I would not be able to tolerate it. But … who knows. It’s probably a future plane flight item. Ha, well, speak of the devil, I seem to have managed to do my year end list. I do look forward to yours, sir. I haven’t seen the new Handke yet either. Just couldn’t fit it in so far. ** Righty-o. So, yeah, there are my faves. What are yours? See you tomorrow.


  1. _Black_Acrylic

    I had an idea for relaunching Yuck ‘n Yum as a business – like maybe hiving off the business part and renaming it as YNY similar to a fashion diffusion line, with a new domain name but keeping its list of artist contacts and distinctive aesthetic. I dunno, this would need to be negotiated with other group members and have Fleet Collective input but it strikes me as having potential. Something to think about for the new year methinks.

    Anyway here’s my best of 2017!


    In keeping with the list of Cahiers du Cinema, I’ll go for Twin Peaks: The Return which I think is the best of anything this year. The DVD’s been requested from Santa so I can watch it all again in a few weeks’ time.


    David Keenan – This Is Memorial Device
    Jen George – The Babysitter At Rest
    Meghan Lamb -Silk Flowers


    Cosey Fanni Tutti – Art Sex Music


    F Ingers – Awkwardly Blissing Out
    Dopplereffekt – Cellular Automata
    Nina Kraviz – fabric 91


    Anthea Hamilton – Kettles Yard (Hepworth Wakefield)

    Internet: I really like a Twitter feed called Clickbait Robot that’s kept me supplied with retweet fodder over the course of the year.

  2. David Ehrenstein

    MY but you get to see and hear a lot, Dennis! Thanks for the plug!

    Don’t know that new movie by Ken and Flo at all, but love their son Azazel’s The Lovers with Debra Winger and Tracy Letts. My
    favorite movie this year is BPM *Beats Per Minute_ but I also love ,Purge This Land, Blade Runner 2049, Call Me By Your Name, Kedi, Ladybird, In the Fade, A Quiet Passion, The Post, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, Let It Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992,Visages Villages, Obit, Norman, Frantz, Four Days in France, After Louie, Happy End,, Tom of Finland, Handsome Devil and Wonderstruck.

    I don’t listen to much new music. Nothing worth noting. No poetry or fiction either but non-fiction: The Ballad of John Latouche

    Here’s a new NYROB piece on Goethe

  3. Steve Erickson

    My deadline for my Gay City News top 10 films list is Thursday, and I consider that to be the “official” one, but I will only be seeing one new film between now and then, something from the large pile of screeners and video links I received (I haven’t decided what.) But I turned in a top 10 list to yesterday. I can’t swear this won’t change, but here goes:

    1. GET OUT (Jordan Peele)
    2. NOCTURAMA (Bertrand Bonello)
    3. WORMWOOD (Errol Morris)
    4. PERSONAL SHOPPER (Olivier Assayas)
    5. STARLESS DREAMS (Mehrdad Oskouei()
    6. RAW (Julia Ducournau)
    7. I hate myself :.) (Joanna Arnow)
    8. THE OTHER SIDE OF HOPE (Aki Kaurismaki)
    9. THE SHAPE OF WATER (Guillermo del Toro)
    10. MARJORIE PRIME (Michael Almereyeda)

    The GCN list will include my runners-up, favorite undistributed films, and least favorite films of the year.

    I have a tentative music top 10 list now, but I am not making it public right now. There are some releases I still want to hear, and I have about 21 contenders for 10 slots. When it’s done (probably early next week), I plan to do another extensive set of runners-up, with singles, EPS and reissues on my blog and post the link on social media.

  4. Tosh Berman

    Love your list! For me, it’s a great reference or shopping list. I just finished reading the Richard Lloyd book and did a “Tosh Talks” on it, as well as a piece on my blog. Of course, I love the new Sparks’ album. For me, it has been a rich year of listening and reading delights. I even went out to see some flicks in a real movie theater! “The Other Side of Hope” & “Personal Shopper” is fantastic, and I LOVE “Dawson City.” Also, I saw the two John Wick films. I like the first better than the second, but still pretty great. And thank you for the honor of being on your list with respect to my blog/site!

  5. Toniok

    Hello Dennis!!

    Your lists! Awesome. Mine:

    ‘The Boats of the Glen Carrig’ – William Hope Hodgson
    ‘Norstrilia’ – Cordwainer Smith
    ‘Le Voyage des morts’ – François Augiéras
    ‘The Third Generation’ – Chester Himes
    ‘Two Serious Ladies & Plain Pleasures’ – Jane Bowles
    ‘The Cool World’ – Warren Miller
    ‘Allan Stein’ – Matthew Stadler

    ‘El alma dormida’ – Lapido
    ‘Death Song’ – The Black Angels
    ‘Is This the Life We Really Want?’ – Roger Waters
    ‘Dadá estuvo aquí’ – Chencho Fernández
    ‘Beat Kamerlanden’ Vulk

    Movies & Tv
    ‘Twin Peaks’
    ‘Like Cattle Towards Glow’
    ‘Channel Zero’
    ‘Your Name’
    ‘American Gods’
    ‘Get Out’

    Pop-Up Books Day
    Spotlight on … Matthew Stadler ‘Allan Stein’
    ‘Dunce Codex (Yellow)’ (for Zac)
    Spotlight on … Julio Cortázar ‘Blow Up and other Stories’ (1968)
    Sypha presents … Voyager en Soi-Même: a Tribute to J.K. Huysmans’ Là-Bas
    Hirokazu Kore-eda Day
    James Nulick presents … 14 Beginnings

  6. Bill

    Ah, it’s that time of the year again! Look forward to spending quality time with all the unfamiliar items on your list, Dennis.

    As usual, some 2016 items will slip in…

    Favorite books (a dark list for the most part, for a dark year):

    Mariana Enriquez, Things We Lost in the Fire
    Eugene Lim, Dear Cyborgs
    New Juche, Mountainhead
    M. Kitchell, Hour of the Wolf (redesign)
    Daniel Kehlmann, You Should Have Left
    Samantha Schweblin, Fever Dream
    Nat Baldwin, The Red Barn
    Gwendolyn Kiste, And Her Smile will Untether the Universe
    Jonathan Hickman, The Black Monday Murders Vol. 1
    Dan Nicoletta, LGBT: San Francisco
    N.J. Campbell, Found Audio
    Tim Rutherford-Johnson, Music after the Fall
    Percival Everett, So Much Blue
    Emily Cataneo, Speaking to Skull Kings
    Leonora Carrington, Complete Stories
    Dodie Bellamy and Kevin Killian, Writers who Love too much
    Herve Guibert, Crazy for Vincent
    Aimee Parkison, Refrigerated Music for a Gleaming Woman

    Favorite movies:

    Beach Rats
    BPM (guilty pleasure category)
    Killing of a Sacred Deer
    T2 (more guilty pleasure)
    Marjorie Prime
    The Untamed
    Endless Poetry
    Get Out
    My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea
    Personal Shopper

    [Music list later…]


    • Steve Erickson

      Why is BPM a guilty pleasure? It’s a fine film.

      • Bill

        I’m such a target market for BPM. It’s not possible for me to be objective about it.


  7. Jeff J

    hey Dennis –
    I always look forward to these lists — yours and everyone else’s. Glad to see the tradition continue.

    More than usual, I feel like I’m playing catchup with culture this year. I was surprised to see the new Pere Ubu on your list. It’s gotten so little press that I’d forgotten it was released. It’s one of their best efforts in a while? I’d only skimmed the Alex G album, so I’ll give that one a closer spin. (Love the Destroyer and Gas albums – need to explore many of the others)

    I’d been meaning to ask you if you’d seen ‘Song to Song’! I also really liked it. To me, it felt like a bit of a retrenchment – trying to foreground narrative more without abandoning the editing style he’s achieved. What were your thoughts on it?

    Some favorites *not* already on your lists —

    – ‘Absolutely Golden’ by D. Foy
    Surprised this has flown below the radar of all the yearend lists so far. I loved it, thought it was a real departure, a deeply odd swirling comedic fantasia. Have you read it?
    – ‘Atlantic Island’ by Tony Duvert
    You preferred the other Duvert book released this year? Need to read that.
    – ‘These Possible Lives’ by Fleur Jaeggy
    – ‘Lay Ghost’ by Nathaniel Mackey
    – ‘Ghost of Birds’ by Eliot Weinberger
    – ‘Evening at the Talkhouse’ by Wallace Shawn

    – Jason Moran ‘Bangs’
    – Protomartyr ‘Relatives in Descent’
    – Burial ‘ Beachfires/Subtemple’
    – Midori Takada ‘ Through the Looking Glass’
    – Slowdive ‘Slowdive’
    partly for the sublime live show

    – Twin Peaks: The Return
    – Nocturama
    – Personal Shopper
    – Faces Places
    – Certain Women
    – Baby Driver
    – I Called Him Morgan
    So many new films I still need to see…

  8. Steve Erickson

    My doctor said I have a muscle spasm. He can’t predict how long it will take to heal. He says I should take long hot showers. He also prescribed a painkiller and a muscle relaxant. The latter may make me very tired. If that happens, I should only take it in the late evening. He gave me the names of both drugs, but I’d never heard of them. I will pick up the prescriptions around 5:30. I am pretty sure they are not opioids, because he said “Keep taking them till the pain ends.” I am supposed to leave for my parents’ house in 11 days, but I doubt the muscle will heal by then, so I am gonna call Amtrak Thursday to try and get a refund on my tickets.

  9. Amphibiouspeter

    Hey DC,

    You’ve mentioned New Juche a bunch of times on here and so I think I really really need to pick that up. Not sure I’ve seen a whole load of things this year, or at least not stuff that came out this year, but I did really enjoy Death of Stalin – love anything by Armando Iannucci. I went to see MIA this summer and that was amazing.

    Wow, that is a pretty cool skill to have. Bleary is a good word as well. I think there’s definitely a trend in performance and venues in the UK where there’s a total lack of complexity atm. That’s not that there aren’t artists who make complex work, but there’s this thing of clear and simple messages, and I think venues see that as much safer to programme. But I would have thought that with documentation of a finished work and a touring record and things that you would be able to get some traction. But yeah, despite a great community, it can feel pretty dead here sometimes.

    Thanks for the advice and taking the time to offer it. If you are interested and eventually get a centimetre of headroom I’ve got it up on a blog here – it could probably do with an edit:

    As always, thanks for the post and have a good day!

  10. MyNeighbourJohnTurturro

    Hi Dennis, my list had been prepared for a couple of weeks. It’s sonly similar to yours it looks like I’m taking the piss. Anyway, these things kept my head above water in 2017.

    1. Chino Amobi – Paradiso
    2. Oxbow – The Thin Black Duke
    3. Impossible Nothing – Phonemenomicon
    4. Emptyset – Borders
    5. William Basinski – A Shadow in Time
    6. Pharmakon – Contact
    7. Alex G – Rocket
    8. Sendai – Ground and Figure
    9. Blanck Mass – World Eaters
    10. Skullflower – The Black Iron That Has…
    11. Abu Lahab – Amhdaar
    12. Dopplereffekt- Cellular Automata
    13. GAS -Narkopop
    14 . Stormzy – Gang Signs and Prayer
    15. Wire – SILVER / LEAD
    16. Oh Sees – Orc
    17. UUUU – UUUU
    18. Irreversible Entanglements – Irreversible Entanglements
    19. JLin – Black Origami
    20. Arca – Arca

    1. Twin Peaks: The Return – David Lynch
    2. Malgre la Nuit – Phillipe Grandieux
    4. Zama – Lucretia Martel
    5. Raw – Julia Ducournau
    6. Thelma – Joachim Trier
    7. Get Out – Jordan Peele
    8. Nelyubov – Andrey Zvyagintsev
    9. Song To Song – Terrence Malick
    10. Sleep Has Her House – Scott Barley
    12. OKJA – Bong Joon- Ho
    13. Kuso – Flying Lotus
    14. The Killing of A Sacred Deer – Yorgos Lanthimos
    15. The Ornithologist – Joao Pedro Rodriguez
    16. It Comes At Night – Trey Edward Shultz
    17. Moonlight – Barry Jenkins
    18. Lady Macbeth – William Oldroyd

  11. Mark Gluth

    Hey Dennis, How goes it? Man I always look forward to your EOY lists, and this year’s as great as any. I need to catch up on new books and your list will help more towards that goal quite well. What’s up? Mancy and I collaborated on a book of short fiction (me) and images (he) which should be coming out on Permanent Sleep, sometime in 18. Also, I’m writing a book I think has a home with Monsieur Salerno, and this other book which is homeless or yet to be homed. Aside from Twin Peaks, Lady Bird, and the Meyorowitz Stories(New and Selected) my list is all music.
    Take Care!

    Orchetre National De France, conducted by Riccardo Muti: Tchaikovski, Symphonie No 6 ‘Pathetic Synmphony’

    William Basinski: A Shadow In Time
    Max Richter: Three Worlds
    Tobin Sprout: The Universe And Me
    Denis Kozhukhin: Brahms, Ballads and fantasies
    Visible Cloaks: Reassemblage
    Bing & Ruth: No Home Of The Mind
    Sarah Davachi: All My Circles Run
    Jacasek: KWIATY
    Lea Bertucci: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
    Mount Eerie: A Crow Looked At Me
    Craig Finn: We All Want The Same Things
    Various Artists: Mono No Aware
    Daniel Brandt: Eternal Something
    Clark: Death Peak, Rellik EP
    Valgeir Sigurosson: Dissonance
    Jlin: Black Origami
    Slowdive: Slowdive
    Burial: Subtemple/Beachfires, Rodent, Pre dawn/Indoors
    Chuck Johnson: Balsalms
    Ellen Arkbro: For Organ And Brass
    Patricia: Several Shades Of The Same Color
    Jana Rush: Pariah
    Sparks: Hippopotamus
    Protomartyr: Relatives In Descent
    Laraaji: Sun Gong
    Dmitry Evgrafov: Comprehension Of Light
    Alessandro Cortini:Avanti
    Tyshawn Sorey: Verisimilitude

  12. MyNeighbourJohnTurturro

    It’s worth pointing out that the epic new Prurient release is kind of magnificent, but it’s too early to put on the list.

  13. h

    Hi Dennis, thank you for the great list! And others’ lists are very interesting too. I think I have a few book, film, exhibition things I loved, but I really can’t type much now. So wanting to read Douglas Crase’s new poetry book up there. Hm, I don’t see A place in the sun — maybe I just missed it? I think Leonora Carrington’s Complete Stories and that book are my favorite books this year. Filmwise, Ornithologist is still my favorite. And there’s a short experimental film called “See a dog, hear a dog.” And I enjoyed Peter Gidal show in one of nyu’s galleries here, and Carol Rama one in New Museum. Oh, Alvin Lucier show was really impressive. Till soon!! Sorry for being messy and quick.

  14. Misanthrope

    Dennis! Have you wondered where I’ve been? No wondering anymore: I’ve been nowhere and I’m going nowhere.

    I tell you, my man, one night of fucked up sleep just fucking wrecks me anymore. I’ve barely been on the interwebs since Wednesday night. Kept falling out so early Thursday through Sunday, and I completely mismanaged my time last night. Ugh. It’s not weariness or fatigue or underlying illness. The day just makes me really tired. Or did on Thursday when I barely slept the night before, and then it just continued on and on until the break of dawn.

    No, I don’t have my tonsils. If you remember, I had terrible middle ear problems growing up (as well as allergies). They took my adenoids out when I was 2 and decided to swipe my tonsils at the same time, the fuckers.

    Man, nothing new here for me re: this day and giving back.

    I like this new show The Orville. It’s the only one I regularly watch, along with Curb Your Enthusiasm and Tosh.0.

    I’m getting into this band called J. Roddy Walston and the Business. You’d hate them. Too trad and rock and Americana and folky and country sounding. But I like them.

    I’m currently reading Will Self’s Shark, which is pretty damned good, in my not so humble opinion.

    Otherwise, nothing really new for me Art-wise. Well, except for stuff you daily introduce me to.

    I’m seeing Call Me by Your Name on Saturday night in Bethesda, MD, and then seeing the new Star Wars in Alexandria, VA on Sunday in the afternoon. My weekend is booked. 😀

  15. Sypha

    Dennis, sorry I’ve been missing in action as well. It’s just, as you know, as a retail worker, this time of year is my busy time… though of course, with so many people shopping online now, it’s not as hectic as it used to be.

    It’s still too soon for me to do my EOY list, but I’ll probably have the results come the very end of the year (still a few more 2017 books I want to sneak in these last few weeks). I will say that I’ve read (and enjoyed) some of the books you mention today, chiefly “The Disintegrations,” “Captagon,” the Leonora Carrington book, and Kevin Killian’s “Tony Greene Era.”

    I hope to see the new Star Wars film this weekend, but I don’t think it’ll beat out IT as my favorite film of the year… not that I’ve seen many new films this year!

  16. Bill

    Favorite art (skimpy list, I know):

    Bruce Conner at SFMOMA, San Francisco
    Jonas Burgert at Blain Southern, Berlin
    Lynn Hershman at Yerba Buena, San Francisco
    [I haven’t seen the Isaac Julien video installations at Fort Mason; would probably be on this list]

    Favorite live music:

    Radian at the Lab, SF
    Urbanski conducts SF Symphony, Shostakovich 10th Symphony
    Dax Pierson, Kaoru Suzuki and Puce Mary at SF Electronic Music Festival
    Michael Tan (piano) plays Messiaen, Boulez, Finnissy, Sciarrino at Center for New Music
    Chris Heenan/Emilio Gordoa/Casey Moir at Sowieso, Berlin
    Chris Heenan/Emilio Gordoa/Boris Baltschun/Michael Vorfeld at Chris’ house, Berlin
    Paul Clipson etc at SFMOMA
    Antoine Schmitt/Franck Vigroux audiovisual concert at Gray Area, SF
    SF Contemporary Music Players plays L’histoire du soldat, w. Peter Evans/Bruckmann/Winant

    [Favorite recordings in a day or two…]


  17. Nik

    Hey Dennis!

    How’ve you been? What’ve you been up to lately? I’ve been totally swamped this semester with directing and obligatory homework, so I’m just now getting a chance to catch up on the blog. Fortunately, I’m just in time for mine for yours! Fantastic list, I’ll be check out a lot of these tomorrow. I totally fell in love with the new Twin Peaks like everyone else, and really loved the new Padgett and Juche. Also, that collection of Kiddiepunk zines was a total blast. Otherwise, I watched and read a lot of older movies and books. The only thing I actively keep up with is music, so here’s the albums I think are the best from this year (the first two being major favorites):

    Pile – A Hairshirt of Purpose
    Spirit of the Beehive – Pleasure Suck
    Foxygen – Hang
    Blue Smiley – return
    Peasent – Richard Dawson
    Ariel Pink – Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
    John Maus – Screen Memories
    Gas – Narkopop
    Pharmakon – Contact
    Deaf Kids – Configuração do Lamento
    (SANDY) Alex G – Rocket
    Xiu Xiu – Forget
    Buy Muy Drugs – Buy Muy Drugs
    Alex Cameron – Forced Witness
    Giant Claw – Soft Channel
    A Giant Dog – Toy
    Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Echoing Green
    Brandon Can’t Dance – Graveyard of Good Times
    Christian Fitness – Slap Bass Hunks

  18. Schlix

    Thomas Bernhard – Breath + In The Cold + …
    Peter Sloterdijk – Derrida, An Egypt
    Nathalie Sarraute – Tropisms
    Hans-Ulrich Treichel – The Lost
    Italo Calcino – If on a winters night a traveler
    Juliet Escoria – Black Cloud
    Gilles Deleuze – Nietzsche
    Ludwig Wittgenstein – Philosophical investigations
    Didier Eribon – Retour a Reims
    Marguerite Duras – Emily L. / Ten-Thirty on a summers night

    Alvin Lucier – I am sitting in a room / Vespers (The long now festival, Berlin)
    Morton Feldman – Patterns in a chromatic field (The long now, Berlin)
    Catherine Crister Hennix – Zinc and Copper (The long now, Berlin)
    Japandroids (Zoom, Frankfurt)
    Boris (Das Bett, Frankfurt)
    Iancu Dumitrescu (Atonal, Berlin)
    Puce Mary (Atonal, Berlin)
    Belong (Atonal, Berlin)
    Pan Daijing (Atonal, Berlin)
    Swans (Berghain, Berlin)
    Crowd (Maillon, Strasbourg)

    Sarah Louise – Solo Acoustic
    Marisa Anderson – Into the light
    The Necks – Unfold
    Stephen O`Malley – End ground
    Caterina Barbieri – Patterns of Consciousness
    Destroyer – Ken
    The Mountain Goats – Goths
    Wire – Silver/Lead
    William Basinski – A Shadow of Time
    Boris – Dear
    Elodie – Traces Ephemeres
    Valerio Tricoli – Clonic Earth

  19. Schlix

    above are my lists written in a hurry, I am late, hopefully not too late.
    I wanted to write you earlier especially to give you a long feedback and praise for Crowd in Strasbourg. But when we came back I got sick really bad and when I gained some strenght again – then I got sick again even worse.
    See you tomorrow for re:Crowd and Re:endoftheyearlists.

  20. Andrew Gallix

    What a lovely surprise! Thanks so much.

  21. 1

    post your mubi/goodreads/spotify links if you got ’em D! you might like too!

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