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Metalcore Vocal Covers Day, featuring “Abigail” by Motionless in White


Motionless In White – “Abigail” Official Music Video



Burn baby burn
She’s a witch, she’s a witch and I’m a heretic
So, learn baby learn
She’s a witch, she’s a witch and I’m a heretic so, learn

Oh Abigail how could you do this to us?
You were a product of lust (Product of lust)
And now this rope on my neck stopped all the blood to my head
So, now Salem please save me (Salem please save me)

Wish upon the stars, but they won’t save you tonight
God has forsaken thee to hell, we’re going to hang from the sky
Feel the weight of the stones crush hard on your chest
Confess, confess before you run short of breath
Confess, confess here for your sins

Burn baby burn
She’s a witch, she’s a witch and I’m a heretic so, learn
Oh Abigail how could you do this to us?

Oh Abigail how could you do this to us?
You were a product of lust (Product of lust)
And now this rope on my neck stopped all the blood to my head
So, now Salem please save me (Salem please save me)

“It’s not on a ship we’ll meet again Abigail
But, in hell… I say God is dead”
I’ll see you when we both meet in hell

How could you?
When we both meet in hell



‘Metalcore is a fusion genre blending extreme metal and hardcore punk. The name is a portmanteau of the names of the two genres, which is known as metallic hardcore distinguished by its emphasis on breakdowns, which are slow, intense passages that are used for moshing. The vocalizing technique in metalcore is generally shouted or growled vocals, particularly common among many 1990s metalcore groups. Today many metalcore bands combine growled vocals and screams with some shouting occasional in the backing vocals. However, some metalcore bands, like Killswitch Engage and Motionless In White, have also done clean singing. But there are also modern bands who only growl or shout, such as Parkway Drive.

‘Heavy guitar riffs, double-bass drumming, blast beat drumming, and breakdowns are used a lot in metalcore. Drop guitar tunings are used almost universally, earlier bands usually used either Drop D, C# or C tunings. More recently certain bands have been known to tune as low as Drop G1 and even F#1. Drummers typically use a lot of double bass technique and general drumming styles across the board. Bass tends to be down-tuned and low and guitar riffs tend to usually derive from punk or metal.

‘For a lot of heavy music listeners, the genre label “metalcore” has become almost a dirty word. The genre quickly rose in popularity over the past 10 years or so and stole the torch from punk rock as the preferred underground music genre among teenagers and 20-somethings. With a steady rise in popularity also came an explosion of new bands and a steady decline in creativity and innovation. It’s remarkable how many bands are content simply copying the flavour of the week instead of having their own musical direction. The bubble is going to burst if things don’t change.’ — collaged


How can I do scream vocals in my singing?

‘By “screaming” I’m assuming you mean an aggressive, unclear, somewhat raspy distorted tone in the upper or upper-medium vocal range. Asking how to scream without hurting your voice is a bit like asking how to punch yourself in the face without bruising it. Screaming is abusive to the vocal cords, plain and simple. You might ask, “Well how come (insert famous screaming singer name here) can scream and doesn’t lose his/her voice and he/she’s been doing it for years?” Good question. Here are a few of the realities that explain it.

‘The reality is that the vast majority of screamers trashed their voices a long time ago. Most of them have had multiple surgeries, and many can no longer sing at all. What their voices MIGHT be able to handle in the recording studio once a year isn’t the same as handling that kind of abuse all the time. Many of these “screamers” (the smart ones) sing with softer and clearer voices outside the studio in order to try to save their voices from permanent damage.

‘Each person’s tissue has a different reaction to abuse. For instance, you might slap one person across the cheek and 5 minutes later there isn’t even a red mark. Do the same to someone else and they’ll be bruised for a week! Allot of times the singers you hear do this don’t have tissue that irritates as easily as the average person. Also, they aren’t singing as loudly as you think. If you “pretend” to scream loud, but you are actually singing at a soft or normal volume level holding way back, then you can let the microphone (with allot of reverb behind it) make it sound like a huge screaming voice.’ — Eric Bruner Vocal Studio Blog



Crucify Taymour: I couldn’t scream the way Danny screams in this song. I’m sorry about that. Watch my other covers, my highs are way better than this.

Stefani Lam: so yea, finally did one of the songs by one of my favorite bands!! might be doing Immaculate Misconception soon c; keep supporting! Like my band page.

FlamicArtan: Check out my band 😀 vote for… (dont forget to request as well)

Tyler Thurston: I’ve been screaming for about a month now and am still working out some kinks. I just started doin lows seriously yesterday so thats very new to me as well, feel free to leave comments and also check out my band Tr3ason.

ChealyTheNinja: Hope you like it 🙂 I struggled with the clean vocals a lot, but I felt I should still put them in instead of just doing the screams/growls 🙂 If you enjoyed it 😀 Thank you!

EdgeOfTheEarth91: my vocal cover of Abigail by Motionless In White, ALL screams are exhaled (false chord)

Johnny Gionette: For the people who have requested this cover, here is Abigail by Motionless In White! Maybe for one of the next covers I will do just one full take and no editing to show what I can do.

KtheScreamer: The mic I’m using doesn’t really pick the highs up too well, and I’m sick, which you can hear when I talk, but I tried. 🙂

VinCasey37: [Studio Quality]

Angel Sifuentez: I’LL SEE YOU WHEN WE BOTH BURN IN HELL. Mic NOT plugged in. Exhales.

KyleCVox: She’s a witch and i almost hit a squirrel

David Sky: Fucking shit up. You know, the usual.

UrSTHEtEaM: Just a cover i hope you like it and sry for the shitty quality i recorded with my phone:/ oh and the mic is fake it’s not working xD 😀

xxabrfreakxx: Thanks guys comment and like please! sorry for the mistakes.

PvtCaboose964: Song is by Motionless in White. Enjoy ^^

Kevan Rose: me doing scream cover of Motionless in White’s, Abigail. i only do ex-hails there where no in-hails at all. enjoy.

ScreamAndRawr: I did this song in Music class once 😛

SammyVengeance92: My first vocal cover for my fav band (: There are no effects on my screams, nor my clean vocals I literally recorded it straight.

Jamesrulezd00d: MOTIONLESS IN FUCKING WHITE! Currently my favorite band. I haven’t uploaded a cover in a while, and I haven’t screamed in a while so sorry if I’m not as awesome as usual :// lmao. I went to their show last weekend and got to scream into the mic in Abigail and Immaculate Misconception. The show was fucking awesome. After The Burial, Norma Jean, For The Fallen Dreams, Stray From The Path, and Nausicaa played that show with MIW. And btw, check out Nausicaa, they’re a local band here in Gainesville, FL. They’re fucking awesome. They were sick as shit at the show.

Cody Gallo: Sorry the shitty video quality, and im not sure what youtube is going to do with the timing so im sorry in advance for that.

iPwnUrScreams: Mic is a prop..(This is done with exhales, the way I learned it is just weird)My cover of Abigail by Motionless In White. I think I did fairly well but tell me what you think.

Screamingturtlez: I first heard this song a couple of days ago and have been listening to it like 100 times alreday! a new band to love?? Anyway i’m sorry for the singing parts i know they suck so just stand with it…:c

theconspiracy124578: Vocal Cover of Abigail By Motionless In White, I own no part of this song. All credit and rights to the music go to Motionless In White and Fearless Records.

Deithis: This is me doing my first attempt of “Abigail” by Motionless in White off their newest album called Creatures. Please let me know what you think, and subscribe if you wanna hear me do every song on the album. All inhale screams.

Kyle Pennell: do whatever. :]

Josh Allen: Cheeky cover, recorded just with the microphone on my camera so the quality isn’t the best. Let me know what you think.

Chad Cavender: whats up guys im 14 follow me on twitter at chadcavender1 🙂 and if you could share this with friends and possibly Facebook it will be greatly appreciated:D or share it on MIW Facebook wall or tweet it at them\m/

DropDeadDaws: Hey guys, I really love this song! One of my favourites from Motionless In White! If you enjoyed, please like, comment, favourite or share. It really helps me grow and I appreciate your help.

josh debey: motionless in white bro 🙂

Thomas Abigail: Recorded with inbuild laptop microphone

Jarett Laudadio: Attempted this. One take. Not super happy with it. I’ll probably redo it at some point.

TwoWithinMyEyes: jizz

IcameAsRussArm: 0:07- 0:23 – Fail. I know it. Sorry Guys

Dawson Staudt: tell me below what you think and if you want to here more! C:

Lucas James: Not my best but it works :p hope you guys enjoy it

BeforeTheGate: umm not a huge fan of this band but have had several requests so i hope yall like it 😀 COMMENT!!!

Chris Wilson: This is my screaming cover of Motionless in White’s Abigail. Comment, rate, and subscribe for more videos! Message me suggestions 😉

Josh Begbie: yee

DieForMeIfIPray: So, another cover. As always only exhale

VlogThatShoot: Our cover of Abigail by Motionless in White.

Jaybo1594: I own nothing.

Ryan Lawson: Old Cover, decided to start putting some videos up on Youtube 🙂

Asken0809: First MIW cover, hope you like it 😀 (no clean vocals yet D: )

OMFGITSTYL3R: Me and Scream1095 check it out!

AlterBridge2830: I felt like I could do alot better on this than I did on my other so I did it again! I hope you enjoy, no mic this time, adn all rights go to motionless in white!

Element3141: Cover of Motionless In White’s song Abigail, this song was a little different than what I’m use to, but that’s why I did it! 🙂 Check out my band here. “Like” Our page please it would really mean a lot to me! 🙂

Chris Welker: My first time screaming after I had strained my vocal chord.

CarnifexChoseMe: Confess For Your Sins

Chris Tito: Best Cover I’ve done haha, on a rooftop swag. Subscribe if you liked! Like my band on facebook please.

Bradsvocalcovers: Hello everyone this is my first YouTube video as well my first vocal cover I have done and uploaded to YouTube. If you all could please give me feedback in the comments or inbox me that would be amazing! As well If you would like to see any other videos upon this channel please let me know and I’ll try and do my best to entertain everyone as possible. I don’t know why the video went sideways sorry, I’ll look into that!:)

blacktears210: I don’t own this song hope you enjoy 🙂

David Vargas: quí les va otro cover!!! espero que los disfrute 🙂

Cian Russell: Love this song so thought i would do a cover for the laugh, I recorded it off my shitty phone camera, So sorry for the bad quality. It’s mostly all high exhales i can also do low exhales which i will do in some other video, Hopefully i will have better equipment to record, Enjoy!


p.s. Hey. ** Rewritedept, Hi. Steve Martin has been/can be pretty great, but taking over for a super genius like Sellers is a no win. I see what you mean about the tag ‘artist’. It’s interesting that the term is more intimidating than identifying oneself as other things, I guess maybe because it’s a thorough and very committed self-definition. To say you’re an artist means it’ll always be there, and I guess if one doesn’t succeed at being an artist to the standards one applies to the notion of success and quits making art, there is a feeling that one is less an ex-artist than a failed artist? I mean it’s not like identifying yourself by the job you hold where your identity can be more fluid. Your day sounds like it was useful enough. My day was good. My great friend/collaborator Zac spent the afternoon rethinking and revising the script of the porn film we hope to make. And it was sunny and nice out. And I worked on the novel some, so it was very productive. Very glad that you’re through the withdrawal management. Stick to it, I say. Deerhunter, nice. I’ll finally be seeing them live for the first time at the end of October and hopefully finally having an in-person meet with Bradford, who used to be a d.l. of this blog way back when. ** œ, Hi. My mind tends to humidify stuff, but then my writing and voice kind of dries it out again or something. But I need things to be moist in my imagination. Maybe everyone does. Nice psychedelic Bambi butt, thanks! Really interesting thoughts on Smithson. More reasons why I need to dig back into his writings. It’s all kind of a blur. I didn’t know that he was close to WCW. That’s a curious idea. My sleep problems seem to be abating finally. They were a fluke for me, usually designated strictly for jet lag situations. Thank you so much about the chain. No rush, no, please. The thought and promise are beautiful enough. I hope you got some sleep last night! ** Lee, Hi. Twisty and devious, that’s interesting. I think I get what you’re referring to. I guess I see it or try to see it as courageous and generous in a weird way, but then I really like the eluding or fracturing, and I guess I see it less as deliberate than necessitated?  I like trying to find the source of his explosion, or making up a source or something. I don’t know. I see what you mean, though, yeah. Maybe he’s devious, I can see how that would be possible, but I don’t feel that going on, which is quite possibly my idiosyncrasies at work. I need to read Smithson again, like I said. I have this trace memory of dickishness or something resembling that, but I can’t parse it from this far away. Great, thank you for the link to the Serra/Holt film! Thanks a lot! Cool. Bon day, bud. ** Allesfliesst, Hey Kai. Yeah, on Sellers. Uh, yeah, I don’t think that condition you speak of is what I have or, yeah, I hope not. I don’t really have a fear of dying at the forefront, but then I have this intuition that I’m somehow magically immortal. Call it a hunch, ha ha. Anyway, I seem to have finally been cured of my morning malady as of two nights ago, fingers severely crossed. ‘More or less decent’ works for me. Let’s face it: If we spoke exactly, we’d put ‘more or less’ in front of every word except maybe ‘the’. ** David Ehrenstein, No progress yet with Greyson, weird. Why is this so complicated? I wonder what we don’t know. Great Sellers anecdote, thanks! ** S., I used that ‘Moon’ photo in a blog post, I can’t remember how or where. But I think I cropped out the dick ‘cos I wanted his reaction to float. Everyone, Here’s a NSFW S. thing called ‘The moon’. I prefer them unshaved. I like them to be theirs and not neutralized in order to be overly mine. Hugs back. ** Tosh Berman, That’s funny, and sorry if it’s irksome, but I did think about there being some kind of Sellers resemblance with you when I was making that post. Oh, your ‘Sparks-Tastic’ scrapbook looks very exciting to me! Cool! I will spend quality time with it once I get out of here. Thank you a lot, Tosh, and, yeah, new computer. Unfortunately that bullet must inevitably be bit. ** Steevee, Hi. I actually have been kind of surprised and shocked by the response to Manning’s gender change announcement, but I can be very idealistic. It’s weird to realize that how you and I and, I think, most everyone I know personally and respect feel about such things is as isolated as it is. I suppose it’s good in the long run that his announcement has forced people’s weird fears out into the open where the fears can at least potentially be made to seem as peculiar and unfounded as they are or something. But, yeah, really ugh on the reactions. I almost unfriended a bunch of people of Facebook yesterday, and I still might. I read your ‘Grandmaster’ review as I was coffeeing this morning. Very good, very interesting. A fine thing. Kudos. Everyone, the awesome Steevee aka noted critic Steve Erickson weighs in superbly on the new Wong Kar Wai film ‘The Grandmaster’ right here ** Gary gray, Oh, those scrapbook pages were for the failed novel I was writing about my friend George Miles. ‘Doris’ feels like a grower, yeah. The blog post was very interesting. I spent a fair amount of time peering at it and trying to decode it in the most intriguing feeling way. Have an awesome one. I had one yesterday, and I’m going to try for two. ** _Black_Acrylic, I will for sure see that film, thank you, Ben. ** Chris Dankland, Totally, about Sellers. He was all over the place and almost always genius every time. Oh, man, seriously, the interview is an honor. I’m excited. I was actually surprised by the ‘TMS’ word count. It seemed so low, but that’s probably because it was at least two times longer at one point. Take care, man! ** Misanthrope, Maybe you don’t like him because he played so many Asian characters, ha ha. Oh, re: confusion, you know me. I don’t think there’s any collective way to create order, just billions of different ways that would coexist very interestingly if given the chance. That’s actually a pretty good Beatles song. No title for the novel yet. A working title, but it’s my secret. Sweet on finishing the transcription. I hate transcribing. That’s the worst part, even worse than the writing part. Shit, your novel is huge, whoa. George and Harry sitting in a tree, … ** And so it goes. I dare anyone out there to watch/listen to all 53 metalcore vocal covers of Motionless in White’s ‘Abigail’ like I did and then report back on what that felt like. In any case, there you go, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. Wolf

    Dennis, re: Deleuze quotes – "was too hard to explain", you did just fine, sir. I get it. I think. I guess it's fundamentally unclear, this whole literary business, haha! Too many variables, too few compass needles.
    Just thinking about "truth" and "meaning" gives me these little migraines that pop like fragile balloons and scatter all this fine irremovable dust over my neurons, and… argh!
    Even with something that should be fairly solid, like philosophy, you get those dark areas of ill-defined contrast that muddle the whole thing, and then on top of that you add the emotional attachment that each of us carries, in our own idiosyncratic way, towards specific references and even words, and you're left with something so slimy and shifty that it's a wonder it doesn't call itself a newt – well, I guess it could. If it had those flashy pink dots. Oh, it does?
    Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the ambiguity of language, and the resulting subjectivity of… well, everything, more than the average bear (more than the average bear does, I mean), but lately I've been finding more comfort in biochemistry review papers. It's nice to know whether you're Wrong or Right, as opposed to seeing complex emotional baggage behind every single human motivation that make every goddamn angle of a debate as valid as any other.
    In other words, your interpretation of Tonton Gilles' words is no wild-ass tangent, it's as true as any other. I'm sure he'd have agreed. Whether that's problematic or awesome… I'll leave the diagnosis to you.

    Meanwhile, back on Earth :
    Those kids trashing their vocal cords are fighting the good fight. Worse case scenario, you Bonnie Tyler yourself at a young age, and how bad would that be? Not. Cue medical disclaimer and all that. Fuuuck it! Be a badass, life's short.

  2. Tosh Berman

    i'm OK with my inner-Peter Sellers. Funny for Facebook I used an image of him as my profile, and only a few people caught it. Most thought it was me. And I did bite the bullet and bought myself a new MacBook Pro. I was using the classic all white MacBook. But I noticed that it was getting harder and harder to download your blog – and now that I have this new machine, it was like instant!

    And back to Sellers, have you read Spike Milligan books? He was the brains behind the Goons, and Sellers oldest and best friend, which he has commented that he knew him for so long, and still, didn't really know him. The Goons were great, but I am not even sure if they're funny. They are sort of the ultimate DADA experience but updated to the late 50's and early 60's. Milligan is an interesting character in his own right, if you chance, check out one of his books. There are at least two collections out now – sort of a best of. Ok, must check out today's blog later today. Ta-Ta!

  3. DavidEhrenstein

    Had a hell of a time getting in today. Most of those videos didn't load.

    The Egypt situation remains uncertain. John and the doctor have been visited in the prison where they're being held and are apparently alright. That's a relief. But Egypt is in a world of trouble with no end in sight. It won't be a tourist attraction again for quite some time — and the economy largely feeds off the tourist trade.

    Just finished reading "The Girl," Samantha Geimer's account of what supposedly happened between her and Polanski. Prevaricates all over the place. She keeps saying she wants to speak her mind in order to put it all behind her, but of course she doesn't. She wanted fame and she got this instead. And she doesn't want to let it go.

  4. Thomas Moronic

    Dennis – Woah. 53 of these. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t listen to every single one (I know, I’m lame) but I dipped in to quite a lot of them. There’s this moment at the start of each video where I’m getting excited for how they switch from the initial shouting metal bit into the first singing part. The second video is particularly endearing and the third guy who skips the singing parts is interesting. There’s so much information: body language, explanations before the songs, impressions, facial expressions, seconds where it seems like people get confused between their idea of the song and their actual performance – yeah, totally cool and fun to think about. I ended up Youtube searching and seeing how many vocal covers seem to be online – there are so many! It’s a full on thing. Really fun and cool idea for a post. Cheers!

    And thanks for the shout out about my novel yesterday, Dennis and for the invite to put together a day about the book – yeah of course and thanks! I’ll start putting one together. Ace!

  5. œ

    gosh, dennis, lucas james is hot. it's my first time to use the word hot to a person. exciting. i was very peaceful & happy in reading nakaya fog book, that keeps the emotion of leonardo da vinci kind, or even better geniusness, so it's simply a happy comment. a great book. wow. lucas james, in the back-mirror where he takes care of his looks more, is even cuter. a nice work. every background where each cover performance happens is very interesting. i think i saw many tea pots or cups as well. where could it be? oh, i slept for 14 hours straight, after having a full, my only bowl of stirred eggplant with steamed rice. now, happy working, again. one moth flied into my room while my sleeping, suspectively, & i have to keep calmly working with it resting on the lampshade next to me.

  6. Thomas Moronic

    Oh and unrelated, but my piece on The Canyons is online at if anyone fancies a read.

  7. steevee

    I haven't run into any offensive comments on Manning on Facebook yet, just on blogs. What really gets me is all the outrage about the possibility of taxpayer money going to fund her treatment. Given the use of tax money to fund drone wars and government surveillance, who cares if it funds hormones and gender reassignment surgery for Manning? That's a drop in the bucket and isn't hurting anyone.

  8. Wolf

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. rewritedept


    interesting choice of topic today. you never struck me as the metalcore type. i had a metalcore phase in highschool. which means it's been around for at least close to 15 years. longer, actually. i used to be a total hardcore nerd, but i got tired of hearing a bunch of bands that sound the same. now it's just converge, fucked up and hope conspiracy.

    show was amazing. i'm surprised you've never seen deerhunter. even with living in paris for most of the time they've been successful, i'd figure they hit there at least once and between yr two cities, you would have coincided with them more often. it was my second time seeing them, and the last one was at coachella, on the outdoor stage. so the sound was pretty lacking and the set was short. last night, however, they played long (almost two hours) and loud (which makes sense since they have 3 guitarists now) in a super intimate (~1000 cap, but there were probably only 400 or so people there, which actually means more people came to see deerhunter than came to see spzd in april; further proof that i am in the wrong city) room. didn't run into bradford, but i told lockett 'hey' from the blog and he looked a bit surprised and genuinely pleased, i guess. and then he gave me beer.

    this kid standing next to me last night was all 'lockett pundt's my man crush,' which made me laugh, but mostly because it's true. he's the pretty one. his wife's super hot too. that's a couple that should have babies so they can add more hot people to the world.

    setlist was:
    neon junkyard
    don't cry
    desire lines
    blue agent
    nothing ever happened (for like 16 minutes!)
    hazel st.
    back to the middle

    wash off (it wasn't on the list, but i yelled for it and bradford was like 'oh, you want wash off?' and a bunch of people were like 'sweet mother of fuck yes!')
    fluorescent grey (the actual end on the list, it was so good)

    so yeah, i would've liked some 'weird era' shit or 'disappearing ink,' but overall it was a phenomenal show. so you should look forward greatly to seeing them, i guess, is what i'm saying.

    ok, i gotta run to take care of some shit. last night was a lot of fun. any big plans for the weekend?

    talk soon.


  10. Bill

    Peter Sellers is a favorite of mine, but I've only seen a few of his more famous films. And Lucas James, umm.

    Hey Dennis, was traveling with my parents, Barcelona was where we ended up and split up. I was kicking around there for a couple days, looking at Modernista buildings and eating. Just got to Berlin, will be here for a couple weeks. Looks like I'll be in town for their Long NIght of Museums, yay.


  11. gary gray

    challenge accepted. it should be a 3 hour long thing. yeah, this is gonna be a nice break.

    word. sorry if i opened old wounds.

    well, everything i said i was gonna do yesterday i'm going to do today. since i was in a good mood i thought .oO(fuck it! i'ma smoke a shit ton of green corn) did and it's like yesterday didn't happen. i wish i was the kind of guy who could smoke and do things. but in other news i played Doris all day yesterday. yeah i don't know why i had such a dismissive, booshie bitch outlook on it. damn. i love living in this era. i'm really happy i gave it my stoned day. i don't think i listened to the lyrics the first time i heard the album

  12. œ

    briefly speaking of wcw and rs's friendship, it's known in some of interviews by rs. rs was a little boy in rutherford, nj and wcw was his pediatrician & even after wcw's retiring from that job, they maintained the freindship, and it seems that rs's interest in earth-art is related to his boyhood love in earthy things in his hometown and he visited wcw even after his boyhood and commented on wcw's paterson, in his perspective, as "proto-conceptual art." i think it's interesting, besides their friendship because about that time, poets & artists gathered interests in earth/mine/disappearing things, in language/conceptual approaches. anyhow, wcw was older and rs was younger, so without knowing their personal backgrounds, true, it's not easy to imagine their friendship.

  13. œ

    tihs article might help you to see their connection, though i guessingly doubt it's your current interest–

  14. _Black_Acrylic

    So the kids are all into metalcore right now, huh? Suddenly I feel so very old. Chris Toto on the rooftop was my pick of the bunch, if only for the novelty factor he brought to proceedings.

    This week will finally see a bit of progress on my long-awaited TV project. That's the YouTube channel I'm setting up as a fucked-up art education platform. My friend Morgan was Catrin's voice in the DPRDD film last year, and she'll be presenting it. Anyway, Morgan is back in Dundee temporarily so we'll meet tomorrow and schedule a further get-together for next week.

    To bring you up to speed, the show will be called ART101. I'm thinking each episode will be a single static shot of Morgan reading the script for 5 minutes in a single take, with any errors left in. Kinda like Warhol's Screen Tests. This is just an initial thought, everything's still subject to change, but I'd be into making it into a collaborative venture with an element of spontaneity and improvisation. We'll see what she's saying to it tomorrow, I guess.

    This might contain a few spoilers, so you might want to just file it away somewhere, but the British film lecturer Mattias Frey has written a great article on Seidl's Paradise trilogy for Artforum that's here.

  15. Martin Bladh

    Dear Dennis,

    I've sent a photographer to Fales and he took a picture of the inner side of the scrapbook cover. I have sent it to your email, would you please confirm that we got the right book.

    Take Care,

  16. gary gray



    that was actually very life affirming. it felt extremely voyeuristic watching the vid's where they didn't sing the melodic parts. i loved watching how into it everyone got by the end of the song. the handful with disclaimers at the beginning were extremely adorable. i'm pretty impressed by the work some of them put into this as well. also thanks to this i now have more youtube crushes. i've never seen such a attractive fan base. some of them gave me fuzzy feelings when they would uncomfortably smile.

    blacktears210 was my favorite by far. the single one where where the guy didn't show his face was the only one i didn't care for at all

  17. rewritedept


    cool afternoon. went book shopping and drove around listening to motorhead really loud. among other things, i got 'infinite jest,' and i intend to finish it this time.

    first, though, i'm going to read 'white line fever,' lemmy kilmister's autobiography.

    i'm still blown away that you've never seen deerhunter live. they are totally worth it, you won't be let down at all in october.

    in shitty news, after much deliberation, i have decided that i am too fucking poor to go to fuck yeah fest this year. which means i'll be spending my weekend getting fucking obliterated so that i don't notice all the great shit i'm missing. so, i guess i'm leading into the second shittiest weekend of the shittiest year of my life. on the bright side, since i'll be home with nothing better to do, i think i'll work on some collages. of course, i say that now. but we'll see how it pans out.

    impressive word count, by the way. i can't wait to see the new one.

    my current wishlist of books includes copies of 'psychopathia sexualis,' a current edition of the DSM and some guy debord. you read anything mind blowing and awesome lately? new stuff, old stuff? i need some recommendations for something fun to read after i get through this batch from today.

    well, hope yr weekend is phenomenal, though not filled with bizarre phenomena, because that would be weird. talk soon.


  18. Sypha

    Man, I've been having trouble getting the blog to load these last few days! Too many Youtube videos! I'll have to make a mental note to make sure that the next day I do for this blog is almost all text.

    So, Dennis, there's a big H.P. Lovecraft convention taking place in Providence, starting today and ending late Sunday. It's called "Necronomicon Providence 2013" and this is the very first year it's being done: I think it's being billed as like the world's largest Lovecraft convention or something. So even though I still don't feel well I took a bus up there today to check it out. My friend Lee is one of the volunteers so I bumped into him at the registration desk, and when he had a break we went to this panel featuring 3 academic speakers, and these were the subjects:

    “Cthulhu? Who knew? New Clues to his Name and “Nature” from Pre-Columbian Art and Cosmovision,” John B. Carlson, Ph.D. – Center for Archaeoastronomy and University of Maryland, College Park.

    “Lovecraft Crater and Beyond, the Weird Worlds of our Solar System,” Rachel Klima, Ph.D. – Senior Research Scientist, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory

    “By the Cask or Smaller Quantity: Providence’s Waterfront and the World the Merchant’s Made,” C. Morgan Grefe, Ph.D. – Executive Director, Rhode Island Historical Society

    Really fascinating stuff, I took some notes because I heard some stuff I can probably use in a short story one day. After the panel I bumped into Sven (of Rebel Satori) and we talked a bit. Then I went to the vendor section and purchased 3 books, including an anthology of short stories inspired by the writings of Thomas Ligotti. I left around 3 in the afternoon as I was starting to get a bit tired. I might go back tomorrow as one of the events will be an interview with S.T. Joshi, the world's most renowned scholar on not only H.P. Lovecraft but also weird fiction in general.

    As you can imagine, it was very much my crowd: an interesting assembly of occultists, fantasy nerds, punks and metalheads, dandies dressed up in Victorian wear or funeral clothes, and so on. It was such a nice day out when I left the hotel it was taking place at that I went for a small walk around some of the neighborhoods that Lovecraft used to haunt, before returning to the bus station.

  19. squeaky

    Hi Dennis. That thing Nayland and Joe did was years before there was even an internet. Not sure how documented it was. It was out at the Headlands. Probably better documented was the actual piece that they were still, at that point, workshopping, 'Maverick Strain.' In fact, I found an except of that on Vimeo, but it's about as exciting as finding a cake plate with the day old crumbs of yesterday's birthday cake.

    The thing at the Headlands was all the ingredients gathered together, in fact more things than they would use, and some things not there yet; and we (the audience) got to lick the bowl as they were mixing it up. You know? Yeah, of course you do. It's always funner to get inside something, and see what it's made of: the guts and the process. The finished thing is nice, but seldom raw enough to be as interesting.

  20. squeaky

    Almost forgot, this is the except of the finished piece:

  21. Chilly Jay Chill

    Hey Dennis,
    Watched a few of these covers which are pretty amazing. What led you down this particular rabbit hole?

    Great scrapbook and Peter Sellers days, btw. I had no idea about some of Sellers early roles – he was a remarkable talent. Was there anything in particular about the novel that drew you to the Deleuze quotes? Are they mostly from one book or a wider sampling?

    The Robbe-Grillet films that are coming are Trans Europe Express, The Man Who Lies, Eden and After (plus alternate version N Takes the Dice), and Slow Slidings of Pleasure. You have particular favorites among those?

  22. Misanthrope

    Dennis, Ah, nothing like filling your blog with 53 guys and gals permanently damaging their vocal chords. Sheesh. ;P

    Yeah, um,….hahaha, well, at least we can joke a little about one of the darkest times in my DC's life. Geez, I'll never live that down, will I? But yeah, I almost pissed my pants when I read that. (And the last line wasn't too bad either: Harumph! Harry wishes we were in a tree together. There'd be no bark left when I got done with him.)

    Btw, yeah, I'll probably see that 1D movie, even though I know exactly what it's gone be like and even though I know it's supposed to suck. Fuck, I just hope it's not too long.

    Just like I'm going to see Kick-Ass 2 Monday night though the reviews are devastating. Fuck it, nothing like seeing KA's dick through his suit for two hours.

    Well, at the risk of starting an argument (an argument in the good sense of the word, not the bad, mind you), I have to say that while I totally get what you mean about confusion and even agree to an extent, I look around me daily and all I see is order, except in one instance: humanity.

    I look at the natural world, and everything is pretty perfectly ordered. Yes, there are blips here and there, but I'd say that's part of the ordering. Now, add some humans to the mix and……BLAM! And I think that's actually a lot of what you're talking about, us human beings with all our messiness and foibles and failings and great things we've accomplished and the things we should be eternally ashamed about and how we communicate and treat each other and don't communicate and mistreat each other and on and on and on.

    So in a sense, yeah, we pretty much agree there. 😀

    Btw (again), "Come Together" is one of the few Beatles songs I can tolerate and probably the only one I'd be willing to admit I like all right.

  23. Kyler

    Morning Dennis. How wonderful to have your morning in Paris. DW's nice letter inspired me to work even harder and update my site a little – and I did something you're not really supposed to do. Agents say we should never quote rejection letters, no matter how good they are, in our query letters to them. But hey, I can do what I want on my site, can't I? So I took my 3 favorite quotations about my book and put them there. I think I did it in a professional way – they're all exact quotes, and the 3rd one is from Michael, your ed. I feel good about this; hey I have no real blurbs yet, so at least I've got these for the time being. Hope you enjoy them.

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