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Meet Texan, Osymandias, WeirdVegan, YourMotherCalled, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of April 2018


Texan, 24
Hi, I’m straight. I know saying that is probably the norm on here but its true. I’ve got a girlfriend and we’re happy but recently I’ve been needing to get really wild fantasies about guys while we’re fucking to keep my bone up.

Mostly they revolve around humiliation. But sometimes getting hurt by them too or being blackmailed into doing disgusting stuff. At lot of the time the guys are MMA boxers I’ve seen on TV. Sometimes they’re mafioso.

I’ve not done anything yet but I need to do something because I’ve got to get this out of my head so I can bone my girl 100% again. I’m self employed as a PT so someone can give me a black eye or something if he helps me with a cover story.


BoysNeedALesson – Apr 17, 2018
He likes it rough. He also giggles a lot and sings along to 1950s girls groups, so he’s got a range.



Pick_us, 22
Hey we are for about one year seeking for a master that wants to take us 24/7 in his house. we will tell you a secret when you have us!! You must take us out of amsterdam and we live with you! Then we will tell you the secret!



hungish, 22
Give me a text if you’re interested- I’m not really a slave. The site told me to say I’m Slave ?


Sorter – Apr 24, 2018
Put some clothes on bruh.

hungish (Owner) – Apr 15, 2018
I’m a very silly person who deals with stress and misery with humor. I’m expressive and communicate my thoughts as clearly as I can using the most flowery language. Sexually I used to love topping (hence the username) but my ass proved far more popular, and am learning to appreciate that. Art is my passion but escorting and occasional porn work is how I make my money. I’m working on a comic book currently that I hope to begin publishing at the end of the year.

Looking2OwnHornyBoy – Apr 15, 2018
So then what are you sonny?

hungish (Owner) – Apr 11, 2018
Deep. Which I’m not.

Looking2OwnHornyBoy – Apr 11, 2018
At the risk of gilding the lily, if all it takes for you to say you’re a slave is this site telling you you are, you must have some slave in you.



ballet-boy, 24
Castrated, poz and proud, looking.
I have some tattoos, including Biohaz ☣ logo on my ass.
Completely 100% bottom as I am a eunuch.
As the name implies, I love ballet.
I’m very sure my soul mate is here.



GhostSonny, 22
Well, i genuinely have no idea why i would join a site like this. this seems like an off brand grindr and i’m not sure how to feel about that, but fuck it, i’m here now. i’m a very cynical person, i’m a very prideful and arrogant person, i’m blunt and usually a piece of shit, most of the time. i suffer from Depression, social anxiety and i’m a sociopath, i had (and have) a very traumatizing life Which is actually good because i don’t like routines. I don’t like beggars, Pathetic people (To clarify, by that i mean people that are basically disgusting, Such as old people, fat people, Blind, deaf, or amputees and basically most overly “dependant” people) i also don’t like masculinity. i also hope one day to forget my own name and become a stupid animal. Don’t tell my parents.


GhostSonny (Owner) – Apr 20, 2018
actually my lip was split open from being sick.

RiseWithMe – Apr 20, 2018
id love to take a razor to your fucking mouth, you down?

TheGreyArea – Apr 20, 2018
cut myself on all that edge.

MadeInCanada007 – Apr 20, 2018



Osymandias, 22
WHAT I NEED: A master or masters that are willing to use and abuse me and torture me to the maximum extreme for their pleasure.

IDEAL SITUATION: The ideal situation would be a 24/7 situation. My scaredy cat side would prefer to stay local in the Charlotte NC area but I know that’s so unlikely so maybe being taken unexpected and by force would be the only way.

WHAT TORTURE I NEED: Below are some of the torture methods I want to be used on me.

-Electric chair: This will be hard to find and I realize that. I want to be placed in an electric chair with head, and anal probe and be lit up for your pleasure. I do not want to die but do want to be lit up to the very last edge of death for your pleasure. Would prefer you to force me to suck you off and when I don’t cooperate you up the voltage and shock me more and more until my mouth is just an open hole like in a wall.

-Bagged/breath control: I want a bag placed over my head and tied tight around my neck so I can’t breath and your in control of my breathing. I want you to enjoy watching me squirm and struggle to breath. Once again this may be hard to find. Would love it if you fucked me while I was being bagged.

-Location: I prefer this all to take place in a basement or secluded area a bunker or abandoned barn in a secluded area so no one can hear me scream and no one will ever find me.

-Choked: I want your hands to choke me around my neck, choke me while your using my tight holes. Don’t let up if I pass out, just ease up enough to keep me technically alive and keep going.

Other than that I do have a life planned and plan to keep it that way.


Osymandias (Owner) – Apr 27, 2018
I’ve never had any paralysis. The last psycho I lived with was very abusive though and for which alot of my nerves are now dead in my face.

SpanishXXLPARTY – Apr 26, 2018
To echo Legionaire, the facial immobility initially out me off, but during the play (bagging, choking, nuts kicking) it was a major plus if anything. Rare chance to do it without having to deal with it.

Legionaire – Apr 22, 2018
Breath play is my thing, and he’s the heaviest player I’ve ever been with. It’s like he has an oxygen tank hidden in there somewhere. I bagged him, strangled him, garroted him. Nothing put him under. My arms are still sore from all the effort. One thing I should mention since he doesn’t is that he has partial facial paralysis that pretty much affects the whole lower half of his face. That crooked, winsome smile you see in his pics isn’t in reaction to anything, it’s permanently frozen there. I personally got off on that and the superficial “you don’t scare me” vibe it telegraphs just spurred me on, but it’s a thing.



thisisme, 18
Fill my mouth with spit, phlegm and snot


thisisme (Owner) – Apr 21, 2018
I don’t know… I’m drunk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I have green eyes

simo – Apr 21, 2018

thisisme (Owner) – Apr 21, 2018

simo – Apr 21, 2018
Any preferences on who does it?



WeirdVegan, 21
Hi! My name is Sebastian and trust me when I say this I don’t want to be an international student at the university of Sydney, I want to be whatever you want, how ever, where ever.


BigFeet – Apr 15, 2018
I would like to dehumanize you through hypnosis, brainwashing, sensory deprivation and other means, and use you as a piece of furniture for the rest of your life. Please contact me to accept my offer.

SocialSecurity – Apr 3, 2018
whenever i dream that somebody is nude, that somebody is always you. i just had a dream that you were being gang banged and beaten up by a dozen naked, hairy white muscular men. i also had a dream that you were on your knees in a locker room having to fellate a dozen naked white men all of whom were standing with their stiff peckers eagerly awaiting your mouth. i had a dream that you were naked in your home town church and none of the parishonars batted an eye. other dreams i have had about “abnormal” sexual situations with you leads me to believe that, according to societal standards, i am not normal.

TheYoungGreatTamer – March 27, 2018
looking for a faggot to spoil his master in every needs i wants!
Bowdown unto under me and serve you FILTHY CUNT!
you know what i mean by spoil and give everything i need so dnt be a fuckings stupid and explain it to you filthy cunt!



NastyStinkSlave, 20
I’m pretty sure I’m straight, but I just have a massive fetish for any stink coming from a guy. It’s not like I’m enjoying the stink, it kinda disgusts me, but I can’t help but get hard at it. If you want to help and don’t mind dealing with my freak out if it turns out I’m gay, maybe start by mentioning your worst-stinking part(s).



snowboarder, 21
\ insanely curious to really get off on all sorts of violent, abusive stuff. my first bf was a psychotic sadistic bastard.. and I I kinda liked it.. open to anything you want awesome except things that are gonna put me in jail haha.


rimyouallnight – March 29, 2018
If you did not have sex with him your life sucks ..

ashe_44 – March 26, 2018
trip, his place

buyfeet – March 14, 2018
Hey slave! I talk! Shut up! if you want to talk to me, you have first adore my smelly feet! You have no choice! You have to BUY my feet album (250+ Photos) on Amazon:



Fag4useOWNED, 19
I’m Jose Valdez and am an OWNED WORTHLESS FAGGOT!! My Great and Awesome Master Created this profile and wants to watch how I will be fucked and controls all about it. Make my life hard not my dick.

This is a second, updated and improved version of my profile. No hairy boys, no moustache and no beard. The longer Master and I live here the more we’re disappointed in Turkish men. They are UGLY.

Third update is I will soon upload more pictures from my twitter which I won’t reveal. My Master really likes to take photos of me which is why a lot of my pictures are not selfies!! Don’t be alarmed by it.



anyonethere, 18
I have a question. Is it possible to die of suffocation by being painted gold from head to toe like that woman in the James Bond movie Goldfinger? A friend and I are having an argument about it and I thought someone in this intense place would know the answer, thanks.

p.s. I might be down for getting spanked by someone here if you’re young and hot.


anyonethere (Owner) – Apr 12, 2018

Fugly – Apr 11, 2018
You can find the answer to that question online in 10 seconds – I just did – so is this just your idea of a novel way to get yourself spanked or what’s your trip? Btw I’d kill my mother to spank you.



NiceKid, 23
I want to be forced to wear diapers and go all the way back to nursery school and forced to go all the way through school again.

I need someone possessive, controlling and Extremely Jealous especially when it comes to me talking to and spending time with friends, family and classmates in school.

I don’t want to be allowed to smile, be happy or laugh or enjoy myself at all.

I’m a boy and no, I’m not trans or anything … I do not know where you see the female part.


Lucas1216 – Apr 1, 2018
Do you like bad boys? Well… he’s bad at everything.

Tentopuncut – March 25, 2018
I don’t play dress up to be macho
Age 18 Vietnam Special forces
60 yrs on Harley choppers
10 yrs trucking
10 yrs sailing the world alone
I am a top.
I seek a cabin boy in a garter belt licking my virgin hole
As a captain at sea my word is fucking law!!
I have a python that will swallow you whole
I took a hit in the cock in Vietnam all most no one can suck me off I jerk off with a Mikita palm sander
And like to twist my big cock three full twists and unwind it in tight pink boy holes
I dislike pushy demanding bottoms
And if you spit on my cock I’ll knock you out
Grab my head and ram your dick in my mouth
You will squat to piss from now on



CrucifiedSlimSlave, 23
I have been interested in crucifixion since i have memory. 12 years ago, i remember having access to a big book of paintings. I found the crucifixion pictures very interesting and couldn’t stop watching them, i used to check it every day. Years later i started playing on the ground, performing crucifixion poses and i found the erotic component of it. This is the mark christianity left in me, now i am agnostic.

I may be criticized but the first rule i have is not linking this particular method of excecution with any religious/divine aspect. I am just a crucified slave. My crucifixion is not devotional.

Accounts of crucifixions are recorded among ancient civilizations, most likely originating with the Persians and then spreading to the Assyrians, Scythians, Carthaginians, Germans, Celts and Britons. Crucifixion was primarily reserved for traitors, captive armies, slaves and the worst of criminals.

Crucifixion was used in Japan before and during the Tokugawa Shogunate. It was called Haritsuke in Japanese. The condemned—usually a sentenced criminal—was hoisted upon a T-shaped cross. Then, executioners finished him off with spear thrusts. The body was left to hang for a time before burial.

Crucifixion was used for slaves, rebels, pirates and especially-despised enemies and criminals. Therefore crucifixion was considered a most shameful and disgraceful way to die.

The goal of Roman crucifixion was not just to kill the criminal, but also to mutilate and dishonor the body of the condemned.

Instances are on record of victims of the cross who survived their terrible injuries when taken down from the cross after many hours of suspension (Josephus, Vita, 75). The sufferings were so frightful that “even among the raging passions of war pity was sometimes excited” (BJ, V, xi, 1).



davidspitinmymouth, 19
Wanna meet and chat? It will probably end up with me bound and being whipped into bloody shreds. But hey whatever. 🙂


davidspitinmymouth (Owner) – Apr 19, 2018
I met my Dad on Craigslist and went there to live with him 24/7.

Cuminyourbum – March 22, 2018
If You’re Still Intact Let Me Know.



CockyJockSlut, 19
Hey ho,
Hory Jockboy here. I am super cocky and arrogant and needs to be beaten.
Im hot but bet i look even better on my knees in front of you covered in your cum and my blood from my broken smashed face and my cut stabbed wounded body, looking at you with a look of helplessness, begging you as u look at me with pride after beating me from a hot jock proud of his body to a destroyed ruined disfigured boy.
i will take it with utteer embarassment and horror and depression.



Selfdestruction, 18
Heavy smoker into extreme lung and heart damage and addiction.

Not here for sex (at most jerking off with a rubber on).


usernamewhat23 – Apr 24, 2018
Just smoke and enjoi lif3 to the Fullest I tell people you’re in it till it’s over what I mean by that you’re going to die soon.



Rimmersupreme, 18
I’m 18 (Yes I am 18, I’m also aware I look about 14)! Look at my tongue! Guess where it has been and where it Wants to go!! Cheeky sub passive pretty guy wants older top dom guys to part their cheeks as they stand above me then lower themselves onto my pretty face! Envelop my face between your arse cheeks. Push down on me let me feel your weight and only breathe your aroma. Grab my hands. Feed me poppers. I like an unshowered guy. I like it dirty ? haha. All body types of interest from normal to big chub. Love to eat hole mmm love having guys stop momentarily to piss or jerk into my mouth.


Cntrybloke – Apr 16, 2018
Hello ex cop.

But i think im a fag.. i need opinion from you.



PeterPan, 21
Hey, I am a straight boy and I want to be turned gay.
I want to be changed so that I am no longer recognized as who I was before.

My goal is to achieve orgams by getting fucked in the butt.
In the future it is the only type of orgasm I want.
Men cumming inside of me is the most important feeling I need to have in my life.
I am eager to work on myself to become as attractive as possible to cocks so that they will crave me too.

I think chastity could be a good idea to keep me horny all the time, so that I am thinking all the time about getting fucked and how I can get men to fuck me.

Yes, I am a real straight.
Good looking (a 7 – 9 depending on how drunk you are).


PeterPan (Owner) – Apr 15, 2018
Due to overwhelming interest in me I can now announce that I am gay and charge 500 euros an hour.

cpdombqc – Apr 8, 2018
Aside from being stunningly beautiful (!!!!) he’s a very loud, vocal bottom. Not one of those quiet ones where you have no idea whether they’re enjoying themselves or not. 🙂

Allah – Apr 2, 2018
The only way you could possibly believe this twink is straight is if you think being gay requires limp wrists and a lisp. But if you can brush aside that premise, he may just be the cutest bottom in the entire world.



YourMotherCalled, 24
Globe trotter. Socialite. Fashion is life. Diva. Trust fund baby. Vary Young. Enthusiastic.


Bazatkozom – March 27, 2018
I’m familiar with all young people living in Tatabánya including him. If you want him, then please. I’m not curious about him. So I’m not sending him any intimacy.

EvilLooker – March 14, 2018
Not complaining, but this is a pic of him without the Snapchat shit.

Rohrzuckerman – March 6, 2018
i tied him up and made him drink a glass of my piss with viagra mixed in and spent many hours feeding him poppers and sucking him off to orgasm repeatedly until nothing worked.



StableBoy, 20
I’m back, back, back, back, back!
Adventurous, fun, shy, mischief, cheeky. Boyish or swimmer build I guess best way describe myself.
! If you like easily-distracted blondes with a waist smaller than their IQ then I’m your boy!
My ideal would be an older rough-tough megalomaniac, first to pound my ass into a maw, then later a lopsided friendship.
I’m also okay for an action, just to hit it and quit it.
My face and body are very important to me, especially my face.
I’m not a female but maybe I act like that in bed, so I’m gay probably, but I’m not literally gay, but I choose to be gay because my characteristics is Bottom.


Arty1 – Apr 6, 2018
I would give him a grade of B — B for Belgian, because yeah, he is from the kingdom of Belgium, a country situated in Western Europe, where boys like to eat French fries with mayonnaise and to drink a lot of alcohol.



stay_hydrated, 24
I am still a virgin at age 24.

I am an incomplete paraplegic, due to Guillain-Barre Syndrome at age 7. This means that I need either crutches and leg braces or a wheelchair to get around.

I do have osteoarthritis from use of crutches and leg braces. It affects my neck, shoulders, arms, and my lower spine.

I have Asperger’s Syndrome which is a very high functioning form of Autism, that is quite different than “Classic Autism”, but is still on the Autism Spectrum.

I am on disability, and have never worked. So I have not much in the way of income. But I am not a person who needs to have “luxury”.

I have learned to accept my disability, and I do not mind if someone is attracted to me for my disabilities, but I hope it is for more.


Vampirekiller – Apr 7, 2018
I covered this boy in rubber from head to toe with only holes for nostrils. I feel as if transforming this broken boy into a toy is as he’s meant to be. I feel he has the need to be hidden inside a toy and please guys. I feel it was what his life was for.

stay_hydrated (Owner) – March 28, 2018
people who write ”u“ instead of ”you“, what do you do with all the time you save?

Mielphil – March 28, 2018
I am just like u.



slammed, 22
Before anything happens I will need to be slammed, have meth injected with needles and stuffed through my holes, whiter than Snow White.

So… apparently, this is ‘fun’. I’ve heard a lot about fun, but never actually seen it so close.

I love art
I live art
I breath art
I shit art


Demonicdestroy – Apr 17, 2018
From the middle of his nose down, he’s hotter than the sun, but he has very very weird eyes, far too big, far too close together, that are painful to look at. It’s like his skull is a snapchat filter.

Diddler – Apr 6, 2018
You’ve heard the saying ‘fuck the shit out of him’. This is what I did to him, quite literally. He went to the toilet when I was inside him and that is such an experience! It’s humiliating, degrading and he losed any dignity he hold. You feel a great level of invading someone which either turns you on or it doesn’t. It’s safe to assume it turned me on to a great deal. It’s almost like ‘next level’.



Sub4drowning, 21
Grade 10? PBB Housemate Soon? SSG President ? 5’5? Archietect Someday ✏

Someone take me on beach walks and maybe a little boat ride on the lake. Thanks.


Anonymous – Apr 15, 2018
But shit he’s sexy damn …

Anonymous – Apr 14, 2018
I can only agree with Nakuma and he has written 5 death threats to me and otherwise he is not very clear in the head of the drug addict!

Nakuma – Apr 10, 2018



youwillwin, 20
I’m looking for a “farmer” looking for his “cows” to milk(I’m Emo cow). So in other words is there any one with a cock milker needing some one else to use it and have you watch, suspend from the roof of the barn or house will you let you Machine babysit your Emo cow or even to milk him your self self and makebl sure to keep him there and make him your little Emo cow I’m that cow feel free to message if needing an Emo cow I I will message you as soon as I can I’m on everyday

Note: do not come messaging me to kiss you or that stuff because I will not answer or I will answer back to you rudely like how you demanded me to kiss you, plus i dont kiss or anything gross in general because im a cow.


helpfuljordan – Apr 9, 2018
seems like one of the many boys on here who are struggling with sanity.



however, 19
My nickname is However because I say however so much, it is my favorite word.. For example,,
I don’t like those who are below 40 age and also only those 40+ mature man who chewing tobacco, drinking, smoking, missing teeth …so if you are not fall in this category please don’t send me msg because I don’t like any but those man.. however..


mouthy – Apr 9, 2018
@peoleixia i ate his ass like groceries

peoleixia – March 23, 2018
I’m a guy, I like asses, only here because I heard people get sent ass “pics” a lot and I wanted some 😉 Also I am not trolling either, that’s all I am really looking for tbh.



FagBoyMeat4Use, 18
I find The “Real Relationship”

My mind is like this

Slave is not human anymore.
If be a slave for who, be who’s possession immediately and not have a gf anymore

If master give them pain or something, slave take anything with bliss mind

If slave can’t do or understand master’s anything gift or command, That slave is not slave. Just want play Sm, I don’t want just SM.

I really want master and slave relationship
And develop that relationship for a long time even forever

If you think like me, Im chris im bie and alotta things and can do this



Bio, 19
I love balloons, especially having them squeezed on my front boxers, turns me on for some reason, odd feeling. Btw i got a girlfriend and my family have no idea so I’m very secretive.


JeromeXL – Apr 7, 2018
We did father-son role-play and he’s great at it! It really was like I was with someone I made with my own sperm!

markus1293 – March 26, 2018
his cock never gets hard, not that you would want it to!!



snufslave, 19
I’m 20 looking for a rather very sadistic master who can torture me and snuff my 19 yo faggot roommate. We both have no limits but specially he does! No I do not want to see him snuffed just to see proof after. I will love to be cut, pissed on and bound and hit and humiliated and punched and bleeding and chained away somewhere dark and used and abused and raped. When you snuff my roommate you can left his body or you can take it with you.


Anonymous – Apr 21, 2018
there must be one helluva backstory going on with you two, care to share it?



MrAchoo, 19
Being passionate about life is what it’s about, right? I haven’t been doing much bdsm for some time, fighting cancer and winning until recently, but want to start again. As a boy battling cancer, I really do want to make every day count, one at a time.

My burning desire is to submit to sleepy play, Chloro, drugged drink, hypnosis and so much breath play that I think I’ve entered space.

I was a college student who was hoping to become a teacher. I also liked biking, Netflix and had been sober one day at a time since the diagnosis but, obviously, fuck that.


charles_IV_uk – March 17, 2018
i skyped with him. after seeing his current physical state i begged off as gracefully as i could. he didn’t say so in so many words but i don’t think there’s any question that what he’s really looking for is an assisted suicide.

Anonymous – March 11, 2018
I really hate to say this but he does not look like his pics anymore, he looks very ill. I couldn’t go through with it. We had a long cry together. It was very depressing.



Nick, 20
I am getting crayzy over thoughts of getting fucked, especially when whatching porn. I just to try to be the girl and enjoying it. I had never the power to look for a man. I am very curious ?? My life mostly centers around jacking off and getting baked. Aesthetically I am Asian (even though I am not) and I prefer Asians. You can contact me if you’re not Asian but if you give me the fuck as if it were a good morning I’ll block my own soul THANK YOU. So I would like somebody more Asian than me to take a stoned boy and do it… kind of rape me. In my fantasies I am a slut ?? make me be it please…


Nick (Owner) – March 6, 2018
After months being throatfucked, gangbanged, gangraped, tied up and fucked, raped, spanked, fisted, taken advantage of, and more by Asian guys I’m done being their personal slut I’m ready to settle down with a white guy.

youlooklikefun – Feb 20, 2018
Just so every one else knows, this boy is Asian. His name is Koji Nakamura. He couldn’t be more Asian.



spoilme_daddy, 23
I do not know yet why, but for some reason luxury and the aesthetics associated with it are extremely irritating …. Nice villas, beautiful cars, beautiful jewelry, expensive liquor, expensive clothes etc.
Since I am not yet able to do so in this one To live the world, I would be glad if a gentleman gives me the honor and occasionally kidnaps me from everyday life into this hated world.
Being there for you, discovering new things about me together and doing a lot to me, making you laugh, moan, philosophizing about me … etc.!
It may seem that money is my highest priority, and that’s true. I would give up friendships or love or anything for money!


Anonymous – Apr 22, 2018
WARNING: He looks, talks and acts unnervingly like Tommy Wiseau.



Die2BYour, 19
Boy is a born inferior seeking a man who will use and destroy this subhuman. It cannot express enough how much it would like to find a Master who would like to spend his existence destroying it. Eventually for Masters pleasure it would be a privilege to be sexecuted and snuffed to give the ultimate hardness to it’s Master’s cock.


Die2BYour (Owner) – Apr 10, 2018
LOL!!!! I’m fine. My profile was just research for a paper I was writing in a gay social studies course at uni a year ago. I wish all this feedback had happened back then, I would have got a better grade.

Anonymous – Feb 6, 2018
kill every human!

bwroberts7 – Jan 23, 2018
The video’s almost 8 hours long . It could have been for a lot of reasons . Late in the video they realise he’s been dead for a while . I would guess he had a heart attack .

xiejing123456 – Jan 23, 2018
apology for being gruesome but how is he killed?

gonza – Jan 21, 2018
I saw the same snuff . You’re right it’s got to be him .

ImFuckingWithYou – Jan 20, 2018
a europe master i know told me bout six months ago he was in a very heavy group scene in sofia with a slave he was told was goin to be snuffed, he said he was invited to stay and watch the snuff but declined.

SonofHades – Jan 20, 2018
The stats say Die2BYour hasn’t accessed his account in 10 months.

WhatAreFrogs – Jan 18, 2018
I was recently shown a snuff video and I’m about 80% sure the boy in these photos was snuffed in it. I was told it was made in Bulgaria and this boy says he’s in Germany so that’s a question. The boy in the video is wearing a very similar necklace to the one in the photos. Does anyone know this boy or can confirm he’s still alive?




p.s. Hey. Author, publisher, taste maker, more, and the blog’s very own Tosh Berman has dedicated the new episode of his terrific web series Tosh Talks to this very location. You can go watch and hear him talk generously about the blog either by clicking this, or heading down to the base of the p.s. where the thing itself is embedded. ** Dóra Grőber, Hi! Yeah, I guess I don’t think things will seem more real in the future, but they’ll maybe become mostly examples of the way things were in general during, say, this time. There’ll be a context that people now in the moment can’t or don’t want to recognise. Something like that. But I always tend to think long term, I think because when I first started reading great books and seeing great films and things, a lot of them were already things from the past, and a lot of them hadn’t been understood or admired at there time but had become prominent over time because their uniqueness made them speak beyond the concerns and tastes in the period they were first published or released, if that makes sense. We finally got the Episode 3 edit about ten minutes ago. Zac and I ultimately said no to the club event. Basically, they wanted to decorate the walls of a techno club with our film clips, the gif fiction, images, etc., and it just didn’t seem interesting to us to turn our stuff into decor in the corners of dancers’ eyes. The ‘Crowd’ auditions were good. It was two finalists, one of whom is amazing and one of whom would work. I’m trying to talk Gisele into casting the amazing one even though he needs more technical work than the other one, but I think she’s going to go for the safe bet. It’s her call. Did you find some great stuff in the SCAB submissions? Nice weekend you had. Mine was mostly working on the TV script. Zac and I did get amazing news about ‘PGL’ that I can’t share yet, but it’s very exciting, and I’m still kind of floating around. How was Monday? ** Misanthrope, Hi. I hope that cat lady’s cold is just a normal human one and not some crazy, weird feline thing. Did ‘I Feel Pretty’ surprise you? I, no surprise, have no interest. Maybe the ‘Avengers’ though. ** Steve Erickson, Hi. Mm, I think if one starts comparing arrogant, loud mouth, bratty rock stars to Trump the comparison starts losing its meaning. Actually, a lot of people were outraged by that Blur comment. I don’t remember anyone who wasn’t. The difference is there wasn’t social media to turn the outrage into an international, visible bonfire for a few days. ** David Ehrenstein, Nice call on the Jarry. ** James Nulick, Hi. Good for you. Fuddy-duddiness isn’t an age thing necessarily. I knew people who turned old fashioned/closed minded as soon as they graduated from high school. No, I haven’t read that David Shapiro. Tyrant sent it to me hoping for a blurb, but it got lost, and I still haven’t read it. I will though. Okay, that neatly and lustrously described research exercise has me rethinking the power of my imagination. Besides, my method definitely doesn’t always work. For instance there’s this early short story of mine that I think ended up in ‘Wrong’ about fist-fucking that I wrote when I had no idea what fist-fucking was like, and it’s a big, big embarrassment. Thank you for the blow-by-blow. It was beautiful. ** Brendan, Hi. My total pleasure and honor. ** Damian Murphy, Hi, Damian. Nice to meet you, and, for my part, I’m nothing but grateful to have had the opportunity. ** Justin Isis, Hi, Justin! I very well remember running into you and meeting you at that Sbarro Pizza. What a trip. Kind of sad it has gone nonexistent. I hope everything is very swell with you. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. The launch(es) are on May 3rd? Wow, I expect you will be the busiest of bees for the next couple. Thrilling stuff. ** Bill, Hi, B. The producer drama is only much worse, if you can believe that. I wish you and I could externalise and embody our respective dramas and put them in a boxing ring and watch them bloody the hell out of each other. ** Sypha, Hi, James. Oh, it was great and a huge pleasure for here and for me, man. I hope it did some kind of very positive trick for the book. Thank you, my friend. ** Okay. Last day of the month = slaves and their wily pix plus words. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Dóra Grőber


    Yes, it makes perfect sense. And I have to agree with you. Actually, it’s a very interesting thought – how what’s the “present” now will only find its understandable context in the future, whether we’re talking about the social media mess or art or anything else, basically.
    Oh, wow, about time! Dare I ask what you think about the edits she sent you…?
    Uh. Well, from the club owner’s point of view, I understand why they’d love to have your creations on their walls, why they might feel like they’d be amazing to create a certain kind of atmosphere. But also… yes, they aren’t decoration. Background material. Putting random stills on the walls would feel like there’s no concept or depth or meticulous structure behind them. I understand completely why you said no.
    I’m glad to hear the ‘Crowd’ auditions were good! I keep my fingers crossed for the amazing dancer!
    Yes, I accepted a few SCAB submissions! Slowly but surely the third issue is shaping up.
    Ah, I’m very excited about the ‘PGL’ news!!

    I’m sending this letter this early because later I’ll meet a friend and we’ll spend the rest of the day together. There’s this beer festival here in Szentendre and though I’m ridiculously uninterested in it, said friend wants to go and as it’s been ages since we had the time to really talk and just be together, I said okay, why not. So we’ll see how that works out.
    Assuming you’ll only read this tomorrow: how was your Monday? How’s Episode 3 coming along? I hope you have a lovely day, Dennis!

  2. David Ehrenstein

    “i also had a dream that you were on your knees in a locker room having to fellate a dozen naked white men all of whom were standing with their stiff peckers eagerly awaiting your mouth. ” Who hasn’t had that dream? Otherwise a decidedly bizarre bunch this time out.

    This Frank Rich piece is required reading. It describes not only what is going on right now in this culture but what HAS been going on for some time.

  3. Steve Erickson

    CrucifiedSlimSlave is fascinating. I know there are counties where some extremely devout Catholics have themselves crucified, down to driving nails through their hands, as a way of trying to honor Jesus, particularly the Philippines. It seems clear to me that there’s probably a masochistic component to this they won’t acknowledge.

    I’ve updated my ongoing list of 2018 music I’ve liked for April, although I gave up on looking for YouTube links halfway through because it was just so time-consuming:

    • Misanthrope

      Steve, Funny that you mentioned that novel to Sypha over the weekend. I remember he and I talking about originality and whether anyone had written anything like his story before. He assumed there had been someone before him. I was like, not so fast, but…yeah, probably.

  4. Statictick

    Hi there, Dennis! I finally, finally have a medical update that’s not just full of venting and complaining. Finally, I am being detoxed from Dilantin – a horrible anti-seizure drug I’ve bitched about for years. I don’t know if it ever prevented a seizure. Over about ten years of taking it, what it did manage to do was make my teeth look like I eat Dumpster Babies for dinner. So, being without that (one week to go) is a huge plus!

    A bigger plus: I am being taken off that bullshit so I can do Harvoni treatment! Dilantin and Harvoni are incompatible, and I pick Harvoni because there’s a 95% chance it will cure me of hepatitis c! My hep strain and liver damage (about 1/4 of what it should be by now… weird…) line up perfectly with the requirements for Harvoni. So, that’s that.

    I might not be able to fix the syringomyelia/epilepsy, but this is a big start getting at what I can fix. Eyes next. Teeth next. It’s great being in this park setting, hidden happily away while all this is going on.

    Talked to Wines for the first time in too long. It was great. Love that guy.

    Really enjoyed the Neo-Decadence weekend, but gotta finish it. And gotta watch Tosh…

    I’ve got some stuff about an exhibit and some other sorta related things, next time I chime in.

    Be well, All!

  5. _Black_Acrylic

    “It’s like his skull is a snapchat filter” – that’s some fine poetic work there from Demonicdestroy.

    It’s just some computer admin stuff for me here right now. Today I released a few endorphins by paying for a sparkly new one from that friendly Apple lot. Really looking forward to this fully functioning, super user-friendly piece of kit that obeys my every whim. There’s a few things that might affect preparation for Thursday’s Yuck ‘n Yum Compendium Launch, as someone’s dog sadly passed away and someone else has an unexpected University hand-in coming up. But we shall overcome all of this, I hope.

  6. Misanthrope

    Dennis, The Zicam worked its magic again. That cold was stopped in its tracks. So yay for that.

    “I Feel Pretty” sucked. It was predictable and cliché, not very funny. My friend thought it was great and loved it. She was the only one in the theater laughing. It was the same old Amy Schumer stuff about being a fat woman. Yawn. Get some new material, lady.

    I’m seeing the Avengers this coming weekend.

    So this is funny. My friend was late, as usual. So I’m standing outside the theater. One of the Avengers showings had just let out. These people don’t know if I’m waiting to go see it. They’re talking about everything that happened in it, all the spoilers and shit. Of course, I couldn’t care less, but I found it funny that they were so loud and vocal about it, even as others were coming into the theater most likely to see it. Seems everybody’s liking it, though.

  7. JM

    A crudely funny lot this week, Dennis.
    “WARNING: He looks, talks and acts unnervingly like Tommy Wiseau.”

  8. Steve Erickson

    GODARD MON AMOUR is a good contender for 2018’s worst film. Michel Haznavicius is a cop. I would respect it much more if I had a clearer sense from it what his own aesthetic and political stances are.

  9. Sypha

    I find Osymandias, 22, oddly interesting. Some of the (bitchy) user comments were pretty funny as well. “seems like one of the many boys on here who are struggling with sanity” is something I think about a lot of these guys when I read their profiles, ha ha.

  10. SonOfSam

    “They put jesus on a cross, they put a hole in j.f.k.
    They put hitler in the driver’s seat and looked the other way
    Now they’ve got poison in the water and the whole world in a trance
    But just because we’re hypnotized, that don’t mean we can’t dance…”

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