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Meet SUBlime, what-is-love, CrushThatOptimism, Malasuerte, and DC’s other select international male slaves for the month of June 2018


SUBlime, 20
Uncollared sex slave slut, aides, Medical Fetish, Ahf infectious disease primary care physician, gingivitis loose teeth, severe wasting, fall risk, foot warts, HPV, advanced cellulitis, pnemonia, fractured rib, mental alertness improving, scitzoprenic, reacts well with with duck tails, abandoned, isolated, abused emotional scars, victim of religious financial utilitization of government health insurance funds, trusts Lloyd’s, trusts rms, trusts rms queen mary, distrusts rms queen mary hotel, Rms qe2 retired abandoned probably a priceless permanant fixture, slight to minimal interests in moving to the middle East, prefers queen mary, no nutmeg= no paranoia, unusually calm terrified scitzo, narcotics use history, architecture major with severe active imanineering architectural scitzopnia possibly Glendale M desmond, formerly owned a Ford sport prototype zx2 aol panhandle blueboy95, crystal meth bath house with some SRO uninhibited bottom slut easily seduced with drugs, ecstasy, ghb, nuance hash, nuance marijunna, nuance ketamine, no heroin, anabolic steroids muscle mass weight gain medical fetish, seduced colonic fetish, monogamous pologamy collar receptive, bareback, orgasm receptive bottom, sexual scitzophrenic sounds fetish, submission to accepting lubricated penile sounds with controlled substance seduction, receptive to receiving pain medicated Pa piercing, Bladder catheter fetish, prefers submission as receptive bareback sex slave slut bottom to multiple monogamous insertive polygamous large penis military muscle type while in isolation,p patient is somewhat of a don’t ask don’t Tell type, colonic afrodiasiac dripline for seduction and compliance fetish, strong mindedly resists unreceptive with sobriety, had guard dog fetish at one time



nolimitsubNL, 18
no limit no safeword sub take it all the way to the end big words I know but the truth


Anonymous – June 4, 2018
hes been dead for more than a year it was in the news dont you keep up with the news ?

Anonymous – June 12, 2018
I keep writing to him with no response, anyone else had any luck?

nolimitsubNL (Owner) – Jul 18, 2016
want to get out from this HELL



YoungVirgin, 19
Ask me anything but remember I am human too and a random nude of your body might just be traumatising to me.


5356677 – June 22, 2018
Virginity is the best



Nation, 20
I know this might seem like a lot to ask but I am desperately seeking a situation where every aspect of my body is micromanaged and governed by a man’s rules and desires and discipline in a setting with rising standards so that that my performance will never be more than adequate and where I will be increasingly berated and punished for the slightest of my shortcomings.


sherlock – June 11, 2018
very cute, responsive, hot, but insists on being owned and life is too short to keep fucking the same shit.



lawrence, 20
Hey ho there! I am just a new college student with lots of back pain. Getting fisted really helps believe it or not. Besides that I’m a very good companion for spare time activities, thanks to my education.


lawrence (Owner) – June 18, 2018
Consider yourselves thanked.

RetInco – June 10, 2018
Very aggressively fisted lawrence here for hours… got dirty after slamming a nice .40 to .50 of meth which just got us going for all kinds of s** you can think of, and for the fisting well, can’t tell you enough about my love for his “rosebud. The feeling I got spreading his cheeks to the side and just spitting through his beautiful rosebud’s hole while I stuck my tongue inside it and got as deep inside that boy’s sweet reddish ass meat, uhhhfff just couldn’t get enough of it! no one else besides me will ever know his hole like i knew it not even him! Hahaha

Spurner – June 3, 2018
he is a PRO & i think he is a mentalist too but that’s another story



ben, 18
i’ve been curious for a while about gay sex in particular, i’ve always wondered what it’d be like, but i dont want any twinks or transsexual or fat ones in my ass, i only want muscle guys like me and rapists! just looking for rape, so rape me! (no “hey”….)


Digaoleal – May 29, 2018
bit of an non sequitur but before the “rape” we threw a frisbee around. in his spare time he plays club ultimate frisbee and he has mad skills!



CrushThatOptimism, 18
I’m feel it is my obligation to open my legs to be castrated and fucked 24/7 if you want.

I am boy sized standing only 5 feet tall. My dick is also boy sized and my balls are often high and tight.

Now if you want me to look like I’m pre-teen and remove all my hair – ok (we have to talk).

If you are into snuff that does not bother me – I do what I’m told (again we talk).

I’m more than happy to have my senses removed for long periods of time – blinded or vocal chords removed or locked up tight in a closet or foot locker.

I don’t make a big decision after a few conversations. You have to talk to me about losing my balls or snuffing me and what you want.

I can be locked under the floor boards I don’t care. There is nothing wrong with being choked with your belt, strangled, and being held underwater – we talk. Into giving me sleeping pills to keep me loopy and weak – I don’t care.

I’ve only been fucked twice. It was for love and I was not into love – more rape or snuff (we talk).

Extreme like pulling teeth? Ok.

That is what I decided to say – but will never talk again if you don’t want me to either.


CrushThatOptimism (Owner) – June 20, 2018
*I left for a couple months because some people were really unkind in regards to my burn scars, but now I’m back!*



what-is-love, 22
Happy in a relationship with my girlfriend, however she has given her permission for me to be mummified. Nothing feels like the enclosed feeling of being wrapped with cling-wrap, the feeling of helplessness, and of being suffocated and given tiny sips of air relentlessly.



sadandhorny, 21
Im look for a boy who accept my personality and all my dicison being a gay or lady boy and want to fuck me no matter what happen and a serious relation ship?


sadandhorny (Owner) – June 3, 2018
Im with it if you with it

butter_my_eggroll – June 3, 2018
I’m looking for for younger idiots who can be denied to their liking.
Made in China.



Malasuerte, 19
i have recently embraced my nature as a slave, after years of reading books on on the subject.


Slide_on_the_ice – June 13, 2018
He won’t stop talking, even though most of the time it’s just random pointless stuff.

Maxleatherrubber – May 30, 2018
The problem with this one is he thinks he’s the world’s expert on what it means to be a slave, like his having read a bunch of books trumps my thirty years of Master and slave experience. If he’d said the name Michelle Foo-KOH one more time I think would have literally killed him.



Looking4DadTypeIntoSnuff, 22
Yeah it is my world like you have yours – something I get hard for.

pictures only for someone into it.

5’4 120lbs. 28 waist.

Nothing left behind and do what you want type son, but want to snuff role play for sure – part of the experience. I like being depressed and being told I’m shit. Yes I have to talk to you and we have to get hard or why bother – it is something I deserve and a great experience. I want someone I can call Dad and he says “You’re a hopeless bad son. You need to be snuffed.” Might be strung up and whipped a bunch before, might be many things.

Don’t ask about limits and that type of non-sense. If you want me to have a safe word it’ll be “kill me” if you catch my drift.

Age play is required since I will be your son and you’re sick to death of my behavior.

Definitely into being put into a cage, locked can’t move all senses removed to help keep me depressed and resigned to death.

Shouldn’t say this but it must be obvious will die for real if I’m hard at the time.


AFellowShinigami – June 21, 2018
I am an insane dark creature from shadow realms. I have a good judgment on who should live or not. You shouldn’t. I call myself a shinigami but fuck it I’m god of darkness itself.

Looking4DadTypeIntoSnuff (Owner) – June 15, 2018
Looksists like you are a big reason why.

Ehvan – June 15, 2018
I simply can not and will not believe that a boy who looks like wants what you say you want.



YoungMuscleBoy, 19
Looking for guys who would enjoy keeping me tied up fully clothed and make me shit my pants.
If you don’t want to release me then you can keep force feeding me food so I can’t stop dumping.
Tape up my mouth and walk away leaving me there sat in my mess, crying and struggling helplessly. No way out of it, regardless of how disgusting and sore I become.
I am currently unemployed so this is the best chance for someone to keep me locked away and shitting long term.



Pokeaman-Go, 21
Hallo fren, I hapy yu ar intirest in muy Pofile. It not sem lik it but I ar a smrt prson very. For real though, hi. This is me and my profile, both of which are me. I’m a sociopathic psychopath and i’m fucked up mentally on a very high level.



Whom, 20
I am looking for a couple or single that would love to manhandle my boyfriend’s magnificent neck.

Cute guy, however I need a guy that doesn’t think so.

Choking, string ties, sleeper holds, nooses, throat trampling and stomping, all neck aggro are a must.

He almost never says no.

I don’t intend to enjoy watching this happen.

Let him know his throat is just a leaky hole to be closed shut and make him say thank you.

No one knows about this, and I don’t want anyone to find out so I don’t have a picture of him nor do I think I’ll send one.

Spreek ook Nederlands.



2hurtmeis2luvme, 24
Want a night with a Black man who loves me but wants to hurt me while I can’t move. Ropes or chains. Is that too much to ask?

Used to be married but I caught my wife in bed with a Black man. Made me realise I wanted to join the brothas too.



19_so_what, 19
Not out. Love poppers. Love losing control, but very bad at it. My dick is small but I wish it was a lot smaller.


xxzcuzxme – June 22, 2018
Convince him to take a valium if you wanna get some extra sauce.



New-ugly-boy, 18
I am young and ugly. Don’t tell me I’m not ugly. People always tell me I’m not ugly and I’m sick of it. I am. Quit lying! I want someone who knows I’m ugly to humiliate me and destroy my last self-esteem and maybe rape me, but you will need to put a hood on my head and hide my ugliness to get aroused.


New-ugly-boy (Owner) – June 7, 2018

Anonymous – June 4, 2018
So you’re also a model, Instagram star and an actor in a popular German sitcom?!

New-ugly-boy (Owner) – June 4, 2018
Yes, they’re all me. I’m very desperate.

Anonymous – June 1, 2018
Fake! There are around 15 other “boys” on this site alone using those same photos as their profile image.



FreshlyBaked, 18
Hi!!!!!! I’m a sweet boy, submissive, hyper, cute when the lighting’s right, looking for someone who has a daughter -or wife if she’s young (18-19). I’ll get to the “slave” part, but what I really want is to go through her closets and drawers for a day or afternoon when she’s at school or work and try on her clothes, heels, etc. that I can wear before a mirror to have fun by myself! 🙂


?Slayer – June 9, 2018
Never mind then.

Josh – June 9, 2018
hes not 18 hes 14 lol but whatever♡ he try his best to act 18

?Slayer – June 6, 2018
You forgot about the slave part.



TheGreatestStar, 19
I love to look as sexy as possible for men who appreciate treating pretty bois like worthless whores. I LOVE to be slutty more than any other boy in the world does and I want to be the ultimate object for a sadistic nympho boy crazy daddy monster. Not a fan of my current situation and looking to run away from it all!

My ultimate fantasy is to be filmed as the only bottom in a VERY intense VERY large gangbang slash fagbash slash annihilation scene with all OLDER dom amoral violent sex crazed DADDIES. I want to star in my very own porn where the theme is my complete destruction. I want to look like a pretty, perfect stuck up princess when it begins and end up looking like an exhausted, gaping, abused, sloppy, bloody, slimy mess! I want to be RUINED!!! My ultimate fantasy ending would be they stuff my disgusting useless body in a trash can!

IT’S FINALLY SUMMER. Its time for me to live my dream. Looking for someone who can host and someone who has experience filming events like this. I want to make something with the nastiest story that has never been seen before. I want to be the star of the ultimate taboo shocking porno that I have always wanted to see. Lets make something great!!!



AlexanderTheGreat18, 23
Hello people of this site where everyone wants just sex I m Alexander yes its me Alexander The Great I wass revived hahahaha sooo get a life loosers I m here to make friendships with loosers who share my kink that is splosh play on me wearing skintight denim I ve been on weirder websites but I decided to go mainstream and start here to get a bit more action.



Feet4sale, 20
Selling one or both feet.
Uses include: Sex Toys, Meat for cooking, Ornaments, Display items

Size 9 UK




p.s. Hey. As always, the blog sees the month off with a selective array of aspiring male slaves. I’m away, en route to Mallorca to show PGL at a film festival, and I’ll see you in the form of the p.s. on Tuesday.


  1. Bill

    Hope the flight is treating you ok, Dennis. I’m all for aspiration, but sometimes aspiration might be expressed in umm fewer words.

    I do note that the Michelle Foo-KOH boy has a short profile, even though the guests complain about verboseness.

    Bill, can’t believe this might be first

  2. David Ehrenstein

    “Ben 18” says he wants to be raped, but I don’t believe him.

    nd speaking of Slaves. . .

  3. _Black_Acrylic

    I was listening to the Bret Easton Ellis podcast on Thursday night and he spent a long time raving about the newly released Hereditary, saying it’s up there with Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining etc and is the greatest horror of recent times and so on. Friday it was playing the DCA cinema so myself and Alex saw it for ourselves. Wow we’re both in agreement with all the hype and still discussing the film 2 days later. It may divide opinion according to some online messageboards but hey what doesn’t these days, right? Hereditary is quite viscerally upsetting but I do recommend it highly.

  4. Steve Erickson

    Let us know how things went at Mallorca. I hope the audience got the film and was enthusiastic.

    I got more CDs from the library giveaway, although paring the offerings down from several hundred to 100 showed that the person who donated their collection didn’t just like jazz: I got Eleventh Dream Day’s LIVED TO TELL (I used to own this on tape and liked it a lot, but no longer have that tape), a 1992 album by former Fairport Convention members Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy, a greatest hits album by power pop band the Shoes (I own their first 4 albums, but this seemed worth getting), and albums by jazz musicians Karl Berger (him performing in duos with James Blood Ulmer and Dave Holland, among others), Shelby Manne and Jack DeJohnette. I don’t know much about the latter two, but I figured that a free CD released by Impulse in the 1960s and ECM in the 1970s, respectively, is worth grabbing.

    I hope TheGreatestStar lives out his porn fantasy, but I doubt it could live up to his hopes!

  5. Misanthrope

    Dennis! Be safe in all your travels. And once you’ve been all safe, have a lot of fun!

  6. Steve Erickson

    Also interesting musically: the reissue drawn by the Numero Group from singer/songwriter Happy Rhodes’ self-released – and pretty much unknown – 1980s albums. Normally, I’m suspicious of a musician who sounds almost exactly like another, but damn, half of this collection sounds like outtakes from Kate Bush’s HOUNDS OF LOVE, which is one of my favorite albums. Rhodes has a beautiful voice and shared Bush’s interest in combining electronics with acoustic keyboards and string instruments (she had classical trainings) and an apparent mix of prog-rock ambition and elements with a folk-based songwriting tradition . There are a few songs where the synthesizers and drum machines sound cheap in a very ’80s way, but it’s remarkable how she gets similar and equally beautiful effects to Bush’s use of the Fairlight sampler, which was then very expensive, on a DIY budget. There are also parts which make me think Tori Amos must have heard Rhodes before recording LITTLE EARTHQUAKES.

  7. JM

    Anonymous – June 4, 2018
    So you’re also a model, Instagram star and an actor in a popular German sitcom?!

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