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Meet SherlockHomo, patheticus, TheSkeptic, HendriktheClowny, and DC’s other international male slaves for the month of May 2019


TorturedbyVirginity, 19
I am looking for somebody or a group of people to take control of my hole wearing leather gear and destroy it whether by fisting or by just fucking, I’m down for either but black leather gloves turn me on psycho level and I would love it if my cherry could be popped and turned into a cunt with lips by people punching my guts wearing them.


lawsthelaw – May 24, 2019



NewYearNewMe, 18
15Years of Age🤴🏽Ambitious💫🏡🚗Determined💪🏽🤞🏽💸Scarifying🏋🏽🤾🏽‍♂️🤸🏽‍♀️All Goals That’s helping me 🙆🏽‍♂️in life to become successful 👨🏽‍🎓🔖📉Not About 🎲Games N Bullshit🐂💩 V V V Bttm Here📍Must stay between us🤫 I’m straight👫


NewYearNewMe (Owner) – May 12, 2019
Hi weirdo do you wanna fuck me? sorry I mean I’m here to fuck ..

filmmakerpaul – May 12, 2019
Are you the boy for me? Do you live in Portland (or nearby)? Do you have a happy life except you’re hungry for a man who makes you feel bad?

I’m out of town during the week, working, and have little time available. On the weekends I want a boy who craves me. If our relationship grows and we are a good match for each other, I’ll take ownership of you until death do us part.

But first we need to chat. You’ll need to use Second Life (www.secondlife.com) for the online connection. Send a clear face picture with a sign spelling out your SL handle. Then we’ll have to meet for a sniff test. When we do, don’t wear cologne. I want to smell the real you.



imlikewater, 24
Athletic younger jew here, I’m in college. I’m looking to be humiliated and punished by older man nazi.

I make fun of fat people my whole life. I’m looking for forced fed food 🐷🐽🥘 . Make me a fat pig transform me. Make be gain 100 pounds. Humiliate Jew pig. I’m into scat shit toilet boy snot puke in my mouth gob snot.

Shave me make me wear panties transform me in fat girl- I like spas. I’m cruel boy. Nazi Jew humiliation- humiliation Jew.


stevenGOGOGO – May 11, 2019
not actually jewish

CuriousGuy03 – May 3, 2019
A shockingly half-assed experience.

jmich – April 27, 2019
How about making you LOSE 100 pounds, no more going to the gym, so you will be skin and bones but very flabby.



HijodePutin, 20
Now they wanted me quiet but now I want you quiet … Now I have to bring to Spain 13 kilos of gold from the kid you saw the other day … And I am the son of an official but not of customs that was Hitler … More than € 500,000 in gold from Ghana, and I am the son of Carlos Fabra’s chauffeur and escort. Twitter was filled with emotions talking with Borja Fabra that May 15, 2011, Borja uncle I have lost a job that they said was behind the Rockefeller Foundation … It is true, they have been the ones who have legalized gay marriage in the United States and Germany against Putin’s laws. The son of an official but not of customs that was Hitler … But life is still present … The son of the escort driver of Carlos Fabra. Well, I’m staying with my master from Ghana, and after summer we will be married in Spain.



SherlockHomo, 23
I write pornographic stories featuring men with oversized genitals who are looking for that one boy who can handle him. Some of them feature male pregnancy.

While perusing the site’s selection of fetishes provided, I realized that my fetishes are way more obscure than I thought.

I’m a junior in college. I still live with my dad. I love wearing my tighty whities even tho I get bullied for wearing them. I go through a lot of underwear.

I am a fisting virgin and would love to get that hole overstuffed. That is the most mainstream fetish that interests me.

Well I guess even more mainstream, I like NSA unsafe butt sex and I always bottom because I’m built for it.


Milt – May 20, 2019
I am an old, grumpy, hairy dude with a massive meat rocket.
I would be very happy if you sleep with me.

SherlockHomo (Owner) – May 15, 2019
Since you brought up the dog ears, one thing I’m looking for a man who will give me access to dog poop. I’m not looking for zoophilia or anything illegal. I just have a fetish for the poop. Specifically from large male dogs, and maybe horses and donkeys. I want to have my face pushed into a pile and be made to eat it.

Anonymous – May 15, 2019
How infantile are these dog ears please? Oh … I forgot … Of course there are a lot of old men here who are looking for children. Under these circumstances, it is understandable that a mid-twenties disguises himself as a child here. So gentlemen: good luck with your young vegetables!



hottieandabottie, 20
Someone who wants to use me this evening in my apartment near Rheinbach dressed as Spiderman?

I want to go to the 🛏️, not go to the 🕺.

20 / visible / maintained / lonley / do everything!


hottieandabottie (Owner) – May 9, 2019
I’m still not right 😕

MrNayruer – May 8, 2019
He loved being choked even more than I loved choking him to the point where I suddenly realised he was so into his Spiderman role-play that he thought I couldn’t strangle him to death because of some superpower he imagined he had and that I really wanted to and could have if I hadn’t realised that. That’s a heads up, not a recommendation or warning.



Blackhole8, 19
A Taiwanese torture trash agony asian boy with a status even below animals.

Box it. Hit it hard. Kick it. Whip it. Cane it. Spank it.
Piss on it, shit on it.
Make it eat your shit and drink your piss as its diet.
Feed it sperm. It loves the taste of male sperm. Sperm diet.

Deepthroat and rape it ruthlessly and ejaculate in its throat and guts. Make your buddies do the same, round after round.
Fist it, doublefist it, foot it. Stuff its slave ass until its wide as a barn door.
Make it wear heavy chain sets and keep it in a basement cell for weeks or months.
Make it regret its existence in night long violent S/M torture sessions. Whip it with snakes and bullwhips until its skin comes off. Burn it. Cut it.
Bag its head over and over until it has the brain cells of a newborn.
Hang 10 kg on its ballsac with a parachute and make it walk around 24/7/365 forever.


853658 – May 17, 2019

DrRay – May 17, 2019
I am Dr. Ray, Werther L. Vintner A Medical Doctor (VET) i believe in the virtue of true love which is not in knowing the perfect person but loving the imperfect perfect. i also assist a friend in counseling of people with deep personal problems and marriage related issues, in other words to help proffer lasting solution to the high rate of Divorce most especially here in America. you can seek me on my Whatsapp if you feel you need someone to listen to you. In this life, all we have is ourselves and the Spiritual force which we believe in to Guide us.

853658 – May 9, 2019

Anonymous – May 6, 2019
Disorienting combination of cutie-patootie tics and personality with an utter, complete bleakness of the mind, heart, and soul.

Blackhole8 (Owner) – May 4, 2019
now in hong kong. three options -here for a good time -here for a long time -here to be with seriously until the end -decide now



clean_slate, 18
uh hi 🙈 im like, really soft and submissive

and uh when i was little, my friends wanted to become policemen and firefighters, whilst i was the only one who wanted to become a trophy wife. many years later, i am the only one who have not changed my mind


netvin – May 7, 2019
Don’t let how gorgeous he is fool you into thinking you give a shit.

ObliviousYou – May 2, 2019
Need two or three guys and noise-cancelling headphones to bring him to the slut who can’t make coherent sounds that is so wanting to get out. No mistake it won’t take long. Then take him and create! Something like that.



babyshark, 21

2yo headspace


Love to be babysat!!!!

Diaper checks

Diaper changes

Play with toys



babyshark (Owner) – May 8, 2019
I’m pubeless all over including my butt.
And I have an even smaller cock.
Starting tomorrow I will lose potty control and wear nappies 24/7 and live in a Nursery!!!!

Barney1964 – April 30, 2019
I am a 55 year old male who looks 70 and enjoys spanking naughty little boys. Can accommodate weekday afternoon. Willing to listen to your idiotic babbling and then spank you for wasting my time.

babyshark (Owner) – April 21, 2019
I warn you, I’m impulsive. So if we only chat for 15 minutes and I get excited and start begging you to be my daddy right now, if that does not suit you, just tell me to chill and I’ll fall back down to earth. There is no need to get upset!



TheSkeptic, 23
I am awkward and reserved in real life and am very skeptical of this scene in general (but I swear I’m not that horrible) so just dm me if you want to give it a whirl. My Username is off-putting I know but it’s because the app wouldn’t let me take my actual name (which is Lion).


TheSkeptic (Owner) – May 20, 2019
Don’t be a loser, I’m rich and posh.

TheSkeptic (Owner) – May 15, 2019
I have low to no sex drive.

TheSkeptic (Owner) – May 13, 2019
In my need to express my skepticism I forgot to say what I’m into HA! I am str8 guy who loves getting sat on and being used as seat by older guys in their 60’s. If you are over 60, I would love to be your personal permanent seat slave, to become just a seat you can use anytime anywhere as longer as you want. My biggest fantasy is having someone in their 70s or 80s sit on me without actually caring about me or paying attention to me.



BoyMeatForSale, 18
Take what you like, feet, legs, rump, arms and dispose Of the rest
Prime Meat available


BoyMeatForSale (Owner) – April 12, 2019
No sex until dead / Necro



ThrowMeAround, 21
I’m Ulysses and since I can remember I liked to have control of everything around me.

I’m a masculine looking former young sadist guy who’s now a gay submissive pain bottom thanks to hypnosis.

I’m only for experts on the subject.


ThrowMeAround (Owner) – May 1, 2019

lauro888 – May 1, 2019

ThrowMeAround (Owner) – May 1, 2019
Where are you?

lauro888 – May 1, 2019
Want to thrash, scald, burn, stab, and flay your ass while ypur cock is bouncing. Could do more but depends on the connection.

CollegeMaster40 – April 28, 2019
Speaking as the recently departed owner of ThrowMeAround, here’s a piece of advice. You’ll need to be a herculean (mentally and physically) man. He needs to be completely controlled in every respect every second not just during sex but with everything. You must be ready to punish him at anytime or anywhere. If he talk backs to you in the line at Starbucks you need to take him in the bathroom and beat the shit out of him. And whatever else. If you are at home and watching a movie you’ll need to choke him out if he lets your beer get empty. If you don’t, if you give him an inch, his repressed sadistic nature will start waking up. But if you manage to control him 24/7, he accepts and provides the hottest, most incredible abuse and sex and you can even possibly imagine.



Man (master) in Hisar selling biological son (slave)

Make offer


SNAX – May 8, 2019
Satan adores you.



ScatZECKE, 20

Hoi …

I’m no homo. I’m a real SCAT and INSANE SOW!

Looking for dominant BASTARDS who are in the mood to abuse a sow! And if I say abusive, I mean that too!


– KISS 🤢
– LOVE 🤮

Everything ONLY BARE!


ScatZECKE (Owner) – May 19, 2019
No more taboos ✂️



MalevolentCreation, 18
I’m 17 years and 8 months old counting down every day till i can be 18 and drink and fuck with all the men in North Carolina. I pretty much just jack off, watch porn, smoke weed and do hallucinogens all week every week. I’m starting to unravel.



HendriktheClowny, 20
20 year old Dutch submissive bisexual bottom into a lot of really weird fetishes including, but not limited to: clown play.


HendriktheClowny (Owner) – May 8, 2019
If you are not real go away



SportsSlave, 24
I’m a straight surfer, I fuck girls, and I’m in and out of heterosexual relationships all the time but I want a Daddy, someone who I can introduce to my girlfriends as a mate of mine but behind closed doors he fucks and inseminates me.

Just the thought of Dad perving out on my butt makes me crazy. I’m always jerking off, in my car, in alleys, in public places. When you feel the need to bust a nut, why not lol. I lose a lot of girlfriends that way, but there are always more.

My last Daddy would let himself into my place on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday early mornings, pull my covers down, bury his big cock in my hole and pump his morning load inside me, then we’d hit the beach and surf til noon. What a perfect way to live. And 100x better than a girlfriend.

I want to find a new steady Daddy who’d be into cumming inside me on a regular basis. Insemination is mating, the ultimate communication between son and Dad. Accepting a man’s DNA inside me is to validate his fatherhood in the deepest way.


Anonymous – May 17, 2019
I’m in love with your brother.
Has he mentioned me to you?
Or is he more into young girls with dyed black hair?



patheticus, 23
Expiration date: To be used up by: 08/31/2020

I am a submissive male with a bit of a witty mouth. Mayhaps some knife play, invasive Surgery, nullification, and penectomy will help straighten that out?


patheticus (Owner) – May 9, 2019
Ooh, that’s sooooo tempting!

Master_Jerome – May 9, 2019
This master craves you. You will be my degendered paraplegic slave eternally and I’ll be the great punisher of all time. Your time is up.

patheticus (Owner) – May 2, 2019

Anthony57 – May 2, 2019
I seek from you the real thing, nothing but REAL. Crawl unto Me you slavewhore, and I would have your body whittled down into the perfect sextoy for My use ONLY!!! No sharing! MINE!!!!!!

Lord Master Anthony.



stonerdude, 20
Well I was told not to do this but I don’t give a shit.

Do not ask “what are you looking for” because I will answer “come on!” there is no more irritating question.

If I feel like it I will tell you.



logansp – April 29, 2019
i’m the man with him in the 2nd pic, happy to answer any questions.



MexicanvisitingParis, 22
Assigned human at birth.

I want an owner, in person, to treat me like a dog. Whip me, beat my ass, piss on me, etc.

Being in the same environment as my owner is a privilege, licking the ground when he treads, crawling naked at home, never using human voice, bestiality, and whatever he wants.

Call to me, “Come, come”, I’ll be your dog, no one else, only yours.

Your time with me would be a time you would never forget all your life and would last for a very long time.


Mr.Taskatau – May 21, 2019
i have teamviewer, and a home camera system i can grant access to anyone. its like “big brother” with us.

MexicanvisitingParis (Owner) – May 16, 2019
Now owned, collared and locked by Mr. Taskatau, won’t change in near nor far future. Unfortunately still horny 24/7/365. Would love to cheat on Mr. Taskatau but he would kill me.



ILikeItRough, 21
My Name Is Jake But You Can Call Me Slut There Is Nothing New To Know About Me Everytime I Come Here and Do This Formalities And Delete My Profile Since I Use To Get Worst Experience Here Why The Fuck Do I Get Redirected Here Everytime So Will Just Say What I Was Before Remained The Same I Have Enough Money Smalltalk Sucks Show Me Something Worth Penetrating Me Well That’s All


ServeAllWays – May 10, 2019
He has a tiny, pretty pink hole that I blew out into a scale model Grand Canyon with a bad dragon toy, Colon snake, fist sized butt plug, fuck machine, etc and the best part was the hole revamped to tiny and pretty again within an hour after activation.

kbagg – May 7, 2019
I just want you to serve me but sometimes top me. Looking for a bottom who tops 20% of the time. I don’t care about dick size or looks the smaller the better the uglier the better. I’m white.

BRINDELLXL – April 28, 2019
You are a sad depressed pig and you will destroy yourself under my control!

First test: Damage your gums and teeth for me, then send a message. Extra credit for inhaling toxic chemicals!

jgarserieux – April 25, 2019
Guys he is very cute and I know one of his friends he is very strange but fits your likes his asshole it is hot like embers it’s worth it I fucked it with his friend



Gothboy0000, 18
Hoping to make some friends through this by giving them my body, as I’m mediocre otherwise and don’t have any friends in real life.

If you don’t want to be friends, join the club and worst come to worst I’ll do anything that has cash reward.


Anonymous – May 14, 2019
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Gothboy0000 (Owner) – May 7, 2019
Just to prove my point when I was with “Anonymous” he told me how much he liked me about a hundred times.

Anonymous – May 7, 2019
It is only sort of cute and boring as fuck and it’s face belongs in an ass.

Gothboy0000 (Owner) – May 2, 2019
beware guys…. one man here msg stalked me for 2 days…he wouldn’t show his pix, offered $1000 to fistfuck me… he wore me down and i said yes… at last I met him at his house in Palos Verdes… he opened the door and he’s a monster, obese, ugly, almost 7 feet tall, and pulled me inside…. I didn’t know what to do so I said I was a police plant, i said my headphones were wires and recording everything… then he said “BYE” and pushed me out the door… & BLOCKED ME IMMEDIATELY… omg safety first sex second guys…



Justin, 18
Hi, I am Justin, a highschool student from Berlin. Please turn me into the most pathetic, limp-wristed, mincing, inferior loser who worships superior straight men and will humiliate myself for their amusement.

You must be super duper masculine dudes. I’m picky as fuck.

****STOP LYING ABOUT BEING MASCULINE IF YOU ARE NOT. shit is absolutely ridiculous how delusional / deceitful some of you weirdos are.


SlaterSavage – May 12, 2019
Say my name “SLATER”. Will you say “OUCH!!! Cornhuskers and Spit get the job done but a DOMINATE man is much more fun. TOP or BTTM who’s to say but fucking boys makes us all gay. Cousins are fun ive done dozens and btw they make a good lay to sum it up I’d like to say hello to you have a nice day.



Anton_Shabanov, 18
From Russia with love. CD. I have lots of insecurities and flaws. No one loves to be with me in romantic way. My pictures look really ugly and are not fair to my true beauty. I will do anything horny to leave from fucking Russia 🙁


Anton_Shabanov (Owner) – April 27, 2019
Welcome to my reality🌪️

Angelm – April 26, 2019
I’m looking to pick you up and take you to my place in Latvia to stuff my children inside you or vise versa.

skyw4lker – April 24, 2019
If you don’t have erection all the time when you with him he get paranoid and accuse you don’t like him.

confidentAF – April 21, 2019
He too much just a simply guy who crave for attention.



self, 22
You must be: a cartoonishly hypermasculine scarred-up inked-up shaved-down oiled-up bad-ass musclebound roid bellied brute juiced out on half a dozen steroids and quarts of synthol who smokes cigars and drinks whiskey and has a tattoo.

I don’t fall in love, it’s too easy.



xmasorphan, 18
i’m really not LTR material, trust me.


6multypersons – May 15, 2019
no why would eye

xmasorphan (Owner) – May 15, 2019
@6multypersons sorry im a dumb stupid slutty idiot boy and i cant understand all ur words are u kill me or not

6multypersons – May 15, 2019
Let me put it this way. If you see being killed as a good, than yes. But if you see it as a bad thing, than no.

xmasorphan (Owner) – May 15, 2019
@6multypersons are u threatenening me??? i cannot defend myself i am weak and dim witted

6multypersons – May 15, 2019
i’ll kill you. fucking LOVE TO.

xmasorphan (Owner) – May 15, 2019
@jmadp like split open my head and put a candle behind my eyessss

jmadp – May 15, 2019
fucking dead or just ded?

xmasorphan (Owner) – May 15, 2019
@jmadp only if u keep going until I am FUCKIN DEAD

jmadp – May 15, 2019
i could beat you up

xmasorphan (Owner) – May 15, 2019
hit this little creecher up if u like opioids



TheKeithExperience, 19
We are two Masters in Sacramento, CA who have recently acquired slave/boytoy/milk cow property that we are calling The Keith Experience.
It was un-owned, wanted to be owned for the duration of its school vacation, responded to Us with its name & contact phone and We set up a time for it to report for Inspection.
After reporting for Inspection, We decided it was what We wanted and would fit into Our household .
There was an application to be filled out & signed, and once accepted (& there was no reason it shouldn’t have been, as it had not misrepresented itself), it was then presented with a contract of two-week ownership. Once signed it was given the “cow’s rules” (which it was expected to memorize) to sign & a POA & a couple more documents. Once all docs were signed the slave was tied/chained/locked/etc. down securely & became Our milk cow.
It is now being milked regularly and continually until it fills up “the container of our choosing”, which is a gallon sized milk bottle. How that milking is accomplished is completely up to us. For the duration of this ownership/ordeal, it is being fed only piss and cum.

SacslaveMaster@aol.com ~ big.bad.wolf.54@aol.com


MasterOwner4Boy – May 26, 2019



dappydanny, 19
Hello! I’m a nineteen year old chap looking to meet dapper monarchists, patriots, and conservatives of any age or nationality approximately ten years above my age who are dedicated wearers of the following – suits and ties of all varieties, tailoring, tuxedos/black tie, white tie, morning dress, bow ties, stiff detachable collars, dress shirts, cufflinks, braces, dress socks with or without sock garters, bowler or top hats, historical or period menswear, traditional haircuts, silk and satin. I must forewarn you I have no other interests.



welloklookwhosback, 20
I’m Jeff or better Jey whatever the fuck you want, all what do you want let me know.
I don’t like the tags slave, sub, you know I’m really open mind and what do you want to do I want too.
I will give you what you looking for, I can make you go crazy trust me I know how to play this game in that Game.


welloklookwhosback (Owner) – April 24, 2019
There are only a handful of things I turn down…and when I do… it’s in a non judgemental way. I’m not going to tell anyone that asks to snuff me they are sick or gross. Simply “not my thing” or “not interested in trying that”. But even if you want to snuff me and I don’t let you that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to be your friend.



TheHole, 19
I become The Hole 4pm-4am Saturday.



pillowbiter, 18
The bottom you wished you had.
Yeah, my ego is way up there but heck, why not?

I like to give my own feedback and also like to be shut up by a gag, guy’s hand or dick stuffed into my mouth. I have a thing for guys who shut me up by trying to fistfuck my throat and those happen to be the best because I know better than to bite down on those.

I may be an egomaniacal, narcissistic brat but I am VERY submissive. The first time I got fucked, the guy shoved his whole fist in after only giving my hole a lick. It was so painful I passed out but he got the whole thing in. Who knew blood was such a great lubricant!

I know some people really want their seed planted inside their sub which is TOTALLY fine with me!

I am not vanilla so please, if you’re only here to fuck and ditch, don’t bother. I’m not into boring shit. I would love to be tied down and used by anyone drunk, high or just there to wreck me. It’s all wonderful. Especially when they’re horny as fuck and stinking drunk and shooting meth. Makes it insane.. the way I like it.

I will not jump on a plane and go somewhere without substantial financial incentive and guarantees that I won’t live the rest of my life looking like a monster. If I turn you down; don’t take it to heart. Not everyone can have me… as hot as I am, it’s not possible.


pillowbiter (Owner) – May 21, 2019
now property of MaleCrucifixion

Anonymous – May 3, 2019
A Caucasian who has sunbathed too much.

dxxl – May 3, 2019



21PainPig, 23
according to the local news the guy in the pix who was active on this site using the name 21PainPig was a drug mule traveling between berlin and turkey.

apparently people on this end of the arrangement drove him into the forest not far from where i live and executed him with a bullet in the head.

if anyone on this site played with him and are concerned about the implications, i followed the news stories closely and it seems to be considered an open and shut case of an executed drug mule.




p.s. Hey. ** Steve Finbow, Hi, Steve. What a great pleasure to have you here. If you mean an address of Blanchot’s in Èze, no. But given that he’s ultra-likely to be the most famous ever resident of that village, I would be shocked if a lot of people there can’t point you to his former home. Great trip you’ve  got looming there, enjoy it all! ** David Ehrenstein, Ah, I see about that removed sequence. I’ll absolutely get that book, will start hunting its ordering location down today. You’re offloading some excellent things, obviously. I’ll shoot the specifics out there, just in case. Everyone, David Ehrenstein is selling some of his personal treasures if you’re in SoCal, or even if not. Here he is to explain: ‘As y’ll know I have an ongoing sale of DVDs. CDs. LPs and books at my place here in L.A. I shouldlike to announce that I’m putting THREE (count ’em) special DVDs up fror sale. Tney are Region 2 and were made for the “Eureka!Masters of Cnema” series. Two feature alternate tracks of critical commentary by yours truly and Bill Krohn. The Three are Murnau’s “Faust” (1926) with Emil Jannings, Nicholas Ray’s “The Savage Innocents” (1961) with Anthony Quinn and Peter O’Toole, and John Ford’s “The Prisoner of Shark Island” (1936) starring Warner Baxter, Gloria Stuart and an unbilled Ernest Whitman. Bill and I discuss Murnau’s art in considerable detail on the “Faust” disc, likewise Nick Ray on “The Savage Innocents” dis which ends with our singing a chorus of “The Mighty Quinn” (Bob Dylan’s famous tribute to Nick Ray), “The Prisoner of Shark Island” contains a video interview with me in which I discuss Ernest Whitman and the cavalier way black actors were treated in Hollywood. The Ford and Murnau DDs are $16.40 a piece, but te Nick Ray being virtally unobtainable is 20 Dollars. Write me at cllrdr@ehrensteinland.com. And, while you’re contemplating that batch of booty, take a sidestep over to his FaBlog to see what “Hello Sailor!” It’s Fleet Week is all about. ** liquoredgoat, Thanks a lot, D. Very ultra- mega- best of luck with the poetry mss. I hope either or both of those presses know what side their bread is buttered on! ** _Black_Acrylic, Gracias, Ben. Wow, that is swift on The Call #2! Fantastic! Makes complete sense, i.e. the momentum, striking the hot iron, and so on. Conferring about strategy is a great idea, I think. Give CD a shout, for sure. ** Okay, then … For those of you whole set your clock by the blog’s escort and slave posts, today is, yes, the last day of the month. See you tomorrow.


  1. “I go through a lot of underwear.” I’m sure you do, darling.

    “Beat me. Whip me” Make me write bad checks! We know the drill.

  2. Hey Dennis, I finally figured out my network problems, which had my replies disappearing into the European ether. Just in time to catch the bunch today with their curious stories, hmm. Been enjoying the Blanchot, Linder Sterling and Haw Par Villa posts, for instance.

    Puce Mary was sold out days in advance. That’s the kind of town Berlin is, I guess. But my calendar is pretty packed with gigs (including my own) till I leave.


  3. Kind of like Gothboy0000… well, you know me, I’m a sucker for the Goth aesthetic, ha ha. Kind of like Justin’s second picture as well.

    Excited about the upcoming Godzilla film… I haven’t been to the movies once all year yet so this’ll give me an excuse, though there are some other films on the horizon I plan to see in the theater as well, like the new Tarantino in July, the second part of IT in September, the new Star Wars film at the year’s end… maybe even that Joker film. We’ll see…

  4. SherlockHomo’s pornographic tales of pregnant men sound pretty wild, they could be an ideal fit for The Call zine in fact.

    There’s a mighty buzz all over social media about this new Chernobyl TV series. Darran Anderson of Invisible Cities fame is tweeting it’s the best thing he’s ever seen, for instance. My mum subscribes to that network it’s on but I don’t think she’s too keen, she was a member of CND in the 80s and even now all that nuclear angst is still all too real for her.

  5. The Gothboy0000 comments are fascinating, as is “While perusing the site’s selection of fetishes provided, I realized that my fetishes are way more obscure than I thought.” Some of the comments on these ads remind me of the way people on Instagram will post self-promotional remarks that have little to do with the posts they’re looking on, or offer declarations of love to celebrities who are never gonna take them seriously, but they’re never as bizarre as the ones here.

  6. Hey Dennis,

    “But even if you want to snuff me and I don’t let you that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to be your friend.” What a sweetheart!!
    Yeah, I’m really interested in whatever the ‘Zac quality’ to PGL was because it was felt, even if I can’t say exactly what it is. Are any of his pre LCTG movies online? Are there any pre-LCTG Zac movies? I loved how, once the movie’s humor clicked, it started to become really funny. Is that more of a Zac thing? Is the Home Haunt script coming out that way?
    Yeah, it was very generous of Blake, and the stories were killer imo. I think the vibe of Conjunctions is a little different from where it was, say, ten years ago, but I’m betting there’s a place for one of these stories in the next issue / on the website.
    Wow, a special gif fiction… sounds enticing. How is selling it going to work?
    Everything is well and busy here, yeah. I actually just got offered by Peggy to give a talk on the Vampire class in place of her (since she’s about to shoot a movie) at this gallery called LucasLucas, but had to turn it down because of the Sarajevo thing. It’s a bummer, but I’m secretly crazy psyched she even offered. So otherwise just cramming on Sarajevo knowledge unti lI leave. And also reading that Jelinek book “Women as Lovers.” Have you read her? Are you into that one?

  7. Thanks, Dennis. Very happy to be here. Yes, I’ll ask. There’s a tourist information centre. Also going to Sade’s castle in Vaucluse.

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